The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, March 12, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST *», f t« e i a .„,„„„,„ ^"~ VQL. XXXIII—NO. SOB Blyllicvllle Courier BVylhcvllle Dqliv niyhevllle Herald OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENTS SAYS CHANGE IS JjBED TO SAVfOOU Pie m i! U.5. ™. DorJcl Ca!U Sharp Allen- lion to Language Used in German Press UERUN, Mar. 12 IUP) — The United Stairs' protest to Nnzi Germany on profs criticisms of the American nation was presented by United slates Ambassador William E. rodtl to Foreign Minister Baron Constahtin von Neurath at. 5:30. P. M. today. The-ambassador, it was learned called the attention of von Neurath in the sharpest terms to the vituperation of (he Unite;! Stales lind its citizens in [lie German press as a result of the reernt criticism of Fuehrer Adolf Hitler by Mayor Fioreilo Ln- Guardla ol New York. . Without Justification H «as reliably understood that Dodd lold von Neurath. in effect, that the American people see no justification for such sweeping vituperation, unfounded statements and attacks upon American institutions and womanhood as had appeared in the German press. . " • : • Dodd was understood reliably to have said that liie language • in the German; press probablv Is unparalleled in its coarss and" in, decent chitrncter as well as sho=k- mg to all decent-minded persons especially sinca there has been no provocation to. justify it. Krfc: Speech in U. S. Dodd expounded to von Neurath Secretary of stale Cordell Hull's Policy of conducting official rela- /.. lions with other nations • on a '". basis of complete mutual respect for lhc rights and (Sensibilities of each Bother; ' ' • . : "•'" Hfi simultaneously was :imder- •iS..Ml°pSL4p:.:.linve stressed --the" ton- ". stitulipnal A guai-antios in tlie United states of freedom of .speech which, make,'it Impossible for the federal government to interfere with the right .of/any mayor to express his opinion' Dodd was believed to have called attention to the language used in lhe entire .German press in comment on the American government. Proposes 2 Billions Fo r WPAYearly .WASHINGTON; Mar. 12 (tip>Permanent organization of the Works'"Progress Administration*' on a S2,500,C 00,000 annual spending basis Inis been proposed secretly lo selected groups of congressmen, tlie United Press was in- ormcd today. The plan was advanced by Federal Emergency Relief Administrator Harry U Hopkins to CO|)C with forecast semi-permanent unemployment of 2,000,000 to -1,000,0*0 persons. Hcpkins refused lo confirm the report but it was authenticated !>y a member of congress who heard it discussed In detail As outlined lo the United Press, Hopkins estimated the maximum ccst would lie approximately S3 500.000,000 annually on a 1 bask of 'S700 n year for each person on titn WPA payroll. Hopkins (old his con g fcssion a 1 conferees that a permanent WPA should be devoted to socially vahi- Borah and dimming Two Measures -Signed'. Today by Governor LITTLE ROCK: Mar. 12 IUP)— Gov. Carl E. Bailey today si-ned into law two bills passed by the filly-first general assembly. They -were Senate Bill. 431, affecting the state school board and House Bill 313. The latter appropriales Sl.OCO.OCO from Ills general tax .fund to aid in reducing lhe general properly lax. BY BOB -{ BURNS J It ain't always a good idea to ""ke snap judgment but it's a whole lol better lo agger n thing out yourself lhan it is to call in the advice of a lot of other pcopk. At, least when yoli work it out by yourself, you only have one opinion o worry about. If you'call in nine I'pople, you have lo wrestle with nine opinions. i ,, <l0n ,i think "nobody knew this teller than my uncle who was a judge down home. i lc Kas ,, vcrv conscientious man. Onc day he r% , pr " ldin 8 °« r H« Divorce Court nnd a woman come In with Her husband and she fold mv „„. etc that she wanted to get "a divorce if took her all mornln' to tell why she wanted so m(lcl , .,],. ' I'TT, "'1? 'l^i 5 hcr a11 o'Sernoon to tell why she didn't want her husband anymore. When she got through, my \mcle says "Well, you deserve a whole lot of money for havin- to i lvc wilh such a terrible man/' The husband spoke tip and says "Judge, your Honor, I'd like lo leli n 'y side of Ihis slory" and my uncle says .'NO. rd Jest as soon you wouldn't." HHe says 'Tve got to pve a fair and impartial decision 111 this case, and if I hear both fides of the story it might me." Copyright 1937 Esquire Features Inc. ludpc Srhiilt Will Open £lj* \ .—,. _, i i ui iiifj ftt •' first lenn at Pemiscot Court Next: Week council. However I „„ ^l l '7ct sure that this is required at the moment. I would summon a meet-! ing of the council before I would call a special convention. "At such a convention I believe •mr constitution requires a change Is i.ndulakmgT winch wo^ not en- U»I MW&V^to^ * ^""^ """" <""" "^ *'*" S ™' U ° r WUItaln BOTnh ' te «"V >° lucstton Attorney Cleneral fcroach upon lhe field of public '• O. r " Green said in nn filter" '' S ' Cumn " ng5 ' who lln<l J, llsl '' e » cl a Prepared stnlcmwit advocnllng i-eflr e niilz«tioii of lhc Supreme works proper. view upon his return from Chi-1 Collrl "' tlle selmtc ' s I> ublic hearing on President Uooscvclfs proposal, norah (seated at far left) r n min n >- n '^"i"' . ^ insisted ihe proposal 'Very nearly abolishes the Snpi-emc oin-l." Ciimmlngs fstnnding in center) leans L ilJIIinriin nn rt r rt «in. Dicnnron to rrtii fi 11 m.. I ru'flr iii/\ inVitn n t <iiiir.ii. Ti^^^i 1 ,'^ ^«it ..„ -.1.1 .. .. ... (MS TIL •«u a tun vent inn T ^-, luve '™° [ March term of circuit court wi'l convene here. Monday,' March 15 The first day will be given over nicely lo hearing 20 parole cases and, setting .a number of crim- '.ffilji nnd, civir'cases.-'' , ..' ;i -.•'-.'" 'Judge Louis H". SchrlL appointed ' by Governor Stark to com- plele lhe iniexplrcd James M. Reeves, who resigned about two weeks ago to return to private practice here. «-«! be serving his first time on lhe Pemiscot circuit bench, nnd it will be «ie first court, also, for Julian Hawkins, appointed court reporter to fill the vacancy when Schult accepted ,the ' judge-ship. There are five murder cases set lor this term. Hubert Utley and J. D. ''Spec" f ar £ ett ' pl '°P rietor and employe of the Crescent Night club char»ed. with the murder of Louis Howard, . W-ytar-old Port?ccville ioulh, who was shot and clubbed to death in a fight at the night club several -.mon-ths a^o are scheduled to stand trial ' The case of Thomas Drigance charged with the slaying of BID Monan, Cariithersvillc night club operator, Is also on. lhe docket The third trial of seclional interest win be lhat of Isom Bax ter and Howard Sigcrt. iointlv charged with the slaying of Leroy Johnson last Christmas eve at John's country dance hall Johnsen died following a fight in the dance hall, in which he was cut with a knife 21 times. S i"ert s Baxter's son-in-law, and has been new m jail unable to make $5,000 ' 'er is out under hmvl The other two murder hearings are those of Charles. Huddleston on a change of venue from New Madrid county; and Ezra Cravans. Huddleston, nut unttcr $5000 oond, is charged'.with tlie .slaying •of Guy Draper in New Madrid county, while Cravens, also out under $5,100 s bond, is held for the fatal shooting of his wife, Edith Cravens. 'Closing, Stock Price* NEW YORK. Mar. 12 : (UP) _ Stoclis rallied on short coverings today after a decline rangin^ to more than three points, A T and T 173 3-8 American Waterworks .. 24 Ir2 Anaconda Copper 57 j_4 Bethlehem Steel 102 Chrysler 1293-4 Cities Service Coca Co'a (52 General American Tank General Electric g 0 General Motors ', .' 651-2 International Harvester 107 McKesson-Robblns Montgomery Ward .... New York Central ...;'. Packard ....'..: " Phillips Petroleum ... liadio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N j .,, , Etudebakcr ... ,, , Texas Corp . . gg ] u s smelting ..;";;; 100 ,. u s bteel , 2 , Warner Bros ...'.".'.'.','.'.' ]3 ;. 1T5-8 67 5-8 52 1-4 56 3-4 12 4 3-8 54 1-4 73 3-4 A. F. of 1, Leader Con-! sidering Expulsion of. Rebel'Unions ' WASHINGTON, Mar. 12 <UP)_ William Green, president of the American Fcderalion of Labor lold the United Press today he is considering calling an "emergency convention'' of the A. p. O f L to expel the unions affiliated with the Committee for Industrial Organization. Green said that although j, c has not yet decided upon his 1m-' nediale course of nclion it | S , possible he will call ;uch a special I convention. An unscheduled meet- ' •ng of the A. P. of L. executive' council would be summoned first ic said. "I am keeping i,, ve , T c , 0£e -...-,,», UL- ucvuicu 10 socially vahi- ? »»' seeping i,, ve ,-j, , able and permanent projects but touc li with' the. new developme linrlpi'lnbi^nL- ...t.: n i. u ... n.«» r ...~ j..i.i . _ '"iJiiit which Borah's colleagues arc staled, lo emphasize. hi.s contention not only "proper, but legal nnd highly desirable." I _ about expulsion." Green sold thai he would make up his mind on the necessity of ' ~ " TSg^he^nevl ?n"" c , n mcel - Pres 'des at Meeting To- ciay; $1-45 Per Child Is progress of the C /I. O. drive n local and state subsidiaries Will- End SitiDowns Mar. 12 . Apportioned LITTLE ROCK! Mar. 12 (UP)i- -Unlt-'|T' lc state board of education tp- ^'"iiipblle \V6rkers gave-assuri^ ay ,P»»omiced a .. quarterly.-.2q- .s Wday that sit-down strikes I ForUonmenl pf common ' .school lie far-flung.plants of General f u »i d ?^of-,51.45. per child follow- i w i u ;j cease but they would n ot , s i" u" P r nt r cc " pacl u »"l uu- kere had ratified It the union's decision in regard to alti , ,,. . — " ^.^«-A»iuii in reearn u> ^''"ff-'^'-d^uleswafma^ known as its conwrees and those ,°L h L. C ?5 1>0 ;'"H 0 » stpdiea a ° re ! fte, the , e r "^ et a«ei the recent 44-day strik3. --7--T ^ -r --r---^- I'LL tltlill , j(JilU\V- Ing. a regular session held In the stalehouse. . The meeling .was presided over by Gov. Carl E. Bailey, who this morning signed Senate Bill 431 ninkltig him chairman of the board. It provides .that tlie governor [Local Bar Disagrees on Federal Judgeship 1 Members of lhe Blylhevlllc 13ai Assocjfttion failed to agree yesterday/ upon a course ol action to be followed In regard to rccom- I nicndatlons lor apolntment of » ' federal judge for the eastern Arkansas district to succeed .-the late Judge John E. Marlincau, ami will' 1 mccl again Monday. The local ibar groiij) has been asked to meet and name a delegate to a meeting of rcprcsenta- .lives of lhe various b a n groups In e.astcm Arkansas -'"lo" be ITeld" a6 'Jonesboro for the purpose of se lectlng a cnndldntc' to -receive endorsement of lhe associations Chancellor J. p. Gautncy. of Jonesboro, president of the state bni" association, Lssued the cil! for delegates. ., week neciv may name members to fill vacancies as Ihey occur oil the board It is probable that 'the governor will reappoint Senator Armil Taylor, who Is the, phiy member with ,_ja term expiring K0 oii. The board also allotted S573C011 ° ^. S . ChOCl _*? lrlct s ">"vlng forest i Mi ">«acturi,, gC co. increase in . a 5 ° l '™ r wagrs. -New York Cotton NEW YORKTlFar. 12 (UP) tton close P '~ a Cotton closed steady. May .. July Oct. Dec. Jan. 1424 I37G 1360 137S 1308 1325 high low. close 1443 1416 1430 1387 1359 1368 1305 1317 1300 J3J5 1259 ,30, 1300. 1317 ,293 ,,™ nated , O 7-8 inrh j • . sae ling cotton on the ti d f P " d slato detachment of th e le ''-» 1.31,- j Mil *ii iy JU1L5L reserves. This sum was derived from the sale of timber A total of S2.048.10 was allotted to orphanages in school districts «Soi th s nt rs y iM"3 come from the regular fund and 88 cents from the sales lax. u brings lhe lotal apportionment for the year to $4.63 , )cr cnll(i . Date Fixed for Annual Inspection of Guard nouncea''^^^ Maj^T'i!''?,^- will make the annual Inspection of Infantry, slale staff Will Not Employ Add, lional Deputies to Watch Slated for U. S Post in London Hih ways ^rkets todav «-nt u ic « new high .since 1930, fhesiy i'' v-lle Board or Trade reporfed ,o- Ncw OrleonTcotto,, S °^^^: ». i"w- :hal of statement rftlL-"..*« "«•£« a bale brlow parity other Mar. May July .... Oct Dec Jan at level since 1930 open high l<w C , 05C .. 1403 1412 145Q 1369 1385 1358 I3o4 1368 1351 ]360 1J03 13J7 j^(j, jn., 1308 13 19 , 307 "" 1033 13n mon ,,!Livestock Receipts 5,500 Top 10.35 170-230 Ibs. 10.15-1025 Light weights 7.25-1000 Bulk Sows 8.50-9.80 Cattle; receipts 800 Steers — Slaughter steers 0 50-12 75 Mixed heifers and. yearlings Slaughter heifers C25-ioif ' 8 ' 75 Beef cows 5.00-6.50 Cutlers and low cutters 375-475 nalional 22. Finlcy will beginning Rtvlh'.vin"""''' ..""" ins l'Mt the fin M ° l " Ut ° f the " alio "«' Zi £r& "• °» April "nits here. ... - 9. of- the stale Century Old Hearse Discovered by Wrecker WARE. leystorad which he wnich he from church. rear of the rear. Chicago Wheat open high May 13S3-4 137 July 1191-8 120 low close 135 1-2 135 3-4 118 5-8 118 7-8 Chicago Corn open high low close May 1091-2 100 3-4 101 3-4 107 7-8 July 1047-8 105 1-,1 103 3-4 103 7-8 Sheriff Hale JacVson of Osccola loday denied published reports thnt he planned to place sheriff's deputies on duty as patrolmen on Highway fil in the Chtcka- sawba district of Mississippi county. Sheriff Jackson said that members of his force had been ' in- slruclctl to pay particular addition to drunken drivers alon» highways In lh c county but. said tie had made no plans for establishing a highway patrol and did not Intend • to add more men lo his force or increase lhc expense of his oilice. He mid he felt that the county's citizens were satisfied the service being rendered and did not wish the county to incur additional ex- Officers on duty on highways in the Osccola district of (he county were employed during tbe flood fmenicncy period, principally to check (ruck movements and prevent wholesale removal of slolcu articles from homes of refugees. Sheriff Jackson said. Their employment was of a temporary nature, (he sheriff explained. Townsend Given Fine, Jail Term WASHINGTON. Mar. 12 (UP)— Dr. 1-Tancls E, Townscnd, oKl ago pension leader, loday was sentenced lo 30 days In Jail nnd fined }loo on churtjcs of contempt of (lie house, of representatives, resulting when ho walked out of Item-Ings of n commillci! InvestI- SHlliju lib pension plan. Justice Peyton Gordon agreed to continue Towiisend't, bond pending appeal from lhc lower court 'conviction lo (lie District ol Columbia court of - appeals. "Thank you, sir." Ur. Townsenu salil niicr Justice Gordon pronounced sentence, the mliiliiium under' ihe IKw. Changes in U. i>. diplomatic posls; hiiiled recently hy President Roosevelt, will iiuiitclc appointment of Myron C. Taylor. U. S, Steel /lo;ii-;l i-hairmaii. as nmbussndnr to Knubmi, avcord-. ins <o unconfirmed reports. Early resignation of the presc-nt •tmbnssndor. Rubei't W Binijlniin, was predicted. Hi-pori;; iliat T;iyloi. .shown .-tbovc in ;i recent photo, would I'l-sign the slcel corpor.ilion nrj5l through which he dealt with C. I. o. hi the epochal contract nejjolia- lions, were denied. Jonesboro Wins First Game In State Tourney PINE BLUFF, Ark., Mar. 12. (UP> —Results In last night's games In the annum state high school bas- ksfball tournament were as follows: Union high 39, Pino Bluff 38; Jcnesboro 46. oden ID; Mulberry 33, mrrison 32. Gentry Files Suit To Regain Insurance Post LITTLE ROCK. Mar, 12 (UP) — U. A. Gentry, former stale insurance commissioner, today filed suit In circuit court seeking to have himself declared rightful Jioider of that office and seeking to recover all salaries pai:l M. J. Harrison, his successor. Harrison was nanvW defendant in ihe case. Genliy uas named commissioner for a sis-year Urm by Gov. J. M. Futrell on March 6, 1933. He refused to resign his position early this year and his dcparlr tiient was., abolished by an a.ct of the legislature and a new department set up with irnrrlson being named of tlie deparl- J. R, Meadows Dies J. R. Meadows, 09, died at 7:30 o'clock yesterday morning at his home in the New Liberty community. Funeral services were held,, this morning at 10 o'clock at the New- Liberty church with the Rev. M. N. Johnston, pastor of (he Lake Street Methodist church, officiating. Interment was made at Ma- Pic Grove cemetery. Mr. Meadows is survived by his wife, Mrs. Estellc JVIeadows, a son, H. I. Meadows, and a daughter, ^f|•s. Pearl Hardin of ^shport. Pennies I'ay S2o Fine LONDON. IUP>— A canvas bag containing 1.919 copper coins was handed ( o the clerk of Sottihend Police Court the other day by Georse Smith In payment of a 425 speeding fine. Two policemen counted the coins—360 pennies, and 959 farthings—and found the amount lo be one farthing, or half a cent short of $25. Lil lie Hope i Held foi Res- •r.ue of Men Trapped in Coal Mine LOGAN W Vn, Mm 12 (UP) -lorn bodies of lluce Uctlms of nn explosion that wiukcrt an cn- lij of the Htitclilnson Coal Co mine nt Macbeth \icic icco\cred Lj lesciic ciews who lolled In foui horn shlfls todav 1 0 reach ih',. i', n "" crs llil|> " cd nl "«>« llnee tnllci, from the smface ' rtcscue woikcrs lecmlled from ie hills MuronndlHg Macbeth elthl miles fiom hcie nnd icpie scntnthes of the state mining de- paitincnt said there was hardly a chnnco that anj of Iho 15 c tv miners would bi Feats Radical Action If No Conective Measure j-Is Adopted ' «< WASHINGTON, Mar la (UP)— Senator George \T, Norrls (liiif, Neb) wniiied tha.scimlc, today tliat some supreme couit coirectlve ( lion—whctljei by President Roo 1 ..,veil's comt plan or by constltii- ttonai amendment—imisl be takfh cst the high tribunal lose entirely Us light to^ declare aoU ot con- gicss unconstitutional. Norrls' senate faming v,n s iit- leicd after, forme) Chief Justice Joiin j'fltrlck Devaney of the- Min- nesola suprenlo comt had suiipoHA cd the Roosevelt plan before the scnalc Judfdary committee jfe opposed constitutional amendiiiclifs pioposlng to icqtilre a two-thirds siipicmc court vole on constltiillon- iil questions . i lean, "Obtuse" Minority 1 » Devancy declared such amendments would dcllvei to an 'obtuse'' mlnoity of three or four comt Justices the ultimate power'.to-say whether statutes (hreatcnlng"pe£ The chambers In which Iho Jt»«>ed icscuo Crcus worked were blocked by fallen slnle and vueck- "<l HorMngs passes and rtiist Impeded the work It was thought se\ornl dajs might be ictiulrcd to teach all thei vlclims Those whose bodlts lm\e been found were rioyd rields, an ns- sislanl Cowman Joe rrye motoi- man of a mine cai and fioy Mc- Coj, a bitikcman No iincsllgatlon of the of the explosion was possible 1m- mccllalclj Mining department officials llicoilml that gas iii the clumbci w-\s touched off by a spnrk lhe explosion which occuricd shortly before one shirt of miners wns lo go to noik last night was lhe second in the mine hi iccent months and the fourth In Macbeth s history An explosion last September took ten lives. Noil Is urged that In addition fo rlho piesldcnt's proposal for eii- laigcmcnt of the supremo court,'a '''^'"'''l-go'to, ward at (he same ,ii j" coucc "ve constitution-, al amendment / • \ "The present Intolerable situation can not go on," sn (d Norris "Un- es.s some leasonable degiee of con> ,1.01 s brought about those who I n H M " ramit a "V ln "°vntion will I " ld »!7 s fes In a situation where clare an a "• " ny C ° Urt to d *' Can "I see x, lh raaSOn rm emedle.5 and the remedy ton "' omon As Norils ' spoke, v anotfie" r cut compromise judiclarj. n «M presented. Thh «a7 aR Dunkli'n May Vote on Courthouse Bonck KENNETT. Mo. — In view of favorable opinions expressed Wednesday afternoon at u mass meeting, attended by approximately •22s persons from (he 10 townships of Dunklhi county, the county court is expected to call an clec- llon March 30 lo vole on a proposal lo Issue $50,000 in bonds to assist In building a new courthouse. Members of the court, Including C. H. nobards, presiding judge attended the meeting, over which R. Irl Jones presided. A number of men, Including Sen. Langdon R. Jones, spoke briefly, mainly to explain the proposal. If the election Is called it will be in connection with the' township elections. Tlie Works Progress Artminls- rnlion has tentatively pledged to supply $100,01)0 In labor and ma- erlals toward the courthouse pro- eel. If a new building neic lo be erected it would replace a courthouse built years ngo Shawnee School Board Reelects John Burnett JOINER, Ark.-Vohn~M. Burnett vas rcelected superintendent of schools by the board of the Shan-nee school district here thus veek He has served three years in this :apacity and previously was a mew- >cr of the faculty and athletic coach. Members of lhe board of the Shawnee district are s. E. Harrison L. E. Speck, : L. P. Bowden, Dr R L. Johnson and Dr. N. R. Hossy. •CONNEAUT. O. <UP)^Bcn Slui- maker, watching his wife at work ih lhe kitchen, grew hungry and asked for an oyster from the supply with which she was working He bit down, on a psarl, «hlch proved later to be worth $15 Non- Ben has R setting for « new ring' Strikers to Arkansas chased av, Join them in the stnke Four Divorce Suits 7- Of four dlvoice suits filed 7n chancery court here this morn- "g, wUes arc the plaint 1 " -'"- llnee of the actions Imnenuina "re alleged on the part o" each offending spouse V S W Holman, the lone husband 01 (He complaining quartet, is "'King a duorce fiom Mrs LOVILS Holman s The others are Mrs Virginia Cnner who has sued John D Crlner, Mre Irene K Hjatt v,ho' has instituted oclion "against 'B-,g° W Hja'tt, and Mrs Tnelma. Shepherd, ^lio has suel' Vfrfell Shepherd. , Claude F. Ccoper is attorney for all the plaintiffs WEATHER" Arkansas — Mostly cloudy not -mch change to temperature tonight and Saturday Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy tonight, lowest temperature 50 'to 54 Saturday cloudy, followed by rain not much change In temperature. •- , ,. The maximum temperature here .estcrday was 61, minimum 31, i clear, with 14 of an inch rainfall 1 ast night, accoiding to Samtt«l F Norrls, official weather observer.^

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