The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1934
Page 4
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COUBIER •THB COURI» NEWS C 9' R. BABCOCK, H. w. 8AWgg, -Adwiisinp Jenifer .' Entered as second class matter al Hie post .office al Blyttievllle, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, U17. • ; Served by the United SUBSCRIPTION RATES ; By carrier In Uw City of Blythevllle, 15c per week, or $«.50 per year, In advance. By mall, wltliln n rndltrs of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 lor six moiitlis, 85c Tor tliree ihontlis; by mail in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, »8,60 per year; In zones seven and clglil, $10.00 per year, iwyable In advance. We Should Honor Men Who Prolong Life Our ideas about fume arc jiBeiiliar, Let a man start and win a great war, bringing death and suffering to thousands upon thousands of people and leaving the world with infinitely more misery thfin it hud when he came on the scene, and we will write his. name large in headlines ami history books— as with Napoleon or Bismarck. But the man who actually leaves the world a happier place than lie found it—the man who makes it possible.for people to live longer, who reduces the sum total of pain and despair—is very apt to wind up with a :briel' little footnote so that only the -specialists remember his name. , You can name (he trreat generals of the World-War without half trying, 'for instance: Hindc'iibiirg, "ftaig, Perahing, Foch, LiuleiulorfV, ami half a dozen more. But can you tell what is the claim to fame of these-Uiree physicians — Doctors : George Mil jot, William P. ( Murphy and GcorgO H. Whipple? ' » • • -' f ' ' -Their names have been in lite- papers just recently. They 'have received, jointly, tho Nobel'prize-hi medicine for: 1934, its a result of their work in combating anemia. Because of what these three men did, a great many people are' ; iil|ve and well today, wh'o would ^otherwise be in their'graves..* -jf ive : "ivere ; 'Hmisilj|i! in our 'measures of human greatness, shouldn't, we write thejr names above •'those of the generals and the states, men? ' • ; - , • These three doctors were llm ones , who. Discovered the use of liver,' or.' liver extract, will, cure pernicious anemia. Heretofore that disease had befeji invariably fatal. , Once: U|e diagnosis .-was'; made, the moijt skilled physician could ( | 0 little but stand by and watch the malady progress to its tragic conclusion. The diagnosis WHS a death sentence * * •*'•• ... , Now it'is not. The physician has a - remedy, cheap and efficient; Pernicious anemia, at one stroke, lias passed from the class of incurable disease's into the list marked "curable." - Ana 1 the thing to remember is that this is a bcon which the human race PUT OCR WAY can -enjoy fojr all lime- to come. It is "«. wnnaijont "addition to human k Ji'ii boundaries 'have. been -pushed back, a : little, forever. As '.-long as civilization endures, there will be more happiness' und. less njisery because of what these 'three men have done. . You might take the trouble to remember (heir names— Doctors Miiiot, Murphy and , Whipple. Tl|ey surely deserve « fa mo equal to (hat of the Cleiucnceaus and the Falkenhayns. —Bruce Cation. For the Sajeiy of Capitalism When Raymond Moley told the Congress of American Industry that the New Deal is fundamentally an effort to preserve American capitalism, ho touched on a point that ought to be remembered in any discussion of the "left" or "right" tendencies of '(his administration. There can be different ideas of Hie best method to preserve capitalism, of course- and the New Deal may be adopting a method somewhat farther to the left than many people Ihink entirely sound. But basically it is not a radical move. The radical 'seeks to tear down the existing structure 1 0 make way for something that he believes will be better. Tho present. administration, when all is said and done, is frying to save it. In that sense it is a conservative administration. Di-. Trudeaii's "Little Red" Tho Tuberculosis and Henltli Society could not. have selected n better emblem for this year's Christmas seal (linn thai which the current saw has already made, inmlllar. For "Utllo- rtaj," Hie livo-raom collage In the Snrnnnc Lake -region to which tlio lute Dr. EiUvisrd ' Livingston -Trudcau of Nciv York retired GO .years ago to right li| s own case, marks a. notable development in Ihc crnsndc v iignlnsH.liir<lrc«i|- ( ||scnscr-l|ic De K tnnlH B of tin: sanatorium movement. In Hie hair-century ivlilch hns passed since tills trail blazer begun lo dcmoiiMialc vvlint life in. the oi>cn air can -do lor tubercular persons, no less than 059 sanatoria, accominocUitiug sonic 80,000 palicnls liuve bfcn'-'placcd in-. operation. • f U is no dlspiiraBcmcnt of the progress in Hie light, against tuberculosis to say Hint Die disease Is,still tar from conquered. This only Indicates Ihc tremendous S [ ZC of • UK; 'public health problem which tho pioneer,-; tackled hi the last century. Leaders in the .biUllo today »>>• they ,ror<sce , a lime when tuberculosis will be broitghl miller control. How soon that (lay will, ajrivc depend* on |ii c eWcnl to wi , lcll those \vlio*uru stricken co-operate wllh nubile health autliorlties In tlio matte* or treatment and oiv the nature of the response to public appeals for nnanclal assistance for «,ch occasions as this. '• —Si. Louts nok-Dk,patch. No irniii (iin look out upon our present life mid Clink of (lie tomorrow without being aware of the terrific upsurge of the forces ol evil. —Dr. Albert \V. • Benvcn, • president: of (lie Federal, Council ol the Churches of Christ. In America. * * * * * t Tlor to prohibition, on rare occasions only did we sec unescorted women imbibe cocktails in the afternoon, but since repeal nt least 50 l«r cent of our patrons have been women. —Oscar of the \VaUorf. 1 By Williams /•-WvU fS\ A'iM • '-:' i ^# / .\ •-v i • -. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBEh 12, 193 -yC* X7 /7 ^^O^^Lj^t^ HKOIH Ilt'llK TOIMY ANN HOM.ISTEK, irillr nad iSii.""*"uv, ur ii'k TO"*""' sue tfcouitk. ivaravd U|fHla»t *>r ruow-iuMv, SAKA11 ., l.'nler Ann ni'Mli l-ETKH KU.V- <. ktm 1,, Reduce Your Calories If You Would Cut Down Your Weight IIV Oil. iUOKKIS Editor, .lourmil of the American Medical Association, and of lly- ffcia, Ilic Health Magazine Silling qulntly and In y'om- chair doing nothing, you use up about 100 calories an hour. This Is about the amount of energy that you gel from an ounce of siijnr or starch or lets than liulf an ounce of fat. Tlie moitietit. you begin work, you use up morp energy,: binV compara- :ively not so much-more, so Ihai t docs not require n great' (leal of food to cause an excess' in body weight. .. •.. We set our calorics 'from food. A cun of clear, hot coffee will furnish -•Uiroiifh -lls higliVlcYiiperatnrc about 10 calorics lo : llie body. The idUUIon of l\vo tablespoons of hick crcnm and one lump of sugar win raise the value of .Hint --.. leaps tremeiKlbusly. The way to reduce Is to find out -Jirough study lioiv many calorics you spend a day and (hen to eat 500 calories a day loss than you spoiid. Tins will r c d,, C( , V0| weight about one poiuid a wccl- . •* * « If you eat .100 calorics a dav 'I'Ore.thOH you spend, your weight «'ii sain one pound ;1 week « you find; that you, weight is no being reduced following lhc reduction of calories, you m i<-ht ake ofr a few more calorics, but lie elimination of the loods -liouM '" from the sugar, aim ixsh vegetables which „,., , _ anl for mineral and vitamin' vnl- As.wc eel'older.our body weight eiitis to deciwisc. At Hie same that 30 on- in our vhlch is frequently drunk In larger quantities mid .with, more cream' "ml sugar, is likely lo be more waling and fulteiiing tlinn plain' lol coffee, i ' 0 * ' * ' ; Most everybody now knows that jrecns constitute n good' reducing ootl chiefly because they provide' nils ami food value ivitiiout miiny calories. A large serving of lettuce with little vinegar and with grated- eesc lo the amount of about a 1 one-inch^ cube, will not exceed 100 s- The moment oil Is put on I The Editor's Letter Box nrS ,'I; 5S '- I '° 1 ' thls n!>sm> M "~ &(lie yomS. ''" ^ """ 1 Eighteen hundred calorics a dny should cover the energy ' requirements of most men. of 70, and l>80 a day the energy rewire "'ills of men of 80. This K about lie samo energy -requirement, that > needed by a child'around six jenrs of age. ""' l)Ody in OUT OP HERE, VOU PODE. THIM&! THOUGHT VQIJ WA-5— 1 DION KNOW Voi/-&U'_Pl 30RN_miRJY YEARS loo' SOON- ' Solving Ihc Problem (To the Editor:) Mr. Simon P. Lee. Sir:—Your iiti- wclcomc and disrespectful Idler received and read wilh much dts- pleusure, Well, since readin it I have give you a new namr. i will «ili yojj Simple Simon, for nobody but a simplototi -would make the claim you did. First you said if it wasn't for you rich men pas m taxes we Bill Yn|)S .wouldn't have anv tiiltig. Listen Simp, how you goiu to- lax •••-,'-"nvji tu uiun nodv weight because they require food" not only but "bo "win wTli" 5 ° f (h ° lKXly ticu I works and brings his halt of «e crap along wid mine. Now mind .yiii lie only vnnccs mc on my half |J- ii advance of ,i, y labor from ne fust day I moovcd on <ial farm. w pur Mbor to you you'd be coon Inm- II" for a itvln before a monl. Then on bald t would starve if you . w -us sissippi i boh C3l.s would lake Mis- wish yoil , mooio out. Dsrc never was a bob cat could S krach as deep as a lai d «d. and 'wn«n ™. " V *I-EBIA BEN-- XKTI, .uclttr xirl. witkour Vtter', knowledge Vulttln KOCI uliaul Hl(k R gar «*<. One nlxkt «kc Mliriii!« a vnrlr at <vlilcb u uiuii In >hut. I'etrr, lenrnlni; Ku.v Vjilt-rlu hat deceived lilui, IvIU Uft fficlr euBHtfvmtul IN «( MU eiid. Thl' mme liny Ami brciikn her 4'HAtlKr mtftH lo '1'ouy, (ahl: uud I'elnr uiri'l In n riwlnunmr and alNtuMn Ihvlr iiiudinl HI,IIIIIII,|IICHB. >V^rn lie imkH livr tu HiDrry lijm »lic nureeK. 'I'hry nre tnurrled (lint ulKfct and nc( vuf fur Florida. In Ike du}« Unit follow I'tltr I* lilurliril l»- lire riullzi.ilou Ikal » ii d«n»lj udnirlrd Itr >il« "friend wftfe." n'hen Ikey rulurn komv. Ann ii «Buul,«il by il lue KendulU «-jcceiit l'«ler'j| r, JUMlfEXr. JJl'UIN HtliK TODAY CHAPTER XVIII T1LUCBNT taiil to lier mother. "Aller all, Oraiidfallicr won'l live always. Wlieu lie dies, most of tlie. money will bo Peter's It might bo better (or tlie family 11 you were friends with his wife." "Is ((ml wliy you're snoiisorlug 1'etcr's wifoV" Carol asked, amused. "No, It Isn't tlie reason. I llifnic she's darned sweet." "Well, tiinybe." C.iro! s;iiil. "But why alt tho hollier? What does alie need with us? She has Peter's millions." "You know as well as do there aro plenty of snobs who like to hurt newcomers, no matter how rich they .11-9. And if Peter's owu family (urns a cold shoulder, slio will 1m hurt lots of liiuca. Tliero was Hie Kauiloliih reception last nigh!, Hho wasn't asked because Mollier is sucli a noot\ fi'lcuil of Mrs. Uaiidolpii." Milliccnl.'s angry oyes met her motliei-'a. "Well, really. I.lillicent— " Mra Kciulair.laiighcil. After a inomeiit she said. "I never thought ot suggesting to Margaret lo linvc her. H dldii'l occur lo mo alter tiiat SliuiiBiB I liml ot her in .Icroiiio's lhal she would ho parlk-nlariy in(crested in social affairs.".. "Vou should sec her now. You'd chnase your miiul! 1C you won't help, I warn you I'll put lier across wSllioitt you. It' won't be l-.ard lie- causi; she has lieanly ami brains, and as Carol suggested— aiilliuna." "1 «ia'l sno wliai all tli5 fiiss is ftlunl." Mrs. Kciidail said, a little fliillcr of anxiety in her voice. "1'oler "oca nut ono iiigin, angry :it Valci-iii, jijci-jj up (lila;»ir| sonjc- wliure and marries And Uicu y«u osiiect me to innlir her a social sueii-is. I'd probably have io start leocliine her lahle.auaiiucrs. Have yon seen her cat?" somethlDg for that forlorn, lovely child. Aud It was going to be ez- citing to pit her wits against her rnofher's. Carol was counted oui. Sho liadn't parlicularly counted socially, liecuuse alic was Indifferent about parlies and indlfferont to everyone. But Mrs. Kemlall had power and sonic of Hie old standpatters would stick with her. People 'wero a lot o( sheep, Mlllicent thought. All slandlng back, waiting for some- ouo to put tho slyn and seal of approval on thoso who broke Into their ranks. Tho licit Btep in Iho campaign would be (o convey lo .Aim very diplomatically that 0110 couldu't leave one's haiidsoino and ratter defenseless husband at the mercy of shrewd women. Peter was brilliant, hut not vsry smart about women. If lio had beou, Valeria couldn't havo pulled all tho tricks slio had. There bad been times and times Mlllleeut had wanted to tell Peter about them but it had seemed useless In the face ot ills blind failh in Valeria. Ann was not playing un lo Peter. There was a harrier o( sonic kind between ihera. Al limes Ihey wcrp almost absurdly formal wllh each other. H was dangerous—this careful, polite, friendly attitude o! theirs. it Ihey would havo one downright quarrel, 1C Peter would got violent ami shovo her around, or if Ann would become jealous anJ throw something at Peter it would help a lot. reckless stop. Since the had learned or Ann's m Tony had been different, gone on a terrible spree,|nj week. Tony hud been' sober cv since, but tberc wns something d quieting about lila soberness, sou smolderlsg quality. As though tiro were ready lo break out unit Iho qtiiel surface. > It was worse than a Irlungl Ibis mixed quartet—Auu and 1'elc Tony and Valeria. ; H couldn't be easy sailing wji so much to ruffle the waters. Tro Mo enough without family 'coma calicos. And tbcu,. lliero wore tl Kendalls, Aim slopped at Sarah's apai ment that attcriioon atout 'j o'clo« and rushed first into Sarah's aru and then into Mac's. Saraii thoug she had never seen Aim lovelie all In warm brown, wearing small browu hat slio had worn >. Hie Picture, lint the careless gayei of tbe past was mlssln K . Ann wi graver. There was a lensene about her manner, ,, wlstfulnessj her eyes. Y* ;;wi,ero is Peter?" Mae queric Unsy. I'm married io an u ami-coming archilccl and const™ lloa engineer. Peter was call, back by the rush ot work ai found things piling up, I am sfra I won't ho seeing much of my liu band for a long time." "IJid you iiavo a Buu d lime Florida!" Sarah asked. "Lovely. It was Hie •!»*.most peaceful little place." "There's a lot o! emotion be-! ,^ aral ' thou E«'. "What a way ncatU the surface there." Milliceut! ill) °iil « honeymoon!" ihought. "lint it's bottled up. And » • • llial's bail." «4JJU'J' of course," Ann said, Well, Minimal would give- her lanco and Peter would see Ann In :Jiat gorgeous white gown she had lough!. Ami had licca beautiful willi her bronze hair drawn back Tom her face, fitting her small lead like a bright crown. And the iucs of (ho frock ivere truly Inspired, bringing out tho beauty of ier .slim young figure. Maybe ,'eter would wako up when he saw Ann dancing in that wliitc dress. Milliceut hoped Ami was n good dancer. It would help, too, if she vero n hit of a flirt. Peter needed WMcthlitff lo show him how sweet Hid desirable, his wife wns. though she wore readiil Sarah's thoughts, "we didn't spe all our time there. \Vo went auoi Peter wanted tne to shop in M|im bin I waited unlil I got hwne." "Ami then bought out the shops! Surah aaid. "How docs it 'feel be married to a millionaire?" "Honestly, I never think of lit! "Happy. Ann?" M ac a'skol hliinlly. The tiucslion caught Ann impr. pared. Color rushed to her cheekl "In many ways, Mac." ' 1 "Honest kid," Mao thought. v 'I,ol to bo happy about hut Eomelbiii missing. Probably thai fellow • nining away for Ibo Hounett gjl \¥/lIIOM I lie pictures of Ann ar-i "'",'" K '™ ay for ^ Hounett g "rived Milllcem studied, them ""'.', fAl " 1 ls ,. lol ' 1 ? i " E '»f''-Toiiy." carefully. H wus dlfllcull sclcelluit . , Ke »™lla hand you 0110 for the newspaper They wertf B1 Cil1 ' yo " kl:ow y™ ; 1«l all so lovelv I,', L'A , tf r ", I il;l , v .°..f. 0 !ili "» 1 '.<" *•" Mao sal apiicarcd iiivo rich fur, a ;_:,, - " '" "Millicent lian beuii d liny hat nn her uom j. •[•(,,; 0[hcr liaiJ been niiidc In n spring frock— iv Iilald willi El'arclicil, white [liqiie collilrs and cuffs. Ann wore a wide- lullorctl Iiat with a prim, smart , ' ' eor," •• "f s a bi E par Milliceut was drawing on Her ,' "' C ", l!1 ' w ' 11 ',» '";"»• s«'«l I!loves. "[ imiigiii,. hei- nianuerJ • ul ' *" x lool;cd x " ry ll " a ro teller tl,,,,, ,„(„, ,„",*• " 1urc ™^< "'« '''« '«". "'« cyi-.- Vvc seen of her. All right ther.. I'm giving a reception and dance (his week and everybody in Iowa will liu iiivhtMl. Have i voiir re- srclsV" "liuleed, y (% " j| rs . K L . m i;,|[ b; ,ji; gently. ,"J really have a dre.idtnl cold and Carol will ho sure lo want | c, almost sail.Milliccnl filially j ilccided on that one. Three days later Saraii nicked n> n newspaper ami saw Aini'a pic-! uru. "Wbal a liiiael;-oui!" Kunilrj aid. '"('his M-Dl give Ihcin suiue ' lur me this week." '_ "IVoli.-ihlj the'iron will of o| inair Keficlall.^ Mac suggested. ' Ann shook hor liead. "You'l wrons iibuul I'i lie is I lie one most bltte! He won't lea I'etur oven lake nf out to see him." "Why. (he ilauiucd old llac began iiidlgunnlly, addjul lo utay and tako care of me. The n-tiolu town! Imagine." "I ngrrn with you. slic sees Ibis!" ortlci-K be gave our lirin have : bet| j held np." I.iilor Karab was almost sorry "Maylc," Aim ayrow), JuubtfullJ . , *"" " T" '"° "°M V"' l! '° " W "" 1 al '°" t «"» "fe "Hobaw il aro beastly," Carol f ai«l mischicv-j- 0 "' . ? <:: ' , lo " y WO " UI b * *>"«•; Me-illis aro having for you?" 1 c-nsly. -Jt's a.rcimlalion we have.' Lj' " k . 'l c ! md p " 1 ," lc s; " lllcss 1 "'Wllicciu Iras invited cvcrybod] anil wo-iunsl m:.i I,, i, •• 'there. And oi course he had. >'••• •--•'• • J i liavc Vju and Surah will'be there—aul Valeria nciinctl. Unt Sarah hat^d '^''•— -!-- s±r^ ^y'tN^L^r^r;:^-;, •;-'• *•• ('lo lie Uoiiliimcd^ . " IJ ' cn """-' 1 - Sho would do | who had Viccn linnl bit bv Ami's I Truck Battles Mosquitoes DALLAS, Te.x. fUP)—Tlie inos- luilo nii'iiacc here is being succcss- ully linndlcil by employment of a -nick equipped v.jlh an O j| i >rcE ., U] . c -praying .outfit, which deluges insect breeding places, waste cr "rom filling stations is used to cover -standing water with a film of lns oil. I Oldest Alumnus of University CHAPEf, HILL. N. C. (UP) — A prized IHle-ttml of "oldcsl. living aliiinnus' 1 —of the University of fforth Carolina, changed hands recently. Jolm Duncan, 96, of Columbus, Tex., succeeded William G. Candler, 100, who died in November. Candl'-T graduated in 1865' I Duncan in 1359. OUR BOAKDING HOUSE I'oHcc Invi-sligiilc Him EVERETT, Mass, ('up, -_ 5a | Boyoski wus held up-by .polij I About lo Jool: I),,. <ioor of his elicl lie was ordered to raise his hari J It appeared lhat an cmcrecncy c jnccMeiilally was runs 0.1 Ihc b'lil iglnr alarm and Ihc riot squad-al swered it. Allcr identification p oski was released. fi . money is conceriicci s you couldn't carry I if yon \vu' way Mr. RcoveH wo o end us the money a lot cheaper DC roa,l to , s isnoanl. bill ,wv | )fe ,„,. )r d ," ^ ^ brains i^u-wWt IIOllKll to blow yo ], ;ll 0 |[ " n ' Solving the problem, Dill Yap. Their lallicr .t ;li , f(>r -f"" b*"'l *^ li»A a middle man. H 0 adds his tux lo whatever lie sells, if nili Yaps cmln't make croiw lor you a nd you Hind lords you couldn't c ve n bay von ..n u",,',',""" "" " " u " ls K "tmt W«r groceries. You la.: 0 part of I s4 ? m J^t" ^ l tl """- Sc the crop we raise and payy m ,r tax- "<- ----- •- a . il . umb1 '" blocfc in cs, BO Bill ya,, ,,ays it alter all. If "o crops were-raised in Mississippi county, wouldn't bv any taxes paid In Mississippi county I worked 30 acres or bud last year. .My covton was worth 800 dollars. My lai,<j lord K0t jmlf-^o he lascd me -100 dollars. On my 200 dollar Account lie clmrgctl me BO dollars inlcrcst which Is aiiollk-r Isx. He made -18 dollars profit Kin- "ing my collon-lhai. W a s anoihcr tax. He jnndi; is dolhre profit on my collon feed-that was another tax. So t jnitl l,lm in uii Ws do i| arx 1 taxes besides 8 ivin htm half of »». my corn raised on laud govern- moot rented from him. Now if Iho Plate and county t,,s«t him like lie taws mo on a W( .U P ,, of , KIU , no would pay 10.240 dollars, (iollv Mr. Simon I'll bet you would kick like au oMrich liavin his lail leathers pulled out, and you Simple si'"On you br; ls ahoi.i ridvanclns ,, s money lo make a croj) oil Na-\- w-'uo liiii? "n V "" d "' ' WWk "'. f ° V " u ii'<- Siltldy.'nfglK. Now'didirtV •'weeks \\urkv l 'A p ui-i;e<l bv in or, Luui bli", for • • vnncc n moiits work. I went out on dls farm and «o:k .-. -e"v fo I gils any- ,-iu)c t an m<- n-Piv «'"! iroiiblv. M,v (h- •-- nil y| them h uur ): i'iurr. Iteinond Ku-rnvv, a^e D. Manila Sell Pjrrow, age 7.) fsssra June Farrow, age i j Hcmwiiitnlo, Mo. I S/W, UNCLE VOL) Hfc,V&N'T BEEN, I'LL V'KNOW-TM' CANADIA.M "ROYAL rAOUNTED POL\Ct/ THEY ALWAYS 6ET THEIR rvW-1/ .-MEAN TO SAY fVE ,„.,„„ W LD YOU 0]: SERGEANT HOOFLE, " OF- THt "ROYAL fV\OUNTE"D < 3 Edto, </E DONE YOU A.N \WJUST\CE !\ WHY,LN3,YOUR ILLUSTR\OUS UNCLE WAS A T^OYAL MOUNTY TOR'- ^3^SH1N6 TI6URE.1N rAYKED COW,' NORTHWEST—-AND-DID i G&T fVVY MEN]/ -HAW—WNT UNTIL'T ; , MIX UP THIS / ' f COUGH V_,'PoTACriON- ( ^ v_ "^ ' ^-2 •*\\u •*&«•&&&•&

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