Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 9, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1895
Page 3
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F. W KINNEY, 513 JIllOADWAIT. ix Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs 1 and Game, CzTWe dress our own Poultry and therefore haveleverything fresh. S M. CHAFl'I.VU. SOLD ONLY AT BEN FISHER'S DRUG STOR RAILROAD MATTERS. Local and «cner»I Sewn Concerning Bsll-woy CampanlCN and Their .Employes— Point* of luterrNt to the l*ul»Ilc:in General *nd IttUlruiul Men in Fartic- MUST WORK TO KEEP UP. FEW PHYSICIANS TRY TO CO\ER THE WIDE FIELD . OF SCIENCE. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. DWanttid, OtM'ip CoUii^'.rt For Sala. Wiintnl I/)H nil I Acr,« tfou Hilt), Wimtiv.l Suvill h'arina For Sale, Wunwd [)n.<lriB,ts Blocks F.ir S;ile. Wantod W Kxelinn«H r'arms for City Property. Wiinttxl itrtrulriiiilUa to Tr,uln Cor KiLPnis. ADD'tEia .11. .H- <<t!Hli»!>V. dpr/ Biosk , Indiana. H. E. TRUAX, M. I). {•Special attention glvon to Nose, Lu»«, And Clironto DI.ICII.HOH. TlOfflco and Kesklonce over Stiito National Bank, o la a. rn., i! to •! p. ra., wail 7 to 8 \>. in. Killa promptly attorided. • KROB^EK & STRAIN, Undertakers and '__ Embalmers, 013 Broadway. INCREASE YOUR INCOME \ SOtbsrs i r rdolnjf It why not you? Invest »10.0Q in'oeeeraber wlieiit, Om.system liiiinsjiiriited (or the'b >netlt of mniill traders, oners yoo an excel ent >pp jrtunlty to trj It. Write n» tod 17 tor lull Inrormntlon. PKHKIN3 & CO., 814 Rlnlto BUIg. ehlcnw), III. NOTICE FARMERS. \fjrr\ilrti A ri-ilv^rnn will ivi nt ,T. W il riioro on t Vorth stwat Siitnrdays to WtriilrtJ.i CliKok .Uow^r on whloli tli«y Mave bean allowed it ynteat. PR. F. M. BOZSR'S DENTAL PARLORS. State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORN.USTG. FEU. 9. PiODty lettuce at Rolhermol's. Grouud hog boots- Walkor & Rauch. Seo advortUemeat. t S(1 Trice has boeo glvea a pos'uloa tlrornaQ oa the Pdr, Baadlu. Pan Haodle OQRlooor Barney Lynch is laid up with an attack of rhouma- tlam. • Tbo Vandalia has boon notified that owioR: to the ice blockade no more lake shipments will bi received. Tho natural gas company wishea to remind consumers that pras bills for February are payable today. Batoro deciding on your Sunday dinner, call at VV. A, Mordell's Fish and Game store, on Third street. Henry flinck, Pan Handle car repairer has been temporarily sent to Colehdur'to work for the company. The Journal has a lew birdseyo vlewa of Logaosport left. They can bo had in pasteboard tubes for mailing or~proservation lor fifty cents. 8, M. Closson has a few hundred dollars private local .funds, also Eastern monev in any amount to loan on mortgage security. Office No. S19 Pear street. Lost—Betweon the Seminary and my residence. 806 Market street, one pair gold-rimmed spectacles in a red plush case. Finder will be rewarded. —Eli Greensfeldor, It is a faot that nearly all reliable proprietary medloines wore first used j and thoroughly tested In practice by . A Kriomln AJvIco Sjmo (our or^live year* ago J. i, Goodyear, a young man full of llf« and vigor, left Ih5 old farm lu Cal noun county, for the more active life in the city. Drifting into the tele- tjraph business, ha secured a position on the C. & N. W. Railroad, at JLlo- publlc, Mich. la addition to hia duties as operator, he was required to sell tickets, check baggage and make himeslf generally useful. Between tbe exacting officials on the one side and the inconsistent publio on the otbor, he was worked and worried to such, aa extent, that his health gave out and one day he was carried to his home, after having a severe nervous spasm; he grew from bad to worse until he had to relinquish his position, a physical wreck. The doctor could not cure him and told him so, but advised him to go to Ann Arbor and place himself in charge of that world wide institution of learning, which he did. He oon. tinned with their treatment constantly and faithfully for lour long-years, receiving little, if any, benefit. Whllo in this condition, a friend gave him a bott!eof Dr. Wheeler's Nerve VitivU Izor, with aa urgent request to use it. Not wishing to offend his friend, he promised to do so, but did not, because, as he argued with himself, "What is the use of taking that 'stuff' if the most learned nerve specialists in the world can not cure me?" But as time passed he would occasionally think of tho neglected bottle of medicine given him and hi* promise to use It. Oae day ho picked it up and mechanically pulled tho cork, measured out a dose and took it; a change seamed to come over him, his nervousness abated, his mind became clear and he thought he felt something of. his old tlma vigor. Ha continued taking the Vitalizer until ho was able to ait up, then to walk a few stops; the sluggish blood iu his veins became active, color returned to his flejh and he felt the need of more food. Ho eocra improved so that ha sought and became engaged in It^ht labor and earned the first dollar in nearly two years; hope BUainod Us long vacated poailiou in his brain and his friends rejoicad at the wonderful change. Mr. Goodyear is now leading a thoroughly active and successful life which he says ho is proud to attribute to Dr. Wheeler's Sorve Vitalizar, the greatest nerve builder ever produced for nervous prostration, suasms fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For aalo by Bon Fisher. VANDAXIA. TRAIN WKECKED. A broken rail caused a bad wreck on the Vandalia near Frankfort shortly after midnight yeslerday morning. The engine and several cars of freight train No. 62 ga&sed safely over tbe defective rail but the caboose and a number of the rear cars were hurled down the embankment. Conductor Fowler j and rear brakemao Harlun were in the caboose, the latter in the cupola, and both were badly shaken up, Brakeman Htrlan in addition was severely injured about the head and hips and will be obliged to lay off for a week or more. Tbe wreck was a very bad pee, completely destroying several cars and dr.maging others, while their contents wero badly scattered and ' partly demolished The track was also torn up for many yards. Aa soon as a telegram could bs sent the wrecking crews from here and Terre Haute were sent to the rescue and up to yesterday afternoon had not reached homo yet. Passenger traffic was seriously disturbed on ac. count o! tbe wreck. TENDENCY OF THE TIME. One All-Important Branch of Medicine Strangely Neglected Uutil Independent Discovcr3' Made Great Strides—Mil Hous Have Been Rescued. . in Truwtoe Jackson'* Ulrtlirtay Party. Trustee James Jackson was 73 years old yesterday and last night the event was very appropriately celebrated by him with the assistance of a company Of old friends who took supper with him and passed a vary pleasant even- Ing at his home.' Bucklen'M Aruica Salve. '/he best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcera, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per bor. For sale by B. F. Keaslinar. Notwithstanding- tbe extremely unpleasant weather quite a number at, , , .v , • ,,,. i tended the social and supper at the physicians of more than usual aolllty, ' . ee v • . , , . ; First Presbyterian church last even_ n .l «»Af anma nn irdiolana ano.^f* af. c»mn • * ing. Tae meal served was a most exce'lent one. Fivo gallons of the oysters used were presented \O the and yet seme physicians sneer at such ^edlcines. The reason is plainly lean by taking Brant's Balsam ior Illustration, known everywhere as re- , liable and sure to cure every sort of ladles > b >" J ' J ' Roth . 9rm91 ' * he * rooer lung and throat trouble, stages of consumption. except laat Way is It not just as good for your case as a A large warehouse, For Ueut. ware-room in the Canal corner Fifth and Market pbyilclan 1 * preaorlpuoD, which might j itreeis, Sacond floor, outside entrance. cost three or four time* aa much, { Also projection with eleratof to-garttt. though no «urer to cure? Larjje 25 j Inquire oJ WJiSon WBVQHT, i oen bottle* Of Ben Fiaher. I 615 Market Sk. Gaorge Morrison, \vboacted ae chiel engineer OQ tbe Dilroit line of the Wabttsh railroad when it waa bein" ooQ3truoted, Is growing more prominent in bis profeesion. every day Among the monum'JDts nredited to hia ability are several of the great bridges now spanning the Missouri and Missis. slppi rivers,' notable among them being the one at Memphis. Some time atro he was appointed one of a board of throe by President Cleveland to report on a plan for the construction of a bridge across North river, from Jersey City to New York. He was recently made president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The continued cold weather has caused a blockade Of perishable freights at the western terminals of the Chicago eastern lines. ,It is said hundreds of carloads of such freight are baing held at Chicago. The roads are using round houses to store oars loaded with perishable freights. The Chicago & Eric has in its round house at Fifty-first street, Chicago, twenty cat-loads of lemons and oraogen, and other eastern lines are providing warm storage for hundreds of loaded cars, awaiting milder weather. In spite of the intensely cold weathor the ever restless tramp keeps moving through the country, usually using an empty box car fora conveyance. A Pan Handle freight" brake, man said yesterday that on Thursday tie had occasion to open a car door and saw six weary pilgrims stretched out on the floor without any covering whatever excepting their clothes, fast asleep. The "cold seemed to have no effect on them. Freight men on the Pan Handle lave all they wish to do now, indeed they scarcely reach home before the caller starts after them. This is due partially to the cold and snow which not only keeps them longer on the road than, usual but also' necessitates tha shortening of trains in order to et over the road at all. At the Wabash shops in Dacatur, 111., according to the Despatch, will soon be equipped a car .supplied with all the apparatus necessary for a school of Instruction in airbrake appliances. Recently the Wabash company borrowed the Illinois Central braka car for a school in Dacatur, but a car of their own will soon ba built. The Big Four shops at Wabash that burned down aoras time ago will be rebuilt in the spring. The new shops, will ba built of stone and will be muih larger and more convenient than the old plant, and will bo equipped with the latest Improvements in the way of machinery. The case of the United States versus the Wabash railroad company on trial at St. Louis for an alleged violation of the interstata commerce law resulted in a split Thursday, the jury standing eight for convic:ioa and four for acquittal. The Wabash earned in January 1905,130; against$9C5. loo In January, 1894, and $1,063,929 in January, 1893. The exposure to all sorts and conditions of weather that a lumberman is called upon to endure in the camps often produces severe colds which, if not promptly checked, result' in congestion or pneumonia. Me. J. 0. Divanport, ex-miaager of the ForSi Bragg Btedwood .Co., an immense institution at Fort Bragg. Cat, sajn they sell large quantities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy at the company's Btore and that be himself used this remedy for a severe cold and obtained Immediate relief. Thin medicine prevent* any tendency of a cold toward pneumonia and insures a prompt recovery. For sale bj B. F. Kewling, •My physician goes hand with my pastor." This remark was made by the late J. G Holland, himself a doctor, and it was true. The vvork doce by the medical' profession of America is vast and valuable. So vast indeed that few physicians are able to cover the entire field of practice, but soled special departments in which to become pro- Gslent. It is perhaps strange that so few doctors have made a specialty o', studying or treating the most important organs of the body, which are the kidneys, but such nevertheless is a fact. It is probably b;cause thoso organs are so wonderfully delicate and uncertain, have so few rftcognizible symptoms when they aro deranged, and, in fact, assume the symptoms that are also tha cause of most other diseaS33. It was left to independent discovery to produce a remedy espec* iaUy adapted for the kidoeys, liver and other organs, and so efficient has this discovery been during the past twenty years that H is unhesitatingly acknowledged by the medical profession and scientist's generally, as a sovereign remsdy for these ti-oubles. It is needless to say that it is Warner's Safe Cure. When millions of people have been rescued from sickness and are kept in health by tbe use of this great remedy comparatively few realize how great is its purity and power. It soothes all Inflammation, fevers, irregularity or similar troubles ot these and adj-icent organs and leads tha sufferer b.ick to health and away from misery. If you, therefore, are a sufferer fi-om any of these troubles, while you may have your regular physician it is not neo essary that you should call upon him, for you have a moans_of restoring your health within easy Broach. Every intelligent man or woman who stops to reflect realize this, and in lime of trouble should act upon it. Will Erect mi Ice House, The MoAvoy Brewing Co., of Chicago will erect an ica house east of the Vandalla freight house in the spring. W. H, Moore has the contract and the material Is on tho ground. I 1 STATX OF Ouio, CITV as TOLEDO, )„ LUOAS Cou.s'n-, j FIUKK J. CIIKNEF in ikes oath that lio Is tbe senior partner of tlie lirm of F. 3. CIIENKY & Co.. doinglusluiMS In tliaclty otToleJo, Count) and State aforesaid, ana tb:it .suld lirm will pay tiio sumorO.VE HJNDSED DOLLARS lor eai:ti and every c.ise of Catarrh that cannot be cured by tlie use ol HALL'S CATJUUIU CURK. FIUNK J. CEEXEY. Sworn to before me and subserved In my presence, tUls litu day o[ December. A, D. ISSu. ,-—->, ' A.W. GLEASON, SEAL !• Notary PublJc, Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken Internally and acts d rtjctl)- on tae.blood aiU raucous surfaces of tli« system. S:iid for testimonials J'ree. ___^_ F. J. CUE.N'iJY it.CO., Toledo, 0, '/-Sold by druggists, "«:. In a recent editorial the Salem, Oregon, Independent says: "Time and agaia have we seen Chamberlain's ough Remedy tried and never without using the most satisfactory results. Whenever we see a person afflicted with hoarseness, with a cough or cold, we invariably advise them ta gee Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; and when they do, they never ^regret it. It always does the work, and doss it well. For sals by B. F. Koesling, Druggist. _ DeoniM Sur* II» Didn't, , Dannls Sullivaa denied the charge of breaking a window at Robert R*y's saloon on Taird street, and hia trial is set for today. _ Recommca3«tlQa From Los Ingelei. 632 Ciitelar Si., Los Angales, Cal. —After having suffered for a long time from acute rheumatism without obtaining- relief, I used Chamberlain's Pain Balm and was almost immediately relieved, I highly recommend this as the best medicine kaown—D. M- Ham- ilion. For sale by B. F. Kaesling, Druggist. WHIT 0-VE FAMILY SCFFJBKS A Stcry of Hanger, I>rpriv*tlot>. ami Cold That, tf T.-U". Should KrlU£ Prompt Action. Mablon Sanders, wife acd four children, the oldest a thirteen-year old boy, oarae here a few weeks ago from Kokomo, and bava since beea birely existing in. a thanty near the Shultztowo stone quarry. It tbe story is true that Edward Sanders, the oldest^oy, tells to pitying citizens, the poor people are in sjre need of practical sympathy and -Hib.sianiial assistance. Tney are past appreciat- j log kiud words aad pleiv-RQV looks,and are bddly in need of plain groiiSries and warm garinsnts. Sickness aad extreme want seem to have forced the boy Edwiird Senders, out into tbe cold to pitiously plead for bread and as. sistance for his sick purents and hungry brother and sisUrs. the father, so the lad says, baa be&n Bick for many weuk' with typhoid fever, la:k of care aad proper food having lengthened the sickness. Tae mother is i\ CODS slant sufferer and is now cripp'ed with rheumaUsm They have DO means of buying provisions. Thore sre no re- Iniives to a^si-jt them, acd trey sec to have no friends in tbe city. At North Gi'ovo tiro ibeir nearest relit- lives, but, thv/y a-anot so siiuated as io be able to help them out of their mis ery, Iherels probabiy much more euch sulfiriop; uuJ raiiurv in tha city than is even imiteitK-d by tho moot philan tropic of ourciliy. ;as. The cate uf the 8;indi_T3 family ai'.ema ti warrant im mediate invcsLigation. j After THREE MONTHS 11 of Daily Wear Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Sciild Head, Sore Kipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Bur-is, Frost Kites, ClirouicSore Eyes:md Granuluted Eye Lids. For sale by druggists at 2a cents per boi. TO HOUSE OWNERS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Caily's Condition Powders. They tone up t.he system, nid digestion, euro loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25 cents per package. For sule by druggist*. The Comiuwi PUnt. Oa the western prairie is found the compass plant whose leaves point to the north. VVa wish to direct you to the great health gii'er, Bacon's Celery King for the carves. If you are suffering; from dyspepsia, liver complaint and indigestion, if you are sleepless at night "and awake, in the morning feeling languid, with coated tongue and sallow higg'ard looks, Bacon's Celery King for tho nerves will cure you aad restore you to blooming health. Trial packages free. Large :d 50 cents at Ben Fisher's, Druggist, sole agent. All Free. Those who have; used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not, have now the opportunity to try it Free. Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, an<l get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills free, as well as a copy of Guide to Kealth^aod House- 1 hold Instructor, (roa. All of ,whictt ' is g-uaraatesd to do you'good and cost : you nothing at B. F^ Keesllng's drug ] store. 2 This? Pan**** % I illiS a)Mdi4 I 5 is Still in Goetf Condition. | jCo'inr. 1:< oriyir.:ii Co?!. v.'.-'S ;; ris. ^ f-as'd itcwt tlu? wearer nulhiiiji ,'ii'tcv-^ S w.ird-.i to keep it C!M:!. V'.'i-.en soi!etl,S £ <i;:;j>ly \vi;>r u:i" with s:v::£c or \vctg ^ ;,i.xl> Ti:::ilo with .".u i:-.'.0:'!::;ii'.,C; ofjj .-'!:i;:-ii ; ihrrcfuvc 1 the <x;ly o::c,'-ihr.tj* .:l hist .':it! i;ivc .".Iwol'.itc KilisfjC-F ; : :•:,!. livery pioco oi the i;c:n:i;v is 5 ' ..:-.:::i>-J a* follows: $ Have You Kidney Trouble? __ Have You Throat Trouble? ., Have You Rheumatism?} Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK/^ Sold to BEX FMHEft, Dn^glst. ~~£ Free PilJs. Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample box of DA King's Naff kifs Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. These p'lla are easy in action and are particularly edsctivo in the cure of cons;ipation and -sick headache. For milicia and liver troubles they have been proved invaluable. Taey are guaranteed to ba parfecily free • froaa every deleterious substanca aad to be purely vegetable. Taay do not weaken by' their action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowelr greatly inrig. orale. the system. RaguUr slis 25 oenupar box. Sold by B. F. ling, Druggist. CHICAGO, ilarcli ~, 1801. DR BOttmu.N, CJIIC.IGO. MrDEAK .3JH— My uUsRtlon was. Crsc called u> BiS-.lA.lC last Jiwr iti Uit; cjis« ot Cftptilu J. II. Broslus. «i Xerr« Haute, [lid., wh) vim [UUcJcaJ In ill's City w.tti acute neplirltls and cystitis (in- tliimiiMilon o! me blmlJ«r and kldo^rs). After pruscrlbluij ibeujUil remedies without avdll s:ui- jak ivas siw-W. and ill* Impfo?cin«ic w.is sa iDitrkeJ alter ttiti Jlrs: dos^, and aconipl^tr cife. followed so speedily, taat 1 at ons* eamrninie:! nn InvfeiUjailOj oCiuinerlu and hive ulnce vt-i- scrlbeii It In almtH: rvery known form of kidney bladder, urctiir.tl. va^l.tial and c ; i:at*tiiil troubles, followed In 4>cn inst'iuci by Iti* hap^ioil r«^Qit^. A case Of r>nareiL<(luvulum;ir.r KJV of arine) • In mj'o^n fciTOhj- «'*•> v^rr raicti lmprov«l by a few doses, and radlc.itly cur<"d in li^a :b:i < a «s,-.k- Krom praiiljil exjinnenea In a nainDw of &ad ca-ei of leucorraooa I am f rea to .iny taat I huva found no remv3$ ta:.ic Is ^KJU il to S vS'-JAK. Aud wnilo i a-ive never urfore sivea a professional ludora<;me-it to H prop^e'ary «m<Jy, I say slj and without re,4«rve iliat i c-ja 1 AK a v«rlt..i01e boon to bamanftr and iOijltto ta«sur<wt pro:&<slojiil ter.s, can »a/ wl li tfonadejice, it Is b_-u«r tbaa. it u re- commetnded to be. t: < isuiilcouonadto prescr.b«ic In all CISM of (jenlto-nrlaary oi catarrh.il LrouWes, in preference w <il' otae- kn )wn remidlea. A* a SBBVH TONIC. SAS"-J\Kc.ia be relied upm fa'.lyand endr-jl.f; Ttts d-licio'if tiste of tb^ m^lcluels i.lso In It* f*vor. io fcr^icrlbln; It fir children. I am at urejsncusiisSAX-JiK as an alterative In skin dl*e&i*>. aa 1 in wveril &ue5 of , cnr.-nlc eczeru j liaveyieldsdsa'r-iidily «•> In In- j flseocetliat [«!i»Jl continue to ass It la st case.;, feeling oonalent tnat It wnl me*; alt . Yours slncprel (5!ple3) •" &KO. W. , . . Cnlcaeo,IlL BEN FISHER .DRUGGIST r^^HTR jj snn a IS if •'•^uv^^^^s •^ '•:'"-.-.?.? nr.TtiKns that is not so j j •:; • ,;r<;, :i:.ii if YUII- ik-.-ilcr hiis not j 5 ;>•; ih 1 .' MV''-'- .:':M sc k nd diici" u> us, % •;'. •id'.':-'!!;.; ;:!;:ou::i, ;>i:«i we will rauil ?, fs. cavil. Cuf.s joots. pair. Give £-:.•.?. .iiui s'.:uo whether st:md-up or i' ;:sr:icii-Jo\vu colUir is wniiwi. | THE CELLULOID COMPANY, I .J-J7--!) Uroudw-iiy, NKW YORK. ODD KINDS OF RENT. lion*' 'H, Nulls, a licil Jlonci :uiil Otho» r;:yn^-nls in Llou of C:»Nti. Suit ;iii<l service for the desirable properties known us "The For^e," in St. Clement D:i.UOS, :mil "Tho Moors," in ilio county of Salop, \vere duly paid by thi: city of London (o tliu crown, tin.' rent consi.stiny of six horseshoes,' sixty-one nails and two bundles of fnff, g-ots, one of which bad to be cut with, an ax :ind the other with a, bill hook, says the London Telegraph. Mr. Cr:ra> ford, the city solicitor, acted as woodcutter, the queen's remembrancer of-- liciatc'd as referee, and the interesting ceremony took place at the law courts in the presence of a number of ladies and pfentlcmen. For six hundred years and' more the rent has neither been raised nor lowered, but has always consisted of the same number of horseshoes, the same number of 'nails a.nd the same number of cut fag-ffols. The queen's remembrancer, Master PollOL-lc, explained lo Hie company that though now the idea, of rent w:i.s something paid in hard cash, originally it was some service or thing rendered, and in former days when lands wcro granted by great lords and knights to tenants it was on the promise to furnish horses, men and .so on. in proccs* of lime these services ca.mc to be exceedingly irksome and troublesome, • and were commuted into a money payment. An ancestor of Sir Waller Scott held certain lands by payment of one red rose per annum. The rentpa.idby the city in the reign of 1'Cing Henry IIL for the properties mentioned had ncrof been commuted. The BEST nrc oiTcrod i/o the public Dy THE I IH'K — Cli!c:i.;o's?n-:iU'.sV cloUiinprI Ptor:! Made oi .strictly all-wool f clotb—wi'll li::!ns and hii-oiiff—wo I can jwililvciy pu;ir:iuto« I.licui UlC I It^^l Karcr«ii«.i for tl»c Mone over given Dy auj'body. The Hi's Faiws Bead-To-Foot Ouffls For Boys from 5 to IS years eld. I consist, of One Don1)lc-3r« > :>»-tc<l I Coat,T\voI'aIrnof KnncVjuim, u Sum Icy Cisi>« ma<!e to maicli the j suit. n.nd *i»<: Va\r ol'S!i«><-»,roado of Mf!!d lcal!i(!r very n<::it, yf.t as I strong ns a. brick, and ihe price Of I tnu eiitiro "Hftad-To-1'oof Outlit, Is | Tens of thousands sold to every M-ite of tlie Union, and cvpryone is dellirhioc with tlicro. You'll )H> T>l«i>cd, ';oo, if you'll lei. us ^c'«J YOU on<:— all chniww pr^jwdd I to any pr: n of tho U. S. for S.5.T6. or C. O, D. vlth prirtlose of examination be- I fore j>aymeni^-if a depooitof SLfiO-ls I Kens wiifa tbe order. I of Clotli and fO«pna:c UluMratcd Catalosrue wllnK I vou all about tho ^reiitest line or I Men's and Boys' CJoililnpr, Fomlih- 1 ing Goods, IlatA, Slioes for Men and Women, and LKiios' Cloaks and | Fuis, »cnt free and postage paid.. THE HUB] N. W. Cor. State and Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL. Tie Hib IUM Bmct Stores AijileiiJ

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