The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 12
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;,1 J AGE TWELVE •IT LOW COST TO) ••THESE Cora Lee Coleman , , Menus and Recipes fo Meals in Quaijlily 1 uy cortA I.LC 001 ou\ Ccuniy Home Demonstration In planning and prepatin.- meal' foi man) people (lie main tlitnt 1-. to ket-p UIQ can don n and Ihi Mtrilional lalue of ihe mcak as r L aH P° bSlble To obtain boi or these objectives thcie should be 0112 mini dish <ervc,l vjlh in- uicorpoiallng all fowl piincip'es much as possible ' Ho vlng arc som: surest I. i and Milk Braid and Btilk'i 01 Toast ColTcc - Milk II. Corn xjral Mush with M,ik Whole wheat Mullins. ov Bread, am! Butter Co/ice - Milk 111. nice cooked in mik -, Scrambled I3°g;, Tost Coffee " MlHc / Dinnrrs I Mulilgon stew - Bread ,& lintlei null, or Cobblci Baked Pork and' Bcnjis-nrown ' . Bread Cabbage and carrot Salad ] .Slcnect Prunes III. Beef pot Hoait-Bro«ncd. Potatoes Canned Tomatoes-Green ne.ins Bread niid Duller i Chocolate Pudding . • Suppers „ Bonn Soup-Bread and Butler Biscuits and Soiijhum or Honey II Corn Chowder - Ciaek-ers Cabbage anrt Peanut slaw Biead and nnltei Bread print Pudding III Cream at Potato &oup Bread and Buttci Glngcibrcad nnd Milk The following arc the amounts icqulred foi serving Iwenlj-rue- Pith Salad ', •1 one-pound can's <8 cups) s-dmon or tuna; 6 bunches (3 quarts) eel-' cry cut small; a cups Mnvomiaisc Snlf' ; 3 heads lettuce. or. • t one-pound cans 18 cups) salmon or tuna; 3 pounds (3 quarts) slircd (led cabbage; 2 pound* (C) tail np pies, diced; 1-2 pound (l cup) oil Ions chopped;' 2 clips Mayonnaise or 4 one-pound cans (8 cups) salmo or tuna; i 1-2 ixiiinds or 8 to ) cups flaky cooked vice; 1-2 pouii- (1 cup) onioiis chopiKxI; .2 CUD Mayonnaise. ' Discard the skin and bones fron (tie nsii nnd separate It Into sinnl pieces. Mix all ingredients .will . —!«>, nddlni} salt If needed S.'1-roon crisp lettuce, or with cross, endive or oilier crisp 'greens. 1'olalo Salad B pounds (20 to 25) potaloes- . bunches (2 1-2 quarts) celery cu •""""• M pound (1-2 cup} fine!} i onions; 1-2 pound (3 to 4' qrecn peppers cll t f m . SM , ,, , 0 cups inayonnaLse or cooked ig> 3 heads Ictluce. lioll tlio potatoes, In Iheir jackets n salted water until lender but not oft, Cool .slightly. Hemovc tlie skins i»d cut the potatoes: In cubes'of tiilfoi-m sire. Mix with inayoniiuise "d chill. Just before serving, acid Ho vegetables, call to season, and lore mayonnaise, chill and serve n crisp lellisce leaves. If; cooked H,ul dressing Is used, pour it over e potatoes while both the |(0ta . ocs and dressing are hot. when ool add the celery, onion nnd green cpper. Chill nnd serve on the rlsp lettuce. Haw 'Vegetable Salad Mix any desired combination of esli raw vegetables or greens .such as .shredded cabbiige, lettuce and MI-IOI.S. sliced onions, radishes cucumbers or tomatoes, cut cderv CICAS endive, or clilcory, Toss these in riench dressing just before serving or servo mil) mayonnaise or cooked salad dressing. Cahlmgc and C'nrrol siiliid with IV.umts 5 pounds (5 fumi-us) :shredded cabbage; 4 bunches (20) raw car- rote, scraped and grnted,- i ,, om i ( | 12 N2 cups) chopped iicaniits- 2 cups salad dressing,' highly season- Mix the cabbage, carrots, pciunits nd snlad dressing, chill thorou»h- ' a"<l serve. VMiaga alul Celery Salad •! No. 2 cans (2 nnnrUoVas; 2 1-2 pounds (2 1-2 quarts) .shredded cabbage; -i small bunches '(z nimr(s) ™leiy cut small; Salt; 3 heads le't- ucc; Mayonnulsc; Chopped rod pepper or plmicnlo ° P ?".!!! C '?'"! some l,o.,r s .l«. Peel nnd scrape the bannims ins before serving and cut Ihcm. Com blue the fruit nnd serve on crisp lettuce leaves with irm'yoiiiinlw o French dressing. Combine the frui juices for use In salad o In fruit cocklnlj. b I'rai- and Cheese Salad 3 No, 2 1-2 cons pcnra; i |ioum cups) sharp, yellow, i?rate< cheese; 3 heads Icttueo, shredded about i 1-2 cups mayonnaise.. Drain the -pears and chill he. serve (he liquor for other use. When lime for serving, place one half of (!ic pear, v/Kh core side down O n ^ bed of shredded lettuce and sprinkle (lie chcejsc over the near Hcrw with ' ' IIKCII'K.S '«'(> .SKKVK FIFfV Oalmcal Porridge 5 (|ls. rolled oats; 8 i-;> f| |,,. [^u. ng water; 3 tablespoons salt Add the salt U> the boiling miter Hid sia In the oatmeal, stlrrlm- occasionally to prevent Hiinpiug. Cook directly over the'heal until hlckcned, then set hito IwllhiK water and C'OOJc,fo,-,4Mo CO minutes Do not stir the last 30 mlnutex. Corn ,Mcal JM|ish 2 1-2 quarts qoni nical- 4 table- DOORS jwiii; 10 quarts water (boll"8 ; 2 1-2 quarts cold water. . I eat llic water to Ml) n § ,» ,, t "d add the salt. Mix the corn lea with tlic cold ,v<Uer „„<, ad , lowly, to the boiling Water, cook rocty over the heat, stirring ,,„. 1 it thickens. Wen place'in boil- 18 water and cook one hour like Same as Corn Meal Mush. CnfTri! , Uiiltw one has a regulation cof- e iirii, the best way to make cof- In lureo.quantities Is by putting e coffee in cheese ctoU bags BLYTOEVILLE (ARKO_COURIER NEWS 3 It sugar;. I tablespoon salt' fijxxms vnnllln, ' '•• SciiUl milk 'iiv double lioiler M corustarch, cocort, sugar nnd «, together well mul sift it ii,u> tl milk, stirring constantly null) tlilc Tlion let It cook 40 minutes will out stlri-lnn. A<ld the vanilla at pour out to cool, serve with nil or cream. !-2 quart sorghum, or othe «>;. ' ? " 2 cups .frit; 3 cups Init mllk; o cgns; 3 (jimrts flour- lnl)les|X>oi)s will; 2 tablespoons tin nnmoii; i tablespoon ginger i t>i soda; a taWftspooiw Ink * *• i"-no -luuiij nours • 0"- foic kcrvlngr, drain (snvlim the liquid for soup) and cliltl. Mi x nil i»e vegetables and add salt nud niajonnalso to season. Serve o nisp lettuce leaves, • iMIxi'd 1'Yuit Snlail C large grapefr,,!!,; 1 dozen or- nngci, 2 No. 3 .cans sliced pineapple, 2 No. 3 cniis pcnche.s- 1-3 <Jo/tn bananas; 3 heads lettuce,. Wep.lre.tho grapefruit Biict-of- nngcs carefully and save nil.the Juice nraliijnnd cut the pineapple peaches in uniform sized pieces; and let .sbnmer 5.inlniitS. . , llllill pour In cold water to clear the For 50 cups, use 1 1-4 pounds cofftc. Divide In two parti and I e loosely In squnrcs of cheese cloth. Drop Into 12 nnarts of boil- nig water nnd let: simmer 5 mln- 'Ues. Pour over 1 nlwrtl ^'"^ atcr and push back on stove where it will keep hoi but will not boll. quarts . Mix togollicr the Tat, tnoimssc •ess and milk, sift toscther ili lloiir.wllh other Ingredients Com bine mixtures. Duke at 350' p liOilii on u,i: Amount of Dlffprcn l-oorls Itcoulrc,! W.JFifly Serving Dams— 4 quarts' of '<tr leans. ' ... Hecf, no' to 40 ixnuuiis ' fir '; 1-3 less for cold roast licef, Uncookcd-l-3 to 1-2 noiim per JKKOD. ,.. Beets, canned—C No. 3 cans. miller— 1 pound ciil Inlo 3' quart's will spread 7 do/, rolls ..Cabbage, Salad-8 pound,'; trimmed cablmgc, salad dressing Cereal: '(lor 25 people) Cream of Whcnl-a 1-2 cll|ls ce eal and 5 tils. wnlcr, • .Wheat Flakes— 7 1-2 cups cereal .• no. 5 t(is, water. Oatmeal— 5 cups cereal nnd 5 'its. water. llo)tol 0,1(5-10 cups cereal anil 5 (its. water. Cracked whcat-5 cups cerca 5 (|t.s. water, ' 20G W. Main .'hone 161' We'Deliver TURNIP GREENS _ Lb. 7y 2 c "FRESH TOMATOES FRESH RADISHES _ Bunch 5c GRAPEFRUIT Pink Meat .. 3, for IQc BANANAS Golden Hij )c -. Doz. I5c "CHUM SALMON" Can lOc BUV VOUR BULK. SEEDS FROM US PURE LARD 2 Lb. Carton -32c FRESH FISH Ocean Perch Ib. 22c Buffalo, Lb. 18c FRESH COUNTRY EGGS PURE PORK • SAUSAGE Lb. I5c Wisconsin Cream CHEESE Lb. 25c Mix together and bbllliU' water p/iii i r,,t i * ""w-'. uou iu mumics ami add to 8 quarts scalded milk. Beat well before serving to break m, { ,, e coagulated albunien. ' Mulligan 'Stew 2 Ibs, sail pork; a Ibs. beef.(cut from neck, shoulder or short ribs)J-2 ]>eck cm-rote; 1-2 bushel inln- lons' ' " Uu ' ni|K : l <IOM n on'-. mul"!frv l |nT' k 'i! 1 " nlf ' lncl1 cubcs juin iry in 3.gallon container until a light tirown. skim out. the cooked meat and save, slice the onions and r ry t| lcm 5 niinute.s in snvn '"J;-.^ 1 " 0 ™ ' l) '0-onions and f,v , " le '' lcnt '" smallserv- liiB Pieces and roll In seasoned Hour (l quart flour, 4 tablespoons ; snlt ?"» f 2flttC " S ! > ^ 11 i s .'IWRHfi'), BrovvA.l,, fat. Add. 1 gallon bolltn e 'wii- ""•''' - imUJ Jh<?i<\ Is Icn ^Cornmeal-5 cii|xs cereal nnd 5 (|ts. water. . Coffee—l pound, at rate of 1-2 cup. lo quart of water Cream for Coffte-i to l 1-2 t|ts Loaf sugar Tor Coffee—2 ]»itnds Dried Fruits nnd Ve B e(ables: (for 25 people) • ' Aprlcots-2 to 2 1-2 pounds Navy Hcaiis-3 to 4 Bounds Prunes-2 1-4 to 3 pounds. Split peas for soup—l 1-2 )bs Jlam-20 pounds (for bilking) Ice Cream: b I|ulk—i gallon makes 30 servings. Urick-0 to 8 servings per brick , Men! Lonf-s pounds beef or veni nnd 5 pounds of lmk _ a—r quart bottle conlains to 200 inedium-slml olives. THURSDAY. MARCH 11, 1.937 Suiiday With Sonicthm^pecial f.i teaspoon pcpjiei' ','.• cup chopped almonds / ' , Combine nil' 'Iriffrcdleuu exAnt, Miiioaas and shape Into M,/ Then roll the balls In the. chC<<( almonds', awl. fiivnly "poke" -> fresh fluffy marshmnllow | M t'o» of each puff. P), we i,, g IBasc f baking pan arid bake in inoderat-. oven (350 decrees) lorn BAKERY SPECIALS Pi - ida t v-Saturelay-Sun«la.v I'canitt IJuttcr Muff LAYKU. Ea. 1-«K. OATMEAL COOKIES. Do/ . PECAN-NUT ' " 1ft (- HRKAD. Loaf ||| FUDGE-NUT - " ^oc nHOWNIESi-'-Do/ lO FHUIT-STOELEN irtV' COFFEE 'CAKE l\j yiiccial liutereg Hour 5 to (j.f. 1' , c ' <lcr more wntci-rif ; necessary In : smnlf pieces the ho, l -' the meat Is tender add ihc'prepnrcd »'c onions a,,d the sal" dd-nnother gallon of boll' t i,,, r "" d 10t '" c «' hole s """ 1 " until the vegetables arc lender Spainlsli nice 2 quarls rice (wash well) • 2 Warts boiu,,, water; -j I'enchcs-s No, 3 cans Pens— c No. 3 cans. ' Polntors_8 1-3 poiiiids. Creamed Potatoos-c to . "ollSr-3. to i dozen for 35 people (or a low 1 1-2 roll to person). »..« or Turnips—n 1-1 ih^ for 25 servings. Sandwiches-1 sandwich -loaf 3 ?..!?.,!»-? llcca o f u "ad or"18 |oii|v-20 (iiinrls for 50 people Sodn cfttekei-^j 110 un<lc lo DO cracKcrs. depending: DUTflLYlT Ici-e Arc Some Suggestions for an Enjoyable Morning Meal I1V MAKY F. DAGUG NEA Service Staff Writer Jin .-iiii-e you've heard 1110 say at Sunday is my favorite day r breakrasl. No wonder! it's the ily one when 'hiy family eals Ihotil one eye on the clock The breakfast table that Is' 1m- aculate as. to linen' and china nnd silvci; all. precisely arranged, —, ,-., 1 -n.^i.ii_ij 'iiituijjto itself gives an air of- festivity. Inert, if the'menu Includes some special dish particularly liked bv everybody-, the, .setting;' is complete for-a happy breakfast.. Because .so ninny lioine-makcrs do make nn effort I o serve some- tiling extra for Sunday moniinir breakfast, m, suggesting sonic menus which may help to take breakfast out of iLs everyday ,-nt Breakfast, No. 1 _ Grapefruit, ready-to-serve cereal with ' creani bananas in bacon blanket's, Scolcli scones: milk, coffee. V'- ' Bananas in Bacon Blankcia Two large bmanns. G con. i bunch watercress ly green. .Peel antl cut in pieces nnoul 2 Inches long. Wrap n slice ' bacon around eacli piece of banana anil fasten securely with wotliplclot. Put, in n frying prm ana cook over u moileinlely low 'Ionic, turning until the bacon is crisp on '.all sides, pour off excess fa t ns the bacon cooks and when cnsjj done, pom- off die last accumulation : of fat. Remove from heat, xarnis)i with watercress and sorve In fi T | Ilg IM11 . Scotcli Scojies 1 Two cups Hour, 2 tablespoon;, butter.. 2 teaspoons baJting JMU-- 1-2 (easpoon salt, 1 egg 3-4 C1 'P cream' tabout) and hcforc, add the date.^ in the moi-ning when it's reheated The m'ort C1<X " C " I(f CC ' rCilIs nre C!i «"«lt made in the moniing " L ' !t te hot and ^P- sixion cinnamon with 1 toirt»f , ' -" toast aflci- buttering. and sift now, salt , baking j,o W (i cl . rillb ,„ bl]ttcr other shortening pastry . . ---blender O r two knives. Beat egg ", m> " sing !- 2 cup fo start ake a well in the center I ' ; with e cener the . dry mixture and pour • in cp and cream mixture. Stir until well mu-ed. T lie dough should quite soft. If too stiff, cut in more. cream. Turn 0 ,,t on a lightiv floured molding board and roll hito a sheet about 3-4 | nc |, tnlek .. t-ut In squares and prick with a fork. Bake in a hot oven (425 degrees p., ror twenty mim ,tes. ' Breakfast No. 2-Chilled pineapple, and lime juice, cereal cooked with dates, broiled Canadian ™"> cinnamon toast, milk, coi- Tlie combination O f fruit juices is dcliciously I'efrcsh'ing and un- .Choose _ bananas that arc slight- PICKARO GROCERY & MARKET Basic 'Requirements -..— i-v-i'i^-ia {may be oiiilt- tc< ''= 1 P."! 1 * l : 2 tablespoons salt. Chop the onions and poppers and «ok 5 mlmitcs in (he fat. Add ' ° . w f"«' R"« drained rice anrt sill- into Hie fat. Cook 5 minuter Artel the boiling water and salt aii'ti cook is minutes, Then add (h c to- Benn Soup ' 2 quarts lieans; 4 onions- 7 nts «atcr; 2 or 3 tablespoons salt- 1-2' Ib. salt pork; I cup or 1-2 pirn "aTte! 4 <11 " mS '""^ Pci " )|Mr t(i Wash bcnns and let them seal- over night. Drain, add 7 quarts »atcr and let them boil until ten««•• Rub them through n C0 | a n. Cut the pork into half-Inch cubes and fry out the fat. chop onions nnd fry. two mlmiles In the nt. Then add |h c Hour anrt cook til I?? 10 ' Ad(J "" lk nnd stir un-' til thickened. Then add the bean P»lp and liquid. SUr m,d cook mi- 11 well blended and about the con- M.stency of thin cream. Siriss Potato Soup «!««?»J» l » n , l '»: « nunrt. water; 2 onions arhc "° tiuocs turnips » n , urnps and cut In quarters. Peel and chop the onions. Add the boiling water and cook until the vegetables nre sort. Rub through- n colander. Add pulp and liquid .to 4 quarts of white sauce, using following proportions. NUilc- s.iurc' quarts milk; I cup flour; pepper lmp<x> " s Chocolate Piiddinir 5 quarls milk; i cup for a Cocktail Kit Every,man wnnts^.to be a good 'osl-bnt no! every one knows just now- lo go about It! The secret lies In knowing hoiv to prepare inter- estimj cocktails for. the. Individual taste of guests, l,| A n m " e ,, 1la " <lf » 1 of bottles con- for •„„ i "H n f cessni -y ingredlenis lor nn Indefinite number of cocktails. With these few, yon can mix 5°"r guests most of the dvlnks thev l>rcfcr. Keep a bottle of each of «id f ° 0 "7'" 1B fn >' 01 !'' sideboard, jany— Wa " or com " I^moii juice Orange juice Lime jntce Angostura Bitlers Orange Bitters Grenadine flavoring Mint nnvorlng Common sugar syr«n Hunt flavorinj; "recn clierries Red cherries Small oliye.s. Chtchasawba We Deliver For Ymir hcncnf, \\' f Jic Fresh Sea Food Twice Weekly Buy H Here — Get It fresh Mocha Marslmiallow Cream Here is one of those richlv- fmvoral. sweet, fluffy desserts that ' SO big" In winter. It has the deli- clous, mellow flavor of coffee and Ihe fluffy, soft conslslency that is Implied in the combination of marshmallows and whipped cream A few pecans on top add ( 0 it the crowning (ouch of glory 'mis serves 8. . .•* packettes (1, pound) marfh- iii allows , 1 cup hot coffee infusion I cup whipping cream (whipped) Cut mfirshmnllows very fine and l»«r hot coffee over them stir occasionally; When cool'add whip- pcd cream nnd pour Into molds. ^^"^^^^••^•••1 PRESERVE YOUR FOOD with ELECTRICITY It's CONSTANT - CONVENIENT - HEALTHFUL - ECONOMICAL - SAFE - - . Sec Your Dealer ov Arkansas-Missouri Power Go " nEPEXPAn '- E WW..COST EI.ECTKIC SERVICE-" Provides ALLS BASIC SERVICES for complete Imnw refrigeration 1. GREATER JCE-ABILiry 2. SHMTCR STORAGE-ABILITY 3. GREATER PHOTECT-MILITY 4. CREATES DEPENP-ABILiTY .5. GREATER SAVE-AB1UTY Only FRIGIDAIRE has (h* C«f« Currenl Coit lo (ho Bono Simplcit rcfriitrat. • ing mtthanlsm ever buitll Gives SUPER- DUTY at amazing saving. SEE THE PROOF with an actual electric meter test. Frigidaire is made only by Central JMotoTT AND SAVE MONEY FOR YEARS TO ' COME I E. B. GEE SALES CO., Inc. Almond Sweet Potato Puffs Variety is not only the spice of ffe, but the spice in the mem, too So the next time you 'plan o have roast pork and sweet potatoes for dinner, let the latter IK Almond Sweet Potato Puffs Here Is the recipe- 2 cups mashed sweet potatoes '.2 teaspoon salt C DONU'fS Doz. . UUTTER CAKES. Do/.,; CARSiBL-CINNA-' iO MON ROLLS. Doz. \L COCONUT. BARS Doz ......... I'ARKERHOUSE ROLLS. Doz We Specialize In Special Orders - - phone no , BLVTHEVILLE BAKING CO. SPECIAL all metal,— cleverly styled EACH __ WASTE BASKET K A v d , a S[' ly sha P.ed, sturdy metal Daske,. Choose frorn several-bright One of these baskets • will add Ihe spot of color thai will; perk up your bedroom, or sun porch, (hat corner desk - even ihe THREE TO A CUSTOMER THERE ARE YEARS OF SERVJCE THE \9 DELUXE WASHER IN . for clean lined ". beauty . ; for easy, perf^c'f.-. ' • cleansing . to lost a lifetime You'll never hove to buy onother washer, when you own the Deluxe. For yeQr5 o f Mondays iV will wash clean ond fresh, efforilesily-dnd fast. Simple and clean lined in beauty, it never can loofc old foshioned.'See it — today! SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. "The Progressive Slorc" •'• W, Shonsc , Phone 35 . ol

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