The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1955 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1955
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBRR 26, 1998 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUBIER MEWS PAQf Supreme Court- Cautious in Movie Censorship Ruling By JAMES MAR LOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court — in ruling ou movie censorship by the stales, just as in ruling on racial segregation by the states — has moved cautiously. It has not given a final decision on either issue. So far the court has ruled on only pieces of both, issues. So questions involving movie censorship and segregation no doubt will be thrown into the courts for years to come. For example: While the court has ruled public school segregation and segregation on buses crossing state lines is unconstitutional, it has never ruled that segregation of all kinds Is unconstitutional. Someday, in some future case, the court might rule that way. Before then, because of successive decisions of the court against various phases of segregation, segregation may have withered away. Although the court has shaken to its foundations the whole concept of segregation by its ruling against public school segregation, it cannot be said to have done the same to the principle of state censorship of movies. It hase given New York and Kansas setbacks in the way they attempted to carry out censorship. But it has not ruled that they, or any other state, has no right to censor movies. Must Be Specific Nevertheless, by its rulings in these two cases the court has pushed all states into a position of being both, more specific and legally correct in their laws and reasons for attempting bans on motion pictures. In 1952 Ne\v York state's censorship board banned a movie, "The Miracle," on the grounds it •was sacrilegious. The court ruled against the state in this case, saying ''sacrilegious" was too broad a reason for censorship since it is a word which means different things to different people. In 1953 a Kansas censorship board banned a movie. "The Moon Is Blue," on several grounds under that state's laws, including a finding that the picture was obscene. A state judge. Harry G. Miller of Wyandotte County, said the law and the board were constitutionally wrong since the Constitution guarantees freedom of press, speech and religion. Besides, he said, the board's use of the word "obscene" was so broad and vague as to make it unconstitutional as a basis for censorship. Reversed Position The State Supreme Court reversed the judge's position, and the distributor of the film. United Artists Corp. appealed to the U. S. Supreme Court' which it gave its opinion last Monday. The opinion was given in a minimum number of words. It said simply: "Judgment reversed." Tins meant the U. S. Supreme Court decided the Supreme Court of Kansas was wrong in overruling Judge Miller and upholding the ban on "The Moon Is Blue." But the federal court did not say a state censorship board cannot ban a film in the future. Nor dil it say no state board can ever ban a film on the grounds of being obscene. It -was asked by United Artists Corp. to rule on whether a state may ever censor a picture "under a clearly drawn statute designed and applied to prevent showing obscene films." By its scantily worded opinion the court avoided a direct answer to the broad question posed by United Artists. This is not unusual practice for the court. The nine justices traditionally try to avoid sweeping opinions on broad principles and to limit tr •mi- selves as narrowly as possble to the particular issue in the particular case before them. As a result at this moment United Artists Corp., according to one 01' its lawyers, does not know whether "The Moon Is Blue" can now be shown in Kansas. The corporation's lawyers are trying to find out in Kansas. NIGHTY GIRL—Probably the best nightgowned gal in TV is Vanessa Brown, who's starring in the "My Favorite Husband" show. Her part calls for either opening or closing the show with a bedroom scene, so CBS is spending as much money on her nighties and negligees as on her daytime clothes. Drought Forces School Closing SORRENTO. Maine W 1 )—Drought in this area—while much of southern New England has too much water because of the recent floods- forced closing of two schools yesterday and curtailment of water drinking in Sorrento and part of Sullivan. Summer high school and Sorrento grammer School were closed until Monday unless the Long Pond supply is replenished by rain or the Long Pond Water Co.. gets new pumping equipment earlier. The high school has 185 pupils and the gniminer school 50. Haskins said the pond is at its lowest in 57 eyars. About 300 persons reside in the area. Many have their own wells, which also are low. State's Polio Total Now 174 LITTLE ROCK i Seven new polio cases reported in Arkansas last week boasted the count so far this year to 174 compared to 314 rases reported during the corresponding period a year ago. Woodruff County reported two new cases. The other cases wire in Eenton. Dalhis, Pulnski, Boone and Garland Counties. "Cork Legs" Artificial limbs are called "cork lejr.V because at one time such limbs were made of steel or other solid material covered with layers oi' cork to give them the necessary resilience. STARR GAZING Bf BETTiTK NKLLE IT ABB CMrier New Wa First Continental Congress adjourned on tins date In 1114. John Locke, philosopher, died on Oct. 27, 1704. He was the one who had this to say: "Parents wonder why Uie streams are bitter when they themselves have poisoned the fountain." Could that have been a, forerunner to the definiation of juvenile delinquency? Possession of West Florida (now part of Louisiana) was proclaimed on Oct. 2G, 1810. The cotton gin was invented on Oct. 28, 1793. The stock market crash occurred on Oct. 29, 1929. The Columbian Exposition at Chicago, closed on Oct. 30, 1893. The flier who circled the Statue of Liberty on Oct. 30, 1910 was J. B. Moisant. The first barbed wire was manufactured on Nov. 1, 1873, November! Don't tell me October's gone. ket was a little colored boy, about six, eating & bologna sandwich. What made it amusing instead of the bologna being in the middle of two slices of bread, he had a slice of bread between two slices of bologna. Dale uarnegie nad this to say: Remember that man's name is to him the sweetest and mosi important sound in the English language. Sleep is the rest we need to keep from getting fed up with ourselves. Bricklayers make so much money now-a-days, reminds me, every- time I see one laying brick, of thej 1 goose mo reflections ihere) that; laid the golden egg. . | I'm sorry I didn't take up the trade — bricklaying that is. Not egg-laying. i Porcrastination is the art of' keeping up with yesterday. A pessimist is a fellow who lives with an optimist. i Many a person who seems to be on Easy Street is only on Easy Payment Street. Mark Twain said the only people who have the right to use the editorial "we" are presidents, editors and people with tapeworms. A hole is absolutely nothing at all, but you can break your neck in it. Walking, some say, is a lost art, but how would a fellow get to the garage if he didn't walk? There is no law against serving hot fruit juice instead of iced. For a good drink to pass with some of those homemade cookies, try combining pineapple juice, orange juice and apple cider. Add 4 or 5 whole cloves and a stick of cinnamon. Heat to boiling point and then simmer for 8 to 10 minutes. Of course a thin slice of lemon or orange looks kinda pretty Welfare Check Necessary? STATESVILLI, N. O. (/ft — Blanche Heard, of Statcsvilte reported earlier this month that her »64 welfare check was stolen while she was In New York attending the World Series. The Iredcll County Welfare De- Hfirtmcnt said Monday if she could travel to see the World Series she didn't need any help from the Welfare Department and discontinued her payments. flouting on top of your prettiest China tea cup. 'nils is the time of year for such suggestions. Can't Get Rid of Your Cold? Than try 666, the wide-activity medicine, for greatest effectiveneaa against alt symptoms of all kinds of cold6. fiiiti combineB -1 potent, widely- prescribed drugs and gives positive, dramatic rceulia in a matter of hours. Its combined therapy covers the complete range of all cold symptoma. A r o other cold remedy can match 666 liquid or 666 Cold Tablets. 666 Well what do you know! They're making record players marked i "His" and "Her." What effect that has on the records is what I want to know. Anything to make a sale, I; always say. j Rheumatism was obviously nature's first effort to set up a weather bureau. According to a lot of folks, Hi at applies to a corn on your toe, also. Even if Uncle Sam is pleading with everybody to eat more potatoes, you can Margaret Moffitt, who recently broke her arm, hired a colored woman (aged 65) to come cook for her until she could do it herself. The first cool spell always calls j for a "pot of vegetable soup." Margaret told the cook to peel SOME potatoes for the soup while she ran over across the street. When she tfot back, there were 25 peeled potatoes waiting to go in the soup — with two people in Uie family. Margaret added she was thankful she hadn't bought a bushel. I saw something the other day that amused me. Coming out of Grain's Super Mar- What to do for "TV Stomach 11 (Acid Indigestion cautad by late-hour "inacki") If you like to "nibble" and drink while watching TV, look out! Don't overdo it! Too often it may lead to acid stomach and hours of night-time tossing. But not if you take 2 Turns as n "nightcap" when ever distress occurs. Turns neutralize excess nctdfast! You sleep better—feel fresher. Always keep Turns handy to counteract gas, heartburn. Get a roll DOW! So economicat— onfr 10 j! o Before painting: stucco, make sure the .surface is wire-brushed thoroughly to remove any salt formation. The paint should be applied promptly.' SAVE UP TO 40% on Auto Insurance If ftft & WW fl& STATE FARM A(*nt FRED T. RATLIFF MM ftpn«! Ph. l-MM Blythevtlte, Ark. ID-DIAMOND BRIDAL SETS w l 4m DREIFUS Drcilus^ Wear Uiammiih USED COMBINES AT WHOLESALE PRICES 3—1950 Case self-proyelled ........ SI, 000 each 2 — 1951 International self-propelled. . .51,000 each 1952 International self-propeed ........... 52,250 We also have two reconditioned Massey-Harris self- propelled and several Allis Chalmers pull-type combines. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hiway 61 Phone 2-2412 Found Only at Whitsitt's THE BOY COAT BY KAY McDOWELL Meets a smart girl's fancy this fall! Yours to adore from now on ... Kay McDowell's marvelous boy coat! Casually perfect lines show a master's hand. Tailored of wonder-warm 80% wool, 20% alpaca • . . go-with-everything neutral tones. Sizes 5 to 15. it's Whitsitts "Because You Like Smart Things" ADAMS You Piggy Bank Prices B«* panel oonte* of ehikbm'4 readi Sink-Seen looter Dulch coote* »«fl to ffcem MAYTAG Advanced WASHER Saves work and time on nasti- day! Automatic operation; just load it, set controls and walk away. Automatic temperature control. Gyrafoam action washes clothes cleaner, faster. Top loading; no stooping. Exclusive double-spin tubs. ' Adjustable legs. MAYTAG CONVENTIONAL WRINGER-TYPE WASHER Does bigger washings in less time! Exclusive Gyratoam washing action. Self-adjusting wringer; firm and flexible roll combination removes more water. Round porcelain-on steel tub. High-baked acid resistant enamel finish. Sediment trap. •vtv; SEE THE MAYTAG FREEZER We Give Quality Stamps Adams Appliance Co. 20H - 208 W. Main "We Service What We Sell" J. W. ADAMS, Owner Inc. Ph. 2-2071

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