The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
Page 13
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TUESDAY, APRIL 13, U5ewirni *oi. , OF KAY RAWHIDE 'ROPE LMAPE.BUT ILL PUT JT WHAR DU SMART ALECKS CANT BE KVMON' CRACKS'BOOT MV BRMPINY In Gt*s the Mayor DRESNJ HIWS6LP up TO WS FULL FNE- 5L^^« asss CATCHING P WITH And then her resentment died away, she remembered how good bolh her aunts had been to her How they'd stinted themselves in' order to educate her; to feed and clothe her How they were now going without things In order to - nnocen Pay ,-ier fees at the dressmaking M H CE , OP cla^°e 2,1 ' ler , by 8lmi c L ec , tic "? K'" 1 be Held In Blythe- lle School District No. 5 of Mis- Oouuly. Arkansas? at whteh submitted to the vot- l ? c DIst '^t the question ol fun g .« ,"'', " 8ainst n "'"KHng lund tax of six mills annually to ^^P^'P^ and interest ota proposed Issue of bonds In ihp •mount of 017.000. which win ^ " H , nf,, . °'' the I )Ur ' )0 se of refi),,ding outstanding bonded InUeblcdnesi constructing a n<I equipping S school buildings, acquiring cw school grounds, and repairing ex- Wing facihtie.,. with lhPe funn n' "T P " 1S ln tl10 fund in each year, after paying the bonds and interest of this i s ; U,'PH ra in tur "!, B that J ' car ' m «y be used to call bonds lor payment pur t ^ 5m>turlt -y ° f 'or "'her school T-he election will be held in said •District on the 8th day of May 1948, between the hours of 2:00 p m and e.-.lO p.m., and otherwise in the same manner as provided by law for the holding of school elections *!(,. ' oll ° win £ polling places, to- Voting will be at the following regular voting places: Blytheville Ward 1, city Hall; Blytheville Ward 2 Goodyear Tire Store; Blytheville Ward 3, Flie Station No. 2, on West By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEE 5HANN- DISTRIBUTED 8Y NEA SERVICE. INC THE H'l-OH*! P.Umec »0«* lo London ffcfee Ifmti <» *tle»d dr»u-«k]«» .thnol. I. Ih* oxl; Crrrdon »ll n , IC< i I.T Ifcf two olil-Ia.hlmipd .,. Max -o ?"»" wham >k«. || T ,, ,„ J. 1 " ,S°"'~"""1' " I'uul nijlqr, v\lio llvt b»rin K VIII.K, ,,,d „ • ell .MrnrlrJ to Ike ( , <.„„„, Spritely Style »I»K tbrjr would du-. ...?nn*rliltr. hrr hrnd It, ai"L\ "' *"* kl *«il her « her lie luve« her. VI ANOTHER month went by. The winter was past and the first fresh green was showing m the hedgerows. "In the spring—" said Paul blithely. "Oh. Patience, 1' 3 - tience, it you knew how I te«l about you!" Patience knew. She feh the [fame way about him. Only she'd not told him so. She was far too shy to disclose her emotions. They were meeting quite often. .Always they traveled down from London together. And one evening last W eek he'd jot out at her Cation. They'd passed through !lhe barrier as two strangers to .meet again in a quiet country lane 'some little distance away. They'd lingered here for a brief while and then Patience had speeded home on her bicycle, praying that Jher aunts wouldn't notice she was ilater than usual In returning. • It was the next time she came | back from her day at the academy • that she walked into the sitting I room and realized Instantly that something had happened. Her aunts-were obviously wailing (or her. The expression on their laceg (turned her heart to water They looked shocked and horrified and deeply hurt. Aunt Helen was the spokeswoman, "I understand. Patience, that you have been meeting a youne man those last few weeks about whom you have Md your a Alice and me nothing." Patience felt hot color rush to her cheeks. Her knees shook. "What have you got to say (or yoursoH?" said her aunt severely. Patience made a little helpless gesture. r "I—1 don't know." "You were seen two evenings ago in 3 lane—* "It was all-well, what I mean to say is, E'aul's terribly nice." J-JEn aunt's eyes were hard and angry "l' m not interested in whether you consider him nice. You know. Patience, how very strongly your Aunt Alice and I feel about thai sort o( thing. That you should have formed a friendship with a young man—someone we don t even know—" "I'd like you to know him, Aunt Helen. I d like you both to know urn. If you'd only allow me to bring him here so that you can meet him—" "And where, prny, did yo« meet nirn. Patience swallowed hard. "In the train." Miss Helen gasped. "You mean to stand there and ten me coolly you—you 'picked him up' ta the phras. I believe used in these dayj-in the train!" Miss Helen was really shocked. I forbid you ever to see or sneak to ilus young man again," she concluded severely. Patience looked at her aunt, her eyes full of pleading. "*Aunt Helen, please—" 'I want no argument. Patience nsist on your giving Ine VOU r word that in future you will nave nothing more to do with him And know I can trust your word. Now—1 want that promise from you and then the matter will be closed. It will not be -nentioned again by any of us." Just for a moment Patience saw red. Hot icrnper surged within Overwhelmed ner. A host Clenr Lake White School. Witness my hand this 30 tiny of March, 1948. . r. ost of bitter words rose to her lips. "I'm waiting for your promise atience," said her Aunt Helen. PATIENCE knew it she gave it she'd have to kcup n. Her aunt said she knew she could trust her word. Only—how was she going to face a world In which there was no Paul? "Patience dear," interposed her Aunt Alice gently, "i think you should understand [hat it Is for your own good your Aunt Helen is asking you to make this promise." Patience swung round to her. •But why? Aunt Alice, cant you sec that it Is asking too much of rue? There's no harm In my seeing him. In our being friends llc — I—oh. Aunt Alice, i thought perhaps yon might understand! 1 Miss Alice felt her hands trem Sling in her lap. Heavei her. she did understand. mustn't he. The child was too young. She needed protecting against herself. Later on it would be a different matter. When she was old enougl. to know her own mind . . . when some nice young man to whom she was properly Introduced camo along "Well, Patience?" 'said Misi Helen. Patience said miserably: "Very well, Aunt Helen, if you insist 1 give you my promise." And then she turned and stumbled blindly from the room. She went out through the front door and across the neatly kept lawn, climbed a little stile, and set off across the meadows, [t was growing chill and the light was 'ailing. She shivered, drawing her coat more closely around her And now tears were raining down her cheeks. They wouldn't stop She ust walked along crying bitterly, wondering how she'd face the future; wondering if it would alway« hurt so terribly; wondering i! she d beer wrong not to stand up " her Aunt Helen. (To Be Conlinned) MAYES. County Supervisor. Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 4451 Real Estate, B us i nesSf Farm and AutQ F. H. A. am!. G-- I. Loans on New and Existing Homes LOANS For buvinc refinanrinir huil,li,,^ Kar m ,'5l _"".?' """'""If. remodeling. [cm lands and Auto loans. Quick Service - -—[»••—yiiuiinu rloor "Deo"' Die trie 11 "VIiii'i PP r "Complete Insurance' Service" SEE YOUR KAISER-FRAZER DEALER Get A New Car RIGHT AWAY! IN BLYTHCVILL! IT'S " Motor Company HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • For Furs • For Woolen* *pii?rl?^ ^^p^F '•ia^Sv TV: . Vl* t AT teS - - m j fc-3£S-l'.// Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 See Us For Your Requirements' 1 ' Blyrheville Soybean Corporation Phones g5? I cotton «te<l HUTU! Reduce ~ow more cotton. •TAT. CKRTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLR ». * f. L. N.. u, per j, ,„. ba< *~B, I*Cr 59 Ib. bag., t .*..- R«wdcn 41-B, per ,W Ib. b«r ..rT ' Other v.rleltr. ** i Empire, ptr 5« Ib. bVi!"!!!!!],","!]^^ Com. In >nd pl» c « jour order or ,rt Jollr unppty tod., BLrfHEVILLE 8OVBEAN CORP. •n.'«5« IHyUievllIe. Ark. Phon, B ra ,Kl l( ,j Lwclivlllc. Ark. Cardwtll, Mo Hornersville, and Smith, Mo. Bv AL VERMEEB girf propose man during Le_ r he's supposed '// Do you think it's iv/se to Behind Enemy l,inc a YOU SURE WERE PROMPT/ THEV SAID 17 WOUID V BE AN HOUR. I'M THE MAN FROM THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, fOlLOWING VOW WIRE I WAS OUT ' THIS WAVANV- HOW.5QIWETHING MUST BE tOUSED "" INSIDfTHE BUILDING WASH TUUHS By LESLIE TURNER WE RE FM5HING TENDMSWiMmsCHtWIUJ MID Win. BE DeiMEO IU GETTHJS STWTW TO HAVANA KK IKKHOU SHOTS ON -THE FABULOUS STOM or DiuwippiE CRCXJW: I MA\ MISS HIM POVW THERE! v THE CIRCUS PICTURE DID AMT OF CRABROCK'S S fCso, By FRED HARAIAN I f*0,flR£FLY' W£'LL5£ETrtAT "\ PROTECTS ' YouFJ All Pepped Up By V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HKH VVX«S VOU A 1'reffrrerl Customer By EDGAR MARTIN

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