The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1934
Page 3
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DfecfcSjlftBB 12, 1934- (ASK.) COURSER'' New York "Babies" the .Quintuplets Doctor Producing Results Thai Justify Its Continunncfi jjlle Tells .President j! ttf #ti,L!AKtA.'BEr,!,, Jr. WASHINGTON, Dec. 12. (UP) — |,:tcl<ity., 0 f, ABrlcnlture Henry r A. j'llla'c* ihfoWned President lloose- ! t/ In i|ls ithniiai report, totlay tlmt (i form.-recovery program had )Ved more than worthwhile as .ah :»rlmeiit a.'fid' should be contin- U indefinitely as a necessary ilcttoh of.national government. i?tvlev,'!ii|; : l9 inonths of ilia ARri- ;ltUB\l ;'Atljiislrrir-iil . Administra- l-ri's cfiofU: lo put the -/union's 'rmerS'oh Iheir feel economically : allaee concluded that upon f«r- jer industrial revival and the res- : .atloh"of:foreign markets dep^rid- r T additional gains to agricultur^. ''Agriculture cannot achieve pros- ily'by llself,;' lie said Stobder Buying Power rfndiKtrlal activity must Increase ofmously, afior'dlng employment .-' .additional ' million;; and by verin* costs of manufactured oducts create sounder cohs'ilmer <yln£ power, I*fore groat llberal- ;ilion of crop controls can IK con ;lered, Wallace ; wrote. Likewise, .the- oriVy wise allcrnalivG ; the adjustment, program.? is c» :hsloh of to.a point aere acreage restriction 'is no .iger hecessary .to .prevent pricc- P£esstng surpluses. ; thai !n Skippy's Tricks Bring Coins To. Crippled Girl (Continued From Price On") sloiM'i'S niul llmt Mr. I lull, who rmplitiUc.nUy opixxscil" (otmMloit of (lie illslrtol. siigi'osi n thinl. CMs .Mllli Situation ll:iil A !(-Ui>r Vrom ft inrmbcf of Oto slntb hofillli • itansirlNiehl wlio in- ccnlly vWicA niytlii<vUli< fiiid In- siirclC'd ilnlrln; serving Ilils r.Hy mm read Ijy tin 1 mayor filow, with nmioiini'rineril of (lie reslurmllon of Pr. 1,. H. llrtscoe ns milk In- lon ofJIwr.. Tim Mule official was slmiply crlllenl of romllllom In locnl ilfdtle.; [Minted out, Una wtille practically all dairlK wen; using '.'tirade A labels" Him none wore entitW to Kvr-n A tlosf stalM <lo lit" dftlly flood Him. Ju llifl opinion of Dorothy ,Ifai» Worthy, 13, who had lift <li>£ "flippy" \\t> Ulel'.r. lict'oit 1 part- Wrsby wlille two ' young i'.lrly> poAXMl nro'imtl Ilic cup. H lift[jp?iiod Oils 9, : ay.- Tin 1 illrls, who lilxvo ileformfvl Wffft Kfllfljf ftlOllg' IllO .tlttKl otlicr day ' llli! use'such. iii> wrote thnt conditions dead," "sll up." "watt b:tcli M some wo v.ood hut In othcri | wo i,^" "tnlk" nut In )iojj*-1 of cm- toil no one Mil tiny attention lo llmxoiit.strclciir.vl cup. Dorothy Jean, who hiul Iw-ri sent, lo the .store, noticed tlwlr nnd decided snthcllitni; should ; hi dona nljout ll. Hta had ti.lltlle conference with her Ilosloji toy lerrlol who joined the. sluxltMi pale uiul began performing. Soon quite crowd lind gAllirrotl and .so \vcre ilonn over mid over Ills mistress directed him to' "pla> ikvwuds 01 tl were very had nnd niencsloil Hint liitml.s" the standard milk ordinance, sup-| vvhcn Ilk) cup . w.u niied will poswlly in cltKl here, cither Uo, C0 | as Do r<)l ),y j,. ft ic told RV.lppy \ home and the slio 1 enforced or Mayor Sliane said on the milk control problem wns the same as alivnys—llial ordinances and regiihulons of »'«s lime to i was over. The one-year-old exceptionally well (log, wliicli trained, wn .,,.,. . . , ''"Irlw (aught all the tricks'by his youn BhouM either te enforced or ills- mlslrtss who K lh« daughter of Mr. carded. Commenting on Dr. IMs- and Mrs, Clraily Worthy, :coo's resignation the mayor said. ^___L ______ . . the former had done much as lie could Only lhe lirth of the'lMorinc <i\>mlup!ctK, whose survival has Darpc ino.-e llian Ihc modem marvels of New York City, the li made him fmnoi;s, ania?.ed Or. Allan 11. metropolis Ihe Callander, Out.,! physl- \iwtcd in a ((irarlor. cenlury. He's shown at left, beside Alfred E. Smith, who is considered ayor about as do without i equipment vvlilch the city tind hcen unable lo Some effort to place the da'iry Inspection problem back under control of Iho clan uoith vccin^ himself, examining Nc\v York from'Ihc lop of the . Empire Stale Hitllding, lifeh spot of<county lieallh unit, as suggested Mmlntlin At ruhli he emulates a native by try ng out the sutnvny strap ImiiBlnB technique In a by the slate ^official, Is po.wlbl.0, it lurching train Inr fcclovv Ihc clly streets. 13r. Daloe was coddled like a haby by his hosts,'\vlio provided • ; : . police escorts and a huge snile in a nildtown hole!. — '• • . • • : f •llure'has an effective means ol :Uuitlh» : its ' production to the :.«ds of the market, a method lich-overcomes lhe obstacles that •eoked oil previous cflorts to nc- mpllslv that end/' IJIQ Secretary Id'. Uie'President. ".So succesBfui has the new ethod'proved.that frc hear loud- than ever Ihc objection that it .11- work too. well for the good of e community, that it creates tnt and not 1 , welfare." Denies AAA. Creates Want That the AAA ever will create int \Vallace denied, pointing oul t was never contemplated that ductlon, once started, should IK •nUhued jndelimlely." The .aim | }, declared,• Is "a balanced abun- 'A^ T iCe," involving reduction at some pies, expansion al others. "%KriouHtire cannot :create scar ty at will, .because the motive, ti rep men arid land out of produc- oh ' weakens",as. 'idLsap •ar," ffaljacc'v""'"'"'' itial demand Is Ijoundlt-ss. Foreign (looils "Hence.the udmlsslori of, foreign ods Into the American market, ric« li would IK accompanied by Increase in the purchasing ]>ow- of the. farmers, would handicap duslvy far less than Ui'n altenia- vc policy of enforced farm con- ractlon 'would handicap agricul- ire." Wallace said the experience of le summer's record drought em- i hasksd the logic or the AAA pro- \ "ram, and orderly adjustment of nimal numbers having been ac- omplished. Another bc-nefit, he aid, \vas apparent, in the fad that gTlcultitrc came throuoh Ihc sca- on with more grain per grain con- sumlnsr animal than other wisa vould liave been available. In the nost' hard-hit regions, the only bicome of many . fnrmcrs was derived from-AAA crop benefit pay Today^s Markets New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 12 (UP)— Tlifl coLloti market was (tulet and sleady again today. Prices close;! unchanged to Hueft. points lower, high 1252 Jan. Ocl, open . 1252 . 1252 . 1201 . 1'201 . 1259 . 1235 12C2 1259 1237 low close 1248 1248 12f>0 1250 1257 1250 12W 1258 1255 1257 1233 1233 ' wrote.:. He reported that partly as th •suit, of'tjie. drought, partly be iiBe.' : qt (lie..'AAA,.the emergenc ;rio<l: 'of'-drastic, reductions • i jpi .putn.ut *vas corning. Into vie\ i;be'.ref>!aced ;by Vnllder : adjusi .ents ;'acc'or4lng to'.'marlcel court ons."' ;: . " : •. •'•:'.''.'. • ''Fafmmjf.would reliirn to eiTat iil'.sensclSBs swings i[. we .droppi> ie pHuclfilc of co-pperjiilyi> islmt-iif, 1 ' 'Wfillace- ;wjjriiixl."'/"T> rings duo lo ; we.atiier .are • \vld lough. witjibut ;lmvlng tlicin fiu ier complicated by hunja'h nil liciilallori." '•"." .,'. • * . . 'Full Employment ''. ''_ . , Emphasizing his .belief tlmt the A A', had. done, its 'part.' toward tilling agrieuitnrc out. or ar.hole and Oiat it was uv> to in- iLstrj' to contribute more, the sec-' '.ISry said: .; "The farmer's great need now. 5 he continues his.efforts to pro- tioe a -balanced 'output, is that of itllng full employment .to the in- ustrlal population in order that >nsumers may be able to pay fair | rtces for higher consumption. "Hecessary as It was to meet Ihc 1 wtatled foreign markets and the .^Jjfliis crisis or. 1933. reduction in 'utput Is only a very partial and aradoxical answer in the long run the crying need which 13 briefly xpresscd hi the phrase, 'balanced indance'." One of the secretary's not- plans —the "evci>riornial, granary" lo which resort may be had in years of crop failiire-rwas 'developed at ».• length. Reduced production for : export,'. .Wallace' stild, makes il ncccssriiy to inajntaui larger reserves. These would remain In control of fnmlers through storage anil government loan arrangements, coit pled with an obligation lo partl'ci |iale iii •coriUiuicxi ncreagc control Under, this plan,, the rejiort |W oul. farmers would have Ihe basl lor permanent control of.. livestock production cycles. . . Private Trailers 'rlic..goveri)nient would guaran lee private ..traders against "Hi apprehension -of sudden dLsriipth releases of stored goods." Wnllfic Spots closed sttady at 1279, tin- Me Kesson -T(0bb Ins '/.onlte '.. II 1-4 4 1-8 dliicaao Wheat close Dec. ^fay May TESISCPIM FfllMMEEK «i • . , .''•'. tome remits, fislil in ni'nij mil a Santa Clam U'l'l/l I liitibsf Iti Missouri and.lhe fact so much of It Ls In one Ixxly makes It a |wt«ntlal unit for,the government lo protect tvtul develop. The woods Include nyi oak. which mdnsnrcs '27 • . . ........ , . (ctt In circumference'anil the tiee v;as Indicated. ! -' • - • Miss Corey Woodbum, who be- rnnlinitp Pamnninn' : fei- Ft- other inammotii trees dot'Iho for- cohics county court clerk on Jaim- ^- o »^" l 't- i V^W'B! 1 'W Ljl t . s i. nry 1, apiwareil before the couii- imiriation Q( , Tllbcr- Judijii H!KUI C. IWvIs nnd Harry ml,to thank alilermen for free use ..... r ;. •; . . t (wbcvls of'Kast.Pralrie, and olh. of n room In the elty ball for lhe ClllOSIS 111 LattlC ^ ,, w iriokliin Into 11 ic posslblll- pnst six years, during'which time • ' H M ot interesting llii! aovenimwit Miss Woodbum has been active In TcstiiH! of caltlc for tuberculosis in'(lie j)roi)6sal 'Musi'of ll Is In .securing compensation for world: will continue next week in the ! MLssteippi cminiy • 'ilanl-.lii"- the war veterans and, ilurlni; early Chlckasawba district of Mississippi Mississippi lllvcr. years in the city ball, In l!oy coimty. Assembly' place's, to whch Scout work. i owners must hrlnK their cattle if A rCMlutlnn iintlioilzlnu Jnnllor they would have the testing, which Cole to either move or have tnov- Is compulsory, clone free of charge, id from bn'ckslage' In the nuilllor- Chicago Corn New York Cotton \ License Plate Mix-up open high low IfX) 1-2 100 5-8 100 100 1-8 turn pipe organ "equipment rcmov- 1011-2 101 5-82100 3-1 100 3-4 ed from it local theater was pass- Jed.'The oiisaii given nr loaned to KLCN, local radio station, which Is housed In the clly, hull, -and was placed back stage \vifh the understanding that It would be installed at no expense lo the clly. No effort lo put' the organ liito'operation has ever been made, it is understood. ojicn 02 1-4 83 1-8 high 92 3-8' 89 3-8 low 01 close 91 1-8 NEW YORK, Dec. 12. CUP.)— Coton closed steady. open high low close. Dec Way Oct. 1254 125'i 1259 1258 125G 1232. 1254 KS3 1262 1261 1769 1237 1250 .1250 1257 1257 125C 1232 1252 1252 1250 1257 1257 1233 . Spots closed sioady al 1260, unchanged. ••'.'... submitted -lhat "public almost unanimously ap- •roves reducing .'production lo re- love surpluses," because it rcal- :es, he said, that ."consumers gain othing in the long run by getlin? i arm goods at less than cost." "In one form or nnolhcr they lave to pay live full Mil evenlu- lly." he observed. Recalling thai whenever lher« has ten distinct popular objection lo . control-plan offered farmers, the lAA has dropped that plan, Wal- 1 ice stressed the voluntary princl- ile 'which has been' preserVcrt in egulallng farming, lie 'pointed out hal each program now in effect •Federal, action under the Nc Deal has furnished three principa lypes of agricultural relief, t report stated:: "1. By devaluing the dollar has'caused the prices of certai farm commodities to rise mor than the prices of the things thp farmers buy and Increased Iheir ability lo Uieel debts and iaxes. "2. Through production adjustments financed by processing taxes and through marketing agreements with production control features, it has brought the supply of farm commodities more nearly Into a profitable relationship with the de- Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Dee. 12 (UP) — Trailing declined -sharply on ilw slock exch.inge tcday find prices were steitdier (hari yesler'day wliiVi there vva>- an active-sell-oil in Ihe ast hcuv. ' A. T.'aliil T. IIW 1-2 Anaconda Copper 103-4 Beth. Steel 29 3-D Chrysler .'... :« 7-8 Cilles 'service 1 1-2 Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank ...'..... :!7 1-ft ' Gen. Electric 19 1-2 Gen. Motors 31 1-2 Int. Harvester 37 Montgomery Ward 25,5-8 N. Y. Central 21 1-2 Packard 41-2 Phillips Pet 14 1-2 Radio 53-4 Simmons D?cls 10 3-4 St. I.. S.-F 1 3-6 Standard of N. J 41 1-2 Texas Co 20 1-2 U. S. Slcel 37 U. S. Smelting 123 1-4 Ruffles Ohioan's Sleep BENHOCK, O. (UP)—Ray Tllden Is anxious for the 1935 Ohio license plates to be out so he can rjiilt kecpitu/a diary and go to. bed reasonably certain .of an undls- tiirbad night's .sjeep. Twice recently, members- of Ihe late highway patrol got-. iTilden; »l of ,Ue<l In the middle. d( lite light'to-ask him .to tell ..'quickly 'here he was \\-tic\\ a certain. rob- evy .v.-fts perpctrflled. "3. Through credit relief it has lightened and refinanced favm debt," "H \yould not be correct," Wallace said, "lo ascribe Uie whole improvement tn farm conditions during Ihc last two years lo federal activities. "Much must be credited lo the coniilry's natural recuperative i»w- er. But the. farm recovery of the lasl two years owes Illtle or nothing to recovery in the world market. II Is the' result mainly of domestic changes, in which the aclivHles ot Ihe federal government have been md been demanded by Ihosc af- ected, even Ihe Bankhead collon nd Smllh-Kerr tobacco nets, de- crlbcd as "compulsory." "Strictly, the adjustment of farm i iroducllon under federal • guidance nvolves nol 'regimentation bill nerely social discipline," Wallace, cmarkcd. And inuch of Ihc so-called .regl- ncnUUbn, he cOMiisoUcd, can bs| emovcd if America decides lo buy | •nough abroad to supply sufficient purchasing lx)wcr f or imports by I ither iialions of u. S. agricultural | (roducls. 1. 15 Tpi tf ly '" lhe rc|»rt'continued, arrlc.ultural t radc c an increase on! y through au increase in the nurn- )«r of coniumers. This U a con- I • £21^^ O fthe often-mentioned LMUtons of the stomach. Hence •??:$. PWy feasible »It«rnatlVe lo the tcoywy of a«lcmt«ril export trade s the contraction of agriculture. No similar contraction of In- the most important element." contains ecvcr&l ln*re- ta *-hicH Rtt to^ciKer to give rjnkhcr relief. Also for pains iliio to fr«h fi)»l,'. nfiirnlRi!!, nnJ for jnincrt- lar an>l JoTnL nchf.-. A?k for Capn<ii("! Lf^nIJ tr th dine limnJ mula, Guaranteed relief for ITCHING SKIN! Ctrinr, HIM CAW'S e VurnlnE, Uehlnu skin, ring:-worm, teitcr. a(l:l(tft'a foot, etc., cannot survive Ihe strong, enliven tic pronertUi ot BOND'S SKIN EASE The liquid penetrates Infected p a r L a, xoothcs Irritation and positively kills the germs- yioml :< .Skin C^c Is FOld In BOe bottles >>>' all pood druggists on A money-back giii\rnnlce, Manufactured by I!onJ Pharmacy Company. MUI6 nocV:, Arlc. Ohio Nitro Blast, One Of Worst, 64 Years Ago FAIRPORT O <\JP) — Falrpor s upset al Ihls lime 64 jeai-s age t)y one of the mosl lerrific cxplo lions of nltro^ljcerln on record Though oulj four men eniplou or UK lu\i Bhgrc Nldofljceil compalij »he e lhe blast ocuirrct were killed canaij bird< lu lhe are were killed in [heir ciges Irce weic Ulsled and nnnj \\ere lor fiom the uround a had of co« «ns Mvroun to 115 Inecs nnd But fjlo it>o miles a^ay ftlt Die ja Cause- of. Ihc blast, wjis never de lerinhied: Tlie reason: n'ltnc.iscs of, two oljlicrlcs reiwrlcd the license mmuev of Iho . rolilier's niitoinb- illes was [he same as that on-Til- .eri's car. The tondll.V license, miles . dcclilrxl, w(i:; counlerlell. \!l i he was fiisl Qiieslloned fil-ljj i* / » T>L len brgin taoiniif, i dinij so ib to K€liet meat IhroWd OH el]' inqulrlni! representatlvcK :ol lie law where he was al any.hour of lhe day. . . ; .. Relief Meat in Toledo Is Found Contaminated TOLEDO (UP)—Six samples of canned beef issued lo relief families here, were pronounced contaminated by Dr. Basl) nrim. , city health commissioner. The health department, aided by representatives of the federal food nnd drug administration, analyzed lhe samples after a score of persons had become ill after eating the meat, dislribulcd by a Chicago firm. Distribution of the meal from the county relief headquarters was ordered slopped. - c announced en follows by R/ O. n'ler, supervising veterinarian: Monday, Dec. .11:— 8 a. 1 m., Ben Test's; a a. m:, E. • A, . Slucy's liisgrave bar); 10 ,,'Howard owen's (double bridges): 11 a. m,. . A: Crockett's; 1 p. m., Mervlli ook's, Elijah Krulz. Tuesday, Dec. 18:—8 a. m., W. . Brltlain's; E. ir. Caldwell's; 10 m., E. L, Powell's, J. H. Smith's; p. m., J, Y. Turner's,"J. E. liom- olasJil's (Dlythevllle). ' ;• Wednesday, Dec. .10:—8 a. m.^ V. A'. Branttey's; 10 a.m., H. M. leeman's,' M. C. Cook's; 1 p. m., . O. Batdge's, G.T. Main's. Mult* 1'oner Valufs Dp WILBUR. Wnv.i. (UP) — Mula >*er values aio Increasing In Central Washington. Joseph Wy- borncy, Wilbur, farmer, averiiKert $147.10 each on the .auction sale of Hi head of mules Qua .s p a. n brought $100. Read Courier N«wr "Want Ada. OOVVA/CA8IN'' one Idcn Ifi'llmt Ihfl place'ml«hl be nmtlft priinftrlly n utimo-iwe- vir. ; There arc turkeys aiicl other i;(tlne' there now. and it. Is said 11 .altpnl 1 ) an. excellent place for vnHous typss.'pfwild life. •"• The ' Hose Garden of Hegf Park,' London, nci\v ha. 1 ; 21,000 of 1(10 dllfcrent varieties. Missouuans Would Pie- seive Tlnee Stales Tract Noai Chailcston Iff This Too Good For Your Cough? Crediniitslon may Ijc. a .belle help than you need. 11 combine GcVen helps In one. It is made fo rrulck relief, for. safely. Mild coughs oflen yield lo. helps No one can lei I No on knows wjuch faclor will do mos foi any certain cough So cnrcfi people, more and moie, are CicmnUhlon tot i any- cough tin stflrts. The cost is' a'/lltlle more lhan n single Uclp Bui Vour Is Juthoilml to Biiaranlce 11, 0 It Relief Head's Doorsti .TIFFIN; o.: (UP)—Elgin cans :oast. beef .distributed lo relief el in Foslorln, o:, were tossc against.. the; door of • the -'home II. P. Boulboiille. Seneca county relief director, during- bis -. absence. Each of the cans had been punctured by. a knife. Although none had been opened, a tag printed ivllh red pencil vms attached saying "This meat killed my dog. I don't wanl ll. A friend." CHARLESTON, Mo.^-.WIlli' liojw-bf : preservin<; Ihe 27.0^0 acre' of virgin timljCT In Mississippi nnd New Madrid countie.s-kuoMi a 1 ; the Three States Timber trad, a mover ment' has been slarlcd locally to Imve ilie 'f»(lc'r«l .«'n»<"-nhi«>.U.''inaki! he•area,- Into a. nnlloiml pirX The forest Incmuts ine finest luthoii/ed to guarantee 11, coMs imthini; If it Malls lo bnnC you qnlek relief Ooiighs art danger signals Foi sifetys sake dial with Hum in Ihc wny . ** qulckec, waili- trif rrlicf from idling, painful, culling eon- g«u>on, I>«cau4c of doclcr'j new proven, f«c mote powctCul in- grcditnr. At iltu£2tia. SHEODANSSALVE Now I.walfd al tOl North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU BON EDWARDS, Proprietor III makre of rtbollt Typewr1t<n, iiWItut Machine* tnd Calcahton Repiirlnj—r»tt»— Ribbons, You've Busy Days Ahead, Mrs. Shopper! \Vc know you've lots to do lieforc Clii'iat- mas. Most women have. Thai's why we'd like lo .suggest thai yon let us dp your holiday cleaning as soon as ."possible so you'll have il ofT your mind. A phono call wU!,.hring vis al once. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE Phone 171 DR. N. L. CISSEiL OKAnifATE VKTKRINARIAN Locnlotl nl Bob. Harris.'.."... •3-ilcs siabli? Plinnc V,n llli'dicvlllc, Ark. Heor It Sung by ASHER SIZEMORE EXCLUSIVE BLUEBIRD ARTIST Ashcr SLcffnarw K!BQ offcn that ft^v ixalln^liuinbtr, "My W«t Virginia Home." r.Utm to both on BlueBlrd Kecoiil No: B-S7 171 H<ur these olhtr cxcluatve BtueBlrd artists also; NARMOUR* SMITH B-5720. .N«w CharlMton Na 2 '"' N • w C« rrolt Counly 8 lu<! No J! CARTER FAMILY B-57 1 6 , I'm Working on a Building : Wh«nthe;RbM3 Bloom in" SMITH SACRED SINGERS B-57 21. .Wh.ti«-W»'U Nover Qrow Old Firestone CENTURY of PROGRESS The Tire Sensation of 1931 450x20 475 x 19 525 x 19 550x17 Tires $ 7.65 $ 8.45 $10.05 $11.05 Tubes $1.76 $1.80 $2.00 $2.35 Other Sizes at Lowest Prices iresiotte SAFETY-TREAD TIRES Your family tjets more pleasure out of the ear than any other possession—Make sure they arc riding safely on Good Tires—Buy a complete set this Christmas. FIRESTONE HI-SPEED TIRES Tires Tubes 500x19 : $9-75 $2:45 525 x 18 ....: ..$10.85 $2.45 550x17 $11-90 $2.90 600x16 $13.25 $2.90 FIRESTONE OLDFIELD TYPE 475 x 18 $ 7.75 $1.80 525x18 J 9-25 $2.00 550x17 $10,15 $235 FIRESTONE COURIER TYPE 30x3y 2 ;.,...$ 4.95 $1.20 440x21 : : .$ 5.50 $1.45 450x20 ..$5.80 $1.40 475x19 $ 6.40 $1.45 PIULLIPS MOTOR CO; 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION

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