The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 11
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•TIIUUSDAV, MARCH Ji, 1037 Spiing Tonic For the Appetite .);-COUR1G11 ilifl'enmt is (onic for any ciirinf; :ipiielile—Brazil Nul ami ' 1>o11 ' nr e as delightful hs Uic first gulden .crocus. Cinnamon Quickies. Helpful Hinls fiir (lie 1'uuled Cook Try adding a uuic lcmon''juic<> to whipping cream. It will ,w'hl|> easier. . ,.. Moisten cormncal first water before uddlng |o boiling ami It will nol lump. Whitening .Colion 1'iitnli-s A whllcncr /or dish' towcfe pr other wlille cotton nmterlnl Is lemon ncel dropped Into (lie kettle where they arc boiling. x . Head Courier Neww -Want Ads. By SlltS. GAYNOK JUDDOX NEA Scirice Staff Writer It used to be sulphur and molasses this time of.year. No\v it,'* a :chiinge that's recommended. And /lliat goes for your appetite. Mini iiiui l'iiic;i|Mile Cocktail (For 6) One tablc-spaon fresh mint, clioii- ped. 2 cups fresli plnonpp!;, dlcetl or .in balls, 1-t cup fresh cocoanut grated, sugar syrup with a few drops of lime juice added. Pee! pineapple and scoop out tiny, balls or else cut into tllee. Mix fresh cocoanut and those awakening spots of , with pirit green mint. Sweeten as your conscisnce Shamrock Petits Fours crcaiu cake, r.ufiy marsiimailpws, and melted fondaiit icing make these dainty shamrocks. We happen to know :: mile \\liose birthday falls on St. Pat- >lllv:v uillimllj 11LU3 un UL. jrill,- Ullllcr, Or CUL 17HI rkk's Day—March n—and slie ts paper and trace - Irish to boot. Her mother, who lias exhausted her store ot St. Patrick's Day party ideas, asked .its if we couldn't think up some- thlns that would be different, but at the sains time something that would please a brand new 9-year' old and her friends \vho \vere going to help her celebrate Die eventful (lay. After cap our liUtiug on her thinking home economist' worked a clever Idea for shamrock p^t Us fours and \vc \vas so dcliglitful—and tji'e results HO delicious—that \ve are passing it en- to you. We thought-these pe- tits fours even furnished a grand excuse for giving a St. Patrick's Day tea for grown-ups and chalking -" " •" off those little, social., obligations that have n way of acciimu- liiting. In fact, this Is cf those recipes tliat challenges every liomtmafccr who enjoys try- izig recipes that are different. The! basis of thes2 petits fours is the' Cut out sjiainrockr. with metal cutter, or cut patterns from heavy around (hem .with a knife. Place cakes on wire ™ ( ?/"S lr , C , f.» cake rack. Top each shamrock " softenc(l b " u "petal" with half a marslimallovv, cut through rounded sides, ^as shown in accompanying Illustration. Heat: already-made fondant in double boiler and tint grean. To ice these cakes,. pour melted fondant over. Just let melted fondant drip over cakes (you may need to spread it-on "lower sides.of cakes with a knife) onto the clean table-lop below. Then scrape up whispers. Chill and serve hi lovely glasses. Yet once people used sulphur and molasses .instead! 1 Here's a .novel tonic for listless ipnetites—sw'set pickled tiuy melon balls packed in glass jars. They make lively appetizers at. a buiret supper or luncheon and of course know how-to'behave too at a cocktail party. Not expensive, sold by specialty grocers, .thev come about 15 in a jar—3-4 of an inch by 1-2 inch, tiny melons of spri»htly mien. Good fun. , With a howl of mixed'green salad, : a clip of tea-or a glass of milk, either of these two quick breads can . form a committee to banish boredom frqm" the liindieon table. Brazil Nut llrrail ; (Two loaves) Tlirec clips wholewheat .Hour, 1 1-2 cups bread Hour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, -2 teaspoons sbdi, 1 1-2 teaspoons stilt, 1 1-2'cups brown sugar. 1-1-2 cups sliced Brazil nuts, 3 cups sour milk or buttermilk. Mix dry ingredients together. Add nuts and mix well; Add milk and stir .well. Pour into 2 greased loaf pans and bake in slow oven (325 degrees P.) for. Hioiir, or until done to perfection. ; .Cinnamon Quickies (for C) Two cupo flour, 3 -teaspoons baking powder, 1-2 teaspoon salt, 5 tablespoons stortonlng, 2-3~ C (ip'iii" Eoltencd butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, 1-2 c,,p S |i ce ,j Brajji or other nuts. Mix and sift flour, baking- i»«"der and sail. Rub or cut in shortening with n stiff knife. Stir in milk and work lightly into smooth dough. Roll out on floured board into sheet, c by 8 inches. Spread with softened butter, sprinkle with brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts. Koll dough as for a Jelly roll, then slice crosswise. Put rolls close together in well greased pan.. Bake in hot oven (400 degrees P.) lor about 12 minutes or until'brown. They will be as welcome as the first crocus. , icing . rcmelt It, and use the -cakes. Place to finish piece of Price Gro. &Mkt. 111!:. Main rhonc231 We Deliver Call For Snmtg Stamps Itlght I'rices Kvcryduy ' On Everything ri.OUll — All Sizes mid I'rices. A Size at a 1'ricn to jNIcci livery Demand- HENS, -Funcy, Full Dressed. roiWTHY EGGS Guaranteed. Doj. 15c ASI'AltAGUS, Cirecn Cut i r ' la-ar.. Can 1«)C "I'amoiia." '«ES:r. K. C. IIEEF I.01N or ItOUJW STEAK Tcmler. l.b. 32c suns. New con- -i i cn(ra(cd. Tivo lOc lio.xcs 11<C •UllK COCOA, Hciihe G.KK12K Texas. CAKUAGH Lb. SODA CilACKKltS, Frcshl r and Crisp. < ?. Mis. IDC tlVAP. PEACHES Choile. I,b. 10c • P011K bell's. HEANS,,Caiiin- .1 A 22rOz. (Jsin 1UC House. K, Ca.nova or Slax. ,-I.IJ. '22c I.O1N or . VEAL Round STEAKS PUKE LAUD 25 Lb. Can $3.69 C'l£O\Vl)fK or 'BI«\CK .PEAS aiiil i'OKK Id^oz. Can GVi: 1 1 9 1 l lii'jC SAttUlNES . , fall IJ). Can 7'c COUNTRY. II Fresh Daily. Lb. I'UESil 1'OllK SAUSAGEOA m% I'tirc. i<li. ' faU.C CUMl'Kl'KUIT, Texas -1 n Juicy, Seedless. S ",for 1UC SIIOK POUSIJ, Jet Oil Alt Colors ••> jreen citron on 1 shamrock stems. ' And there you are! Gay little petits fours that look as if the best caterer in town had delivered them to your St. Pat's party. Ice Cream Sodas Are .Easily Made at Home Nothing pleases company more . , . '"""", " ~ "," i tilan " ie unusual—and. it is (forced luscious whipped cream cake t h :c tly unusual to offer vm.r you ever ate. And here is the re- gucs ^ n lmmy lcc c *°> "PC: , in the home. Whipped' Cream Cake j Impossible? Not at all! A bottle (Makes 10 shamrocks) 1 cup whipping cream (whipped) >.-i cup cold water 2 cups cake flotilla cups granulated sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder j '.i teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon lemon extract j :itl!e experiment with other fla- " vors, like raspberry, . strawberry, of ordinary "pop," ixjured over a scoop of ice cream in a tail glnss, makes an almost indistinguishable imitation of tiic soda you buy at tile corner "fountain/' 1 Cream soda Is the usual base , for this dainty home drink, but a i 4 ei;g whites ] ' ul °- 1(Nt ' i-^i)i;fny, . sirawi Whip cream and to it add the | Srape, L cherry and root beer, will witter. Mix thoroughly. Sift dry( Bllow •>'"« t" offer your company ingredients together 'four times;" 10 ' 1 ' choice of a long list of fruit Mid add to the whipped cream '• flavors. ; mixture. Fold ' in the cs;g whites ! ^^ — nncl add flavoring extract, Plate i- Soilil Fluffs Meringue in two 3'.. x 8'.; well-greased 1 A bit of baking soda, added to approxim- C SS whites after they are p- iUdy 30 minutes in a moderately i "eaten will improve your pic me r- hot oven (365 degrees). inguc. COOK YOUR FOOD with ELECTRICITY COOL - CONVENIENT - - ' HEALTHFUL - ECONOMICAL - FAST and SAFK , , Sec Your ))c;ilcr or Irkansas-Missouri Power C "J)EI'KM>AIJI li LOW-COST BLKCTRI(: SKItVICE" o. BAKE 16 MINUTES TO IHtH. POUND ACCORDING TO YOUR /, FAVORITE RECiPE ' V Tlicrc has ncvec..bccn a smokcii If, lum 10 equal the mild normc tv j ton find in this man'clou. 1 : modern ' ^ ham. It's really itcliciou: WE SUGGEST THIS RECIPE •I'ticc J wjiotc Wilson's t'cnjcr Extra MiMHaminroasur, fn JiJcup;addonc cup pf water, llakefut I f> minutes ifi the round in oicn ijn F. T.fcc 1 tint from orcn. score r»!vilh knife, sprinkle wilh cup o( mfir, dot wilK clones. Rcturn^o hot p*cn, aboui 400' F. to.hrftwn. You niiy uic fniic Karniih in pli^4jireTbi'es if you prefer, Allow three tniri«5cj [o the poundlonBerwhcncooWnBaKiUUjni. 3 Croat Ham Developments J AVilionioNRinil TenJct ll.oi.. Y r(oi;c in — ready to xncor just heal I'-j and rjl. »/ Wilson'sTcndfr ^tadeHam. Boneless V in tins, coOKCd and ready to til. ./\Viison sTcndtfKxua >titd Certified V Smoked Ham. Must be cooked before reruns. PKIGKS WKFRIDAY AN!) SATURDAY BANANAS Golden Mel-0-Kipe Dozen I'Vesh 10c KC. I5l)s Do/.en 35c Dozen 19c Avomlalc 2'/z Can 'New (il«C,ll I'otmtl lied Triumph 10 1'oiimlff 1'iirc Cnno 10 Pounds ONIONS Yeiio\v inc :j L!)S. to 1 RADISHES •ir 5 Mis. SOAP CRACKERS POBlEURD 50 ci ? 6 85 SPINACH I'resli EC I,l>. 3 Fresh -SO 1C i,i). 1*1;: ONIONS Green iflC y Jklis. CORN ftfiimljird unl 9CL ;t Cans fcv c LEANSIjJU 3 For CATSUP ' Frllzici " 3 ' 1ftt ' J'1-OJ!. Ityl. I MACAROfT 1 "srw Steamboat SYRUP aVi-Lb. Pail ..,l5c Ti-Lb. -1'ail ...-, 29c Little King 2'1-Lb. .OftC Sack Clock Bread Long; Jitml ;i for Fresh 12 Lge. Holls To Jewel 3-l.b. lias J)8c L 1-Llj. Hag Coffee C. C.j Ui. 27c French, JJ). Large 13 'Egg; aci $3c Standard No. 2 Can • 3 for 25c PEARS Argo ilftC 'iVi Can :ly ; FLOUR G c: p "t, c 15 C SODA A. & n. POTTED MJEflT ^ 5 C VINEGAR I!U1 W15 C ACAHON] or Spaghetti CC Cotmlry Club. 1'kg. v 2'/ 2 Can APRICOTS Aw ™ c TAIL or Soul) SOAP 1'OWDKK EC a Hoxes w DOG FOOD Don EC Cars PRESERVES ^ If BEEF STEW.2S Iff Lgc, Zy, Can ^fiCx 2 for Chocolate "ifiC\ Lb. WAPEjRS -8liC> Bulk. Lb. MALLOWS 1EC < Cello iE 13 ROUND ROA C'luick or lirisltcl Pound Thick Jtil) I'ound Jack Salmon . ..... ID Catfish Sieaks, ... . . IS 290 Baby Red Snapper. . . Ib 19e Fresh Jumbo Shrimp. . Ib 23c 6. Boll Butter ¥ 3So Pure Pork Sausage Ib 13c Pig Feet or IL Heck Bones ilia Or Chops Pound SON'S ft«/«.BlfflA MILD W'* ,„ . . . la 10 fo; jtri-iJafr— 10* la, cooking tmc KHOIK cr HALF HAM OOU III • ^iV -Beef liver Fresh Salt Meat Streak-0" Best Lean

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