The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1932
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1032 is;.v?!l!i! v ! r 7 -V' fAP.K.) COURIER ..;: PAGE SE\ They'll Sail Ancient Windjammer From Civilization's Boredom Away study atici innke collections, und nil or them la work ul tlrelr own'p ns ami when Uiey plcnse. Each nlso will have shipboard duties. Mttj'bc they will make n Hlllc money from their various pursuits. Mnybo they won't. It doesn't mate niiy difference, lliey say—they WINK pence mid contcnlincnl, niul they're starting out to eel 11. •An "Empire Builder" at-Bay Blood Donors' Society Is Formed CINCINNATI,- Ohio. (DP) [ blocd donors' society, spo/Hsojcd by ' Dr. II. II. Uingbou, assistant- su- pei InU'ijdcnl of (jenerul liotpitul. Is being formed here. Volunteers, willing to danntc their bleed to any who may n-•<!:! II, an 1 bs-inx Klvun blood l!Hs. Vitrloiis types ol blood liuvc bscji obWlne: from (i New York laboratory 1 In -lr- tler to properly clm.'iiry blC'J samples for till 1 vulinU::r5, \ Fonnsrly, the hospital had u Eiiiall list ol doiiurs on hfltld. but several llve.s were lusl diu to dlf- j f.eulty of lindinjr i| !2 correct. lyi»! ol blocd on short, uullcv. The now list will be nwclo nvall- jiijl.. 10 nil piiyslcliiii:; and r.os- pilals. --4! ' Rules {or Successful Teachers Are Issued •I WIN PALLS, Ida. (Ol'l — Teachers should use lipstick, VOHKC ! nnd \vc,ar chle cosuim?.i to 02CoiiK ! successful, VI. D. Vincent, 1-Jalu LCnnuiyilciier of education, told u conference at Twin l'al|-j. v Smiles and jjuo:! musk replace, the fore;a "book lunihi" ol yesteryear, he said. -•; • "Tcnel-.ers should ijct, new.'*, red sweater suits, icucli up tlislr-clieck: with gcocl French louyo; j>UJ, on some checker woven hosoj.^doi. brlylit. tunis or lmp:id:nl linls-Vll'r. long,'saucy feat/.era .sjjt on uii: angle of about 4H degrees la tlv: OT- diac," • -\ War Vet Raises Own Drum and Bugle Corps COU>HADO SPRINGS, Colo. (UI>)~\Valtcr D. Hod skins cms,, fl World War veteran, Is raising Ills own drum ami bugle corps. The corixs h composed of four lillli: HiKlnkhiiions, Joan, 4 nni a h»»; Dutne, ' ' 8,' »hd' ; ' All four »»' buglers,V and Fred and" Jim «re adept drum. ' '.-' '.-' ' -." '. -'.''..'-. • Their fntb«r',w«i i during, the jax.^ came-out b. fthV conflict ..... the aversion of> jnoit. soldiers such evils aa "fitjl call' f anj clllc. -..- ..... : . - • ' -, They're exchanging routine! fm- romance and hokum for oakum, these men yen see busily scraping the deck of the barkenline, S tar of England. With 5!) others they're goln.; to sen. to cruise until ;ho depression is foi'Bolten. Edwaid Elscn Grieve, left, below. owns the big sailing vessel, shown In tlie c.eni«r. Donald Mclntyre, right to low, is her captain. EEK RESI PEflGE III H. Wallace said in Hiving up his dentistry practice in Oakland 10 join the cruise. That's typical of the way they all fe^l. ' Ralph Linidquist of San Die-;n, Caiif.. i; a n2\v.? photograph?r who tied up four years In port. That gave Grieve the idea of a cruise away from civilization. And In the Slar of England, they nave a romantic vessel. Shi 1ms Bulled under several ii;imes, this npad Courier rvtr»'s Want Arts. QUJE7* "NERVES! got sick of [:liotO;jiap::i!ig "puncu- \ last sctuare-rl^gev to fly Ib? Uniup. aaes." "By the time I fjet bic 1 :. j Jack. Buck \vh2n she th; Bblr- and niayl)? I '" l)s al> '-' to sot .smn'jb.-'.iv i more—that wns In 18913—she cap- to miile wlisn lie's phetogrnplic'.!." | sized in Snn Francisco bay fr:m 64 Professional Men Women tnlist for Cl'UlSe Uindqiilst said. lack af ballast, and several nun-ren- . Max W. Eiulpvlcin, Oaklan:- civil j Uocs \vere drowned. . j engine?.!-. \vns bored. He ",m\, it thii I Iv\ 1900 ste was the Atotoy I'alway: ."When n nnn's matie his \va:i . on Sailing Ship. Ry XEA Servlre mer and rammed the clipper .ship ! lilc as we live it is an luvtul Empress of Japan. One man from . ..;.:, ' t' 1 ? cllpner, was hurlccl--Int".' Uio They all felt'mere or'iess tri: 1 !' fo 'c's!e top. 'Tlw- Empress -rcinrh-f- women are preparing-hero to go to| s ., m( , way _ all ha(1 Ul , ^ mc rcst . j him < but he. turned.up alive t:3a in an old windjainmor. . ] ; . 5S y.^ to T0 , lm OV01 . tllc s cvc n j when tlie "Abbey put into port. : Sne Where they will go—they don't [ ^ ca _ - - - ' l — _».:„..^j 1-1-.. .1,.. ,i__,-.: i_:. ALAMEUA. Calif.— Weary el- Vne t nniiniice. 1 ' . pace. 'of .today's life. 1 G'l ninn audj ' MihouiOi a U'lirriiiit cliuiijlni; Siitnuel in'sull wllli cnilxwleuicnt Is now n iwilv to cim.'cv! iHplnmnltc chminvilK, (.he vldcrly Chtc.xni niiiucU'r conthnn:5 to livilit iflurn lo the United Hlnli'.", lo answer tin: h:irsra which i.ruw out. ill c-ollniisw itf his ntllllli-s rmplir. lleurlm; 1 ,ver cxtradlllon may ti>l:i' wci'kK. inwill l:i .Hhnwn above In conn iiurlly nlicr he wus :nr(Mc<l find held, jicxdliif; wltltment uf llic (.•.xtrndllliiii h'.-uriii 1 !. Yon couldn't make a better btiy.than THE FAMOUS SAHARA COAL ~"Hol «« the xandtt of; the de&rt"— THE COAt-TEAT SELLS ITS1ELF DiHtribntetl ONLY by the SUPERIOR COAL CO. Mwne m Also other High Grade "•''' Coal of all kinds j seas rather than keep plowing! rnre; tiny islincls in (ha Pacific, Java, Bali. Ceylon. Mads i;ai'car. the ftreditcrran?a!i. a:iy v !!erc! i ttiis all my life." What will they do—work a lit- j Tills thought unites an otherwiss Me at common lasks n.s "Rism- riivcrsa ciew: Jtilian Stoll. widely- 1 'is c( the crew," a mils at their ];nowiv San Francisro etcher; Will cwn trades, Uu[ mostly just forjet! rjminef Burfc! Dsnvcr arehilecl and Civilization! j sculptDr; Dr. E. Ros.s Jcnnsy. chief When will they coma iiack?— I resident physician of Oocd aamar- llipy c'on't care, ami that's the ! part of it! Arliiis. dcctors. writers, cngi- t'mily Cation. Alame:fa nurse; i ; a»l n?crs, lawyers IUIITCS. rotireci • Meyer, retired rnisic-dealer; Gearg.\ hi-sinsss men. sDlrtier.?. they hav: j McArthur, cne-lcgged veteran of Ihe :!csertcd their wcrhatlay jo'us and Beer. Egyotbn ami World wars: iDUtinc lite. They have thumb?:!! Fred Busch. former gold prospcL'- iheir noses nt t're weekly pay clnck. | tor and engineer; Edwin F. Toy- They have already moved aboard I lor. Contra! American caftee rep- the Star of England and are busy j vesentntive, and James "'"down their respjcUvr-.s grooves. Bs- ri ' 4 " I atrlce M. Cnyo, Los Angoles .sclen- ilan hospital. Los Angeles; Elsie Bradford Jausen, Boston .lawyer; shipped. -into ;tlie Alaska cannery territory,;, carrying hundreds of; cannery workers In crowded three- tiered bunks, 'i'"-' '*' •%•'••.•• •-•-.•'. •.She's had ionte. rlp-roaririg cruises, the old Strff.'pf-. England, but ricne stranger t'chiV this one.. Caplain Donald Mclntvre. an'ol? salt of -.45 j'pars' experience ui s:iilin» will be master: He holds lli« working on her so they may s;t rail right after Thanksgiving. "I'm tired of paying office rout, |K>!itieal 'refugee from the Irisl! Free State. Edward Elson Giievc. owner of roing to the club and listening lo I the- Slar of England. WRS the arcli- (Irpresslon sob stories." Dr. Art.'r.ur! plotter of this cruis?. She had been all-lime tr record cf. 37 days Francisco and Syd- tctwccn Snn ney. It's enough to make an old salt hudder to sec how fancy they're fixing up the Star Df England before they weigh ancr.or. The reconditioning includes a new -coat of black paint, hot and colJ running water, jhrjwors, electric lighls, fans and refrigerators. There arc icomy cabins, n rirmtal office, .''studios. two m;'.s rooms, and a 'small movij theater. ;'• The artists plan ID paint. Ili2 writers to write, the scientists to This Delightfully JURS. Alice Fischer (picture •™*aliovc) says slio 'is "the liap- piest woman in.the world." "/ often', itsud to wish I tufi.9 dcaii. ' Couldn't sleep; - couldii'f enjoy ?nysel/. U sectu's ns though I'had tried every nerue nit'iiiciii^ ma</c, lint loithoui an;/ benefit until I tried Dr. Miles' EJer- -vesceiit 'Ncrume. Tablets. . Then ccrfninly proved their '• worth /or nm. I,nm the happiest wanton in the iubrl<i niid f-don'l ine«Ti maybe." Mrs. A'.ics Fischer If you Arc S'erivai. SleepUu. Cnnkr, Blue. If ]rou->»vc N'crvoni Hciijarhc, Nrrvous Indiirition, Uke Dr. Milt*' KEIrrTC>r»nt N«rTine Tablets. put oa new GOODYEARS for winter BRAKES stop your wheels but it takes tires that grip ' to stop your car. Smooth tires are like banana peels on slippery All winter long you need the full tractive grip of new Goodyears. Get this protection now. Save money on punctures, repairs, delays. A Value Yeu Get Because Millions More People Buy Goodyears . • . . Supertwist Cord Tires Full .Orcrslzc JtaJHKC 4.40-2! 4.50-M... . 4.50-21 4 7"i.IO 'SJS, 01 SJ.75 ,(, (IB 4.57 <Z.21 IMch in I'rj. SJ.»3 3.9S <!.; < J 4-47 1.4? Tube $ .91 I.C5 J.OO I.C5 t.vS Full Ovt-riize 4.75-20..... 5.CO-19 5.00-20 5.DO-21... ^.Ai)-»l Priccot Each S5.36 S.S5 5.65 5. S3 l>.ch I In !>r«, 1 Tuba 35.2S 5.40 5.49 s.ts 6.4-J *!.•« 1. 15 1.31 l.JJ 1.3} Those :irc cash pricci anil include tarcful ninu-ilinfi. SHOUSE-UTTLE CHEVROLET CO A'ulhorizedtfEXACO Stdtion Featuring Fire Chief Gas /\LL OLD RECORDS DESTROYED KENCH DfSTROYEkOlSSARD .1UST THINK OF.2fiOO TONS OF 'STEEL. SUC1NG THE WRTliR ftT- A Sl'EEU OF MORE TtWN 't9 . MILES )\N HOUR. THIS NEW FRENCH DESTROYER DID IT ON SEPTEMBEK 3RV), ESTM5LISHING R NEW WORLD'S RECORD IN HER CLKSS, EVEN • ON UftYS OF FREEZING COLD,' PHILLIPS 66. '. GftSOLlNE WILL STf\RT YOUR MOTOR WITH. RECORD-BREWING RAPIDITY. ITS UIGH TE>T IS WHKT DOES \T\\E TRICK-ftND PHILLli'S: 66 : ;-- : .'.'•. : GRftVITY NOW. RHNGES-F.ROMi 65. 6°. JO. 72. H", . •. . 'IS THftT HIGH TEST? WELL; JUST LET YOUR MOTOR TELL YOlil ' . . THE CASCM.IHE OF CONTROLLEO VOUTHJTV ?HILL-IIP WITH PHILLIPS m. - v i-s 32 •;£•-? r4^ HIGHEST TEST" price of ordinary gasoline How much is it worth to you to know that your motor will start, promptly and surely, every single time you touch the starter?—even when your car is covered with snow after standing out all night in the cold. Before you answer, remember that those slow starts drain your battery, try your jumper, dilute your oil, and thus magnify engine wear. You don't have to pay a dollar a day . . ; or 25? a day ; -. -. or even one cent a day!... for an insurance policy which guarantees sure-shot, split- second starting in freezing weather. Merely make sure that the tank is filled with "highest test" Phillips 66 gasoline. That's your insurance policy, and it doesn't cost you a single penny premium. This extra high test gasoline is sold without higher price because Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline. So it really costs you nothing to try Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. Stop tomorrow at any Orange and Black 66 shield. A GASOLINE OF U. S. MOTOR GRADE AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE AtSOPHIUJPS 66 ETHYL AT THE REGULAR PRICE OF ETHYL GASOUNE "The greatest COLO WEATHER OIL I've ever used" That is .what hundreds of thourands of enthusiastic users say abou* this new scientific lubricant. It remains absolutely Huid in the crankcase even at 32° below freezing. Just think of that! No. wonder this finer 'oil gives, maximum protection and. longer We. U i» pcnr.y-wise and engine-foolish lop«t crdi- nary oil in your cronkcflse in cold uealhrT, "Drain arid ire- fill with Phillips 66 Koto.- Oil. Minus wax, water, and carbon. Guaranteed llSKd pure paraffin baie. Priced by Phillips to give maximum • value at 31(? a quart.

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