The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO' CrCL Social Calendar THURSDAY'S BVEN'IS MVS, Rusicll. Phillips haying the Thursday Luncheon' club at country club Mrt-W«li Bridec. c)ub inccllns with Mrs. M b. Usioy Mrs. Carrol ; Bin kemore having Thursday Coiltiact club, V. D. C..Jn«!lHg H-ilh Mrs, Marvin Hoblnsdri Holy Name doeicly of C^Wfll ot Hie Immaculate'- Concepl(on > having bingo party at hall. ' , Yarbro Missionary toddy meting \uth Mrs Cora Berry,' 2 l>m. ' Airs. t. II. Mooro entertaining 'llwrsday Bridge club. • , , ' Darcas Sunday school class >6f .IJirsl Baptist church Jmvlng' ChrisU hiss party at home of Mrs, Frank Simmons. FRIDAY'S EVENTS American Legion Auxiliary ' meeting at hul at 3;30 pm. Music and literary department? of Womnn's club having Joint meeting 3 p.m. at home of Mrs. B. S. Sternbcrg: Mrs. A. 0, LitUe having bridge luncheon ,U he.- country home "FalrHelcls." SATURDAY'S" EVENTS •.County Council Ifomc Demonstration clubs meeting'., nl Woman's club /or nl) day Has Rridjc Fart.i Al American Legion Hut Miss Winnie Virgil T/urncr was hostess to .44 guests : nl a bridge party last evening at the. American Legion hut A Clij-jslmas motif wns effectliely used. ' The •'custli! finish of the large icoiji, with/i^s blazing log fire and its colored llghls on She infters, made an attiactlvc background foi the Clnlstmas Uces, electrically lighted urealhs in the windows, Hurt n table with a'- small tree and the Chmtmns mopped pikes ncnr (lie cntrnncc Laiige trees ut curli tide of Jhc jlrcplaco nci« decorated with" garlands of )ed and green, fioni which fell icicles and snow, Riifl-'a similar arrangement wns used over the double doou oixin- mg onto (he strtc porch ThQ tallies \\crc holiday grcel- ing cards (fed to the. favors ol inlmalme note books, bound In led leathci III thc-bildgc gainer Mr6 Llojd Stickinon \wn nisi j)i|«, u tublo lamp, Mrs. CecH Shane vecchcA a ponder box and make up mirror tet tor second high, and the cut prue, a (lottery \nse, went lo Mis., Hodney L Banlstci. A p'nle 'hmch- of eliickeil • n.splc, banana nut bicad, potato chips, brandleil peaches and coffee was sened. .* * ' • Enter la ins Club. Mrs Spurgeon ratterson o( Jackson, Mlss.,:liouscguest of her mother, Mrs. \V. T. Obertt, IMIS guest ol Mrs Murray smart when she had the Youtig Matrons midge club Tuesday afternoon Her apart'-,\ent v,»s guy \MU\ a brllllanlly Jighlcd Clhrlstm.ii lite and potted [ilnnU and Vulclklo inu lies \\cro nsen. Mis DKip Or ,m ford «on Hie prize, a double dec* of cards A salad plate u'as ser\ed ' • * .» Council AIccU. ,'rre Woman's council of iht riibl Qnrlstlan.chvich met Monday .11- lernoon .Mrs oille I'ostcr on Hcarn sdecl, when pUvns wcie madt foi a study of tlio now testament Jlili iull te JH.MC on the fjecond and fourth Monday .iftcriiooiib o. each month. The Rev V, E Bultcnvorth conducted the devotional and Mis J C Ellis presided over the business meeting Repots were given by the thrcE group leaders of the baskets distributed Has tilub Parly.. A Yulclidc luncheon vras KIICH by Mrs Httny Kirby when she en tertalned the Tuc.sda> Dndge clut for the weekly luncheon and bridge Red bcrnc.s were m coloiful lloor urns and Ihe dining table was arranged with a fruii ccnlerjUcce llankcd wilh red tupers jn sihcr holders A Uo course menu »as served rn the card ganici Mrs J. Nick rromas won the prize * C 9 lake St. .Church Women IIa\e Meeting Mrs. V E Chalftmt \\as leader of the program of the Woman's missionary society In the Lake BLYTHEVIIi.#! (ARK.) .COURIER • • ——— . Senior Carnival Play Tells § lor y Of Film" Pi-culm Cozy'iind Warm . Bits oj . Mostly Persona' Mr. upd Mrs. Helmut Cireen returned ycblcitluy fiom feViiisv, Ui .where they visited Mr. and Mrs, Abner Maxwell,, brother-and sister- Iti-law ol Mrs. Orcen, for teh days I They were accompanied by Mrs J | A, Plgg and daughter, Evelyn 'Jean, [Ot Osccola Mrs. W. A Mlckmon spcni jci> terday in Memphis Mr. anil Mrs. Ross Stevens, tyrs, W. If. Etisley and Mrs. J, M/Jontz were In Memphis Monday. Mrs. A, C. Haley, accompanied by Mrs. J. C. McKinnon, r of -Manilii, motored to Memphis Monday. Mrs. MHX B, ncld spent Monday In Memphis Mv. mid Mrs AKin Hardy al tended ihe retail finnlturc dealers' (innco in the 20th Century Room of ihe Hotel Olarldge of Memphis' last evening. Mrs. J. J Dajy ivcnl. to St. Louis toddy,for a week or ten days stay with relatives. Upon her return she .will bo accompanied by her mother, • Mrs. Nora .Matthews, who will spend the remainder of the ivinlcr. - .' ;. Mrs. W. M. Bums is , returnins tpony- from Wilson .where she spent several days,with jiordnmth- loi, Mrs. David 'Marion : Barton, and. Mr. Barton. H. M. Henry of.Uttie.'Rock vice president, of Ihc Neighbors' Life Insurance co., is business here today • ' „ . . - • •• —•>> doublc-broasleit bathrobes is mis fluttering crealion In navy blue flannel, trimmed"wlUi tends o! lighter h '"" H has : riigltt» shoulders, wide cpfls, tipsUndlng collar 'wish ,fe .eou-'innlrh f nncbntc TUV^ ,,,,»n * . . i: '• :•• l - T blue. . -- '.T „• . , . * —•" TT u * vl K"^«**uNiy tvJinr. bill deep ,pnlch Dockets.. TTO'anoll pe&r! buttons hold it in ' '/- , . • . . "t the neckline. hls e {f) , i,, Billy Hughn, To mn ,y fan der By Eilrl is abom , n motion picture producer who In, tested cver> cent I)? had In one pctiuc, Khfcii DC directed The piuurc, uten rel«H«d O n tiw mar? Ul l»o«d {o be too otwc«ne -Re M^ 1 ,? M (C ^° IS calle<} the Picture olt tlio market and left the produc- ci urofc; and dbhqartencd Then c «as otlered a position a s dlrec- 01 of i slage slw, -IvoUlgJH Fan- One of the specials \vm be a walU immbci presented by Boyd Godwin and Miss Betty Ue McCutchen Miss Katherlna Walpole «!U bo pianist I he crowning feature ol the en- llic carnival ^111 come Immediately after (he show-trie 9 rovvnlng of the CarnKai Queen, who is h*r rojal highness, Miss Isabel Bran don Queen Isabel uill be crowned bi Ihc claw president Well Brooks Her highness »ill have ai her maids Misses Karah Richards, Mary Spain Usrw. LPttlc <iSath, wh^S. Patty Shane and Emma Jo Hess Another attraction will be prc- puplls^'Collegc Inn Cabaret " Miss Marjoric Duckett will also present her danciii!,' class | n several mini" Load^High or Low to Raff - i to Indicate Reentry Suit Solution to Previous Contract Problem j .Mrs. Paul* Balrd jr., and- ,...., dren, Joan and Barbara- Ray, ic Uu-ncd to (heir home lii pyeis- bnrg yesterday after-laying spcll i l\\0 weeks hero with Mic.-.'Bsirds iwronts, Mi-, and Mrs. "John 'Miller. Mrs. Allen Huddlestosi. ol Bly- j liiEvnic spent Tuesday : \vitn Mrs. c. B. .Young. .- .;.-•- Mr. and Mrs, Lan> Williams and BY WM. K. -HcKENNUV | hcirilary, American Briilso League This is" Ihc first of a MI-JOS of Inrco -.uUcles, describing an inter- i eating and unusual defensive piny | H Is a play that all my readers I should know, while il doesn't' «rato up vei-y often, it is Invaluable when opportunity does present it- sell lor Its use. • • When South .bids dlsiuonds and Is supported by North, West'has a pretty (air knowledge. of tliu dm- mond situation. He kiiows Hint wccu Noi'lli and 'South, thcv il eight diamonds IUK| probably nine, ir ihBj- .hold' nine diamonds n ttie two hands, \M S Today's Contract Problem South .-is ; playiiig th'a Contract nt three -.tpades. West cashes . the. hlng : and nee- of hearts. AVliiclV heart should lie now lead, the eight or the douco, nuti ivliy? A 10 0 -I ' ¥. 10 1 5 -. - • one [or. his partner, so West clccls to open his ace of diamonds, on wlifch' East plays the bn. Now p;ot can conliiuic. cilln-r 'vitli the nine,or three of'diiimondo, anrt (hi* lu the play that I wan o point out to you. It yon return (lie lower of Hie two, you tell yon partner that your entry will ho In thi! Joii-cr^of the iinbfd suits, vvhll; t( yon'return the higher card, you definitely tea j-onr pirtnor lint you have an cntrj In the higher of the unliid sulli In .tUK lurlirulai case West I lias, the ice of hcnUs. «<) h> propel play te tlic i\iue of .dfiunoiuls. wlilch of cours" fam ruirs NOB-'MI) iou sec i.Jut gtcit id vivnlagc Ihi'- l»n>u»ation Is lo r-iit' His niiliii il utinn is n tlnb b|,i if ho i-L-lurns . ilub thi- dccliircn wll make liis conracl. His parlnoi s pliv o( the iuu" of diamond, ins told him to return lite Ifclici of the unbid tints so lie Iratls a heart West •rtiu'; ,utl, t)i c Me and re turns -mother! diimonrt nhlch BiM nilr-i and fl c dc- Icatcd. Methodist chiirclv Monday afternoon. She used Ihc 4Ui p n alm for the deiollonal. A pluylcl »as (,'isin I,, n-jnci, Allen Van winkle, Ocorgc cr, l}Brr>' Wddman, Ocorgc Shamblin, A. Adams, P. B Jurratl and V. K Chaliaut. Mrs. W. L Green was in charge of the business during which ?rfrs iKison, Morrii was elected to liold Ihc annual'election on next Mon«»} and a nomlnatliiif committee of Mints H E 'Lashot, A. M . Chtirch, O. 0. Barnes. d.T.Shamlj- lin and ( f. fields, was named. The contest; closest with MR,. George Sliank'a side luniing In $C5 v,hllc Mri. C. T, Shamblin's group lum- nl In |24. ' Eighteen members attended tins mecVing. » • r ' ''*• j Son^Borih 1 .',,' < ' . " i Mr.>n4 l«'ti-S. HUblUl Jiiitnb all"Ounce the btrlh or_a & on at their ' 1 o i v Wesley. Mrs. as formerly . . y Miss Ruby Hughes of this cHy'-ftiid is n rfslcr or Mrs. acor s c Sha\iKs. Assembly of God Meeting Will Continue All Week The revival at the AsicinMv o! Gtxl clrarch, Scvcmh inv.l "Ash slrccls. w l!l continue throughout this week, il was announced Uy- the pastor, HCV. N. -H. Rhodes. \'i ' -The Rev. Paul .Boycniof Oklahoma, Is condiictiiiB the revival. Kc Plays the piano-, -iccorflioh.nnd his witc plaj-s the guitar and fjlon'o. He is an interesting speaker and well versed In the Biblc,"ncco«liiis to those who -have heard- him. ' . services begin each evening 7; 45 p.m. and 'everyone Is tii- d lo attend Lions Club to Sponsor New'B<>y ^Scoui Troop — response'"to" an ImtUtlSji by ^,,,.;.i ~;~ "V •••"•i"< ; igi« uijiiii, the Rev. Stuart H Salmon ua pounds, liu been nsmsd Joseph of the presfayisiian churc^'the oils clut) ^t then wccklj himhCDii nt Hotel ( Route jcstcrdij, noted unanimot ily lo^poiisur i nc« Bov, Scout trioop !« Shane Gliairinaa Of Biithclay Ball For the President Mayor.Cecil Shane ha £ been appointed Blythevillc chairman for Ihc "Birthday Ball fqv the presf- Wlt,' to be lield Wednesday, Jan'. wary ,30, (o. raise.funds for combat- tnig:,.infantlle paralysis. The ; appointment was made by Henry.L. Dohcrty, 'national cha(r- 11)an. Mr. Shane served in a siml- •??. fpaclly ]nal year when the BlylhevjliB ban produced .-iei-eral hundred dollars toward a fund'of more than $1,000,000 raised al Birthday Balls, throughout- the country for : the" Georgia. Warm ajjrlqgs-pmimJaUon,. , iia suggestion, of 1, the money/will ,'V 1 .".. >>i ,ii. MOOVC of t}jl3 1 oity, iijuitc ill al hci : home |n Col'iim- biis, Miss. M,rs. Moore is expected p be called to her'bedside-at ijnv -itne. ... • ; . •:. •/* Mre. Hale Jackson relumed home Just nlgiii irom Memphis where she visited, relatives t|ie •-ist week. . ': ;•••. Mrs. Bon Butler's niece, Miss Nell Hamilton, of! Memphis, who proceeds^wili.beirctained for 'use-in. ma gcosraphlcal "area in which'" it' was raised for th 0 rehabilitation of , iDfaiitilo paralysis victims. The re- nialniiig 30 per cent .will go to a national commission to b« created by the president lo widen research eirorls aimed to wipe out tlio dis- today. s Ruth Mnssey of Mnnphis, ol Ur. L, D. :Masse.y of {hfs «>, \y)io was ierlpn?ly injured ivhon run over by n'-car last'iv&ki n improvii};;. Mrs, Ida Tucker : tuid Mrs Van- nervoon, of Chicago, who lias been ^siting her daughter, Mrs. Hale Aicksoii, ara in Memphis for scv- -'ral dayi. •..'••... C. A.-Davis wus.a.Mcmpltfe vfa- or yesterday. Hiram Popo returned loday from the Baptist -hospital In Memphis wncvo he underwent an oiKvatlod •or appendicitis. . (lie nrsl time this year, tic, . , l Missionary ladies held a Joint meeting of circle No. l and Circle No. 3, lit the church '" ' l. Mrs. I.-.8 read the " , ^- Cole, vrcsldcnl. tok- choree 'of the mcctln B nnd diseased the Pol'Hs of (he standard ol for .the society. The to Ministerial Association Hears .Scout Executive Tiic Rev. o. H. Williams n a- tWnal fleld exccutlvo of.Boy Scouts, andrcKsd a, meeting of .the, Blythe- Ullc Ministerial Association Mon- Presenting EVENING SANDALS ijms t(ir , i)( , u ^ a ,,| M . ion verc not acted U |X>n but will Do piai-cd in the tai«5s oi a cow- niittce (o (jo appoinlcd by Prosl- . Marcas. Evrard. .11 was do. In addition to Mr. Salmon. Kus- CHAINED SKIM jgEDNESDAY, DECEMBER; 12, 1934 ' ROXY Wed. and Thursday DAN THOMAS pEORGE SCARBO Jdg ASA MFCOWTJLE CIEGK UONDON, AND aAs DOW TOH19MST5SWILL1NC? W)EM HETiJRrtEPTOIHE ffiase AS 4 LAST seStoer- ANO KAPitiiY gfTC GREAT FA\OGrre, iWNEKWGWTHAs-A Hue CLOTHEF useoiN coPPBZREi.D*ucceHADE wewAJJO CO| -DEN CSAOLE twiCM HA? 5 CeNERA-nONSV day al tlic First Presbyterian church. - In his tiUfc lie gave interesting suggestions for the organization of the Boy Scouts In this city. The Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of Ihc First Baptist church, was appointed chairman of ihe census committee to take a church census of Blythevillc. Plans were abo discussed for the pron of gospel work in this city. W. C. Lawler Acquires Davis Street Property \V. C, Lawler, local groscr, has purchased the six room frame residence at the southeast corner of Davis avenue and Second street from the ifississippi County Building and IXMH association. He \vill occupy n after making repairs. The house has oecir rented to Mrs. i^ane. ' OSOEOLA, Ark. — The Osccola Cleaners and Dyers opened ils doors Monday morning under the management of its new owner, o. B.'Hall ol this city, who succeeds C.-K.-Wealhersby as owner and! purchase c o( $4,500.. Th,d .persons employed by' Mr Weathersby will not be chanced by'.Mr, Hall. . . Mr. Hal), a native of Osceola has been employed by Mr. Weath- S?^ lhe » asL l ™ years. Mr. Weathersby has no definite plans for the future but will remain here with his family until the first of >, Services for Infant ' -I..... - - : • - •Fmi:ral services were held yesterday afternoon for the infant son of'Mr, and MJS..TE. J. Baker'who died a I the Blythevillc' hospital Monday afternoon, a short, time after birth. Burial was made at Sandy. Ridge cemetery with MOSS undertaking company i n c har K c of nr- rangenientG. ' -The deceased is also survived by .ix'brothers and sisters. Read Courier News Wont Ads. Read Courier News want '^...ENDS a Cold Sooner PHOViD BY.2~GtNgRATIOM4 rhone 157 it N'iSht—Snndaj—Anyllmt Fat Qnfck and Dependable , Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. The Perfect Gift Anolhor oulslondinp ,„„„ —iiitplo, honcjsomo, dn. Irncinjp looking An occu. roip 15 i owe I Bulova ol a very low PAT O'BRVANT JEWHER Giffs At' ModevsUc Crieus 'At (he Nuw York, Store A, WHITE I'cpular .;...?.:, Hosiery,. Toot Battery-Operated PHILCO pirn rn« ! Ji c Tl! IIierb new I HILCOS that bring true radio enjoyment fo home.s TOl wired for elcciricify! f'lonous lone and amazing performance ,il scnsaJron- FOX NEWS COAJEDY • T Z Last Tiine'Todai':! Mat. 2:30, 10-25c . Nile 6:45—I0-35c • with ••"''•. 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