The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1944
Page 8
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.' PAQE PIGHT IW'»] Wisbar Speedy In Preliminary "-Needs But 10 Seconds -iTo Defeat Pedigo In '"One-Fall Mat Bout A new record for a single full was established last night "at the Amcr- ican Legion arena, i Gus Wisbnr, colorful Gemian- born blond, needed only 10 seconds tp pin wily Cecil (Blacksmith) Pedigo in their preliminary, then teamed with Joe Szabo to sweep through the feature tag match for Promoter Mike Meroncy's weekly wacky ring circus. Wisbar and Szabo captured (lie second and third falls of the main event, rated by the enthusiastic fans as 'one of the wildest and most thrilling sessions of the year. In the other prelliiiinnry Sergt. Chris Bolkas,- wrestling Instructor" at the Blytheville Ariny Air Field, thoroughly convinced. Szabo as to his supremacy by overpowering the rough Hungarian in ten minutes of extra-brutal battling that often bordered on legalized assault and battery. : Pulls Neat Surprise Wisbar did such a slick job of defeating Pedigo that few fans actually saw what happened. Coming out of his corner in the usual semi-crouch position, Gus suddenly lunged forward with a perfectly limed flying tuckle. As "Black- smllh" reached his feet he was met with another blow to, the mldrifl, and was pinned with a double jackknife before he could recover. • The former Junior middleweight champion was furious. Suddenly and without warning he lashed out a haymaker that caught the unprotected chin of Wisbar and knocked him flat. Pedigo crawled aboard and flattened Oils' shoulders but it didn't count. Wisbar already had been declared the winner. , There was never a dull moment 'In the show. Almost evenly matched in weight all the way around, the quartet staged another riot that included almost everything In and out of the wrestling category. I'cdigo Mnncnrcrs Trick Filled with plenty of humor throughout, the fun highlight came during the third fail that nearly sent the cash cnslomors into hysterics. Belkas already had been eliminated by Szubo, le.iviiig Pedigo to battle it."out alone the rest ot the way secured and waltzed him over to his corner when Szabo was standing ready to be tagged. As they moved in close enough Szabo struck out his hand to be tagged and Pertlso grasped it. Thinking he had been lagged, Joe slipped through the ropes. Seeing his partner coming Into the ring, Wisbar lunied Pedigo loose. Hemmed in, Pedigo slipped through the ropes onto the ring apron. Without raking his eyes Szabo grabbed Wisbar—his partner — presuming it to be Pedigo, having noticed someone slip During one spree Wisbar a full Nelson on Pedigo Plenty of MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 2011 WOOD For Sale! BLYTUKVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS through Ihe rojws on the way out. He flipped Wisbar several times and all but had him pinned before Referee Meroney could pry them apart and notify Sznbo that he had his own partner down. Pedigo. standing on the oulsldc of the ring, got a big "kick" out ol the "hoax" that he cleverly engineered. Pedigo Gets Hot • Still seething over the 10-second defeat at the hands ot Wisbar, Pedigo "went to town" during the first fall, personally accounting for ilnnlng both Wisbar and Szabo for the big team advantage. He picked on Gus first, eliminating him in II minutes with a body pin after olastlng him from pillar lo post. He then turned on Sznbo with eiigeance and, aided by the powerful Delkas, had him on the rocks in 10 more minutes. A crab hold dood it". Coming back from the rest per- 1 od Wisbar and Szaoo opened tip the pressure to even the match. Sznbo received credit for both pln- nlngs, each .with n reverse face lock In combined 10 minutes. While the match was rough all he way. It reached highest fever stage during the battle for the third and deciding fall. Wisbar tore a pngc from Joe (Hnrd Head) Parrelli to eliminate Helkas. He Dullcil Chris almost blind with Five successive head Ihiimplnijs, then fell on him with a body pin. Pitted against the combined forces of GUS and Joe. Pedigo staged a gallant fight for 28 more minutes before sinking. Wisbar finally the DOPE BUCKET B¥ J. P. FHIEND BIG GAME I1UNTKR ' The global war has provided many of the khaki-clad American warriors a chance to participate in big gaine hunting ... At least two Blylhevlllc boys have been afforded this privilege In Ihe wilds c( India . . . Our first report came from Lieut. E. li. Rogers, via Mrs. Carrie Woodburn and the E. B. riorums, who told of staying all night oa one particular hunt . Now. comes a forced him to surrender with a !iamincrlock nfler six .successive 'lips to say nothing of the combined hammering by both. Boxers From Three Fields Will Compete The BAAF will slagc its biggest athletic exhibition here June 9, when boxers from three other Army Air Fields will come here to participate hi an inler-posl boxing tourim- __ _ ment, Ucut. Bill Adams, post nlh-j ports of the'fine piece of work "lie story and pictures to prove (lint Lieut. L. o. Poscy, Jr., Is as good n sliol on the ground with a rifle as he is perched In (lie cockpit of one of Uncle Sum's fighting I!-40's <a . P-40 carrying 1000-pound bombs). Lieutenant Poscy. (20th 20 ct RON, APO 487 care PM, NYC) recently awarded his coveted silver bar and now "sweating" his captaincy, took a short trip into the Jungles near Assam and came beck, with a nine-fool python to show for his shooting prowess. He has a snapshot made holding up the not-too-handsomc reptile and Included one In a group of others for his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. 0. Posey, 217 E. Davis. 'I'lIICK OF FIGHT Stationed at Assam, and .supporting Lieut. Gen. Joseph W. Stil- Vfcll's Chinese-American forces, Lieutenant Posey has been in the thick of the fighting Iniind around Burma. He Is directly under the command of Col. Philip Cochran, subject for Terry nnd the Pirates comic strip that has taken the nation by slorrn, lie described Col. Cochran as "the greatest fellow he ever saw," and continued re- letic officer, said today. The tournament will be held In the outdoor ring next to the Rccrc- ntlon Hall, weather permitting, and will be under the supervision of Stalf Scrgt. Jesse L. Clements, post box? Ing Instructor. Boxers from the Army Air Fields at Maiden, Mo., Newport and Walnut Ridge, have been Invited to compete in the tournament. Medals will be awarded to the clfampions of each weight division. Soldier Golfers Plan Tournament At Country Club All qualifying scores for the BAAF Inlra-Post Handicap Golf Tournament, to be held nt the local Country Club within the next two weeks, must be turned In lo the Alhictlc Department by midnight Sunday, Lieut. Bill Adams, post athletic officer, announced today. As soon as these scores have Ixicn received, a bracket will be drawn up nnd tho first round will get under way. Uciitcnnnt Adams said today that he believes at least -10 or 50 officers and men will participate In the tourney. Prom this group, n golf team will be selected for competition with teams from other stations in this vicinity. Country Club rules will be in effect during the tournament. More than 7,000,000 men and women served under the British ling during World War I. KODAK FILMS Developed and Finished THREE DAY SERVICE Guaranteed Work . . . Reasonable Prices O'STEEhTS STUDIO 105 W. Slain (Col. Cochran) and his men are doing. Lieutenant Poscy, of course, could not (jive any details of the fighting In Durum, but lie did scnrt along a couple of recent'clip- pings that graphically give a good Idea of tlic typo of work Ills outfit Is doing. "ASSAM—Another glorious page \yas written into CBI history today with official announcement ot the distinguished part played by ASAAP units of the Northern Air Sector Force, part of the EAC's Tactical Air Force, in support of Lieut. "Gen. Joseph W. Stihvcll's Chinese-American force." In (lie Kuknwng Valley campaign. DEAL JAPS MISEKV 'News of the activity of this unit, commanded by Brig. Gen. John P. Egnii, of Hcnipstcaci, i,. I.. had not ucen disclosed earlier for reasons of security. But now it cnn he toltl how the fighters and bombers, led by a pair of cool, experienced Texniis. Cols. Ivan W. McElroy, of Austin, nnd Charles Cliandlcr, San Antonio, have bc-ni giving the Japs what one of the pilots described as an "object lesson in how the fliera of a dc- ciiilenl democracy can seek out and blast his fuel, food and ammunition stores, Ills camp cbncen trillions, and his headquarters buildings, his bridges nnd his roads. "Operating from bases in Assa:n and forward fields in Burma over the steaming jungles, these pilots have been making a tough life appear easy by bee-lining to camouflaged targets In the jungles with accuracy bordering on the ama?,- Ing. Once located, these Isolated positions in the malted Jungles have been struck with pin-point accuracy. "The now-famed 'B-40' <p-iO's carrying 1,000-pound bombs) initiated a technique which has kept the Jap forces at the discouraging task of hiillding bridges, only to have the blown up.' On more than one occasion, these mighty mites have demolished their target with only one bomb STU.WKLL SENDS PRAISE "Tlie success of the ground forces supported by the fighters and 11 lighter-bombers was well illus SPRING WE PUT OUR BACK YARD TO WORK ". . . And all summer enjoy qarden-fresh vegetables right out of our own small plot." "Now 'don't get me wrong—I like shopping at the food stores here. But come spring I also enjoy putting my back yard to work. _ "It's fun being in the open air—spading, planting watering And when summer arrives and our little garden begins to produce ... am I proud!" Yes, there is particular pleasure havinq your own garden—no matter how small. So why not start today putting your back yard to work?. tratcd by a message sent to. the Northern Air Sector Force by Sill- well upon taking the Walawlnmi: 'My ihanks for a shperh nnd accurate support mission al Wnlaw- innn. You rang the bell with every bomb with (eiriflc results'." Another clipping (old of Hie unit bagKing'13 of 18 Jap bombers, and 10 of the 20 escorting lighters, running the total of fighters and bombers, destroyed In combat and on the ground during March 133—largest bag In any one month since Burma was evacuated nearly two years ago. L. C. wrote his parents of a certain mission In which he and ils outfit strafed about 20 truck loads of Japanese, "They said It looked like none bud moved from the time they were lilt. Also dead ones In the foxholes where we had strafed. The only trouble Is we can't :>cs all this damage. All we can see are fires nnd holes we make. But It is lot of to do that." Lieutenant Poscy sent a picture of his new ship, :niuned "Pistol Packing Pete.'- Ills other one had a glamorous pinup girl painted on the fuselage and was appropriately entitled "My Little Devil." A graduate of Blylhevlllc llljh School, L. C. enlisted in the air corps in January, 1342. Approximately one year later lie received his coveted wings at Randolph Field, Texas. He was sent to Camp Campbell, Ky.. and later assigned to jungle fighting in Georgia. He had brief slops at Port Kuox, Ky,, Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LKAGVE VI, L. Pet. xLIUlc Uock 15 o ,ci5 Memphis 15 10 .«00 Birmingham 14 to .583 xNashvllle n 10 51i5 Knoxville 12 10 .515 Atlanta 10 13 ^35 xNcw Orleans 7 10 .304 xChattanooga 810 .328 x—Night game. AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. New York St. Louis n 10 17 15 Washington . 15 14 Detroit 15 ic Philadelphia 14 15 Boston 14 15 Cleveland ............. 14 17 Chicago .............. 13 17 NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet, .030 .531 .517 .484 .483 .483 .452 21 9 15 10 17 12 St. Louis . Pittsburgh Cincinnati Philadelphia 13 13 New York , 13 IB Boston 14 is Drooklyn 1217 Chicago Pet. .700 .500 .448 .438 .414 8 18 .308 Lei's paint the town green —yard by yard! ('YOUR YAW THRIVES WAL/WJDWIT... ille Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager 'Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!'* Miss, and Key Field, Meridian, before sniliiiK oversens. In Ills Inst letter home he sa>;l lie lucked only .six missions for Ills Distinguished Fiylny Cross. He likely hns (nullified for it by now. Their "rut" hunting is on 16-hour shifts. Wo/nut Ridge Ball Club To Play Here Thursday The BAAF Baseball Tenm-will meet the Walnut Ridge Army All- Field nine in n home game Thursday ufternoun, Lieut. Bill Adams, post nthlelic officer, said today. It will be Hie fourth meeting between the two squads, Blythevillc having clcie-nteti the men of the neighboring station in the three previous games. Stan Sergt. Robert Tubbs, malinger of the local team, has announced no pitching choice for Thursday's game. All the gold that has been mined in the world since Columbus discovered America could be put into a 40-foot cube. '" Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUR Atlanta at Memphis, night, two. Knoxville nt Birmingham, two. Chattanooga at Little fiock. Nashville at New Orleans. NATIONAL LEAGUE New York at Brooklyn, night. Only game scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Night games: Chattanooga 0, Little Rock 4. Nashville 8, New Orleans 2. NATIONAL LEAGUE No games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed -Ijy law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 822 First St.., Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has 'never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other stnte, relating to the sale ol alcoholic liquors. Juanltn Tillmon. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22nd day of May, 1944. Samuel P. Norris (Seal) Notary Public. My commission expires Sept. 8, 1946. Tile old English pound was originally- the weight of 7680 grains of wheat "taken from the middle of the ear and well dried." Armorel News Death claimed (he newly Installed president of the Armorel I'arent- Teacher Association Wednesday night. Only a few hours after Mrs. Doris Devcruux was Installed by proxy as president of the orgnnlza- llon at a meeting nt (he school she died In a clinic In Manila, following an appendectomy she had undergone a few days before. Other ofucers installed at the meeting were Mrs. John Mayes, first vice president; Mrs. Ralph Robinson, second vice president; Mrs. E. I,. Hale .third-vice president and secretary; Miss Marguerite Matthews, treasurer, and Mrs. Alice Woin- ack, historian. Miss liosn Hardy, principal of Hly- Ihcvillc hls;h school, was speaker for the afternoon, choosing as her topic ••The Teen Age Child." A repot;, un the state Pnrcnt- Ttnchor Association dueling held last month in Little Rock, was given by Mrs. Jesse M. white of Siidburv school in Blytheville. During the social hour, refreshments were served by Mrs. E. M. Regenold, Mrs. Hule and Mrs Ed Williams. News Of WACs, Martlm Jane Stiles has completed her boot training nt Hunter's College, The Bronx, New York and now is stationed at Oklahoma A & M. College, Stillwater. with the rank of sKiinnn 2-c. She is the (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stiles of Ynrbro. • I.CC Of the 150 million bushels of apples ordinarily grown each year In the United State;, at least 20 million never reach the' processing plant or the open market, and are largely left in the orchard lo waste. TUESDAY, WAY 23, l!M'l American soldiers wounded in I Ins war have nearly twice as great :i chance for survival as those wounded in the World 'War, accord- lig to the War Department. , WANTED: Bring Your Leftover SOYBEANS to Us. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main i'liones 85G—857 M'KCIAUsr.S I'llul!. 1 !:.' r» u formula «nl u» liy TLinriiluji .t Minor Clint,-. EMku* LiLlu lialn. lU-lilni;, »rriii>M QUICK: 'Ilion tcwli to Htirfnk Hudiin;;! H,ri,-ns. i;<-l JM.M lnlio TlLi,rtllnn fc Minor's IEH-l;iL llimnst-iil. Or £i>t Tluiriiloil i .Minor l!.,-l.-il S,,;,|.,,sll,,ri,.., i.ult n 'viv u-uU molt-. Try 1KICTIH1S' way TOKAY. At all good drug stores everywhere —In Blylhevlllc, at Kirby Drug. Cars For Foremost in Appearance, CondiHon, Low Mileage, Clean, City Driven, East Coast Fords, Chevrolets. 1936 FORD "DeLuxe" Fordor Sedan, Radio, Heater, Five Good Tires. 1936 FORD "Special" Fordor Sedan, Good Tires, Radio and Seat Covers. 1939 FORD Tudor, Color Black, Good Tires, Low Mileage. 1941 CHEVROLET "Master DeLuxe' Good Tires, Radio, Heater. Five See Our Other "Foremost Value" Used Cars. Trade-Ins Accepted. Liberal Terms Ayailable. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO; Walnut at 5th SHARE THE RIDE TODAY ••> ... and You Give Uncle Sam a Lift Where would we be today if our forefathers had gone their separate ways at Ihcir own convenience? When this nation was in ils infancy, neighbor gave neighbor a helping hand. That spirit expanded 13 struggling colonies into a vast, united nation. Today our country is calling upon every one of us to enlist in a great awakening of that early American creed of helping ourselves by helping our neighbors. Sharing our automobiles is as easy as it is helpful. Wherever we go, there's somebody going otu- way. When we give him a lift, we give Uncle Sam a lift on the way to Victory. • * -• * * In addition to supplying the armed forces witli glider nnd bomber fuselage tnmt*, wing parts, Run turret parts and foodstuffs, Anlicusor-Uusch produces materials which go into tlic manufacture of: Rubber • Aluminum • Munitions • Medicines . 15 Complex Vitamins . Hospitn! Diets . Baby Foods • Bread nnd other Bakery products \ Uumm-forlificd cattle feeds • Batteries . I'apor • Soap and Texfilcs-to name a few. Buciweiser It is in liase moments a] ii'cf/- caracil relaxation thai a beverage oj moderation prom a welcome companion. Bitdti'chcrmatcbayonrm/XMt Jor a Jrietidly chat or your mood jar repose. It is co nsiiicr- alt o/ tomorrow's HEUSER.BUSCH SAINT LOUIS CHICKASAW West Main Near Zlsl SI. S;it. slarls 12:45; Sun, starts 1:4£ Nielil shows 5:45 ', Except Monday, opens S:K Continuous shows Sal. and Sun, Tuesday ' RUDDY NITE I Tickets For (he Price of 1 "NEW YORK TOWN" with l-'rcd JUacMurray & Mary Martin Comedy Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature UNFINISHED BUSINESS with reuc Dunne & Hubert Moii and SING FOR YOUR SUPPER Jinx Falltciibcrg & Charles liojjeis NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest 'A Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday »t 1 Tuesday —AMUKICAN LEGION NIGHT— All Proceeds, Less Actual Cost of Picture and Tax Go To Herman Davis Post American Legion For Completion of Hut. "UNDER TWO FLAGS" With Ronald C'olman, Cluudetlc Colbert ALSO SEIilAI, Wednesday & Thursday "CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK" with Donald O'Conncr & Peggy Kyan I Fox News & Short Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Tuesday PAL NITE 'Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man' * with HOIILI Slusscy & Patrick Knowles Selected Shorts Wednesday ft Thursday MARIA MONTEZ JON HALL SABU iV'/* -/V*v*i/"\> inTeCHNtCOiOR Tuition Bey Sidney Toler Tliomos Gomez Don Teny March of Time Shorts

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