The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1932
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1932 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED SECTION a Vinectow oftt* Classified Advertising Bat* SPECIAL AT STOKES 6-P-E-C-I-A-L CLAKION RADIOS 10-Tube Twin Speakers J57.95 ALSO ATWATER KENT PARKHORST COMPANY Exclusive Agents 22c-kl2-22 PLUMBING REDUCED RATES on plumbing work clone before .cold weather. A. G. Alien, Call 894W. 16c-kl2-16 HlnlnnUii Count 5 Average Word* to tllM Month rate per line, per Buontb •• Six Ume»,peraM p»r <Uy . 05c Three tlmea per line per d»y • One time per lin» .-• loc All Ad* run irMfUlvly take the one time rat*. .L " BUSINESS D1KKCTOKY WAtt'lKD—To overhaul your elec-j HALE'S TRANSFER COMPANY uio sweeper. Work guaranteed.. PHONE 666 23p-k 12-23 tteuuer Klecirlc Service, % Gil- T^iiPAvri. jen's turn- Co. Phone «80. ! INSUKAlStb Uc-k 11-30! FOR SALE— M, 40, sO-Acre'.fsrma V, mile p«v«4 «lreeti'of-Blythe- \llle, on easy payments. 6lher farms (urttier out lor »30 to |50 per acre. . J. W. BADER. Blythevltto. 18c-ktf u cille paved streets of Blylhc- vlUe, on easy payments, Other farms furtr*t out for 120 to 150 per acre. Will build house for you. J, W. BADER, Blythevllle. 18c-k« TO RENT—2 or 3 room furnished louse or apartment. "H" Courier. 22c-k28 UPHOLSTERING and reflnishlng furniture. H. B. Oakes, 115 w. Mam St. IV K-l'J-1 EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing. U. S. Blank- enshlp, 116 E. Rose. Phone 165-W. ic-k 12-1 ARTISTIC SHO-CARDS Small Signs Sale Banners HARVEY McCALL 305 E. MALN 2p-kl2-2 MONEY TO LOAN SMALL SUMS LOANED ON GOOD AUTOMOBILES WARD INVESTMENT COMPANY. 19c-kl2-19 GARAGis DRNISHED—5 rooms' »nd b»th, garage and servant house. Oood •otiditloti, rent reasonable. '1300 rUc. Avc. Plwne W or 290. lOcklt WANTED compUtm 'of '"l\\e' pliintur '0. M, Buck. •••"• • • -• •Dated W\i-n day of Nov., IPJJ. R: L. OAINE8, Ctork By Elizabeth Blythe, D. 0. Jtsso Taylor, Att'y" nd IJtem. ' •'' n-a-M-e-13 WARNING <XUMW IN THI CHANCERY : COURT, 1 w{th'ien prr csat Intend from <ay' Jl,"19fjV »l*i th« sum of 13,fO with iuMcMt thereon ut hi r»t«-ef. JO.per cent from August *,. IBM. : - . ' Trt« purchau-r at 4»id «a)e will be. r*4Ulr>d • to, *xe{ift* uobd with approved K5Ur|ty, to secure the Mymcnt .of • the purchase money, Ity. for the. piyir^Bt,ot sucb. purchase money. .', • •' . . witness iiiy hind' aftd the teal of said Court,Toil this, the il day of October, ll». • .: ; ; : -'•B.-'li. OAINE8, comaiMoner In Chancery. . •' 10-22-29 r»]«t 'Bat to B»t»' Home CERES, Va. (UP) — Ul» Rena b»es; but fe$i go'iiiijitin put them.- She efeierijr btf paper bu 6*er<'tke If hunt' from ••Um» Md b«* and beta into'a'box. The' home mtde'»ueh ; » bit beet that ther h»d to be' 'out '*|«r».i UBM*' before •treed to tak«-up-abode tar ' EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker .Service. Open all night. DAY & NIGHT GARAGE. Phone 655. ' . 3P-K 12-3 DeSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing ROY BAKER JOE WILLIAMS PHONE 888 4p-kl2-4 BEAUTY PARLORS POWDER PUFF BEAUTY LOUNGE — PHONE 186 COAL - WOOD GUARANTEED. PERMANENTS i ?.? t chic SHAMPOO AND SET 50c "' *"' *~ 25p-kl2-22 SCALP .TREATMENTS OUR SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP . Phone 28B 28C-K 11-28 HOMECRAFT __ FREE demonstration on latest sew' ing 'art. SINGEHCRAFT, rng£:, i-«OJ3'Wd gifts. SINGER SEWINOJ MACHINE CO. 2<p-k 11 -2 J j ' PHONE 107 BUCHANAN •Our coal Li black but we treat you white." 21c-kl2-21 and cooking. Wo deliver. W. M. Smith, Phone 980 or Gateway Stpre. _ TO BE WELL DRESSED ' YOU MUST BE WELL PRESSED PRESS WHILE YOU WAIT HUDSON TAILOR SHOP CLEANERS 12c-pl2-12 COAL at low prices. Phone 48. Prompt Delivery. BLYTHEVILLE OAL CO., Walnut & Railroad Sts. 8C-K HATS CLEANED and je-shaped. 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Fhone ^ 12c-kl2-12 RADIO SERVICE EXPERT RADIO service. TUBE testing FREE. Phone 57, WAKEFIELD, Parkhurst Co. 18c-l:12-18 RADIOS REPAIRED. Work guaranteed, estimates free. R. L Dedman, Walpolc Electric Shop. Phone 314. «p-k 12-U ELECTRICAL DUST-PROOF BAGS, Brushes and Rubber Covered Cord for youi electric sweeper. HelTner Electric Service, % Gillen Furn. Co., Call fi80 14c-k 12-14 NEW LOW PRICES on lamps irons, heaters, etc. WALPOLE ELECTRIC SHOP. Phone 314. 15c-k 12-15 TAXI " IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 279 1BC-M2-IE RESTAURANTS GEO. WRIGHTS Wall Street Lunch. Greyhound Bus Station Phone 116. 31p-k 11-31 GREEN BEETLE CAFE BEST EATS IN TOWN OPEN DAY & NIGHT 18p-kl2-I8 W E R T HE MAKES 'EM SEE Office Over Jo« Isaac's Store Night Ford, Service EXPERT FORD REPAIRS WRECKER SERVICE PHlllffS MOTOR CO. Second Hand FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD R. J. Godson E. JUiri and a lieu will Ue relalued upon WANTED TO BUY M!S3i8SIPPI KANSAS property a* additional secur CORN , WANTED-Marllyn H»tch- OUR BOARDING HOUSE AUTOMOTIVE el al., PlalntiB, VI. WANTED—Turkeys, WASHING 75c - - GREASING l&C MOVING, TRUCKING P1GQLY WIGOLY Adam J. Diirtcher, et al, Defetwl NIGHT SERVICE PHONE 655 24P-K 11-25 OR KROGER 6TORE • lit. defendants, Ad»m J. Birtch WE HAUL ANYTHING ANY PLACE ANY TIME WHILE 1 A>4 STARTlMt A NEW ENTERPRISE —THE AND t>ALE ICE NOW, AH •— i CAN USED Stoves ind Rantes. EI-, PiiteUty National Bank fc Trust Dodeou Furniture. AUTOMOBILE Glass, nev and used auto parti. Jackson Auti Parts Co. Phone 66. 3c-k 12-! Oompany, Tnutet. and M. 8. Olb WE WA 1 *. HOW tvttJCM TO LEi, •PAT GOOD RANGE OR COAL lieatillg Ehlrty days In the courl uaro*4 in stove. Phone £02. tlio caption Itereof and aotwer (lie complaint of tlic plulnUB, H Brlchcr, Substituted Trustee, «t «1. Uatcd tills lird day of Novcm- SALESMEN WANTED the education of the boy or girl? our new policy, "CHILD'S EDUCA- route of 800 consumers In cities TIONAL ENDOWMENT", matures of Lcaehvllle, Osceola, Jonesboro and Trumanh. Reliable hustler ciui start earning $35 weakly and Increase every month. Write Immediately. Rawlclgh Co., Dept. A-K-4-S, TWE -PRODUCT WE, AW- WE THE -BftWi OF as cash at the age your child Is JEFFERSON INSURANCE j WILLARD BATTERIES i and many of them I HUBBARP TIRE & BATTERY C COMPANY. W. M. BURNS, AGENT. 17c-k 12- 17 COMMISSIONER'S BALK NOTICE Is hereby given ttiat Die undersigned commissioner, In ! NEW FORD BATTERIES. Rental batteries, recharging and repalr- inj. T77 Tire & Battery Station. 19c-kl2-19 ANNOUNCEMENTS GERMAN POLICE DOG—8 months compliance with the terms of decree rendered by the Chancery PAY TAXES NOW trict of Mississippi county, Ar- PAVING 1 AND SEWER 1 TAXES kansa;, on the 26 day of September, 1932, wherein Amerjcon B. ft L. Ass'n. and w. L. D^lohey, Trustee, were Plaintiff, < No. ; S2W, »itd Oecrje W. Bti^h, f\OfA Btan>- Edith Simpson Cecil Shane, Trustee, . were ; defendants, will sell at public- auction to the highest 'and best bidder, FARMERS having livestock to Mil 1932 ARE NOW DUE AND »20 REWARD for return or. Information leading to return ol silverware stolen from my home night of Nov. 3. K M. McCall. .9C-K 1 12-0 or If they- desire to buy they will find It .convenient and econ- PLEASE PAY BEFORE DECEM- omical to use Courier NCM Wact- BER 31 AND AVOID PENALTIES. G. G. CAUDILL Collector WARNING ORDER STORE bull dine, 611 Franklin. $8 IN THE COMMON PLEAS COURT en n. credit of • three.. months, at CHICK ASA WBA D I STR 1C T, the front door of the Court House, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKAN- TWO UNFURNISHED Apartments l)elv,cen the. hours prescribed by law, In the City of Bli'lhevillc, Arkansas, on the 25lh day of No- SAS. C. M. Buck. Plaintiff, vs. No. 5318 REDUCED RentJ. Phone 383 o 454. • 15c K-t Mary D. Minctrcc Smith, Defend- FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment, PHONE Vn E. F. FRY WONDER CITY COAL CO., FOH estate, to-wlt: Lots one and two, In Block 13, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 683. •21pk2B The defendant Mary D. Bugg Addition Arkansas. Said sale will be had to satisfy AiOWTEVALLO-STKAVEN Smith Is warned to appear within ASH, SIPSEY, OLJJ BEN & KEN- Ihlrlv cays In the court named in NICELY furnished the caption hereof and answer the ruoitY COALS. HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES G\660ZO? 1 WN-SVCfNfc 0V' WL 0V. WViE — 6\660ZO VER C M4'T •L-V.WN.A KINDLING and WOOD for heating Trantham Coal & Transfer Co. ,-*-. Deaers in Kentucky and Sunlight Coai SOMCTH1NG IN. THE AIR! ALESMAN SAM WOWie MOLDS -CMS.SAUL AMD, ,Sf«*i Rftces op To &NB. iTift; Vt ROOM & BOARD 32*T-^7$ cowe. t^e. FKR. -TUJeeM "We. 3Wl_ BIRDS THe FARM LANDS PANDEMOMA! /== WASH TUBBS MID T«£S cowe TO FAT UTTtfc 80MS, LIKE iAt v\rae eow TViWt iS UW6HtERi Ik W)6 ( THtf RUN CART AHO MNIMOWIV.L ,. A A BIRD OF A PRESENT! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS .' 1WA5IUE THAT, T ' 666! THATU. 7WAT5 FDKiHY 352. IS A BUTCHER. OSCAR!! ATURWHY.'.' /, .„ SET HOLD «= ' => -ITS v*JE.LL,THATS 1HE VJWABER. COA01 ROOSE SAVE ME.... : jm&^~M3 FISHER & HOLDER COAL CO. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY R. R. & ASH -:- PHONE 63 22p-kI2-22 I WEEKLY. Also Housekeeping rooms. Frog Pond Cafe. 19c-tl 3OOM & BCJARD- Close in. 109 W. Ash. Mrs. E. Gay. 2p-kl2-2 ,„„ ...^ 1. 25 cents. Phone 807 B1C West Aiih Street. ,5c-k 12-i MRS. T. R. WATSON—$5.50 weekly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 602. Hc-k 12-» AUTO CLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING I'HE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS 29c-kH2S FOR SALE—53 acres In cultivati* 3 houses, big barn, in 6 of Blytheviiie. 1 mile ot goot school. 525.00 per acre, terms Phone 887 or B88. W. T.. Barnett. 6C-K-TF DONT DELAY, the time to bu n farm or home in town n-hen prices are low, this may not ;ast, we nil hope not. If you wan property at low prices see us fo prices and terms. W. M. BURN COMPANY, INC. 9c-k 12 ACTON ' Lowest in Ash Highest in Heat of any of the Red Ash PhW 155 Phone 100 For Free Sample E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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