The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1954 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1954
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1954 Big Three Maps End to W. German Occupation; Independence Near LONDON (AP) — The western Rig Throe foreign ministers met with West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer today to draw up a general agreement — perhaps by nightfall — to end the nine-year-old occupation of Western Germany. A quick grant of political independence to the 78-year-old Adenauer's Bonn government appeared virtually certain as the nine-nation conference on freeing and rearming West Germany nearecl its end. proposed Klll'ftpriin Army p!:m. Commodity And Stock Markets— Ntw York Cotton (12:38 quotations) The final .success of the coin- j plicated ne^oUation.s^ned to The four ministers had before Vishinsky Asks Sfep-by-Step Arms Reduction Would Eliminate Nuclear Weapons At Halfway Mark By TOM HOGH UNITlOn NATIONS. N.Y., West German troops in a them recommendations prepared defense alliance against coimnu- j by Ihcir committee of experts as nihin seemed a.ssured after dele-i a ytiide for innnking a grant of | Amfm Vishinsky nailed lav. muni pate.s agreed in principle yesterday ..sovereignty, j f or a .step-by-. ( ;tep prof-ram of ;irms on a plan for con- I Informants said Dulles and Men- ' reduction with nuclear weapon;- to trolled German rearmament, j ue.s-Pranee, appeared ready to go , [,e eliminated at the halfway mark. Delegates predicted the confer- |aiun(? with a proposal by Kden for JThe. weMern Big Three cnuUou'.lv enee would end sti'-ft^sfully to- ! nn immediate lJig Three declara- | t mm >rl the .Soviet proposal a move ion of intent to wind tip the oeru- >aiion as soon a.s the control .sy.s- morrow. : The delegates will leave behind groups of experts i.o work out de- tern is pieparcd. mils of the program and to draft. in the ri[;ht direction. Winding up a policy .snee Oct. . Dec Mch May 3492 3506 3531 3545 3M2 3510 3535 3547 3484 3501 3527 3540 3487 the necessary treaties. These would Meantime, I lie Allies would re- j nn hour ailfi 40 minutes to •U.N. General A.s.seinhly, the ' Soviet delegate submitted >, of Ihe •met 3502 j»c signed Inter and .submitted K>' slfm , wUnol ' lt delay additional po- I resolution containing the most de- T?in i (he vnrioiL*; ntt rliamcnLs for rail- ,....., _._., . . _ i.. ..i, • -. . . „ , u.,. ,,.,;,.,; ,.nn ,.^,,.,11,.,, ,\\, .„,..„„ .,,,.,if 3544 Mention. New Orleans Cotton Oct , Dec Mch May 3492 3506 3533 3549 3492 3510 3535 3549 3484 3501 3528 3542 Germany, Italy In Under the plan. West (.iermany and Ilaly will he iidnutlcd into 3487 an enlarged 13rus.seh* Alliance, 3503 | formed In 1048 by Britain. France. 3530 ! Belgium. Ihe Netherlands and l.nx- 3542 Chicago Soybeans 269'/2 269^4 267 Nov Jan Mch May 273 273 274 274 '„ 2751,2 2751/i 273 V, 214 y. Chicago Corn Dec Mch 154 ! 151 " 4 154% l.Wi 154'.'! 150';, 154% Chicago Wheat Dec Mch 2161/4 218% 21Gi/ 2 215% 218% 218 New York Stocks A T and T 172 Amer Tobacco 61 1-4 Anaconda Copper 41 7-8 Beth Steel 7fi 5-8 Chrysler 68 5-» Coca-Cola , 115 Gen Electric 43 7-8 Gen Motors ..., ItO Montgomery Waid 71 N Y Central 19 1-8 Int Harvester 33 Republic Steel (>2 1-2 Radio . ' 33 1-2 Socony Vacuum -18 3--I Stude-Packsrd 13 1-8 Standard of N J 99 7-fi Texas Corp 70 1-4 Sears 73 1-2 U S Steel 56 Germans, in return lor Kiianmlees iprot/ram i ^oyernment has from Adenauer's Kovcrnnifint cov- tnrr-d in the U.N.'.s nine-yeur 1. An ai;reenien'_ lo work out a oninion policy with tho three oc- upymt; powers before entering ne- ;oliaHons with the i peace treaty am tory. Vishinsky brushed over embourg. Ai Hit- same time, Germany also would bti I;ikcn into the North Atlantic Treaty Oryitn- Ization as its 15ih nionibc-r. Today's mcelinu 01. Oermun sovereignty brought to^pther Adeiiiiu- er, U.S. Secretary of Slate Dulles, British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and French Premier Pierre Mende.s-France. Dulle.s and Eden we-re especially economic developments w h i c: h anxious lo (;et the sovereignty pro- Ki'am underway inimcdiiitely .so as lo bolster Adenauer's saMKing political stock at home. The chancellor's strong Socialist '2. Approval of continued Allied administration of Berlin. ;i, Permission inr Allied troops to remain in Germany as part ol the NATO defense force against Communist a^^resslon. $. Saie^tiards atjahust the growth of blfi industrial cartels and other opposition, Germany's picked up which entry importa opposed Went Into NATO. i! vote.s alter France's recent rejection of the POWER Continued from Page 1 In KUR tion of apparent full iuvcsUmi- violations" of the Holding Company Aet, Kefauver termed It "(lie forgotten Sou Pac 45 1-4 Livestock , NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. tft— (USDA)—Hogs 9,500; moderately active; barrows nnd gilts 180 Ib up 40-50 lower than yesterday's average: lighter weights 50-75 lower; sows weak to mostly 25 lower; choice 180-200 Ib 1 a.00-25 with 19.00-1J mast freely pa ! law." The act. passed In 1035. \va.s intended to break up lai^e public utility combines and prevent hold- Ing companies from "milklnj;" excessive profits from .sub.sldiarie.s, The tclsl of Hteltenroth's tusll- inoney \vas lhat many of Mississippi Po\ver's itmjor linnnciul decisions were mntld by MUUlle. HtiutU, not by the firm's own officials. • Alter yesterday's ses-simi, Ku- lauver told rcpor(c:rs Slietenroth's i iesiimony !s "i.n iidditional stroiiK rea.son (In; Atomic i^ner^y Commission and President l-Ji-scnlunver ought to call off the Dixoti-Yntes contract." The Dlxon-Yatc.s conlrnct. which lilusenhower ordered A1SC to nenoll- ate, would provide for a (100.nOO- kilowatt steam plant, to bn mriU load mostly choice No. l" around | ' ll West Memphis. Ark,, by a com- 200 lb-19.35; load around 1!RO Ib j l ):m >' lol ' IIlp(1 ">' Mi{ldlu Solllh alul 18.50: 150-170 lb 18.25-10.00; few "'" ° 120-140 lb 17.50-18.25; sows 400 lb down 17.00-18.25; in o s t 1 y 18.00 down; heavier sows 15.00-lfl.75; boars 12.00-16.00. Cattle 1.200. calves 500: rleers included one lot choice yearling steers ai 23.50; various small lots the Southern Co.. Inc. This 107 - million - dollar pl.nil would supply electric power to be distributed by the TeniieNsre. Valley Authority in the Memphis, Tenn.. area. It would replace power TVA night foster a revival of Gorman militarism. Adenauer also lias indicated he is ready to .satisfy French demands for n yuanmtee liiat the proposed 12-dlvision German army would never be used independently in any attempt to Lake over Communisl- rulcd East Germany by force. Brotherhood Is Organized Lawrence Jiunes last night was elected president of Beacon . Missionary Baptist Church Men's Brotherhood when the (jroup had its ni'fianiwitinnal meeting. Other officers indmic Fred HIM, vice president; Otis Cole .secretary, and Tom .Johnson. !,n:a;;urcr. Tin- brotherhood will meet at 7:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays ol eacli month. LITTLf LIZ— dent Eisenhower's proposal of an atomic pool for peaceful purposes. He said the. United States so far lias failed to come up with any concrete ideas on atomic Weapon :0ntrol- The Soviet delegate asked the Assembly to have the U.N. Disarmament commission prepare a treaty for the Security Council providing for this program of arms reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons: 1. Agreement by the. nations on total cuts they would ma'ke in their arms, troops and military appropriations and the accomplishment of 50 per cent of these reductions within G to 12 months; 2. Creation of a temporary international control commission under the Security Council to find out whether the nations are complying with the treaty; 3. The remaining 50 per cent reduction in conventional arms lo be made within 0 to 12 months after completion of the first disarmament phase; 4. Manufacture of hydrogen and atomic weapons to cease as soon the second period for arms reduction begins; 5. During this second period, the nations also would carry out "complete prohibition of atomic, hydrogen and other types of weapons of destruction . . . and their complete dim inn I ion from the armaments of .states." Thereafter "all existing atomic materials are used for peaceful purposes only." {j. Creation of a permanent international control organ to check on continued observance of the treaty. In contrast to his dismissal of (lie U.S. atoms-for-peacc plan. Vishinsky wound tip by calling on the disarmament, commission to make recommendations on the British-French proposal last June that U.N. members agree not to use nuclear weapons except in dc- A fellow Is considered a success when people start quoting him on subjects he doesn'l know anything about. eHiAfb BETTER NOT LET CO—Perpetual excitement is the theme oF this wildlife den at Bryants Pond, Me. It's a tableau of a man trying -to avoid the clutches of a wild bear. The make-believe display is a real car stopper. McCarthy Strategy Guarded WASHINGTON Wi — Sen. McCarthy <R-W)M kept under wraps today most of the defense strategy he plans against a special investigating committee's report asking the Senate to censure him. McCarthy and his lawyer, Edward Bennett Williams, formally rejected the censure findings yesterday in a bill of exceptions filed with the committee. They urged senate members to keep an open mind—"avoid predilection and predisposition."—un- .jl McCarthy's defense is heard. The bill of exceptions listed arguments as to why the unanimous committee report should be turned down. But it gave few clues as to Back in Navy NEWARK, N. J. I* — William E. Moyec first joined th« Navy at 17 — and now he ts doing it again at 5V. The boatswain's mate has enlisted every time was was approaching and has served with the Navy in both world wars and the Korean conflict. Moyes spent only two year.: In peacetime service and conducted a successful roofing business in the Ms and 30s, how McCarthy intends to persuade the Senate to do this when it meets in special session Nov. 8 as jury to "try" -the censure charges. * The bill of exceptions did Indicate this: "McCarthy's defense will be lengthy, and will include references to myriad precedents." The Wisconsin Republican, silent on the course he will follow since the report -was issued last Monday, may speak out on a radio- TV program fNBC. Meet the Press i he is scheduled to appear on Sunday evening. furi I'iidurali. Ky.. Ten n. Kefauver and : plains Oak Ri commercial and good steers and butcher yearlings 18.00-22.00; these generally steady; cows opening 11 be Dixon-Yales pro] steady; utility and commercial i private puwer would cos! from 90 0.00-12.00: canncrs and cutters | to 150 millions more than il would 6.50-9.00; bulls steady: utility and .stead commercial 11.50-13,00; cannrr and cutter bulls 8.00-11.00; venlcrs and calves steady although slaughter calves closing to weak slow and dull; few individual head high choice and prime venters i!2.0023.00; good and choice 17.00-21.00; commercial and low yood 13.0016.00; culls 7.00-10.00; commercial j and good slaughter calves 12.00- ' 15,00. i cost if rom;ri's.s wnukl npprripriate money for a TVA .steam phint north of Memphis. The budget buri'iiti and other iid- mini.siration spoki'snu-n have dr- fended the Dixun-Yatr.s contract as a "fair and I'quitnblp uay" to LiM a 1 power needed in the TVA area. Doll Casualty | MARTINSVILI.E. V:i '.? -Mrs ; I Miirvm Kobert.'-on turned on the • | broiler of her stove to warm the ; : oven and walked into her i;Lirtien. \ • A few minutes Inter she \va> ral- ' j IniK the i!l\' tifpartnu'iu Three ', j trucks uud u tlu/en men responded, j JThcv were too Lite A dull which' 'Ciarland Roberlson. Ifi munth.s. l !; i;l , ; phu'ed in the Move had s:one up in | j smoke that alarmed Mrs. Robert-| ; sun H.s u putirt'd from window?- and ; ' doors. Jutting skyward JDOO feet. Totem Pole, a rock formal ion in Monument valley, Ari/un;i, caM.s a slin- | dow 34 miles long ni sunset. STATKMKNT minimi by the Act of August 'M. 1!H^, us amended by tin- Acts til Miiri-h :t. l!Ki::, and ,tul> t». lillli (Title 3!l. I'uilnl Slatc.s Code. Si'i-tion TA'M showing the iiu'iicrship. maniiKcim-nt ami rimiblion of Wyihrvilli- UouniT Nrw.-i. jmblNirtl dully except, Sunday at Hlythrville Ark., lor Sfplnnbt'i- 30, 11)54. 1. The names uml lUldreshL'.s ut the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business nuilinger lire: Publisher IIfirry W Hnlncs. Lilytbevillc. Ark. Editor. A. A Frednck.son. Blytlicville. Ark Mfiniigliif;, Editor. A A. Frt'drifkson. Blythevillo. Ark. Business Manager Hurry W. Unities. B!ythevilh\ Ark. - The owiifT ^s: Cnurit'i Nrws Company Inc., Blytbevillc. Ark. Marry W Hnines, l-'lorcnce G. Hames. Harry A. Hainrs. Blytheville. Ark.: Journal Printing Company. Frank W. Leahy estate, Guy Rogers Kd\v C Schilling. Stevens Point, Wise. 3. The known bondholders, nturtiza^ees, and otht'i security tinklers owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, oj- other smiruies are: None 4 Para^riiph.s '2 and 3 include, in ca>cs where the sfx-kJidldcr or security holder ii[>prni's ujxin the books of the company ns trustc<? or in fidunary relation, the name uf the person or corporation for whom such trustee is artsiu:: :I!MI the stat^nuMU.s in the two paragraphs show the til'l Jam's mil knc\vhHif.v and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stncklmkiers and security holders Who do not appear upon ilif bouk> of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capadtv other than that of a buna tide owner. 5 The average numbei ot copies ot each issue ot this publication sole! or distributed. Oinnmh the mails or otherwise, to paid sub.scnbers (iiiniH 1 . the twelve r.iomhs nrereriiniz llu> ihite shown above is T.i'i'l. HARRY W HALVES. Publ:>!:er. S'AoMi to and siib.-.cnbeti betore me this 30th ii.iv ot Si'pvmivr, 1954. iPEAL> ELIZABETH MASON N.iTary Public i My commission expires April 26. I9:*fi • Hearing Set In Pemiscot Murder Case CARUTHERSVILLE — Preliminary hearing for Maggie Covington, Caruthersville Negro, on a charge of first degree murder, was to be held here today in Magistrate's Court. The woman is charged with fatally shooting her husband, Jew Coving-ion, at their home here Sept. 6. Judge Henry C. Walker of Kcn- nett. Mo., will hear the case on a change of venue granted tost week. In other action in the court yesterday, preliminary hearing for Dcwcy McKee who is charged with felonious assault on Beatrice McKee, was continued until next Thursday. Bond was set at $500. McKee is charged with attacking his wife with his fists. Preliminary hearing for Earnest Wilson, charged with burglary and grand larceny, was continued un- j til next Thursday as was the preliminary hearing for Lee Castle, Negro, who is charged with felonious as;;;iult. Also ccmtmiird until Thursday was the preliminary hearing for Marrion .lohnson, char^i'd with robbery. He is free after posting a ,5500 bond. 1 John Corbin waived his prelimi- i nary hearing on a charge of crim- i mal assault and was ordered held I to await, Chvuii, Court action. Bond ! was fixed at, si.000. James Parson wa.s found not cuil J ly a! his preliminary hcarinp on a ! charge of i:rand larrei y. [ HrarinR for J. B. French nn T : charge of forgery ulso was continued until next Thursday. ! Penny-Ante Game MONROVIA. Calif. '.-?> - Police reports listed the tiieft of two sticks of gum. valued at one cent each, from a s:i:m machine. Police said it was the smallest local theft nn record. Premature Halt OAKLAND, Calif. (/P,—Burglars tried in vain to break into a wall safe. Later Sheriff's Deputy Henry Marks merely touched the battered safe door which swung open to reveal a tray lull of cash. PRICES REDUCED! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY HAIRCUTS 75 C RED BALL SHAVES 50 C SHOP ; Weils And I Pumps For Farm Crop Irrigation Equipped to drill any Size Well PAY LESS.. GET SAME INSURANCE! way to save muney on insurance is not to do nitlu'iit it. tK'caiixr when you need hiMiramv vou need it t).uil> — ;uni >mi nt'cd all >ou ran .ei't. Inr-trad. sa\c niitnc\ on insurance Uirouqli buy tin; it r»t hcd-rork rost in old. strong rmiiiiatiirs. And that's what Kaymond /.arhry nlTfrs: niiTicy- >.»\inc inMiranrp in hii;. reliable, lona-cstahlished t-onip.inirs harked hi the Raymond 7ac!iry famous-for-servirr iiri;.iiii- RAYMOND ZACHRY ns.\. 1st. Insurance Agency Phono .'S-SS15 IT'S A BOY—Japa.'i«»t actress Shirley Yamagiichi sets a piece of her husband's sculpture for tho first time at the Metropolitan Museum in New York Citj Owned by the mu5eum, the 9^foot sculpture is of pink Goorgian marble and is called "Kouros." In Greek, that means a youth or boy. The &ctress is vacationing in New Vorh City with her sculptor husband, Nogucbu "You cnn't irrigate without water." I ARKANSAS WELL COMPANY 131 f.. Main Try Lowe's Take-Home Pac Large 2 Lb. Fryer—Barbecued With Potato SaUd—6 Oelicious Rolls— Eddie's Barbecue Sauce—Hot Wrapped to Go— Enough for 4 people. $175 CECIL LOWE GROCERY & MKT. Call 1-4597 Bftwccci 8 i a VM. tor N«inn >fyvire or Between 1 i 2 P.M. for 6 O'clork E.iU PORTRAITS This Ad Worth $2.00 For Limited Time Only You Will Receive 2 For £90 SxJO's On/yJ (A Regular S7.MI) value) If this ad is presented to us at time of sitting. This Christmas Give PICTURES "The Gift That Only You Can Give" Call 3-601J Today For An Appointment CORKRAN'S STUDIO Formerly FaugM's 114 So. Broadwav MEAD'S invites you to its SHIRT SHOW featuring new patterns new colors new collar interest WM. TEIL CARLYLE 'Soft, wool-rayon blended flannel that improves with every wearing. Washable and colorfast. With new Milano collar. S. M. ML, L. $11.95 2. SEYMOUR FLANNEL Brilliant authentic tartans in 100% pure wool With new, soft roll, spread collar. Dry cicans beautifully. S. M, ML, L $11.95 DfiUMMOND Cown-sof!. «m!e: .va'm Wend of cotton, Vicara ara rs,on. iS'iih ne.\ short, spread collar. Vfasn- 3bie and color-fast. S. M. ML. L. $7.95 MEAD'S 111 MAIN fTIIIT

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