The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 12, 1934
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Served by the United Press TilK DOMINANT N£\V8l'Al'£K VOI ,.• XXX I—NO.'22. r i Daly 'Hem Blythevllle Cfurwr Valley Lender BlytlutiUf Hertlrt ^«*o»Mu*»^«4inuM l i»4 m > - oi^'' -I" *•« J O .K. ARKANSA^RnNKSQAY, DKCEMBRU 13, END OF WAR SINGLE ,COpfE8 'jftvfavim. i 7TZviu£ " v Fire Death MstMay Reatii Fifty AFlnnii nft&fti/iki^ ' ' ~ — — ''• ^J Bodies of Only 17 Victims of; Michigan Catastrophe Recovered • LANSING, Mich., Dee. 12. (UP) .—Ofllcere supervising the search tor. bodies in ruins of the Hotel Kerns estimated today thai ihcf will compile a final death list of 40 to M. At OIB time, thl-i estimate was drawn only n bodies had teen recovered,' however. Best, estimates ol those tamlliar «1th Ihc hole! were that, it con• talned 213 guests ami employes when the fire broke outt yesterday mohilns. _ • Of these 163' nre known In br- nllve, although 31 of them are injured. These figures Indicate a total of 50 either dead or missing and probably di^ad. Besieged by requests for information about missing persons. [Miles and firemen tore npari, tho smok- "ig mliis today In their scare 1 ) fo" bodies. A temporary morgue u-as established across the street aurt littls Plies of charred bones, all that were loft or (.hose trapped in the hotel when it binned, were taken there when they were found in the ruins Tests of Tuberculosis - Serum,Are Successful "DENVER Col- ' Dec"* 12 (UP)— Experiments with a new scrum designed to pieienl tubeiculosis haye proven •successful m theh nrpllcnlion lo two lllc-term Colorado com Ids who submitted to tests of the seium TJ»i was revealed today when Gov Edwin c Johnson signed commutation pqpeis for the two 'human guinea pl ?S " In perfect condition after IcsLs which have continued since last May, they win be released December 20 in time to enjoy Christmas with their- families. Will Study Problem - ' of Prison Industries . WASHINGTON, Dee. 12 (rjp)_ President Roosevelt today by executive order created the Federal Prison Industries, Inc.. a corpora- lion to.determine what (he scope of industrial operalions shalt be In government oenal nnd corree- lional institutions. Mr. Roosevelt named this board of directors: Sanford Dates, Thomas A. Hlck- <?rt, John B. Miller. Dr. M. tV. nrlt- tain. and Sam A. Lowtrahn. 'It will have Ihe power to determine the extent of Industrial operalions and, so far as practicable, diversify prison industrial operations to that no single private industry shall be forced io bear on undue burden of competition with the products of the prison workshops. Walls Reel as Flames Rage Through Dealh Tr;n Mn.Kelley, Pioneer : t Sfecle Settler, , MO.. Dec. 13-Jolm 'ill. Krlley, 17, plonrpr settlor of tills fflmmi.nlty, <Ur,l ,,t his home here 'I o'tloitli this afternoon. Heart Oiible w.-,s (lie eausn. Mr. KHli-y, who ciuni- \\rrc. lone rorr the. city <if SU>c!<: was fniimlNl. hnd lived her,. longer an liny other iT.siilrnl. He is' survived by. n 'dmijjhU'r, Mrs. Johnnie I'liillija, of S,.'r.-K>, and three sons, liic'ludlnf! Max n d Albeit Kelley of Htcelc, '' nrningrineiiU have not To termg walls of lh! Kern* hotel,. Lansing. 'Mich'.. In which .more than a score died when flumes Uie tailWHR are shown her . .. . are shown here, silhouetted a^inst.the night sky !ts the U«»> , . swiftness through the fo,,r,,lory .brick and woo.l.struetnre. wli in the hotel bapeil to' ri tl . .. , e oe apei to ri injury In .the street telovv, and Severn! tot Ihe.r iWvwhen they jllm p si) into the fcy v^fe cf the Grana-nver, immediately tack of tho /hostelry. A ,ncn S ;u, B known dead are rw legislators who IllR . riflfl nrrli-a/1 in f li^ ^^,,,r» ^i .• ___ i , .. _ - » , , . . . i ' ]us'L had arrived in the capital for ! the'legislative session .Leap Victim Carried From Scene Civilian Con s e r v a t i on Coips Youths Lose Lives Neai Morris, Term. • NORRIS. Tcn.n. Dec. 12 (UPS- Fiery death iii (he woods, today claimed three caslcrn youllis who were'part of Ihc vast army that plants trees and builds roads for- thfi government til a dollar a day. They perished when fire, starting from an unknown source, quickly destroyed three wooden barracks buildings and a mess hall of Clv- lian Conservation Corps Camp P-L at Cienr creek, two miles novtli of here. The, dead were' Elwooil Kramer, 20, of Niitlcy, N. J., Charles DC Palma. 21, East. Orange, N. .1., and Jacob Klein,, the Bronx, New York. Four others were badly burned n the midnight blaze. They were carried to a Hospital tit Knosvlllo. The lire slarled In the" number one barracks when? nil the vie- Ims were housed. It came swlllly, racing through Ihc pine houses vhlch the C.C.C. boys hod erected vilh llieir own hands. By the time the 'Tennessee Valey Authority fire department ar- •ived from Norrls the flames hnd Two-Thirds Vote Necessary to Suspend Rules Mayor Shane Rules Mnjror Ccnil Slmno'In n belated ruling loday held that a motion lo suspend ruler, and'advance to stc- oud reading Uio. proposi-cl licarii Street - liiipvovwnom district ordinance nl hist. nlglitli dty comuill Rcsc uers are shown here bearing an Injured guest- from (he scene Large FER,<\ Payroll Made Possible by Relief Corii- miLlec Program Exnraditure of less than ';irOO of the procepcls of ihe sale of Bly- llifvlllc Relief rommlttcc , seHp siiimps ha.s helped io make imil- FERA work division projects in his city tlmt have already resulted »' Hie payment of $10,724.85 in wages, it is revealed by figures eom- plled ihis morning at the'local PERA office. | Sate of scrip stamps, s*s- lerdny, 1ms brought In J4.un.ea.Ot tills sum $2.247.43 has been allocated to various projecls'but not all °I the money allocated, has been spent. There has also oeen uia -M of lithographing scrip and stamps, nmmuitlng lo several hundred! dollars.. .'Iliere Is now approximately $2,000 on -HaiKl In the scrip' fund' of which approximately $800' Is money allocated bill not yet spent The. following tabulation' 'shows allocations of scrip funds'and the reaullaiit pa\rolls on lyorks division projects to which ; (h c scrlb money \yent- / •, ' ; • ' «• Scrip Fund- • PEBA'' Allocatloii Payroll reamery pkge. •BW?. •• ~.. $313.3il $803,95 Haley Field nil :. 304.10 993 75 F?ed. Crora ...../. 400.00 . : . Slorm sewer and'La- • ; • cicde si. mi .... m.m 0.796.15 Canning -kllchen . 382.S5 ' 55500 1 Cjntral .school ' 225 00 not started ! Alr l»ri 23S.93 7,930.60 PERA omcc rent.s45.00 par month General expense ..' 17.40 Scrip fund allotments to work division projects are for the pur- fhnse of materials and truck hire for ,which PERA funds are '. not available. The Hed Cross'allotment Is for direct relief to persons 'not j eligible to federal relief. - Tlie Creamery Package allotmenl ,was for the purchase of the building an<l for expenses oilier Uran wbor In connection wilh Its razing It was purchased primarily lo pro| .vMe material for Ihn conslructlon ,of a hangar nl, Ihc airport but some material has been used oh ; other projects and $203.38 worth has been Says Plan Will Offer Jobsto All NKW . ( _ '"K a prc|>irrcl ^jM'coh, i-y of loibnr FriiinM's 1'cr- Kliu'today"..(ulii || MI fj KV Vlirk Hoard of Trail,- iliut within ii fow nuj's u phin' would |M> |irc.«nted lo I'm-ldriU KoosiwK designed In provide jobs fur nil lint uiuinplciy- i:d In Hie country fur 25 ycaht. "Within a fnw liuys," slie'salil, "Him! will b,, u report iinw'nfnl <ti the president |>y , L riinunlllcc on nulural resources .Kiixsi-sllns work jiroKium.s wlilcb, jf I'ltrrlcil flul, wouldtyve work lu f.vfry uii- un mid woman In Uw. Uules were suspended mst night and Ore ortllnanee was advanced through ittcoml and third readings and passed'by n :i lo 2 vole of the fi cnuiicUnicn present, The ordinance wa.i advanced and passed under llm flssimiptton that only a nm- jorlly of the quorum present vwi'i necessary lo suspend rules ami advance Ihe measure. Under'his ruling ludny 'Mayor hntie SB ul that, mliiutpr, of ihe nieetiiig would he amended to show the-motion" that rules be suspend?:) and Lhe ordinance a<lvancc<l lo second: reading failed, such a record .will leave Ilia proposed ordinaire subject -for neronj rending at the next regular meeting of In™ council ..'.'• The ordinance, providing for Urn formation of Ifearn street Improvement .Dliirlct No. 4, .was "offered; on petition of owners of CO per cent of tho assessed vhlne of property wltliln the a'rea lo be affected, nnd would., niithorlze such a district to assess benefits, to paye two blocks, one on.-Hearii, from Cemetery; road, to "Kith street, • aiid the other on 13th street, ;hom iHeani lo Chleknsawba. -''-. ''.The vole on the measure .Hirpugh -.three re«dlng^ana v pas£ age\-*as ' as follows: fol-, f -E R Jacb'so'n,- Tom . Jackson -iirtd' fetes Lunsford; '' ' " ' of nre that, rausert more than n score of deaths when it n Ihelr night clothes in the 18- n ._ degree cold, watched helplessly. Naval Conversations To , . [The firemen were uunblo to save the buildings. Be Adjourned This Week „' . „ . New Brooder House and LONDON, Dec. 12 (UP) — The British-United Stales-Japanese naval ronversallons. having failed lo jedcli (he slightest nsreement. will V* adjourned this .week, it was undcr.~'ocd today. Reliable quarters snld the talks would be ended willioul. waiting for Japan's intended tJemmcialion of the Washington naval treaty. Baby Chickens Burn A 'newly constructed brooder house and Its contents, including 75 baby chickens, tit the home'of Jce Kucter Iii Pride Addition, were destroyed when a brooder stove cV- -'--•- J about 10:30 o'clock last 122,013 Bales Ginned to Dec. 1 in County Mississippi county ginned 152,"13 bales of 1934-crop cotton prior to December l, the courier Nc ws was advised lodar by C. C. D »ncliowcr. Liixora, special rcp- ™senlatlvo of thc census bureau '"tills county. This year's ginning figure compares ivllh 127,557 bales Bin- year Prl<|r to Doroml « r > last f or plunged from windows of the building «s n ai iic-strlcken throng fought to, escape the' Dames. Near' . , ae. ear- zero temperature ndtled to -Ihe'-suITerirHg and danger In the futile flght against the nre. Rankin Withdraws From Race For, Speakership Cuba Is Threatened With New Uprising HAVANA, Cuba, Dec. 12 (UP) — WASHINGTON, -Dec. 12 (UP)— ^YArtllllNl-J tUNj • UeC. 12 (UP)— -".••••••", '-nuu, Lice. 1 The first withdrawal .from the: • "ItltutlonDl guarantee occurred today «hen Rep . ' nrcat of serious trouble was :in (Dem., Miss.,) nnnounc-' 11Kl ^ al pd between now and Dec- ulght. was Ihe first lime the new ed he was no longer"i cand'idaTc pmbcr ' 31 «*cn • Pre oroodcr house had been put into for the spcakershtu bill was In the Mc « di eU> has promised lo hold a URC. Tllrt i;(ncn hnrnn/t brn-/vtn»irt n^ ' _ • , ' ^_ . *--•.. *.iv -»« ot . ft | ._|...i. _.. - - •-- ~ v-uu.uu null^l IIJIS UCLII sold, the money going buck into the scrip fund. Pupils Forbidden to Cross Street Following Acci- cJent to Uuis Lyncli ,Pii|>lls of tin-'.Central sehoo rceelvc-d Inslruclimis this morhlng not-, to. cross Chlckastnvta avenue except In gnlng lo nnd from school The order wns • Issued following u mishap Itr Avhlch Ixiiiis Lynch son of Mr. and Mrs, B. A Lynch was knocked ilovm by a passing Tim accident was the second involving' a Central school mini within two weeks. • : At noon today high school boys veie on hand: to supervise traf- Me vyhiic the smaller chlldr>i crosssd the,.street. Voung Lynch was - struck -by c ^ I1 ; rt -. d f, i ™> by ML°f Lois .Luus ^•a;r':rti'lyJng-.-:slowjy -hi" the ' tliiie pollen inported. Had'the car bee: -"•"• J »"*M, rtBuu«>(.,. ^ HI,, VYnllBmS nnd- Rosa Hughes.,.Harold: Stern- - i r — T. "'(jtivL- nj;ei:u more ,>erioiis .accident. mlghi; hay sin lite under which: he said the not Injured beyond n -biumv n, pctittaiera were proceeding, and his hnu! ^""".n. "-limp pi which, lie'said,'did not allow the council any dlscretlon''iri llie matter but retiulrc'd r - that -An ordinance forming 'an improvement district be passed on lietltlon of owii- ei-s of more than 50 per cent In value of the property affected. Mayor .Shane^ expressed': sharp disapproval of .the proposed district, tlrclnrlng. experience had i -a. •-•>i'i.» ivnvtr IJUU ' Hint .nil Improynrishl .dLs-lM',.,.: rticularly small districts,l" llssoul1 ' - . « n ti'lcts, pa ... _ formed within-the last six Jtn ,.-, hnd been failures and adding, "thts Is the smallest one I ever heard of." The proposed district, Including property assessed at $7,650, Canvass City in Support f - om Esks Luns " fo " rd ' "^ of Scrip Sale Program use. The stove burned kerosene a fuel supply. The loss was estimated tit about $200. Says Habitual Criminal's Place Is Behind Bars race for floor leader. Rankln said he was running "as a liberal or progressive Democrat" nnd If elected would make every effort to carry out the president's policies, especially (lie pmver program. general eleelion or resign. Enid Ban-on Captain of . Arkansas College Cagcrs Game Law Defendants Win Acqmtoi in Court Hem-j WASHINGTON, Die. 12 <UP)~ The only way to handle habitual hardened criminals Is keep them locked up for life, Warden James A. t.olimon of the new Alcatraz "^-"j island prison for Ihc toughest fed- °«t r J of Manila eral piijoners to!d Ihc charges of vlol&t Ciime Conference today. •:• land fish laws by* Johnslcn tnovre whereof 'he C. A Cuiminghai speaks vy!it-n he talks about hard- The Manila n, cncd criminals, jiu Inmates in- tare jeTerdav on elude Al caponc, Machine Gun lo OummCs Z jKo' 1 ^. "W!> Bailey, Albek Bates warden T^nly ri 'and-2CO oilier major criminals, seized at the time A house lo house canvass to enlist- the cooperation of Blytheville housewives in the scrip program of the Blytheville Relief committee was underway today under the direction of pnslors of local churches Church women arc doing the work. They are melng thc use of ralef scrip in Christmas shopping nixl arc taking orders for scrip to [*_ oe'ivcred by the relief commit- Oscar Fendlcr, secretary- of the scrip committee, asked this morning that workers report the rcsulls or their canvass to the Chamber Of commerce office at the city hall. Delays Bond Refunding Board Personnel Report over $3.500 In blocks. 'me mayor, who Imd been skeptical of the proposal since It was first suggested more Ihan a monlh nso. told the council It was their business but that lie wns n Iniv- yer and If he was voting he would |not vote for lu Answering n query 'from Estcs Lunsford, third ward alderman, as to what alternative Ihc council hnd but lo net when "It's tile law," Shane Intimated that Ihe aldermen could leave it !lo the pclllioners to force the issue by mandamus proceedings. "Lots of things are done against law," said the mayor, "for stance, slot, machines nre being operated." Delay Naming Commissioners Before the ordinance was Introduced by E. R. Jackson,, third ward alderman, all councllmcn Life Term, Claims Conviction Illegal GENTONVILLE. Arl P)—Circuit Judge Jo today postponed until January , hearing on a petition by Andrew J. BJSS, Columbia, Mo., dentist, who Is sec-kh'tr lo Jmvo set aside his hie sentence on ground. 1 -, th" murder fc-r which he wns convict- eo wat committed (n Missouri. Tho Mteourlan contendj; the slaying of William R. Pearman, also of Columbia, in an alleged S200.000 insurance plot, occurred . In Missouri and u, e body , e y wns brought over the Arkansas ine. The pillilon secfo lo free Him on tiit barls trial and con- vlcuon In. /,rk.iir,as were Illegal h av [ n j committed Rllhoiijh tidmittln lie the crime '•' irarl in the alleged In Todhunt- suivnce plot. Pupeiiniemicnl S. of the state prison system vvficrc Bass is strvlng thc life sentence, refused | 0 let him attend present expressed doubt as to sue-!tlw heirlm* Aiinrn.i"""l "~ eeu of the dlstricl. Bin Jackson I i ave R . % m "Sg \T^n and Lunsford, In whose ward Hie i;a-y '-wiring in Jaii- proposcd district lies, said appar- cntly the only course open was lo University (lets Rare n™^ vote in favor of the measure. Tom CHAPEL HILL S c (UP) A Jackson, second ward alderman, (new addition to the'.University of said he thought Owners nf at )mut!»m.ii. ^—«_. .,"_: u V"? rs 'ty of , , aon to the said lie thought owners.of at least North Carolina llbmrv . BATESVILLE, Dec. 12 (UP)- Enltl Barron, or Mena, was named IATTIP vrw- ^, ,^ captain • of - the Artaksns College Tl e SMcla^m^m 0 ' ?? ~ basketball team loday. He was the personnel Jf & * ^ S J Udylng 1934 football captain. Howard, boarrt fni.~,^i b ° tld remild(n ? Rayden, of Sylamore, Is jilternalo 'J°i "L r °1 ^ lble ^organization c;plln of the b.osketball isnm. '.<„,„ ^T; zaon ilelayed Its report today until nest Tuesday. --30,000 of them-were brought in peeled to be adopted by fnrmera nnd sold to produce over the Capitol houses here. The farmers received 15 cents a pound for the birds, All claims of 'the National P/. company Mayor shane wanl( « to know If ;thc council desired lo name com- mtssloners at once or delay ' appointment. Alderman Hughes suggested the matter be delayed, until Monday night and his ried. Some doubt as to the legality; •>f <M ordinance was expressed when It was discovered .that It provided for commissioners to be named m the measure itself and had passed with unfilled spaces! j for names. Attorney Barhnm sug- 1 igesled that L. E. Tull and C. V. |Sobaugh be named as cornmij- , (Continued On Page Three) .lust as surely as chickens come home lo roost, the few pennies that H costs one to use Relief' Scrip and Stamps will be return- cd one hundred fold and more This money keeps men at work and provides tho necessities of We for tiiose unfortunate cifl- «ns of our community. Arc you spending lh«* few'pennles, of are r«u slacking your part of this job? iWiinitions Inquiry Leaders Cool Toward Piesicienl lia! Piogram ;t o Industrial and cabinet advisers met with President ROOM;' veil today lo develop legislative re'c- ommeii[liUlmi5 lo inks Die (jrollt, out of wai mid iiisiire ehlclenl moblll- xiulon nf meh and machines In wont O r f |,(v m war 'Ihc proginm ^'as embroiled In controversy bUorn II «.», Parted! niircloia of thn scnnle's munition'! liu&Ugallon viewed the president' 1 ! action as preinallire They suspect- sd an effort to Oiwftrt furlher eom- iiiillce dLsclosLirr.s and declared con- rothei than Die ndminhtrai ftlll diatt tho he_w lawS t milder Hernnril Fiariich, C5en „.! 9 Johnson, til? sscretarles of wai navy and stale, Undoi Seere- laiy of Agrlcultiue Rexford Tugwell, and Assistant Secretary-of Labor Ftlntutf P McOiady went Inlo Ihe conference Thc president continued General Douglas MacArthur in office indef- Iii lely as chief of -staff so he can foioiv tiirougli the projtam this winter. 5tyi> h Crlllcal Calling of the conference was ic- vealcrt only a few hours In advance with this statement by the president. "The. time has come to take tho profit out of uar" .Mr Roosevelt natd tho senate inquiry had focused attention on necessity foi ,uch action Despite that Indirect praise authors of the Investigation, Senators aeratd P Nyc CRepi N D) am , Arthur Vnnclenljcrg CRepj ^[icll) were cool fcjaaid the White"House program ^ . » "Departments of our govfrniisnt nre jeally co-dcf«nd«nt,s-'iitti .th'e muijllloha lndiMlry and ths profiteers," siid Ni'n. ''initead of'toWn- those department now V rttp th" remedial legislation let us first Haw the full knowledge of the part they w\i plajeel In cieattag- (he need for remedv ' ItcllevM Time Opportune •" •In his press confeience today the president made it clear that! eveiy one knous what munition 'iroflls nnd othei pronts havrf been and lhat the world Is es-' oecially alive to the financial gains of those in the first cate- goiy Ife explained Hint the hearings Conducted by the special commit- cs of Senator Nyc into munitions <jrpfli5 had made the nation con-" Eclous of t)ie subject Furthermore, ic ndded. he believed the time on- portune foi legislation In view of He fact lhat ihere nre no wai 1 clouds on Ihe horizon >i Mr Roosevelt Indicated that the whole discussion would coier ~& »Irie range not meray from the irofil staiidnohit but from the economic side as well keeping 'in iilncl Ihe bitter lemons learned In ;he hst war Retains MacArlhur WASHINGTON, Dec 12 (UP)-^ President Hooseselt today sent a •etlei to Secretary of War George H Dem directing that the chief o. staff, Douglas MacArthur be retained In that post until his suc^ -essor has Ireen named The president explained that he was having MacArthur continued n office In order that he could tinndle war department legislation this winter. «. Freezing Weather Hits Florida Fruit Groves TALLAHASSEE, Fla Dec 12 (UP)-FlondiVs fruit growers' and truck farmers counted their losses in the million stoday as below .reezlng weather spread destruction In, Ihc tropical fruit gro\es. < •. The state department of agriculture -estimated 60 to GO osr cent destruction of the tangerine crop Losses to oraiijes ran as high ns 35 per cent WEATHER » Arkansas — Qenerally fair (o partly cloudy tonight and Thursday. Waimer tonight and In east portion Thursday. Memphis and Mcinlty—Pair to- ilght and Thursday, rising tern- peraturc. The inaslmum temperature here •csterday \vas 32, mlnimuhi IS, clear, •according to S&muel P. Noris, official weather observer. Lajt nlsht the temperature reached, i. minimum of IB d«»rew

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