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Coshocton, Ohio
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Stevenson's Store North Third St. Coshocton, O. which looked rather suspicious. After the "gang" had collected and had "started the ball-a-rolling" two negro guards were stationed about the house. Watching an opportunity to swoop down on their prey, the officers darted into the cellar and placed all under arrest.

The guards fled. "The gamblers were caught in the said Officer Fisher. With the exception of one member of the "party" who tried to "beat it" and escape being arrested but failed in his attempt. the men showed no resistance and marched up to the mayor's office. The men arrested and fined were Mike Birdsong, James Hamilton, Richard Coper, George Whiteside, Frank Johnson, Preston Chrestline, Frank Manson, Joe Preston, Walter Jackson, John Travis, Lester Seay, John' Fuller, Carl Bryant, Harry Fike, William T.

Lucas, Booker T. Holliday, Townsley Bell, John Robinson and Bud Franklin, all colored. The cards and dice were in posession of the mayor Saturday. WARSAW BOWS TO NEWCOMERS FIVE The Newcomerstown high school basketball aggregation won its first game of the season by trimming the Warsaw basketers on the latter's floor Friday evening. The score was 38 to 8.

The Tuscarawas-co lads were never in danger. They darted out in the lead and held it until the tinal gong was sounded. The Newcomerstown tossers showed excellent defensive as well as offensive work. They won the admiration of the fans from both towns. Never did the game lack interest.

Thrills were numerous on both sides. Several fans accompanied the varsity five to Warsaw. Among the fans who attended the game from Newcomerstown were Mr. and Mrs. Russell Taylor and Miss Mary Barnett.

Following is the local lineup: Guards- Murphy Daugherty: forwards--Larkin and Adams, and Brown at center. The subs were: Britton, Beauregard and Carney. The coach and fans were pleased with the showing the locals made in the initial appearance. On December 14 the local quintet will journey to Uhrichsville where they will battle the fast high school team. Newcomerstown is aware of the fact that it will be a stiff task to conquer the Xville varsity.

as the gymnasium in the new school building is finished, which is expected to be some time in January February, the locala will play their opponents at home. Newcomerstown is expected to have one of the finest modern gyms in this section of the state. The new Central gym at Coshoe. ton will be dedicated with appropriate ceremonies Friday night of this week. The McKinley high on, school five of Canton will play the Coshocton varsity boys.

A high school team out of Columbus will play the Coshocton girls' team on the same night and assist in dedicating the new gym. Several fans from Newcomerstown saw the two games at the new Central gym last night, the official opening of the gym. Bus Driver Forgot To Leave Tribunes Due to the fact that a Red Eaglo bus driver forgot to "drop off" the Newcomerstown city papers from The Tribune office, Coshocton, until 6:30 o'clock, Saturday evening, many customers were unable to get their Saturday papers until late last evening. The driver carried the papers to Uhrichsville and then back to Newcomerstown before he discovered they were not thrown off. The Saturday papers left The Tribune office on the 3 o'clock Newcomerstown bound bus and should have been landed in Newcomerstown ready to be delivered at 3:40 p.

m. Saturday. Pleads Not Guilty To Serious Charge Walter Stamm, Newcomerstown, entered a plea of not guilty it Mayor Starker's court to tho charge of defacing grave markers in the local cemetery, installed by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Mildred Stamm. He furnished bond for $500 and was bound over to common pleas court.

This was given out at the mayor's office Saturday, The charge was filed by the sister-in-law. She charges in the affidavit that Stamm defaced the markers that she had erected for his brother. SPECIAL MEETINGS DRAW BIG CROWDS The revival meetings held at New Philadelphia Baptist church last week in charge of the Rev. Harley C. Fletcher, pastor of the Newcomerstown church of the same denomination met with suecess.

He preached to large audiences. DANCE AT CASINO The Society Entertainers orchestra of Uhrichsville and well known in Newcomerstown will play for the dance at Casino hall Monday evening. The dance is being given by Messrs. Reed and Sondles. EUCHRE PARTIES Mr.

and Mrs. Milan Meyer were host and hostess at two Euchre parties Thursday and Friday even ings of last week at their home on North College-st. Eighty guests enjoyed the affair. On Thursday evening the prizes MAKES THE DEAF HEAR Remarkable Invention the Deaf to Hear All Sounds Clearly. Everyone who is troubled with deafness in any form will be interested in the announcement of the Dictograph Products Corporation, Suite 917A, Cleveland Discount Building, Cleveland, Ohio that they have at last perfected device Which will enable every one whose auditory nerve is not entirely destroyed to hear as perfectly as one whose hearing is normal.

To test it thoroly they sent it to a number of people who had been deaf for years and they report most gratifying results. Many state that they hear the slightest sound with perfect ease and that their natural hearing has been greatly improved. The manufacturers are so proud of their achievement and so contident that every deaf person will be amazed and delighted with it, that they offer to send it to any one by prepaid parcel post on ten days' free trial. They do not ship C. 0.

nor do they require any deposit, send entirely at their own risk and expense, allowing the user ten full days to try it and decide whether they want to keep it or not. As there is no obligation whatever, every one who is troubled with deafness in any form should take advantage of this liberal free trial offer. Just send them your name and address for descriptive literature and free trial request were won in euchre by Mrs. W. A.

Beers and A. G. Bretziue. On Friday evening Mrs. R.

A. Goudy and Charles Starker, Jr. were the prize winners. The home was beautifully decorated in carnations and narcissi flowers. At a late hour delicious refreshments were served to the guests.

BABCOCK FUNERAL Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of his mother, Mrs. Ollie Barnes, Goodrich-st, for Jesse Ar. thur Babcock, 35, who died Friday. The services will be conducted by M. L.

Oliver, retired pastor of the U. B. church. Burial will be made in the local cemetery. Brain trouble caused Mr.

Babcock's death. He had been ill for the past. three years. He was born on April 2, 1888 in Newcomerstown. He was reared in Newcomerstown.

wife is makes survived her by home one with daughter, her mother; his mother and one halfbrother, Harry Chambers, Newcomerstown. PERSONALS Misses Helen Mills and Madeline Ley visited Tuesday with the former's sister, Mrs. R. Seferth, of Newcomerstown. Mrs.

Maude Scott and daughter Lucille, were in Coshocton Satur day. Mrs. E. B. Hughes, of Columbus is visiting her mother, Mrs.

Laura Miskimen on Cross-st. Mrs. Oscar Boles, of Richmond is visiting home folks on Riv er-st. Daniel Lacey, of Detroit, visited his parents 011 North Col lege-st, last week. Mrs.

L. Mills, after several weeks visit with her son and family at the Central hotel has returned tc her home at Beaver, Pa. R. E. Mills and family of the Central hotel motored to Beaver, Friday to visit relatives.

H. L. Donohoe is spending the week end in Columbus. Mrs. Gerald Adams was in Uhrichsville last week shopping.

OFFICE IS ROBBED HUNTSVILLE, Dec. 8. A lone bandit entered the Lincoln Cotton Mill office here today, forced two employes to the wall with 8. gun and escaped with the weekly payroll amounting to more than $3,400. After gathering up all of the money in sight he backed from the office and disappeared.

Mrs. 0. G. White, Lancaster, 0., will assist in celebrating Woman's Day and in the jubilee work at Church of Christ Sunday Everybody Welcome. PROOF ACANT EATING WE know that our patrons of discrimination would buy elsewhere if they did not know our breads to be of excellent quality.

But they still prefer buying from us. "Most nourishing food" Home Bk. Co. Cor. 6th Walnut-Sts.

Phone 103. HIS OWN CHOICE into The Perfect Christmas Gift-from Father to Sonny or from Wife to Husband Sister to Brother- -Girl to Friend HICKOK BELTS BUCKLES BELTOGRAMS The practical gift, certain to serve and to please and encased like a jewel. They make not only a practical gift but an acceptable one. $1, $1.50, $2, and more HE NEEDS MORE THAN ONE BELT Lynde Clothing AND Go COSHOCTON'S BEST STORE FOR MEN BOYS CANNOT SEARCH PRIVATE HOMES, JUDGE DECIDES NASHVILLE, Dec. 8.

The Tennessee supreme court today took a firm stand on searching private homes for liquor when Judge Grafton Green handed down a ruling in which he declared "the court will not tolerate" the practice of securing search warrants "on information and belief." our Judge people Green for 300 said "the has history dem- of years onstrated that police officers cannot be permitted to ransack at will the property of other people." CANADA BARS U. S. FISHING VESSELS WASHINGTON, Dec. 8. The Canadian government today notifled the United States that American fishing vessels would not be permitted to enter Canadian ports after December 31.

except for shel ter from storms or in like emer. gencies. Don't Fail to Hear the LILLIAN JOHNSTON CO. On People's Lecture COURSE TUESDAY EVENING DEC. 11 GRACE M.

E. Church NEWCOMERSTOWN HAPPENINGS OF LIVE INTEREST SCORE OF BLACKS PLEAD GUILTY ON A GAMBLING CHARGE Twenty negroes on Clow-av, Newcomerstown, pleaded guilty before Mayor Charles Starker gamb- Friday night to the charge of ling. Each paid a fine of $1 and costs and was released. Chief of Police J. F.

Fisher accompanied by the remainder of the Newcomerstown police force swooped down upon the negroes, while they gambled with cards and dice in William T. Lucas' home on Clow-av, Friday evening. The officers pulled a surprise on the "party." The negroes were shooting craps and playing cards in Lucas' cellar at the time of the raid. Friday being pay day at the plant, where the negroes are employed, the police suspicioned something would "doing" among the men that night." The officers got a line on where the "party" was located early evening. The police saw men going into Lucas' house last night SOH No one ever had too many pairs of hose--it is the gift of usefulness as well as beauty.

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