The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 9
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. , THURSDAY, MARCH n,.i98? •flLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THIS EG« FILLING TICKLES PJBJHE Here Arc Some Soiithern Recipes to please Masculine Tastes When tlie hostess vanishes into the kitchen, even n laic dinner replete with good things from soup to mils, will prevent Die assembly from eagerly cyehi" Hie pantry entrance If'her specialty happens to be Kentucky burnt sugar cuke with eegnog filling. Nothing better ever came out of the Blue Grass region and we es- IKtially recommend Ihls cake for those occasions on whtcli one particularly wishes to please masculine tastes. Scottie's pecan cake "Iso has a flavor which tickles the masculine palate. Gulf state fig pudding is a favorite company dessert In many southern homes. Kentucky Burnt Sugar Cake l!& cups sugar "i cup butter 2 eggs, separated . 1 cup sweet milk 2'i cups flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 scant teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon vanilla Cnrnmnltzc \>, cup of the sugar to dark brown, add *; cup of wa ter. boil until it forms a syrup- let cool. Cream shortening -with balance of sugar; add egg yolks; beat; arid milk, sift flour, soda baking powder: add to above stir 111 the sugar syrup; lastly'fold in the egg whites, beaten -Arid vanilla. Mix. into Prize Recipe Contest to Be Weekly Feature Each week the Courier News will award a cash prize of $1 for the best recipe submitted to It for a fllsh announced the preceding Thursday. Ice box desserts ore i'ne subject, of the contest for next week. Send us your favorite rscip?, addressed to Pood Page Editor, Blytlievillc Courier News, and be sure that it reaches iis ndt later than Tuesday, March 1C. The winning recipe and perhaps some others worthy of Honorable mention will be published on this page next Thursday. Headers are invited to suggest subject^ for recipe contests In future weeks. j- • — ••*..^. Kiiu smooth Mtt=r. Pour into greased paper- lined layer pans. Bake 35 minutes in moderate oven 350 degrees P1 •;;;• Egeiioe Filling ','. f CSK yolks ^ -P tablespoons butter J v-H» ctips sugar :' 2 tablespoons flour .'i cup citron, shredded '(• cup raisins . H cim brandy, sheiry -or 'ex.'• tracts may be used. -" Combine first four 'ingredients, cook in a/double boiler until 'very 1 '."*• St'l: frequently, (6 avoid -..-• slicking.;.''.So'ak.ifriiits -in; .-brandy until saturated, approxunately one hour.. .Remove' ,batter, L from 'fire, beat until cool. , Pom in fruits Spread between layers Cover cake' with Ideal! Frosting. ' • , • *•* ideal Frosting 2',i cups sii'gnr • '.i clip light' com' f synrp ' • ' K cup. .via'ter .. . ' • . 2 egg whites - , ' >k Iraspoon nlhipnd extract ' '.a teasijoon-va'riilla -• .'••?'• teaspoon 'salt 1 : • ' ' • Mix- the sugar, -corn syrup, and water:, .qopk without .stirring to Gives (he Decorative Touch That Party Trays Demand If you give many parties, you need a nastty tube to trim \m those alluring open-face sandwiches with the latest in swirls and rose buds. Cream cheese softened with heavy cream makes an effective border pined nround the edge o/ a sandwich. Stuffed olives, sweet ulcklcd cucumber rings, pickled , watermelon rings, a bright tart lightly. I jelly, pimento, riced hard cooked """-"• egg yolk, any well seasoned sandwich mixture, a fine large shrimp in a tiny circle of capers—all these These Recipes Will Help You Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in True Irish Style 11V MILS. OAYNOll .M,\!)[>OX NHA Service Slaff Wrllrr While the sun BOOS down on St. Patrick's Day, thoughts of the skill of Irish cooks with the cheaper cuts of meat are in order There's n wayside tavern In Downs County, Ireland, near the reputed birthplace of Ireland's patron saint, where the food' Is Tamous. There once Edmtimi Burke scribbled .his s|>ceches, Daniel O'ConneU met his fellow agitators 'or Independence. Ami there, too, .hey know how to prepare spiced' Irish beef. Morion Downey ate It lot long ago. and being a Celt In blood and generosity, as well as a. stage and screen personality, he taslcns to recall for us that his- orlcal Inn in Downs. "I coaxed a few of their feast day recipes while we sat after dinner- talking- ncrass the pine- oppcd table. And tlie Irish, you now. are not too abundantly in; do wed with, luxurious foods. But and many others may be used for tlie center of the cheese hordei Graham, rye, whole, wheat or Boston brown bread make qood foundations. The bread should be sliced thin and cut in ro»ivK pbout two inches In diametei Small diamonds and hearts are easy to cut and ndd to the attractiveness of the finished tray of^saridwiches. • : Cream Cheese - .'.•' ' >., and. Cucumber^Ring •' "'Cut' rrounds ''of graham bread, making them about 2 Inches In diameter. Spread lightly with creamed butter and put a thin slice of pickled cucuniW. rine In the center. MLvCream'ichegscswith hgavy ' cream;: 'adding 'salt,''' until soft' enough to handle easily in IHe" "pastry tube. Use the point to •Stake.','iny roses and pipe than in ji'.v border around the cucumber .Site,A;snip, of pimento or pickled pert In the center of the ring adds a bright color. . | gibbon sandwiches are made they can lake (he cheapest culs of incut and by flnliery with meager .•.•011.5011 Ing mid. long and per- slslcnl cooking, turn out a delicacy. Every meal,"' he ndds,. "Includes the potato. 13ut no potato is baked , without first running a knife entirely through the body of It, a trick, 1 promise you, which makes the mealiest' potato In the world." Irish Splrr-d Heef I For c persons) ' Three pounds end of beef, : :> very small onions, 3 tablespoons pork fat, cloi-e gnrllc, 1-4 teasiioon allspice, 1-4 teaspoon grated juniper berries, 1-4 teaspoon (jrntcd nutmeg,. 1 cup chopped- suet, salt and pepper. Rub the meat first with- sail. eir with n clove of gnrllc. Mix the other spices together,- then pat them over the entire surface of the meat. Plunge <i kntfu Into .he meat In two places .and into he openings force tiny while on- ons, Press the meal back over Marshmallows and Pistachios Make St. Patrick's Ice J the opening Drown the moat on i'|l sides hi suit pork fat, (he,, pace in deep cimlienwurc dish «•'«> a pint of water. Cover (\ f \.t. ly. and cook In n> slow oven \\. lojvlni! 1 hour for each pound Mi! more waier when nc«IM turn the meat frequently, er chopiwd suet over tlt c meat to increase the amount O f 8t«v.v. When the roast Is removed a platter, mi mt Is poured off gravy und the remiilnln B rich brown sauce is thickened slightly with Hour mul cooked a few minute longer. Serve with Bo.xty »«xl.v in IMrsley n ti ] Hi persons) One pound mealy potatoes i cii|> Hour, enough milk for batter salt and pepper. Pare and parboil potatoes Dry horoughly. then grate, Mix with flour, salt ami pepper, nnd enough milk lo muke thick batter. Heat ni'Ec pan, add tincon drippings liberally, ihen (urn In bailor Cook pver nre, luralng the- Dorty when one side browns. Remove from pan and cut into wedges nfcout 1-4 Inch thick. Arrange on hot dish lined with chopped ptira- Jvforton Downey's voice; becomes golden as he explains llmt a herring | s „ , n1llg of ^^ Oillled Irish heiilng-isk any sourmet Inside 01 outside of Ireland' if hculngs me small '. allow 3 hen ing foi each person Div caiofum in n towel, mnkc 3 slanting cuts In each side of nsh roll lightly in (lour and grin beneath inodciale name bill them sprinkle \ilth paislej and serve nllh this mustaid sauce 4 I able- spoons; melted butlci, 1 a 'tablespoon diy muslnid pinch salt nnd pepper t i tablespoon coriista'rch cup milk 1-2 cup heavy cream 1 tablespoon butter. Mix drv ingi eriicnti with melted biit- lei then add liquids .1 few drops at a lime Cook slowly until sauce thicker sllghth, Stii frequently to pmcnt lumping Pom over the grilled hen Ing Markets Offer Best in Sc;i- fo;)cl a! This Season o I he Year ' • Even tlioush yoii ',la not observe Lent you'll want |« t /ike ncmimnui< of the many Ilsh r.n ns oirerwl In the mnrkcts lit UiIs .season. pi.,,, 0)R , rs ft u ,, lf ._ n H elmiiBc from heavier m.'nt ("slii's and lias the nddlllonni nd- '"" ' "" and uenernl Green ice cream scncU m wooden (j Palnikb Day parlj arming „(,, for ,i SI T«o lo tlncc hundicd cups of .c.i a da> arc sampled by Loh- flons onlj woman lea taKler. None. c-UlieJca i^druhl,, it Wbnly, t\A? HP/I frt|. III,* !«„!„ • - • ", ped for taste Jlnskwi rls|, |.-ii|e| s 'lnce I pound boned ash fillets on a buttered baking platter, cov- fr ivllh i! mixture of I cup finely chopped spinncb. 1 qun ,ler cup chopped spring onions, 2 tutile- iipcons minced parsley nnd .salt' ""'I pepper lo losii-. •Surromut' the nsh with .seasoned slices of I iy tomato. Sprinkle both nsh t lomato with crumbs, dot with bu ter and bake In a quick oven mill tcmlcr-nboul 20 mnules- bc sure not to overcook this dish I-'Ish Alaorhli; Make Into pieces suitable for scri-lng 1-2 cup cintimeat und \-2 cup lobster and combine wllli th'ise 1-2 cup w-lioi; shrimp. In n chnnng dish melt 3 tablespoons of tnllcr, (i(ld 2 tttblespoons of Hour and simmer lo a smooth I«iste, Then slowly Mir In I C tm milk, nnd cook until thick. Heat '•> epSB and add ihcm lo !!• cup milk hni ndd nils mixture cm . cril ||y ci MIC sauce. In the c hnl\ii B dish. When thick stir In ..i c ,, y mush , looms, ;i small p| mc nto cut In •iM,>s die nsh, •; teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspoon each of while ncn- per and pn|>r(X-n, n flush of miicc nil" ].3 grains of cayenne, cook ^l^yic^inlxturc Is, tDoroiiglily lcd, (hen add 3 Mble.iooons "1 cooking sherry. Serve nt once mi loastcd crackers. ClTUlc Slllllllp - Inblc'spoona .shortening, 1 rlici:pi'd green popper, I cup cul- ci-y, a tablespoons minced onion, ' nniiR slulmp, 2 cups canned to- malocs, a bay Icnvcs, a .wliole '•'nvi.'s. .linll mid ;),.|ij,(. r („ | listc , | l-a teaspoon Woiceslershlre.snucc Melt tin- shortening in a'saiiee |:-in and add Hie .green peppei, flwy anil y im|on and cook until •sifl. Add tomatoes, bay leaves and whole cloves and cook until sauce. Is thick. Kcmovc- buy leave's, mill-cloves and add shrimp, Worcestershire sauce und salt ami pepper to mute, cook until .shrimps are heated Iliroiiglt nnd svrre In a ring of ciwkcd rice. [simple (hat they can wlu 'BO^ reel the giov of accomplkh- lel them stuff Hie date-"»nu inrshmallow!, ami mils, '[fa, n enjoy doing it, aim you can bo foi the inoie complicated Let Children Share Party Preparations Children lovo lo share In the exclllng preparations for 'panics' anil special dinners. When they 8ln lo ctsmor. for ••'something, to ' 1 set ttirtn to dolnt; something insi 'pit the dates and xti... '"i 1 !" with nurslunallflttC 01 " Then ion In po\uleied~im- 8f»t ot cocoimit • • ainnhinillaM Dilntfes - ti rio L Vn r, icic Wok >o " ivii ^ te bi'iti lo llnil In ypui cookejy^lld v^iien the occasion demands-List minute icfieshmenls luesc data lira arc easy to fix and can"b whipped up In .M,oil oider-^ Boll l". cups sngai «ith "'cup 'alei to Unending stage 1230*35- ,,'iecs) Add 3 mnrshmntlous ciit 'ii pieces -ilien pom oic'r'' i slnnllj Add \ cup chopped-'mil sins and ', cup chcpped nnd ', teaspoon \anllln iiilxtnie on 3 do?e» dnck t , bake In n slow oven (SCO cl< foi IS minutes Read Courier News Want Ads Sweeten it with Domino Refined in U.S.A au i5 k ..>cings Fruits cereals .on^ fillings iced drinks Shure nn' begora you'll be waul- In' to celebrate the birthday of ' the man ' : drove- tlie.;-'£iMkes • • -i -• " • •• .»- s *"*w '. JtUl ill(J tU I' I .T~ luu "" ->1"IIU>YH,ILC^> rtlC ll\ Ihreading. consistency. Pour in a | wi ''i- wb ' kinds of "bread" cut in thin stream over' the stiffly beat- tlltek slices lengthwise of the loaf en; egg. whites, /beating continu- a ! icl P'jt together with a smooth oiteJ. ..\viien .the riilxttire begins /1 " ln ?- ' p 'l? them up In alternate ool ad ' - -.-- . --;•*• . ••v»*-"*c; ucguift to cool, add the extracts anil the .- - u -., .,v, u LUC e.Mructs anu tne '!''> la -u'H v [ 'cn cui .uown tiirough, salt.-Beat fronting mitil It is thick nta .W"g the slices'about one-fourth euough^to hold its shape; other- of an. tnclv.liilck.. wise, it stay oii the cake. """ " . Scoltie's.'pjcan CaVe : } cup b\i(ter V ," ; - L - j 2 cups sugar -".. .• '.,! 0 eggs; separated •f cups soft wheat fionv 2 leasjxxDivs baking powder "> leasixxiii salt 2 teaspoons nutmeg )!£• Ib. raisins 1 Ib. pecan' meals '•i cup whiskey' Cream butter and sugar until very .fluffy. 'Add beaten egg yolks , Beat mixture thoroughly, sift salt, nutmeg,-- baking ponder and flour together three times. Combine nuts and raisins with flour mixture. Add to. sugar and butter mxtiire. : Fold whiskey.- .-Checkerboards also are made with tiy'o- kinds of bread, 'a white ijirt:a dark, whole wheat or graham. Cut the bread as, for ribbon sandwiches and pile 'up in alternating "layers. Then cut down 'Inoueh in thick slices, the same thickness that the bread was cut to begin with, pile these slices up, being sure that the dark and white breads alternate. Otherwise ! the slices won't stick together and the checkerboards won't be true. ! Chill for at Least an Hour ' Wrap tightly in waxed paper and put in a cold place for an °ven beaten whites. j- Mix in(o smooth natter, pour into greased tube Pan. Bake - three, hours In slow (325 degrees F.). Cool in v Gulfstale Fi E Pudding- ' = c jip butter or other shorten,: n " ' i. .1 ' cup sugar ' ' ' 1 egg '- teaspoon allspice ' r l _ teaspoon cinnamon ' j"; cups soft wheat nour hour or longer. Slice about 3-8 of | Is too good to keep in the confines an inch thick. You can lise a fill-1 of the family. As St Patrick's ing but it must .be quite smooth ----and not moist enough to soak the bread. A seasoned butter often is used and Is very satisfactory '•J cup figs/ chopped -= cup pecan meals, broken Blend butter and V™r ?g. beat i<!d drv ,., and tints. Mix into a smooth teller Pour into well greased ' tins H oz. cans ,fill half ri|II . '•i cup butter Ha cups confectioner's sugar 1 teaspon any flavoring extract 1 tablespoon slieny or brandy Wat butter to consistency of weam, sift In the sugar, slowly. -oiitlniie beatins until the mass s nnffy. Add flavoring. Serve On "ft puddings and fruit pies. Lemon to Accent I'Uvor Ltmon juice- brings out : ' the flavor of melon, of avocado pears, nnd cooked prunes, • »«([ 'then cut down through, out ,of .the". Erhei-alci "Isles whether you're- Irish yourself, or. only liave an Irish" 'cousin . f oiii" times removed ou your father's side. St. Patrick's Day appeals to the imagination of old and young alike -and every year finds more and more people planning . parties on that date, for It makes for nil hilarious gcttogetlier. Children, particularly, consider March 17 as one of the rccl-lettcr days on the winter . calendar and would be disappointed if something didn't set it apart from ordinary days. All good' mothers know this and are probably planning some little festivity. Maybe youthful eyes will he "reeled at The breakfast table by a centerpiece of — instead" of the usual flowers or fruit— a bowl of "spuds" with their faces scrubbed and shilling, nnd n St. Pat's favor at each place. Maybe you're one of those mothers, who is going' ; to keep her "s'prisc" until the evening meal. If so. here's a dish that will not only delight :' the youngsters, but give husbands . cause for rejoicing, too. But Pistachio Nut Ice Cream several varieties of filled sandwiches are served. For rolled sandwiches the bread must be fresh and very fine- grained. A sharp knife must be at hand to slice the bread, very thin and even.. Trim off the. crust ot the loaf and cut in thin slices, lengthwise. Spread each slice witli creamed butter and then ' with a smooth filling. Roll up /closely. Make these rolls about three inches long, no longer, and about nn inch in diameter. A : large roll about 2!i inches in diameter may be cut in slices foi pin-wheels. Spread one-third of each slice with a different fill- Ing, choosing colors as vtvld as possible. For example, you might use one-third green butter, one- tliird grated hard-cooked egg yolk made mokt with mayonnaise and one-third cream cheese made Dink with paprika. The crust is trimmed from the bread for ribbon and checkerboard sandwiches. Dry the v crusts roll them and use for crumbling.' 18,000 Meals In One Cafclcrii innrslimnllow base are so easy to mnke, too. ' V . ; . Alia here's the 'recipe that's going !rj flo: ; yoii ;proud— no niattei' what day of the t year. you make il - i - : • • '•' - - ', . 1'istachio Nut Ice Cream . (Serves 5). 2 pack-ettes . <|i poiiii'cl) •• raarsh- iiuillows . 1 cup milk i !-i cup whipping cream - ' it cup pistachio nut meats 'chopped) !6 teaspoon vanilla extract Green food coloring , . Place nrarslimallows '. nnd two tablespoons of milk in a saucepan. Heat over- low name, folding over and over .until mnrslmiallows are about half melted. Remove from flame and continue folding until maishmallow . mixture is smooth and fluffy. Add a few drops of food coloring. Blend well, then cool. Slowly ndd remaining milk and told In the whipped cream, nut meats, and flavoring. Freeze in automatic refrigerator at coldest degree possible. A charming way to serve this luscious Ice cream Is to spoon it in wooden bowls and sprinkle with pistachios (whole or chopped,) And if you want lo make it more elaborate, make your favoi-itr- • J IMVUJIlf, scrve ll '" csU ma 5' ' 1!>v c be meeting; and what refresh- ^ .I? 10 ' 1 01 ' Bs llUlc ° 5 lhc y lvlsh - -nent would be more su.t^e to j °!±£' a^Vorder K^' senc than a Huffy green-timed I St. Pat's Birthday even' more of Ice cream, with a rich nutty fla-| an occasion, you could .serve the vor and n smooth -as- velvet tcx- 1 uu ' 5 '" a se P ara 'e bowl. However, you may have to lift a restrain- -- ...V 1..MMIJ. M ^>v. raLllCKS -V, -, * • Day falls on Wednesday, more I C - hC ?, OI ? te S!U1CC anc } llian likely.- your bridge club will * p chcr so that 8uc 10 ' 1 01 ' Bs ll , (W)-When a cafe- lei-ia held a spaclal "old customer- night. Everett J. Snyder look top honors Snyder had eaten more •'man 18,000 meals -there during • f • ~- "•*.•-*.. ni period of 21 years. 10,000 meals. cntfn/ - more Nine ofher lure that only a marshmallow base can give? Ice creains with a ing hand to curb childish enthusiasm for goodies! HEY! Watch This Ad NEXT THURSDAY for Good News! IT'S AUOtIT SHIBLEY'S BEST FLOUR "The Favorite of Good Cooks" GROCERY & 109 \Yesf Wain SI. Kroc Del'ycry Spccinls For Fri. - Sat. & Mn n . _ i\Iai-. : !2 - !,'! & 15 MARKET Phone 15 FLOUR — 21 Ibs. !)5c; '18 Ibs. SI .SO; flli'lbs. ?:!.;->() Whitewater Itose 2<l Ihs. $IM; J8 His. 52.05 Omega — 5 ||, s . ;} St . 10 Ibs. f,5c; 20 || )s . Si. 15 EGGS, Fresh OAC Couiili-y. Do/.. C.U 3WRET MILK (}t. lOc. I'f. 5 l B(JTTERJIII,K Fresh. Q(. 5' STEAKS, I.oin nr nT Round. Lb. 13 MfXED SAUSAGE Fresh. y,. SMOKED ,JOWr> MEAT. Lb. MEAT. LOAF IG-Oz. Can. Ea. IO L CHJLI Can MILK v 2 I.gc. or .1 Small 15' SOUC, ^ ^ cge( 1 «!Jlc or Tomato. : Can SALAD DRESSING OCC Quart Jar fcy J'OJLK'f TISSUE !,00n Sheel Roll 5 l TOMATOES No. 1 Can I.ARI). .Hriurr Your UiR'kel. [,|,. 15 I A DH LHnU P U I{ K S-JI) l'aj| $1.25 fi-ll) Cln 51.IS 25 Lbs. . S3.(I5 50 libs. COFFEE, Cannva oi'OAC Max. House. ],b. OU COFFEE. We Grind H. IJ>. I'BJ'I'EK Pint Jar. 15^ MACARONI 3 Boxes-•-•••'-• VINEGAR IMnl 5c. ' .Qt. 10° OATS, Scotch Brand, .MUSTARD Quart Jar 710 * 2 w SOAP, 1>. & G. or 17C 0. K. -I I) ilr s 17 1 1 IUKI) SEED French's. I'kjr. 13 C CORN, No. 2 Can 3 for 25< Red. No. 2 Tall Can 10 POTATOES, No. 1 Red. •: • COCOA 2-I,b. Hox 15' CRACKERS 2-1 .b. lio.v 5 PKACITKS 2 Lhs. FANCY At 'Reasonable Prices I . We hand]G flic best money can buy. Try our home made'Chicken Salad, cole sh.w, pimento cheese, ant 1 - Baked hams. Free Deliver}] / pj lonc NABERS & NABERS GROCERY BPHI^JG S&LE Your oi)povtiinily,to c«m|)lc£cjj' niotlcrni/y your '-< ,,.l(i(cht'ir eqiiipnicnhwitli all Jncw, loitfj-^eariiiff i T utensils iij )mv cost. Soe Iheip iiro'tii Mmc'anil' ,<> you'll wnnj lo use. Ihcm m j-titir kitchen l , !x " , HEW FRENCH: FRYER rfe\v streamline hn'ncUc. Fine 2 QUARTS mesh vbasket. Swingingrcststops dripping on stove. Round, easy clean corncrs.'3 qt. :)US .$l.l9(J?cg.$JL50). PERCOLATORS Seamless Easy-clcDn dome } 8CUP l,te"handlcs _ 4 fl C Smart, flat bead \ I «JJ 6cup,$! 75 (Reg r 1 • S2 25),4cup,$l 65 (/Jerf.Sl.95). Also KS. 52.45 2 cup and 12 cup. NEW, DOUBLEyBflUER 1!40WBJS Bound,rosy clean 4 R D Corners. Smart, C I 3 3 flat bead 1 Qt 9 I , size, $1J9 (Keg * $t 75) Also I'/, RE6. JI.SS Pt.,2Qt.and3QK "JUMBO" SAUCE PAN SET QU iVl Qt. and 3 Qt. izes. Smart, flat f 1 QR bead Round, \ I 30 easy cor- T I • ncrs Streamline handles. Cover HE. 52.EO Set, 65c extra. 4 \'t QUARTS Combines Beauty and Economy. «• 0 Q S Smooth bottom. \ / «« Balcehte fingcr- " ^ • grip handles. Steam seal. RtG. 53.ES Trivet, 30c extra. Big, deep, 9-inch x. H fl fl sk 'll=t Sturdy, C I UU hand-fitting, T I t streamline steel 1 handle. Inside REG. SI.35 >dcpth 1*1 inches. HUBBAHD HARDWARE

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