The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1944 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION iftolmum Charge ... . 1 time per line ....... ........ ? 3 times per line per MJ'.'.','."' 1 I time* per line per <J»y. [ Mime* per line per day . h bffl rnadT 8 ™ ""* "~ — •»«' w* ii£uj]f COp J "•IrlB^Xr^v, y perSOns "afclng out- Wfla of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may b8 easily computed from the above table AdjertWng ordered Mr ^regular' N" ° M ^ tl18 ona ttme r *t e - Uo r nTtT^.?£^«' ^«- •*^NO—r^A^t, Safe iraclicnJJy new living room and Kitehe,, riimltui'e. 2034 Chicka. snv ^ 5; FOR QUICK SALE list your"^ erty with: H. C. CAMPBELL I hone 440. Office 120 S. 2nd, with ^Luclen E. Coleman. 5-2-pk-2 Five burner Quick-Meal oil stove practically new. 1705 Hcarn. . t 5|22-pk-25 Duplex aparfment located 1222 Kast Davis Street. Each apartment has 3 rooms downstairs with 2 bedrooms and bath upstairs, perfect condition and well located. You tan live in <me apartment and rent the other for enough to pay payments. Shown by j^jippoinlment only. Call ,%i. Worn Little Realty Com_J^y- _ _ 5-19-ck-24 AH types of motors repaired, Arma^ lure winding. Refrigerators and rebuilt motors for sale. Rowen Electric Co., 120 N. First, Flione ' i921 - 28ck28 Building, grocery and meat market doing good cash business. -Would sell slock and fixtures nnd rent building. Sec me—H. c. Campbell, 120 So. Second Street, Phone 44G. 5-19-i)k-2S USED PTANOS bought and sold. George Ford, Hardaway Appliance Co. 5-1-ek-l Tnble model Ei*itrio Radios at "The Radio Hospital, 204 W. Ash. 27-pk-2T .Table and ConsoIe~RAmO& Electric and battery. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 2071. 7-c.k-7 State Certified, .. Ceresan-treated Deltapine 12 cottonseed, $5.00-100 Ibs. $90.00 Ton. Ralsoy soybeans Certified $3.25 bu. Not Cert. $2 75 bn. Tenn. and DortcVi hybrid corn Will trade 2 bu. our treated for 3 your untreated cottonseed, •dette Plantation, Burdette. 10-ck-6-10 :Real choice ICO acres Buffalo Creek land, well drained, nice crops growing on the entire tract now, good roads, electricity, good houses. Large barn, wonderful location. Tliis is one you will like. $125 per acre. Reasonable cash payment. Balance 10 years at low rate of interest. Yon get rent this yenr H. A. ASHABRANNER, Manila Ark. 5-20-pk-24 Small electric table model radio in perfect, condition. See it at our office. Tom Little Really Company. 5.-lfl-ck-24 For Sale Iron bed, springs nnd mattress. Also used typewriter In good con. Ultlon. 113 W. Main. 5 ! 23uk2C Complete maple twin bedroom suite" Also 4 boxes Remington .22 shells jMMVJJavIs. 5-23-pk-25 Sausage mill, candy case, rimTwIre baskets and Frlgidalre. Mrs. J. E MeFall. Phone 3310. 5;23pk30 Portable Remington typewrlterTXlso! Singer hand vacuum. Phone 209G. 5|23-pk-26 2 Lots on corner Main and Franklin Streets with 2-story brick building. Second story of building ar- nmg-ed for nice home. Yon can Jive upstairs and op- erale your business downstairs. This properly lias been occupied by the Kng- ler Aulo Parts 'Co. Priced right for quick sale. Call 8GJ, Tom Little Realty Company. 5-]f)-ck-2<i Skylight—si™ CX8. Pre-war inauT- rlal. A bargain if you can use it. $05. Call Jcssce Stitt at Hotel Noble. 5-22-ck-29 B A !{fi A INTOR QU I C K SALE—One Allis-CJialniers Model 'L'Crawler Traclor. One 8 Yd. capacity Crawler Wagon. One 12 Ft. Austin-Western 'Blade Grader. . Price $2000.00 or will sell separate. C. J. LIST CONSTRUCTION CO., Armorel, Ark. Phone (M7. 5-22-pk-2D FIRST ADMIRAL HORIZONTAL 1.5 Depicted early olUcial of U S Novy 12 EbcHczet (abbr ) 13 Negative II Uncloses 1 5 Symbol lor tellurium 10 Fiber Isnots 18 Analyzes a sentence 20 Greek letter (ARK): 2) Heavenly lK)dy 23 Among 24 Above 25 Compound ether 27 Electrical lenn 28 Asserts „ , 29 Prince •-•*''' 31 Homnn road 32 Harden 33 Mournful song 3-1 Former Russian ruler 35 Catcher <J{ eels — theU.S Navy "IS Doctor of !$• Medicine '--'u (nbbr) '< 50 Rationed Item 51 Pay back VERTICAL fi.flUke 35P nss J Solid *' 10 Articulate ; '/, 33 Mnr anew ;!i 2 Encourages v.'llnips \% ' 30 Boast of 3 Within , /•'. 17 Evident -\ burden Diamond- ' 1'ID Rough lava f 39Grllty cutter's flip 20 Kir *'4'0 tiulo-Eui-o- 5 Previous 22 Twin brother pca» Inngur 0 Point tn tm of Romulus 41 Symbol for ib 21 i 3 1 i<! oi'bn 24 Eat too much smnnrlum „ 7 Bnmbcjolilie 2C Ran again 43,Was seated . a Brass . 28 Tilling ' 4.) Neither *i 8 Registered - 30 Ever (coiur ) >18 Symbol for'), nurses (abbr.) 31 Fish . iron (abbr.) 37 Chinese %.,,..' money of' * ;1 « accovint (pi.) 40 Vegetables 42 Tissue (anal.) 43 Chinese skiff 45 Girl's name f. 40 Exclamation i. .47 He \ras the _ 1% first admiral', A \n M SO I 8 i n; H ~IP 3? tz 'us 3a Electric Washing Machine. Children's Lawn Swings Steel Watering Trovighs. 380 Gal. Pud Tanks. Blyllicvillc Machine Shop 5115-ck-U 5rain feeds — Hay—Poultry—Dairy nnd Mule feeds. Blytheville Groin Jfc^Elevator Co. 5-20-ck-tf Alfalfa Hay. W. C. Mtmglmn, u^~. ora, Ashport Ferry Koad. 5|18-]ik-25 BICYCLES for men nnd women boys nnd Birls. Tom Little Hardware Co., Inc. SlS-ck-8 Certified caboage plnnti, free from yellows, tomatoes, peppers hot nnd sweet. All kinds of flower plants and seeds. Heaton's Home of Fiower-s. Davis Avenue at Frarik- JJ^U^^^^^ 3-2-ck-tf Wanted lo Buy -awn mower, noor scale, cheap vacant lots. P. O. Box 899. 5-20pk24 Corn and hay, top prices paid Blytheville Grain & Elevator Co. 8-ck-tf Will pay cash "for ' $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. ™ ! Pay 20C per aoz. for wire coat Gleaners. Help Wanted For Rent Bedroom, large, comfortable nncl clciin, with or without kitchen privileges. Mrs. H. C. Msirlln, 817 Chicknsnwba. ,5'22-)k-23 Piirnislied four room house with bath. I'honp 2908 after (i p.m. _^_ ^ _ 5;23-plt-28 Nicely furnished bedroom. Phone 2090. fiiM-i.lf.™ Furnished apartment. 401 E. Ash~& L1 "S' sls - 5-l9-pk26 PurnLslicd 2 room apartment. Apply ISM W. Cherry. , 5-22rjk25 Front bedroom with private entrance. Mrs. Slsk, 209 West Ken_^ c _^ 5-20-)>k-2<! Bedroom. 11S5 Hearn. Phone S31S. 5-10-0-10 Comfortahle bedroom, ntljolnlng bath. 1017 Walnut. Phone 251G. 28tf Office In Ingram Building, inquire at tile Partlmrst Co. II-30-ck-tr Betirooms for rent with kitchen privileges nnd mnld sen-Ice. Plionc 2133 . 19-ck-U Lost 15 Ahle bodied men are needed l)y (he Blyfheville Canning: Contiiany (o help save lhe largest jiea crop in the liistnry or .Mississippi Courtly. If you are interested apply at the local Uhifcrl Shift's Employment Service, 118 South Second .Street at once. I'honc 2881. 5-23-ck-26 Experienced pressers and seamstresses. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 5-17-ck-17 All Auto Owners 'Spring Check-Up 7 | • maintain your car for the duration with oar thorough 'Tro- •Mective Service" and avoid damage anil destruction o» vital parts Hard to replace. * CLEAN RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM if CHANGE ENGINE AND GEAR OILS if TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS AND BRACES * TUNE CARBURETOR AND DISTRIBUTOR Come in NOW for ottr SPECTAI, SPRING CHECKUP Minor repairs and adjustments TODAY will prevent expensive ovcr- liatils tomorrow PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. TeL «5J Acthorlnd Ferfl Dealer <tb * Wilnat Elgin wrist watch with gold spring wrist hand. Lost, at Golf Course or Walker Pnrk. Reward for return to Joe Evrorcl. IMionc 2055 2811. 5|22-ck-5'29 Taken Uip Services KXI>KRT RADIO SERVICE Aulo and home clcctrii set.s rc|iiiirc«l. LOY Kl'Cli CIIRVHOLCT Co.. 5-22-cl>-2: Lei us sliarpcii awl repair your lawi mower while our parts and j'o palrs laiit. Illyllicvlllc Muctiim. Kll «P- 511ti-ck-lf Attic fans, custom huilt, installed Weldman Bros. Phone 46'0. 5-lO-pk-O-l! SEWING LESSONS - Complete 8 Lesson Course. 510.00] Persona Instruction. Your choice of Dressmaking, cutting and fitting, restyling, etc. Afternoon, and night Classes now forming. Repairs fov nil makes of sewing machines Singer Sewing Machine Co., Phono 2782, 114 So. Broadway 5-D-ck-C-5 Rough dry laundry, also, spreads blankets, Main. light ijnllls. 4oa E. O-.l-pk-S- One dark horse mule about 7 liantls nigh. One dark horse tmiic about CV.' hands high. Sam Jones. Armorel, Box 274. S-20-i)k-24 Totigli, lo,i(r wearing leather irorknianship Hut equals the 0 " Prkcs for „ H-RLTCRS ; OUflLITY SHOe SHOP V(Zl W. M'B I SI -t T ' MEMBER OF -.(U*:n;- PUNEHAt,H BURIAL INSURANCE Complete Family .'Coverage HOLT FUNERAL HOME 571 for Details Variety ARKSOY SOYBEANS DON EDWARDS TClw Tj96willcr Iba" •MTTH, OOBONA, AND REMINQTOM POBT4BU TTPXWRITKM Hi H. tod STRECT PHOI« tan Trmamtlon Hurt B« B»tM»etorT) Good Used Horse-Drawn Equipment -Also Harness- NITRATE OF SODA 3-9-18 and PH7 Fertilizers. J. L. TERRELL S. Broadway Phone 26 31 ARKSOY 2913 SOYBEANS Rcdcancil—Absnliitrly Free of Corn O.W.COPPEDGE GIN CO. Political Announcements «.e Courier News nnj been »u- ^ v r M C| , l ° <II1IIOUI1 « «'8 "Hawing cuhdldnclcs, s>it)Jcct to lh e Deiuo- cmttc prlmnry in August; STATK KKI'KKSKNTATIVK ALENE WOIfJ - >' or rc-cli'cllon, Post. No. 2) W. J. WUNDEHLIOH (for rc-elcclion, 1'osl No l) J. LKE J3EARUEN (for rc-clcction, post No. 3) LUCIEN E, COUiMAN E. C. "GENE" FUSEMAN (Past No. 4) SHERIFF AND COM,KOTOB HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (13UDDY) WATSON COUNTY THEAKUKKIi K. U. (SKKETI STOUT MISS DELIjA PUR'l'I.E COUNT! JUDGK POLAND OlifcJlSN (for re-c)rol!o»> CIKCDIT COUKT CI.F.nK HARVEY MORRIS (For re-clcctloii) COXJNTV CI,KHK T. W. 1'OTOSlt (for ra-clcc(lan) PRESCRIPTIONS Freshwl Stock Guaranteed Rest I'rldtsi Kirby Drog Stores "~~—:—• Klnt«r CunntnKhnm VULCANIZIHG Tire ft Tube Repair Cotton Belt R.R. g, g. i lwy „ (Forwtrlj' with r.n^ler 4m, i'(«,l •lust Received, Carload RUBY GLOW Arkansas Aiillirutltc COAL! I'lny Sinfc'—lltl your III,, „„„.. E. C. ROBINSOK LUMBER CO. ' I'lllllic FOR BALE CONCRETE 8TOHM SEWER A I.I, 61/,KS Cheaper Than Jtrldce Lumber Osccola Tilo & Culvert Co. Chant 691 Osccola, Ark. N6TICE TO PR6J>ERTY OWNERS termites may be ruinlnjf your property. Call me chcok-t.p without cost or obligation. 1UT8, XlICE AK'h ROACH CONTROL ' GUARANTEED WORK PRICES EFFECTIVE THIS WEEK ONLY No. i I'OKJ) 2 DOOU | MiTliaiitciilly OK. IS (iiioil Tiros I'rlcc K)i)R Talnl. Si'iit' envoi's, (ittmt Tiros l.'.vrollcnt KulilKT 7.15 | A Huy Sill T.vnV wr" I urn" "MIM" PICKUP I'doe) M5 Many Other Cars—All Makes, All Models LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Ol. y AY/ i DON'T THINK. ANYBODY ->cr-r,-.3U \KtKt ) SVlLj. GOiW6 ID LEAVE/ BOTHER IT HEPE/ X n/ FIMCCIOESANI) HIS KUIKNDS Sounds Serious HyJHKRRILLBLOSSEiS •'. f Hiouc 2002 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CBIMNG PRICES Phone 2291 DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHfC PHYSfCMNS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCERJ OFFICE HOURS; 8:90-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Main Blylheyille, Ark. » Phone 2921 SEARCH ME ! YOU GO ON DANCe , TRAGEDY/ WHOLE EVENING MAS (JIleRED A DEATH RATTLE ' fe?C^: JY T ~ S <<V' n^x ^-^^-* ^ — 1 v RYDER HOlDON DCi By FRED HARMAN; HY LESLIE TURNER THIS IS CAPWW EASV THAT INFORMATION YOU CARRY IT'S IMPORTANT ALLIED COLONEL WINSER... .. ANP JUST WHEN WAS6EUIM.3 ACiJUAINTEP WAS SENT HERE TO (3ET YOU NOW MAYBE YOPlL HAVE- MORE T(Me USTEM TO MS KITTY ENROUTE TO AUSTRALIA 1 PON'T UK'DERSTANP, . «Y EDGAR MARTIN WVOffi. ^W^fe. VTl

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