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The Emancipator from Montgomery, Alabama • Page 4

The Emancipator from Montgomery, Alabama • Page 4

The Emancipatori
Montgomery, Alabama
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EMANC IP AT 015 1918 I Editor Emancipator: NOTICE. The Peoples Private School will reopen Monday, Oct. 6-' 19 Mrs. M. L.

Dean, teacher, Rede Ben Butler. Six Dollars $6 $8 t'1rwti "tirilrmfte What Montgomery Is Doing nzes Miss Annie Ellen Falkner Offered To Montgomery School Children. Write A Letter MONTGOMERY H. S. Murphy, formerly teacher at the State Normal School, and compiler of the Montgomery Blue Book is offering three prizes to the school children of Montgomery for a letter on "The Best Thing in the Montgomery Blue Book and why I think It Is the Best." About The BLUE BOOK spelling, language, margins, and! letter.

Win. Most admirers of Theodore Roosevelt are inclined to the belief that his greatest exhibition of sheer pluck was given in Milwaukee in October, 1912, wnen ne was snot tne cnest by John Schrank, a would-be assassin, who was On that occassion, with a bullet in his body, Roosevelt insisted on making a speech scheduled at the Auditorium while the candidate of the Progressive Party. He did and then went to a hospital. But these admirers of the Colonel are probably not familiar with another exhibition of grit that even surpassed the one at Milwaukee. This took place in the spring of 1885, when Roosevelt, who was then in the cattle business in the Bad River, took part in a big round up oi cattle that lasted tor three weeks.

It is graphically described by A. V. Merrifield, who was Colonel Roosevelt's que days "Colonel Roosevelt joined theround up, bringing his own string of ten horses," says Mr. Merrifield. "In this string of his he had otre mean brute named Ben Butler.

Several of his horses bucked on occassion, but Ben Butler had the trick of falling over backward. One afternoon as Roosevelt was starting out on 'the the horse fell over with him and The first prize will be $3.00 (three dollars) second prize (two dollars) and the third prize $1.00 (one dollar). Letters will be limited to two hundred and fifty words, and must be good form as regards otner tnings expected a good How To Read the Blue Book thoroughly, to learn about everything all mistakes, then carefully copy'rap partner in those pictures- in it. Write your letter, correct it. Letters of prize winners will the next issue of the Blue Book.

Each cotestant must procure a copy of the Montgomery Blue Book at 25 twenty-five) cents a copy at one of the places listed below. On the blank piigc opposite page two he (or she) will see the name S. Murphy" stamped. Cut this out and pin to the top of your letter. No letter withouo this will be considered for a prize.

Do not sign your name to your letter but stop' with the "Yours Write ymir name, address, school and orarlp nn broke the point of his shoulder There was no doctor within a Ha r8qT Hn, hundred miles and Roosevelt I confidence knew it. The break must 1 t0 eXprCSS t0 1 Respt. Yours a SEPARATE piece of paper and pin to the top of the letter a-long with the stamped name you cut out of the Blue Book. The judges will be: Messrs. James E.

McCall, Editor of the Emancipator; R. H. Harris, of the Dean Drug and Wm. J. Robinson, President of the Emancipator Pub.

The Montgomery Blue Book is on sale at W. E. Means, D. W. Day, Beverly's Grocery, Lowes' Grocery, Dean's Pharmacy, Alex Williams, Dean Drug Store, Ideal Drug Store, Pitt's Drug Store, A.

C. Brown's, Arrington's Barber Shop, Conley's Grocery, DacUs Grocery, A. C. Curly's Barbershop, and at Murphy's house, 616 Thurman Street, and elsewhere. At least one hundred letters must be sent in.

The time for writing this letter ends on November first, and the prize winners will be announced in the Emancipator for November 6th. ottjr a wuiu auuui u. ne simpryi rui jiuiek auu went uu with the day's work. He didn't sper.k of it again and the rest of us forgot about The break healed up itself. It wasn't until about a year after that I realiz ed what he must have TOliiii, nr.t k.l, f- Ui fiut utviv liuiu uiai, round un that snrinc.

with hia; 7 shoulder scarcely healed, 1 1 didn't think anything of put-! ting him on a horse for forty or! sixty miles a day. We'd ride up to the ranch of a man named Gregor Lang, some fifty miles A i i Aiiurcs your envelope to City." OI301 r30C30I The Principal Of Day Street Public School Speak In Praise Worlh Terms. Of Roman Adair. To the Editor Emancipator: Please allow me to make this statement to the public through your paper. For sometimes a tumor has been growing in my head.

I consulted Dr. Roman T. Adair, and finally decided to let him perr perform the, operation" which was done in a most satisfactory manner His splendid surgical training was evidenced by the most scientific manner in which the operation was per clumpy an a uuvm nwa v-ii v. vealed in his subsequent treat- ment of the case. Before having this tumor removed my eye sight was very bad and I could not read without my glasses, but since the operation I have not felt the need of them.

I did not realize that the impairment of my eye sight was due to this tumor. Hence, I am of the opinion that it would be proper and fitting that I make this statement (publicly for the benefit of those who may be suffering as 1 did for a number of years Dr. Adair is a young man in rp pj jjan(Jall, Principal Day Street School. Attention. If you are going to Colum-Kiii nViio tn livp B.rp Mr.

B. .1. Matthews for houses.Small cash 1 payments uov.n.;e uivc P1 I V1H. 4 M.

kj serve you. Address :216 N. Cleveland Ave. Columbus, Ohio. Mr.

Charlie Mitchell, of Nor- ivr- iu-o Martin their Midget Band arrived cQ nil. cau iuio. ttm ai in the city Sunday night en- Mrs. Gomez of Mobile, is- in the city to spend a i l.S 111 lllC KIW fcw weeks visiting her friends! present week she is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.

Ed. Hatcher on Holt Street. Mr. and Mrs. D.

C. Moore of Early Street motored to Tuske--ee Sunday morning in the new car and spent a delightful day visiting relatives and friends in that city. Mr. and Mrs. Moore were accompanied by Mr.

and Mrs. Wm. Davis: who spent the day visiting their son and daughter, Mr. and'Mrs. Lyman Rutledge.

'Wo VV Mrs. Carlton, Prop. Phone 245 THAI iftnfti I i I0C30Z un thp rivpr thn bunday aiternoon I desire to -inform the Public that the widely circulated rumor to the effect that I had been arrested sometime during last week was one of those pieces of hatched-up rumor, to which there was absolutely no truth nor foundation. I am pleased to say that I am still I at my home on Holt bt. pursuing peacefully, as I have for the past twenty-one years, my duty as a pulic servant in the employ of the Government a3 a Railway Postal Clerk; have not been disturbed, am not disturbed, and hope to not be disturbed, v.

Yours Respectfully, J. S. Julian. N. A.

A. C. P. NOTICE. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will meet Sunday afternoon at Hall Street Baptist Church.

The meeting promises to be an interesting one as usual Members and friends are invited to be present. Meeting last Sunday was held at Holt Street Baptist Church, a large attendance being present. 1 Mrs. Mary G. Traylor left here on last Tuesday evening, Oct.

17, for Detroit, where she will spend ten or fif teen days with her brother, Mr. T. J. Jones, and from thence to Chicago. There she will spend fifteen 'or twenty days with her aunt, Mrs.

btarks. Y. M. W. C.

MEETS. The Young Men's Working Circle of Mt. Zion A. M. E.

Zion Church met Monday night Oct. 13. at tne' home of Bro Henry Silly, 35 Grey St. The meeting was well attended. Many good thkigs were said and done for the good of th Club.

Bro. Silly knows how to entertain the club. Everybody wf nt away satisfied. After the Club adjourned, the members went in a body and surprised the ex-secretary, Bro. W.

J. Hamilton. Many pounds of various things and a good collection was presented to him, The next session of the club will be at the home of Bro. Joe Banks. 717 Cobb Street, Oct.

20, 8 :30 P. Monday nteht. J. H. DeRamus, Reporter.

FOR RENT. Room and kitchen for rent Apply to Mrs. Emma Schley, 420 So. Ripley Street. Miss Louise Jones, who has been at St.

Margaret's Hospital for has returned home and is steadily improving. VISIT THE PEKIN THEATRE SEE WILLIAM S. HART. JOHN DAVENPORT Candy Specialist. GROCERIES, COLD DRINKS AND ICE CREAM.

288 W. Hannon St Madam Walker's -Articles AT Ideal Drug Store. 36 N. Lawrence). Street.

We have just 'received a large shipment of Madam Walker's Wonderful Hair Pre parations, Original High Brown Toilet Articles and the Kashmir Toilet line. Call and get yours or phone We shall promptly deliver. Phones 3242 and 3243 Your partonage solicited. STOP AT THE GLOBE HOTEL OR FIRST CLASS SERVICE THE UP-TO-DATE PI. ACE For Colored People 904 Monroe St.

Montgomery, Ala D. CARTER, Prop. Mrs. Cora L. Gillespie NOTARY PUBLIC Scott -Monroe l.kienct Res.

2707 W. Pfcone 312" LOTS! LOTS! We have yet more thau 3 thousand beautiful Lots in the Lincoln Talk Cemetery for sale (n easy terms. For further information see D. L. BROWN, theSalesAtft.

230 Tatum St. Res. Phone 598 Office 3845 had our supper I'd sav to youngifor st- Louis wnere he wiil at" Roosevelt: 'How about going tcnd scho1- P. E. CON LEY IS READY TO SERVE YOU WITH a complete Line of out and getting a "He'd say, All right.

So we a get jresh horses and start out to kill a deer. i "After I had broken I has returned home after a very pleasent trip to Selma visiting Misses Ruth and Georgia Patt-erscon of Small Ave, while in tnat city. Miss falkner was highly entertained byd Mr. an Mrs Horden and Hattie Lee, Miss. Jtalkner expresses herself as having spent a very pleasent trip having made many warm friends.

Miss Leala Zinnerman has just returned from New York wnere she spent a delightful summer vacation with her sis-ter, Miss Ida Zinnerman. Mr. Harvey Patterson, after a brief visit here, left Monday night for Chicago to take up the study of dentistry in North. western University. Mr.

Patter son is a promising young man and saw service overseas. Mrs. Paul Brothers, Miss Nellie Brothers and their moth er left recently for California where they will make their home. Mrs. Robert Pope is visiting in Holley Springs, Miss, being the guest of Dr.

and Mrs. J. II. Howard. Mr.

Horace May, brother of the late Butler May, left this city Sunday to make his residence in Detroit, Mich. On the Sick List Mr. U. T. Wheat, who has been ill at his home on West Jeff Davis for a couple of weeks is still confined to bend.

His many friends hope that he will soon be able to get out again. Mrs. Stella Glass, who had been ill at her home on West Jeff Davis for some for her old home New Or leans last week, hoping that the change would be beneficial to her health. Her many friends here wish for her a speedy re-covery. Mrs.

B. F. Bramwell of Lake is improving slowly after an "inecs ot several days, Richmond, Oct.7, 1919 Gentlemen: Please say to the public that: Mrs. Laura R. Daly- home demonstration agent for the city of Montgomery, who for the past two years has been working in the city under the auspices of the Alabama Poly technic Institute and the United States Department of Agricul ture, will be out of the city all of the month of October Mrs Daily is on annual leave and is taking her vacation in the north Further notice relative to her work will appear later in the columns of the Emancipator Respectfully Laura R.

Daly Home Demonstration Agent. Res. Phase 142 ''SUA ll I'lione 47 IOE30I 10C30C lulian V. Witliersnooti Gro 1,1,. i IlllUlC llUIll i wnuo ucuiumj a Fy 'n making the trip by road in their apologized to him for those! mot0r car deer hunts when he was in suh IT.

1 Visit the pekin theatre see william s. hart. Dp. Roman T. Adair Physician ond Surgeon Office 123J4 Monroe Scott Kidg.

Over Dean Drug Store Office, 388 Phones Hours, 11 to 2 p. m. Sunday by appointment. Calls answered day or night THOMAS WALTON PRACTICAL and SCIENTIFIC HORSE-SHOEING AND CLIPPING 120 N. Court St.

Phone 435-J. Our Motto: "A Pleased 'Customer is the Best Possible Advertising." Meet Your Friend At Martin's Place Lunches, Soft Drinks and Cigars Wm. Martin Corner Oak and Mill Street Phone 3941 Joseph Howard Wood, Ccal and Pine Qick Delivery 32 Stewart St THE, Wilson House Open Night and Day The bt-A the market aflords. Onlv two blocks from depot. A.

VA Wilson, Pr p. LEE JORDAN Staple Anu rAhev Groikriks Fish, Oyster an Produc 735 N. Decatur St Phone 2684-J Montgomery, Ala. WALKER'S 117 Monroe St. CLEAN, COOL, SANITARY.

Meals and Lunches Served At All Hours at Reasonable Prices. Open Day and Night. Tatum and Nelson Mgrs. Phone 2753 A J. MULLIN Auto Repair Shop All CARS Repaiied and Work Guaranteed CHARLIE CHAMBIESS Chief Mechanic -PHONE3340 210 Monroe Street DOWN'S PRACTICAL BUSINESS COLLEGE.

Jackson and Grove Sts. (Chandler Bldg.) Montgomery Alabama. Day and Evening Classes Now Going on. Special Three Months Courses in Shorthand and Typewriting Call -or Write E. Downs, Principal.

Residence Phone 2161 Neat Service Sal'' faction Guaranteed ATLAS BAr BER SHOP O. L. CAMPbitLL, PROP. HOT AND COLD BATHS Phone 2646 Montgomery, Ala Music Class and Private School Opened Mrs. T.

Breeding has opened her music Class at her home on South Jackson St. for the fall. She has many helpful and attractive things to place iuto the Hands of her pupils. Your patronage solicited Mrs. Breeding's Private School will open Morduy Sept.

29th. Pupils from first to Sixth Grades taken. Call Phone 3465-J and make Arrangements at once. Studio Of Music Your Patronage Solicited 77 Kiln wood St. Phnne 2152-W Mrs.

T. J. Mayberry R.H. EXrKKIKtCKl Notary Public All Kinds of Pajwrs and Affidai'ii Properly Made O-it. Office in the Dean DrtiR Store Phone 388 or 22M B.

W. SIIEPPARD. Cleaner, Presser, Dyer Alteration and Repairing 125 MONTGOMERY ST. P. S.

WILLIAMS Uudertukinuo Co Phone 1427 111 Monroe St Specializes in Coffins, Cuskets And Embalming, stul to Funeral; Tuxi M-rviie mid night, Soft Drinks and Ice Cream, Cigars and Tobacco. Toilet Articles Oui inn IP tn au ontt TnHnM GOODS And 254 OAK "I 4J Og3CB8eniiri. I WWO smm appear in the Emancipator and i ii. b. Murphy, 616 Thurman St.

IOBOI IOO 01 cenes and Stationary r. SERVICE. STREET- ALA 30E3CI Cinrcltes, Toliacc Montgomery, Ala E30I IOQOI ionoi 30E30 10E30I 10031 1'iiper. Hiijjs Stationery Woodenware Glassware Twine. lirotuns Tinware, end Groeeis Sundries at Wholesale 100 or $4 50, 1000.

ri i PROMPT AND SKRVICT H. J. BAILEY GENERAL SHOE REPAIRINC A Fell -line Of TfaeBest Shoes For Men. 116 N. Court St.

Phonel253 MONTGOMERY, lotaoi E.C.LoweProp R-obl 1wOIf, LOWE GROCERY CO. 509 South Jjckon St. DEALER IN Toiltt Articles, Cignrs, Free Delivery Groceries, Drugs Ice Cream Phone 1997 IOE301 lozaoz C30C aT30I I0C30Z M.B,,e. ne -Merriheldi v. that trfKh nnrw: fnp ma in rlAa Ul.j.

i i V.Tlr 10 hot stove "But he rode the horses and never said a word." MITCHELL TAILORING CO. 108 N.Court st. Phone 1324 MONTGOMERY, ALA. Hats Cleaned and Blocked French Dry Cleaning, Sanitary Pressing, Dyeing and Altera tions a Specialty. MODERN EQUIPMENT A Trial Will Convince You.

We excell all others in our line 1 H. FAIR. Fresh Meats, Fish, Oysters and Fancy Groceries, Also Automobile Taxi fcr Hire Holt and Grady Streets Phone 2867 Montgomery, Ala. LIBERTY BONDS BOUGHT Hijih Market Prices Paid l'or ty JSondswhether paid in fulf or in part. See Me V.

II. TULAXE, Real Etate 123 Monroe St. Mowtx-onn ry, Ala P. G. CLETHEN.

Dealer in Fancy Groceries, Cigars, I'aiicy, Groceries, Cigars, ToImkto and Confeclionaries Cold Drinks ''A Fist Class Barbei Shop" 39GradvSt Montgomery, Ala. Dr.W.M.Wnsliliijrioii SPCIAL1STON Diiiyiei of Babies ind Womon Phones: Office 3242 Residence 30I7 HOURS: 19.m loll m. 3lo4p.n 6 to 8 p. Office Over Ideal Drug Store Cells emwered prmjjly SARAH MERRIWEATHER CAFE 208 Tftllapoosa Street. 1 Block from Depot.

MEAUS AND HOT LUNCHEi Served at all Times, COOL, SANITARY. Plione jjoao II. A. 11ILLARD Repairer of wan-hen, ClockH and Jewelry rnsi i ass woi-K and Satisfaction GuurMiteed Fix- While You Wait.Give tne a trial' and nave all smiles. 109 Monroe Street J.

A.BEVERLEY Cash Grocer Wher Quality Counts Groceries. Notions, Conftctionries, CIGARS, VICK CREAM COLD DRINKS. Your Patronage Solicited Phone 3389-W. Cor. Thurman Jack.on tnmnr ifti-n 30C30Z I0E30I itgomery Paper and Wooden Ware Co.


129 COMMERCE STREET. Special For The Next 15 DAYS Tarr, LjKs Stationery Woodenware Glassware Twine, Brooms Tinware and Grocers' Supdries at IOE30I Paul A. nrotht-rs Sweet Ice Cream Cones at 50c per per Brothers and witherspoon TAILORS AND HATTERS Ieauin. Pressing, Dyeing and all kinds of Alterations by best Experienced Workmen. Satisfaction guranteed.

We make a Specialty of Ladies work. Work Called For and Delivered We hve installed the latest improved works. NIONE 839 19 MONROE ST. ATTENTIOIN. I will open my Music Clatw for Beginners and Advanced Scholars Monday, Sept.

15, '19. Your Patronage Solicited. L. A. SHAW.

.713 SO, JACKSON ST, Morris Smith Will be glad tc see bis friends and will give thern his personal attention,.

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