The Emancipator from Montgomery, Alabama on July 5, 1919 · 7
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The Emancipator from Montgomery, Alabama · 7

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1919
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Page 7 EMANCIPATOR 1313 What Montgomery Is Doing NOTICE. t The Martin" Midget Ban!! w!ll give a musical concer i friends regret having her leave gres3 held in Jackson, Miss June 11-16, 1919. Mrs. J. M. Roberson, Vice President. Reception Tendered Mr. and Mrs. Freeny. Mrs. Rebecca E. Lane and. Mrs. Katie Washington were ioint hostesses at a reception Tuesday evening, June 17 ,giveoi at Deans Cabaret m honor or lr. n-nA Tva William TTVppnv Rev. '. M. Davison, the tra-; ia rWmino- Tuesday night July 8 1919,! !j elhng Evangelist, of 806 Jef- matron a recent bride, St. John A. M.E. Church cyerson Street left Saturday ' &3 forrnerly Miss Bea-Madison Avenue, under the au morning J une 28th for New trice Walker of Tuskegee, Ala spices of the St. John working York and other points East and, Th Kr,ar;ou:i hall was beauti The Men Who Are Making The Emancipator Famous. Club. It is a musical treat.Com out and hear it Mrs. Lucius Brown, teache at Mile3 Memorial College a Birmingham, Ala. is the gues of her sister, Miss Tyler of Tus caloosa Street Lieutenant Julian P. Rodger ..who recently' returned fron North West where he was call ed to run a series of meetings . Mr. Gus Gibson of 210 Franklin Street leaves Friday for Detroit to spend a short va cation with his brother, MEJyeIow satin Blue birds perch Thomas Gibs Mr. and Mrs. George Stew art of 714 Hisrh Street delieht France, is in the city this wees' f ullv entertaned Sergeant Loui ' j i . . . t . 'K whim: visiung relatives wm irenus noison oi imcago. ineir:M t,. kqtv,;,i-,7 We are glad to welcome mm home on Wednesday night with nWT)Pfl ;n blue crene meteor fully decorated wjth Shasta daises and potted plants. Punch and sandwiches were served from a beautifully ap pointed table which was cover ed with Battenburg lace over ed among the daises which sur rounded the punch bowl. Mrs. Viola L. Hudson pre sided at the punch table wear ing a white crepe de chine; to the old home town again. a few friends. A two course lunchdon was served. Mrs. Annie Jones Williams. ' , of Marshall, Texas, is visiting Mrs. Emma Lucas, the sister. her relatives here, She is ac 1 0f Mr. and Mrs. George Stewart - companied by her has gone to New Orleans for fore returning to Texas sne wiii the Summer. visit New York City, Boston Announcement. ana otner points. i Cards are out announcing misses uorgie rams u the marriage of Miss Maym Anita Nesbitt left Monday to j Moulton and Mr Charlie Col , spend a vacation in Cleveland Hn3 ThJ wedding took piace and Chicago. wedding took place Saturday 1 rn TTT,T ; morning June 28th, 1919. At Mrs. Georgia narris noiiey anc Home U2 go Wabash Ave children of Hmton, W. Va., are Chicago 111 visiting relatives in Montgom B ' eryI . i . . . .. . Mr. T. W. Crowjder and Miss The stork paid a visit to the j hine Lucag of Montgom. ad-M8-?Utldgeiery, Ala., are visiting in Chica-of 200 Shady Street a few days ' a , to attend the M , ton-Collins wedding. They ara; enjoying themselves immensel , in Chicago. Miss Lucas is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Sophia Lucas, 4823 St. Lawrence Ave Mr. T. W. Crowder is guest of Mr. and Mrs. Collins, 2426 Wabash Ave. ago and left a fine baby girl. Miss Williams of 109 Winter Street and Miss Amelia T. Car ter of 518 N. Union, received their certificates from the home nurse-training class' recently Mrs. Callaham, widow of the late Lieutenant Callaham, is vi siting her husbands parents Rev and Mrs. P. A. Callaham of So. Jackson Street. with lace over dres3. Mrs. Lane was beautifully gowned in white net on organdy Miss Washington wore whit net over pink satin. Amng those who assisted the hostess in entertaining were Mrs. Alex Clark and Mrs. Robt Dillard. A. delicious salad and ice course was served. About forty guests enjoyed the hospitality of these two charming hostesses. r Booth, Ala, Hews Dr. Alice Watkins and her mother left this week "for Los Angeles, Cal Summer vacation A successtul service was neld Sunday' June 21-1919. W leit t rattviue, tor Allen's Chap el A. M. E. Church, our stop Saturday night was with Mr, and Mrs. Jessie Cofield, they spared no pains to make our stay a pleasant one. On Sunday morning firo. Cofield hooked up Mrs. A. L. Streety entertain his venicle and we made our ed delightfully at her home 120; way to the Church. On our ar Watt Street in honor of her sis-rival the efficient Superinten ter-in-law, Mrs, J. H. Harris of' dent in the person of Miss Tuscombia,. Ala . Mrs... Streety had as her to snend theiruests Df- and Mrs- R" W- Un to spena wieiri, , rvQi, Misses Rosa Shaw and Al berta Beverly left Tuesday for Columbia University u annie L. Whetstone, with the Secretary, Miss, M. J. Gardener and the teachers were all en gaged in teaching the Sunday Miss Margaret Nunley of S Bainbridge Street left for Chi cago. 111, a few days ago to vi sit her aunt and to enter school in that city next Fall. On Sunday, June 21st, Miss F. Bell Richardson, superinten dent of nurses at Hale Infirmary, served a lovely course dinner in honor of Miss M. E Vaughn. Miss, Vaughn is one of c r iv,' O our lormer nurses ui uu civ She has been away for the pas year, and is now oacK on unai Mrs, William M. Miles, Mrs I school Lesson. The lesson was Lizzie Beasley, and Miss Mollia reviewed by the writer, after Lucas. Mrs. J.H. Harris of Tuscom bia, Ala., is stopping with her brother-in-law Mr. West Stree ty Watt Street. Young Men's Working Circle Meets. The Young Men's Working Circle of Mt. Zion A. M. E. Zion Church met Monday night at the home of Mr. J. H. DeRamu3 9 Westcott Street. The Club wa largely attended by both mem ers and visitors. They vere highly entertained by Mr. De Ramus. The Club held an inter esting meeting which with a jura. ,B it.-" special effort raised $23.00 in ..,.., -wwa. w.w.-vo the meeting by her friends. Card of Thanks. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Graham The Club is planning to giva a private picnic some time ii which , we began the Church service. We had an excellent service both spiritually an ft nancially. Sinners were invite to the alter. Fifteen came to be prayed for. On closing for the morning w;e went with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Whetstone, where we enjoyed a good dinner.They cooled us off with ice cream. We enjoyed ourselves with them and on Sunday night we were engaged in another spiri tual feast at Allen's Chape from" there w went to Mrs. Wm.J. ROBINSON, Business Mgr. A Young Man Of Rare Bnsiness Genius, Who Is M aking The Emancipator a Business Success. "1 i i ( - it Pays To Carry It Hoi If WE FEi IE Quality-Low- Price-Service FREE DELIVERY OF ALL ORDERS AMOUNTING TO $2.00 t'R MORE FROM ALL U NITED GROCERY STORES. PRICES FOR Friday and Saturday At All United Grocery Stores Criterion Flour 24-lb. sack Economist Self-Rising 24-lb. sack Green Mill Peas-No. 2 .$1.83 can Jockey Club Peas .$1.83 No. 2 can 2t 20c Peerless Meal 10-lb sack 54c Gieen Mill Corn No. 2 can 24c Peerless Meal 25- Aeroplane Corn No. lb. sack $1.35 2 can 17c Auburn Creamery Butter 1 lb. . 65c Peacock Syrup Gal. 97c; 1-2 gal 49c Campbell Soups As- sorted,.per can 11c Standard Tomatoes - No. 2 can . ; 11c Macaroni and Spaghetti " Large, 7 1-2 ; small ' 4c Washing Powder 6 pkgs 25c Old Dutch Cleaner 3 pkgs. 25s Tetley's Teas 1-lb., 90c; l-2s, 45c ; l-4s . St. Regis Coffee 1-lb. can .23o Morning Joy Coffee 1-lb. can French Market 1-lb. can 47c 47c ! 35? Granulated Sugar Per lb tit Raeeland Salmon No. 2 can. 21c Asparagus Tips Bear Brand, white 19c Sliced JPineapple Del Monte, No. can 34c Asparagus Tips Del Monte, can 40c Why Cook In Heat? Our Sanitary Delicatessen Department Will Supply you with many good things to eat, both for Home or Picnic. Holland Herring EACH, 5c James E. McCall, Editor-in-Chief. The Wizard Of Negro Journalism, Who Is Putting the Magnetism Into The Emaficipator that Makes It Read and Loved All Over America. meats heat Sanitary Market In this department only the choicest meats are handled bj expert meat-cutters, in the most sanitary manner. iu oro ovTinsed to the dust-laden air or germ-breeding evervthirrg is kept in refrigerat ed glass counters. MARKET THE MO DERN WAY United Grocery Stores Co Stores Everywhere-One Near Your Home MARTIN'S BAND, THE MUSI CAL MIRACLE OF THE AGE MIDGET MUSICIANS .TAKE MONTGOMERY BY STORM , IN BIG CONCERTS IN LEAD ING CHURCIIESr . .'. . of 1031 St. Jean Avenue, De- . ' troit, Michigan wish toexteAd d h sincere thanks to their many. A nf Ul. , membrances on the occassion of their wedding June 15, 19 King-Saffold Wedding. A marriage of cordial in tercst to many friends was tha of Mr. S.S. King of Matthews Card of Thanks. t : t : 1 1 m - 147 St wishes to thank her (j Th ceremon many friends for the kindness " na . t; home of the brides uncle, Mr shown her during her illness a Hale Infirmary. Card of Thank. John Byrd at 24 Grady Street Rev. Bastum of Tuskegee, Ala. We to express our heart officiated. 0nly members of tl i felt thanks and appreciation to immediate failies and a fev our many friends for their ten- , -pnf1c, .PPA TVlo nn !?-mWy an- J"1 of town gucste were Mr. an liuiai unci lugs given uiiftiug the illness and death of our nephew, Frank Alfriend. Gratefully, Mr, Mrs. C. B. Saffold and C. B. Saf fold Jr., of Houston, Texas, am Mrs. William King and Mrs Amander Patterson, also Mr tfr. and Mr Be ton Murphy. Thomaa Ki aH of Malthew3 . Jamet McBryde Entertain I u. Ala. Mr. and Mrs. S. S. King left Friday afternoon for their fu ture home at Matthews, Ala Mrs, On Thursday, June 26th Mrs. James McBryde of So Jackson Street, entertained & i- tin ' i i i&i.feivJiivb ii aunt no, iiici Progressive Whist, m honor of Xheir ma friends extend t) Mrs. Charles Wheat Mrs. Wil-thcm congratulations and sin ham Price and Miss Katie Boy- wiahea for f t h kin. The guest prize was won n hy Miss Boykin; first prize by ' - Airs, isreaux; ana consoiaiion prize by Mrs. Carleton. Deli cious refreshments were serv ed. Those present were Mea dames J. P. Mitchell, D. R Gooden,' A. G. Carleton, F. O Bryant, E. Davis, A.E. Cotton Charles Stirrs, M. Breaux and L. Gilmer, also Misses Eaelena Willease and Mamie Simpson Josie Mutrry, Alberta Boykin and Sadie Jones. Miss Alice Taylor 131 Wall Street left Sunday for Cleve land, Ohio, to ioin her dauyhte Mrs. Mary E. Streety. Her At the B. Y. P. U. meeting o the Dexter Avenue Daptia Church the following progran was rendered Sunday, June 29 1919: Vocal Solo .... Mrs. Shipmai Paper .... Miss Jessie ThoMa Inst. Solo . . . Miss Mabel Stirr Paper Miss Howar Short Talk The Bible. -It-Place in the Union. . Mr. II. K I ewis. Vocal Solo .... Miss, Swindal Mrs. J. M. Robinson gave a good nnd very interesting re rort from the National Sunday fv-hnol Hi(l B. Y, P. U. Con, if. v i i I - .- 'J s V J i Montgomery, Ala.., July3-The musical, social and intellectual circles of the city are congratulating themselves upo the appearance of one of the most unique and highly inter esting musical organization that has ever visited Montgom ery, namely Prof, E.N.Martin' Hand which is composed almos entirely of midget musicians, the youngest being only three years old. It is the musical miracle of the age. Prof. Martin, who six year ago was one of the teachers at the local Normal School, is a band master of rarest ability He is accompanied by his wife who was formerly Miss Ana bel McCall of this city.and thei seven children ranging in ag from three to eleven years They are all trained musician and read notes at sight. The carry with them a brass bant hop Laine.founder of Laine Col lege at Jackson, Tenn., says t them:-"I have never seen any thing like this in my life, and ii it I sue the finest lesaons ii home-training that has eve come to my notice, and I hav septette and two drums, and is travelled all over this Country is a revelation to listen to their While the band was giving music. Their director is only an open air concert in Mont four years old and is a wonder gomcry, some one asked o They are in the concert work their nationality.whereupon Dr and are already booked tor ajri. i. KirkpatncK whose omce number of engagements in thi arc in the Bell Building, said city. Prof. Martin's Band carrie with it many strong endorsj ments from some of the promi nr-nt citizens and musicians 0 it matters not aoout tneir na tionality. Just listen to the mu is the sweetest I have eve heard.". They carry souvenirs fron our country. For example, P.p. musicians of not.surh as Sotisa'i Emancipator. Band, Hawaiian Singers am others, who testify as to thei talent and efficiency as musi cians. Visit some of their con certs and be convinced. Prof. Martin is a travellin representative for the Emanci pator, the South's leading Ne gro newspaper, which is bein read all over America. Thi wonderful band will bo h Montgomery for the next thre weeks and churches or indivi duals wishing to have them fil engagements in near-by town should write to Prof. E. N. Mar tin, 336 S. Jackson St., Mont gomery.Ala.or in the care of th NEWS. BOOTH, ALA. Patsy Bryants home and spent Sunday night and enjoyed our stop. Leaving for Prattville Monday Morning with a few the Emancipator A big drive is planned at Mc Zion Church. In this spiritual and financial drive we will haw Dr. S. A. Bracy with us to help ii.-', drive for the Master's cause All sister churches are invited to be with us in the rally. Dr. G W. 1 1 III of Prattville, Station .ic.M very successful quarterly Conference at Pleasant Hill A. M. E. Church, Saturday and Sunday, June 21-22, 1919 where Rev. H. L. Gardener is pastoring successfully. Dr. Hill is a deep Gospel digger. He presided over the Opelika District five years successfully. He will ;nake good wherever the Bishop may put him. The following persons subscribed for the Emancipator three months each Miss Fannie W. Whetstone, 45cents, Mrs Patsy Brayant, 45 cents; Mr. M. 1). McKithen, 45 cents; Miss Mary Darden, 45 cents. J. H. Bell, Reporter. Missionary Convention The Missionary Convention of the Wetumpka District will hold their first Missionary Con vention at William's Chapel A. M. E. Zion Church, Hunt. St. -Montgomery, Ala., Dr. C. E Baker pa?tor, July 21-27,1919 We intend to raise $300.00 for mbnions, please help us. We are asking you before the opening of the Convention to give us only 5 cents, each to help raine our shire of mission money. Every one is invited. Mrs. S.J. Thornton, Supt Buds of Promise.

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