The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1934
Page 8
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EIGHT TUES SUS IN HIM : . C. Loan Makes Possi ~ble Saving lo Missom Landownei s CAPE OlHAHDrAU, Mn- *arp icduetion In drnlnaifu u\ has been made cffecll\c in lh& Lit tic nhcr Drainage district southeast Mlsscu-i as n icsuit of $2405,500 loan by the Reconstruc (ton Finance Corporation foi re funding bonds of the district R B oiUej- jr )ins i"tclve<l won from Emll fiehram, chief ol th drainage, le\ee nnd irrigation dM "on of the fj r C, of (Ire appro val of reduced rates for cuiren w\es iq the dWricl nnd of i\ pim toi the ln-,lnllmcnt sellleiiHnt o delinquent la\es lot $1 so pti nue payable 50 cents per star Explains 'lax Rales Explaining the approval, Ollie said ' It means in substance, that am o»nei of land In the district cai Piy all or hii delinquent u\c s i r - icspectlve of the nimiber of years that arc delinquent ir the land is cleared, for «l 50 Wr ,, m ., mMc J" tfniee Ji«(allmenls ot ftO wills per acre each j'Mr The fhv,t In •^tallmont miKt be paid b'fort' fie end ot tills jcar, and the othei tno in 1935 and In ituo On llmbsr land able in three Installments "A''dis- count equivalent lo c p»i- r-nt simple Interest vlll be gheu lamtown era who pa> all their dcllnqii"iU taxes Hits jcar ' In addition to the inMiienl of delinquent taxes it was pointed out the current asscsj.mcnt', foi 1034 must also bo collected Taxes for the n«xt thn-c vears will be only to co\er lJit"rest on the loan from the RFC, besides mslnlennnco an operal'on of the district for 1934 this fix will amount lo 2 p-- ecu of thc l asses',cd Lenefitj, nnl »1H bt collected In full O n elenrcd l.m'l Oliver sahl where |h" laud Is Mil' in timber, a compromise stUlem>n( nrnountinB lo 10 cents an ncic, payable this month, lias b-en nutlioi- iwd The UPC nillng si I, out that anj 40l x ncres of land that his v much as >rf\ acres ot clcare<l land will b" classed as cleared land, an I »D] be taxed according!) How AIanc\ Is lo Be Used Tne money obtained through the loan will b- uwrt in cleanln s out ditches and restoring them to then iioiuinl csjMe'lti foi laiiviiii; oil v,at/>r Oliver iins pointed out that if landowner prepiy the entire amount of la\itlon i-, is e\|>cct=d in most cases, the drainage district will be enabled (o provide work to many !,, Soutr^ist Missouri durmc r tic winter trontlis oi\ dHche are not hlled v,lth water The loan TOS limited to the iu- prm-ed smn b } en S hi"rs and ccon-' omists of tnc U S DepiUnieut at Agriculture mid representing Ihc K5-C, uliose re-port stated that the. sum was the ina.xlm\im imounl that K? ] ? n<1 « 1" Cie district »ble fo pay lliat be iilevnaliona] Kccppvs of Ordn* In I he Saar BLYTHEViliLB (ABK.) COURIER NEWS equipped w will decide , 'what Wcyclcs co,m lry lnineinc "' SU A " llm1 ' """ »»-rWookin,f -corawh,,- aml '»<*1«™ uniforms, kci-ps order In Die a,,,,- ,i W1 this [crmol . y . TM= "fore, i s recmfe, f, om sew i" controlled by the League .of Muttons. Kiss Randit Confesses J United States Joins. In Honoring Seabury ABRROEEN, Scotland (UI'I—The Sealmry Comrulftce ol the Episcopal Church iff-America has cabbd from Woodbury, Conn., It.s approval for [he plans to Improve tlie memorial to the first American Kpiscopal Bishop, siimiwl Scabnry In St. Andrewa 1 Cathedral. . 'llie Very Hev. i> r ovosi klmiell «f St. Andrew's said .tho work for which an initial Sio',000 im., bwn authorlicd by the committee, will be^in early next year. Nlninn Comj»r, well known Aberdeen architect, will supervise-tlic milldlnj of extensions at the renr of the Culhedral, which are part of the Seabury Memorial sclicme. Curiosity Put Youth In Hospital E^d SAWYER, N. D. (UP) — Alvin Fi-ancis' curiosity Is Katlsncd AJvln 13, Jon- had ivo'lidrted what It would .sound like to be under a Wtlgc when a tmb goes He tried .It. 'n, 0 t rain , arre , a ,,lank. Alvin i, m d'tionpl- J rccovcrlnu from a. skull frnc.- Her Defense Is Cat's Me-ow •TUESDAY, Mrs. I'. !•'. Mcf/iilclir-n nnd Mr. and Mrs. w. 1). lindens QL Ktcfte. attended llm funeral'of Mrs. l/r liellc I«'is timidity. '•'• " MKs ..Pauline Check.. bookkeeper foj-'the Ark-Mo Power coinpany hero, spoilt the wet-tend with friends at Oaruthr-rsvlllo. ,..-•*' Mrs.- W. T, I>lll Is In .11. l/iuls' Visiting' rnlnUves. '' . Able, nm-kovitj; rctiirnrd to cape QlrimlSnu Monday inonilni: to rc . smite' Jils, work at the Southeast Missouri Teachers college after having I'bcon at lioini! for ten days on account ot illness. ^Mr. a'nd Mrs. Arthur 'hcisiirt of tehello,- in., ivhn have be-^i vis- Hl»2 '.Mrs; Kowerl'.v parents, Mr nnd Mrs.' W;' D. lluilelns of Stcclc M her^vIsUIng- her sister, Mrs. John' Henderson. 1 Mrs, never w will bo rc- nteregV.xs'.th.o former Miss Jon l>sll . . HendetiMii, w lio is In ' Mins ---.-. • •".-«..,i,iv ;ti uut iMCLnOdlSl hospital at ;Moinplils', was here over the weekend : lb'attend the funern! of her aunt Mrs/;Lee Belle Lewis. I'. .X. Schumacher, who is attend ng college at cape Glriu-ilcmi, spent,, the .weekend here with his parents, Mr.-'and Mrs. p. X. Schumacher ST.. • ..-•.•• Skunk Caused Rancher To Shoot Himself Cal. '(Ol') : — A loaded weapon .should l,n.n*d for shod" ralher thaii cliibbiiiif, skunks Or Ci, Ryan, randier, decided as he nursed a. wounded clbov wynn cornered a skiink lliat iiad been raiding his chicken house The nnlmnl -suddenly .dn.rlcd between Ryans legs. Tin: randier, uslnsj his !«i.Vns'a club, swung-(it i], e specd- 11*.skunk and shot himself'in the elbow.,--The skunk escaped. .' Court Gives Chinese Oath of Fire MONTRjfAI,,~Q^. (UP) _ The oath of fire'' v.-iis administered in court here to Lee aim. a witness in connection with' Alleged Ton* wars which, broke but he-re last year. . , Taking a piece or paper in his hands, Gin, lighted' it. As the-paper hm-ncd nearer lo his nngers he said: "If I do not tell the truth my soul via'bum like Lliis piece-oi .tSS Kelllfs Thwa ;»n llu'ough provldinR , il prevent*! iwihaps nu™ ,! trmitile and oMicr nllrnonln fonnM dnys.'.' Hugs ice Palace- KfONTnEAl,. Quo. ..j st.iiie.lfon of n Jmge i«! pnlnfe > tlie CooL of Momit Roynl |s ],e|i' iilaniieil by cliji oMclaLs. The "in'l ace," which,, it Is hoped, will m ! f vide n tourist fittraetion, will I constnietwl )>y niifinployeil men. (Jlanl Haillsli Grown WINDSOR, Out. (OP)—A. san radish, wei 8 liin B ia pounds nn measuring -20 inches IOIIB and 2! Inclie.H in clvenmferencc wr. I Brown hero j v nnymoml Mnyvlll, an ainnteni- Glady aeorgo, blonde Broadway star, iastsU that the chvorce action revealed ;, he rajd u«d .the nor Ad 50 pound snapping tunic b^H^ ^f lt , R .° oilev ell's New Deal was the more limn 50 years old „« , , V h) r faclor UmL ' saved thls eo »" t '' v ' dMtructi »». *W- Joseph W. he well Amed «oiti»n who lioid. up tin homeward lam fin!,, R6xb,,rj, Mttss, 1^1 d.lver, and ««ollieic,l hln, will, l« plctmcd here nidi her Miibunvwd victim arlec all iwd liecn orglven and explained She is Elinor Sotllern of Jamaica' Plni,* »ho assured Mrs ««,, that sh e "did it for Mcltenlt" A coMclcncc led her to apolosflzt arbo Has Met! Her Master i Careful Defense Necessary to Guard Against End Play Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY VVM. K. McKENNEV Isrrielary, Amerieiin BridKr Iwtue I ilere's another interesting Imnd , which Loiils H, Watson describes in his new book,: "Tlie Outline' of i Contract Bridge." In an earlier example, Mr. WRISOU described ., hand In which the defense co\ild not help. Itself. The declarer slm- Ply slrlpped one hand and then completed his end play. But today his description l s as folloiv.s: ' It Is often possible for the do- , The n>(h of the Great Qarbo has been »li»t(ered. No longer can 1 «he sUnd aloof from the crowd, * 7 C 5 AQ 18 »QJ 105 * 1 1 0 9 I A AQJ 10 3 V 7 6 3 * 4 + AQS 2 Duplicate—N and S -South \v<-st Xorti, 1 * ? * 2 * * 4 1 osa Pass Opening lead—4 K vul. s » Pass II Today's Contract Problem SouMi .bid diamonds, and North supported the Bull. Th,* : <!nn(/actl9 now four sjiailes, . West leads the ac» of dla- \ tnoads and follows with the ; nine. .Wlien East ruffs, what ' suit should he return, a club or a heartr A lij>—his partner s play told East which suit . to return. j *KJ93.' I VK7 ' *JS 7 8 . ! + K8 E (Blind) (Hllnclj Solution in next'Issue. Tamed .Agitator Altn (UPJ—in. .. •.," -•-.—-f •• on cmbarrassuij pastime hi»/e George pnimrr ... M-uw n_\Vop£ipcJ7r t|itd to iixluce larniew ' here strll-c nta|nst sraln 'clevatois out he farmers caught him, stripped ne clothes f.oin his back, and tnrrfd him from head to foot TOLEDO (UP)-William Sterling Dattls, 80 uideh knovu. Dickons dramatist. Is dead here Road Courier News Want Ads. 3 Doses of Foley*s Loosens Tuesday - Weds. Irick with tlie (en, and now he will have to lend back Into the king of hearts or eke give the dc- clurcr a mrf and discard. "The point of the hand Ls tlwt you must go In wlllf (he jack of hearts hi order lo prevent the end i play from working. By going in i wllh the Jack. yoti^. assure your -p of three heart (ricks, which defeats the contract." fense lo avoid an end piny. For example,- in today's hand' West m«st be extremely alert in order to foil the declarer's dire plan "Supposing you sat West and you opened the king of diamonds- vour partner plays the queen; you now lead a low diamond, which .icclarer trumps. ' ite then picks two rounds of spades and. then leads three rounds of clubs, dlscardlnff's heart irom dummy. The last club is ruffed in dummy arid then' dum- inj s last diamond is ruffed by the Read Courier jfows Wain, Art.i. OLD FOLKS LAXATIVE Muit Not Shock Bowel* A n«u of iKjiivt suddirvlr hUcins iK. ««t,n.d, ii»a sntrm ol ,!d,r[y P ,opl, vipnu n. thravt il <,« ,'(, d,|i,,,, \,t, r r, M.«u« l-t,,.,^;,,,. , he Alicioui mini cW uif lumi linuyr,• ii <lieK«J. .|fc ( liinivc i, i , ; F'°P' ' loit.juuiril, ttnlle itllon /olti'ofd iJ«ii!y, y«t ii i, ibsolunly ppiitivt nipl<lj'lor ihim. Doelon prncribt ,-iln-* in ncn-hibitfofoing lor plrutnl eort<cU6n vs-iiliout UDstl or »ppim<. Ofltii ii dmj.toui To. her and orders her about just aa be would the reeresl chorus girl And tlie Orwl Darbo likes Hi •(• iJwwa h«r» t»itfc«ir W«t - = , , - ls - ' I ' t " 1 !' I »g io . u PW ' " "'' .will to do. What . y.a low heart, he is the eight, your part- forced to win the Phone 757 At Nigh t—S nnda j-—Anytta t For Quick »nd Drpendgblt Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Mat. 2:30, Nite 6:45— I0-35c —ADDED— Musical with T1CH HIMRBU and ORCHESTRA Novelty and Latc-sl News Events WANTED TO ' ; KMPI.OY I'ei-inanciit (insitinn in ISIythevllle cpri,. („ „„<, .riwn as .Sale.vm.-ih of l.ow- I'Hced New A'ulomobilcs ana Trucks. Basis ul pa.v: • A weekly salary p| us nil- I oral commission nn a || i UlfS of. repairs. p | us lonus from the faclory. New Car as demonstrator furnfeheil, hicludtn^ operation costs, witHout cost lo .salesman. Do not ap|i)y If you want only tem- peiny work. Age between 2C ,-ind 40. No previous celling experience, required, bul must le ambitious and willing lo work hard. Write all about yourself (o: Courier News PAJAiV[AS AND ROBES PREFERRED Vi i SILK ROBES Sleek; looking robes of black. Marvella silk Crepe with soft colors, on the lapals and pockets foi- a dash of sniartneEs. to V v Solid blue French Flannel Rob'cs xvith white crest on back. 18.50 FLANNEL ROBES _, | ^V • m ^"^ When cold winds nre howling it'll bo mighty comfortable to ^lip on one of these -warm Finn- nel Robes and spend an evening at home. A GIFT OF THESE SMART PAJAMAS WILL MAKE A CREDITABLE REMEMBRANCE' For lounging or sleoplng—A new "mlx- your-own" Pajama set wilh 2 coals and troiLwr.s of contrasting colors' that &f. can be worn, four different "ways $ —in the book of fashion it's Glover's new Streamline Pajahias with tuck-i'.i jackets and a wide sash to tie In front or on ine side...of course he'll like them! $3.50 to $5 Who wouldn't like a pair of wash, able Silk Pajamas—Black, maroon, blue and canary...With plain Coat $5 with lounging type Coat with <£/: r A sash ';p0.oU Dashing cotton and sateen Pajamas in a great variety of stripes and large and Small conventional fljsl'gns..'.AU' colors and combinations' In attractive Sift boxes. - .'•••' ' #1.95 to • $3.95'" MIGHT WE ALSO SUGGEST: Manhattan -Shirts $1.95 Beau Rrummol Ties $1.00 Wearable Gloves $1.50 to Hickok licit S C ( S si.50 to Wool Reefers • - §1.95 ( n .82.50 Silk Reefers - - S1.50 to S3.50 S1.50 Leather Jackets - S5.00 to §12.5(1 Sl.Ofl Matched Underwear'Sets'- - S1.50 $3.50 Hnt Gift Certificates $5.00 • SG.50 S3.00 ^mported Linen Handkerchiefs 35i: New Mead Clothing Co.

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