The Courier News from ,  on May 23, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

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Tuesday, May 23, 1944
Page 6
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FAGft SIX •BLYTHEVILLE' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 23, untie, TO Plan Meetings In Washington Real Estate Leaders To Discuss Disposal OF U. S. Property The problem of the orderly postwar disposal tack 111(0 piJvnte ownership of the major part of the $20,000,000,000, worth-of real estate and buddings acquired by the Fedora) Government /or the war ef/ort will be, further ..considered by the • Washington'Committee'of. the National Association' of Real Estate Boards, and the Society of Industrial Realtors in meetings to te held in Washington ,th!s week. . Bethel T. .Hunt, president of the Industrial Realtors, and -member of-.the Washington- Committee, will attend both: conferences. This problem of disposal of the properties Is one getting consideration front leading real estate experts of the country, and Mr. Hunt points out that it Is expected that the property will lie released in sucli a manner ns not to depress values : and injure business. In come'.coses the Government will be expected to take a loss, while Iti other. cases the Government will charge off only depreciation. In some^few cases (lie Government may even show n profit, as it did in the • purchase and resale of the Stevens Hotel in Chicago. Early, in-'the war the Government ^purchased-the hotel for five U'INTER Is hard on houses/par. '* ticularly on roofs. Ruin, sleet, and snow, driven by howling winds have been constantly on the adack, wild the roof 311 defense. Weather never slops trying to fight its way through the roof so that it c<iu crack plaster, slain sv a 11 paper, perhaps shortj circuit clec- ' trica) wiring, | and do otbei defy Ihc law of gravity ond run uphill. Walking on an old roof to repair it frequently starts additional leaks, as the old warped, cupped or brillle shingles ;irc apt to crack and start Ihc nails under- fool. Every cracked shingle and every loosened nail is a potential leak. Of airiypcs of leaks, llic "in- Why take a chance - Your digestion and thai of "your («mlly;;:lt"of frit con- liberation lo you. BUT if you c<n uu a ihorlening <hainol only It MORE DIGESTIBLE, but alto h«lpi you conserve, | THAT ii thft iHo[ienin9 * or you. And ttuf'i HumKo/ lh« Diinly Cooling Fal. NOW POINT-FREE! the interior. Ultimately, the roof Rets "tired" ond wears out, and must be replaced. , How lone has your roof been up there beating back the elements? Have you looked it over recently to make sure il is in sound condition'; If you have any doubts as to its soundness, call in an expert to check it over and give a report on how it will stand up under spring rains and summer sun. The time to replace a roof !s before it leaks, to avoid the damage and discomfort (hat even one small leak can cause. The first leak usually is ;i warning sijjnal that the roof is time-worn and is badly weather-beaten and requires complete rnplacinj;. Experts agree that (a. patch an old, wealher-worn roof is false economy. The only safe way to repair it is to replace it or recover it. • There are many reasons why roofs don't lend themselves to patching. The reasons vary with the type of roofing material involved. Certain facts, however, hold good for all types. In the first place, even experienced roofers have difficulty Uncling UK.. source of a leak, ns the water often runs clown the inside of the joints of Ihc roof boards, before onierginton the interior, farfrom Ihe source. And some leaks even visible" one is the most dangerous. Unseen water may run dowr the inside of the roof structure inlo the walls of the house where it can do an immense amount ol damage before peeling paint 01 falling plaster let's you know that the roof lias losl its "fii;hl.' Fortunately, there is no short- .%'c of good roofing materials foi necessary replacement. For example, asphalt shingles are still available for necessary rc-raofinp and can be laid right over the old roof (except slate and tile) tc help hold in the heat while thej fight off the weather. Asphal! shingles luive the advantage 0! being'highly resislant to fire, ir addition to providing long, care free life. They should be applicc wlien the old roof shows Ihe firs! sign o( failure. Make ildo for Ihe duration maj mean a new roof, but nothing ir the house will be safe if the roo leaks or is flammable. - <» O'Bryant Buys Five-Room House Other Real Estate Deals Arc Completed Here During Week The largest real estate transaction reported this week was the sale of the Harold Sclincc home at 1521 West Chlckasawba street to Pal O'Brynnl for approximately $0000. Furnishings were included In the sale, handled by Tom A Little Realty Company. Mr, O'nrynnl took possession Saturday of the five room bungalow formerly occupied by Lieut. Col. and Mrs, Gordon, c. Welshons. The exterior of Hie home is finished with asbestos shingles.' The house .was built three years ago. The 1 former Hotner Scolt. resl-' den:e, 120 Bust Davis, was sold las£ week to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Yawall who will take passe&vloii this week! Mr. and Mrs. Scolt are moving -to their farm liv Missouri. • The amount involved In the sale of the. five room bungalow was about SlflOO. The house is finished In Imitation brick siding. W. M. Burns handled the sale. A live-room frame bungalow at 2010 West Vine street was purchased last week by Mr. and Mrs. diaries McKcmic from Miss Thd- ma Davis, with W. M. Burns liaml- HII? the .sale. The MoKemies, 'who paid a reported $1250 for the house, will take possession'about'June 15. nncl a half million dollars, Including the furnishings. It wns used for months to house servicemen, then sold for five and a quarter million dollars without the furnishings. The quarter of n million dollars difference In the purchase niid Hie sale proce was less than the rental the Government would have had to pay to house the men during the period the hotel wns used. Sale of the furnishings Btive tiic Government added return. In addition to serving with the two real estate professional organizations, Mr. Hunt also Is n member of the War Department Advisory Committee on the disposal of real estate, which as yet has made no recommendations publicly. The Burmese government has a big problem in rhinoceros poaching. , Houses, Too, Don 4sfcesfos As Fire Guard Asbestos, Die miiicrnl (hat pro- vldcs (iber for vvenving [ircprool clothes. Is making nnollicr impor- tanl fciitribiiHon to the war effort by protecting - American homes against flnnics, building experts re|)oil. On scores of orcnslons, val- utiljlc' buildings have'been saved from destruction because they were protected by nsoestos shingles am sidings. A spectacular crumple of how asbestos safeguards homes occurred In n» eastern .slnte. Tiro nrm} planes crushed into a resklenlia section. Exiilotlinj; gasoline shot flames 200 feel In [he nir nn< drenched nearby houses willi gnl- lons ot the hurnlng fluid. Awnings, shrubs und trim were destroyed, bill the gasoline burned llself out on Hie asbestos sidings and the homes were saved. , In another Instance, n forest (ire •wept over n Long Island commu- ilty. Olio home, sided with asbestos ni'ntcrlal, wns completely cn- julfed by the (lames. Alter the fire burned itself out, the home was found still standing nncl practically undamaged. Millions of scmare feet of asbestos producLv have been used in war production centers for housing, factory and other construction. They ai'e made from nsbestos fibers and Portland cement, two minerals which cannot burn. Besides saving buildings from destruction, they protect lives anil prevent costly rebuilding delays. Bureaus Want Adjustment Of Ceiling Prices At an official joint meeting of Farm Bureaus of Northeastern Ar- kfinsns, including Mississippi. Green, Poinsett. Crltlendcn, Randolph, clay nnd Craighcad Counties tire group passed the following resolution, copies of which were sent to each congressman. Senator and the American and Arkan- V,' BEFORE THIS WAR 13 OVER, there may be only two kinds of people in America ... 1.1hoi« who ride to work, J, ihoie who walk lo work. If you want to be in the fortunate group who will still be riding to work in automobiles, join Gulf's "Anti-Breakdown" Club today. How do you do it? Just come in for Cull's Protective Maintenance Plan! This plan was conceived by experts in car care. Gulf developed it because car maintenance is a most important civilian job. (8 out of 10 war workers use automobiles to set to work.) WetfiveMairifenwce >/%?... 2 Saves tfiose bearings and piston rings ... ~.^ ^ —^ THE AMERICAN Petroleum Institute recommends changing oil te&ularly It's equally imports to usc „ goorf motof oil l,ke Guirpride, "The World's Finest - CAJOUNI POWIRS IHC AT7ACK °ON'T OROH -fortetter cof• <#... to. ovotd, 6teo*etowns -tomomui OIT AN APPOINtMINT To lielp your Gulf Dealer do a thorough Job on your car, make an appointment. Phone or speak t« him at ttic station. Then yon should encounter no delay when you ftct Gulf's Protective Maintenance-Vlan ... ISaervkcslnalll Charming Kitchen Workshop wrote Woolly, "I don't care about tiny more medals and honors. . . . All 1 want is to go back home and hear the 'sound of a cow bell." The barometer was invented by Evangelism TorriceJIi, a pupil ol Kitchens like this eliminate drudgery. And it is Jcilchens like this that will be built into many homes after the war Sunshine passing through the glass -block walls floods the kitchen and the cabinets with plenty of gtore-irc*o light Nor do^ he housewife sacrifice privacy, for class block wftilc admittW ligbi js not transparent. Think of the ease of cleaning he kit™ en S "° taam> C Streamlined "table-tops" gh'e plenty of easy-to-clean work to ™ sas Farm Bureau Federation. "We .strongly urge the passage of the Bankhcad Amendment to the Emergency Price Control Act to Adjust ceiling prices 'on all finished cotton fabrics to insure fanners parity prices for cotton in 1944. .f "We urge that increased labor costs be addeil to parity prices ns now established for the'purpose of determining price ceilings. "We urge that the War Pood Administration announce the support price of cottonseed as soon as possible. We feel that cotton producers should have at least SCO a ton for seed this year, tine to increased production costs. 71115 would be practically the same increase as h:is been granted to producers of soybeans and peanuts." Mississippi Comilians attending the meeting, which was held Ma> U in Joucsboro, were H C Knap- pcnberger. c. p. Tompkiiis, John Grain. Fred Flecman, Stanley Pra- denderg, A. C. Owens, Keith J Biltoey, .mid U v. Mnloch. Home, Sweet Home CONWAY, Ark. (UP) — M-Sgt Gnthrie Woolly wrote hl s parents Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Woolly ol Orcenbrier, that he had received the gold star for combat in a majo r battle, pie-Pearl Harbor service ribbon, good conduct, North Africa and European theater pins. "But, ARE TERMITES INFESTING YOUK HOME ? GET Spray FLIT on all mosquitoes . . . it's an easy way lo kill 'em quick. Best of all it wipes out Anopheles . . . Ihe mosquito that spreads mnlnr '"- Yes! Flit not only mows tlown this carrier of disease'. . . but kills the baby Anopheles, when sprayed on stagnant watera where it breeds. Arm yourself with Flit, today! Kills flies, ants, moths, bedbugs ami all mosquitoes. / painted over (lie soiled wallpaper in my living room wif/i and if looks beau/ifuJ. Am f fi'cftfec/ I found ouf cibouf (fiis wonderful painl! I did )/>o painl/ng myself and was if fun.' Best of all, ihe paint cost me only (pwc) If your rooms need redecorating come in and let us tell you about HEMILTONE $3.88 For The Entire Job Hf M/LTONE, T/»o Soybean Paint E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Just Received—a Truck load of screen doors. *DEATH TO TERMITES Prepared of a Ionic tuie which Is /eocgnired 3* one of Ifie not* d- fcclJve of alt chcmicjh En the termite control ficlJ. "Haw to TellAitdWMt lotto About It" To make cctliin, come in or write us (or FREE: ialder on teimiles, Idling vchwe to look, how lo tell, their bib- Hi, and how you can cjiily and quick* ly liil your fnme of (hem youtidf, DELTA LUMBER Galileo, in 1034. TE ST Pctnleum Jel/iffhli Waif 3preuIMon>llMlirt««ntlnimliol»i X\**J>x '.Hi' -lliiicr. l/iiii: DUn-s i)^vo_Mcrolliic;B ^V_>\ i l ~ - iB quHllty. SooiliM ilt-iucr ttw.1. -liuaiii: *crapes tu«l minor bunt?. ft. Binl' Hie Mtf Ulj^e cf« only lUrf. You Want . . . We Have Them. Give Us The Order. Old American HEAVY Asphalt Strip Shincjles Note the double thickness of the ex.-t posed portion of the above enlarged ehinyl&—this protects the "heart" of the'shingle and gives It extra long life, \Vhen figuring on a new rooF, this new supcr-seivice Heavy lab Asphalt Strip Shinj»le offers the Inst word in extra value at reasonable cost — You get /Y.v*rn life — Kxlra weather proteclioo. and K.\lra beauty at j\'o ICxtra Cost. Call a* up or come in OUT office and let us explain P)! the advantages of the New Old American IIctiKytab Shingle nnd giv« you calimateB on work you •mny have in mind. Delta Lumber Co Blythcville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard 204 N. Second Phone 497 _ PAINT OVER 0LB DRIES IN 1 HOO • Here are four advantages of Pittsburgh's amazing new type of, paint: 1. One coat of Tediide Is usually sufficient-may bo applied right over wallpaper, dingy plaster, on basement walls, etc. 2. Comes in paste A-rm. Add water, and one gallon of Techide paste makes l'/j gallons of paint, enough to cover an average room. , 3. Easy to apply and quick to dry. 4. Washabla - stayj spotlew with ordinary soap and water. Redecorateyourrooms at small cost with Pittsburgh Techide. On sale ot A Complete Stock of Pittsburgh Paints You don't pay fof \voter In Tcthida. You odd it ysvjwlf and Java money, Ono Gallon of TetK^e r.isties Hi gallont painl — c^3vs^ for irSe overage room. MADE IN t COLOni AND WKI1 HUB BIRD HARDWARE CO.

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