The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1932
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY.. NOVF.MKKR;.23, 1032 BT.YTIIBVIU.R. (Afi"K.) 'COUUlF.ft NEWS PAGE THREE eville and Humes About Evenly Matcehd ill BflllLE IS I On The Outside- Looking In Bv "DUKE" .All-America's Last Chance Most; of the country's football learns dote ilisir ,*ca£on Oils week although every year, particularly hi N/'i! T -,™ Hac lmni-p<;-' llle soul11 an increasing immljer of Neillier learn Has 'mpres Eamfs are bc , ed nftcr 1 • r\ . • I . f^L.-l.^ ft I 1 !..;.. , EIVC Record; Chicks May Be Heavier.; , haven't boon beaten yenr. or tied this self with a bunch of boys averaging o:ily 160 uoumls. . S? Norton decided. that If he took cnre of tho line, tb> bucX- llcld would inke cure of Itself. And It did. behind the Hue piny of o:ii>i>imt. « liiele the school hcoir.s fov .All-America honors; ! | Johnny lilnkemnn, n 155-pound i 'thanksgiving week. However, most all-America candidates will be "made" as far as any recogniiioti Is concerned by the Two apparently evenly matched iin;e this week's battles are over thinis. the Blvtl'.evinc Cliicks. and I and the boys that may turn In I mnei'hifch'Of MeiM|his. AviU clash i aorling performances in later ii tho, holiday'gi'W game^at'Halsy | games will hoi receive much erei ?leld \omorrow afternoon at 2:30i it. only in one instance can live o'clock! * '.- ''•'.' ! writer recall wlicre an All-America j Neither tdam has anything in the ; player was "made" in a laie sea- Tay of- a gocd record for the s?a- ison game. And that wns when Heron, the' Chicks" having 'only two I man Hickman, the Tennessee guard, lictorlss to .-their credit while ] played ™ sciitr.tiorially ugamsl N. lumes has barely managed ta an- Y. U. in a charity-game mat the ;ex three triumphs. "But from all; eastern critics had lo make a last ijomparison.B the two Turkey Uiy j minute revision of their "All Amer- <jp]joncnt? will IK about as evenly leas" 10 include the Tennessee s'.ar. Brfvatclied as any two'teams:to nv. RjKllaley Field this season and that lf.v°<rid provide something imercsl- for the.folks with an afternoon •The Chicks will probably enter May Re Right Yet It begins to look liks the sport critic who calmly predicted three (Meats -for the Notre Dame Irish tins season while the Ramblers were ihe game with a slig/ii weight a'J- jtjoing strong nnd everyone wus siug- 'Jantage over Walter Hilipoli's kumes squad. The biggest man on team is Colby. 170 pDunJ- who holds down right tackle. ing their praises may have known his stiiir. niter all. Notre Dame, already defeated by Fitisburgh, faces a hard smashing right end. weighs 1C4 pounds I Army eleven (hat may provide an- ind the others arc below 155 pounds ether defeat tomorrow and then has | •xcept for Bryant, guard and Southern California to meet on L>2- jackle, who pushes the scales up to ccmber 10. The Humes tackfield will av r (rage about 149 pounds. I Coach Kramer's Blythevillc team fias been working out late every day {his week, in fact far inti the'dusk i'ith the floodlights turned on. Six if the starting Chicks will us play\n° tlieir Insl game for Blythevillc high and are expected to cut loos? With ever; thing they -have to end JlH'ir high school career in victory. Tommy Short, \vho has car- tied ir.e brunt of the Chick oflense lor two seasons, and Capt. Jimmy toptpn are tin backs who' turn in jheir uniforms . after tomorrow's But Centenary, Clamorinq' For Notional Recognition, Is Big Favorite. lly NKA Sfrvicr SHREVEPORT, lJ).. Nov. 23.— When you start thinking of loot- bull teams tt\ national honors, don't leave out Centenary. If Centenary gels bv the Ark- insas Hazorbacks Thanksgiving Day, and they are favored to. Ihcv'll be undefeated. "Gentlemen," the boys are called. But' there are several learns in the Kouth who think they're anything but gentlemen on the football field. Situated as the team is. midway between the Southern and Southwestern Conference territories, it's an outcast from both leagues. But the Centemiry Kridd^rs wouldn't pive two whoops and a tiger for all the conferences in the country. They've mopped up on three of the toughest teams in the southwestern' circuit, and taken the ure of I The Gentlemen beat Texas Unl- I versity. runner-up for Ihe cham- • plonshlp of the Southwestern Con| fercnce. 13-0. Texiis, If you remember, beat Oklahoma and Missouri, two nix Srx schools. The | former went "under 17-10, and j guard of the "wnU-h-rlmrm" viu , Fiunk Cnrideo's crew wns left bur- !,?ty; I'.iul Cipislc-r. an end who iili'd under a 05-0 storm. I causes opposing roaches to wan Tlien Centenary look S. M. U.I ""^' heads in worry, and Tcil Parrot Fever Traced To Carnival Company RED WING, llillll. (UP)— A recent epidemic of parrot fever or psittacosis in Minnesota loJny hud been traced lo birds dlstrlbul- ease In three towns and found the enmities distributed Ihreel23 123 121 elekncss directly traceable to love birds and canaries distributed by lie carnival company, There were I cd ai n concession ulnntl of u carnival company. 'ITie stale board made an Investigation of outbreaks of t:io dis- into camp 18-7. Southern Method-1 Tayim-. 1st hasn't been going so hot. In the Southwestern company, bul was good enough (o hop on Syracuse In a north-south lntcrsec- llonal encountov. 10-0. | The next Southwestern object of j Centenary's pounding was Texas A. nnd M.. a team that held Tu-' lane lo a 2G-M score. True, the' CiciiMcmcn only won 7-0, but the opinion was pa&sed around that thfv were holding out for a hot. ] Just recently the local boys look on Louisiana State Unlviir.sllv rind came away on Die long end of a li-0 score. 1;. S. U. had whipped Mississippi Shite and South Carolina, the latter n lough nut to crack this year, nnd had held Texas Christian, lca<!.?i- of the Southwestern Conference, to a 3-3 lie. Now doesn't that make Centenary somelhln?-The only team'it Imsn't beaten Is on? that's taken (he measure of Notre Dame and Southern California. running mnle lo Oll- plumi, the luckle. This Ollphnnt hi fiiinr Mmkcs. lei It bo salil. in the Binnc nunlnst Ij. S. U. this year. Joe llgurod in 90 \xr cent of llu 1 imposition's running plays. T«n of Norton's ]Kiny backs who nrc limning a till berserk behind the Hue line arc, Hnro'ld "Shdilv" Oslln, a mite lialfbnck who weighs only 1.10 stei) tlie fully nlltod in foolbnll tons, and Miinulni; Smith. The lalter, u Junior (piiirlcrbiick who runs both uflciiiive and defensive plays of tlie Cli'iils, also wors practically all 11m pnssliiK mid punllng for Ihc li-am. and who can 10lT yards In 10 ' nine cii^e.s of the fsv;r 1n three MlnneEola towns. Parrot fever Is classed as a highly Infectious disease of parrots and love birds. Stop That Cough Quick! Take Tlioxlnc—the very first swallow will flop your couuh wllli- In 15 nilinitii!i. It will drive Hie fever, nchlin.'sx mid col<l entirely out of your .system hi u .short, time—gal your inwicy Ijuck It 11 doesn't. Tliuxlno Is u gunrnnlcGd snfe. pleasant prescription for touglis, cclds nnd sore ttiront.—not a cough syrup. Sic. Klrby Bros, linn Co. mid all oilier jjoo<! drug .stores.' -Adv. 1. EVIDENCE Btytheville Over Humes The Blylhevllle Chicks will defeat Memphis Humes high tonicr- iow l\l Haley Field. The above prediction may be based on a leaning toward the hoiti-2 team but the wrller is standing by it. . Both the Chicks and Humes have unimpressive records. The Chicks have won two games this season and Humes has won three. Memphis Tech walked all over Blylhe- ville and proceeded to trounce Humes in even more vigorous fash- Jonesboro Tennessee Centenary Vanderbilt Colgate N. Y. U. Southwestern V. P. I. Nebraska Coach Homer II. Norton Is glv- ...,.-.. ,,.>. en a big hand for developing the one In the Southern Itam he has. For 13 years be has Conference. And the boys from I labored at the locnl institution. Mistah Will Henderson's town | Hying to drum football Inlo young licads that would far rather think of fair co-eds. Seven of years he has spent as head coach. In 1927 he had nn aggregation hat went Ihi-otiyh a lough 10- atnc schedule without dropping or rying a single contest. In this •ear's team he seems to have a openlcr. Norton had lo build a lino, and i gocd one this year, to make up :or his light pony back He Id. Wilh 13 candidates out for backlleld ixjsition this year, he found hlm- Jiminic Lee Brooks, Holland, ion. Jonesboro barely managed to Jaggers and Frhzius are the linjs- (ren'who .wind up their high school Kblbalt/Tldwell-'a reserve who may a'so,6^:.e. action,.is in his..lasl sja- OI ?-i ,. . Considerable color will be added lo the game by the appearanca of a "queen" selected ns sponsor for e local team for the game. 'grobable .opening Jine-up, in- g*' jersey' humb5rs v or players, follows: . ' Line-up B'ville W'ght Pos. Humes W'ght , Purtle (2) 170 •'• Stephens (3) 154 ; Ijeft. End Jakers <12) 180 Smart (9) 150 Left Tackle Fendler 180 Piitmnn (10) 145 Left Guard : Holland (10) 168 JIcNew. (11) 148 "• '• Center Fritzius (16) 155 Bryant (13) 157 Right,' Guard ; Luns'crd (13) 165 Colby (19) HO Right Tackle tke out a one iwint victory over Humes but defeated Blytheville in easy fashion. .The Chicks are likely to have an edge in weight over the visitors I2re Thanksgiving Day. And that nay mean something if it's a muddy fleld. Parngould Kentucky Arkansas Southern" California Washington Alabama Tirown Carnegie Tcc':i Sprliis Hil' V. M. T Missouri Siiturilay L. S. U. Georgia Tech S. M. U. Bayioi Drake Notre Dame Duke Washington & L»e Stanford . Pitt Tulane Georgia T. C. U. Rice Marquettc Army Win or Lose Here's the \vay this week's games look from this seat. Thanksgiving Day Winner Loser Blythevillc Humes Everything for Your Enter •tainmehl and Comfort R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today —"Bill of J. Brooks (8) 168 Lewis (H) ici Divorcement" with John night End : Barrym'orei Mosley (5) 135 Dlugach (7) 145 Quarterback '• Beck (9) 1E5 : Oliver (5) 145 Left Halfback' Short 165 Curtis (8) )50 ': Right Halfback. Tipton (7) 184 Kcene (18) 155 This is the smart Oiicrcoat style Fullback Thursday and Friday Adm.—Matinee .and ' 10 and 40c Garqled Constantly.. SadKreath Still H E couldn't understand why r.oikine helped— until a friend suggested; "It miKht |jc your stomach!" And jl tfu j—clopctd i nt estincs thai invnri.iblysfircadpOLMn* w.Tst« through Ihe pm ami lead lo ut> ' ct>Ws, lack Are Southern Girls the Greatest LOVE EXPERTS? etc. Wh;tl ' (Nature's Remedy). R««u1arbowclactiO!i " Quickrclkf Toe ar lion. h.-arll»itn. Only lft:. with Bette Davis Dorothy Jordan Another Tirtt National HOME THEATRE tyednestU? and Thursday Atlin.—Miilinec and Niglit— j 10 nnd 25c I See LOWELL SHERMAH, WITH • > PEGGY SHAHNOM LILA LEE Burton Defeats Sisco III In Pine Bluff Fight Don linrlon. locnl llEhtwolglH, ( Billy Sisco 1" tlic niuln tout on n I'ine Illuft light curd Monday nlyht. Uurlon won the (lulu I" lliir rmirlli rmnul by «•. knockout nccordlni; lo reports. lilB Hoy Ulancliiircl. who was slnlcd lo apjiwir in the seml- wlnduji. <ll(l not no lo I'lnu Bluff. He will llBht at !'o])][ir Ulnff, Mo. tonight It Is stilted. l.nrci-sl Air l.lnc CHICAGO tUP)—Wlml coinpnny cnn l»nst of tlu- Inniesl nlr llneV A reccnl clicck credits this distinction (o nn Aincrlcnii company United Air Lilies, which flips inon miles, ciinles twice ns ninny pus- senm'rs mul nhm times ns ninny piece:; of mnll us the liirgcsi Eiir- oi:can compeLltor. - UeuUseli Luf Bennett's Pasteurized Milk Phone 74 lOc Qt. 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