The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY 23, 19-M Parachute Rigger From Leachviile Describes Jump "Us like rol])n off .1 log," ivns tlie way I'vt, Cecil 13. Neel, son of Mr mid MM. T. A. Noel, of Lcachvlllc, now in Die Central 1'acific, describ- ,cd his first parachute Jump , Graduating from (he 7th AAP ^Fighter Coinmiiud Parachute nig- gers school, Ncel and other members of lib class volunteered a free- fall Jump from an airplane as a climax to their course. Boiling out of a transport at 3,000 feet all the men floated to earth ami except for a couple of twisted ankles In landing, the jump was adjudged n complete success. At present Ncel is back at Ills .s<|Ui\tlron where he Is now charged with the responsibility of caring for all parachutes. There is n tradition in all (lie squadrons that if n pilot should feel lus parachute is improperly packed, he is at liberty io challenge (lie parachute rigger, in which case, (he rigger in obliged to take the chute up awl jump with it himself. Having made the first and probably the toughest jump, and having received excellent training in the handling of parachute, Ncel remarks: "Tlicy can challenge me any day in the week. This 'dry 1 diving fs u lot of fun." ' Tuskegee Names Youthful Chemist Carver Successor TUSKEGEE, Ala., May 23 tUP) —A youthful Negro, Dr. Russell \V. Drown has been named as the successor to Tuskegee Institute's late Dr. George Washington Carver. Brown, a former pert-time staff member of the University of MEXSAMA SOOJKING MEDICATED POWDER Forms medicated coat of tkin protection on trrftoled*"jur- |face. Big supply coil-, Little. The Gift Shop Modern and Antique Gifts COSMETICS . BABY GIFTS GREETING CARDS NOVELTIES A Gift For Everybody Ingram HItlg. Phone '.H51 MOSS BRYAN • WE FIM, AIJ, DOCTORS' V'!' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE'YOU MONET STEWART'S Drof Stor e Main A Lzk< Phant tfttt Iowa chemistry dopartmcnl, replaces Austin W. Curtis, Jr. The dismissal of CurtLs' was announced Sunday by President P. D, Patterson, Dr. Patterson says the successor named by Dr. Carver to carry on his research In native Southern fnrm products Iras been removed lo "preserve the good name of Doctor Carver and Tuske- ecc institute." It was discovered that Curtis was collecting 25 percent of tlic royalties from the jioted Negro scientist's biography. Dr. Patterson says his action was also taken because lie resents Hie commercialism being attached to the services of the humble, Spartan Negro. Patterson says this school will not attempt to have 1 the Curtis contract broken. It Is estimate,! that the contract bus already brought CurtLs approximately $1,000 In royalties. N O T I C K Notice Is hereby given that (lie undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues ot the State of Arkansas for n permit lo sell beer at retail nl Annorcl, Mississippi County, The undersigned states that he Is a citixcn of Arkansas, of good mom! character, that lie has never Iicen convicted of a felony or oilier crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undpr- signed has been revoked wllliin five years last past, and that the undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the laws of this stiitc, or any other state, relating lo tlic sale of alcoholic liquors. Lee Wilson Co. By E. M. Rcgetiold. Subscribed and sworn to before me tills 19 day of May, 1944. Arthur Vance (Seal) Notary Public. My commission expires 3-l-'47. . NOTICE OK FILING OF APPLICATION FOlt LIQUOU I'KKMIT. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell mid dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 310 East Main at BlythcvUle, Ark Application is for permit (o be issued for operation beginning on the first day of July, 1044, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1045, as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 1, 1Q38 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19, effective July 10, 1037. Robinson East End Plicy. By M. H. Robinson. A value of $1,000,000 has been Placed on England's annual honey harvest. MARGARET'S BEAUTY SEIOP 1M 8. tint Phone 2532 Beauty Problems By Appnlntruenl BIA'THEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Relative Oi Women Slain Here Reported Missing (Continued from Paye II Mrs. Carpenter. She had a crude two-room house with attic erected mid moved there, Inking her mother along lo keep her company. Carpenter divided his time between the new home tmd lilythe- villc, as did the daughters while the son jiinliitiiined his residence in the city. lU'iiurtecl Crime The morning after (lie killing occurred, Carpenter went to a neighbor's house where he told tlrat his wife and mother-in-law had been murdered by two men whom he recognized and who committed tli6 double slaying after threatening his life. Testimony nt the (rials disclosed that Carpenter needed a siibstmi-1 tial sum of money to pay olt a note [ due and thai Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs, Davis bad made arrangements two days before to obtain cash for this purpose. Whether Hie murderer or murderers thought (he money was in the house and committed the crime because the women would not hand ever (lie money never was solved. Ed Giles and Prank Hamilton, neighbor farmers, were named by Carpenter as the two men who entered the house late one night am over his protests, threatened the lives of the women. He said on the witness slnnd, oil timers recalled, that he grapplcc with the two men before they struck him and forced him to watch then bent tlic two women nnconsciou and then to hack their heads open The death weapons later were fount hidden under 11 log near the bar by footsteps made in the snow. Both men immediately were arrested and Iried here bill, both wer acquitted. Tried At Osccola Carpenter then wns nnc.sted upoi being charged with murder on twc counts. Taking a change of venue lie was tried for the murder of hi Wif/ Receive Diplomas As Nurses In Memphis Two former BlythcvUle girls wll b c graduated from'-'the Mcmphi Methodist Hospital School of Nuis Ing in exercises to be held Thurs rtay night at Madison Height; Methodist. Church. Miss Tomtnyc Dean Hatchei niece of Miss Irene Crowder, ant Miss Lois CritK, daughter of Mi and Mrs. 1. E. Grit/, ot Fayellevillc will be presented their diploma upon the successful completion o thre c years of training. Miss Hatcher, a graduate of Ely thcville High School, plans to en ter the Army Nurses Corps ucx February when she becomes 21 which is the minimum age for th •Nurses Corps. Daughter of n former Mississipp County Extension Agent, Mis. Crily, attended the University o Arkansas, Faycttevilie prior lo en tering nurses training. Lowden School To Ho|d Closing ' ' SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, proirerly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are always fresh, and all work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you with your floral needs, r.TJ). Service Wt Deliver Ph. 4»! Mrs. }. M. (M»e) WlUlann, swner QlcncM Shibley's Best FLOUR —Better for all home baking—Takes less shortening, tool FREE 1944 ART CALENDARS Slop by our warehouse, 310 W. Ash St., for yours. LUXORA. Ark., May 23— Closing exercises for Lpwdeii School will hi held Friday. Thp spelling contest for the pas three months closed last Frirtuy with winners in each grade ns follows: Oleda Perkins, second grade Raymond Bollard, third grade, Na- dinc Wilson, fourth grade. Haze Bishop, fifth grade, and Marsha Willfngluwi, sixth grade. Winners in the raurlh and fiftl grades made a. perfect, spelling record for the three month period At the Hospitals Blylhcville Hospital Admitted- Julius Frascr, Wilson. Willie Mae Gee, City. Ernuc Bell Cherry, city. Maria Afaclison, city. Dismissed — Mary Barch, Luxorn. Myrtle Thomas, Cooler, Mo. Jackie McKeethcn, Caiuthcrb- villc, Mo. , Walls Hospital Admitted— Mrs. Ellis a. Snipes, city. Lutye McCormick. CaralhcrsvHIc, Mrs. R. E. Davis, city. Dismissed— Mrs. Roy Bislcr, Charter Oak. Mo. John Wayne Scrlvner, IH. 1, clt.y. Memphis' Baptist Hospital Admitted— W. P. Carter, Lcachvlllc. Harvey Mills, Osccola. Memphis Methodist Hospital Admitted- Mrs. Leo Wnddell, Carulhersvillc, Mo. .,„»,. «-«*«««»»«W»*™IS^^ « ff.j. ..«*-M* ^^w^^we^iiii^^^^sy^^f^!^^^^ Studebaker Champion rates high with busy Federal law officer H i:iU"S a teller from Frank M. Dur- r.incc of Orlando, Florida who says: "My 1941 Stmiehakcr Champion lias been driven about 150,000 miles—at the lowcse maintenance cost of any car I've ever owned. Whether across the county or across tlic nalion, ihis dependable Sludebaker is always ready to go on a moment's .notice. Its gasoline mileage is consistently high and its materials and workmanship arc llic finest." Yes,these war da) 5, tlic tire-saving,gas- saving, soundly built Studebaker Champion adds new luster to its reputation IJ 0111 CO.lSt 10 C035I. Ji's no wonder used Srudebaker Champions, Commanders and Presidents arc in such big demand everywhere. Sfudehaker ... Pioneer and Pacemaker in Automotive Progress Now building Wright Cyclone engines for 1h« Boeing Flying Fortteu-mullipMrive 0i'f*? : " . military trucks—other vital war male-rial. wife nt Osceola where ho wds''nc- quitted. Tnklug n clmiigc of venue In the trliil for murder of his motlior-lu- IHW, Cnriicnlcr wus tried nt Pnvh- gonld where the llrsl Itliil resulted in u luuiB Jury. He was ncqulUod by n jury following his second trial on the same charge. It 1 wns niter Carpenter wns freed In the deuth ol lits wife that Mr. nnd Mrs. Jcwctt employed. Vlriill Greene us ix special assistant to the state in prosecution of Carpenter in the murder charge involving Mrs, Jewell's mother. A. a. Little, then a practicing attorney, the lute W. D. Grnvelte, the Intc 13. E. Alexander, Nnth Lnmb of Jonesboro mid K. E. L,. Johnson of mrngoulrt represented Cnriwntcr. In trials of Giles ami Hamilton, they employed no counsel mid the state appointed attorneys to represent them. Following his ncquittnl, Carpenter left lilythcville, his two • talented daughters who had traveled In ninny Joielgn countries soon moved «way nud several years later Price Carpenter Jr., nnd his yauiig.wlfc whom lie hdd mnrrled shortly nftcr the murders, and their three babies went West. Mrs. Jewctt never returned to BlythcvUle nnd the horrible crime nlmost was forgotten until n relative of Mrs. Jewell recalled to n reporter In Doonvlllo, Mo., that two other members of the family Imd met tragic ends. Ketd Owner mm Spring "Outing'^" ' Alice, mamn.chunn nt Ihe SI, Louis, Mo., zoo, concemrales on an ico crcnm cone, while sunning baby Margaret in the pnrk, Mama wears a blue dress nnd white apron and Mnrearct Is snug In knitted sacque und howl cnscnible 1'nu'lloal Track In CAM1- 1CU.I8, 111. <U1>>- rjiuilp Ullis eiiulnc(;rs'Icurnliii; track-luy- lu« us irart of their overseas iruln- hiB ri'iiliiced three miles of Irack of Ilio Chicago, liurlingiou ami Qulncy nillroitd boliveeii litislivlllc and Vermont,' 111., In three weeks While nl work they lived In intl- lond bunk cars, 10 to n Klccuci-, «nUI Col. John s. Sullivan, ciimu com- iimndei 1 , PAGE ,nyii."\ •» ' New I'unohfl' for Troplts CAM I' SAN LUIS OB1SPO, Cfli; (U1>)--A new 'llgliUwclgtit muitlple liuriiose poncho, rmidc of walci- proofed nylon fnbilc, lm s Ijccn dc- volopcd Ijy the Qiinitennii-itcr Corps awl Mil be issued BOOII to uouner Newt Mother'sFiieiid helps lirtnE case and comfort to expectant mol/iers. M O Tit u n • s I'RiKNi), nu ox<iut«ltoly pro- imml emollient, la useful In nil condl- . ______ lions wlicron blnnd, mild imwlyno mna. MHO medium In t kln lubrication is d c - Blml. Ono condition In which women ''"'™™« '«»'«.»««IHtanil Mother's Friend jlllihly |jy iwrii, 11.1111,' ducliin mi,! 1'rlciiil— ttio akltl 'lubricnuf. Vrx'u loilKt i, "„ Irop5ca !5 «omt»t, Ihc Camp UiU .Qblspo paper'. WclghlnV -about 30 o Jhc nylon poncho can be used as a foxhole cover, ground cover' pro- ln ™ or material from WePay ' iV-'-rf' HIGHEST CASH PRICES . ,' ' "•- i'J! For ' ' ."' Jv y* (LEAN USED CARS See Us Today! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 451 , Walnut it 5Ui ortunityiffoIWVl^ o \ . • - ( UT of' the deep woods which stretch over more than half of the Southland has sprung a billion dollar tirriber industry-strong and sturdy as OHO of its own trees, "-t- In the State of Arkansas, 20,000,000 acres of com- '.mercial forest land arc alive with bustling lumber .mills, saw mills, paper mills. F rom these busy mills pour thousands of tons of wood products which are ..used in an almost unlimited variety of ways—from building materials to cellulose and paper products. Upon these forests of Arkansas about 60 per cent of the Slate's wage earners engaged 'in manufacturing depend, either directly or indirectly, for employment ... employment which has already paid big money to thousands of people. And, with new forest conservation prpjects under way, new plans being laid, new markets opening up —all indications are that after Victory the South:ri lumber industry will bring evon greater opporlu'ni- , tics nnd better jobs to the people of Arkansas and .the entire South. t' A Greater South Is In the Making Typical of mnny progressive Southern industries, Lion Oil. Refining Company, through constant' research and experimentation, has developing nnd is now producing from Southern crude oil, several components of 100 octane gaso- hno... vastly improved lubricants ... Butadiene, the basis of Buna-S synthetic rubber...ingredients ',' for explosives...and other vital materials required for war. ' From thcso activities have coma increased employ- . mont and expanded payrolls! From them will also come post-Victory products destined to contribute ' materially to the greater industrial and economic advancement of the South! PRESIDENT Headquarters of Lion Oil Refining Company, El DoraoV Atkamt,, mrve fcnlcr of a {or .fi m oram -« f i o _' pJonj offeclmg poj/wor operaHont of fisU an refinery _ forces; traniporlalion e/emenli and hundredt ot iercico Sfalions, ore now being completed. LION 01 L. R E F I N I N G C 0 M PAN Y . __ EL DOR ADO '.ARKANSAS," -, i i "*"«•!» 1 DOWN SOUTH " ; radl ° Ifl l yov, I*, P ?clcr {or,,i,« Mcbr Oil o ,.™ Trod,, cX«EfO«VOU«CA«

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