The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 6
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Mlcjwest and Coasl Fives Favored in National Basketball Mecl .By lUUOM) NIKKIil, United Press Staff Corresimlidenl - DENVER (UP)— Basketball's blue ribbon event— the National A. A. U. tournament— returns 'to .Denver (or the third successive year with Uio .opening wliUlle Marrti 14 and the crotrning of what \\lll bf> regarded in most ca?e circles ns 111? world 1 -; Kr«atcH amateur basketball team : March 20. This year's national 'meet Is ex- Ki.t«5 to suroTss'last jcar's rcr-- ord-breikiDs- tourney hi vMtoli s^ teams from" 21 slates and llic District of Columbia vie I for (op honors in amateur b"statln]|. Convincing proof that fie fittest, amateur Insketball in trip uorld 1s olavcd in ihc iinUanol m»ct was ottered last venr wlieji ihc towering McPherson. Kns. Olotr Refiner!, ana Unisersal Picture's of Hollywood. vlnner nn<l rtinncrup respectively, In the national placed all^but one man on the U S Olympic* team in the Olvnvolo p]a\olls> the Uo teams finished in (he reverse order, A new champion Is certain to be crowned (Ms yt>nr as the McPhcr- son five his disbanded The l!)3r National Champions arc scattered about ainonn various teams In UiK sector. None of thr> tcanu with »hlch the "if, chamnlons Is plAVlut use UIP "'Fire Department' stjle of b-Xfkrtball ^hlch carried them to victory. A new slile of play Hill's will move Into Hie top positlfln ' Phillips 66 of BnrUesvlllc, Okla diamplons of the Missouri Vnllev A ' A U league, lias been elevate .1 to the role of ore-tourney favoilie following IU undefea(e<l season in »hnt is perhaps the strongest amaleur league in the country. The roster of the favorites /lt>- r Clyde s five nrescnt or former nll- Amenmn stars handed bv Itic veteran chuck Hyatt, former Pittsburgh University stnr other players Include Joe rorlcuberry and Jack Raglfuid McPV>erson and Clvrwlc pa-former: Insl senson- "Bwl" nromiinir. all-Amprlci forward for HIP pisi (no \ears Tom PickeJl former nll-Amo-tcn centi-r Jay Wallenslrom. nll-Am-rlca guard last season, and Rny Ebllna « ho sot n Hi,, sii scoring record *lth the University of Kansas last season Hollywood Teaiti Rat«d Hl ? h In the top four nlth Phillips in the rallnsf arc Laemmle Studloi of Hollywood, tfUh a ilneui/of o!Vm _- pic stars from the Universal Pic- lures quintet of last season, Santa Pe Trails of , me". Mlssc-ruT Valley league, and Safeivav Stores of Den- }er. runnerap in th» (Missouri v»)-' ey league Hnd Colorado's leading learn " ,' £ BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BV KIOHAUn McCANN NEA Service Sports Writer The subject of commei'cinllsm In college football Is like a [xwr re- lotlon—It's liable to drop in on as nnv time of (he day or ycnr. rt's nlBo n lot like thc'-weniher. As Mark Tvv'nln *onUI • Bay, everybody liilks nboiit II, but nobody does niiythliiR about It. . The.matter lins dro|)|xxl In on tlin sjxirts pages twice; dm In); (ho Inst few dtiys, brazenly squeezing Its unwelcome porson , In between pictures of the baseball training Eeason. First; Pull) Schweglor. former All-Amerlcn (nckie at the University of Washington, came out In the public prints as being In favor of a no nnv, no plnv movement amon? college fiMlbnll plny- WK. . , . "Wlml college foothall needs, 1 .' snld Mr. Schwcfilcv. "Is n sltdowii'slrlkf. The pluvcrs should wear out the bench until they net iinld—nice, clean, fresh money fiom the comptroller's office." Shortly lifter Mr. Schweglcr hiul uttered these Ijlusplipmoii,'; words, authorities nl Johns llonklns Unl- versltv . niiiiounccd thnt they wouldn't c'ltirsa itdmUwlons nnv morn for their spmting even's to •ovoid, so they said, nnv tnlnt of commercialism in nthlellts. A de-lovelv Attitude, lo be sure, but ((iiite ui))icce.s?ni->'. 11 wns the same as you walking into Uie nearest police station and saying, "Officer. I understand . Chnrlcv Ross hns been kidnaped—well I didn't do It " All Don't Wnnl Wares No one vpi.i sen, had accused Johns Honklns' nlnvcrs of being nrofessloimls. Their record It, tibove rcpronch,. nllhoueh It 1ms been somewlmi hclow par for Hie course. But Ilicy do have the right Idea, those Johns , Hopkins ali- Uioilttes Either give your followers amateur snorts at nmateir pricrs, 01 five the ulayers Wr of the proceeds if they arc attracting vast Ihrongs nt $3,30 and $4,40, or more,-per jlnsfc. , However, vgn nmy be surprised to know that 'nil college football plavers, active ami former, don't, agiee wllh this viewpoint Tliey don't all think with Mr'. Schweglcr that they should be pnld a salary or a percentage,of the,profits for tlicli eJTorls on the -field.' Sonic of them think that a scholarship— n free education-more thnii repays them . "Of course," one of them said recently In discussing commercially, • I'd like to have gotten u s zable weekly wage at the same time but I don I think tt was coming to me I'yo got to admit J >at football', dirt more for mo tlian I ever Ultl for football Football .and my wijversltj hail got- . ,-- Blar-stUdded llncilp aVes II an unwilling favorite since the pre-tourney fayoritc in "recent years has been relegated to the limbo oS'"n]so-r<mv' about [he (mar- ternnal rountl Phlcos ,of linusis City occupied the same cosittou last yeai but went out in tlu q i,irler- n.iils b2foie Kansas City Ufo of Denver, champions of thp c itv l?n atone without >m l.vforo mid could have continued to get along without m?. rxt: I doubt If I could have gotten along without Ilieni. "My family wn.s imrir, ymi we, and tliey couldn't send me to rchon) niid'lf'i Imdn't ijren «We to jilnv fcottei I couldn't havo gone to colleee." More Arc Hclpr-d Than Hurl lie profited by. his free education, cainod a decree and Is now H prosperous professional man... 'Some ot the IJOVB don't tnkp nd- tayn o' Ihc free-education, of courfp," ln> cold, "niul they turn -••t lo bo bums HIP mliuito (hey iv« school, nut Hint's not thcs ii!t of]. They would uive ticc-n bums nnvvvny. A week- v fnbry v.ocldn't have helped .hfm." Mr. ScirecpJi'i-, lilinsL'ir. Is a ivhn nn'umont tigiilnsl his ro- narts Ilia', cd'a-o footiinll de- namls mure than it donates. 1 lon't dounl. that he would have ."Weeded in bii.slncw without the ^!d of hls.foolhall ropulallon but :ertalnly It l>n,«tenwl ami lieljied il« proiircss In Hollywood where c Is a- ucll-pnid movie tccli- li-lnn. : , 'Iliere arn iciirrs more like him out tlicio hi the movie colony lOtMo mcniion other professions nd bus!'.!;: Johnny Mnek Hrown, of Alabama, and Nick LuknLs, or Noire lame, and Dale' Van Sickle, of Flcr,dn, nnd Cotton Warbiirton MOII rfoscnljcrs find RIISS Saund- s of Southern Cnllfoniin;. (o ?T „"' ^ ™l )ltl>ll "'l 0" tlicli ntt-all ability and publicity to ke Tifwl In the movie Industry -not us actors, iiecessai-lly but us directors. ' ' Pootlmll gave most or these .•ouiiif men college educations ;vhich they couldn't have had, and -he collcBc educations gave them contacts and social standing and Uieli- contacts and social stahd- ng got Uiem well past, the 60- .'nrd line down the field to sue- be delcrihlned until shortly before play opehs, siike ehrtles mailed fiom.a distance arc often slow In reaching b,e official committee and ' ! el ^ rflp)1 for • •««» mlnu(c Pivin? Bell Helps Pay Student's Way B.v NEA Service vu, AS T ^ ANS1N0 ' Mlch.-E,lwar<l Vincent 1 S using divers ways to P«y Ills way through Michigan iiate College. Vincent, member of Michigan •talcs swimming team has con- tnicted a diving bell at the cost ' « and he and his bell aie ought every summer by police H ecu who arc tiylng to recover vxiios of drowning ilcllm'i >- The diving boll also is employ- I bv Coach Ruwell Dmibeit of ie Spartan svvh,imln K team to tuity the form of liK candidates encatl] tlic sm face , , Representatives from the follow 1 i«g A A ,u ablations im- e<- peetcd to compel. 'Adirondack Arkansas, carolliias, Central, Indiana- Kentucky, Metropolitan. Middle Atlantic, Missouri valley, Northeastern Ohio, Ohio, Oklahoma Ore- f "• °f r ><• Pacific, pacific North- and Wisconsin , Collets lo Re Represented west Southern Pacific, Southern in addition to the A A. U teams there will bs a slroni col!e?late representation from all sections of the country w | tn the ncavlest e|1 . try list coming from the Rockv Mountain and Southwest dutrlcts The but two jears there has been a large number of independent lives from neighboring states that play for experience and a chance to view the meet with little hope of lasting more than one round The number of entries will not —.—,-...,„., w leave thein urosev \l m\V' C !r OI t)lc mcct and have title time for ansthlng but watch- I"? the constant stream of games Last year the tomnDy opened on a rt '" , yt "'°« ll »? nl g o'cloci; ntl(1 old not clo<^ until midnight with noj-oecss Inteivab between game, I LEFTY'sl SERVICE STATION Arkansas-Missouri Line Shell Products Visit one of the most modem service stations In the South. A courteous staff of attendants at your service 24 hours a day. BIG $1.00 BOTTLE OF 'OLD KICKATO' NOW ONLY 49c Sold in Blylhe^ille Only by City Drug Store To introduce » fine old Indlaa mcdicino and prove it> Wonderful v»Iue lot iclieving .lomath, kiJney «nd li'ver Irouklti, we will «cll for > lew t!»j-» trie regular $1 bollte (twelve ouncei, two weilci' treat- mem) for 19 cenlt. Limil iWe lo * cu.tomer. We alia guarantee to refund full purcfiile price lo «ny perion who i> not iitiified that the medicine ii worth at lent ten timei - wh»l he fuld for it. W.Iriit, t«ehe riouri OLD KICKATO w ,ll drive paiiont' from yout »yitem at black "•any ink (Jut ev*t came from a bottle. It C*U KI , more nilural Action than any'otner medicine We know of. It u a good trealment rat theurnatie and neutilii paini in a'l. i neck, tacit, h!pi and legi, giving «1- moil in»tant relief in nearly every "",' , • or "'* "io'M.Uke aw»y tired feeling « n d induce heallKy lleep. ^ Every person needi o tkor- ough cleaming oul of hU lyiiem four or five limek a year. This roilie. you le.i ],tcly to append,c,l» and other darigerou. di«ate«. Old Kick«to Indian Tonic will nelp a tick •tomath, ga«, bloating and >»UK« in ten mmutei. *" Ballard, Rucker, Kelley Welcome Chance Wilh Tcn-c I iautc Team Road Courier News want Ads. OSCEOLA, Mnrcli 11. _ jn ''IJflbs" nallnrd, jiuduy youiix ont- Hclilcr, whoso .sale to 'rcrre Haute Ind., along with Paul flnckcr' catcher, and Alfr«r-Kld" KclW pilcher-inMdcr. was nnnouncwi tills week Ijy D. Prod Taylor j r Eccrctury-biisinoss matiat'cr of thi- Indians, hopes Hint bast-bull history will repeat Itself. Writing from Ms home In Mid- dlctown, Ohio, nftcr licnrlng the Rood news, Dullard' recalled that Charley Root., Chicago Ciibs riltch- er n home town i) 0 y, got. his stun with Terrc Hnule. was sold to the Browns, and later inircluised by'the piite vtlieiv ho rose to great, liurl- lii'i heights. • , •Tli" "Ihilje" expressed wjenl snt- Isfactlon over the prospecU of Belting a trial wllirthc Three I Ica-'uc Class B, and was conmieni IJiftrjje' could make '(joiid. Tune in on Ills cnthuslastli; letter to Fml- "I nm positive I can produce and go (o the majors from there," ho said. "Tell Walter Halite {Terre Haute manager) ill be there with a lot of, fire and fight, that I'll drive his regulars on the bench vvhe'n I gel there. If he needs a catcher, well I'm his catcher; an InlleUler, or outfielder, I'm there also. . . . f am in great condition . . . want to make good . . . can't wait im- lil Die season opens . . ." Ballard also took u poke at Dlw.y Doan, biucd on the recent wild rumor thai Dcun would play with F'eorla, In the sump loop. , "Tbll him (Ilnlke) if Di^y Dean plays with I'eorla (which f know won't be allowed) he'll be really dizzy because he'll be lucky to w ln one-lhlni his games.". Uallnrd was scecured from Para- Bould (tnrliiu Hie season in un out- lr;ide for Jimmy Libcrlo, Port Smith boy. Originally u catcher. Ballnrd wfts slilftcd to the outfield beraiiEC of ht s hitting, in the nnal Enme of the season lie went back of the plate when Riickcr cut his Hand. He handled himself well. Jim Is n switch hitter but prefers lo take his cuts from the left stile of the plate. •• Huckc'r Svove over from his home In Bauxite, discussed his status with the locals, Ills cliance with Terre lla'ulo, am! promptly autographed ills contract. He expressed thorough satisfaction and said he "was toing lo give waiter Halkc all he had." He appeared to l>e in « dtd condition, having picked up few extra pounds during the win ter.- Keiley, younger brother of Ha ry Kelley, star pitcher for tl Philadelphia Athletics, who ha been holding out for bigger i?» (|iilt Ihc dissatisfied ranks in a hui i-y wlU'ii nilvlscd vln mall by Sci retary Tajlor of the pi'ojxised sa to a club of higher classiflcalio He, too, appeared i>Ieasi'd over II Ixjsslbllltics of showing his vim In higher company. The signing of Kelley and Ruck er left only three of the origin eight out of the wigwam. Orad Mills, lleetfootcd cenlcrlidder. wl hit .303 last year, boimct'd l)ac his contract and requested 100 p; cent salary boost Instead of tl 40 per-cent offered. Walter "Hud I.Mtc-s, Blylhevllle youngster, who 1930 record was dglu wins as con pared to but one lass, hi.,- first ye,' of professional baseball, and Oei Williams. Qrcenbrlar, a short.slo have indicated ncilliei "aye" IK "nay," They arc not coivsidcre holdoiils, though, and are cxjiecti in ulmost any time. Deer Creek Five At Home On Any Com By NI!A Service. LOC1ANSPORT, 1ml— The ba. ketball players of Deer Cree High School, jie.ii- hero in Carro ^*!»° 1 G£^ AU Vc 0 STSAV^° OF VJH1SK£Y m ,AfcM \OF STHHIOHT WHJSKIJIS lURIJEC WHY IS GULPS NEW NO-NOX ETHYL the gasoline sensation of the year? Because there's been a crying neeJ for.a fuel that cannot knock! Motorists have hailed the new No-Nox Ethyl as the answer . . . a f uc] boosted to such a new high that it is absolutely bioclbmof—even IB the high-comprcssion 1937 cars! Motorists have discovered that it gives more power, smoothness, economy many car. Ami—equally important—it starts instantly—cuts down battery wear, excess choking, cr.inkcasc dilution! Try Gulf's nDW No-IS'ox Ethyl ,it the Sign of the Onngc Disc. Costs no more than other premium fuels. A tankful of No-Nox am! a crankcascful of Gulfpride Oil can't be topped! FREE AT ALL GULF DEALERS - N 7 F r yW " lily *•"•»«« pu.rtp-»i»,«—, and other features. FUN FOR ALL THE-FAMILY! county, didn't have any court of their own this season and had to Play all their games away from THURSDAY, MARCH n,; i 937 Niw Located at 101 Nortfc Stooat ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON ' »DWARDS, Proprietor All ma*« af Rebuilt Ty Wwri t« 9/ Addln r MaciU n(I f;akulators~parls—Klbbun, T1MBLV CLOTHES It isn't entirely a matter of price More impoTlant lhan ihe price ofVsuft of cloihesj .is what you^efin-feium fcf your money.; We .recommend our Ranger Worsted suits as a genu^) .inely remarkable" value at 'the price. A superb, fabric, {lawlessly tailored and authentically styled by TIMELY CLOTHES~al Rochester.' 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