The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1932
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by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA 8T AUKANBAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI • - • •- • '-"• •••.-w.v'--- > -- i « )r '*i :•••• -.-•-. :.,c';.fe:^ffis;fl VOL. XXIX—NO. 213 BlythevUle D»ily News, lllythevllle Courier. .,. v ,.-,,,, vn , ,, \i>i/4VOAC U'nnvi'oi i i-v VMIMMI urn .>•> ici>>.) Mississippi Vall/y Leader. Blythevllle Herald. "'•'' IHkVILLK, AKKANbAS,_ N kl)N'l'.Sl)AV NOVl'.jMIVhH it, lil.U ^__ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS, REFUSES Must Have Revenue From Lands Not Paying Taxes, Says Receiver. Clifton If. Scott, receiver for Drainage District 17, has advised \ n i p the Courier News that after Dee- | ' al '''O!l V-01TieS i-inbcr 3 he win proceed to obtain j Time Financial Leader crlet. of all land sold for delin- Had Served a Day. ciu n nt drainag.? taxes up to 1929. I . This procedure is necessary, Mr.j LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 23. (UP) Parnell Grants Paif LIFTS SiMNuE S&ST&Si ID j Knoxvillo, Tcnii.. Nov. 2'i itll')— ; j Joe Duncan, 31-year-old scion of ,a prominent Knoxvllh funilly, was held without bond here loday charged with the murder six days , \ ago of his mother-in-law. Mrs. j James Criimbllss, wife of a former ' I citv coinnilssSoner here. j Thc while-haired CO-year-old • mother of three adults was sliol i down at C p. in. last Thursday as she walked near the home of her ; daughter, the estranged wife of, Duncan. Police have information that Rnott explained, in order tliut the! A. B. Banks, gray-haired former t ], c mother-in-law had enconras- district may obtain rental Income I presideiu of the defunct American i el | |, el - daughter to leave licr lius- frnm such land to offset losses] Exchange Bank find Trust conv suffered through Us tax delin- pany of Little Rock, was (|iicncy. It i s not fair to those by Gov. Harvey Parnell today. P^mell. in band. Jandoivrers who are paying their, taxes, he said, to permit others lo hold possession of lands In the distiict without paying. Tax Cnlleptions Good "Lands that have been removed from thi' tax rolls through sale to the district will be made to cirrv llvir proportion of the cost | of .the district through the colloc- i his statement, saii he considered the charge Banks was convicted on a "tecnnical on? rather than a criminal one." Banks, although sentenced to the penitentiary for one year, never has served a day. He was sentenced •July 4, 1931. Brought State-Wide Crash . Tlie failure of the Banks Little lion of rent cither from tho pres-1 Rock institution some $15,- cnt occupants or from some one' 000,000 on deposit and the subss- f\>v" Mr. Scott said. 'quent collapse of the A. B. Banks The receiver, who spoilt two days i chain of 48 other banking instilu- here In connection with affairs of tions brought a financial panic io the district, expressed himself as -Arkansas und the ulosig of more well pleased in general with this than 100 other banks not canned- yen v's tax collections. The small f d with the chain, loud owners are keeping up their. Banks was sentenced on a charge taxes, almost without exception, i of accepting a deposit in the bank he said, nn-: n number of large;with the knowledge the institution owners, previously delinquent, have W as insolvent. He was denied recently paid up back taxes as .rehearing by the Arkansas supreme well as those payable this year. Delinquency Gains' Nothing court. On the day he was "to have bs?n Mr. Scott emphasi/ed that re-1 taken to the penitentiary to start lief to Drainage District 17 tax- •. ferving hts sentence Governor Par- JRP Pronosals for Military Alliance and Loan Rcoovt- ed Coldly Received. PARIS, Nov. 23 (UP.—Political and business circles have been stirred by a story to the effect that the Frencli government and private bankers in succession rebuffed Japanese overtures in recent weeks looking toward a Franco-Japanese alliance and n larjje loan to Japan. Despite formal denials the story persisted that the Japanese embassy formally sounded out the French foreign office a month ago payers through the adoption of! nell granted him a stay to "give I on the possibility of a loan and legislalion for federal assistance | him &• chance to wind up his bust-' a military alliance, not free any lands from! ness affairs. rteluujuent." fcfxes accumulated I Immediately aft^r the stay was 'n»ainsl them prior to the enact-j granted Bunts' attorneys began to nient of such relief legislation, i circulate a number cf petitions over The land owner who will derive; the state asking that the financier immediate relief from such legis-1 be pardoned. It was on these petl- Yosuke Matsuoka, Japanese del- said, Is the man who his taxes paid up to latlon. he has' kept date. He also pointed out that if the proposed relief measure is passed the districts with the best tax collection records will most easily qualify for government aid. The rrcretary of Interior must be sat- Itfled that advances by the gov- be re- ttons that a hearing was held by Governor Parnell and they were perhaps he basis for the governor's action today. Silll Faces Oseola Charj Banks Is still awaiting trial on another indictment returned in connection with the closing of the First State Bank of Osceola, a member of. the Bonks chain. Trial has been put off from term to term egate to Oeneva,' it repeated the overtures of Premier Herriott at. u luncheon at the Japanese embassy' last week, but both attempts were received coldly. In Geneva Matsuoka specifically denied it. It was believed ans such Japanese proposal Involved | bringing up 'to date the Fra'nco- Japanese treaty of 1907. crnment will ultimately paid. He siid. and the test nssuv-; [or various reasons, and at the last miccany district can give of this session of criminal court in Osceola the case was continued to the spring term despite demands of counsel for Banks that he either is a good past record in tax collections. "Pay Dav Someday" Subject ior Sermon "Pay Day Some Day" will be the subject of thc sermon to be preached by the Rev. J. H. FiU- Eerald. of -Reiser, who is conduction on Lilly street. The service ing n revival at the Baptist mis- togins at V o'clock. be granted immediate trial or thc case be dismissed. New York Cotton , w mm By HELEN WGLSHIMER YY/E give our Jwiks this year fa simple pleasures, ' For crusted loaves and fire-sliinc on thc floor; For cupboardi llvjt hold bounty for llie shaiing With hungry ones who knock upon cur door. W/E bring our praise because the Rag Is Flying, Star-bright, wind-tossed above a gallant land; Becnuse long months or trial have made us stronger— We thank 1 hee, God, that now we understand. CEEDT1ME and harvest never really perish, Night brings the stars_, hope comes with each new day; That we hava learned to v\alk tall roads, hearts fearless, .Without the need of drums upon the way! Would Link. Waiter. With Economic And Disarm-' uincnl Discussions. WASHINGTON, Nov. 23. lUI'J — i President Hoover denhd the plea :f Q n j liuriipnm debtors for pay- I of tmmm m-war debt !<('('.<>>'( I. A. C. C. A. SlU'-'nienls due Dccsmbcr 15. R i i lie proposed, howcvsr, thnt nil CVCalS. ! money 1>3 '.ol up by uonjrcss is ------- '(lltcuss Hie whole tjuiir.Uon 'of wnr" NKW OIU.UANS, Nov. 2:1 (UP) dclHs nnd their -rulallon to th: --The worst toll w.-cvll Infc.'ilallnn j world economic situation. I In hlHlury Ihrcuten 1 ; nexl year's Linking of debts with dlsarma- I collnn crop, H wns aniKjimml liy nicnl also was hinted. MI.,. A-"-t«;;u) C'oltini Co:ip?riulvo \ Mr. Hoover urged . Hint such, a . i^Fodallon. !<iebl nijeney be composed of. m-sm- I II wns found lliuti C 1 ).!) i>er oenl'bcis entirely or parllttlly the sain: | n| Hit cnllon si|iuin!S In the flddii n s those delegated to tile world cc- I til thti cud of picking lime this oiiomlo conference and the world were punctured by the dlsnriilnnumt conference. This wns nn increase nf Ml j riils was construed as forcjhad- Her cnil over lust fall's fH'.mo nnd jowlnir n linking of disarmament aiid l'J'i pi'r crnl. ulinve llH! lull of IIWU, world irnde with (ho $11,OCU.(!00,- I whin tnfcslallons were the hlijli- ;ooo war debts, of any VIMU- for' vhlcv; eoiupar- \ Mr. Hoover lilnted'nl the uhle reco'-'ln ore nvnllnbk 1 . Wr.alher a Purlin- Tin 1 duhi WHS oblnlnod from blllly of fon-ivn.niitlonn juvlnj. 111. their own . curi'^Cio.5. Tills 'would., case the burden on these nations -: 70CU ropnrlniu member!: of Hie A. wlicsc currency- has- i^prcclaljsd, !-.{•/ C. C, A., nnd forecast nnolher such 1)s Great Britain; I nlinrt crop fur 1033. In mllmallnir. likely weevil ilnm- I. line. A. C. C. A. experts suit! the Scud. Replies .Today = . Tim stale department- w«'M(j) . ..„ .. _. ... i-d to dispatch ropllcs to O .. ... ! number of weevils cnlcrlnu hllier- Drltaln,, Friincc,.JBclgluriii-,Czechti-; rj'.." ; nation Is Ihn first consideration.' Slovakia and <Poirind jodsy.-dccjtn-..-;.'.& i Wenllier during June and July Is | nB to agree to suggestions fpr.poat- i_f| | miolher fnf.Uir, nn Is 'extent of the t noncmonl of thc'Dswijnber'"" use nt forllll'/nllon. Rail's-of (er-, nu ;nts. . . *'.., -••';-'.••'.-. ,... ( were lira tlili-ycnr llinn lu|. .Mr. Hoover's :planJva? ouUinsd'ln';.% T01UI mm • Commission to Receive 1 Roa<S Bids December 15 LITTLE HOCK. Nov. 23.'(UP) — ivi'ii n i i-> i .slnico'.i Will r reach <it Presbyter- , C d i<xiay. inn frmtv!i ian Lnurcn at 10 O'clock. here December 15 lo receive bl'.ls i on the remaining federal aid cnn- Mructlon projects, it was announc- r At Us meeting yesterday final ap- | 1)1 . ovill wr|S 1<lv ,. 11 „ contl . ncL Icr u, e conslrucllon ol a steel and 1:011- creto bridge ni-ross the St. Frnncls river near Madison, Ark. It.' will be veins bcciuiNO growers hnvc Ihe money to the report said. • -' Spreads North and -West. Master Will Study Evidence nnd Mnkf: 'Report to Circuit Court. reported ia per cent Infcstatloh. vt .i t d |d not intend , to take 'any ; Iiv Texas the weevil has pushed f ur t| ler part In the debt problem-; wMtwnrd by an average of two f or the tlrtie being arid'wcind"l2tiv«.- tiers of counties this season, liriic- for thc ^j, al z p ; m . '•.;•;, llcally carrying the line "I Infest- Mr Hoover asscrtec! ills willing- • mi r,- . „ . .. , , , rver near a, . . The First Presbyterian chmcl, j , , ,„ o[ fmsst cltv . Lieutenant Governor Sum- NEW YORK, NOV. 23 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close j 606 60S 590 500 596 60S 6IG 625 moned lo "Blow Off" State Affairs. Lid Dec Jan March '-May July Oct. 615 623 634 644 658 G15 025 G35 G45 659 659 605 615 625 641 641 Spots closed at 605, off 10, quiet. New. Orleans cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 23 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high Jo\v close Dec Jan March May July Ocl 603 611 623 634 G43 657 C06 GI2 623 CIA 643 653 584 fi'A 602 612 621 637 LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 23. (UP) — U. Gov. Lawrence E. Wilson was o appear before thc state comp- roller, Griffin Smith, at the state house this afternoon to 'blow the Id off" state affairs. Wilson promised several days ago lo tell Smith "What I khow concerning irregularities in state affairs." However a summons has been issued for the lieutenant governor but he had not been located early toaay. Smith said he believed Wilson had learned the summons had been Issued nnd that he will show up at his office at 2 p.m. Indictments Will Be Sought From lonesboro Grand Jury Monday. UTTLE ROCK. Nov. 23. (UP)— Thousands of dollars worth of fine timber allegedly has 'been stolen from virgin forests on public lands, and federal authorities arc starting an intensive drive to stop tile thefts. Osro Cobb. assistant United States attorney, said federal agents have been working in the northeast section of the state several weeks and that Monday the federal granl jury at Jotiesboro will be asked to return indictments for timber stealing from the government. Oobb said the penalty Is a fine of not more than $1,000 and on? year in prison, and that buyers of the stolen timber also are liable. will be host to those who desire | try worsliiu in n Thanb"Blvlnir ser- j vice Thursday morning at ten '. o'clock. This service is in tlm nn- ' lure of a union service of all the chine 1 ' mrmlwi of the cltv and a cordint invitation is eslendcd to i everyone to Join in Ihe worship. : The Rev. P. Q. Rorle. pastor of I the First Methodist Church will I wench the sermon. Special music • will bo plven hv a mixed minr- 1 \/->]|fiy Iftle. Ccnzregational singing of- Tlianksgivlng liymns will nlso 1* a feature. The one distinctive American holiday had as IK original lnl?nl i lie brlnsine of all Ihe people of the community logellKr for worship. th:mks<rivine for God's bless- Association Asks Modification of Treaty! With Canada. ings and fellowship. This will the intent of this service. ST. LOUIS. Nov. 23. lUP')— Modification of Ihe waterways Ivcaly with Cnnnca lo'.CT Mifllrlonl b c . diversion from Lake Miclil?nn Insure navigable uhterwnys to from Testimony In Ihe electric rule controversy between thc city of niytluvlllc and (he Arkansas. Missouri power company was tentatively closed late ycslcrdny afternoon. Unless further tcsllmony Is desired, which is not considered llkclv.^coims?! for tho power coin| pany and the city will Mibmll nb- FtrncUi or briefs to Muster V, O. Holland In Mic near future nnd he will mnke hli report lo circuit court In January. Some qiicsiion exists as lo what j recommendation!; ran arlunllv be mat!? lo Ihn court, by the uuuilcr. OIK: contention Is Hint the maslcr can only find the rule ordinance, now more tlian a year old. which lowered rules 20 HIT cent, to br "reasonable or unr?asnnnble." This ailpn lo plains. " ns 05 per ccnl per cent. iymi$ i."*- ""*• — i Mr. nuoyer itftit.Tit.-u 1115 wmiii^- the fool of the . lilshIj, C3 s to discuss 't.r.e ditt problem" wltli. debtor's.-", ' : •' '-.' • ',' ; ••/ "Discussion ' rtpc3. : -.not Inv'ilvo i nbahtfoh'irhnt • on- our. pnrt of whit •;. v:c believe to be "sound and right,". he snld. • •. . [' ••' ... .' .'.: '-'If our clvill/.zallo'n Is to be psr- ; - piti-atcd Ihe great causes'oi world' pence, warld • disarmament, and wotld recovery niust prevail." Another Important, extension has cnulcd the weevil to norlh- enslcrn Arknnsus, includliiK Mlss- Issisipi coutily, world's chninplon otton- growing area, mild. the report infestation win lilvcn nnd Georgia's 91 S1ISI15 Mayor and Walker j the Great Lakes to Ihe itulf was | urged in a resolution adopted al i the closing session of the; Missis- ! for a municipal is nppnfenlly more n«uly (he belief of counsel for bolh 'he clly and the power company than nn- . other thc-nry. said to be nrovlded ,slppl Vall?y association mcelin? j for by statute, wl^rcbv Ihe court Engage in Combat >st nigiu. 1 The rcjolullon rMfTirm-xl "our failh in Ihn merits of, a 31. Lawrence waterway," bill a'ldril. "we Insist upon a modification of the treaty now ponding teforr the Mayor N'eill Reed and John Walker, owner' of the proposed site k. were wrar- han considerable discretion In fix- intt the rate. The no* 1 rate has l:crn held In nbeynnce since H was passed In nn ordinance by lh- clly council last fall restrnlniiiR order l»wer Mrs. Ruoert Crafton's Condition Still Serious Mrs. Rupert Crafton of this city, who was injured in ln E tell tale marks as the result " ^^a Aiiu'rlcrm' wnU-v- j «ranlcd the power company of a physical encounter between <, mo |-cls" Should the now ordinance lie tip- thc two in Mnvor Real's law of- , 'fj, ' gluilon dH not sp-riflca!- held by the court It would be cf- nce Ihis morning. , ly men^on the aniomit of «l« r.- j fective as of Inst fall and .resii t Mayor Reed is guardian for lml f[)r „ n!>vit , tlh i c ^kcs-to-the-1 In a rebate of thousands m «oi- ieirs who hold a mortM?e on part. ^^j W alrrway. The exi5>ln<! :'iver-! lar s by Hie power company to con- ,f the park, site owned by Walker, i s|0)1 [rom tll( ; !nko i!; (;M {) niblrr | snracrs In Hie city The two men became Involved '» ! rccond feet, but uiider I! 1 .-! accident near Wilson a highway Sunday, is sliil in a serious condlllon at n Memphis hospital. Tom Martin, father of Mr;. Spots closed at 591, off 17, steady. Almost simultaneously with the: Crafton sald i oda that sl , e had n sla o comptrollers summons, cnan-.. bild „, hr , 3st night aml was ellor George M. LeCroy of Cam-| tn a scrlous „ not crUlcal condi . en Issued an order for Wilson to\ t(on urn over to the state banking de- Closing Slock Prices A. T. and T. 105 7-8 Anaconda Copper 9 Aiibum 42 1-2 Caterpillar Tractor 7 3-4 Chrysler 14 7-: Cities Service 31-4 Coca cola 73 7-8 Continental Baking .... 4 General Electric 15 1-8 General Motors 13 1-4 Middlewest utilities .... 1 Montgomery Ward 12 7-8 New York Central 22 1- Packard 27-8 Radio Corp ............ 6 Simmons Beds 71-' Standard of N J.".'.'.'.'.. 30 1-: Texas Corp ... H 1-: U- S. Steel ... 33 1- wrlment all original books and pa- j rers belonging to thc Ouochtta Valey bank, and also all moneys and issets. , WlUon several days ago resigned 03 thc liquidator for the Ouachlta Valley bank and two others, the 3ank of Louann and the Peoples Dank of Stephens, after alleged shortages of several thousand dollars were found In the accounts of the last named. Auditors working on the books of thc Ouachita bank say that all records during Wllsbn's admli^ts- trallon are not on hand. Mrs. Crafton Is reported to have sustained n fractured pelvis when a car In which she was ridlnj turned over when a tire blew out Other occupants including Mrs Crafton's seven week, escaped without Injury. . a heated argument when Walker. lhls amoum i s lo b , 1( ,dii.-rd ;a->'i ' Tlic the «f power e cut cnmpany contends s reported to have gone to need's j VP , r ,„„„ |n , M8 jt v _ cM office to ask for nn extension of I , 5M cul)lc sccond rc , ; . time to pay off the morUatje. | Dc i» 7ilt( , s from S[ j.,,,1,;. Min- Reed, who Is understood lo have ^j,,.,^ nm , ci , [M .,,„„.. , 1]0 Gr , n , j f;iir tnarcin opposed adoption i' the r?s- Us properties city on a confoca'.ory basis. Thc Insists lhat Hie new rale would still leave the power company a irrllt. , off foreclosure by previous (Jlntlon _ association strnc 1 ; hic-h extensions. refused, and they clashed. The Iwo men were separated by ; railroads in another r' c "I - .itl9:i de- Sam Manntl. who shares law of- daring that the nisoclalhn "h 1:11- flces with Reed. Manatt said thc alterably hostile to nnd sharply re- two men were clinched when heJF.entful of Interference bv certiin i v y;i| "' Raping at HollandJchool Sunday R E L. Smith, prcsHent of tho Pcmiscot Coimly Singing convcn- PrcsideiU-Elccl Receives Supreme Court Juslice al Washin»lon. WASHINGTON. Nov. 23. (UP)~ Presldent-elect Ho:sevelt t«lay made his first move loward closer coopcrallon Ijclweeii the exccullv: and Judicial branches cf the government. The governor Interrupted a s;rl:s of purely pollllcal conferences lo receive Supreme Court Jnstic? Louis | Urandcls. Diandels. leader ol tlv-i court's liberal group, was an early morning caller at Roo-svilfs fotol roam. To his friends during Uia campaign thj governor confldcd his oar 7 nest, desire lo discover n common ground of imdsrslnndln^ between the court and th= cxcculivs branch cf the government. Some persons have spccnlaUd wh;t':cr this p=licy would exlcnd lo a Olscur5ic!i to- tween Ihe president nnri membir' of tho court regarding the permissible alcoholic content of n conMI- lutlonal beverage, should beer b; legnllzed. ^ 1 rancc S«ks'United Front PARTS, Nov. 23. (UP)—Premier. Edouarrl Heiflot and British. Am-' mssador Lord Tyrrell discussed Ihe vnr debt situation tcday as.the •'ronch appeared anxious to prs- •ont thc British from acting inde- >:ndcntly, particularly if Washing- .on decides to grant Great Britain i partial moratorium without of- : Itrlng Franci! a sinillar oxtenslon. .- Wt.uld Ta\ t). S. Go«ls .LONDON, Nov. 23 (UP)—A SUg- ;cEt!on that Great Britain pay the next three luinunl Installments of her war debt lo the United States" and then larllls on imports wn.s made In from America the house cf com-. 1 nions today by the Rt. Hon. Leopold Stciinett Aniery, conservative. Amcry, in a sensational speech, proposed that Ctrcat Britain us? ic present gold reserves in the ,r.nk of Engl?nd. Which has wnj- tl ?. long baltle to protect --Its escrves, to pay the debt install- lents. After deciding on such a oeise. however, Britain should im- special tariffs on imports from he United Stales, he said. . entered the room. He succeeded mtiallroad executes with the p---«- ticn, has announced Chicago Wheat CHICAGO, Nov. 23 (UP)-Wheit closed: —December, 48 3-4. 42 3-4; July, Relatives of Robins Want Publicity ot Case Endei ASHEVILLE, N. C., NOV. 23 (U P)—Relatives of Col. Raymond Robins today requested there be no further publicity to his 80 days lapse of memory. John O. Dreler, nephew of the widely known prohibitionist who regained his memory under drarri- atlc circumstances Monday, said: "The family will 'appreciate It if thc press will let the story die." gcttlng Walker oiilsldc. At noon today no charges had j' been filed ngnlnsl ellhcr of irn principals in municipal court. Pol-! ice were non-coinniltlal- j • rcss of Inland waterway No Courier Tomorrow In keeping with H* custom and to enable employes io enjoy Hie Thanksgiving holiday the Courier News will publish no paper tomorrow, November .2-1. Named Football Queen Miss Ix)iilso Hourland, dau^hlcr of Mrs. John G. Bonrland. will serve as football nui^en for the Hume'; hlRh-Blvlhcvllle gome tomorrow nt Halev Field. She will ; ho attended by Mlsas Ruth Jenkins, Louise nobyn. 1 ;. Mildred Mcprc nnd Helen Laden, members of the senior class. will be held at thc Hollari .hub school auditorium Sunday alt:r- nton. N3vcmb:r 27. Quartos from Kcnnstl, Number Eight. P.tngDiild and Tilylhevill" will b? prc.wnt. Thc Iiub'.lc is Invitrr'i l.i Pat Hunter Granted Indefinite Furlough LITTLE ROCK. Ark. — An indefinite furlough was granted ycs- lerday by Governor Harvey Par- olso . nell lo Pat Hunter of Mississippi „ ,-, i county. The queen and her attendants • Hunter vns convicted In October will have places of honor nt the;!of accessory before the fact lo voh- football game and will serve nSihcry and sentenced lo a year In for members f>f Ihe team, (he penitentiary. Schools Thron«rhr>» f H* Close for Thanksgiving All the schools of Mie <-!!y will be closed tomorrow for the an nual observance of Thanksgiving Day. Th,^ five white public schools nnd the school of Ihe Immaculate Conception will be closed untl Monday while the Lutheran sohoo Is closed only for thi? afternoon and Thursday. Three Slain as Bandits Attack Oklahoma Bank Two Homes Damaged by Fires at CaruthersviUs CAKUTHER8V1LLE, Mo. — The Tire department V:as called Monday nftcrr.oon to the home of Virgil Davis on Word, where a fire inrt rriglnatcd In the upstairs of ' .he house. ' Firemen and ethers carried the entire contents of the louse to safely, but the roof of . he house burned entirely off, and li" IIG»:EC was damaged considerably. 'Again en Tuesday morning tha fire department was called out, ihls lime to Ili3 hnine of 3. 11. Edwards on Cotton. avenue, where fire had originated from a lighted pipe being left in an over- crat pocket when It was hung up. The fire had gained ccns'.d- ci-.ibl; headv.ny when It was dls-r covered, and damaged the house ii tho extent of about one hundred collars. BOLEY, Oklft., NOV. .23 (UP)— Three men were killed'' tint! one was critically wounded today <lti;:n? nu attempt to rob the •Farmers nnd Merchants bank. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly, cloudy, local showers in exlreme east portion and j colder tonight. Thursday faUv

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