The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER IV 1D8-I ^YTHE VILLKy(ARK) COURIER NEWS • Candy SwciKeat from Your Own Kitchen SHOP EARLY Only II More Chopping Days Until Christmas Fondant K ;\ versatile candy—il can be combined with fruits and mils lo provide nn immense variety / of diil'criiit swccls. ^ • 1IY MA11Y E,' IIAC.UE***""" NliA Scrviie Staff Writer 'flic holiday candy maker will i:cver believe until she's tried how n;any professional-looking and lasting candies she can make right in her own kitchen, lack of equipment and experience to lhe contrary, notwithstanding. • Witb double boiler, u wooden spoon, a smooth porcelain or aluminum .'Muice pan and a big plai- Ici- any one of us can work wonders. Even a thermometer, while desirable, is not absolutely necessary. Nor are fancy molds, trays, racks, marble slabs and dippers, though, of course, they help jusi that much. The one real necessity for the success of most kinds of candy is a bright clear day. The required temperature may bo artificially supplied by the ice-box, hut the atmosphere must, be dry. Do not iitlcnipt to make glnce nuts and fruits, especially, under other conditions. Sugars Mcisl Be Altered The problem buck of fudge or fondant—any cream candy, in fact —is chnngfii" ; n large part, of the cane sugar into another sugar composed of much smaller and finer crystals. This new sugar Ls known us "invert" sugar and Ls in reality part glucose. It gives that creamy-melting texture to the finished candy. One of tho tricks of the trade that insures sufficient, inversion is ishcd candy. over-healing. The melting will ta Fondant .should boU fast over a at least thirty minutes. Keep wa- high flame. 'Caramels require a tcr around chocolate lukewarm, slow, steady heat. Nougats start not over 110 degrees P. Thc slow and finish fast. A brittle chocolate should be about 80 dc- miist be cooked over a low fire, grces F. during thc dipping. which is lowered and finally extinguished before the syrup is removed from the pan. So many variations can be made from tlie general fondant formula Use Pound of Chocolate Don't try to work with less than one pound of chocolate because 11 is impossible to keep less al the proper temperature. 'that perhaps that's the best one i to begin wllhi Fort d;l tit Two cups granulated suyar, 2-3 cup boiling water, 1-8 teaspoon cream of tartar, few grains salt. Mix and sift sugar, salt, and cream of tartar into a smooth , ,, . , . . , since pan. Add water and stir un- f° l . llc cnoc . ol; > c « T 'U,' »«» left til well mixed. Cover pan and put, """?• 1>rcss , I 1 ," 0 ™ wlt ' lhc l "^ M over a low fire. Bring slowly to ""I" .Completely covered, then "" thc boiling point. Place a pan of cold water conveniently near the Shape all centers before beginning to dip. Place centers al left Inind with chocolate directly in front and wax paper covered trays at right. The dipping can bo done with " 5 r ' n S cl ' s 01 ' « foi'k, or a regular lL ";' plng , °" °™ M ' <! sldc of thc bolvl - D| '°P lne >.vm wiiLci Luiivfiui-iiuy nL'iir [lie i . . , ' pan of cooking syrup. Remove cov- ?° v f c , d , " nter °" lt ; c , I'^Pn"" cr and wipe off crystals as they ,^, V'?, r ' B " 1 ",?" '"' st y , 0 " r foiin. Boil uncovered until a soft , v " 1 """^l as llc chocolate hall Is formed when a few drops kr Vf yo " r ° eK l ° B ' VC lllc arc tested' in a saucer of cold wa- , i'i •°!' ''' , , ter. Thc candy thermometer should I c ^»™ r »'lBC, nougats, den spoon until crcamv. when jf "" <i '' rti , crcam ' 2 tablespoons '»H- stiff to stir turn onto" a large i'^ ' L ,± C "P S ="OPl)<!rt candied of cold water and let slanrfTmdT . , fl " ree clll!S S™««l'*t«( -.-sugar, 2 tnrbcd.until cold. Beat with a toMesporais com syrup, 1 1-4 cups woodei too sthi to stir turn onto a largi platter or marble slab and knead until soft. Put into bowl brushed ...u...^., .,.,*..b.^nu iu<v:iaiv>iL m wilh olive oil, cover with a. danip- ac.dina ucid lo lhe sugar mixture cned cloth and tin tight. Let, stand K . c 1>an - PllL ovcr ll tow fire and --lemon juice, vinegar or cream at least twenty-four hours before, »""™.f ,.?„..,.?_ th( ;. llollil '!»' Point flavoring flnrt shipping. riiils, few til-ops vanilla. Put sugar, corn syrup and cream into a smooth, round bottomed of tartar. Cream of Inrtav is Use. airiest to/.tisc since it docs .not vury in strength us do lemon juice "lid vinegar. Or gliicost: can be adcicd in the form of honey, corn syrup or mo- toscj to prevent graining. Too much acid or^lucoKO makes n mixture whicli become- 1 ; caramel or pull, candy and with longer (.•joking, brlltlc. Fudge Must lie Stirred Candles made wilh milk and cream are less sensitive lo physical inlluences (Iran those, done v.-i'.Ii water becaus:; the milk or c-remn helps to prevent crystaliza- lion in a physical way. H's necessary to stir Judge mixtures to prevent them from sticking to the i:r.n. but not fondants 01' taffy. Thc crystals winch form on thc •; ides of the p:m should be wiped off -with swabs of cheesecloth dipped in cold water as fast as they fcnn and not allowed to fall back into thc pan. i.ct u cram candy cool beioic '.:rel!iv;5. A'; long as there is heal ;:i thc syrup, stirring will cause evaporation. This in turn give;! a ccarsc\ grainy texture, to the fin- witliaut stirring. Increase heat slightly and stir almost constantly until candy is done. Add butter a few minutes before removing from flic lire. Fudge Ls done when n chocolate. There arc several brands !m ' t dro , ps lricc! '" !l ~ smm ° r cold iof.a special coating chocolate ' .'i .^P" " lcn " sh »r« a<«l can manufactured for this purpose. " c "' eketl »!' "»d rolled between Both sweet and bitter coating arc i ""Sera. A candy thermometer to be bad and if much dipping is! sllo " ld rc S'stcr 230 degrees P. Re- iplnnncd you will need both—sweet '""V 0 . s i'™P at once from Hie 'for covered nuts and fruits anil bitter or a mixture of both for sweet 'centers. | / HUH- lo Cont - Mow for the dipping, or coating hvilh chocolate. In the first place ycu must have thc right kind of and let cool in the pan in which It was cooked. When thoroughly cooled add vanilla and 'Stir with Ci'.reftil control of temperature'" W00(l1 -' 11 spoon until thick. Add of both the room in which the j >rc l K1 !' c<1 rr »its and stir until mis- clipping is done and the chocolate : ,"!? ls ' look i"S- Turn into a itself is of great importance. A But ' cre <l Pan and cut in squares. dry coo! room, with temperature at . G ' locolale fudge is made by us. about CO degree F. is necessary. 111E .. mVik '"steart of cream and Be bine no oilier cooking is going ,=' tllree s <]Uarcs of bitter un while dipping because escaping J™™ latc whc nthe syrup begins steam will make the chocolate Tllc fruils avc no'- used, gray and streaky. I altho "Sh nuts can be if liked. Break chocolate in small pieces ^"ouchi is made with brown ami put in top of double boiler. ' sllgar> no corn s >' r "P "»d 1 1-2 ! Melt "over warm water and beat c " p ; s popped mixed nuts instead frequently while heating. This in- .sures a smooth, even coaling, thick and ylo.ssy. Do" not put thc double boiler over the flamble be- rause there is too mticli danger of MH)V GEORGE SCARBO [UTHOJGH HE'S ONLY 15 YEARS OLD, COLIN TAPLEY'S 1 OuTSTANO- N& SCREEN ROLE TO DATE MA9 BEEN THAT OF A 65-Y5A&-QLD MAM, for Kiddies for Family for Her * * + Walnul-Ccdiir Chests Beautiful walnut finish Cedar Chests, single or double deck style... 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Add remaining sugar corn syrup nml i cup crcatn. You may think tllc mixture is ruined at this stage but thc lumps will cook out. Stir conftiinlly over a low fire. Bring ;o the boiling point and boil five minute.-;. Add butter and remaining cream and cook slowly until a f cw drops tric( | in cold water arc hard wiicu,pick- ed up ivltli fingers. The candy thermometer should register 21H degrees P. Remove from (ire and Jet cool a few minutes. Then add vanilla and nuts and turn into' 1 u-ell buttered pan and let xland 1 uljl firm. Turn out, upside <j owll on a board and cut wilh a butcher knife into even .squares. Wrap each square in oiled paper. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Halves of grape fruit, ceroal, cream, scrambled, eggs with crisp bacon, reheated rolls mlltr, coffee. LUNCHEON: Cream of celery soup, croutons, Chinese cabbage in lime jeily. nut rolls, milk, ten. DINNER: Rabbit pic. mashed potatoes, creamed carrot*, endive amt pear salad willi Itarucfort clicctc dressing, date pudding, milk, coffee. Ha nil Started. OiiTil Hunt 5EWAHD, Als'Ska. I UP)—Discovery ol £0ld deposits in beach sand along Conk Inlet started prospector* searching [ or ihe mother loclc. tack from the .shore. Frank Cooper washed^ la ounces of gold out of the Kind, -ltd cmwford nntl John Kelly later found more of the glittering dust. . .. ..CAMEOUTA!iAcE& . KcaiJ Uwmer NEWS warn, LADIES LUATHKR JAOKb'l'S Zipper style, light or dark brown, $10. New Mead Clothing Co. * * '+ Dear S:in : We know lots of little girls and big ones who want a • permanent for Christinas. .How . atout it? MARGARET DEEN BEAUTY SHOPPE OIFIB SHE'LL ADORE Atomizers, .Perfume sets, Bridge Cards, Compact.';, Pangbum's Candies, Houtigant "and Coly's Perfume Sets, Healing Pads and other, acceptable gifts. 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