The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 5
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THURSDAY, - MAfeCtt • 11,-- ; (AflK.) COUfcffiR • NEWS Hubert Utley Injured in Accident at Paducah HOLLAND, Mo,—Hubert UUcy Is In a hospital, at Paducah, Ky., recovering /rom injuries sustained in an automobile accident there a, few days ago. , Luther Burton, who \vns with him, escaped with minor injuries. The car was demolished. ard Were In Dyersburg on business Tuesday. 'Mr. and Mrs. O.K. Hudson and daughter, Keltha kymr of Clark- Ion, visited Mrs/Hudson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. • Noble Capehart, Tuesday. ' • ; The home of Mr. and Mrs. Troy Tuberv(lle was destroyed by nre of unknown origin Wednesday afternoon. Everything was destroyed, There was no Insurance, either on the house or furniture. '. : Holland News Notes Mrs. Virgil Utlcy and Mrs. Bill Sherwood spent Thursday In Memphis slioppinc.. Mrs, Dolly Neelcy and son, Blueford, arc in Bloomfteld, Miss., visiting Mrs. Rachel Kemp. Miss Hazsl Cohoon returned to school In Capo Glrardcau Sunday after spending the week-end here with hr cprents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cohooon. Miss Betty Spurgerts of St. Louis was her house guest. Mr. and Mrs. litll &;coy and daughter, Billy Rose, of Jonesboro, were here Sunday at Mrs. Francis Murphy's. They were accompanied by Mrs. Louis Freeman. J. A. Kifcr left Sunday for New- clton, U., \vhere he will visit relatives. Mrs. Byron Holly and Mrs. Paul 'Cooper drove to Memphis Wednesday. The condition of j. E. Cohoon is improving. \V. W. Richard and A. W. Ricli- Steele-Gooter Society — Personal Mrs. J. ' W. McCullough was hostess to her Tuesday afternoon club at her country home In the New Survey community. The guests were served a. luncheon, followed by bridge, al which the high score award went. to Mrs, E. E. Masden. Mrs. G. W. Lincoln received the tow score prize, and Mrs. Lacey received (he guest prize. * * * Mrs. .T. C. Wliitfield, the former Miss Kathline Flsk, was guest of honor at a-bridal shower given In the ateele Armory hall Tuesday night [ by Mrs. Paul Frame, Mrs. Dee Callcns and Mrs. 'E.- A. 'Boone. A cough, chest cold or bronchial I irritation today may. lead to serious trouble tomorrow. You can relieve t them now with Creomulsion, im emulsified Creosote that is pleasant to take. Creoinulslon is a medical discovery that aids nature tot soothe and heal the infected merhbranes and to relieve the irritation arid inflammation ns the germ-laden phlegm is loosened 'and cxpelJad. Medical, authorities have .for many years recognized the wonderful effects of Becchwood Creosote for treating couahs, chest colds and bronchial irritations. A chemist worked out a special process of , blending Creosote with other ln r gradients so that now In Creomul- sion you get a real dose of Beechwood Creosote which. Is palatable and can even be taken frequently and continuously; by adults and children. .'Thousands': of' doctors now iise CfeoJnulsioix'in their own families and practice, and druggists ' rank Grebnmlslori 'top because. In this genuine, original product'you can get ft real dosa'ot Creosote so emulsified that it.goes to the very seat of .the. trouble to help : looseri and expel germ-laden' phlegm. Creomulsion Is guaranteed satisfactory to the treatment of coughs, chest colds and bronchial troubles, especially those 'that, start with a common cold and hang on and oh. Get a bottle:of Creomulsion right now from your druggist, use It all up as directed and if you fail to get satisfactory relief,- he Is authorized to refund every cent of your money. Get CreomulBlon right now. (Adv.) was 43 guests. Mrs. 0. O.f Penney, Mis.: Roy Weaver imd Mrs. M. O. Caudle received prizes. • » * » Mrs. B. W. McC.imi and Mien Lorene Rushing spent Wednesday In Memphis, shopping and vislt- .nj friends. The condition of Miss Nine Brooks of Cooler Is unchanged. Harry Barnett. who has been seriously 111 the past week, Is showing some Improvement todny. Sam Hamra spent the first o( Ihls week In St. Louis on business. , Mrs, Joe Russell Is seriously ill at her home In Cooler. j Mrs. Borrll BeiHon o( Nnshville,' Tenn., Is spending this week hcre- ,B-ith her parents. Mr. and Mrs." Dob Owens Of the Gibson Bayou j community. ] Blllle Hevrell, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hanell, Is confined to his home'Wilh tonsilltls, Shon Pollard Is very slek with Influenza at his home at Tyler. Misses Rubyc Ashlsy and viva Henley will spend Ills weekend al the home of Miss Ashley's parents near. BIytheville. They are teachers in the stcele school. J. J. Oakley of Savannah, Tenn., Is here because ol the tragic death of his l<»'o granddaughters, Ruth and Berna Owens, Monday evening. . Mrs. Lonnie Terry of Cooler is very sick with diabetes. Mrs. • Ira' Baker left last weekend for her home In Booth Point, Tenn.,'after several weks visit in Cooler with friends, Mr, and Mrs. George L«dd and children have moved to Ijepanto, Ark-' ~ Airland Mrs..Cecil Byra of Bly- thevllle : are the'guests ol Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Tucker. Mrs. Lfltha .Simmons and son, Freddie,; of Herrin, 111., arc quests of Mr.iand Mrs.; N. Koury arid other •frleiids and relatives this week. Mrs. 'Conrad rrame is very sick with the. /Iti. . Atty.--: Roy Harper, who underwent an' operation at the BaptlGt hospital -in Memphis,' Is rscoverins as-fast-as can ba expected. : Miss H?!en yicksry, «-ho attends State Teachers college at Spring-, field, is -visiting her- parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. P. .Vickery. Mrs. Alma.Grlsscm, who has been Eerlquslv ill with pneumonia, is Improving. '.']•'• Miss Ruth Williams, Icacher at Gibson,."has gone .to her home In Hoillday, Tenn., . to remain until FAISTAIF Wi^l BE rAROUND5 the original WINTER BEER in Bottles / £RSTvl3 -., .^^.^J^TvVA : ^W^'i? It's Good Cheer Sezrved Up In R. Bottle! Board the bakd wagon with Falstaff Winter Beer! You'll warm up .to its merry tingle, pep up to its sparkling mellow-aged tangl Ask for Falstaff Winter Beer today. One sip-and.ypu're sold. Order a case for your honie, or take 1 honie a hatidy six-bottle bag. '•'.•: .rAlSTAFF.BHEWlNQ, CORP., BT. LOIJIS.ioMAHA-NEW ORLEANS 1 * 'M ^°' cest Product of the MEMPHIS and KENNETT Effective SUNDAY, MARs 14, 1937 Dependable day in and .day out, the Frisco now offers a new morning Memphis. This, new train leaves at a convenient hour, arrives in Memphis early enough to give .almost the entire day to business or pleasure and brings you back home that same night! Take the Frisco -the,next ''time and save both time and money;. . . you'll enjoy the trip more, in comfortable, modern all-steel-Frisco : cars ... you'll be safer, with-the Frisco/engineer as your chauffeur . . .' For fares and information about othei- changes, ask E. F. Blomeyev, ' .AGENT FRISCO LINES BIytheville, Ark. SCHEDULE Sonlhbond Train No. 821 Lv. Keimclt .... 5:30 A. M. l,v. BIytheville 7:10 A. M Ar. Memphis- 9:10 A. 5f, -Norlhbound Train No. 822 Lv. Memphis .. 0:40 P.' M. Ar. BIytheville |8:32 P. M. .Ar..Kcnnetb .. 10:15 P. M. This train is in additiori'to the Mcmphian antl Sunnylund FLAPPER FANNY OHYKUSIRHCI.IHC. t M. MO. u 1. Mr OJf. Mrs, Wick'HtUl. j Miss savllla Rosogrant, student at Kelser high school, m'oved.-Ho California Wednesday. Money Is Sequestered, But My»tery Lives INDIANAPOLIS ,UP)~NCMly 17 years ago i\ man .walked rapidly up to ft city 'policeman In tho union railway station here, handed him a package with Hie request; "Hold this." curious, tho patrolman look htm to headquarters where, the package was oi>eiicd nmP found to contain $-1,017 In small bills. Tho stranger identified himself us John Jnnosh, real owner ol the •••rv.-iu-y. police placed him in a withdrew $250 and disappear^, room and placed tho money In osedto i" \e reco\eis from U)e flu L. W, Turner is attending''to bus- less In Illinois. ,. ' John Terry, • who-has been In CC camp neu St Louis, has're- irn ed to hls'home-in'Cooter.and employed In Waiter's store. Kdiser News Mrs. J. S. Thornpson of ',-:Hot prints visited Mr and Mis Ra,lpl\ 6r°»son over iha vieek end after pending a week with hw'daugh- er, Mrs B W Nally, of BKthe- ille . > MIES Si\Hie Orisp music teather the Kelscr school, Visited fri.nds ft Little Rock over the week end Mayor J it Chllds attended, to uslness in Little Rock this week Mrs B H. Robinson and famllj ave driven fiom Tucson AiizV.lo ong View, calif, for a short s,t>y Mrs Dick Watson has returned rom Blythivlllc'niter-ah extaWded isit with her mother, Mrs Myrtle Bourlanri. • Mrs. R. H. Collins of Memphl vlslled her daughter, Mrs. -J. \v Hall, Sunday. 1 Mrs; B. w. watsoh ••ani\- iamlly mid Mrs. "Doc"; Haflan visited In Porlageville, Mo., Saturday. Among the Memphis;visitors tho past week were Mr. and Mrs- W. M. Taylor,' Mr. ami Mrs, Alton Hid) trust In a local bank. Prom time toi time; Janosh made small withdrawals ' for • living expenses, Finally, In March, 1821, h« Unable to find Itsmnrd, friends or relatives, the bank had him de- -• clnred legally dead by A' probate court, turning over to Iho 'state, treasury the, estate with accrued . Interest. I will be ill Dell, March 15; Armorel, March 16; Gosnell, March ,17; Ynrbro, March 18; Manila, March 19, and Leachville, March 20.' For assessing Personal Properly and Poll Taxes,' ASSESS BEFORE PENALTY IS ADDED R. L. GAINES, Tax Assessor, Don't be the .goaf ...tomorrow! IMI'KOVK' V'OUK PROPERTY NOW . Wp'fl help yoii seciirq a piiA loan.... •:" •'•-,,• . ' ".AVall Paper Paints - 'Varnishes Aulb-& \Vindow-Plulc 1 ;. T -;VV.Glass' -;•;;'. BLYTttlEVILLE I^AlNT ;ariH WALLPAPER CO. GlmcpeiBiay.? Fhoiie 880 CtilC MARTIN SAYS: FOLKS, START YOUR CHICKS ON STARTE^A AND AT 6 WEEKS- SEE mDIFFERMCE STARTENA MAKfSf The old goat soys,"My sor|, be cannyi ' And don't let last night get-your nonny. Tak« my advice—you'll not regret It— U»o moderation. Don't forget lll"f . H.i«'> havii Wilh lh« |ul« ol 1 omonmixalleBerolCALVERT'S "RESERVE" of"5PICIAL"and 1 tflaipflanful oflugar.Ue, ihake, and sfra)n Into whlihay four' glats. Add soda waler oi de- *!r*d. b«caraT*wlth ehtrry ofvd tllca of orange, Sip hand—i mil tl WHISKIES' Copr. l»37CALVJBr DIITIVUBSCOHP,, OlSTilttRltii DALTIMDff£, HD-, AND LOUISUIL1C, K<T~., EXrCUriV£ ( "HUERVt" BLtHDID WHISKir-90 PflO j r -»1r4l»hl whiUir In Itiff product Li 5 vtm Dl4. 32% I lull m M! CM-VtRT'S ''SPtCIM." OLSHMD WHllHIT-8O f-KOOF-*lr»l«ht w!iliM«t l\ thU nroduct «ie 1 vtar and B IT Eriln MUtr«| tplnlti cDn}*nl»l 3% HrJljht uhltXty, I y«ar irtd G mtmlrii cM| B5 itrjlthl «niiK»r 2 Y«< 5 ) CIWMUfl atOO, t 5 M*r» oldj 6*1 inb or more bid. 2&1 'Ura havr 7S * old. ~ TISTEN W , for Chic. McuUfl and •" tKo Purina Singers iu v Sing, Nelglibor,, Sitig", every weeWay eicept Satuiday over your'favoriip radio stalion. 1Ti«n start yohr chicks on Purina Slartena/.tlie only Btait- ing feed fhal cent oJns PuT-a*lea«, dnd ECS for yourself.the difference that Starfena six'vt&ela. We have a fresh rnpply o( Sttut- «oa oa hand al all tirnes! THE GOODWIN COMPANY 112 E. Main Phone 15-1 Notice To Property Owners I will-;have representatives at the County Courthouse in BIytheville, the Manila Banking Company at Manila and Buster Phillips' Cafe at' Leachyille every Saturday in March to'take your, assessments of property' and your poll tax assessments. ; Assessment for poll tax is an absolutei-equirenient of a qualified elector in' any election and the time to assess is NOW.' SEE TO IT PERSONALLY THAT ..YOUR PROPERTY IS PROPERLY -ASSESSED AND THAT;YOU ARE ASSESSED FOR POLL TAX.' R.LGaines, Mississippi County Assessor. 1MHLCO 9X $99.50 $195 If you ha^e not jet tried Philco Automatic Tuning->- don'c vsaste a moment! Come in and ask us for a free demonstration. Try iCx)ourself and see how it works! A single, split-second twirl of the dial, and "Click-^ there's ) our station!" — tuned instantly, automatically, accurately — as easily as switching on an electric light. And remember— ; with a complete range of prices > for Phitcos with Automatic Tuning, this new feature is now, within reach of everyohe! Hubbard Furniture Co. BIytheville, Ark.

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