The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1932
Page 4
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k . TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1932 BLYTIIKVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS >AGE-SEVEKgj Classified Advertising • 'Kates' : - '.. '.-,;. Minimum Charge —• ''*°° Count S Average Words to Month rate per line, per month Six times, per line per day , 05c Three times per line per day .• Ope time per line All Ads < run Irregularly take 'he one time rate. 0«c DlltECiOKY QUEEN BEETLE CAFE BEST EATS IN TOWN OPEN DAY & NIGHT 18p-lll2-18 TOK SALE-^20, 40,' SO-Acre •timiw li mile paved streets of Ulytlic-. villc, on easy payments,' Other' TO RENT— 2 or WANTED • PLUMB1NG REDUCED RATES on plumbing • work done before .cold weather. A. G. Aikcn, Call 894W. 16c-kl2-16 INSURANCE WHAT PLAN HAVE YOU TOR the education of the boy or givlV l*t us explain the features of cur new policy, "CHILD'S EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT", matures as cash at the; age your child is —To overhaul your elec-j ready for college. JEFFERSON me 'sweeper.' WorKuuaranvtiM. STANDARD ( . : LIFE >.. 1NSUBANQE tarns flutter out for-$20 to $50 per ncie. Will bnllcl hiHije for you. J. ,W. BADER, Uly(hcv)Il<!. : 18c-k28 : AUTOMOTIVE NEW FORD BATTERIES. BJijtnl balterlei, recharging imd nj. house or apartment. room furnished •H" Courier, i 22c-k28 . months WANTED TO |Go\vnii and Edna Cowan were <lc- , Icnrtiinls ami .rilinilwrcd 6289| will *cll ui public auction, lo the high- 1 csi bi,-'il«V oil 11 oretlll 'Of llu'cil . tho .south door of tho if£ in 'hlytlitvlile, Arkansas) the hours prescribed by on I'i'.c 10th day of December, f-OPN 'WANTS!-) tlTnVIIrn Ilntr-ll. . ' V " V U 1Ul " " 11J OI """"I*'-' • C ?M± H^ 4 ' 1 " 11 '" rS' 1 ^-^'«"'«:!!« '«' «wc ,itu- "!; |nled In Iho ClilckoMivba Ulslrkl of in Tire & nailery Slut'lon "' WANTEp^Turkeys, Geese, liens i M^lsslppl county. Arkansas, to :uul Uicks. PKIGLY WIOGLY "It: WARNING OK11KR ' ' N THE COMMON PLEA3 COUIIT OIllOKAS'AWBA DIBTK'jf 0 T, MI6SIS81PPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. 0. M. 'Bui*, Plalnllir, vs. No. 5348 Mary D. Mlnoifee. Sinlth, rxfcnd- 'allt. ' , Tho dafendaiit fairy b. Minctr:o WASHING 750 GREABING 75c DAY &. NIGHT- SERVICE PHONE 555 2-IP-K 11-23 Hcuncr KU'Ctric Service, % juiii rum. Co. Fiioue UoO. Gil- 11-30; COMPANY. W. M. BURNS, AGENT. Hc-k 12-17 UPHOLSTERING, and refirjshing furniture. 'H. B. Oakes, 115 W. Mam Si. IP K-12-1 EXPERT Typewriter and adding machine repairing, U. S. Blankenship, 11C E. Rose. Phone 1C5-W. IC-k 12-1 ANNOUNCEMENTS ARTISTIC SHO-CARDS Small signs Sale Banners HARVEY McCALL 305 E.' MAIN 2p-kl2-2 PAYTAXES'NOW AUTOMOBILE Qlnss,. new . find OU KIJOGEU STORE. llc-klf USED Stoves and Hunges. R. J.| Dodson tMrnlturc. 4C-K12-11 GOOD RANGE OR COAL heat In? I stovo. I'lione' C02. 18x-kt[ i used auto . parts.- Jackson Anlp> ' . . .jTT;'.";^. Parts Co. Phone -06. - 3c-k 12-3 SALESMEN GET R~EADV Fo R 'COLD 1 Mc " nn<1 t31!ns wantod, so;l:liii3 le- WEATHER.; Alltti curtains mul tops repaired.. H, H. Wright <t Eon. Phone 888. 10P-S2J vce by tlay or contract, :? WMelnlon, Barn;ld. Ark. BATTER IKS ^VILLARD BATTERIES "Quick starts and ihnny of them" PAVING 1 AND SEWER 1 TAXES j HOBB ARD TIRE * BATTERY Co FOR- 1932 ARE NOW DUE AND PAYABLE AT MY OFFICE. PLEASE PAY BEFORE DECEMBER 31 AND AVOID PENALTIES. PHONE 410 22'c-kl2-22 MONEY TO LOAN SMALL SUMS LOANED ON GOOD AUTOMOBILES WARD INVESTMENT COMPANY. 19c-kl2-19 GARAGES> G. G. CAUDILL Collector j Office across from Noble Hotel. EXPERT MECHANICS and Wrecker Service. Open all night. DAY & NIGHT GARAGE. Phone 555. 3P-K 12-3 DeSOTO SALES d: SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing ROY DAKEB JOE WILLIAMS PHONE 888 BEAUTY 1'ARLORS COAL AND WOOD PHONE 477 E. F. FRY WONDER. CITY COAL CO., FOB MONTEVALLO-STRAVEN RED SPECIAL AT STOKES S-P-E-C-I-A-L CLARION RADIOS 10-Tube Twin Speakers $57.05 ALSO ATWATER KENT PARKHURST COMPANY Exclusive Agents 22c-kl2-22 FOR RENT STORE building, Gil Franklin. S8 L. Fowler, Phone «OJ. 4cktf FURNISHED—5 rooms and bath ASH, S1PSEY, OLD BEN & Kfc'N- j garage and servant house. Goc< TUCK.Y COALS. COAL - WOOD - CORN COLLINS COAL COMPANY R. RY. & Chic. PHONE 47 DP-IC 12-8 12-10 conciltjon, rent reasonable. 130£ Chic. Avc. Phone 83 or 230. lOckt 107 BUCHANAN "Our coal is black but we treat you . 21c-klZ-21 INSTIHJCTiONS I-'EMALK VOMKN i!Ucr?sted enni money | liciuv. ;i«iKl r.tnmi: for dctallr> j iftli AVI?. Novolly Co., 309 Dth ,ve.. New Ycrk. 22p-k23 "The Northwest Quarter iNWVi) of the Sotlthcajl Qusr- tei- (SEli) ol' Section Twcmy- slx C20)i 'I'own.slilu FKt*:n (15) Noilh, liaii^o Eliff.t (8) East," i\ lien will l>; retained lo sccur tf.i! purchase price an:l bidders wll In 1 required to prolcol bids wit solvent bond by Throe o'clock o Ihs day of Hie sulo. WiliicM "my hand anil llic seal o saiu court on Isls Iho 15lh <lny o November, \Wi. M. L. GAINE3 Commlfstoncr In Clinnccr lfi-32. compblnt t of the plulntilf o. M. Kuck, tills 22 day Of Nov., 1932 ' I!.' L. GAINE3, Clerk Hy ai«il«tli Jesse Taylor, Ally nd Hralth Rco F«orable.. HARRISBUR'G, Pa!' tUP)'-Pehn-'};| 3, Clerk sylvanla' m41nlalnei » "v;ry;J»yor- , Illy the, D. c. j nb!«; recbroj Jof health" during; .pc- =: ;l Lllcin. ! t'ol:er,; Ilia state heaHh dcpartrn'e'nt '•'" n_oo ,>« n •••; retried h<-re. Dlphtf.crla'*g'nd ty- .'. ! pl:oi(I fvcr followed a'"normal : curve," infantile .paralysis, after, l'»w»ed;ror ?1 . .,_._.,„, , . BOSTON;, (UP)—A .Bloleii yl9ll;i rcnchliiK Us second 'highest: point fa Smith Is warned to .appear within viilucd at. »8,8«0 was (fliind by po- 3B years' fell oR.rapidly, and cth'^r 'I hlrly days Ui thu court mm:i| In lice In u Bo^toii pavyn sKop, whcr.i communicable diseases were of ay- •' I lit ciiptlou litreof and ama-jr tlu It. had kocn pawnid tor (I. ' irnge prevalence. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Alierri T.OST Cistern Slar riiis. Leave nt Courier office fov reward. !9]>-k20 LOST—l-cwcllyn Scltcv, about 3 years old. Bltick oars, white tick, answers to name of Don. $10 Reward for return to Htghflll Cotton Co.. Blythcvtllc. 13c-k33 POWDER. PUFF BEAUTY LOUNGE — PHONE 186 GUARANTEED ' PEKMANENTS SHAMPOO AND'SET 50c 25p-kl2-22 KINDLING and WOOD for heating I and cooking. We dellver-JW. M. I Smith, Phone" 900 or Gateway j Store. • 21p'-kl2-21 WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP, Phone 02 20C K 11-29 Trantbam Coal & Transfer.'.Co. Dealers In M '.'i Kentucky and Sunlight.Coal Sycamore & R. R .St. Phone'904. "4p'-kl2-4 COAL at low prices. Phone Prompt Dcilvc-ry. BLYTHEVILLE COAIi CO:;- Walnut & Railroad 8C-K 12- SCALP -TREATMENTS ' OUFI" SPECIALTY McADAM'S BEAUTY-SHOP Phone 238 2SC-K 11-281 FlaHE H & HOLDER COAL CO. .,-"-,—7—== SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY • HOMECRAFT i R . R. &.ASH -:- PHONE 60 22p-kl2-22 FREE demonstration on latest sew-1 ing art. SINGERCRAFT rugs.j toys and gifts. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 24p-k 11-24] ROOM & BOARU CLEANERS. TAILORS TO BE WELL DRESSED YOU MUST BE WELL PRESSED PRESS WHILE YOU WAIT HUDSON TAILOR SHOP CLEANERS 12c-pl2-!2 HATS CLEANED and .re-shaped, 75c. Hudson Tailor Shop, Phone 53. 12c-kl2-12 RADIO SERVICED _ EXPERT RADIO sen'ice. TUBE testing FREE. Phone 57, WAKEFIELD, Parkhurst Co. 18c-kl2-18 RADIOS REPAIKED. Work guar anteed, estimates free. R. L Dcdman, Walpole Electric Shop Phone 314. Wp-k 12 ELECTRICAL DUST-PROOP BAGS, Brushes and Rubber Hovered Cord for £.- WEEKLY. Also Housekeeping rocms. Frog Pond Cafe. IBc-tf ROOM & BOARD-Close in. 10D W. Ash. Mrs. E. Gay. 2p-kl2-2 NICE MEALS, 25 cents. Phone U07. 01G West Ash Street. 5c-k 12-G MRS. T, R. WATSON—S5.50 week- & ly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 602. Hc-k 12-14 FOR SALE AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING THE ARKMO LUMBER YARDS MC-M12P ONE 12 GAUGE Automatic shcl- Bim. Phone 1503-P2.. 18c-k23 FARM LANDS electric swsepcr. HefTner Electric Service, 680. Gillcn Furn. Co.. Call Hc-k 12-H NEW LOW PP.ICES on lamps, irons, heaters, etc. WALPOLc. ELECTRIC SHOP. Phone 314. J5c-fc 12-15 TAX! FOR SAL& -53 acres in cultivation 3 hniises. liig barn, In 0 mile' •jf Blytheviile. 1 mile of gord school. S25.00 pir acre, terms Phone 887 or 888. W. T. Barnett. 6C-K-TF FOR SALE—20, 40, £0-Acrc farms i mile paveti streets of Blythe•. il!e, on ossy payments. Oi'rcr .'arms further out for $20 to $50 per '). W. BADER. Blytheviile IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 219 18c-kl2-18 RESTAURANTS GKO. WRIGHT'S Wnll Street Lunch Greyhound Bus Station. Phone I1G. 31p-k 11-31 DONT DELAY, the time to bu> a farm cr home ir. lov:n «-l;en prices arc low, this may no his', we all hope not. If yon wan property al low' prices see us fo prices and terms. W. M. BURN COMPANY. INC. 3c-k 12- W E R T HE MAKES 'EM SEE OITicc Over Joe Isaac's Store Night Ford Service EXPERT FORD REPAIRS WRECKER SERVICE PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 8IO-77T Second Hand FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD R- J. Dodson Ml E. Main Phone !53 ACTON . Lowest in Ash Highest in Heat of any of the Red Ash COAL Phone 100 For Free Sample E.G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. COURfeE TO KICK A'ROUND ANY , BUT I WITH THAT MfR.NERTUESAMD SINGER ALE ICE.-CUBB AS UM-M- ; YOUR -REMARKfe THAT YOU CO NOT THINK. MUCH OF TH& : A TI&LT3 or- ANP I TrllN\<. MR.JJEKTLES A ICKfe'D OUT THE MONEY TROLLING. IN Is business— and it's at its very best In (he want-ad section of (his I'roflt liy tliut fact Mr. Business $20 REWARD for return or information lendinu to return ol silv?rwnre stolen from my 'home E. M. McCnll. 9C-K VJ-3 COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner In com- pllanca with the terms ol a clocrce rendered by 1112 Chancery Court, for the Chtckasavba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the TWO UNFURNISHED Apartments REDUCED Rents. Phone 383 451. 15c K-t FOR RENT—Furnished Aparlmcm 108 West Kentucky. Phone 68! " .__ i 26th day of September, 1932, whcre- NICELY furnished hour?. Cheap, in Ava R. Sclvally and Frances L. plnintifts and II. W. 800 Clark street. OF ALL THINGS! HOOTS AND HER MUDDIES CUVSVftV V: VSt\TC.U WWS4 TO THE VfVc. , h\^0 CAVitU'j TOO \ <y£i. OVSt — TVit cv\oe>tV) AVWHH 'c. ALESMAN SAM FROtATHtS GUP.R.O! WASH TURKS COUNCINC. OVER CD<,TDf. IN THIS CAS6, THE MM? EC.5Y, PUOS^?A. THIS CSUNNT M!P CWRMIH6 TOR VWDEW^N^ IS SO TWY, •30 UNlMPORTftW/ TUM ITS tlh ON ft MM". , CWB HEROES MWOR ROLES IN THE rto w so, (juffe av PPAMN IH TUG EMTlRe NKPON WSTOUV. WwiOEU OrF OM (\ STROL\. ! cor;;; SW.P Stems' SftGV-TO?. irt f KRISCKLKS ANO HIS ...GO ALOMS, COACH ROOSE IS SWIM PRESEUT- AMD WE GOTTA FOR IT AT 35E HILL THAT? THE WAS WORTH A LOT Tb ME AND EACH OF BOYS A LITUE 50&>RIS6; JUST ID SHOVJ fAY AP!* THE BO/S EXCEPT FRECKLES HAV& DRESSED AND LEFT •>fcU « DOWM TO eee.' TWTS S*1ELLJ ccyvw-rn. BEWS OK! THE SHADYSioe TEAW CLUB MOUSE -.COACH ' P005E SOMETHIM6 70 TELL HINV... COACH HAS .=01? 18c-ktt

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