Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 9, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1895
Page 2
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Maj. A. Frank Hutchins The Great Band Master Tells his Wife's Wonderful Cure by Dr. Greene's Nervura Blood and Nerve Remedy. Mrs Hutchins Adds Her Own Forceful Words About This Grand Medicine, IUMD -MASTElt, MAJOP. A. FltAXK IlUICillSS. As Sonm nut nriilly fills Iho place of Giliuore, HO the mantle of the . great oorneti.«t, Arbuokle, fell upon . hif pupil, Major A. Prank Hntohius, the leader and director of th Ameri can Screw Co'-. Bund and Orchestra of ProviilencR, tt. I. Mr. Arbuekle •aid: "I know of no man who can .. produce R better tone or effect on the cornet, than Hutchins." In both orchestra and bund., Mr. \ .Hutchins i* distinctively a leader, ~ and next to Sonsu, undoubtedly occupies today the most prominent position in the country. As a musician niid teacher he Btunda unrlvall- , «d. In a recent interview at his home, 1.84 Charles St., Providence, R. I., Mr. Hutch ins said; "It is generally known that -when my wife came here she was very ' poorly off with nervous prostration. Today she is the picture of health, and] uuiststiy we owe it to that iplecdid medicine, Dr. Greene's jS T er- Tnrft blood and uerve remedy. I knew of sevorn.1 others who have been cured within a short time by Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and . nerve remedy, and the quicker people affected with any nervous diffi- onlty ooiiiineuoeb to taka this great medicine, the quicker will they be cored. But let my wife tell her experience which everyone, who knows her, knows it is true in every particular." Mrs. Hutchins said: "I consider it • : my duty to state that I was permanently cured of nervous prostration by usiog three bottles of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. I doctored for two years or more with several eminent physicians without receiving any permanent benefit. • Ify husband insisted that I should •top employing a physician at once and coruiiifinoed taking the Nervnra. •'. It improved uiy health at once. It , .quieted my nerves; I slept well, began to have an appetite; gradually V. grew stronger, and after using three : bottles declared myself perfectly i-well. I give n>y consent to publish this. and I trust it may be the means of inducing- others to try this most valuable and reliable remedy." Prominent and well-known people everywhere use and reuoiniuend Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. Physicians prescribe it, and advise the sick to use it, for it is sure to give health and strength to ?hose who are weak, nervous and debilitated. It cur* s headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, insomnia, nervous debility, dyspepsia, constipation, female complaints, and liver and kidney diseases. It builds up the blood, invigorates the tired brain, strengthens the weak and shattered nerves. ID fact, it makes those who use it well and strong. Why waste time in trying uncertain and untried remedies, when here MRS. A, FB.UiK I1U1C1I1S3, is a physician's prescription, a discovery made by the most successful iving specialist in curing nervous and chronic.diseases, Dr. Greene, ot 35 West 14th street, New York City. If you take this medicine you can. consider yourself nnder Dr, Greene's direct professional care, and yon an consult him or write to him about your case, freely and without charge. This is a guarantee that, ;his remedy will cure, possessed by no other medicine in the world. r-' SlIjfhMv Changed. '..'. A young Colorado mining engineer, • whom we will call Morton (according ; to Harper's "Drawer"), was once seated .'.in a chair in a Denver barber shop un'. dergoing a shave. The talk turned on ~. the case of a man who, being on trial ;i tor mtirder, had been recognized by ii?. Tfsitors to t-he courtroom as a young v theological student from o middle ,;'• atatc, where he had been the possessor 'of n spotless reputation and a totally Different • name. The conversation •^thereupon drifted to the subject of Vifthar^ed identities. Morton's barber •-rubbed the razor on the strop reflective- f-Jy and said: "Yes, it's surprising how •awiy men change their names after jeyget out west. By the way, Mor>n, what was your name back east?" ifeffjfiifer Morton,"_wa3 the quiet reclv ' tirowth of tho II air. The influence of diet on the growth of hair has often been discussed. It has becu shown that starchy mixtures, milk, and many other foods recognized as being highly nutritious are, in fact,' sure death to hair growth. Chemical analysis proves that the hair is composed of five per cent of sulphur and its ash, of twenty per cent, of silicon and ten per cent, of iron and manganese, The foods which contain the larger per cent, of the above named elements are meat, oatmeal and graham. Henry pointedly says: "Nations "which eat most meat have the most hair." ' . - Uncle Sam to See That Americana in Hawaii Have Fair Show. nn of 1 J'Jit i H;>,- 1 .-hli-li ' IT Of Dispatches Show n Serious Condition of Affairs—Work in House and Senate. WASHINGTON, Feb. S.—The president Friday sent to congress, accompanied by tbe following- letter, the latest tel- egram'rom Minister Willis and Secretary Greshain's instructions, in reply, showing a more serious condition of affairs than reported in the press dispatches: "I transmit herewith for the lnfom:i congress a copy of a u-k-/:niplilc dlspitt .• received from Mr. V.'illls. our minister | wull, with a copy o! Uie reply thereK. was immediately s«ni by the sccr-.- ttiao. GHOVEII CLEVELAND." The dispatches nrc as follows: "HONOI.DLU, Jan. SO, 1^.5, via San Francisco. Foil. 0. IKIb.—To Mr. Greslium: Hovolt over Oth, casualties, government one: royul- 1st, two; couvt-inartlul convened 17ch; hns tried i-'S cases; -00 mora to 1)0 tried ond daily arrests, Gullck, former minister and Sew:irJ, minister, tciijor in federal nrmy, both Arnerlcuus. and lUckard, Englishman, sentenced to duuth; nil heretofore prominent In politics. T. 13. Walker, formerly in tho United Stu'.cs army, Imprisonment for llfo aud ffl.OOO Uuo. Oilier fioatunces not disclosed but will probably bo death, Rciiuoited copies ot record lor our government to determine Its fluty before tlnul sentence, but no unsure? yet. Bluer feeling ana threats of mob vlolonco walcli arrival ot Philadelphia yesterday may prevent. Lllloukalanl made prisoner on 10th: on 2Jih rcllsiauished all claims unfi sworo allcglBMe to republic Ici- plorlng clemency for Hawaiian*. Govorn- niont replies to Uloutailnm: 'This document cannot be tala-ii to exempt you In tho slightest defcreo from person- nl and Individual liability' for complicity in late conspiracy. Denies that she baa'any rights since January 14, 1S03, when ehe attempted .new constitution. 'Fully appreciates her call to disaffected to reoofralzo republic—und will give full consideration to her unselfish appeal for clemeucy' for participants. Signed, ALBE.HT S, WILLIS. "UBPAHTMENT Off SlAIE, VVASHINQTON, Feb. 1, 1805.—To Cooper, United States illupotch agent, San Francisco: Forward following by first steamer to A. S. Willis, United States minister. Honolulu: 'If American oltlzena Y'ere condemned to deata by a military tribunal, not for actual participation In reported revolution, but for complicity only, or if condemned to death by sucn a tribunal, for actual pnrtloipatlon, but not after open fair trial wlUi opportunity lor defense, demnnrt delay of execution and In either case report to your goverment evidence relied on to support death sentence. GBESHAJJ." WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.—The house almost immediately ivent into committee of the whole on the legislative executive judicial bill, which was interrupted by tho receipt of President Cleveland's messag-e announcing- the Jssue and sale of bonds. It was at pnce read to the house and listened to with intense interest and p,t the close a ripple of applause swept over the floor. As the noise died away Speaker Crisp's gavel fell with a sharp bang, and he said: "Referred to the committee oa ways and means." Mr. Eichardson took up the gavel which the speaker.laid down and, after an interim of sis minutes, the legislative prind was resumed. MoH»ae« Received ID Senate. WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.—The first business in the senate was the passage ot a bill introduced by Senator Sherman (rep., 0.) appropriating 310,000 for the immediate relief of the suffering- poor of the District of Columbia, On motion of Senator Burrows (rep., Mich.) tho senate joint resolution for the return to the state of Michigan the flag's of certain regiments oi Michigan volunteer infantry, was taken from the calendar and passed. The vice president laid before the eenate the messo.g'e just received from the president of the United States. The reading of the message attracted much interest and received close attention, ond then it was, on motion of Senator Gorman (dem., Md.) referred to tho finance committee. The resolution heretofore offered by Senator Call (dem., Fla.) for the special committee to inquire into the doings of the Honduras or Louisiana Lottery company in connection with politics in Florida was taken up and antagonized by Senator Gorman (dem., Md.), as tho first serious attempt ever made iu cither house to investigate the election of a state governor or state legislature. The lottery question having being laid aside the diplomatic and consular bill was taken up, the pending- question being ou the amendment appropriating 5500,000 as part of the cost of n cable to Huivuii, which Senator Kyle (pop., S. D.) advocated. While the discussion was proceeding en interruption came in the presentation of the message from the president forwarding the latest dispatches 'from Minister Willis at Honolulu relating to the death sentence on the revolutionists there. The message and dispatches were read and were listened to in deep silence and with, a feeling of profound Bympathy. Senator Hale (rep., Me.) said that the trag-ie and melancholy results foreshadowed in those dispatches showed the imperative necessity of having a cable between the United States and the Hawaiian islands. Such a cable now would have averted or postponed the impending tragedy. The message and dispatches were referred to the committee on foreign relations. Only a Scar Remains Scrofula Cured —Blood Purified by — Hood's Sarsaparilla. " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Moss.: " It Is with pleasure that I send a testimonial concerning wlir.t Hood's Sars;iparlll:i lias don» for my daughter. It Is a -wonderful medlclce find I cannot recommend It too lilgliiy. Sarah, who Is fourteen ye.ir:i oid, has beea Afflicted With Scrofula erer since she was one yc.ir old. For flve ye»r» ghs lias lind a running soro on OTIO side of her fuce. Wo tried every remedy reeoiaaicuded, but .nothing did her any good until wo commenced, using Hood's Siirsaparillo. My married daughter »dvisedme to usa Mood's Sars.iparilla becauis Hood's sa p r > Cures It had cured her ot dyspepsia. Sha had b«a troubled with thnt complaint since childhood, Kail since her euro she luis never been without m bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla In the house. Wt commenced givlnK it to Sarah about one yew •go/ and It has couquereu 1 the running sore, Only a'Scar Remaining W »trace oi the dreadful disease. Previous to taking the medlclno her eyesight was affected but uow she can see perfectly. In connection with Hood's Sarsaparilla \vo have used Hood'i Vegetable. Mils, and lind them tho best." MM. ILuux GKITKIX, Xoula, Illinois. Hood's Pills cure nausea, sick headache, Indigestion, biliousness. Sold by all drugsUb. NEWS IN BRIEF. William H. Hill died in Washington county, Pa., aged 100 years. The Mexican congress convened in special session in the City of Mexico. The children of the late James G. Fair have decided to contest their father's will. Miss Ellen Spencer, who lacked only a few days of being- 100 years old, died at Jacksonville, 111. . John Trumbull, who was the first manufacturer of silks in the United States, died at Caledonia, Wis., ag-ed 79 years. Charles Perry has been sentenced to hang nt Pocatello, Idaho, March 37, for the murder of Patrick McNamara last June. Don Ernesto Marque?., a.g-ed 30, and his brother, Enrique Marqucz, aged 20, killed, each other in JTew York in a quarrel over a woman. , The lower house of the Arkansas legislature, by a vote of ?1 to 20, passed the bill prohibiting the sale of cigarettes and cigarette materit'tl. Dr. J. F. Dudley, pastor of the First Congregational church at Eau Claire, Wis., presented his resignation to take effect August 31, at which date he completes his twenty-sixth year in the pulpit of that church. ••Ajiiac aiur-o JLMuiiur *n mo aeason. WASUIXGIOX, Feb. S.—The president entertained the members of tho supreme court of the United States and of the court of appeals of the District of Columbia at dinner Thursday night. This is tho third and last state dinner of the season. Rutiiscct 'A I'liystcmn :tnd Died. ST. JoSEPir, Mo., Feb. 8.—Miss May Williams died at the home of her parents from rheumatism of the heart. She was a member o£ a Christian Science society and refused the- attendance of a physician. Bollod to Dcath- OMAHA, Keb., Feb. 8.—Charles For- nian was boiled alive by the explosion o£ u steam heater in his father's residence. A water pipe froze and the heater exploded. Tammany KefljrrtntionB Accepted. NEW YOBK, Feb. 8.—Mayor Strong has accepted the resignations of all the Tammany officials which had been tendered to him since he came into office. A DANGEROUS FOE. EX-MINISTER STEVENS DEAD. WlM a M»n of (7uo>u») Character »n<l ot (treat Diplomatic Experience. AUGUSTA, Me., Feb. S.— Hon. John L. Stevens, ex-minister to Hawaii, died at his home in this city at 4 o'clock Friday morning of valvular disease of tho heart. o [John L. Stevens, ex-inlr.btorto Hawaii, -who was criticised pro and con tor eniorlnir Into negotlutlo.-.s with tbe newly-established provisional Koverumcnt o: Hawaii without tlic knowledge nud consent of tho United States, was a man ot unusual character 1 and diplomatic- ability. Wliea lie saw :hai£i revolution was imminent, lie nromiiUy called out the marliio* from th<> laan-of- wnr DosLon, ilien lying 1" luu * 1; ' : '~ bor. The establishment of the provisional government, quiolily followed and Uio queen wis ilui!ironuil. ilius assurtax poacc a j"l luiiiiiiiess once more u> llii. 1 lnU.ibif.ints. For lhi» ihi'.oly act lio \vus conio;i;:ided by tho president. Ex-Miniswr Stovoris \ras .1 close porsomil frle:nl of J:i:uos G. Uhiirie for iitfarly thirty yc-ars and Ills Ilrst nnioiutraon: \v;;s due to Mr jjialtw'sufforts when he Ilrst bocarjis prominent iu p..)liiios. Ho had him sippoinied Ilrst to ..several- liieruilvo oWae-s in tlie lu'mo s-.Tvico :iiKl thoii had him sent as minister to Uruguay in 1-Tr. to NMrway uiiJ SwtHli-n in is-l. ai:d wlic:i Mr. il::rrisi>n was oK-cted and Mr. lilaine bL-camo secretary ot state ho sent liini us mliiisier 10 Hawaii. Ml: Stevens was born iu Aii,.-ust.i. Me., slxty-'our years ;i(TO 1 Kffocc oil Hu\V)iiia:i i'*iiulcii. LOXDO.V, Fob. 7. — In sin interview, A. Hofimnfj, «"ho was the H;t\v;iiian charge d'nfiairs here under ox-Qucon Liliuokalaui, is quoted as sa,yiut r that the abdication of the queen would have a pacifying effect upon Hawaiian politics, as" doubtless She republic would mako terms with her in regard to her future nud the positiou of Princess Kaiulani, tho young- lady who considers horsulf the heiress to the throne of Hawaii. The princess is now in England, __ fjf 'lilK Uviil In I'luc. AsHi-AXD, Wis., Feb. S.— A Inrpredeal for Waney board pina was closed Thursday, 7,000,000 feet bcinff cut at Mellcn, to be shipped direct to Europe as soon as navigation opens. The price paid is very low for timber of exceptional hiffh grade, but the featxire ol the deal was, it is said, that the pine is to be paid for in English R-old. Tho pine is to be delivered in Liverpool before J ulv 1. PARIS, Feb. 8. — An explosion occurred in a foundry at Joinville, in the department of Uaute-Marne, Friday, killing three men and injuring- fourteen. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement r<nd vjuds to personal enjoyment when scbily used The in.ijiy,'-\vno live better ihfm otlK-rsiinil enjoy life worn, with .•*« expenditure, 17 '"«« promptly -»daj>tiiii the world's lv*c products to Un> needs of physical being, will attest •:h<? value to lioalth of the pure liquid Usative principles cmbiacod in tlin •*me<iy, Svnip oi' Figs- It excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refrosliiiisrand truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- •aive; eilcelually cleansing the system, Jispellisi!! colds," headr.ches and fevers A IK! pcriTianedtly curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met withAhe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the kidneys. Liver and Bowels wii.hont weak" them and it is perfectly free from ufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syvup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not iccepi any substitute if offer*** lie Major Ucncrnl. WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.— The president has sent to tlic senate the following nomination: Brig. Gen. Itugrer, to be major general. THE MARKETS. Grain, Frovlmona, Eto. CHICAGO, Feb. & FLOtifl— Dull and woalc Winter— Patents, J2.S032.C5; straights. $a.SS@S.50; clours, $2.15 O3.30; Bocoada, 81.9032.00,- low grades. £1.00 @l 85i SprlnK— Patents, $X2u3S.'50; straights, t2.103S.80; bakers', 81.8SO2.23; low grades, ll.75ai.80; Kod Dog, $1.655jjl.75;' Kyo, 82,303 S.50, •\VnKAT— Active and uiiBettleil No. 2 cash, 60j{(261'/ic; February, 60, 3 i®51Jic; May, No. 2 In store, 503 &c; May delivery ut the estimates tnat tne extent of respiratory surface in the human lungs is not less than 1,400 squars <e«t. jDELIGflTE WOMEN i Or Debilitated Women Should Un .Every ingredient RPlir\ETFI IVQ [possess!* superb DUJll/rlLbl/ O I Tonic properties, ECU III I %_ , and exerts a won- rCniTlLC ^^ derful influence in Ltl"":, n-rr\a toning up Md nR.(«||LnT|ln strengthening nor l^uv/wii A viii system by driving tnronffli the proper channel all imparities. Health»nditrengtb »re guaranteed to result from its use. . Hy «lf«, -"ho •»»» b«!HdiJ.n for clchMM) monthl. after mini HUDWU* FIUU «*0€- L1TOB for two mouthy S. getUB« W«U-J. M. iOESSOS, lUJ-rrrn, Ark. : BRADFIELD BEOULiKiR CO..Atlanta, Oa. Tho TerrlQu Charge of Rhinoceros. The author of "Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and Stefanic" had shot a zebra, and his men were making ready to cut it up, when two rhinoceroses appeared In tho distance. Apparently the firing of the g-un had disturbed their nap and made them thoroughly angry. Though more than four hundred paces off, tho rhinoceroses swerved aside when they saw us, and then dashed upon us with the speed of race horses. As usual, my black, companions took to their heels, making for a solitary tree some distance off. It was hopeless for me to think of reaching it, and there was not so much as a blade of straw for cover anywhere. And behind the dead zebra, which would have been better than not.hing, three of my men were already crouching. There was nothing for it but to brave the situation out; so I knelt on oae knee, the better to take aim, and, with my elephant gun in hand, waited to fire till I could hope to kilL It seemed a long time before I could cover the shoulder of either of the huge beasts, "and I knew any other shot would be •useless. The result was that I did not pull the trigger till one of the animals was only some eight or ten paces ofl. It staggered and fell, but the next moment wsa on Its feet again. It was not killed, but its ardor was cooled, for It turned away, followed by its companion. Twice it seemed about to fall, and I did not think a second shot would be necessary; but it got away with -un- diminishcd speed, and, though we fol- iowed it for some .distance, we lost it. CortN— Mofleratoly active and firm, No. 2 ond No. 2 Yellow, 'Ma under May; No. S. *3 4^0 undor May, No. 3 Yellow, 3«®-lo under May; May, 45M©-i53ie; July, 45M(TH5Wc. OATS— Fair cradlnsr and ansoulod. Cash Na 2 2S3128WO; May, 29X®a)Kc. Sample* lilifhor; supply fair. No. 3. iflH@3i)^c; No. 3 \Vulio, 80®31o; No. 2, 2^323^°; >> T °. - White, 31® SI -lie. KVE— Soarco and flrm. BOMo. Sample lots, Siu 6iS.52i.io- BAHL.KY— Firm and demand on.ua! to supply. Common to good No, 4, iSSiS4o; No. a, 53i50o, nod No, 2. SSHSJlHie- MESS Pome— Trading-was moderately actlvo Prices lower. Quotations ranged at $10.10 ©10.25. for cash yocular; I?'.0.00ai0.20 for l-'ott- ruury, and $10.25ijHO.-15 for May. LAUD— Euther actlvo aud lower. Quotations ranged at S6.0030.70 for cush; 80.55iiG.03 for J'ebruai-y, uud JO,r03i(J.80 for May. Lrs r E PouiTBV— Per pound: Turkeys, OS7o; Chickens, 7^'iiSo; Bucks, 8J}9o; Geese, per aoz..S3.00SS.50. BOTTEii-Creamcry, 12®23c; dairy, 85J200J Packing Stock, SJjac. OJiS— Hoadll(jht. 175 usst, 9c; Gasoline, 87 deg's, lOo; 74 dog's. 80; Naphtha, 03 dec's, 7c. LiQuons— Wllsity ciuoted steady at Jl.22 per g alloa for hlirn^-incs. NEW YOHK, Fob. a FLOun— State and Western dull, steady. WHEAT— No. 2 red moderately actlvo, !4o higher. Mareb, 58o bid; May, 58Ji@M>Jic; July, BSKaMfiC- CORX— No. 2 q.ulct, flrm. May, July, 40?<o; No. 2,43K'S*Oy4c. OATS— No. 2 dull, firmer. February, May, 33J»333V4i); state, 303-lOvio; western, 34® 40 He. BEEF— Quiet. Extra mess, $7.2637.75; family, 59.75®12.0U. POHK— Dull, steady. Mess, (ll.2S@il.73. LAUD— Quiet, flnn. Steam-rendered. J7.00. B-UTTEB — Quiet, choice llrmer. Western dairy. 10@I5o: do. creamery, l4fiiC4<3; do. factory nod rolls, 8SMc; Elfflns, 2<SS5e; imitation creamery, 10418e: June do. , ll&20o. CHEESE— Quiet; faacy steady, uacbnnged. EoGfl — Higher; wesiern. 34®-J5c. LI vo Stock. CHICAGO. Feb. 8 Hoes— Quality fair. Market active and feeling firm. Prices lOc hlcber. Sales ranged ut $3.0034.20 for pigs; S4.00S4.40 for light: . H.I034.25 for rough packing: J4.loa4.50 for mixed, and $4.3034.65 for heavy packing auJ shipplag lots. CATTLE— Market rather active. The fcelln? •«ras strong and best grades a u-iile higher. Quotations ranged at Ji.OOiii.flS for choice to eitra •hipping Steers; $4.403L9j for good to choies do.; H00.ij4.80 for fair 10 good; 83.403'l.IX) for common to medium do.: f3.103a.00.for Buwh- ers 1 Steers; i2.2032.00 for Stocked lor Feeders; 81 40JJ2.SO for Cow.<: Jor Heifers; 82.0023.71 for Hulk; or Teias Steers, and ti.03iS.50 Calves. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim ™ COLUMBIA PAP CALENDAR * * * You Need It. A Desk Calendar is a necessity— most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest ol all—full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, o£ course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO,, Mention Uili piper. Hartford, Conn. 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