The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1934
Page 4
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FOUE THE BLYTUEVILLE COURIEIt NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H- W. HAINE$, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Rcprcsciilotlves, <Arkansas Dallies, Hit, Rev, Yorn, CMcapo, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas. Kansas Cits, Memphis Every Afternoon Except Sunday R'A. Entered R'S second class matter at the post office nl Illythevllle, Ar-- knnsas, under act of Congress, October 0, 1U17. , Served by Ihe United Press By curritr In the City of Hlythcvllle, 15o per week, or SG.50 per year, In advance. By mnil, v.llhln a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1:50 for six mowlis, ?5c for three months; by mail In postal zones two, to six, Inclusive, S0.50 per yenr; in zones seven ami eight, $10.00 iwr year, payable In advance. American Standard of Living Sd'lt Eludes Most of Us' One of Uiu points at issue in any discussion of our return to prosperity is thai famous old American .standard of living. The men ami women who ciinic to this country from Kuropc, in all tliu years since Plymouth and Jamestown were settled, camo with the wistful notion that life over here could he easier aijci richer than it was back home. Because of that, Ihe belief tlint our standard of living must Ije higher Uiiui anyone else's has always been one of our most cherished convictions. And in thu main, avcrnjf- ing one period with another, that conviction has had a lof. to support it, Bui it has also led us to kid otir- 'scivcs jiretly extensively. Became such convenience. 1 ! as automobiles, bathtubs and central licaliny arc more common in the United Stales tnan elsewhere, \ve have assumed liwt practically everybody had 'them, and that tnosc-vjvh^ went; without wero 'eitlier too* shiftless or too ignorant to ger them. By doing so we have simply blinded ourselves to the obvious facts. * * * Dr. Mordecai Ezokicl, braiii-truster of the Agricultural •Department, made this very clear in a recent speech in Washington. An American family thai is to have a moderately full life, ho estimates, muse have an income of al least'$2,1500 •a. year.^That is about .the •minimum >. price of a family life which measures up to our "American standard"—a decently modern) home, electric lights and appliances, central hoatinjj, up- to-date plumbing, an auto, and so on, - But in l!>2y, when everything was .booming, fully 71 per cent of American lamilie.s had incomes below (ho §2,500 mark, says Dr. Ezckicl.. * » • In other words, between two-thirds and three-quarters of us aren't able to get that American standard of living oven in the most prosperous limes. It is doubtless a recognition of this fact which leads some people to insist that reform must go hand in hand with recovery. Such people arc simply saying that it is not enough Jor us to get back to pro-depression conditions, but that we must go a long wiry bc- OUT OUR WAY BLYTHEV1LLE {ARK,) COURIER NEWS /owl IJifil. (will before we can feel •that we ure doing justice to ourselves. 'The trick'biiVht not to be quite as difficult as it seems to be. When you think of the marvelous productive capacity of this country, of the intelii- jfencc of Us people, the energy and optimism with which the most baffling tasks are tackled, it docs seem as if it should be fairly easy to liml some way of introducing more than a third of us. to thai standard of living which we like to think of as- typical of the whole country. —Bruce Cation.. Up to the Legislature An ciiriictt nnd ardent committee of educators, representing every educational n'roup In Arkansas, Is now cni<iw?!l In fotmuMin« n pliui for providing • uld tot Hie slate's common school system, News dispatches have revealed Hint up to Iho present lime, ths leaders appointed to tills Imporlanl task have considered only one phase of the stale's school problem. That phase, as Is customary wltli educational lenders, consists entirely of • evolving new taxation ideas to present lo Ihe legislature In January to proi'ltlc iavenues for the schools. Utlb or no attention Ims been paid l>y 'Hie committee lo l!ic study of the state's outworn and outmoded property taxation system. Thsy have overlooked entirely (lie fact Hint Micro arc In Arkansas today literally 1111111011.5 of dollars In taxable properly that ' evades, In one m y or miothcv, Us just share of the tax burden. It Is not property laxco are too lox. It is simply that the honest laxjmycr In jjolng ahead bearing Ills own load and that of His tax-dodging nciuhixji- as well, Thousand:; of ilollnrs arc lost each year In every couiily of Arkansas through the failure or Inability of llio comity collectors to .collect personal taxes. This loss hau bei;n Bolus on for years. There arc sulfielenl im- colleclcd and delinquent persona! taxes on the lax books of Arkansas today to yield the schools a handsome sum, If they were to be collected. The j.-iist iH-cj years' saw the legislature aidiiif in the scheme of Ihe dishonest anil slacker citizen who minis lo null paying (axes altogether. Moratorium:) ami laws to' liermll payment of three or four years taxes with one year's levy have tended to disrupt and tear down our properly taxation system. The eduoiUonu) lenders « re < m ite w m[n» lo permit these tax evasions to 00111111110° They want, Instead, to seek new revenues, to put on a sales lux; to increase Income taxes and by other excise levies. II will |j c up to the legislature to call the hand of educational leaders who have come In and obtained (he || OIK si uirc of cvm 1|CW revenue source Ilial h,i,; been created in'' Arkansas I 0 r the |rasl ,, v , cllty Jvm . 5 _ n |s '"ell time (he legislature should co lo work on the state's flimsy property tax laws, so that every dollar's worth of property in Arkansas will pay Its just share of luxation. If this should be done, the honest taxpayer who Promptly p ilys ins m>: bl]1 whm a , s (U|e would be enabled to (jet a reduction in his Inxcs-lnstcad of having to continue to b-nr the burden for the slacker, and then p»r- haps have his own burden Increased at the same time- with a load of new. excise taxev such as the sales tax and the other indirect laxe.5 projjosecl by the educational committee. —Helena World. If Mr. Itoosevelt can't jam a compronms . down our throats, Jie will pay off the tonus before congress meets next month. -James E. Van Zandt, •commaiiiier-in-cliief, vcbraiw of Koricgn Ware. . * * * Only God can bend tho Fascist will; men and things, never.' -i-rcmlcr Mussolini. By Williams TUESDAY/DECEMBER 11, 193.] SmE_GLANCES' : By George Clark * y ^mmm '!>•:£:;.•, ; ; j]^fiUv-::,ffe; ; -' V ?fe-T £f^ fr ^it'fj^'-fiflilf .'•'':•"••'•:•' {• .-;^:^?'' ? " for (hilt ha(! what do ' THIS..CURIOUS WORLD I Iliam son fa GLASS" C ATP ISM, OF BORNEO, IS AS TCAlMSPARENT AS CLI£AR GLASS. PINE, FIRST DISCOVERED IN CfULE, ,,tS^ CONSIDERED THE ^aRAiNDFATHElR OF THE PINES IT V/AS A TREE MILLIONS OF VEARS .AGO. SANTA 1S A CONTRACTION OF EAL D£ SANTA £>£ riie cunous Cliil, p, aB . a 8ho5l . tree from out of (he ages before man, « is to tc found m many sections 'of the world, havinu hoc,, tvans- tarttia m numnous io.mal gardens, bec.u.e oi |, S ,, m , E ual anp^rancc. " 311 ic ihe " Moiikcy p "*" • ^fKXT: How dofji the I!r«iliunilrec fro s protect its egg from fish? Domestic Animals Spread Some Diseases of Humans » "" "' '""^ New Zealand l»i.s bc:ca ,, ^ t ^;< -- - , . , Medical Association, and of Hy- raiiMniUiid from animal tn man j »' could he completely slumped ( , m . I T | 1( , ,.„„.„,, inioiisil! tin- proper co-optation union- cattle in>"- rm - i--, , , of.jetcrmary and medical aiitliori- liccn "such a'.«impic problem To lH3 w r U1<r ^^ »£r">- «« n-,1 i . trniwmlsslb l<-' '"»" :mu Moreover. .wr, ;1 ,;,,,,„,, •=,. ... nals lo hitman beings. If ihrae widespread that "h« <-u-ni)! ' •"«! ItKUIX IlKltK TO()\Y :'o, (hid*. Nurl; Ui Ji (limit-)-, slu- JntU In lovi- Mlth TO.\Y Mlc'KI.1-;. ilinuuli ivnriiril nenliwl lilui So .'i>in TiriT.u KUX. r iilul lin.iiihu-ul I VAI.KllM UK.V- .'I.J1. tunny Klrl. U'tlljmn IVn-r'h UiuiMK'ilui- Valcriii ^m-* nlU'lll ullll u Kny Nl-l. OIH- nlcUl klip nllrlKls n_|iiirlx :n uhlrli 11 Vnli-rlii > !vrrlvvil Mm," c«-ll» lu-r liii'lr I'liKiiKi-nli-jti I,, n I in, em). Tl:t- smut" ilu.v AKU lirniki. tii-r »»;nff|.»ir»l la Tniir, Site jin.l >VT«-r nu'Cl l:i n r,..slniiranl IIILII .ll'i-liK*. ilit-lr ikiiniiul iiiiIiuiiitliit-sK. \Vln n In- it^liK lit-r 1,1 marry Ulin llml MlKhl nuil art f,,, I.-|,, P |,III. Ill llu- il»)s Hull rnllcm- IVIi-r I* illMiirtM-tl !>)• Hu- rt>iili/,;]tlu,, Ili.-tl Iu- J» ili-i-|,ly ,,nr:irt,-,l l,j- hi* IH.-I1.V ""irli'Tui \Niti',-' \ l<-li—r urrlrm, ,..-,lll,i K ],],!, |,, m ,,.. .voiv co (IN wifii Tin: s^uiti CHAPTER XVII / XX knew Peter was angry by (lie look on his face when tiioy ari'iveil at their apnrlmcnt ami found only Paul Johnson Uierc. Every member of the Kendall lam- ily was conspicuous by aljsence. "Hello, aarl congratulations to hotli of yon." Paul saiil. "You're rlt:)il on sckedtile." I'elcr Introduced him to Ann. Paul's eyes rcste:! approvingly on lior. "dot yoiir letter a wee!; ayo. I'eti-r. Marria nml I got out lliat day iiucl found tills place. Hope II suits." "Thanks, Paul, it was awfully Ijoort of you and Marcla. Ami nice of you lo ha here. TIic place lu line." "Marcia nml I will lie over soon. I'll lie goti'ms along now." Ami suspected that Paul .Johnson was relieved to get away. Hint lie WUH a liillo emliarrasscd l»y (ho situation. 'I'lio :ipartnicnl ho and Ills wife had selected was in an exclusive ncigliijorliooil. Aan anil Poier weiu from room lo room. "Like it'.'" I'elcr queried. "it's so liis." Ann said faintly. "So hixurious. I'll never get used lo it." every other way?" Slio weal Inlo llio kitchen anil,net is really new. Ann. yi, U ',j , w slooil tor a aioinent slarina ab-j perfectly onhaiicliig In that. We santly aboul. scarcely seeing ttie won't pass that frock uji. You'll perfect cmiipnieiil. j be almost as sweet hi It as ID u 10 wblto crepe." Sales people were saying lluller- Ing ttiluiTs. Slllllceiil's mapiter was lirlsk and buslness-liko. "Ann, 1 don't think you slioulcl decide on dial wrap without looking eom» place else, it's slmmlnc, but you Wiiot Imil t'cler meant? Was lie bein;; tlioiiKlitful, rcintndliie her tbat fclio was lo bo free of wifely coiii[iiilslons In licr plans'.' Or did It mean that Peter was serving nollce, now lliat Ibey were Kiek, lliat lie Intended to follow Ills own llf *' , , , , , {might see something you like even licjird Hie (ilioiie ring. Sojiio i re f(cr." ono was calling who evidently Slie coiilil knew of their arrival, hear Peter's deep voice ausv.'prlng. Mllllcenl was saying, "ilcllo, Peter. I've been out of town. Only Just heard this mlnitlc ttmt you were hack." "Telling Hie Irulli?" ''Have I ever used alibis?" "Sorry. Mil." ".Moilier is giving a dinner parly for Cai'cl ton I glit. Of con roe it was a delibci'aic 6lap ul Ami. You needn't e.vncct loo much of Mother. It you could tiavo seen tiow feathers (lew Cheerful Peter around llio old coop! The next moment she sniil admiringly, "You look positively sweet. I W!B|I 1'elcr could see you In that." When (hey u'cro aldnn for a moment, Ann said in a low lone. "I am sure 1 won't need so iiuiny "My dear, you're only started. I You'll need worlds more. For lens, luiiclieons. dinners, dances." ; Ann felt faint. MiUiceut S|icnt ' 5100 more casually than she had i ever spent S5 in licr life. "CliarRc this lo Mrs. 1'cter Ken-1 „»,,»> lla11 '" Over anil over Arm heard —- -scowled blackly Into Hie lllilt - Hl ' c llll<l ""tlceil Ihe imme-! pliouc. "Well, ut least I'm uol (liatc reaction in llio saleswomaiivj iuruiiscd. Vuu eaii tell lier for me 1 " ;1 ""<-"'- Catering to licr as ihotijt. 1 .hai aho can count mo out, too—" slm wci ' c il Pi'ln^ss- 'jj "I'll describe your tone of voice I Tvv <> hours were spent in which would lio Ijctior. Wimt's slio like—your new wife?" "Come over anil find out." "I tlilnl; I will nin over—now." t'etcr hung up die phono, feel- K bettor. Miliiceut's friendship or enmity were not to lie laken She could nrovo si good friend and a bad enemy. Ami came iulo tiio room. She looked tired and sober, he thought. "Tbat was MiUiceut." 1'eter said. "Slie's Ijeen oul of lowr on a weekend now. 1 "Oh." Ana said. party. She's coming ever Peter saw her faco bnshlcii. Then she had been It liail been an ordeal for Ami. site j caught a glimpse of herself In .. [ lony mirror. The heavy winter i coat—live winters old •—(hat slid f luid worn to Florida looked out o( '' lilsico and very forlorn after ilic ! i-iciiiiess mid smartness of tlie i dollies she had been trying ou. 1 Tomorrow Micro would lie an ex- i tiuisilc Kiibla wrap, purchased, in- J congruously, at the same time she i had liought a spring model i (rimmed in silver fox. " "You'll need Iho heavy coat, for '; winter will IK with us some weeks longer." Milliccnt said. "But on mild days you'll want to step out IiurL Poor Kid. i" soiuelhiiig spring-like. Oh. hei Ami w;is thinking Ilial II was! arc mollifi-'md Carol!" silly to be feeling ^luil it \viis Milii' | ^''' 5 - h'cndall am] Carol had cent ami not Valeria who Nad been calling I'cler. in ll:s paper Die 1'clsr liave rc-iurni'd." Mac c " l <-'reil the shop us Ann aisd Jlilli- ; cent were leaving. troduced Ann. Milliecnt in- The fold siiiuce of licr mother- in-law rested on her. "How broko i lie nc-wu to Sarah, who! 5 ' 0 "'" >ira - Komtall barely nodded, would be "Mrs. Mac" before many ' Carol safd. "(,'lad lo Icnow you. noons. ' Ann." Hut there was uo warmth "Imagine telling "VouYo talked to tier?" cs-'s eyes, a litllv :iu\iou3, were "Yes. slie'a coining over tomor- on lier ILLCC. "I'cs-fcct. It's only that I'll liu lost iu all this magnificence, lion- cslly, I'ttcr, tt'3 Ilko a house. I didn't know they made apartments I his l%." in. ber tone. Ann fell Mrs. Kendall's eyes on her. Milliccnt Eiiiil tigbtly. as Hie ;lic is shopping with Miili .. cent Ileatli Ibis morning. Alter luncheon slio's suiiio to liavo -time of [be prettiest tilings at Jerome's, so there ia no use in go'"!!,, 1110 '' 0 lo sl)0 "' "oilier." ' ow " lcc for llcr '" Ml ' s - ICcn ' newspapers wauls them. Ann didn't , „, know if Peter would i ilic ll.o idea ' ,:' "TH 5 °", 1 lilc ,, U "' U61 "«»i"V '\iiii followed Milliccnt to tO " Aficr moment. 1 ''-' lo S« furnislicd living room and sun liar- i ,„',,.. "" > ' lor, a^lnJus room, two BUCfc t "Can't you bear „!•„„.• ronnif. On the oilier side, t'ctcr ami Ann's siiito. Her room nt tti? front and his nt Hie liaclt wiili small cozy silline room, done 'So tlih i, ilm V think the Keiulalh are a drcadfa' ^ hf ^,7 ""cp?^ 1 ' T " Moll'-r's b- ik '' s "'" k Kendall maiTtod (o siu'to Valeria j iicr liiie. A week lat' mimicry (awaj. from Ann': l - T worso than jent drovo acquainted with this place before I go to bed." . t 9 » said, knocking uslics ialo si cigiiret tray, "I don't wnni yon tn bother with entertaining mc . You're lo do exactly as you please, you know." "Vcs. I know." . Site felt dix/.y, contused. Kxiptlsiit dresses, gorgeous evening wraps. on her faee. Jlillicent fiad deciiled. "She's not , . --. - - --••— hapiiy." Well, something must Ire hula at prices lliat look her breath done about Uiai. Ami s i,,ce meu »way brantiful accessories, liicli were such idiots, never seeins bo- furs, floating draperies, velvet thai j low ,i, E sllr Mc O of a woman's fcl alioiit a slim model's figure in j smile, it, was u,, to Millicciit to Vinii-f ,.'" CS ' . j carry Ann's ease lo court—and .Mllliccnt» Vrticw was ssiying, avjuc it. Tbc necknno of that green Vioii-1 (To lie Ctniliinial) At Lsiit— >Hn Bitfji Ho;- Ohio ivill t? starteil at th- 'irst CINCINNATI t UP)— When Roy: rcssipn CINCINNATI lUPJ-Whra'nojrlrc.rtpn if t'he 19» Ohio kgi^ Sod h^lcwc""tf Ba 5 lonbH. the rav of W. pel Bor,-, u.rc r.y the O V,o Racing Vans eir ol i so"n teds-,/ ton puppy -he wasn't lrym« lo'i sffKictioci i,,,,,, K , , nako iiew.s. II was all in Inn h-n 1 — - ; ' '" U " : back yilrd ' he returned empty- that liis Hn ?.7fl-poimd ne plii> misunderstood. He bit jack. Baftlon was treated at a lospital. for dog bite. .Sel'k In I,r^;jli?c CLEVELAND (UP)—A M -Tvc" n X t: '" S S °" 1 "' l " C Ki " ! "AVERKILU Mass. (UP)-VIrs V/WSJON. Me. rw,_ A locv, Margaret Johnson renoncd to po: UVhhM i ^ S ° cmb ? rnsswl ' ''"i 1 "* ™ ''<--ceivc:l s? 2 from the « hliclcl his nnrne when h,. Air l-Mmd t,, bl ,y fo<x| and to ; arali^a," 0 ^enf ^'^ ^ ' C ! atW " B f ° r hcr ^"' "'«' ^ ia in rtiilnnl. forrr in „,;,],, , tl j (1 j|"]^ n 'i natcrt nialory tliscn.-rs of the udders brill 1 ! _ hat a lo;-s to Nr\v Zralanrt cf .iroiuid drrat S10.WO.nOO a K3 ^ a| , (1 V( , ( lime not. liccn il' lor 1'aliiil! lliCM- thc'c coirJitioas T >^\ "»™ ™l Lee:, (l.-vr-lopsxlYor aaili- in stampitij; out u,j s ,11,,,,,,. 1 ' >< 5J!|J;. I1 , 1 S c ''f''f s Iro "' «l'^law was ,it.u (|, to tff H vli,.iTlw nn.v 1 V rc ""'•'•'"Ons '•••Ml ^ dnmcc of occurrence ,™'e;.d,y iS u.-.:-d«i r. SJ i, W i. by n,: >l3 ,-s. tK .\; .., ^i-io .: il:; i.^'..^ i;-.;;<:';-.n::;i.. ()<v;, ixcaui-- fL^^^Sjnisn^riVKfei^ i:,,-ss, ,Kr; -i* By Ahcu'tj ~z. OUR BOAR'DJM; HOUSE ^HP 1 GOOD HUNTING.' PRE-E S^WPLtS OV- Wk"3rUNG POVVDEP,/—-I'VE l-l(XD A. ' \ VERY SUCCESSFUL WT-TERNOOM-) —-— POLL OWED, /\ BLOCK iN / "BACK OP THE CHrXP WHO '--^ VVA& t!ISTRiB,UTINCb THEM/ ^ IP T MM^I ro\Ar- HOME BY WAY ''^ ~^2** ^_>~|J MEAN TO SAY YOU PUT 'THE SM-AK AMt) SMAxi'CU t ON THOSE PREE SWAPLES.) WITHOUT YOUR YELV.OW < GLO,VES' Af^D TORrAAV. {'; WALKINa STICKS /-# You RE GET ,.. SLOVENLY/ I OF DEXTER AVENUE' T ^^ '• WOULX) HM-/E BEtM ^'-v^SL ON THE TRAIL OF ^ BWtAKFAST POOD ^ TREE SAr-APLE TOLLCW-,C[\' /'•'II UPPER J-/ " Yt. '__||.^

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