The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 4
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.'' KIB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor , It W. HA1NES, 'Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Alkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, 6t. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post office at Dlylheville, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by live United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By-carrier In the City, of Blytlievlllc, 15c per week,, or C5c per - month. By mail, within n radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.60 for six months, 15e for three months; by' mall in poslal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.60 jx>r year; in-Eories swell and eight, $10.00 per year, pavoble In advance. The Couft and Democracy It is a peculiar process of renaoii- ing that bh'ngs some of our lognl liiminarios, radio commcHUtors, editorial writers and statesmen to the eon- dusion that American democracy i.s threatened by President Roosevelt's, supreme court reorganization proposal. Whatever else 'may be said for or against the president's plan it !s at least certain that it Mil lessen by not a whit the democracy of our fonn, of government. To the contrary, if, as is also charged, its effect would be to weaken (lie authority and prestige of the suprdme court,' then to an equal , degree it would make our govern- mentVmore democratic. For the supreme court is not a democratic institution. There is reason to believe that it was designed to serve as a check upon democracy. It is certain that it so functions. The word democracy is derived from two Greek words, one meaning the people and the other power or strength. ;A democratic gov.enimeiit Is one iii - which the people rule. Directly or in,: Directly the executive and. .legislative branches of our government arc aub- • jecl to the will of the people. If -we don't approve of their actions we can and do throw, them out and try (< a new Jot. But the supreme court, although exercising, the ultimate jiower to approve or reject acts of; the'lc'gis- lative ami executive branches, is ,not subject to the'will of the people. Its members, appointed instead of elected and .holding office for life, i,,- Q ' r C . -sppnslblo only to their . own con . scie'nces. . ...••' So while it is hai . (i ( 0 SC( , hpw u president's plan for enlarging or « |)!(C | C , >»B tne court can effect any material or ! curb upon it, whatever it accomplishes in llud direction *ili not make ours n ! 0bs democratic govern- dpes Invaded Mai Js ' World, Who'd Know? ' Nothing i s more tantalizing than a s°ry that is only partly told. H j s a very well to use the imagination to Wl m the gaps, but there arc places where this is not enough - T ' lw "• °««ai>le, the little to the movies. This story, origiiviling in India, got on the cables the other day ami was printed in ciivers American newspapers. It told how a monkey wandered into a motion picture theatre in Bangalore. He seems to have come in about 20 minutes after the picture started, walking: im'moJcstcd through [lie main entrance and taking a scat in the popular-priced section. He behaved, according to the story, "like any 'orderly film fan," remaining 16 the end of the picture nnd departing with dignity. Noiv that is ail very well as far as it goes, but it leaves a lot untold. What picture was it, for instance, that drew this adventurous monkey out of the jungle? Was it, by any chance, one of those miraculous tilings in which Johnny Weissmullcr swings gallantly from tree to tree; and if so, did the .'monkey understand what Johnny was saying, and applaud? Was it one of those pcnlhoiise-ard-chonis-tfirl pictures, with a villain who collects etchings and means no good? Or could it have been a gorgeous Hollywood musical,, with phalanxed dancing beauties going through their maneuvers with the camera poised directly overhead? It would be interesting,' too, to know how the-monkey, reacted to the "trailers'—those combinations of adjectives and action which undertake to tell what is going to be shown next week. Is it going too far to say that lie-would seem to be the ideal audience for such things? Far more vital than these questions, however, is the effect which an afternoon of movie-going may have on this ape's future. Will it render him dis- satisliedwitJi jungle life, infected with a taste for human society? Win no wind up by. leading (l j ung | c exodus, so that monkeys as a group take to dropping in on all kinds of human gatherings? The thought is a shnddery one. A chimpanzee might. wander ' into one of our more dignified clubs, drop into .a» easy ;chahv and go unnoticed for ever so long, mistaken for one of the members. A gorilla might stray onto a college campus and become a football hero before the error was discovered. AlitLthc imagination reels at the-thought of a simian invasion of the House of Representative.!). What laws might hot gel passed, befoi'e the correspondents were able to spot the invaders! . . ,;it is a thought-provoking; business, •iis of the monkey at the movie. The Indian correspondent really should have . tolci us 'much more-about it. —Bruce Cattoii. Roosevelt may go > down in s,tv f ~w' sity of Wisconsin. ,, wh ally A(i| Uilver- Ah been mighty lonesome tor a long time andl no* that al.s been educated, ah 6 ,L a > ml»l.l eet married. .-Uncle J lm Sowcll, ,01- OUT QUK WA t.«i By Williams HEROES ARE MADE-NOT BORM. SIDE GLANCE? By George Clark ^URSJ^,_MAftdlf_l^ Jos? - IIHIiTT. dm rm ymiui; !ieiv Von; u^mtMnif cs- erullvr, 1* In lovt ivllh I.AItllV X.UII'll, architect. nnnluic lift* onu >oi,.i K ,. r »i,| Cr , .n:\.vii.'i:n. Jciiulfrr iTacutH lliii.lii.. ..... (. 1> L IH|»H lo guide her trin-i-r. F]r»l ««<! llnlc» TUCICFIl AI.VSI.UV, llrillllfy l.lnjlioy, In lU-linncp of strujr- "Now.suppose you don't «-ish to retire at age 55 but jyoiiki rather continue your payments—" ' CURIOUS WORLD 1 William Ferguson ucs ^, ...... ,|i,.. i"r J.iirry. 'i'hl.-i iim-luiui Kle IjL'luco;, Ihr nvo ulNt..'iuimll}- the hl*iKix rvnuli u nlKiivduwn, l,ut u is fli'iir lliul .JriiHlfc-r fnft'uclK lo luail h'.T (nvu »»•! voiutlbly miirry Tiirl: jllnilFT. airnunhllit ]JI, L ,I,,, P „,.»» l,..rr,- 'iP.^ln in, d the *nnu' niyJii, Inter. « ' , nnpUy, \timts It, Miy "xi-s," Ijul' Kill 1 knt>IV3l J lt . r fir.fl July IH to Hl'l •JCliliift-r hiieees^fullf liiunelieil un n e/ircer, Mie iilnnh 1,1 it'll Lurry Jnsl 11,1s, nuts lilin 10 \tnll, mill elit'd Jciinlri-L- conu'.s liuine \\Hlt ;lio •nniiDiiiicciiieiil llia( alic iins lu»l her Job! NOW <:o o.v WITH Tin: sionv CHAPTER XIV JJACK ol them the music played soIUy. Sixty slories below the lights of Manhnllan blinked out the outlines oi ihe city streets lhat spread beneath them like a toy village. Overhead liie stars shone down -upon than ana a new you can't take on added responsl oility. You've your mother an your aunt to lake care of. , wife would be expensive. And • • . I'm just gelling along in m job." '•inds on her shoulder 3lly strong. "Daphne - me lo believe that you ]ob means more to you than mar lying me?" She Jn't deny it 'but shi couldn't ray it did. "Look at me." She raised he eyes. He said: "I knew' I couldn' 'licve that. Will you tell m moon, riding high, lighted the , ng g, ge terrace on the Star Light Roof. "Isn't il.bra'uUful, Larry! It's . . . somehow il's so beautiful it seems unreal. Look down (here. Can you believe that's tho same street you wafted on ,to- ing out in a big marry ma, itelir. (N IOWA, OX IAAA THOUSAf-lO E C RDVIOED «3R GAME BIRDS THE PAST ADULT BtAOOER^OSED SEAL IS ACX3RNEO vVITM A, 3AC5- OVER. THE NOSTRJLS CAN BE AT WIL.U. RIVEE. IN VENEZUELA, RJDW. RECTiOMS IM OIFFEg£NT SEASONS. , V/ouldn't you t'.iink if we ^TOl•e (o go down v/e'd iimi dolls instead oE people?" "Daphne, what's tho mailer?" Larry turned her cilout gently but still her eyes dkin t meet his. "There isn't anylhin/j the mailer," she caicl. He lighted a ciijarc!, tlrcv.' on Larrv. wait.'" His you will marry me soon? •I can't tell you lhat 'cifher * can't even ask you. to — eyes searched her face Will you tell me that you love me?" "I do," she said simply. Because he understood, because her two words meant lhat she would always love him, he held ner fcnderly for a moment. 'I'll wait and I'll ask you again and again until you are ready lo tell hie why you can't now and why you will some day.'* JJEPRIEVE. Hone. The moment had come and gone and it was not all over. She should have known it would not be. She should have known what manner of man, her man was. "You see, Daphne, f can't give Because you refuse me now. -iad oilier girls, been infatuated, romantic, but you are the one girl. I knew it the first day ^^~ti^^J«^%&& I ve sot lo tell you that I never want you io slop asking me. Tomorrow I'll know ihis is unfair nnd I can't explain it but there it is. With no explanations." _ He laughed. " trying lO^tel! me you have'a pasty "Last night on the telephone I told you thai tonight I was pomp to ask you In marry ma. £ haven't much lo offer you, Daph- t everything i huve is Things are setting beller and next year our firm is branch- Will y<iu tie bowed deeply. "Madam'o'js indeed kind.- Do you•fefcl 1 like,b e i ing very jay?"- «V"^~»" Daphne said she did.' ' ' •:''•'''••' V- 5 fc . - "QOOD. It's not quite cle'vo- ;* \VKv ,!„«'! Ilie Cassluuiarc connects the Orinoco with the nio Negro but the water parting between the basins of Ihe Orinoco nnd ih c K i 0 Negro is -o low that, Bt.hlgh water, the C».«iq(il«re flows in Ihe opposite direction. Do "serecch" oirls screech? Dangerous Erisypdas Aj)])eai- s Most Frequently During Winter Months <NO. 158) BY OK:- aioiiitis KiHlor, Journal of Ihc American -.Medical (Usocblion, :m<i n f Hyscia, the Hcallli Magazine The streptococcus causes n cood many diseases thai' affect the "human beine. One of the moM .serious condilions caused by strepto- ttwcf is .crysinelas. It used lo be called St.' Anthony's'Firc"-a fine descriptive, term for the acute brilliant red inflammation of the skin that distinguishes crvtipclas. Erysipelas may appear anywhere on Ihe body, although certain parts arc more likely to be alfrci- cd than others. It pnrls ot a pov- son's body have been frozen the tissues may be .sfl damaged that erysipelas will appear sccomlarilv tenown to Ihe ancient Greeks nnd Romans, tills disease apparently hns attacked human bcinss IT?U- Inrly since Ihe'earliest times. " Erysinclas occurs mcst iid»n during the month's trom Oetolier lo March rather lhan in the Mnn- inerlime, and reaches it.s highest frequency In March. Tills disease is not so common In children as it is In peusons between the ages of 20 and 00. Men have eiyslpelas more often than do women because of ihe nature of their occupations and because they .are exposed more frequently to physical inju,i cs nnd bad weather condilions in the winter months. Before the nature of Infection was understood, there were great epidemics of erysipelas in hospitals. Tho infection would be carried from one person lo another by careless attendants. Nowadays tiie great danger of erysipelas is iccojiiiMd, and any person who has this disease is promptly put inSc a room fcy himself and is assisml an individual nurse or attendant who takes care of him alone, and nsver ROSS ncnr .olher people until the condition is under conlro], People living at home should, o course, emulate this practice, 1. anyone in the family has erysipc- lls, one pci'.'on only should be selected lo iak; care of him. Since the disease is -spread by contamination of Ihe hands of the attendant, ht.s hands should bej i thoroughly ivas!i«l with ROitn and 15 water and, p;rhnps. an Antiseptic ;• solution, each time lhat he leaves the patient. Arrangements must be marie, moreover, to prevent excretions from Ihe Inllammalion or infected area from coming into contact wilh any material that might be used by Fomcone else. isM^jwr-wt'.gssi "No, a present," she said enig- , , , ( natically. "Now let's go back D APHNE caugh, her breath and you llval'ouS Se'uanf * closed her eyes. Nothing,'at ing partner?" Iavo ™ e "anc UHS minute, cou:d take away her "" h n »:~,i j ,.. ;.,. $>:'••.'?& ;ccslacy'bul she couldn't speak.' ' "Will you?" Hi.s- voicrr was so lov.' she could hardly hear it. "Oh, my sweet! I can't tell you I will. But I want to." "Then why can't you?" She turned away again. '-Xsrry, Modern Pistol Experts Rated Over Old-Timers MINNEAPOLIS, (UP) —"Deadeye Dicks" who would have put to shamj tie "six-shooters" of the Wild West, arc the 35 members of (lie Minneapolis Pistol and Rj- vclvcr Club, according to Dr. p. C Ware, club president. National indoor pistol shot 'champions of 193G, lli= club marksmen represent « gro <ip of stearty-nervod leu, whose daily occupations range irom salesmen to dentists, Dr. Wa.e "Most of our men would make the 'six-stooters' of th; cotvtoy sra turn over in their graves" he •declared "\V» shoct at a bullssye said Me cfze cr a nickel at 50 feet an:! Th™ credit in«t»,H « . .,. gave them a clianc 3 to g-t in - .'Illng shot." ^lowcver, ho iiastened to add, good , be vc mussc(l m y hair, run along and prepare myself for my Broadway debut" r!. 10 I r3 ?,, d r n the "^t Of ps (o (he floor below where was &* «&*^T,« . slop. She was half into tho dressing room when she heard a voice hailing her and t unied £ find Jack Cartwright at her el- "Hello, Jack. I haven't seen you m a month of Sundays I thought you were in Virginia'for the rest of your life. Thought you d deserted us." She was gen- i umely glad lo see him. She had I f met Tuck and Jack at the same t>arly and Jack had paid her ar- tlenl attentions until he withdrew in favor of Tuck. He had been away a long time. "I got back just in time, didn't "U all depends on what you :can by that." '"F°,, congratulate you and "Now, that's too sweet of you Jack. Would you mind tellina me what for?" __ He squeezed her" elbow and gave her a knowing smile. "So hats the way it is? An elopement, bigosh!" Daphne laughed because it was o ridiculous. Jack didn't interpret that laugh correctly. "I won't give you away, honey Voultl you like to know how I wind out?" "Found out what?" she coun- ered. ^About the wedding license." Oh, the wedding license Yes • t •- yes, I would!" "Olc! Jack is always in the lace wnere news breaks. It hap- eneci lo be the cily hall ioday magine my surprise;to find Tuck valking out of the marriage li- ensc bureau! Well, sir, I walked ighl in, big as you please, said ' was a reporter and wanted to ce. the "day's, batch. And there ( was: a license sold "to or is- • ued to Tucker Ainsley and Jen- ' ifer D. Brett.. But That D>' V idn't fool me a bit." I " Daphne's face'had gone whiter lan her satin-gown.'.t.jShe wet er^dry lips, v* .-,. : '"Excuse i-'mo,)' ;slie ^sbid and i Larry, we've ".got lo slop %&& £$££$«*>*% ^ Horse's Value Rises To $99, Survey Shows CENVEK (UP)—The horse is not t'onig to replace the automobile but better days are dawnin* for DDbbin. The horse is more popular now than at any lima since 1920 acceding (o F.'K. Read, statistician el tile U. 3. Bureau of agricultural economics. Ti-.e renewed,'popularity of horses, according to Reed, has brought Ihe price fcr Ibe animals up to 533.06 a hcad-a figure previously matched only in times of war But 'rarpfans have nothing to do with Dobbins present cash value, Read ent tima. Now that, horses are scarce, their value Is increasing tremandonsly. The "walking, stick" is the largest insect in' the world. Some tropical species grow 13 inches long. OTJRBOA.RDING HOUSE Announcements The. Courier news nas ucen au .Morized lo announce . the following candidates for Blythevilte mulleins! offices, to be etccled on April 6: For Mayor MARION XVIMJAMS W. W. HOLLIPETER G. H. GREAB P'or, First Ward J. L. GUARD (full terra) E. F. FRY (short term) JESSE WHITE (short term) For Alderman, Second Wara FLOYD A. WHITE JOHN C. McHANEY, JR. For Alderman, Third Ward DAMON McLEOD ESTES LUNSFORD W. L. HOHNEK U4J4J4 SO THEY'RE A COUPLE OF BELLOW MEMBERS OP OWLS CLUB, EM -2 1 SUPPOSE THEY STOPPED IM OM THEIR WAY TO -REPORT TO -TH' PAROLE WERE THEV 7HROWM A •2 SIP./ IMP£ECJ L'LU, HAVE YOU KNCW THAT EVERY MEM13EP 2 , OF THE OWLS CLUT3 !•=, 'PAMOUS FOR-SOME PISTIMGLIISHED TFEAT, PERFORMED IU MIS PARTICULAR HOMOP, 1 THAT MEVER WILL BEFALL YOUR LOT' With Major Hooplc . PATROL. WAQOM Wl'A Active in Hawaii HONOLULU (UP)_WPA projects lolallng 107 are under way in Hawaii, according lo Frank H. Loosy. territorial director. They range from bookbinding of government records lo large construction jobs. Slightly fewer workers arc on the WPA rolls In the territory than In previous years. HARLEM POLO PLAYEP.S .'Ju MEMBERSMlP OP- &XPEKT5 =

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