The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1954 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1954
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1954 End of a Cotton Story- Most Mississippi County farmers will remember the first two of these photographs. They especially should remember the first. It w»« taken the morning after an intense hall storm pelted down on the young cotton at the Russell Wilder farm, Just east of Burdette. At that lime, the cotton was stripped of just about every leaf. In many cnaes, me stem Itself was broken or torn. There wa» doubt as to whether It would make, hut since It was June 17, there was little choice but to leave it and hope for the best. About six weeks later, when the second photograph was made, the cotton obviously was coming around. It was well behind other crops in the area, but the remarkable cotton had rallied bravely. The final picture w as taken just a day or two ago and standing in near-waist-high cotton is County Agent Keith Bll- brey. Though still showing signs of damage, the field evidently Is going to come through with a decent yield ...» far cry from the stubby, naked stems photographed on Juna 18. (A Courier News Photo Feature) Business Optimism on As Economic Stability Upswing Mounts By SAM DAWSON NEW YOB (ft— Optimism Is on the upbeat today as business starts the new month. Improvement In sales, orders and production is sighted by an array of executives in wide rango of fields, from steel to textiles. Other businessmen are learning to live with that new thing—stability. Since the second world war. stability has been a stranger to the economic acene. Crisis has followed crisis In business as well as in world affairs and businessmen became used, if not reconciled, to living in »n atmosphere of uncertainty. To some, the comparative stability of the economy in recent months has been a strange and uneasy experience. But hopes for a good fourth quarter are high in many fields now. Edward C. Sammons, president of United States National Bank of Portland, Ore., notes thnt seldom hcs purchasing power stayed as steady as it has this year. He asr sures the National Consumers Pi- nance Assn. meeting In San Fran-Cisco that the outlook for the long pull is one of economic opUmism. E. J. Hanley, president of Al- legheny Ludlum Steel, sees blue sky today after a summer of dreary weather in the steel Industry. His company's earnings were off in the three months Just ended. But he seea definite signs of a pickup In orders and thinks the steel mills will be busy enough In the next three months to recover much of the ground they lost earlier this year. Textile Outlook flood For the first time in three years, J. Spencer Love, chairman of Burlington Mills, feels optimistic about the outlook for the textile industry. Sales In this recently depressed business have picked up so much of late that Love thinks the momentum Is suro to continue Into mes. Retail sales arc up from coast to coast, Lovn says. Inventories hnvo been whittled. Distress merchandise Is hard to find. And September saw a definite switch for the better In sales volume and price firmness. The continuing building boom brings J°y lo mnny Industries. L. M. Cassldy. chairman of Johns- MnnvHlo, snys his comimny has | turned the corner on sales and 76-Y 'ear-Old Risks Life To Save Baby FREDERICK, Md. 1*1—Sllilc police today told n story o( heroism In which B 16-year-old white youth risked death by entering i\ burning house at nearby Doubs to rescue a 2-year-old Negro bnby. Mrs. Charles Weedon. 10-ycar- old mother of the baty. died yesterday in Frederick Memorial Hospital of burns suflercd when a can of kerosene with which she was firing a coal stove exploded. State Trooper E. T. Storer said Millnrd Buckey Lamb heard the explosion and rushed to the irnllic house to find Mrs- Weefion in flames outside the kitchen. Storer said the youth, whn burned his hands snuffing out the flames oh the woman. , then crawled on his hands and knees into the burninc house after the dying mother mumbled her baby daughter was inside. Storer said Lamb carried the infant to safety seconds before the walls of the house caved in. w A n N i s c o n n i-: it !>thel Walter. Miircarft V. Fisher. Addic Pernienti-r. Charles A Walters. Mrs. Charles A. Walters. William.P. Walters, and Mrs. WiHiun P. Wallers, are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District oi Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) days from Die dale hereof, to answer a coin-' John Wayne Hospitalized HONOLULU I/PI—Movie fltur John Wnyne \vns rushed from bent ion In Kona Hnwnll lo Hilo Hospital. Hl- lo, llnwnh ypstcvdny with tin »cutc. car infection, n studio spokesman announced. Dr. Thnmiis W. Cownn. who flew from Honolulu to Kona iccommonried hosplttillzntlon anrt Mikt the Infection was probwbly due lo excessive skin diving. Wayne Miming "The 8ca Chnsc" in Kona. Army Scouts Embarrassed I ANN ARBOR, Mich. fc?i — The I Army st-nt advance parties Into : Ann Arbor todriy. But thrii 1 motive i \uis cmharrassinp. The Army, \vliieli luces Michigan 'on the football field (nmorruw. hna ' a common mule for its mascot, n i officer was sent from liciulqum'tors ' »! West Point. His objective: to : vent 'A mule lor U\e RUIUO. , The n'Riiliir mascot, as usiifil in i ii\vay Kimie.s, couhln'l make the traveling te:m. Tlit! schipperkr breed of dogs, ; . whlvli nru',uv,ut'd in Belgium, Us \ naturally without a tail. pluint filed against them by Dell ' Gin Company, and E. A, Stacy, Trustee. i SEAL OEUALD1NK LISTON. Clerk. , Maims FOvrarfl, Ally, for Pltfs. J ",.<;(.• Taylor, Atty. ad Litem. 'I " " UM-8-15-22 orders. Earnings slipped with sales of the company's Industrial products during the first half of the year. But Casaldy says a strong trend toward larger sales has recently developed and .shows every sign of holding for the rest of the year. If flo, the building materials firm should end 1954 with n sales total equalling that of 1063. The only dark spot is that increased manufacturing costs may hold earnings down. The appliance field had Its (rou- bles, too, earlier this year. But Jwlson S. Sayre, pre.sUiunt of the Norgc division of I3or^- Warner, times as . large us in the same month a year ago, when the recession was getting under way and hitting the appliance business one of its heaviest blows. Sayre forecasts that final figures for 11)54 will far onUshlno those of last year. "Considerable evidence 1 Is on :iancl which suggest that the lempn of business has quieked since labor .lay," the Guaranty Trust Co. of Mew York agrees, in Its October .urvcy of the economy. But It adds, with, bankers' naution: "It is too early to be absolutely .sure." October, in other words, looks like the .start of a Rood season. But Just don't uncross your flutters yet. AMENDMENT NO. 43 BE H KKtJOLVED oy the Houae OI Representative* ol the State of ArX- ansM, »nd by the Senate; A Majority of all the Member* Elected to Each HOUBB Agreeing Thereto: THAT THE FOLLOWING Is Hereby [jropostd MI an amendment to the foil iitltutton or the Bute of Arkansas, nnd upon oeinR submitted to the electors of [he Bmto for appro?*] 01 rejection at trie next general election (or Representatives nnd 8en- uloi. U » nmjorltj 0( tfc* elector* voting thereon, at such an election, adopts nuch amendment, the «ame slinil becorno u part of the Conml- tutlon ot the State or Arkansas, towli: 8CUT1ON 1 The executive Depart- mcnl o: tms atato consist ot ft Governor, Lloutenant Uovornor, tJeore- tr.ry of State. Treasurer of State, Auditor of State. Attorney General auo roinm IBS loner of State Lands all "i whom flhult keep their offices ai the seal oi Government, and hold their offices for tho term of two yearn iinil until tnclr -ucceMorH arn elected nnd qualified SECTION 2 Tim minimi milnrlcn ul such Slum offlCLTs. wlilcli NhiUI be pu'd In iimninly ttiHtallint'iilfi nlmll bo »' folkiws: Tlio Qovwrnor. me oum oj Plltcen riKMixutid Dollui-B H15.0W).rjDj; in«* Lleiitt'iuint (iovornoi tho nun) of i'liroe Tliniisiincl itnd Six Uundred Dollur* <J3,0()O.UO); the Srorftvury ol State, Uie fiiini oi rti!vt-ii Thoiiaiiiiti iiticl Two Hundi-etl Doltiu-.H ($7.200 00). tho Trciis- iii'or of Stnlfi tho sum of Huron Thouaana nnd Two Hundred unllnris ($7.200001. tin? Auditor of Stme the niiin of tic von Thounnd and 1'wo Ihlitdrcd UolhU'R (J7.20U.UIK. the Attorney Ueucral, tho sum uf tlRht riintihaiid Uolliirs (SH.ifOO.OH). nnd tue ConiinlitMluui.'! ill atatn Lnndf.. Iho «um of fllx Thousand Dnllar.i ($0.000 OOl SKr'VIUH ,1 niR nuovu nuMaiouua Slate Offlrora Ktmll t" 1 olecteil by Lho (juiilifird tiU'L-wrf ot thu tJUvtt at liir^ft at the tlmo ot ttin rcKiilar Brn.-nil olrctlnn 101 vntlin: foi mt'in- bers of tho Ofiicrnl Assembly. tho ritturn* of each t-U-cllon tin;nil»i «DtiH OPENS 6:30 EACH NIGHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK 2 SHOWS EVERY NITE! RAIN OR SHINE! LAST TIMES TONIGHT f/ie choice is faun.' The Picture Ihal Pulls No Punthei! NOT A SERMON ... Bui Dram Wilh E,«ry Human Emolio Jimmy f idler 5oyi: —"Whole Should Be S«n by Everyone!' PLUS THREE COLOR CARTOONS YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE; SATURDAY ONLY Double Fecifure Program —AND— "HILLBILLY DEACON" Wilh Hub Hums PLUS CARTOON: "CORN CHIPS" SATURDAY NIGHT, 1030 p.m. SUNDAY and MONDAY Continuous Showing Sunday From 2 P.M. n SCT.JOE FRIDAY In tin Fir»t F«itur«-Length Pniuction ol .^ALEXANDER •M ^..RIQIARO L.BffitN tMAAKVilUD.M mS'iS J/I'WtBil vE'/S'L SUNDAY and MONDAY --NI ^ffi PLUS TWO COLOR CARTOONS: "Mouse Warming" & "Hay Rube" Admission 50c Children Undtr 12 Free with Parents be scaled up separately and transmitted to the BUI* or government by thf returning nfllcers not later ',nun the last day ol November 01 the cfti in which the election in netd nU ihull be directed to the Speak,T or the House of Representutivea The Oeneml Assembly »uall convene In .ipeclul Hcsfilon on the first Monday in Decembei ol the yeiu In which the members ot '.he General ernoly are elected and shall be Rfififilon (or a period not to ex- d three days, unions called into special session by tho Oovcrnoi At such sesflloii ol the General Ass*-n- bly. and upon both Houses being itrtinnUed. the Bpeakej ot the House lli'iiresentatlvep shall open and publish the votes CHB! and given for each or the officers hereinbefore mentioned In ihe preience ol both Houac.t of the General Asnembly The person nttvlne the nlghea* number ui voten for each of the respective offices shall be declared duly elected thereto; and thai] immediately be- Kin liln lorm of office; but 11 two mote shall be oqual, the highest In votes for the same Office, one ol thi-rn Hhitll by chosen by R Joint »ote of hoih HOIISCP of the OnneraJ As- 'inDty and a majority Of alt the L'M]«.'vr:i elected N hal) bti nccewtarj i n choice SECTION 4 Fhe oeneral Assembly ahull men in regular ncsalon ol nU- ty (BOj duy« which need not oe continuous, at UIQ fieat of government every two years on the first Monday In February of each odd numbered yciu until said time be changed by law rho members of tha Oencnu ABMmbly filnill receive M tholt salary iho Hum of Twonty-rout Hundred Dollars ($2.400.001. except tho Speaker of thu' ol Representatives who ahull receive as hla salary Twenty- five Hundred nnd Filly Dollars i$2,530,00) t oi L-iich period of two 12) yenr.« payable ai such time nnd in such manner ad tho General Assem- })y may determine; and In addition to such ulary tha memberc of the General Assembly ihall receive Ten Cents (10CJ per mile for each mile traveled In going to and reluming from the seat ol gOTcrnment ovei the moat direct and practicable route, and provided further that when Rftld members ure required to attend an extraordinary or special session ol the General Assembly, they shall receive In addition to salary herein provided, ihe sum of Twenty Dollar? I.J20.00) p e i day foi each day they are required 10 attend. *nd mlle- ce. at the ntm* rat* nereln pro- Ided SECTION 5 There ts nereby created a joint ad Interim committee of the General Assembly to be Delected from membership, as may De provided oy law. lot the purpo&o ol tonUucv Ing reaearch Into governmental prob leins and making audits of Stale icncies The Oeneral Assembly filial I t the amount of pei dlfem and expenses of committee member a and the compensation and expenses 01 the committee'* employee!. SECTION 6. da' The QenemJ As aembty shall from time 10 tlmo pro vldu toi the salaries and compcnna lion of tho justices of the Supremo Court and for the salaries and expenses ol the jua(;ea ol the Circuit chancery Courts of this State, Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission Inc & Sac At AD Times FRL, & SAT. Double Fcalure _,\ND— "2 LOST WORLDS" Starring Laura ELLIOT Jim AUN T ESS Serial "Gunfijrhters" No 12 & CARTOON provided, that such aaiarlea »nd compensation of f .he justices* ol the Supreme Court una the salaries and expenses of the Judges or the Circuit and Chancery Courts snail not be less than now provided by law >) me ueiierai ABBemblj shsll by luw determine the amount and method ot payrr.cnt of salaries to the Commissioners of the Workmens' Compensation Commission; provided that the salary of any Commissioner shall not ba lent than now provided by law (c) me Oeneral AssemDly snail DI law determine the amount and method of pityment of salaries ol county officials Nothing tiereln ehall De con- ,truecl us abrogating any rleht 01 the people as the State of Arkansas under .he Initiative and Referendum pro- ilslons ni the uonnUuitlon oi the mat- ites of Arkansas. Idt Thai Section 23 ot Article XJJl 01 the Constitution and Section a oi Amendment IX to the contltutlon of the State of Arkansas be and the same arc hereby repealed SECTION 7 That Section 3B 01 Article 7 oi the Constitution of the Stnte of Arkansas Is amended to read as follnn. •foi every five nunarea electors mere shall be elected one Justice ot the peace, but every township how- evei small, shall buvo two justices ot AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION Listen lo KLCN at 10:10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Ritz & Koxy Program Announcements LAST TIMES TODAY JF PLUS SELECTED SHORTS SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature Program Appointment in Honduras PLUS CARTOON:"NO BARKING SUNDAY and MONDAY Outcasts...Living by the law Of the Jungle' SUN.. & Double Feature ran muxua A UNrVERSAL-INItRNAIIONAl F1CIURE . —AND— MKTHO MOWS SECRET TECHW/COLOR. CHARDDNHESTO-V-ROBEF /..COLE MAUREY • THOMAS MITCHELL ^, h.YMA SUMAC Paramount News & Selected Shorts t _______ .......... _____ ........ ,he peace." SEC-i^ti, r Ti.ii amenameni ihall De in force upon Us adoption and »hall not requlrt tegialatlre action to sut it into force and effect, Approved: March 26 1953. C Or HALL. Secretary of 6tat« MQX -Theotre- On West Main St. In Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7 :QO Sat., Sun. 1:00 On Our Wide-Vision Metallic Screen AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature A HANS COW • Ste, »i tatm I,, (,, RHEIT t. KEHT ' Produced b; SAM KAIIMMt OifedribyfllCHAfiDOUIBE, ^ —AND— "^ CO1UMRIA PtCii,..-* preunn JOHN DEREK •in Antbony Oulnn ' /rtr Lmance • *™w ito> • IrW^V !cr,. n r!t, b, JfSSt L USKV/JB. - PtMJnxd br HWO ClOWtB^ • " "' "AP'*"-i ALSO CARTOON SATURDAY Double Feature "THE LAST POSSE" Starring Roderick John CRAWFORD & DEREK —AND— Of-nn | ^MfJfl}e.>; CARTOON & SERIAL SAT. OWL SHOW SUN., & MON. llotil)lo FcnUirc "TALL TEXAN" Sim-ring Lloyd jim-i,, BRIDGES & WINDSOR —AND— "DANE cuRTf"""' 1 &MSihl ALSU

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