The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1934
Page 3
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n, 1931 StrrTKEVii/LE (ARK,) COURIER Rural Residents May Improve : Homes .Uncler Federal Housing Plan As the g-m\\r., and more conveniences are needed to keep In step w lt!i higher farm standards, • &r as finance;;, tillo*- them ,lo. live bcller, they cannot always move to smother home us city : residents do. They must remain o'n their farm, if the old firm house is inadequate, the only I alternative is to r'ejiiodsl. If space is the problem, a new wing 'may solve it, A iwo-story wing can accpmodale a .sun room, breakfast nook , pantry or wash room -_ downstairs and a bedroom or bath upstairs; .o'r a porch may be enclosed. Insulated and jinished to provide-; 'Tae needed downstairs room, qnd'n sleeping porch glassed in and insulated for use as a bedroom, the year around hi little more 'cost than would, be necessary to repair EL',leaking roof or sagging floor in either, one. slight changes in the Interior wall arrangement viir mil unused space where 1C Is nreilcd and often make the house more convenient. ''"."'• The country housewife wants the conveniences enjoyed .by'.the clU folk. Her task Is much harder, ami she deserves the comforts of electricity, ' running water, modern plumbing fixture's and centra) heating. Many power companies arc now running electric transmlssior lines through rural districts. Wrien- city electricity is hoi, available, individual plants have proved salts- factory. Electric lights ellminat- the arduous dally task of cleanln< arid filling .kerosene lamps, wlilc! 1 are 'dangerous as' wel! us ing. Electric washing machine, iror and vacuum cleaner ease the farm "drnah's burden, and allow her devote more time to h/:r children anil to. the social activity oi her community. . Modern plumbing and contra healing are a boon to the hoallli o' the farm family as well as an aii" / to t v ie housewife. Hot and cold water' pipes should be run to ull fixtures, and oirrfBclertl water neat- lng i: pVnnt Included'iii plumbing In: stallatlon.- . ' A'.h'eStlni:- plant to-.replace th aM-fashlbn'r-d arrangciiVenr.' oi ; stove j-lhy*a cli;.room. ;w|Vlch...mat) uirrii • liojji£s • depend uboh all win ter;-will'require, milch less care air' guarantee,- better : health . for th falnily.-; While It- Isr.ueiiiir'Installer' the'-basement can be wale'rproofe-' and; made: into a.-:laundry.. wor>. room •'.food storage pantry, nurser trr -game roorn.' r - -. ~ '. .While''-remodeling. Is beinx plan .ned,-'. the . house, should be chscker for- necessary, repairs, including thr elimination of fire hazards! : -;rf.-expert attention .Is given Itv planning 'of the-.alterations., it ,wl' : be found that the desired result- usually -require very.slight chantro- Gockl plans are expensive, but Die* save money for the property ov.-ne 1 not only v.-hile the job is b;ing don- but 'also later when poor planrilnr might have required the corratio: of mistakes, 'llie entire remotlellii- Job, provided it does not exceed $2. 000. can IM financed by a Peilera 1 Housing Administration propcrt improvement loan, obtainable a' any approval financial institution which requires no security and i repaid in seasonal installments. Leaking Radiator Valves at Fault Spare Room Becomes Connecting Bath »• In.Cl psrcent of winter healinf Iroubles. leaky radiator vent valve' on one-pipe steam systems have been at. fault, nccording lo a survey matlc during a cold spell last winter. In 23 percent of the coses .studied, the trouble was caused Tiholl- or in pirt by undersized or anti- qunt^j boanrs. In 18 percent, thr boilers needed repairs. 15 percent <rt.wlosed a lack of sufficient radiation, and In 12 percent, of the cases rlie trouble was traced lo impropar piping. Some of the. other causes discovered were poor drafts from dirty chimneys or chimneys of t'ne wrong sfej or height, Improper fir- insr. and unsuitable fuel. Careful diagnosis by a competent ha-lng expert Is the only tray to determine wbal adjustments are necessary. If tfie estimate for repair- frig the system Is (03 large a sum lo fc-e palil conveniently at one time, desirable loans piariiied by the Federal Housing Administration »iny ha lu><! from ioeal financial agencies working in conjunction with the Hetter Housing Program. Improve Two Homes ti«1^° w >'"wvU!e homes are being ""Proved as Christmas gifts. The Main d .'*'' «sld«i'M.' 1400 W. Housing Question Box Q.—Does wallpaper and its liang- Insurance losses and the PXTOJISCS ings come Under the heading of of operating (he insurance progriiir » • • A ., , , T I to " ls . wnlch m " b = financed by of the JVdcral Housing .vlnilnlslra- . is Available ill ™' 1 ' ''«'»;«' by.the Federal nous-jllon. When, after deducting these r and |>apprins I exceed/; the unpaid principal of all "''"' ' '- ""• mortgages in the group by 10 Types (or Many ernization Purposes Because of the comparative case with which it may IK tt«ta)l?S, wallboard Is becoming increasinx- ly popular for modernization anil reconditioning projects on homos, stores, farm buildings and other structures. Manufactured from exploded wood, chemically tre.ited woo<t, bagasse; old paiwr and other plant >n<t -mineral products, waUboard may be created'in various densities . nd thicknesses .and is obtainable in .various.finishes, adaptable to the particular..!!/*; lo which it li piti .Wttlltpard miiy re.adily be paiiii- }d, -ana ..some or.-lt-eomss .already 5iM.d. When dsslred,'it, may be eo'v- ;r*d .-.with'wallpaper. '- .' ' ' Several . types .pr waiiijoarel con- _ . -. ... u-lnter and cooler in summer. Wlien used for insulation purposes, lhe : board Is nsii- illy nailed to the studding, joists or rafters.' ' may be financed according to the Ad m inistral ion's rcgu latto n s. Q.—Is it |Mi,slble to obtain funds for the 1'om.tniclion of u small roa<!stda rtiarkjjl building on vacant iand under llnj moderhii'.ation credit plan or the Pfdoral Hoiisliiij Ad- mlnlKtnilloii? A;--Umler revised regiilntlons of the Administration, nnnndal Institutions ma> make lotins for the improvement cS vacant land under ihe crc-dil plan.. Tho advUabllity of making such loans ts left to tlie discretion of thi-'le'ridfnir agency Q—Plear* adfisf me °ir Uie wornilioles In iiiinfcr. sold for an- tl^ued Interior.', ivo'oteork, contain de'slnictlVe Iricects? '-Would it, be advisable to buy', ctgnr'hunter and . lumber. per cent or the nccmmilnted premiums the 10 per cent will be put Into a general reinsurance fund and tlie rest will 1« used to retlr all the mortgages in the group. Q. I/i window stripping Is [^ necessary to luke c:irt: only of tlie windows on the weather side of thr house or should all windows be tr.ken care of? A. It is beller to take care of fill the windows but If you cannot at this lima, weather stripping Ihe "excised side, of'lite house will give you .-wmu nddltloritil pro- toctloii. ' Modernization Calls for New Suiles, Drapes, Reports Slipw An Important by-product of the Hitler Housing-Cnmpalgit iiav be- l"u oomliiuted In 4,000 comiuiinllle's imilcv tho iiiuU-rnluiUoji program ill the FVUcrol Housing AUmlnti. trillion, is tlu; icvlviil oi llui fiirnl- li'i'B Industry, ll<'|xms from furniture innimlnc- uirinu ccntet-s stiow that most of Uic factories are busy, some or thorn opc-rating on overtime schodule.s nils Ls especially true of the factories In tho Southern district which wetolbc in medium nml tmv-prlc- 1 living aiid bedroom sullc.s. All the dtslricls report subsuin- 11.1! KII!;IS UKT hist year's record, but the home owners In th,. South n»u West appnrwilly are more furniture-conscious than other setllons of UK; United states, This revival of the furniture.'industry tlu-ough Hie mo:leml?. l uion or lioincs revri'.ws the process in tile old story of tin- husband who oroughi hoiiie a now brldgo liunji »« in nnnlvcrsarv. gill to'his v.'lfe. ui:d wuund up by remoddlng the "Hire house. Now the hmisc Is being remodeled nrst, with new riu-- nishlujjs. then purchased to com- pl(Mi> the modernl7jtlon, of the home, interior decorators In many ineirniiollliiii nron.s iejiort iiiamirnifiiici.s .six- ci;UI/lii|j in dmjx'rlo.s, rugs, etc;., also reiwit n .strain; (leiiwint for Dieir [iro<luet.s. rilglhlii ir Rullt-ln iittirn IKK! fiirnlsjlilnfcj.chn- | liniMiccd lluotijili iiio:\ernl- lixiu.';, e.\-ce[)t in etiift wlteh! furntum! K nclllully bulll-'lh. fiU'l. however, npp.irenlly hn/, pvovenlocl the homo owner from slyiiit; I,)., nirnllurc nwils. ,\s inntlor of fuel, Iho Ih , . tlon work llsolf is being pnld for u>rj;rlj' In <nsli, only ntotlt ojie- fourth HI it iiiie(iin B to be. flnniicod. In tnrtiiv instnnce.i the )io;iio OK'iifr.s "ad (he money, but, weii! itelaylnn ' nullon until tin- need for intklernl. ' mis LmiiKht, ';(iWkln t ;ly lo their ntientlon Diroiinh tlie fltitler Rustless Hardware Comes Into Demand Ucllov hoiking men.UK houser. built or better mutci-lnls. AccordliiK lo u roj>orl or tho Look ami HulldliiK Hnrdware Mrtnufactiirei'S' nssorlnllon, there has been » shni-p (|riii»n<l for housing liiii-dwnrii of bmliw. n:i<l brasfi mid the higher umdes O r Iron appliances since ttiu Heller irainhig Program besjiin. \Vlnilo\v hnrdivare, formerly ulinaM entirely or iron; Is now generously sprinkled with the now mntnl, osiwclnlly lasteners, snsh llris, etc. Even In low-prlcetl houses there U iluyel- cpltiB a sharp demand for the niorc durable metals. ,\tlerul In l^iniUcai^ If you urn jihiniiinj, io lAndsc.'ipa next .spring, now Is Hie time to take preliminary steps. Most of tin: heavy work can 1» done at this time and the land will foe, the teller for Imvlng the snows melt- buying- should be made on . the basis of the usefulness of the item, pu rch ased. There is nothing- that can g-ive more useful service ' than some item for the home. This store invites you to come and seo the display of use fill articles, all priced to meet your approval as to value. CHARLES S. LEMONS Household KDRNiTUUK Mmlernk'ly Here's thul the. :t Attention Federal Housing , .,U,,,f , 'KM.' ,- 'critically at I heir homes tlic'kllclicn ios wnrn?,^ i* 1 ",* ?" S ' ls co """' ln for " gaod'cieal or nt- d liv h^r-ff il"i I 1 ?'' trnt '°"' A !;Uche » "'" and LfL f "'" " L ° Btllf fy> >">frtlo clean/is rajildly «lv- ^ffi^'ln^ "* ^ '" l " C m0dfr " « «•"• . . e cs "i tho lumber they would be kilted and practically disintegrated W lnn the lumker is kiln dried. Woodwork .,,.,., "" ••"••"• i ;» niill HriCQ. WOOIUVOrl .\fost wallboards absorb and (lea-| lmid(1 of lumber with "cnuiiiE worm ftt^ <->»>•» F-rt lrCr,l,.li:'_ „ .. .1 - 1 i. _ > I llnlnn („ J , . . ""-"HI iin A band of rubber sheeting felt »r olher ncxlblc mnterlnl nailed to - wom- ern naed o ° a " <1 , ollwr nols - ;°v S ," il , i 3 'n«ph more realistic 'he bottom of garage doors and c x\ m r ^ ing llwtl '" '• I W ° l!ld *" B "" tllp llolos were tending lo tlie floor, sioppln* he quttntltle.s.ror shcatliln B w(t)ls! n >"<lc by look or other means. crock between ih e door and hf - ipd closets; new partitions; rooms in the attic and basement: nsulating homes, stores, farin and 5ther buildings; as nccousiie'nl materials in homs.s, onices. restaii- •Jiits. etc.; some of them for forms into which concrete Is poured, and scores of minor uses. . B. Bunn Is Housing „.,. •--.--- — J iw IJlUL-IIUSell Mlh funds borrowed from private lending agencies under Ihe Atlinin- i-stration'.s -Insurance plnn. fC~ j ^—** ^ n E- premium ror iusur- m at Osceola' J"f y mortiniKcs under the Fed— era I Housing Administration lon^r- UTTLE ROCK.-Appointment of 1 • " , araortiza l | <'n plan a contlnu- '• S. Bunn. malinger or the Osceola I),, .™' ar S c - °r is it ciiarged only Lumber company, as chairman ol lA ,L, 'CBlnnln»? - -- A-—Tile insurajicc charge of •• •--- -j tuu^o ui uLiier nieniis. ] vmcK oet-ween uie- uoor and uif Q.-ls ii- pfelble lo Install heat /lo «r. keeps out wlntrv blasts and control devices with a loan obtained «'« for modernization uii(br Ihe F»d- — oral Housing Administration plan? ~~ A.—Aulomalic feeding devices liicrmosUls, humidifiers nnti slmi- S,,T!Pr ! , lL . mn J'. ta 1>'«"^'1 LET US GIVE YOU AN ESTIMATE ON A the osccota ion. Better Housing Com-e was announced Monday by L- Norwood, stale director of federal Ifoiising adminlstra- of 1 IK-r cent, or 1 per cent, as the case may be. is a continuing rharae based on the orlg inn i f acc amount th e radio you want at tlw price you want IT YOU bavcri'tboinl.the tnngo A UH it's fitayed in the Argentine; if you imveh't heard Ilillcr speak- in pei-fibh; if yoii haven't licurd tlie tinkliiig Hiiwie of Tokyo— you arc uiissing'thc big thrill of radio. Lei us show you a new Atwater Kent that Will bring these things to you and give you more real enjoyment from all broadcasting than you ever believed possible. Don't blame broadcasting if you arc "tired of radio." Come in and let us demonstrate the kind of reception dial will make you hungry to get home ami"tune in." of the for the better housing cam- n in Osccol . Bunn-soon. , •, mortgggc. Each insured will bs grouped with slin- ;agcs of corresponding ma- Improvo Bathroom Vlenty of well-located racks rorl owels and wnsh-cloths, ad«iuolc nedtelnc cabinet space, sufficient lectnc ligl!T;ig and at least onei a i gc clear min-o,- are features that uonld bo included in tho bath- - oom in order to bring It up to mocl- rn standards. Equipment of this und when built-in as a permanent par k of the structure, may bs financed K-W, modernization loans ob- lainable rrom private financial in- atti:tions eoopsratlng willi lire cral Housing •Administrallon. Heed courier Newi each n sti of t' premiums of •pup ^11 be accumulated In fuiiti ror Hint group. Out ' must be paid CHEAPER THAN BK10K Hcautiftil - Everlasting H.L.IIALSELL MOB W. Ash. MODEL 325E-Ii«mari;ai* : 5-tul>e console covering foreign stations and all American broadcasting, including police, amateur and airplane. MODEL S59N-K,i2.,.b« ALL-WAVE superheterodyne is (he finest radio Atuatcr ever imlt. We. knoiv no raiii'o its equal .->! any prirp. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. IW8UMNCE DEFT I'ifc a Christmas pres- please all members Have the home made comfortable by the installation of an Arcola, or overhualing of the old one, and convert the bathroom into a modern one with hew fixtures. Work started now may be com- nleted by Christmas and you have 3 years to pay. PETE" The Plumber Phone 103 109 N. First $ 23 so $ 45 MODEL »44—4-tubc MODEL 145— 5-tube regular broadcasting tad police band. 8-Inch speaker gives it excellent f one rjualjfy compact, 3 timing ranges in separate Lands on illuminated airplane dial. Rears foreign stations as well as all American broadcasting. CAVITT RADIO CO. Phone 233 Exclusive Aticater-Kent Dealers Clifford Cavitt, Mgr. Glenco Hotel Bldg.

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