The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1932
Page 2
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L-, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1032 BLYTHEVILLR. (ARK.) ..COURIER NEWS PAGE 1 n is HERLIEI Claim Blylhc- vill,. Could Be Served by $89,000 Installation. nr-uirecl examination of lao P Kc!;erllcn. exiwrt witness for tin Lily of nlyll'.cvillc in its electric ran iciurovcrsy with the Arkansas Missouri Povwr company vas t' open this afternoon after almost o day and a half of cross-examinaUoi of Koberlicn by power coinjMiv counsel. Wiiilc the rearms i;:lay \vi> iiGiir.nallv tr-for; Master V. G. Ho! land. ii'Eilmony was really Iran taken in the; nbscnco cf ilic cam by ngrWMiiorit. .Mas:?r Holln.r.d. wh j.; in Memphis, will r?v:ew testimon given today a; recorded by tile sp3 <-i'a! .s^tic^rapher for the Agrczm'inl 1-, continue i'-o henrin In the ab?^:icc of the ccurt wa ;' reached in ord?r (hat evidence ! Vlie ens; nri»lu be completed, pos -\s.n!y Iat2 today, in time for visitors v rose attendance at thj hearing is necessary to return lo their homes in time for the Thank-.givlii'.; holiday. Tho master's report will probably be filed with the circuit court al the January term. Hit Kolicrlien KstimMc Koberlien's estimate, after a survey of Blytheville. that a power plant and syslem to serve Blyt'-e- ville could be installed for S39.000 was the target of detailed questioning by p_ower company counsel this morning. The .same engineer val- ncd the Arkansas-Missouri Power ccmpany's protJerties now serving Blytheville at S282.50! and an ati- praisal by a Kansas city firm for the power company placed a valui cf its properties a; S-i53.CfiD. Power company conn-el attemnt- the power company tea, con asted to a S10 per customer cost j tlmatcd by W. A. Ftil!;r company, obeiilcn's firm, for Paragould ould show that he liad un4:rcstl- . lated the cost cf a system lo scrva j lyllicvillc. Koberllcn declares s;v- \ ral reason? for a liiglic-r ecu at i aragouM would exist, namely that ! 'aragould Is mor? scattered ami : ar:.2r to serve, that the ccmpany Ircady serving Paragould mi;;!H I ave [lie side of trie stre.-t for \ ts lilies, and thai a co:i-idi-;.iblc \ nargin must be figured for a el:-1 '-•mA payment plan as auvanv?:! in < he I'.iragould proposal. Paver company coins:! insisted hut Koboi1:i'i> figure, en the I'.ira- •Giilcj basis ;)j 510 p 3v customer, an nstallation for BlythevlH?. \vliir: mounted lo about 5113.COO. City crn-cl :ndii-ate-j that re-direct ex •imnalicn of Kobcrllei) \ nnme—"Margaret" — ami simply] 832,872, compared to 037.138 (o tlio stating to his physician: "Doctor, nm Raymond Robins. This If wife, Mavgnret noblus," the same dnie a year ago. Following UK receipts last week find for the senson at ti nmiikcr of for whom a nationwide lending Arkansas compress points, search lias uccn mads the past us reported by the Arkansas Citton development o( liealth work of past jcars, according to Dr. Wllibach. "Tlie depression Is tw|!nnlng to sow Its feeds of malnutrition »mong our children," thu doctor declared, "ami 10 years from now, unless reallr.a- Greets Wife by Name; Will Regain Mental Health, Doctors Say. ASIIEVII.LR, N. C.. Nov. 22 I UP) --The theory that Haymond Rob- two inonlhs regained his memory Trade «.«oiinllon: yesterday. Klyllipvlllt 7,853 141,1881 1 *' 1 Mrs. Robins hnd hem called lolym,, u,,.,^ 50^ her husband's room nl AppJln-l jn,,.. ]ji l; ,y \,'_ .('59:1 ehnin Iltill hciu by Dr. Mark Cu If-, \ Memphis" 4.HO fin after the Inlter had Interview- _ n f \ vlm ...'.'.'.. 3.009 j ccl Ihc dry crusader for two hotirs., xv . l]mu u{$ w ' '" 20 r )0 ! Rollins' recognition ol his W " L , no[)» i JQI came three <'p.vs '.iflev lie was dls- ; covered ui Wliitlier, In (he inoun- j tulm southwest of here poslns ns i "Reynolds Rogers." where he spoul ! six weeks prospecting for ininei- i tils. i Dr. Griffin pave out (he follow- tlon o[ (i'.; peril comes Immediate- °f our cconom- Newport 1.411 Miirlinnui 1.379 Kcrrrsi. c.'ily 1,310 Jom-sboro 1.184 10,007 70,109 84,840 43.WJ 51,006 40,'iSH) 33,71)2 :i!wl ;.".'i;es v/cre at a p;jk. icrliei! was also mieitioncd as an ::.='.iinato of tho eiii of in- 5 _: d.-amaticiilly yeslerday, was a vie- ( .: Coloucl um ,| 1)s recognized his re-n : lil " &r 1|1L ' "icrrlblc strain" lx> un- . , f t , , r nlccl]n nm , 8rcc t. u -',(l3iwcnt in Russia duriiu; nml ; w| ])h ,„.„,,(,„ uy nninc „ .short was i while later. With his memory np- pineiHIy restored he seems well on the way lo normal ' "'' •c-ti^^n"^.";'^'^.;"^^ 01 -^- "»"• i!ie wori<i ™'- c._ .11 u.j «n.i. b..-,m-i> cj.i.l.- . ulvilnc ,.. ( , i,, (] ., v by hls „.![,,. Hobins, who had been suffering 24.4CIJ 10.110 Leavlu-Hle t«8 11.913 liiT?l|i!s last week and for the j'.M-'uii al Missouri compres.'i i>olnls follow: Carulhersvlllc 3.308 I-rnyti 1.151 M:i!i!':i 574 C3.IJ49 Ic straits will make itself felt." Dr. Wil/.bacli related lie had re cently examined tlic teeth of 100 boys In Cincinnati public scliools, Many needed nllcnllon but tlwlr wants were neglected bc;iuise ol Hit! financial condlllon of their parents, Forieih $18.90 For Hunting Without License K. K. Oibson of Manila forlell- ed ii cash deiwslt of I1U.9U In municipal court yesterday on a charge. brothcr-ln-law. He was nucd $25 'or a similar offense about Iwo weeks ago. Walker Meyers, lil< brother, accepted a "strapping" Instead of a fine as his punishment on conviction on a similar charge. Robert Crenshaw and Aided 1'olk, netiroe.s, were lined ona dol-1 lar each for disturbing the puace. i In (he city <llvUion or court l.ouls Dniki- was lined $10 for IK'tll larceny and given n live da; 1 Jail sentence. The ciisc of Harry Alklns, charged wllli fiillme lo piiy city prlvl- tegi! license to Blve the dcfi'iulnnl lime lo pay. northeast Arkansas and scutheist Missouri, The Moore building li located on Main street near thj Frisco railroad tracks. Courier News Want Moses Sliman Acquires j Moore Grocery Company] from mmu-sia when found in moi'iitain vlllngp near her,? last • un ::.=.inuto of th? em of in- Ffl j ixv a r lor nl i absence of 77 days, • all:r ; ,. n 5!kest-:n. Mo.. y.=:2in. ,. cn . w , rm . a yellr in ] UlhSlll a:i : hic.i bl-r actually carried, an intermediary with the Flulshc-1 Co | onel [ to bins o[ rcsl . UJ(! irons.:, with the eniuiate made by is firm. Koterlii-n £5id that cor-, 1 . i tiie systoi!) wiilicut a whil'-v.-ay = in I31y'.r.:vilic- U!ie local wliit?- 'ay is O'.v!:cd by ihe city) was $l!i.- 00. Kol-srlicn earlier Ir:<iurnt- I rt-fei-red to the Siksston system .11 eslimates ol costs of in;talls- :bn of various items which would Jc required, in installing a system :rj ES a valuation basis. Objection t; introduction of letters of W. A. Fuller company 13 Pavagciitd and Sikosion officials on tii? grounds that they were in (he nature of "e^nfid^ntiul" k-tters was vrittcn intr the record at tho re- of \V. Leon Smith of city vik regime. "We haven't tlu sliBhtesi idea • uf what caused his attack of am- t:esia," Mr.s. Hobins .said. "If we! could ascertain what lui|i]>enetl from the time lie disappeared i from New York September 3 until September 9 when he WltiUicr, N. C.. where found, a cause might be discovered. "He was in splendid physical and mental shape when lie left Ivtaine lo go to Washington to confer with President Hoover A\IK- ust 31. The day before tlmi he Noted Health Moses Sliman, well known IAIX- j OKI wholesale uroceryman, lins, 1034s lo7vlolalln'g'lhe".siaiu"'gainc"la;w'b> * m « M tiK biinkruiil 'sloek of. Ihc 1 ' himllnii ducks wlllioul u license, "• M - M « or c Clrocery company al * Gibson was arrested on the Dig Liike federal reservation by Otto Cummliig.s. stale guim> warden. It Authorities Disagree i Is understood that u Moral CINCINNATI. Oh.ol <U1>) —Dr. for hunting on Ihu reservation Is K> |)eii<lli>g ngnln.Ht Olb.7on. A warrant has aho been Issued O.scnoln and will {i|»rale u whole tale business In tho Moors bulldliiii.' The new concern will be known .15 the Slhiinn Oroc.T coni])any ;n::i will cuter lo whulestile trude In Bennett's Pasteurized Milk Phone 74 lOc Ql: F)clivcrt<l liuttermilk ir>c Qt. Go to Chui'cli Sun<!ity Carl A, Wllzbiicu, lender In Public ileallh Fnleralion here, litres, with Hugh S. Cummlngs, U.! lor Jake Rice, charging him with b. Surgeon General, who hns de- i illegal jio-vsesslon of furs. clan'rt that Ihe country's henllh,] 1. J. Meyers was llnwl »100 by ns evidenced in t'x? lnw deulli rale, | Judge Cunnliighnm on a churgc uf has belter during Ihs deprcs-' nssiuili and buttery. Meyers, who „ ( slon. ; Is, from iionr I^achvllle, was con- reachc:! [ D| iL«.'II 2till Holds Lead 1 ! " low ( ' on 'i' rrl| c '-•> n result of | vlcled of nUnc'itlng his fiilhtr and Over" Other Compress' HI.YTHBVH.LK KYI-J, KAK, NOSH AND THROAT €1,1 NIC Ituniii 210 Ingram IllilG. DR. J. A. SALIBA 1'hin,. 41K Points. counsel. 7,. Patterson. Kansas City attorney', used the letters from which h? quote;! as the basis for questions asked Kob:rllcn concerning estimate? ai:d surveys made for those cities. had been at Kennebimk. Me., with above a party of friends, viewing the eclipse of the sun. Hospital Notes •throurfiout his life lw Jiad been in robust health with the single exception of the icrribli year he spent in Russia as an termeriiary after th? world war. The Americans in the group lacked sufficient food and for a year lived on little more Ihan black Receipts of colton al compre.ts In UlylfciiVillc drcppcd ol( sharply last week but continued Mibslaniliil!)' oilier Avkiiiuai comprcs.s points. 'I he total here Intt week was 7.855 bales for a season's total ol 141,108. This was the nrst week since the ..,.!. season go: well under way that rein- | ciipts at Rlylheville fell under the 12.000 bale mark. Shipments from Blyt!:svilb lasl week were 8.553, the first lime In many weeks they have exceeded r?- Patienls dismissed from the [ bread and coffee, The experience eipts, leaving a stock on hand In CMhevilie hospital: Barney Duty,; weakened him grantly and fatig-: local warehouses of 102/150. THE REDS WHITE STORES Your Thanksgiving Dinner 'will be Excellent and Economical if You Buy MALT Ittil Arrow Per Can 45c Arkansas Tax iic It Here COFFEE COCOA CORN""" * """ BAKING POWDER WHOLE BEETS COFFEE SHRIMP DESSERT POWDER MILK MAYONNAISE While. Tender 1JTC Can 1J Night & Day. Mild and Mellow 2 Pounds <t~c; I 1'ound Ked & White. l,b. Ciin 2 for 25 C 25 C Country GentkiriRB Per Can lilue & White 2f>-0z. Can Ited & White Per Can Blue & White ' Superior Hlend. 1-IJ>. Can 19 C 33 C Red & White. Dry - Fancy Cnn Red & White One Tall or 2 Small ('nns i Roil & White PEAS Alttskns, No. 2 Cnn i Apple Butter D Each2flc Red & White 0 38-Oz. Jar 19c KSSBB MIXED VEGETABLES ™ & S 1t:c • v w'hHc or Yellow SOAP VANILLA EXTRACT CAKE FLOUR" • w GRAPEFRUIT MACARONI "'*•"""'• '"""n™^ 5 l 5 Kara 8-0/. Kottte For Cakes and Pastrifs. Pkj?. Ready To Serve No. 'i Oin. ICsich 15 IT W •24° PUMPKIN No212C ^hl5 c C ^h Ited & White Pnncv. Hottlt etlep As smokers become more experienced, they demand milder cigarettes. Chesterfields are milder. Their mildness is just as much a feature as the beauty of their package. The tobaccos are mihl to begin with. Patient ageing and curing make them milder still. And Chesterfields contain just the right amount of Turkish—not too much—carefully blended and cross-blended with ripe, sweet Domestic tobaccos. Chesterfields are milder. They taste better. That's why "They Satisfy." PICKLES OYSTERS """" SWEET RFXISH CHILI SAUCE 10 Ll>s. Kvd & White. It Red & White BUTTER "Sweet Cream »ultei" • Hnv«- You Tried It.' *i fl 25-Lb. Ituj: !'.«<) & White SS-Ox. I'kg. § CATSP SALT I OATS tUl u MSSMB^ COCOANUT"S4, w ;;^lfl u ,„ W WHOLE BEANS "" twl "",^-2fl c ,, t K 25 C CORN FLAKES EZZR^L fH ft* !.-/•« iS^I * ™" PEACHES Red & White In Heavy Syrup California I 2>/ 2 Can 19c \ LETTUCE CELERY BANANAS FLOUR Self Itisini; 24-Lb. Sack -• 45c48-Lb. Sack -- 85c Red & White Mince Meat 2 Pkgs. 19c Kcd & While 24-Lb. Sack 25c Stuffed Jar 2 RED&WHITE«™«« MKATS PORK ROAST WRK STEAKS SHORT CUT STEAKS LOIN STEAKS ROUND STEAKS BEEF ROAST i.i.. i.i>. I" LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY

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