The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 19!W Bits of News Moslly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hill anil son will leave Tuesday (or Domiti. Tex., loi 1 nn extended visit. Day Jackson left today for Nashville, Twin., where lie will alle'M to business until Monday. Mrs, Charles Altai aim daughter, Patsy Until, and'Mrs. H.irry Weldman and'children, Anne and Edwin, and George Mnlr jr., are spending today J» Memphis, hav- Ing none down especially lo see Colleen Moore's Doll House. Mrs. aeorge Ropp and son. nf Memphis, have returned lioine after visiting Mrs. Ropp's iiurenls. Mr. and Mrs. D. I.. Oakes. Mrs. nay Hall nnd Mrs. }j!l| Caldwell will go lo Memphis U- morrow for tile day. J. H. .Slovnll i;.ix relumed Imn SI. Louis where lie intended 10 WAKE UP YCUf! LIVER BILE rf-And You'll Jump Oul «F ibe Morning Ra/ia' lo Co Th« liver ehoulj pour out two DOQn<U tit U()uM tile Into your bowtls Jaiiy, If ihff t»lr« la [iQtflowitiif freely, your fooddut^n'tdl^ei-t, II juildecaya in Hie iwwets. Gaa bloals u v j'our ewmach. You g«t c«niii]>a[*J. Your •whol« nysl«rn Is vxji&oiitd anil you (te! Buy? flunk nnd Hie world Looks yuiilt. J^axktives ar« only m&fc«shVt». A iner» bosvel movement doean'l gel at ihe cause. It Ukts those sooO, old Carwr'a tittle Livei rila to ast thtsa two pounds of bilt fTowrln* freely and mal>eyoufe«?l"uvB,rn!uii".Harrti- i«as. gentle, yet amazin tin inakinif bile flow ir**ly. Ask far Carter's Mttte Liver Pills ly OAUie.Stublwrnly refuse anythSna «t&e.2io, BLVTHflVIl.I.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HANNA i FUNERAL HOME I •*•' y; >; A beautiful and sympathetic H ;«; servlco, at morterafe cost, x >; Ambulance >; >; Service >: in x. 1st rtm»R sa business. Bill Simmons, who has been spending several months at Cornl Gables, Pla., has returned home. ChrLs Roland, of Flint, Mich., \ylio lias been visiting Ills brother, Jeff Roland, lias gone to Hot Springs lor a nvo months .slay. Kd Ulllon, of Memphis, is attending to business )>ore for several days.. Farrls Mi'Cnuln and L»roy Brown "'ill spend Hie weekend in Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. O. W. McCutcheli and daughter. Sara Lou, and Mr. McCiilchen's mother, Mvs. Lucy MrCutchen. of Camubell. Mo., left. Ihls nfir-rnoun for Miami, pla.. to. tie guests at the Miami nillnioi-' Hotel while attending the Rational Motion Picture convention. En- ratite home t'.icy will stop at Winter Park, Fin., for u brief slay xllli 'telly Lee McCiilclien, who is u stu- "i-iil nt Rollins college. Clarence Wilson ciltonfled lo business in Little Rock yesterday. Mrs M o. lloeggeii lias retiirn- ?il lo her home in si. Louis after Severn! day.s sUy will) Mr. ami Mrs, Prank Webb and Tamils', she was eni'onle home from IJllle Rock, where she was with her sister. Mrs! Willie Archer, who lias been quila ill, but who is now much Improved. Mrs Webb, w'.io was also at Little Roek wilti Mrs. Archer, was accompanied home by Mrs. Ho5»»cn. Mrs. Euia Hulledge, formerly 1 of here ami now of Jonesboro. is the I sjui'Sl of Mr. nnd Mrs. Prank Webb nnd other .relatives ami friends. Mrs. Prank McGregor ami Mrs. Jean Harris sp=nl yesterday in Leachville 'as Die gumls of Mr. aiul Mrs. L. W. Worthinglon. Mrs. M. F. Kai&l, w!io Is visit- 'iig her brother nt -Houston, Texas, lias undergone n tonsileclomy at, a Homlon hospital. Her condition is very good. Mrs. G. G. Hubbnrd will go io Memphis Friday. She will' be nc- companied home by her daughter. Miss Mildred Lou, a student at Southwestern University, who will sp"nd the weekend at home-. T. J. Crowder left yesterday for his home in 81. LonLs after spending several days w'.ih Mrs. Crowder nnd family. Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Dunkin bad as their guest, yesterday, Mrs. Roy Ware, of Osceola. C. W. and W. A. Afflick attend- Bids Cautiously but Reaches Favorable .Contract for Gome New Cimrl System Tiii'il MILWAUKEE tUP)'—The COI1- flllatlon brunch of ihe Milwaukee Connly circuit courl clNiivd nearly 1,000 cases from n congested docket In n year as litigants c'tiose to PAGE THREE lly WM. E. MfKKNNKV I Secretary, American lirhlge u-agui- I 'flits Is' (lie second of :\ series of six articles, revlrivlng llu> |irin- rfjilt'.s of bidding u\ed l;tr%piy i,y luuriKiiiieiil expt'i'ts antl uilvocal- ei) Ijy S. (jiirUm Cliurrlilll In hK book, "C'untrarl lildiliiij Tui'Ucs nl Mulch I'ulnl l>l»y."' * * (< Bridge experts, both in rubber and duplicate bridge, oflcn open with n three-card minor in p,-ef- VITALITY . 'dramatizes ' • ( , : •^M.^^r.Vi-.r-*'^^ ?«////. ra>y citl-oiits A T-strap with n different swing. blue kid with medium dress :icel. €.75 with sleek paten IIDA A ch firm ing two- eye Tie oC blue gnb- ardine. patent trim, Junior spike heel. with hig)i front, / IJDBEL Blue kid Interlaced with lustre kid . . . junior spike heel. Isobel Widths A,\A,\ to It, sizfs 4 lo 10. hosiery to harmonize i=a_ovu A. mil VIE « , . JKMOEX. • »-^ O « I U P? V TO O/ eel to business In Memphis THM- dny. Miss Frances'Tucker, formerly nf here niul now of Washington, I). C.. is reeuiiorallnii from im appendicitis oncrnUon iierformnl . i ,e\eial clays ago, Mr. and Mre. L. I,. Ward ami son, Lloyd, have returned r rom ,\ five weeks visit in Fni't Mycr.s, la. Mi-x. Robert E. King went to I lot Springs today to MH . n ,| u week wilh hot' .sister, Mrs. Gilbert Hognboom, and family, she accompanied Mrs. c. A. Cumiing- liQtn ivlio I'cturnr-d to Hot Sprhigls, to be with Mr. C'nniiinglinin, nfler a brief stay at home. Mr. Gun- j mnehniii j s n patient at the Army .iml Navy hospital. Ep)i Lusky, of Nashville, Term., attended to business here ycstcr- •Itiy. 11. Paul Is critically ill at his home on Kentucky Ave. Mr. Pnnl, •»ho is 91, became ill Sunday uncf has not been nble lo speak since Monday. He lins creeping parnly- [ sis. A son, Ollie Paul, or Musko- i Be. Okla., a son, Carl Paul, of Memphis, and u daughter, Mrs. Ted Mednris, of Memphb, have arrived lo be with him. Mrs. 11. n. Berry was taken to the Memphis Baptist hospital yesterday. Lewis Young, of Hayti. is a patient at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Webb, of Eflrje, attended lo business here yesterday. Mrs. Clarence Wilson, Mrs. Pat O'Bryant, Mrs. Ed Stanley and Mrs. G. II. DeLong were !n~ Memphis Tuesday. Judge O. E. Keck and bis court stenographer, Mrs. Buford Murray, will go to Piggott Monday, where Judge Keek will preside at court. erence to n four-card major or no Irump, because this bid rimbles the maker lo handle with case the nti-, lldnaled responses of his partner.' This Is looking ulioiul In Ihe bidding to avoid catastrophe^ Tire manner in which experts use Ihls bid lo reach 1111 eventual gnine ' fniitmet Is illustrated in lc;l:iy'.s' hand, in wliii'h Churchill sat. \\Vsl iinrl lib pnrnier m« \Valdeiuar von ?.i'dtwllz, one of Hi? wovld'.; t.-;;»t- est bridge players. •. j Note how me experts In the bld- tlllil; In Irahiy's linixl, \vlilcfi re- 1 A J 5 4 2 VK8G * -12 *Q7C4 A -A K U 8 V J !>3 «QJ 10 * A 109 W E S Dealer A 103 V 10074 2 » A53 AKJ2 AQ70 » AQ 4 K987C • + 853 Dup icatc— All vul. South West Norlli ,Kast l j "ss ! * Pass Pass 1 4 h Pass Pass 2 V Pass 1 V 1 N.T. 3V Pass ,f N. T. Pass Pass Opening lead— » 7. '11 GOOD RELIEF of constipation by a LAXATIVE Many folks get such refreshing relief by taking Blnck-Oi-aiiglit for constipation thiit they prefer it to v ollier laxatives and urge their friends to try it. Bliick- Dranghi is made of the leaves aiid roots of* plants. It does not disturb digestion but .stimulates the lower bowel KO that constipation is relieved. BLACK- DRAUGHT Oiiires care to make game, proceeded with caution. Churchill, after opening with one club, showed Ills four-card suit because he cnuiil still do it nl the range of one, ami his partner's bid of one heart warranted further exploration of the hand's possibilities. ' • Von zcduvitz denied spade support and limited Hie hand's possibilities with his one no trump bid. But when Churchill (javc n tentative raise to two hearts, tlic possibility of game presented Itself. Von Z'dtwltf.'s bid of thr?e hearts still left tlie possibility of playing for a part score. With thls ; bid, West felt that his balanced band and diamond protection made liossible. a game nt no trump. Von Zcdtwllz made his contract by establishing his hearts, thsrsby removing Smith's entries, before the diamonds could lie established Today's Contract Problem South has opened the bidding with one spade, and North has responded wilh one Jio'lrump. After South's forcing bid of Uirce clubs, Norlli has replied will)' three diamonds. What further action should South take? nHjllmte tlictr dlftcrcnecs below Juilgo Daniel w. Sulllvnti. Attor- ni>y» found Hie conciliation brunch so useful Hint some or them tlni their •««, there action IE D EL'S Now Rwly With Your New Easier Clothes New Spring Dresses l.mvly nnv Crepes ami 1'ilnls, J,i s ( arrived for .vinir Kaslcr iviiididlic, nrlulil nc w I'Ulur |>:iltmis Ihnl ijlri- .vuii'r ilri-ss Hie it|<lil s|ilrl< for tlii' JTIII"S Kii'ndM drfss-iiji cvcnl. All 'S up In 52. 6- Attractive Suits nif n inosi lnti>rcstln e rolln-tlon nf imm- styles and OmT-qnurlirr lcnj;t|, siills. These suils arr nn( imly smart lint reniuiiulcal- ly inlcfil. Easter Millinery Talk nbnul variety . . . hardly two.hat linrs are alike, Tiirhans, llie Itulicus roll to liHms,. ixlni rlile. vlsnrs . . . Si'i- Ihl-m hrrr. We ha\ r e Ltll brail st/rs. v.\98c l:o| Hoiseiy New Accessories. Nc.iv sliiinnriiis of your favorite hosiery jusl urrivuil. In :il| the ii' i'liailc.v In lurimmirc with your nullll. A full lIiH- nf purses In all the new miiliThls. Colors are urcj 1 , ird, navy, unil lilack. Also new Kr.rlnc 'filiivcs, 1IIHSIIMAUR SPORT COATS fl'bl.s- season's newest iDociels uiaile will) exclusive fabrics, 1'wlstcd Boui-Ic '!'weed. All s!?es and col- o r s, Heguiai* $19.75 n n U 5Z2.50 values. Special: 95 14 Wrinkle, ami Mabture (Blind) (Blind) # A Q 9 6 5 None vulnerable. Solution in next issue. purely vegetable laxative Read Courier Newi Warn Adi Well-Known Flower HORIZONTAL 1 Flower pictured • here. 5 Surrendered. 10 Genus la which this flower belongs H Bad. 15 Withoul dilTerenci 1 . IGGcm 17 Every 13 Torn 19 coins. 20 Shut. 22 Narrow ditch. 25 Southeast.- 26 Passage. 1 ; .10 Hnrd-lienrtf d. 34 Worth. 35 Gazed fixedly. 36 Pleasure boat, 3? Entrnnces. 38 Preposition. 39 DubbiriE. «5 Not often. •19 Appliances. 50 Structural unit. Answer lo Previous Punic 53 Naval • 54 Stream. 55 Piece of mock jewelry. 50 God. of war. 57 Its shrub has -— leaves. 5811 has a — *- slom. VERTICAL 1 Musical note. 2 Egg-shaped. 3 Fodder vati 4 Cloth measures. 5 Ace. 6 Prophet. 7 Place of low resort. & To piece out. 9 Indentations. 10 Part in drama. 11 Opposite ot closed. 12 Ketch. 13 Morindin dye. 20 Its shrub is cither erect or . 21 Oriental. 23 To state again. 2-! The flower 27 Afternoon meal. ', 23 To sin. 29 Outfit.' 3'l Small child. 32 Silkworm. 33 To soak flax. 38 Star-shaped. flower. 40 Pertaining to air.' 41 Principal conduit. 42. To press. '43 Gilded. 44 Sack, r 40 Secular. 47 Kind of dagger. 48 Kind of la-\d right. 51 Female deer 52 Frostbite. Noted Metropolitan Opera Star , , ' * . - • • ' \ finds Luckies easy oh her precious throat- / • '!^:: ! •'•••••: ."."Wiiyj , '-'!.,-.•."*• \ ' •' i I > I. II, - - >, Mar/one Lawrence says: i .- ( ^ "You must have a big voice,to sing Wagner. My favorite role of 'BrunnC' fMde' in Wagner's 'Gotterdammer- j*hg' is a very exacting one. Yet— when I am back in my dressing room after I have finished singing, there is nothing I en;Vy nioe than lighting u|> a Liicf.y. It is a light smoke—so gentle—so smooth—that it does not irritate my throat in the least. I agree with the others at the Metropolitan that a light smoke is a wise choice." BRILLIANT SOPRANO OF THE METOOPOLITAN OPERA COMPANY /xn independent survey was made recently among professional men and women—lawyers, doctors, lecturers, scientists, etc. Of those wlio said they smoke cigarettes, more than 87% stated they personally prefer a light smoke. ., . Miss Lawrence verifies the wisdonVof this pref- } eirence, and so do Other leading artists of the radio, stage, screen and opera"; Their voices are their fortunes. That's why so many of them smoke Luckies. You, too, can have the throat pny tection of Luckies-a light smoke, free of certain harsh irritants removed by the exclusive process "It's Toasted". Luckies are gentle on the throat. THE FINEST TOBACCOS— "THE CREAM OF THE CROP" A Light Smoke "It's Toasted"-Your Throat Protection AGAINST IRRITATION-AGAINST COUGH rrUtl 11)1. Tbl inirttui ItiilM fi»!*

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