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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 1

The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 1

Louisville, Kentucky
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can not be found anywhere. Our prices are the -lowest and our styles are known to be correct. H. A. WITHERSPOON, -v Ok Hall, One-price Clothing House, COIl, FOTJRTEC AND JEFF ERSON AUCTION BY FONTAINE AUCTIONEERS.

'As Assignee of F. D. Barnum, Jeweler, Fourth and MarketI will sell, commencing: Saturday, 18th, and continuing daily until all goods are disposed of, his entire stock of Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Sterling Silverware, fine Plated Ware, Clocks, Mantel Ornaments, -S etc. Ladies will be furnished accommodations. No will conduct the sale.


PIPE VISES, HOSE FIXTURES, Etc, Eta, Etc. For txsr W. I DILUGHAH K. 4t W. Mala Sc.

UuUtllk. airl OdAsoSutf PIANOS, ETC. B. P. PAULDS PIANOS OEG'ANS! InmenM stock, in vwtxj kind of wood, at Exposition tad Ware-room, (23 Fourth to, Prices tlwiyt Uxolowctt: uWfcS PANTILE.

ORIENTAL PANTILE. inmim and UnA. and la all rlimataa, la capable of U(nf traaatomMd lato atz or am diffa alapa, FOB tltS IT AIX ftXTlIL HaTTOS. CO AL JOS. WALTON CO.

SCBU BITUD Clraaaa tiaiad PmI) prrrsBDRGH coal, rAt II Cento. (3 00. omen -1. Io. 250 Third Street, Tapboaapweoaa, frU TaThaaMnty B7YME SPEED, wxess axd tmrruLS or OA.

I i oo lairwie, lie MDleA V-WA4J1 XxliAxSaaciU. .3 at oa TTLrrnojni comrtcnox C3i A Weas 4naa ae INVITED. Given to the Finder. SALE. DRY GOODS.

TOr.lPKIIIUIlLL&CO., nromu axs waoLaauji duuh FURNISHING GOODS 224 and 226 Sixtlx LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. The attention of the trade to icapectfuHy Innted to our large and complete stock of Dry Goods, Notions and Gentlemen's Fur- nishing Goods, which will be kept up to standard throughout the year. Orders solicited, and satisfaction guaranteed in1 every particular. Special inducements offered cash and short-time buyers. Jjl8 JEWELRY.

FIRE! DAMAGED BISQUE riOURES, VASES, TEA AND water sets, casters, cake rtandh, butter pushes, fkcit stamps, waiters, fakcy ooouc CLOCKS. la order to reman thaa rooda quickly from xnj cues. I will offer them at orurea to rurntr their Mle. No other pooJs will be offered exocpi at regular prkw. AS.


M. HOBINfeON CO. i BUOEo. GITS' LOW SHOES Point-toe Cloth or Kldtop, genuine Calf, our own make, reduoad to This is the greatest bargain we hare erer BCIXiXi BEOS. 360 Fourth St KXCOXO DOOR KORTH OF JXITERSOX R.

tUBaxweir.ip PLAJiOS, TC. HINZEN ROSEN, TJPIIIGnT AND SUABE PIANOS. A LSQ eeaien la Onraa aad an kladt or k. aaoaleal testragaeata. No.

410 Martatstn revta, IXUbVIIXJC KT. X1UA aa ka Asfa. CUNARD LINE. STTTiAOl RATI fro Qwowetowa to Vaw Aplyte iUOLEAXr. yas.jk uii aa boaaaa I -r i Jrj kt, mm AJTD aaaMM inn JUMi This week we will moth establishment.

i The again proceed" notwithstanding remarks to the contrary by unscrupulous dealers that this sale is an advertising dodge We have had saies, siaugnters, crasnes ana masnest Tjne wnoie season tnrougn, BUT THE RED-LETTER SALE whiiqh we commenced some time ago caps the climax, and we sit on the cap. This sale is striking all departments lalike. If we have prices before, the prices for this week shall be wholesale inurder. Look for red tick ets. This sale is positive.

The goods must go. It will pay you to borrow the money, if you want any artiqle, and attend this great half-price sale. Buy and avoid the rush. Clothing, cc. TO Nos.

424 to 430 West A -N-H SIMOKSON. 0. PIANOS, DECKER SON NEW COMPOSITION Grand, Cabinet Grand and Square PIANOS, Intended for the Southern at my store and at the New JSF'Call and see them. SULE For hntucky ud Soothsro Indiana, Publiskar rf-v a iNo. oi rourm Avenue, xouisviue.

ri.w VlilCMlFUGK. WILLS' WORLD Thl old and well-known worm remedy has been pttrehased by thwnder- aicned, and ia azain on the market. one delight in taking it, and instead of fuge, they cry for more of this candy. nit Wills' World Candy CARLISLE KY. I R06HS09 SPECIAL WHOLESALE AGEHTS, LOUISYULE, KY.

ROOFINO ROOFS I We Make Three Fire-proof Koofs: COMPOSITION The best roof for the least money in the world. 3LATE From the choice quarries of this country. Large roofs and decoratiyt alatiiif 'a specialty. i R0IT Cheap, light and good. Can be applied by any one.

i. rayCorrespondence solicited. '-mrSd'tuThASa FOUNDRllY. ESTABLISHED X833. STEAM ENGDtESiiai MACHINERY, CASTES Of ALLjKIlS.

Phdnii Foncdtry ind KacMuft Stop, SUMMER RESORTS. CRAB ORCHARD SPRINGS, rpHIS famous aad popular watering-place win A. be opened for the ssssoa oa Juae 1 oader eadreiy aew ownership, new manaewneat, aatt new auspices. The eompaar have ereured the services of Uea. as.

F. KoUaaoa (f onaerlr o( the rtMealx Uetei. Lextacton) as maaager, and they promise te guetta comfortahle reoms, the beet ef attenttoe, aad a easw at eaeqoaled ex- The boOdiiurs have been plseea ta Brst-ciaes eeeditlon, aad eTerythtag posaible will be done te promote the oomfort aad add to the enjoy aseot of visitors. The hotel aad eottares are supplied wtth all modern laiprtrreraeats. aaa, tel-egraph office, telephone connections.

exnaeJve pressenedea, ample amosemeata, aaU-room, aa' ale, billiard -room, aad eowUaf-alleTS, eetWatnahlncandhaatlaccooveeienC The we tern for medicinal Qualities excellence sad variety are the best the world affords the Epeem, White Salphar aad Chalybeate bemr the Baeet ead putvet la toe United lift, tae Sulpher aneUy eweUlas; any foand ia Crab Orehard Sprtnca are ea tne Kaoxvule Branch of the Loulsrllle aad Nanhville road. 115 miles from Louisville, and oaa be reached by rail from bo mile, Louis vUle aad Cmdwnatl, Traias from Cincinnati make close ooanectioa with the Louisville train at baaviUe JaaeAoa. far laraM aad eircolmra anpr to Oea. J. V.

KOHiAtON. Msnager. crah Orchard a EXCURSIONS LMIPERIDR! DCLUTH m4 bMimmii tmm ItoMtt-OlmeaTlUOil mi ftlDAf XV rkNiMO -ma. am ha o.v CM tm CeBni Js LU.sLt.T.CO,: ae7S7CaAVra mmm WMMT 1 ecessity is Uraent 4 commence extensive alterations in our mam We must This sale will your goods as early in MAMMOTH Hat and. Cap House, JKR PALACE," Market Street, between Fourth ETC METALLIC FRAME Exposition, are on exhibition Alexander Hotel Farlors.

AGENT A- of Unslc and Duler la Pianos, Orfus, Etc, 1 1 A WORM CANDY. up tn nicely navored tict, inf imio being forced to -WARRA-NTE! take a nauseous rermi- ED PURE. MATEBIAL. CHAS. H.

CONNER, Corner Clay and Fraiildla Sts, db. Tenth ud Rlier, LonlsTlHiuj. TtiSateXTalr TAKF.THlg Grand Rapids Indiana Riiroad The "Fishing '1 Trout, Grayling ui.BliciBiss flstsrlss rurocs etalth ajtd sum urn xrsom AKD LAXT8 Or KOBTBUUf aUCBlQAjr. rite at eaes for Mr Tocaarr OvtsSL a beaW ttfaUy Uloswassd work ef ISO pares, and eoataia. la it full uformasioa for raaobiex' and eajorlar thiectaadregtoa.

waiehwiU be seat free, Vui time cards, map folders, etc. Address rmenttoe tmg the Coarter-Joaraal A. B. LAJCT. Geo.

Paea. Agent, Grand Baokla. Mleh. epJOdrf UNITED STATES HOTEL. THE LaBGEST 15 ATTJl5Tld CITT, At 18 JfOW 0FE5.

P. 8C0TT. USJ. H.130WX' 1B A j.

EDUCATIONAL. A e-t BALTDfOSZ, Ht. Vernon Place: bona itata, 46 Atome homrMnr aa4 bar t. chosl for Veeag Ladiea. re Jd la.A Mra M.

J. JOXESaaJ Mrs. MAlTUASu, aaeaSsd by able Profeaeors. lanrtiages practically taurbt Jylbneeball XCIEKCE EILL XZZZZU ZZUXHTJU, IT. uw wasinnc nrw ciaes advaasaees lor JL taetrdaucuters should seed for a eatalogee of the above iaeututtoa.

Address W. rXJtN- Tfclt, IA IX. rruxapal itvla DR. WARD'S SEMINARY, Naabvtlle, Teae. The lanrest scfaAol for CHrls ta the South, and most complete.

Jtca papils thla year; 14 more than Tassar had. For bw eatar ioiroe add re Dr. W. E. yfXHD.

c- jriedSm ST. OsWKOE-8 HALL FOU KV-I Missrs--ewa. lfi prepares far asyeoW trgeornusioeesuie. juoperyosr. in the Mi-idle Staee.

rot j. u. iTiJcrai, Catairjua sexl, L-X: mm the week as possible and Fifth, Louisiille, Ky. MABLET, EDUCATIONAL. GEORGETOWN COLLEGE.

D. Jtouifcfad in 1789. Rrr. JAMES A. DOONAX, 8.

President. ACADEMIC m4 IF1C 6CHOOLH open oa Tbimdar. Sept. 13, 1S83. Board, tulu Kioo per annum.

For partlcuUrs addrens day, 8ept 4. 1883. Terms for the fuU Course of Lectures $100. Address J. W.

H. LOVEJOY, M. Dean. 900 12tn N. Waahinfton.D C.

TUB hCUOOL OP LAW opens on Thursday, eoens arnuuerd. Facuirr: Jere. M. Wilson. Jud 1" acuity: Hon.

K. T. Mernck, uoo. udesW. a.

Kicbardson (U. S. Court of ChUinuL Martin T. Morris- LL.I and J. J.

Darlinrton. Ken. C. W. Hoffman.

IX. Dean. Terms. per annum. AddreM BAMX M.

VEATMAN, Secretary, 1.45 N. Y. N. Washinjrton, I. C.

GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, UroryetoiTO, JtyM on C. S. R. R. rrsmrerionof Kentocky.

5oth session opena' I Bepcembera, 1883. Instruction in ail breaches of a CoUere educauoa. ExperieaceU Profeesors. The deerres of B. 8., A.

B. and A. M. oonfrrrej. Useful eoorse for those who can only spend one or wo years in College.

Terms low for advantages offered. For cataJoeim or particulars aU-drrss early to R. JL UUDDcTT PresX Jy-'lbad ROAXOKE COLLEOB, KALEM, VA. THIBTY-FIRST SESSION befciasSept. 12.

Two Vmnn for Degrees. Partial and Business Courses; full English Course. French and Grr-man spoken. Library of lrLOOO Good morale. Healthful mountain logs lion.

Expenses for tf months $14 or Ktudenu from sixteen "Stares. Catalorne sent free. Address JULIUS P. UKEHEK. rTos't.

Jylfl eodlnvawl BELLEVUE HIGH SCHOOL, BKUFOBD VIRilAIA. F)K Boys and Touns; Men. Prepares for Busl-ness, CoUere or Uuiversity. Tborouirhly and naaasomeiy equipped, run corps oi instructors. Beauuiui ana eeauny location.

For cataioeue W. K. ABBOT. PrlBciDaL address BeUevue P. O.

ijVi eoum WASHIXOTON LEE UMVERSITY, Lexinrtoa. Va. Instruction In the usual academic siudi and in the profr inasl schools of Law and EsoiMssaixo. Location liealthful; expenses moderate. Next session opens Kept.

20. For catalogue address "Clerk of the acuity. (J. VV C. LEE.

rYnddent. JylOeodin ISS J. F. WREAKS Boardinr behool for 111 Young- Ladies and Children, 5 East 77th street. New York, reopens Sept.

27. Number of boarders limited. Address, until Bept. la, cere E. oTocKBRiDoa.

Central Valley, V. jy31 TuTlUtga3 PEKKSKILLO'. Military Academy. Foreir-cujars address CoL C. J.


Opeas aept. 1 1 883. Efficient teachers, systematic training aad the best methods eharctMiise the souooi. It XTH STREET, LOCUVILLC, RY. 8a'eSal5 GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMIHARY.

nrms InsUtnOon, situated on the 5. a and T. P. K. In the far-famed Bluexrass country, enjoys the reputation of furnbhias; You us; Ladies the very highest of InteUevtuaL social aad moral culture.

Address J. J. RUCXER, Oeorgetowa, Kjr. aoa We8eA3iolm CH RLIER IMTtrUIE, On Central Park. Established 108 West btMh bet.

0th A 7th N. Y. BOARDLNCi AXv DAY bCHOUL FOR BOYS AXD YOUNQ MEN OF TO 20. Prepsres theta for all Colieres, ScinUflc Schools, Weat Aeademjr and buidneas. Frvaen.

ew bolldlnrs erected purposely: the beat equipped private school Id the world. Next school year wul begin 8epC IS, iS8i jyiCldaa Prof. ELUC CHARLTXR, Director. LonJiTllIe Femala Seminary. BOAXOtXO aad Day School for Young Ladies aad Mlsin, Founded 18SL Thirty-third atiawal ssseUe wta eommeaoe U.

V. September a. ibsa. Address kiss xold. FOREST ACADEMY 0PEX8Bept.

1 Eadoffun tern Jane Ll4. term BU to iU for tnttlea; 7i tot board haiftrrm. Address. ns J. w.

a En MAX, anchorage, Ky. Soataera HeateSckooI for Girls. 1T aad IH Berth Charles Sc. Babimeee, Ma. Mas.

W. M. Mas Cabi -EstabUabad IS42. French the latiruase of the BchooL eat eASaltl E5E. FEEDLYS FRESCH AID EXGLLSfl FAMILY AKD DAY BCHOOL So.

IS Morris street, Ldea Park, UaciaaaU. Fsil tmn begins depiemoer IM. Clreulars ree estapphoatloa, lyUWedJaao IMINOBTU SCHOOL. BALTLMORB, MO. Hnar.lrnr anal Day Baaoal V.

Chiidresv The Vlst school year bavlas 1 huradar, rept. ft. Cinaiiars eras oa aopl.catloa te the PnacipaL Mas. H. P.

LEFa.iiV.K, Ke, b9 laaAUa street. JylSWeatSall 1S44. FREEHOLD INSTITUTE, 1S8X FREEHOLD, Kew Jersey, for Bora. CoarsaK jtoeUab, Behnttno. lsasloU Laa-gwasae.

For eatalortMe appiy to the ITiaopai. Lev. A. O. CHAAitox-KS.

ea7dS ATRTrfTSrESECfS SCHOOL. Fifth ew York, Terms for beerdmx tlX kw 1 Irdicatjos s-r Jbr Ttouaaas Ohio valUy, generally fair wcotW, wind wioetlf toutkwtUriy, falling barometer, wtationary or rising Umperatur. Thx end of the tiresome Ilill tnTestiga-ttoo fa ip sight. Thsrx were 433 deaths from cholera In Egypt Thursday. Sekatob Joxta, of Florida, is on 4 two-montha' trip to Alaska.

Tax new postal notes will be ready for circulation September 8. Tns wife of Judge Caswexl Bcssttt, of Smlthlatui. to dead. "Pro Iron" Keixet writes from England that his health Is improving. Tn admission to the Exposition this afternoon and night is only twanty-flT TwrxTT-TWO young students, who contributed to a Kihillst Journal, hare been sent to Siberia.

Taussig Hav xkbscbxbo. New York syrup manufacturers, hare failed. liabilities $235,000. Haxlax won the regatta on Lake Wahaticum, yestorday; Hosxaa second, Lxs third. Health Ornctn Galt denies that there a dysentery epidemie in the Western portion of the city.

Ret. a J. Wilson, Professor of History in the Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny City, is dead. It is predicted from WasHington that Commissioner Evaxs will permit Hostetter's Bitters to go on the tree list. The Bennington (VL) Battle Monument Association has adopted a design, by Prof.

Wuax, that wUl cost $100,000. Mr. Middleton 1L he en wood, of this city, and Miss BrmK Clattoh were married at Wachintcton yesterday. Toe Glen House, Watertown, N. containing about forty rooms, was reported burning at a late hour this morning.

Two machinists at work in the Treasury Department at Washington found ten new 11,000 bills under an old machine. The Second National Bank of Warren, has closed iu doors. K. M. Fitch, the cashier, la a defaulter to the amount of 000 or $80,000.

John Divot, editor of the Irish Nation, who was sent to tbe New York penitentiary for sixty days for libeling August Baxxost, was released yesterday. Thb Governor's ball at Crab Orchard last night was a grand success in every way. Delegations of tbe best people from every part of tbe State were in attendance. "There were 170 failures in the United States and Canada during tbe past week, against 182 the week before. The Southern riisisstaiwwhsii twantyaree oT these.

Eight weavers In the AAh-ton-underLyne district, England, have struck for higher wages. Tbe movement has thrown 80,000 people out of work. Three of the Acaciia Pbwder mills at Rocky Lake, 8,, exploded, killing Hit kkt McEwak and fatally injuring Rowley Smith and Charles Miller. The mutilated remains of Deputy Sheriff Chitwoos were found on the Cincinnati Southern railroad in Scott county, yesterday. It Is believed he was murdered.

The hangman yesterday successfully en tertained Tatlor Bajtks (colored) at Bcotta-wood, Mabtix Braolkt (colored) at Terrell, and Deko Casselt at Little Rock. JL Bierhakx has been nominated by tbe Democratic State Central Conunittee, of Minnesota a candidate for Governor in place of W. W. McCain, declined. Btxa-MA9X accepts.

Ix a collision on the Westchester branch of tbe Pennsylvania railroad, at Angora, James Welsh, fireman of the market train, was killed Jand twenty-five calves and sheep were scalded to death. ITocghton, MiFTLDt of Boston, publishers of tbe Postal Guide, deny that Thomas B. Kiaay, who has been discharged by the Postmaster General, ever received a cent from tbe work more than be earned. Ijv an accident on the Chesapeake and Ohio, near Memphis, yesterday, tbe special coach, containing Oen. Echols and Superintendent Baowa, was ditched, but without injury to the occupants.

Engineer Haoas was fatally scalded. Col. 8am H- Ccucett. of Lancaster, has been suggested as a suitable man for tbe Congressional nomination in his district. Bis Democracy ia unquestioned, aad his worth and capacity fit him for any office in the gift of his people.

The great Omnibus Stakes, for $10,000, wQl be run at Monmouth Park to-day. aIoreis Patto's Drake Carter and PixRjtx Loan.i.ABn's Plxarro are tbe principal contestants, with tbe betting and the chances in favor of the former. Tn telegraph operators have quietly surrendered, and tbe Westera Union has begun to dictate a little. A portion of the strikers are being given back their positions, bat only after taxing an oath that tbey wQl leave the Brotherhood and never rejoin any such ColI Galloway, of the Jlcmpbls Appeal, aad Private Kesedt. of the Avalanche, have not yet.

arranged their disagreement. Toe. Avalanche of yeeterday severely criticised. Galloway. Kuixdy swots out a peace warrant against aim, but afterwards withdrew it, 5v A rmxerrrox collision occurred at Wln- efaist sr ysstsrday bet weaa a paasengar and freight train.

A oar- load el glass powder exploded and scaiXerad death and dsroction.1 Charles corP doctor on the passenger train, was horribly boned, both of- his eyes bafng aoorthed He died a faw hown--afterward to great agony. typo LP AlARrur, the cona actor on the freight train, was also kliletL PaAjrk HocasaaMrrsT aad 4 JoRwsroat partially burned," as were We Baexb and Uesbt Joses, two colored waiters. -1 A Vepesf aaertf Maraered. (JpaefcU to fae Courier JmrnrmmLj CbaTTasoooa, Tee Aug. 17-The mntUated remains of the Deputy Sheriff of Chitwood were found at Chitwood Station, oa tbs Ctndnnarf SontherB' railway, ia Scott county, Tennessee, to-day.

It ia thonrht be was miHd and Lis j'ctl tt I A LoeomotiTt Hekdlong Into a Freight Train Loaded i With Giant Powder, And a Terrific Explosloa Fcllews, TThleh Is Seen and Heard for Slles Around. Oonduoton VolGchael and Martin Hurled i Thrcogh the Air, Scorched aad Both of Them Die Soon After the Accident Several Others Terri bly Wounded. MOBAIOV8 DAMAGE TO rROFCRTT. ISptciol to tKi Ctmritir-JournoLy WCHC8Txa, Aug. 17.

One of the' most terrible wrecks took place-here this morning ever known in these parte. At 7' o'clock the West-bound train on tbi Chess peake aud Ohio railroad collided with freight train on the Kentocky Central, doing Immense damage both to human life ani property. The freight depot is located in tbe fork made by tbe crossing of the above-named roads, making it impossible for the' engineers of the different roads to aee tbe coming trains on either of the other roads, and as tbe 7-o'clock train on tbe Chesapeake and Ohio road was pulling into this station a freight train was backing on the Kentucky Central, and, to make it doubly dangerous, tbe rear car of tbe train on the Kentucky Central was LOADED WITH BLA8TIXO fOWDCB bound for Point Lick, on the Kentucky Central, where the work fat going on on tbe Kentocky Central extension. The engine on the Chesapeake and Ohio struck this car broadtdded, bursting it in twain and tbe fire from the friction ignited tbe powder, causing it to explode. Tbe explosion haJ tbe effect of an earthquake on the town, causing dishes on tables ia the remotest parte to rattle and houses to shake.

It threw powder cans a hundred feet into the air, making the air dense with all kinds of missiles. THB KILLED ARK: CHARLES McMICHAEL, conductor on tbe Chesapeake and Ohio train. He was thrown a distance of forty yards, sustaining injuries from which be died at 11 o'clock. RANDOLPH MARTIN, conductor oath construction train. He was thrown over the depot a distance of sixty yards, and landed in tbe farthest part of tbe yard.

He lived about two hours. Tbey were the most heart-rending objects ever beheld by mortal eyes. Ale Michael's eyes being partly out and both being; charred beyond recognition. UcMichael died at 11 o'clock, and his remains were taken to Lexington, his home. Martin will.

be buried here. THE WOUXDKD ARB: FRANK HOCKERSMITH, of Frank- fort, a carpenter, terribly burned. Bis re covery is doubtful. CHARLES JOHNSTON, of Dublin. 1ml a carpenter for Hamilton on the new depot here.

Ho was burned from bead to foot. but his burns being mainly oxternal, It is thought that bo will recover, although ae is suffering terribly to-night. WM. BAKER and HENRY JONESvf color, both waiters in Hawk's eating- house, seriously burned, but it is thought that tbey will both recover! Toe wreck utterly demolished four freight cars, throwing pieces of them hundreds ef yards. Tbe west end of tbe new depot was completely blown away, aad the bricks from it crushed into dust.

Hawk Co. 's eating-hooas was considerably damaged, but fortunately it did not catch on fire. A number of persons, seeing tbe collision in time to take precaution, ran into the cellar before tbe explosion took place. This house is situated only about forty yards from the crossing. Several parties were in and about the freight depot, about the same distance Off, but none of them were hurt.

M'MICHAXL WAS rOCKD standing op after the wreck and tearing off his clothos, which were on flro, having sao caodod to getting rid of all, except a etaall remnant about his waist. His watch was found to-day. He was the most popular conductor on the Chesapeake and Ohio road and bad a host of friends all along the rout. He leaves a wife and one child, and Martin was aleo a married maa and lived, at this place. TBE DISASTER rtnx fakticclaks or the ooixmot, iow rr RArrxirxD aud tu damaos rr EUD.

Special tU CoiLTicrournalA Lexisgtos, Aug. Ufcre 7 b'clock this morning the mixed train on the Chesapeake and Ohio railway, between Mt. Sterling and Lexington, Charles McMlchael, conductor, reeobed where three ears were to te switched. McMlcheel, leasing tbe psjeKBgw coaches east of the switch, ran forward to the side track the three freight ears, but a failure to throw tbe switch Caused an advance' ba the mala track. To stop' these detached cars and the passenger 'ears which had sot bean sufficiently awaked, ba ran down on the front part of the train, The train on Tbe Kentocky Central trade tefked scrossttif isisiiissks Sal Ohio line ia front ef advancing scgina, 'which, owing to the freasure behind COtUi EOT SB ilOffli), la Umetoprevenf a' collision.

Tbs flremaa, jumped off one. aids, tbs ear gineer. after, reverstog tbs sever, oa tbs otbet Tbs sngins stmck ths third ear from the rear 'of the Kentucky Central trato, which was loaded with seveaty thousand pounds of blasting powder, bitted to Richmond. This was tamed over, broke to two and soma of tbe powder eaas being broken by the shock, their contents spiked on the track aad sparks from ths fast reroivug wheels of ths reversed engine, or from tbo fire-box, ignited the powder, causing a Txaarsi.a axrLoaiox. Condactor ilcStlchaal, ronnlnj; fcrward ontcpof the train to pot oa thetrsksea tie Cnt ear, was blown from tlecxrssl I' -irCfrttkwry tC.

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