The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 13, 1948
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 194J ERP Head Known As Businessman f. G. Hoffman, Car y Manufacturer, Gave Much Tim* to C.E.D. By frltr F.dton NEA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. (NEA)-Sonie of his closest associates say that in the past Jive or six years. Paul Gray Hoffman, has devoted almost half his Hme for the Committee lor Economic Development. Now the South' Bend, Iiid.. automobile manufacturer Is settling down to his new Job as European Recovery Administrator. It's his first full-lime government role But »s a private citizen he has taken an • ctive and leading part In government affairs. Hoffman has long realized that without a sound and healthy government behind it, business Itself can't prosper. This attitude has had a lot to do with his quiet success as president and guiding genius of the C.E.D. since its start in 1942. Hoffman got into (lie C.E.D. while » member of (he Commerce De-J partment's Business Advisory COMI- ' cil, to which he was appointed by ^ Jesse Jones, then Secretary of Com- i m- mem. During an early war-time meeting ol the Council in Wash-1 Ington, there was discussion of the 1 need for some private business group to promote post-war planning »nd reconversion. After several hours of talk Hoffman left the room, briefly. When he came back he was informed that he had been elected to head the new organization. He accepted on the condition that it would not ' be merely a ballyhoo organization. He realized some new thinking was needed. C.E.D. has provided it with an original approach on every important business policy' confronting the country. I Hoffman is a great believer In I Jetting facts govern his decisions. 1 The research work of C.E.D. has been outstanding. Its researchers some of the best economists and business brains if the country- have had full freedoni to dig up' facts and present them as found. On the basis of these facts C.E.D. has shaped its policies. Some of the C.E.D. views have been unorthodox. For instance, in presenting a fiscal program early this year, C.E.D. recommended thai » balanced U.S. government budget •j was not always necessary. At certain f times it should accumulate surpluses, and at others go in for deficit financing. For * group of 100 leading business executives to expound such ideas was considered highly unusual. Personally, Hoffman has never hesitated to take the unpopular view if he thought it right. He opposed the old National Recovery blue eagle of depression days because he ciid not believe NRA would work. He likewise opposed the President's Labor-Management peace conference at the end of the war The Idea for • this -pow r wow was Senator Arthur Vandenberg's. But Hoffman refused to have anything to do with it because he was convinced not-hinjf would come of it. Hoffman is a Republican, but considers himself neither a liberal nor a conservative. He likes to judge ideas by whether he considers them "sound." Perhaps the best statement of },, s personal phil- osopy.was given when he appeared before Senator Tail's Joint Committee on the Economic Report, last summer. "We should remember that there lire too many people whose incomes are low, whose opportunities are limited,' said Hoffman. "We should also remember that the ultimate test of any economic system is what it produces for the average man. Therefore, our answers to the critics of capitalism should not emphasize past accomplishments but L should take the torm of a pi an O | i • act:on for improving the effectiveness of our system so that it will yield ever-increasing opportunities lor more and more of our people " 1 The greatest, strength in ti'ie American system Is its dynamic productiveness, Hoffman finds He says our greatest weakness is 'ceo nomio instability. "During the IMS' 100 years there have been ,, o less than 26 depressions." he points out. The MK motion I., lo m \ BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIKK NEWS Hoffman Takes Oath White House cere Hoffman, left, takes hi oath! (NBA Telephoto.) vr rejected utterly." Hoffman sees the European Recovery Hrogrnm as a need to raise the European standard of living by at least a third. He has given his ideas on that, fully in testimony before the Sena'le Foreign Relations Committee. He is for the program, with these, definite requirements for success: Western Europe must be developed as a whole. Western Germany must be included. There must be a business-like administration Loans and gifts must be clearly divided and take Into account Europe's ' ability to repay » B well as America's willingness to receive. The aid must not be used to finance acquisition of American property abroad, other areas of the world must not be neglected. Enough funds >hould be provided over a long enough period to make lh» program a success, since "a halfhearted program is likely to be worse than useless." Finally. Hoffman says, the Eu- ropenn countries must carry out the commitments they made at the Park conference, since it Is the Eu- I ropcan people who in the long run j must achieve their own recovery. j It's on this basis that Hoffman tackles his new Job with an amount of energy tdiU has had to be almost boundless lo carry on all his side activities, in addition to running the Stndeuaker Corp. from bankruptcy into the black. He probably will have to K ivp jup the Stutiebakei- presidency, for ' the European recovery administration will be a full-time, fiur- yenr task. His other business In- j lere.sU, however, Include board j chairmanship of an auto snlcs firm and an auto parts company, pins j directorships of seven other big ! corporations. ( Though Hoffman attended college for only one year, he holds honorary degrees from 10 colleges and is a trustee of two. In 1048 he won the American Education Award. It's a long way up for a, lieutenant of field artillery in World Win- One, whose first job was as porter for a Chicago auto dealer. Governor Plans Series of Talks On Civil Rights LITTLE ROCK, April 12. IUPI — Thc fight against President Tru- nmu's civil rights proposals will receive Gov. Ben Uiney'.s undivided attention now that lie 1ms decided | not to seek re-election. Limey nniiouDccri yesterday (hat he Is scheduled to spcnk m,~ a 10- connt civil rights meetins: in Hope Mny 20. He mil explain lo the people of Southwest Arkansas the effect of Mr. Truman's nntl-poll tn.v, nnll-sccrcention and other civil rights legislation. The meeting was arranged hv State Rep. Talbot Field of Hope and LS the tirsL of its kind to be held In Arkansas. The governor also plans civil rights speeches at Blyihcvillc noon April '.>7. Osccola that night, and In Hot Springs May 12. He also wii! attend I he Souihnlde nnti-Trumnn Limitations Placed on 'Free Press GENEVA, April 13. (UI>)--Tlic In. tornmioiiol conference on lieertmn ol liiformnlion yesterday snnritnnrU lour lojal limitations on freedom of the prcis. i The United SUte.s foiiflu without Mic' against inclusion of nn Indian molloii ciomimiiiiB legal pen- nllies (or •• ! y.sieiuntlc diltuslon or' dclibeiiiloly false and distorted reports which undermine friendly reunions between peoples and .siatM." , I he n'.olion wus unproved In ihn \ li'Snl committee.. i:i to 3, with 10 1 absentions. Britain voied for it. The committee also voted In give Itnvermneiils the riRlu to Impose ' iinialiies. liabilities ami restrict lo'ti '! f>n 111.' pvess with reisaril to: ; I. Tuples willed must remain stv- rei in Die inti'icst of jiitiiomil an!- ' ety. i ^. InirlitccnuMit.s of literary nr I M'listie. rieliis. ' i 3. Exproultms alintil other persons. niHiirul or lecnl u-oiporntlousi wliirll nodimn their repntntlons nr otherwise, rue injurious to ilie:n i without bond iuiii s I lie public." Pigeons Adopt Family But Family Objects SEATTLE I DPI -A sympjif hells out liura.sscd Scuttle (mmlv hn.s be.' l ndorjlen by nn ttluerniii piccon brood nntl boss for JHK-JIT on hmv in set rid of the unwanted guests. "We have turned a host; on them xiiil put spiX-e.s in iliclr nratlns places but not him: seems lo (to any Kood." the fntnlly-wdo-wlshes-io- le:n;tin - ntionymotis snj's. "Oi:r neighbors SI-R nil nmd at us. We prctenri we don't know Ilie plRcon; me there but can't expect lo get nw:iy with it forever" Too Much Baby Sitting Called Social Event MINNEAPOLIS IU!'t--A University of Miimesoln professor lietievei that "too imicd b:iby Mltin B " )., ,i ciura or child ncBlccl. Of. I). M, Siper.stein says llir American homo is becoininij mine mid more just "a plnte In .sleep." There is no harm In parents Re't- tiiiK out once or twire n week, he : says, mit children need » sense .it security—"more I him the nvemiii* child Is gelling today." 1 ' i Zirconium, a rnre metal mm I I'omrlbultiiR to more efficient clco I Ironic lubes, mny be liendnd fur added laurels—ns fine Jewelry u." as tablcwiue- r because It never losns Its polish. PACK Marriage Licenses The following couple has otitali.crl - of M(M Elizabeth Birth* pl County clerk: r oma* Burns ,nd m iie orflce Margaret Ta«hn«r of BlythevJK Hear DONALD DAME Tenor, Metropolitan Opera THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 8 p.m. . E- Ue Wilson Hill Jone.boro, Ark. The stars are eln.sslfled accord, liic lo their npparciiL brightness and not their sl/e. meeting in Jnckson, Miss,, Mnv 10. The governor will be out of Ills office three days this week accompanying the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce on Its nn mini gond will tour. He win innki short speeches In St. Loitls loiuoi row nlRlil and in Kansas City Wed net day nlRhl. CLOSE PLAY BUT HE'S "SAFE"! . • - n ml you'll ))« snfi> Inn, with the split second timing we tfive your car! Our cliei-ls f (>r Kpi'injf Koes iitlo every vilitl mci-hnnital movement' Ui , IS - siirc unexcelled perrofiujincc. (.'Jvc us your cnr (utlny f'» r „ SAKIC itnil SOUND niitomolivc cJii't-k! We Cater to Truckers! LEE MOTOR SALES 308 E. Main OLDSMOBJLE—CMC TRUCKS Phon* 2056 An Outstanding ^ ear in Metropolitan's History ' | 947 -'T one of thc ^l >rars in the history of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. "The Company's financial position was excellent. More Metropolitan policyholilcrs than ever before enjoyed the blessings of life insurance. Through investments, the- Company played a bigger role than in any preceding year in helping to keep the wheels of industry turning ... to provide jobs and homes . . . and lo maintain high standards of living. activities in a motion picture entitled "Pages I-rom An Open Hook." Here are some other important facts about 1947 presented by Mr. Lincoln: —Payments to policyliolders and beneficiaries totalled Sf,7l,"oOO,000-topping all records. —More than 2,300,000 people bought Metropolitan policies during the year. The total of Metropolitan policylioUlcrs reached Mr. Lincoln also reported Ihat last year a committee representing all Slate Insurance Dep.iiiments completed, as required by law. a periodic cxiuninaiion of Metropolitan. Iti their conclusions, Ilie eiatniners reported: "The examination of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company indicates that it is in a sound financial condition." President Lcroy A. Lincoln reported these facts in his account of the Company's 1947 —At the year-end, policyholdcrs owned a total of SJ7,i50,000,000 of Metropolis protection— Ihc greatest amount in the Company's history. — Metropolitan will pay in I<J4S somewhat more in dividends lo policyhoklcrs than in 1947, although there will be downward adjustments for certain classes of business. "Policy claims arc paid promptly, and fair and equitable treatment has been accorded the policyhoMcrs." Metropolitan's Annual Report for 1947, which is cnlitJcil "/'jigcs !->„„, An O ]W ii Hook, "contains much additional information about the Company's operations. If you would like to have tiiis booklet, fill in and mail the coupon below. A copy will be sent lo you without charge. "There is no excuse for either violent booms or busts." says Hotf man. "The notion that they ar- Inevitable or unavoidable should be That Double Distress'cf CONSTIPATION .: ,ve not.ced, *he n bow , turn ,, "off", you-n, frequent ty not only riujgish, logy, depreMcd but your .lomach f«L, 6wllr J d ™[ ™ Whal,vo.< want, toe.!* both rSi^om- forl.. i> famm,, Dr. C»ldwell> {£„„„ L««tive, conUin«! in Syrup Pepsin niA!ANT-CINTll-.n<0*OU«M J." Dr. CaMwellX you gel do,Mr. action relief that, uvrks. One—it reliev~ constipation plcaMnlly, Ihorourhlv wilhmit Kr,pm K . (Not harsh or violent: Ur. CaldMll s contains Rtnllc laxative henna, mmlicaUy approved even Tor children.) T-KO-ilacarmfnafive action helps relieve that sour, gasny stomach distreM. Helpo you foci rig/il overnight. Try Dr. Caldwell',. neneroua I Jf m trial boltl.-pfu., a ml of 3 beautiful! rrysulline, crack-proof ice boi bowi ,f r ^ r »-;«' 1 ' .'""*""' charge. Limited lime only. Simply tear out thia «H, "?»'i wtn n»me and addrew to Dr Cnld»-cll a, D«pt. 20, Monticello, 111. DR.CALDWELLS »*.rti IIUIU-KniN Uuirrt OBLIGATIONS AND ASSETS DECEMBER 31, 1947 tin iccorJanc. ,i,h ih c Annul Sla.cmen, filed «;th ,h, s e ,. Y o,v s, , ', ,1 .^ew -iorV M-tic In-ur-viicc DqMmncnO ^ POLICVHOLI>E «. «NtF,C,» RltS . ,ND OTHERS ASSETS WHICH «SSURE FULFILLMENT Of OBLIGATIONS «.n.l G.,,rnm.n. S.o.riti ........ <87f.. Wv*«rY«d f»r Future Payrmnt Un4«r Supplementary Contract* , . Toltcy proceed, r ro m dcjih clliim nuiurcj cnilo«rnt *n»1 other rajmciin which hcndici.irie* and p.Miotio] fuuf '° fl "'"" ' ht l - Dmp ""> '" ** <" ia <"" lo'lhtr P»*r*vd f»r Dtvid*nrf« to Policyo«r> Set xn'rfd for p*>mcnl in I94S 10 ihose policvhulJc lo receive them. ' P»1tey CI»Jmi Currently OittlUncMnic Cl*im* in r rocc» s of scdfcmcm, ^nit fMimjre.f"tl **** occuncd bin b» e oo, jet Kcrv .cjvmc Company, .«.'.« U.'l.42 .H.t'S.V.'fiO.Sfl Includins picmiumi received in advance, eic. All Odwr OMiKtion, 7OIAI. OXI.tG.ltlOK Thus, All I,u1 Firtt . f."™' OlKcr Fropcny Loant »n Folici«i M.t,[c ,11 p,>li c> l 1 ,,lj c •»«•! Elt.l. tAn«r finiMinu j'rojcx-n am! Mhcr ,<-,»! CM,IP acquirer r,ir i.ncMincnt rtclne,1ne\* (of whiuh sl''7'J 16 i* nrvlrr cnnluci ,>f v^lr) . S4^uv7* C»^h Mnd Rank Drpositi Accrued lnt>c«il. Rcnt>. fit °" lout. .^A.sf.7,s n> \n.f:r t>fiit<;tint.\<; . . •)M.f.hf.7:i n ?-l^.'iv!.7XVRI M^.7s:.M,,,75 lius, Assets exceed Obligations hy . S499 557.15fi Jl J •,%.• r j This safely fund is'm ai tc up of- ' • • •- I Ih.s fund, rcprevcnling abmil (, ,x;r cent of UK Special Surplus Funds ... S 7^81 00000 )' * ' ' r • C ' 1 "°'"' wr> " '" a ctlshlon ; 'S ; "' ns ' P«^'Wc im- Ur,a«i R ncd Funds tSurnhrt . . Mn'Ww M i r a vorablc exper,cn« ,md gives C M M a^muKc ,hal "OTl — A,, tl , ^^ed ,, Wi;.ia.2M.)7i vnnotr public oflm>l. ,,'ndcr rnnmmr all folicy benefits v\,ll he panl in full as (hey Kill due. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (A MUTV.II. COHf.4\r\ 1 MADUON AVENUE, NEW YOUK 10, N. V« IIFE 1N5UHANCE CO. I Mxtiton Avtnu,, Ntw York 10, N. Y. Gentlemen: I p k r S \'7/' n " " C ° ny " r J01 " Amiml Rc P"" '" PolicyhoKlers cni.tlc,!, "I'agc, From An Optn Bnot.- ' NAME STK I IT STATE I I . -J Expert Craftsmen Build Good Houses, But It Takes Church Influence Within the Walls to Make it a Home TUB BMTHKV1M.K MINISTICK1AI, Al.UANCE In co-operation Ihc COURIKR NKWS is .seeking closer lies heln'Mn (he HOMK «IM| th»' CHURCH through (lie medium of church news. Jll.rtliovillo established a patter,, for new emphasis In m-Dscntinjr church news and it has Mid-acted nttcntion in many states. Seeking to improva that patteni, it is with pleasure the ministers of the city and the edjtorial f(«ff of the Courier News announce the dates for * new class in-Church.. News Writing. Plan now to attend the one-hour sessions at 7:;!0 p. m. on Tuestlsy, April 20. and Kridny, April 2:), lo be conducted in the First Methodist Church. -Alcmhers of all denominations are welcome. There is no rojfisti-ation fee. There is an tipporlunit.y for service. Attendance is urRW | l, y offiaals of rhurch hoards, by workers in the Sun- rla.v Sfhool, in the women's or K ani 7 .ati,,ns, and leaders in youth activities. 1'. T. A. leaders, teachers in the public schools and in various civic and social .service groups are invited In attend. Make use today of the convenient registration form below: .Bl.vlheville Ministerial Alliance, Ifc>x ;iSO, lilythevillc, Ark. Dear Sirs: I'lonsc enler my name as a memhcr of (he class in Church News Writing to he conducted in the First Methodist Church, Seventh anrf Alain Streets, Hl.vlhcville, „„ April 20 and 23.. I would like to receive the free copies of (he pamphlets which will he used as textbooks for the Name . . Address

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