The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1944
Page 6
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'• £AGE SIX -rr-i Belkas, fiedigo* if *, •"• *^« '•. — ; Plenty Left Szabo, Wisbar i ' * Tllti. PROGRAM Main Kvenl— 'fug Malfh «. 1 Sergl'. Chris Belkas (100) ; and Cecil <Bl.K>ksinilh) I'edlso (180) versus • Gus Wisbar (101) and Joe Szabb (210) 90-Mluufe Time Limit, 2 falls of 3 Preliminaries Belkas. vs. Szabo recllEO vs. liclkas • 39-niiiiutc lime limit, single fall Speed, science and action, wllh a liberal diish of mat feud, nrc expected to IK much In evidence tonight at Ihe American Legion arena, North Second street, as Promoter Mike Meronoy presents his weekly wrestling show. The matchmaker has assembled four of his fastest, Ixsl performers In ah 'nil-star .card featuring a tag match and a pair of single fall preliminaries. ' The pairings call for Sergl. Chris Belkas. wrestling Instructor at Ihc Blyllicvillc Army Air Field, holder of numerous weight lifting titles nnd former lightweight champion of the world, learning with another world's Ulle holder, Cecil (Blacksmith) Pedigo, one-time Junior Middleweight kingpin, against Gus WIs- tMr, the blond wizard, and Joe Szngo, first class ring villain, In Ihc feature at traction. For the preliminaries Betas will renew his feud with Sicabo, and Pedigo tansies willi Wisbar, In what may steal lhc show from" an excitement and tlirlll standpoint. Get Another Chance It .will te the second appearance of WIstar and.Sznbo us n lag team. Last week they dropped a three- full mutch lo Roy Welch and Bel- kns, one which is acclaimed by the large crowd as one of Ihe most brutal and roughest of the year. The quartet didn't spdre anything tyid kept battling even afler the Jails were completed. Everything wenl, Including generous usage of the towels, usually kept for drying purposes only. But llic competition became so keen, and action so wild thnt Hie boys brought them inlo l>lay. To avoid : rcpclilions, lhc Watchmaker announces lhat Ihe lowels must bo removed from the ring. II was during one of these wild scrambles that Belkns and Sv.abo opened their feud that may develop Into something gigantic. It was (Ms flareup that prompted the promoter to rematch them for Ihls show In an effort lo yet H over with. Szabo had been unusually rough all evening, using tactics synonymous with meanie types. Belkas look us much as he could stand then started a bit of biffing of his own. His first rjlow all but knocked out Bnho. After the fall was declared the Hungarian renewed..hostilities. Driven out of the ring, Joe' continued lo attack, Belkas, though lie came out second best with the strong soldier. They will have the opitortunlty to seltle Ihe Issue tonight. , Scientific Classic The mutch between Wisbar nnd Pqdlgo is expected to be a scientific classic,' nnd. n'. treat to 'hose who prefer Ihe clever stuff lo .the bill and torn, rock and sock type of giapplmg; These two clever spced- slers know what the score Is whcr it comes lo the finer points of wrestling and should jiut on a show that long will be remembered. , Both have appeared before local fandom over a period of years. Tliey are very popular, colorful and tal- eijted. There appears to be little Choice between them. Wisbar has nn edge m youth; Pedigo in skill and experience. Wisbav may call on his newly discovered talent — the head bump— agaiftst Pedigo who doesn't care so much for that method ol attack. Eici since Gus tangled with Hard Head Parrelli he has occasionally used his head lo a decided advantage Last week he threw quite a scare Into Welch and Belkas when lie started bumping Mends. To avoid the headache maker, Roy and Chris resorted to the iieadtock as a defense Pedigo had an unpleasant experience with Parrelli and didn't fare so well against the claimant to (lie "world's hardest head." After losing the match to the Texas star, Pedigo exclaimed he didn't "want any more of it." Tlie starting time is 8:30. mood. A couple ol Reasons ' back the folks (iroiind Little Rock were amazed at Hie batting power of an American Legion sand lotler — Pal "ccrcy. Well, Pal l s still n baiting power —as any American League pllchei will verify, The husky Little Hock ioy is now smacking the ball al! over the American League parks. As of May 11, lhc Cleveland In- Han's mighty center fielder \viu baiting; .329—which Isn't bad in LITTLE ROCK, May 23 IUP) - anybody's league. In fact, only about On the Sidelines BV JOHN II. KKLFOKf) United Tress Correspondent T. A. McAmls,- executive secretary • — T ..- — .-•- »-...... ...j i*!t,[iu UU1U! /l[|]l:i iulUL IjUUyUC Flat" of the State Pish and Game Com- tors were doing belter than Pal mission, joined with representatives As'of May 11, Pat liad slarlcd In '"" '"" """>" "'"""• '" -'-"""" ill ? f Cleveland's IB games. At tint 10 times, lie netted 2 hits and drove n H runs. He scored eight limes. An example of Pat's nbilily can >e seen In his activity during the "lilcago White Sox-Indfan scries from nine other stales in adopting n resolution calling for a congressional investigation of the shotgun shell situation In the nation. McAmls, along wllh delcgales from the nine other states making "utii tin. iKiii; ULIICI aLtuua IIIUMIIS ~"n.«ev tt'iitt.- ow.\- umiuil SL-IIfb ,. n ., 0 .,fu C I PA I,,I,I ,„;,, n r i;, n ,,„„,. up Ihe Southcnslcrn Association of of May 10-12, During the 'scries, A,!H , „ r? B i l i ? nm' Game and Ffeh Administralors, Pat collected nine 1,11s. inclurtlng A "? Wl s 'V .''f ckwl hls m>> ^_j.u.. , .,_ : A . , ._ ,__i.. j..^ „ „„!.. ' f , .. _..,,,. . ,. b vlclorv in the nijhlcan. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Atlanta at Memphis, night Chattanooga at Little Rock. Nashville at New Orleans. (Only games scheduled.) AMERICAN LEAGUE Open date. NATIONAL LEAGUE Open date. really got down to brass lacks during lhc groups meeting af Cross- vllle, Tcnn. The game and flsli administrators pointed out that the present system of manufacture and allocation of shells' lo ' thj> various slalcs has seriously handicapped operation of conservation departments which depend solely on revenue derived from sale of hunting, fishing and other llconscs. ••, .1 '-• The group' honored i; McAmls >by electing him president of the organization—probably due 'to tils continuous fight for more shotgun shells. He is constantly on" the cbal- liills of officials who can do something to alleviate the shell shortage. In fact, every lime H sportsman organization galhers,'McAmts Is usually on hand lo pass out questionnaires In nn effort lo hit upon a workable plan lo end the acute shell shortage. Incidentally, this'writer thinks the Stale Gnmc and Fish Commission—faced wllh diminishing funds is a result of (ho shortage of shells —did a fine thing when It decided to allow service men stalloncd In Arkansas to hunt nnd fish with, a resident license. We may be wrong about, the whole Ihing. But, Arkansas not only has a golden opportunity to pick up a few extra dollars In Ihe deal but It also will give lli c boys from all over the United States an Idea ol just what type of game this slate has to offer. We believe that these EMne boys will return to Arkansas when the war Is over to continue their hunting and Ilshing. Bass season opened with a bang last week—and all along Arkansas waters sat. hopeful rod swingers, despite fishing prospects that weren't any too bright. , , Probably th c most popular fish mg spot of the season is ' Bear Creek. And running a close second is Horseshoe Lake, which is prob ably a better prospect for bass fishing than [or crapplc. Prospects in East Arkansas are not so good. Of course, there are a few lakes In tliat region good for bass fishing, but few of them are large enough to take care of fish ermcn wllh slx-|xmnders on thc brain. Best spot In that area for crapple fishermen is Pickwick Lake. However, reports indicate that there ar £ plenty of fish in Moon and Sard!; Lakes-if Ihe fickle fish are In the a pair of homers and three doubles n a doxen hips lo the plate. Sccrey's circuit clont provided ;ame of May 10—liius enabling iiis ram inntc, pitcher Mel Harder, lo rack np hts 200th major leainie win. 'Tlie next clay Pat connected wllli anolher homer with one on to tie i|) the game in Ihe sixth. In the seventh h c smashed a single—ngain vlnnlng the' game for the Indians. Jonesboro's Saddle and Spur Club las nut down July lalivc dale fi There Is still show will be WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, May 22, 8:15 p m ' 3-0- . __, «U*UI, A1 ,^ v *, , Sale at the J^gion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m . on, TAG MATCH BELKAS & PEDIGO WISBA'R!. SZABO 2 30-mln. preliminaries SGT. CHRIS BELKAS JOESZABO BLACKSMITH PEDIGO . , ight other American League fiat- MLYTJlEVlLLFj (ARK.) .pOUKlfiK NKWS Ww Box fr Yanks Add Two And Wrestlers . , tn Start Training Against BrOWHS Wrestlers imd boxers of the Bly- thevlllc Army Air Field will go Inlo heavy training Tuesday, when the entire Rccrcatlomil Hall, with all of Us allilcllc facilities, will be turned over lo the gniprjlcre and sluggers. Wrestling classes will Ijo held there each morning from 8 unit] ji o'clock under lhc supervision of Staff Sergt. Chris'IJelkas, physical Instructor nnrt former Junior world's heavyweight wrestling champion. The non-com will try to divide his classes up so that only n small number will foe In training at one time, thus assuring him more opportunity for work with each Individual. In lhc afternoons, Slalf Sergt. Jesse L, Clements, post boxing instructor ;ni(I n well-known Arkansas amateur, will lake over. All BAAF men Interested in learning tiie art of self defense will report lo him and will receive Individual liislruclion in boxltie?, punching Ihe heavy and light bags, etc. Ciiitsthcnlc.s credits will be given lo nil men reporting regularly for each sport and, a little lalcr, wrestling and boxing (cams will be formed from tlie various classes and athletic exhibitions will be scheduled. Still later, matches and bouts with teams from other fields In this vicinity will te arranged. Bolli liic wrestling nnd boxing programs'will IK sponsored by the BAAF Athletic Department. Atlanta's Deal Leading Hitter In the Southern Hy Press The Atlanta Crackers' ccntcrfickl- cr, Lindsay Deal, rose lo the top in another set of Southern, Association slalistics ycslcrday. In two games at Memphis, which .the Crackers lost despite Deal's Iwsl efforts, he managed liis third liome run of .the year to tic lhc leaders In that department. The latest figures show Deal leading the hitters with a .•120 average, and selling the pace in runs batted In with 33. If lie's not drafted, and Deal is 30 years old, this looks like the veteran's test year on the diamond. The Memphis Chicks took the Crackers into camp 12 lo 9'nnd 8 lo 5. The opener was Frank Vcvcrka's seventh straight win of the year. victory in the nightcap. Knoxvillc went into a third place tie with Nashville by trimming-Bir' ..... sccreys c rcu t clont urovidca . ", , , ,, • " he deciding run in the opening 1 !T E rT n ' "T^,, l " amc of Mnv lo_lii,« nnnWiL i,i«l j - 2 - B1 » Thomas and Ellis w credited wllh the wins. and were . Nashville split with New Orleans when tlio last intiliig of their second game saw seven Vol runners cross the plate. The final scores ^ to 2 for the Pelicans, and 8 to 5 for the Vols. And Little league Itad by dividing n double is doing all .he 1D43 'National AAU javelin toss, s stationed nt the Blythcvllle Army Air Field. Biles' heave of 202 feet, h/eoro BAAF Team Wins five and five-eighths Inches won /•» u/ I i o-J e. -3 tiie 1943 contest. . . Little Rock Over Walnut Ridge, 6-3 ,s looking for somebody lo 'fill lhc lost of city recreallpn dlrcclor. It's " newly created post. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis 12-8, Atlanta 0-5. Knoxvillc 4-3, Birmingham 1-2. Chattanooga 2-1, Little Rock 1-3. New Orleans 1-5, Nashville 2-8. AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston 4-9, Chicago 3-2. Detroit 2-1, Washington 1-1. Cleveland 5-2, Philadelphia 4-3. New York 4-8, SI. Louis 3-1. NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati 5-6. Brooklyn 3-5. Pittsburgh 4-4, Philadelphia 3-9 (second game Incomplete). Chicago 15-14, Boston 1-5. St. Louis 10-5, New York 3-7. Tiie BAAP Negro Baseball Team defeated the Negro team from the Walnut Ritlge Army Air Field 6-3 in a game played nt the local diamond yesterday afternoon. It was :he.second game of the season for the locals, who lost to Walnut Ridge b v an 11-10 sco'r c in a 10- innins game played there recently. Alter yesterday's game, the alh- !clcs from both teams adjourned to the Section P Area, where a picnic wa s held. St. Joseph M S P> I R I fl WORIO'S URGES! StttER AI10! E. M. McCALL BLVTIliiVILLE, Ark. twits we«kly wlrti PEO U CENTRA DAN SEYMOUR and the GULFSPRAY ORCHESTRA MONDAY, MAY 22, ID/].! New Yorkers Increase Lead In American By: 4-3 and 8,1 Wins By Dulled Press The New York Yankees have ilrenglhened their hold r»i first place In the American League. They took on the second place St. Louis Drowns in a doubleheadcr at New York yesterday and knocked the Drowns down ;\ mile farther In each giime. The Yanks look lhc flrsl game 4 to 3 in an extra-Inning struggle by scoring two rims in the Insl half of tlie 12th. The Browns had .scored one in the top of lhat frame. Then the Yanks came back 10 win lhc nightcap, 8 lo 1. The Cleveland Iinllms .split a cloublehcader with Ihe Philadelphia Athletics nt Philrulelphla. The Indians look lhc firsl game 5 to 4 when Ixm Boudrcau homered in lhc 11 Hi. The A's came back to win the second game 3 to 2. The fioslon Itcd Sox entertained the Chicago While Sox and licked the White Sox in both ends of a doublclicntler. Boston took the first 4ame 4 to 3 nnd Ihe second D lo 2. The double defeat tumbled the While Sox from fiflh ylace lo the cellar. Tlie Detroit Tigers climaxed n successful eastern trip by Uikiny both ends of a doubleheadcr from the Wellington Senators at Washington. Hal Newhouser and Dizzy Trout hung up victories as the Tigers took the first game 2 lo 1 and the second T to 1. In the National League Ihe Chicago Cubs amazed everybody, and especially the Boston IJraves, l>y walloping the Braves in a. twin Mil at Chicago. The Cubs rolled np a IS lo I score in the first, game, and won the second 14 to 5. •The St. Louis Cardinals entertained the New York Giants and played them to a stamtoll for the afternoon. The Cards breezed through the first half of Ihe doubleheader to win 10 to 3, while the Giants cnme back to win the second game 1 to 5. The Cincinnati Reds beat the Dodgers in a double bill at Cincinnati. The Reds took the first game 5 to 3, and went 10 innings to take the second 6 to 5. The PilUbnrgli Pirates took the first game of a doubleheadcr from the Philadelphia Phillies 4 to 3. Tlie Phillies led 9 to 4 when the second game iv'ns/called because of (he Sunday curfew law. The game will be finished at a later date. Glamour Girl .. Bas-eball Standings > . SOUTHERN LEAGUE Liillc Uock is'' B' 052 Memphis 15 10 .000 Birmingham 14 10 583 , Nashville ., 12 lo 645 Kmwyllle 12 10 .545 Atlanta 10 13 ..435 I New Orleans 7 15 .313 Chiittanooga 7 jg .304 AMEK1CAN LEAGUE „ , W. L. Pet. »' Yol 'k 17 18 .884 Louts 17 15 5» Washington '*.'.'.'.'. K U '.517" Detroit 15 1C 484 Philadelphia . '.'/.'. 14 15 "433 iOSlOll . ... I,* IG 4fi^ ;' e . vclnnti •'•'••• M IV .452 " l{ra >80 13 n .433 NATIONAL LEAGUE ., , , W. L. Pet. ;'•. -° uls 21 9 .700 'Jltsburgh 15 10 Uncinnati n iz :'hiladclj>hia . "' ' 13 13 New York ;...' 13 16 Boston j,] i 8 ^ $ «* Uw^. * ^* "*/ . .f.^^. j- n *-, <VWX _'V^ ( - , '' ' " # '''•* *''"•'?<«*'*',' — <''i Twilight Tear has won sit straight /or Calumet Farm thoY^t* t'.™' • KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)- .Mrs. E. M smiles recently senl her son, &gt. Robert cniycraft, in England « parcel post package which contained - of all thlngs-CBBS. Mrs. where I sit... fy J oe Marsh Skates mailed a dozen hard-boiled eggs dipped in par;iffiji. Th« package arrived overseas safely with o'Hy a few of (lie eggs cracked &Bt. Cnvycraft wrote. A Stranger gets a lesson Stranger spoke to mo on a train lhc other day. "You're JOB Marsh, aren't you? Fellow that to put my answer in lUe paper for folks to sco.' "Mister," I told him, "I don't writes W U,e p^'When I care a U^eVf Kh If ^ allowed as how 1 was, ho said, never take a sip of beer! * 1 though^ I recognized you "I am interested in yoi Irom your picture!" as nn Am™™,, *„ »>„,„ as an American, to have one it you want one." And there's a powerful lot of difference. ^ b ^ u LUC mi.™ fuuru irym 10 _From where I sil, Voltaire put sell beer, and that makes me ""s finger On it. He said: "I dis- from your picture! "Well," hecontimuxl, "I read your pieces. But once in a while I get the idea you're tryin' to innd as a hornet." He pointed n ''g re ° with everything you say. skinny finger in my face. "Are . *• ^'" defend to the death your you or aren't you?" right to say it!" you or aren't you?' 'IStranger," I said, "I'm glad you asked me thai, and I'm glad to answer you. Pact is, I'm gbin' ©1944. WtWW INDUSTRY FOUNDATION • ARKANSAS COMMITTEE J-HUCH WHH8TON, State Director. 402 PYRAMID BIDS., lITrLE ROCK Motorists wno belong to ridc- sharini; groups should consider the added weight their tires are now supporting, and add about two or three extra pounds of atr to offset Try our "Own Marie" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Arrow frem Hljh Sch»ol B I DOLE EXTERMINATORS Contract Service in I'csl Control. Krcu Estimates. 115 S. Third Phone 2751 Plenty of WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 2311 CLOCKS REPAIRED Electric or Stem Wind. Work Guaranteed. A> B. FORD At Put O'Brj»nt'« Jewe4rj BOWL for fun and health! RILL'S and GEORGE'S ROWT.TNG ALLEY 120 N. Second Let your CHEVROLET DEALER perform these vital GAS-SAVING, GAS-STRETCHING services on your car engine—roc/ay/ Get his help and get MORE MILES out of your precious gas ration! BUY MORE BONDS SPEED THE VICTORY NEW CHEVROLET TRUCKS FOR ESSENTIAL USERS Chevrolet is producing n limited number of now trucks for essential civilian users. Sco your Chevrolet dealer (or complete information. CHEVROLET>SE8V1CE AUTHORitio"SARTSI.. : t "MOM PEOPLE GO TO' CKeVROftT/ Of Al.EjfJ f$M%« Ml???OtA>iV ' , OTHER DIAlfR ORGANteATIPM;!.?' > ' . = Walnut "FIRST IN Loy Eich Gheyrolet Co. Blytheville, Ark Brooklyn Chicago . 12 17 a 18 .GOO .580 .500 .448 .43B .414 .308 Head Courier News Want Ada. YOUR loolts better groomed with U A ID Mor °l'"olrairTonIo.Keeps I1AIK nnriily hair In'place. Gives lustre. Big bottle, only 25c. Sold everywhere. CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st SI. Sat. slarls 12:45; Sun. starts 1:15 Night shows 5:45 s . Evccpt Monday, opens 6:45 : C'oulinuous sliows Silt, and Sun.. Last Time Today • LOUISIANA PURCHASE (In Technicolor) > with' Hob Hope & Vera Xorms Universal News Cumcily < flL Tuesday RUDDY NITE 2 Tickcls For llic Price of 1 "NEW YORK TOWN" with Fred MaeMurray &. Mary Martin Comedy NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday '& Sunday at l Last Time Today "GIRL CRAZY'' with Mickey Itooncy Fox News & Short Tuesday —AMERICAN "LEGION NIGHT— ' AH Proceeds, Less Actual Cost of Picture and Tax Go To Herman Davis Post American Legion For Completion of Hut. "UNDER TWO FLAGS" IVillt Han a Id Colmaii, C'laudetle • Colbert ALSO SERIAL THEATRE LUXORA 'PRIDE" Of THE COMMUNITY* Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Monday Night ONE SHOW ONLY Tarzan's DesertMystery'n . with I- Johnny Wcismullcr & Nancy Kclly;| Taramount News Comedy Phon« 678 Tuesday PAL NITE 'Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man 1 «ilh ' Iloiia Masscy & Patrick Knowlcs Sclcclcd Shorls

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