The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1932
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>*<•>• rfj hit the I; United /Ves.s !i li BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OV NORTHKA 3T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUKI VOL. x:xix— NO. 212 Blylhevllle Dally News. niuhevillt- Courier. ... .„„. Mississippi Valley Leader, nlythevlllii Hi-rald. ".''_! MQiC 'i'i-i. l ui\ \ v NbAb, 1UKSDAN, SINGLE COPIES FIV.E. GENTS SEES Ell GF1 i LUES 0 job fi Nearly Done. S;iysj Asiiburn, and Private J Operations Cun Carry Onj Hoys Charged With Chicago Murders ST. LOUIS. Ininr.d Waterways 22. <U!')— Th? ; corpora-Jon is ] I \ HO: Desiring the tnd of gavi-i'nmeii "3- I ;en. T. Q. A::- ! :,('.ration, Maj. Gei burn, president, of th; corporal!:: 1 -. '. told the annual ccnv?mi:n uf the | Mississippi Valley association today. • "The Inland Waterways torpor,".* ] lion is rapidly approaching, tin:: time when its mission, pioneering | and demonstrative," js accomplish- j cd. and it can pull out ol busivi:"-.*. COUNT! mar 115111R. F, C. ;, in Brief, Is Problem Whk'h Uoosevell ami Hoover 2 r aee Today liert Amo:d. 1G, left, at leaving Its equipment in privaU-1 c{ hjs 00 . yeal .. oW s tep-grmidmother, who*?, body hands with the assuranc3 that v.-:i- lerway transportation shall never n^nin be strangled to death," Ash- buni said. feared kidnaped by the murderer was founci in a cistern near her home ill a Chicago suburb, now faces a charge Pin" Is to S'-t: •-' Money Largely for Work on County Highways. On th. 1 * basis of unofllcial advk'es that Mississippi county has iKen ollntt-i:! SIS.OOO of neconstrucllon Finance coriwralion money for unemployment relief work. County Jiidgo 7a\ n. Harrison and Ite coimty unemployment committee, consisting of C. A. Cunningham and Mrs. Harmon Scford of lilylhovlft j-and G. IS. Segraves of Osccola, are t already making preliminary plans s I for administration of the fund. Information I h a t Mississippi county was to receive $15.000 was boating her lo death. Jnmc:; Varecha. 17. right, hus been charged Ihf: minder ol While granting that, as a gen;ral' Frank Jordan in a Chicago holdup. He is said to have admitted inle there arc objections to "government in business." Ashbnrn claimed the waterways corporation _ as an exception that prove. 1 ; tile i rule. "Tiie fact that it is so near to accomplishing its object is the reason that it is being ,so violently attacked in the hope that the one agant the people have to rehabilitate wali-r transportation on our interior streams may be strangled fcofcre it can succeed in carrying into effect the mandate of coa- Sicss," Asiiburn said. He reviewed the criticisms of foes of the Inland Waterways corpora- lion and denied il was deceiving a "dole" cit th? expense of private enterprises. He declared the corporation was one of the soundest busi- otl:cr shootings and ihe attacking ol two young women. • ress enterprises States. in United I \ The charge has been mafie, Ash• •'<. burn said, that the coriraration Is costing the taxpayers millions of Boys, 16 and 17, Charged With Atrocious Crimes by Chicago Police. CHICAGO, Nov. 22. (UP)—Apsor youth and a rich one faced separate charges today of having committed murders which police and psychologists agreed were among tha mo3t atrocious in Ihe city's recent history. T$Je poor boy, James Veiacfta. 17, who twice has escaped from an asylum, pleaded not guilty late yes- Wright May Bring Lion Hunt Here contained In ail announcement at Little Rock by W. A. Rooksberry cliairman of tiie slate relief-commission. Other northeast Arkansas counties to receive R. F. C. funds lire: Clay. $15,000; Critlemien, $25,000; Lawrence. $10.000; Lee, $10,000 To as large an extent as possible the money will be used to give unemployed men work on road projects, Jutige Harrison said. Some (part of it will be used for direct relief to destitute families, liable because of sickness or other reasons to participate In the work program. •i'S DEBTS TO US ATA THEIR, DEBT TO U.a TREAT f TOTAL OWfID 5 ' ]> '° 5 ' 96 ' 3 ' °°° BRITAIN [HE|g^|(Sl.911.798,29QPAlOJ f TOTAL OWED 96,647 674.0OO lEEKS486.015.G91 PAID) [TOTAL OWED S2.407.617.QOO. ITALY 'I •E22Z2Z2BBEHI [•(597,584,422 PAID) (TOTAL OWED «727780,000 BELGIUM \tmim 11(552,191,273 PAID) (TOTAL OWED 3435,560.000. POLAND BESS II (522.646,298 PAID) Mississippi counly oIHccrs will not Intcrleic if Denver M. Wright. SI. Louis sportsman, decides to stage Ills next "lion hunt." In The chnrl shown here with Blvcs tlic background of the war debt puzzle that- President Hoover nncl Pre,->k!cut-e)ect HcoFcvelt arc trying <° solvc ' " Ul = ™ s " lll ° r "'? Mllon of European notions In asking suspension of debt payments due to the United States on Dec. 15, with n view to revision. The big money ban at the left Ipal mill Interest over tliu period [ CO years. In this sense there has won no "cancellation" of any part of the debt, nut In tlic debt, Bctllc- Tho first step will be a general sllm " lllc io1 ^ ™°»nL of the war registration of tlic unemployed of the county. This will be followed by Investigations to determine those actually in need of help. So far as possible those who meet the requirements under which the money debts owed the United States by the 13 principal debtor nntlons. due to be paid In CO years. It also shows the division between principal and Interest. The bars tills vicinity, Sheriff W. W. Shaver I must be expended will be given [ said today. dollars. He declared the corporation | to-day to charges of murdering had taken nnny junk and rc.lurm.-d j prank Jordon in a holdup. Police a total nil /rofit for the first ciglri U-aid that previously he confessed month.; of 1D32 of $297.537.75. only to killing Jordan but to ' t-UKL ' not shooting at least seven' other men and to attacking at least two girls. The other boy, Charles Arnold, 1C. stared at the floor when he appeared in court at 5:45 p.m. yes-', terday and heart-a grand jury'siE r ™" 1 ' rals for rccctnmcncation that he be held on Efforts of Wright to stage a hunt, .;ith two captive lions which na turned loose on an island in the Mississippi river off Mississippi coynty, Mo., recently were frustr ruled when a Missouri deputy rid 1 died Wright's "big game" with a sub-machine gun before the ambitious hunting party could begin Hie chase with their high powe rifles. work show the iiidivldua status of the five biggest debtors on tlic roads, while others, j - llow ">" cn tlle >' owe - now nnlcl unabb to work, will be given dl- of " lls ls represented by princUn and by interest and how mucl they have paid on their debt thu far. It will be noticed that ttie interest, rates differ widely, because .of varying concessions granted by rect assistance. The mcncy Is for the period ending December 31, and there is no assurance that any more will IM forthcoming after that date. The attitude of the Reconstruction Finance corporation, according to Mr. '• ir.'is Two Tilore Lions Wright has since declared his determination to stage the hunt and has secured, two more full purpose, according to Rnm Thomas, local man at localltle: d I te in a position to handle their own I unemployment problems after the firs', of- the year. ncnl, agreements with the various debts. COO.OOfl.QOO. Tlic condition was thai the nlllos would let Germany off, provided the United Slates would radically reduce or cancel the war White House Conference Today First of Kind in Nation's Hislory. •••'• WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. <UP» I.'ifil mlnulc preparations were ma:c by President Hoover for hh war d'bt conference this afieriicon with President-elect UqossvcU, wlin was speeding by Irain from New York lo arrive hero about 3:30 p. Meanwhile Poland was added to I llii; Ilsl «( Eiiropsan nations riiifc- IIIH requests fur postponement of dobl payments Dm-mb^r IB, A payment of VUM.tfflO Is diis from Pp- land next month. Vice projidcnt-tlect Garner left Washington at 1 p.m. to meet tho" nco53V(!ll train in Baltimore niid return to the capital with the president-elect. Prepare lo Pay At the same time United Pters dispatches from . abroad Indicnlzd that Great Britain and Franco ap- ' pcared to have deckled to pay thalr latlons several yoor.-, ago the orl:<-! 'His UnllpJ .State;.' position has I December 15 dabt Installments in mil interest rales were xrcaliy re- j been that the reparations due j tlic event the United States ds- luccd on tho grounds of "capacity i trom Germany and the war dobh I cllncs to grant the pending requests Uncle Sam. o pay" and for other reasons. On this bask, some statisticians figure we have "canceled" 23.9 per cent ol Europe's obligations. • • • The gist, of the present situatlen Is that Ihcsc nation's Intended to pay their debts to Uncle 8»m wlt'.i reparations payments they collected from Germany. Germany, according to tho YOUIIE; plan.- wa:i supposed lo pay the allies 120.377.000,000—principal and Interest—In Installments over Hi; iiexl'69 yctirs. Similarly, these iwllons wore to pay the UnlteJ Slates principal nnd Interest to a total of |22,HH,000.000. At Lnusnnne last June, Oreal owed this government arc 'unrelat- j for postponement. cd—tot. regardless of any reduc- Tli c December IS payment is lion In German reparations pay- $124.000,000,000 Including prlnclnil " ""-'- "~ "" ' "iKl Interest, for nil of the allied oebls. It is tho first payiaeiH diis on the JH.OOO.OOO.OOO.war c'-;bt since the Hoover moratorium. : President Hoover and President- elect Roosevelt will -hold their wnr debt conference thl-j afternoon In one of tho first floor parlors of the White'iHotue.' according to a final official : announcement by Secretary, fhcod.orp Joslin.' incuts, Uncle Sam still expects payment of the debts owed him. A very large part of the money that Uncle Sam has already collected from his war-time associate.-; hai come originally from America In th-2 form of post-war loans lo Germany. Fairly recent figures show that In a certain period the allies pilU Duels Sam»J,000.000,000 on their c^bls. In this same period. Uncle 3am l\»d lent Germany $2,500.000,000 ami Germany had paW 8-2000,000.000 in rcpjirivj.ns. io ttii alllov Thus In practice, this gov- crnmcnl had lout Germany all she bad paid lier.creclllor.i and a halt a charge of beating to deah his step-mother's mother, Saxe. CO. Mrs. Ellen Judge Cunnmgliam Offers Whipping Inslead of Fine; Is Accepted. Corporal punishment for youthful offenders rather than fines and costs which their parents are unable lo pay is n new policy advo cated bv Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham. The leather strap as a means of punishment "returned" to Ely- thevillc yesterday when three small boys and an 18 year old youth look "strappings" in preference 11 fines. The boys, ranging up from about 10 years, were whipped by thi-ir lather, a farmer. Ui the present. cf the court. The father agree lo apply the strap rather th" have the boys fined after their second appearance in court malicious mischief. He used a wide strap off a city fire tr'ick to apply Ihe v hipping in the rear of the city hall. The boys mclher did nol concur as heartily in the court's proposal as did Ihe father. Walker Meyers. 18 year old youtl from ncr>r Lcarhville. was al« nd:nli!isirri'd n "strapping" afU l:c accepted Ihe court's offer in ••tend of a fine for assault a" battery. He \vas "strapped" b Kyto Rcrc.r police desk rcrr;?; Judge Cunningham announce that the whippings would be al Iov v -d ns alternatives to fines cases which he regards not s murM as breaches of the law as o parental discipline. He pointe out that the average parents hax lillle or no money to pay fines fo their children. . A yard length of garden ho? was purchased by A. D. Gwyi Mice chief, this morning at tl court's request nnd silt into se' cr .il strips except a small portlo rp r a hendle. It will presumab °? «scd in the future should tl comt's proposal be accepted others. [[$ BEPffl: US IE! TO I cnator Davis Would I V I O* 1 " T" 1 1 I tJI11 - 1 ' " l t 1 "- 1 1-i.i.i.iu.i tii/ui labilSn Oinkmg rUIld to h e might stage the hunt. n . r» '' Harris was registered at a Heal Depressions. CINCINNATI. Nov. 22. (UP)— Hcape from present and future pt- ods of economic distress, accord: ig to Senator James J. Davis cf ennsylvania. former secretary ol \hcr, can be opened by prohibition epeal and a governmental "sinking ind" to finance public wor!:o. The senator today (K>unrted home iis double edged proposal before who is a friend of Wright. Thomas, said Wright had secured 30 day leases on at least four tracts in southeast Missouri where he might j attempt a second lion hunt, but ' intimated that the proposed hunt might be staged somewhere in Mississippi county, Arkansas, or on Jan island in the Mississippi river | near here. I Thcmas said that M. V. Harris [of St. Louis was here last night las a representative of Wright and i thai Harris was negotiating for a tract- in this section upon which Mr, local hotel but left town this morning and whether his negotiations were successful could not be definitely learneti. 'For every dollar originally loan-1 Britain and other nations agreed ed Europe the Unltfd States Is due —on condition—to let Germany plf lo collect approximately $2 in prln- | (or $714.000.000 Instead of tho »26.- j billion more. . ANNUAL ARMS, DEBTS, COST COMPARED he American Federation of Lab3r onventkm here. Repeal, he said, ould give the government needed evrnue without placing "too great colinl - v Attack OD Land Bank Foreclosure Poli c i e s Heard in Osceola Courl Shaver I-'avora'ole ."sheriff Shaver, who Is prett\ much of a sportsman himself, said this morning lhat he had no objections to the proposed .lion hunt being held in this county, and In view of this favorable attitude il was believed Wright might be In- iPEAT BRITAIN ARMS M61.475.990 DEBT tlSQ,S20,000 | (§) FRANCE AKMS fS4l.8S4.t02 DEBT f50.000.000 ITALY AVHS f351,449,094 , DiBT t!4.106,l2S J*. BELGIUM ARMS -. ' t34.224.000 0£8T >7,950,000 POLAND 'AffMS (94,561,600 DEBf (7.485.855 a burden" upon the people. A sinking fund composed of 5 per cent of governmental receipts :f the last ten years, he declared. fluenced to attempt the hunt here. Wright, has hunted ducks in this in the past with itfr. Thcmas and is familiar with this section. A news dispalch from Poplar Bluff. Mo.. Saturday said that voiild have g'-ven us now atom two j Wright denied he was considering and a half billion dollars lor public vorks In which unemployed men :uld fir.d occupation. Garner Predicts Beer WASHINGTON, Nov. 22. (UP) — Speaker John N. Garner today predicted passage of a beer, for revenue measure by the house of rep- icscntatives in the coming short session of congress. The vice-president-elect added that passage of a beer bill, coupled with extensive economies In governmental expenditures, might pre- cluda the necessity fcr a revision upward cf taxation. another lion hunt, but it was bc- ievcd he made lhc denial in view of tlic unfavorable attitude ol Missouri oflicers and others to the sUmt. Wright was in thi section hunting quail last week, OSCEOLA, Ark. — A motion to vacate a commissioner's sale held in pursuance to a decree entered in the case of the St. Louis Joint Stock Land Bank vs. Clinton L. Calrtivcll. et al, was overruled today by Chancellor Williams of Batesville. who held an adjourned day of chancery court here In the absence ol Chancellor J. M. Fut- rcll. Argument in behalf of the motion was made by Mr. Caldwell, who based hi s plea for the set- tin? aside of the sale chiefly on the plea that the land bank "acl- ivcly. ruthlessly, oppressively and fraudulently aided and contributed to the destruction" of the niar- et for farm land in the Osceola istrlct of Mississippi county. Chancellor Williams, In ovcr- uling the motion, said that the ourt had no authority In the mal- er, and that relief, If any. must 3e sought from th? legislature. Mr. Caldwcll contended that law under which the land bank oner- ted was adequate, but that the bank • had abused the authority qiven it by low. He announced his nlenlion of carrying the case to This chart shows—by comparative scale—how the five principal European debtor nations arc spending for military purposes each year an amount much greater than their scheduled debt payments to the United States—a fact cited by advocates of reduced armaments. The figures on armament costs arc as of 1931 (with tho exception of Belgium, which Is for 1930) and the debt figures represent the payments duo in the fiscal year 1932. These payments were postponcc) by the Hoover one-year moratorium, now expired. Combined, European debtor nations were scheduled to pay the United States about $247,000,000 In 1932 toward the retirement of their debts. Their combined expenditure.: for armaments represent about a year, or nine times that much. Previously Joslin had said he cxpcctcd^tne conference lo be held In t!vij,(Jncoln study, ;pv. t tlv? see- . ond floor. ' ' ' Which Room Is One! 'irin : . Mr. Hoover was still 'uncertain. II was said, whether to rer.'lve Mr. Roosevelt In the blue, red, or groan room, Bach of these rooms Is used for -receiving distinguished visitors on purely formal and social calls. Tb:. blue room 1s used when receiving distinguished foreign vis^ Itors. It Is also the room where the Incoming nrr-.sldent Is received by. the outgoing executive on inauguration day. Manv last .mlnulo arrangements continued uncertain a' few hours before the conference. White House officials said .It v. p ns expected some one would be rant to the railroad station to neet the Roosevelt train., probably Captain Walter Vcmou, White House naval aide. ,_' President Hoover held hL-i. regular cabinet meeting today but saw no other callers. He reserved his remaining time for last minute preparations for his discussion with Governor Roosevelt. Ke«ps Plans Secret ST. LOUTS. Nov. 22 <UP>- -Den- Wil! Give Sermon On "The Marks Of Sin" The Rev. j. n. Fitzgerald of Koiser. whn k conducting an evangelistic meeting n t Ihe Baptist mission on Lilly street, will preach tonight on "The Mark.? of Sin." Ths rovvirr opens ni. 7 o'clock. Pilgrim Lutheran Church Holds Services Thursday The Pilgrim Lutheran church will observe Thanksgiving with st^i-'M services Thursday evening, 8 o'clock. The pastor, the Rev. H. J. Klein- dicnst. will speak on "Our Thanks end Our Vows to Qcd on Thanfo- piving Day." A special Invitation Is being extended all congregations of the city to worship in this service which will 1>? held at the SI. Stephen Episcopal I church. ver M. Wright. St. Louts leather goods manufacturer, said todav lie would hold America's second "home m"dn" lion hunt somewhere In southeast Missouri next week. Wright's first synthetic lion Inint- ns expedition ended Inauspicious y last month when a deputy sher ff shot his two lions on ft Mis sisslpni river island while Wrigh or.u his party were at lunch. He admitted he already had pur chased two five year old lions, bu refused to reveal where they ar being kept. His first expedition he stt'd, was spoiled by too muc publicity. Cotton Mills Operated at 97 Per Cent of Single Shift Capacity. Missouri Store Keener Critically Wo'unclecl Resisting Holdup. Tennessee \ Youth Takes Poison to Escape Return to Reform School. the supreme court. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 22. <UP>- otton closed steady. Open High lav Clnse 604 Oil 604 604 CIO 017 610 611 622 631 641 Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 631 641 658 617 027 037 648 662 610 fi2f) 641 654 658 WASHINGTON. Nov. 22 (UP)—j MEMPHIS. Nov. 22. (UP)-Crit- Thc cotton spinning industry dur-1 Ically wounded when he resisted a Ing October operated al 97 per i holdup man In his little store near cent of capacity on a single shift, Holcomb. Mo., last night. Jim-Ham- basls, the Census bureau reported i llton, 63. Is In n local hospital nt today. This figure compared with j the point of death. 94.6 per cent for September nnd According to reports a while innr. 84.9 per cent for October. 1931. \ enlered Hamilton's store about 7 The bureau reported that ac-: p.m. Monday and wilh a plslol de- cording to preliminary figures' rounded that Hamilton surrender 31.489.918 cotton spindles were in his money. Hamilton resisted ani nlacc In the United States on Oc-; the robber shot him four times In tober 31, of which 24,587.732 were the struggle, operated .at some time during the month, compared with 23,883,948 in September and 25,200,056 In October 1031. The average number of active splnd.'e hours per spindle In place was 224. The a?gregate number of active spindle hours reported for the month was 7,045.514.610. Stock Prices Spots closed at 615, unchanged, quiet. ' it- nrifins Cotton WEATHER Odd Divorce Suit Wr.n CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)—Mrs. Elmor Shakarian was granted n divorce hree when she complained that, while she was asleep, Ivor husband clipped off her h»ir. NEW ORLEANS, NOV. 22. <UP>Colton closed steady. Open High Low Close SCO 610 599 603 607 611 618 623 638 Jan. Mar. May. 607 618 628 639 653 617 627 637 646 G60 653 630 641 655 July Oct.. Spots closed at 608. unchanged, steady. ARKANSAS-Cloudy and unsettled tonight and Wednesday. Warmer tonight, colder In northwest portion Wednesday. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips Jr., the minimum temperature here yesterday was 27 degrees and the maximum 60 degrees, clear. Today year ago the minimum temperature was 45 degrees and the maximum 65 degrees, partly cloudy. A. T. and T ......... 1085-8 Anaconda Copper ...... 91-* Auburn ................ 45 Cutcrnlllar Tractor ...... B Chrysler ............... 1G 3-8 Cities Service .......... 31-4 Coca Cola ............. 78 3-8 General Electric ....... 1G 1-8 General Motors ........ 14 Montgomery Ward .... 14 New- York Central .... 23 3-4 Packard ........... '• — 3 Radio w ................. S 1-8 Simmons Beds .......... 71-8 Standard of N. J. .!.... 31 Texas Co .............. 15 5-8 U. S. Steel ............ 35 1-2 Wheat CHICAGO, Nov. 22. (UP)— Wheat closed: December, 43 3-4: July, 49 NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Nov. 22 CUP) —"I would rather die lhan go back to the reform school." screamed Carl Stokes, 19, last night as he stood off deputy sheriffs with a shotgun and gulped down n handful of pDl- son tablets. Today it nppc.trcd that he might get his desperate wish, for hospital attendants, after hasty efforts to clear the youth's stomach of poison said that he has little chance of recovery. Tlie youth escaped from the Tennessee Agricultural and Training School for Boys las'. March 7 and not until yesterday afternoon die" police learn where he was. He -,vnr found at home, hidden by his mother who steadfastly denied her bor'j presence. One of the deputies is Stokes climbing out a uconl stor;. window while the guarf.s talked with Mrs. Stokes, and ordered hiir to hilt. The boy jumped bic's Inside hi room, seized his shotgun, and daro, the police to "ocmi and get me. For half an hour they plcadec through a door with him. He pa! them no attention. Suddenly all was quiet. They burst into the roon and found a door to the attic open The gun lay on the floor. "It's no uss to take me now the boy gasped as they found him Romtvflt En Route NEW YOIiK. Nov. 22 (UP) '— Pres'.denl-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt preuarcd today to m.ict President Hoover In n personal ,ex r change of views on the International debt situation in which the New York governor has made it plain he will act only as an "ob- forver." Mr. Roosevelt left New York •1th his economic advisor, Prot. Inymond Molcy of Columbia uni- crMty. nt 10:45 a. m., and was o arrive In Washlii2ton at 3:30 m., In time to meet the presl- ent at the White House half an 'ir lator. The meeting between the exe- utlvc, who Is faced with an immediate solution of an interna- ional economic problem that will xtcnd Into his successor's administrative term, and the man who will succeed him. Is unprecedented :i American history. 5-8, under the caves. "I'm dying. I never go back to that place, thank God."' R. A. Himbaw, Aged ! Hayli Resident, Dies HAYTI. Mo.—Funeral services for R. A. Hlnshaw, who died last i Thursday at the home of Us broth-. ; er and sister, Jay : find Miss Ze!l ; HlmhRw. were held Friday otter- , neon with the Rev. E. G. Walter . r,fflcla'ln». Burial was at Woodlawn ; cemetery. ; Mr. Hlnsliaw, vrho was S3 years'H old. had been 111 for about nine •; months. i Horn In Fo:kinguam county, '•; North Carolina, Mr. Hlnshaw C8mcj;j to Union City, Tcnn., as a boy. He : i was married to Miss S. E. P«t» : : i of Union City, who dted in IKS,-. : They had one son. Or!on, v:r.o <iied : 'J in 1926. Following the death, of hh : . son Mr. Hinsl-aw came to.'Hyill" to live with his brother and iff- ' ter. He is also survived by moU^r/ 1 .. sister, Mrs. Frank Slglcr, ;V

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