The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1937
Page 2
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PAG13 T\VO 'BLYT1IJ3V1LLE (ARK.) COUlWitt NEWS x I tJ^-^iA/^ Social Calendar . FRIDAY'S EVENTS Stated .meeting of Border 1 of the Eastern; Star at th ehall at 1:30. Maple Grove Celiietcry Assocla-. tion ha\ing silvei dinner at Woman's club, 12 o'clock Maple Qrove' Cemetery Association , meeting with Mrs. 3. W Sliousc, 2 30 p m Mrs, John Poster and Mrs W M. Blajloek eiitcilnlnlng DOICSS Sunday school claw. nrst Baptist church, at social room of church, 2 30 t pm Club Entertained. Trie Wednesday Brirttjc club was enterl-uned by Mvs W A Ainick this week when Mrs, Ererett'u. cce A\ as ^a guesl Lunch sei\cd at innll Ubies In the Ihing- loom, with \lolcls as tlic centerpieces, and forsylhla, Jon- quill and spirea were «lso airans- cd In the room. IH tlie raid games which followed lunch Mis W J Wunder- Hch was high, and Mis farjis- wortlv Black, second high. 1 5 • * 1'. E 0. Fleets Officers, for Yearl Mrs chharles s l/cmons uas elected 'president of chapter ' D ' of the p B O Sisterhood In a luncheon meeting Wednesday afternoon, nt the home of Mrs. C. S. Stevens other officers nanicd weie Mrs. o w Afflict., vice-president. Mrs. w.'M. Williams,- recording scc- iclaiy, Mis A B rYihncid corresponding secrolarj, x Mrs R r Khshnci, chaplain, Mrs J A Leech gunid, Mis A Coimas reporter Mrs H H Houchui* Is the) retiring president- The 13 present: Included a new- member, Miss Pcggv McKccl Mrs Stevens Mw Walker H Bakci tmrt Mis W M Williams ucie hos- sisltint ambassador, Jack Hood; second assistant, carl Hood; chapter recorder, Kcnnclli Mair; chapter scrilpe, Harry Ray lirooks; chapter steward, Jack Delk; chapter ens todian. Raudnll Hit herald, Eugene Hancock; sergcnnl- tit-arms, Lavern GofT. The organisation seeks to train In missionary activities of-the church. Meetings arc conducted every Wednesday after school. Mi|- lou Graham Is Ihe chnpler counselor « « « IIT Local Girl and Husband lo Tour Kurojifi Mi and Mrs. • Berry B. Broks jr., ot Memphis, will sail from New York on March. 28 for a five — •- " - ""'"."in, wiju iL-.UI iium Main ZK nonlhs tour which will take them and prayers were offered by Mr*' lo 13 European countries.. With j WalU-r IHshop nnd Mrs H L them will (;o their cnr, .so thatj Chambers. Mrs Joe S DJIIaliimu' they will motor through the conducted Ihe business session countries ' -- -•• - 'Hie three- entertaining rooms Ihes have arran B cd their trip study, before Hie' social hour In i n«_- t fl irtoil fini<t n I it nn.,.,1,. .. i ...I.I..I. .._ , . . - " Into Poland, visit Warsaw, and session. A salad |)l»te""wn" S ''" s 'en" then go on through ; Germany lo ed. lliusscls They plan lo be In Hoi- Mrs. John Williams had circle land about Hie last ot April and " ' ' - ' then on to -Purls. They will then visit Vienna. Budapest and Alh- cns. From there they will .take a boat to Sicily. Later, "in ' Italy, they will visit Home, Venice, Naples mid oilier places. The Tyrolean country — Salsbing, Munich, etc.— lA the, business session which fol- wedy*Mrs Lemons nivd M\Kirshner were elected delegates to the stale c6nvention, meeting heie April 9 and II), with. Mrs Afflick and Mrs Con\\a\ as tUtei nates i * * • Officers' 'Elected. „ v Ihe A C Chapter, of the Hovnl Ambassadois ot, the -First Baptist church elected the following officer', in a meeting at the chinch \cs torday afternoon at 4.30 o'clock assistant counselors, Ah In Lane and Claude Stewprt," ambn<&adbi"lri- chlef, Gerald Bradslmw, first ,is- HELP 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES To Fluih out AcUi »d Otter Pononeui Waite Doclorsujjoutlilntiatoi.l inriMil«ol liii) ttitu or lilltn .l.ul. 1 cl., lu pniii) ibi blood >ntl l(^p joubt I'U Moil neoiilBu ebjuia pml, <f»j or .bout 3 i.ounil ol »1, c 1 rtqucnl or Jtaolj pwjiBo «,lh a „ ,i lnk • ncl burmnj sliowi lh«ra inij be BOuietlm L vro »illi jour ViJncjj or blulltr eieA inc Aa eieeA ol icidt or pouou in j our bloo,! > l f, | nej d,«rJtr ni , o icit "ben du, lo ?, in cil 00> 1)8 this btsmninf ol ,rtr ni t I sel»clie rhto incite |h> nei, lunlichu »n I du'inai "' 3 lV «]" } OIir ¥*' l j or ^ oin rulo from your 11«/ Hti i)Mn'i'°i'iS D ' ;; chapter i Iuwks; cha liter of the year, ir.omljcrs of circle 4 save their chairman, Mrs, S. E, Vail, a handkerchief shower, 'flic 19 present at the home of Mrs. J. M. Lowcry Monday night included (lie president, Mrs. Ball- cock. Mrs, Stuart 11. .Salmon gave the. Bible study. Refreshments were served. * • • Ilaiilist Women Meet Circles of the Woman's Missionary Union of the First Baptist chinch met Monday afternoon, at 1'ie church, In the nisi, group which met at the home of Mrs. H. II. Urouks. the 18 present Included three new members. The dcvollohal wns «lven by Mrs. S. T. Urnckln, who mid from Math. tec of the Maple Grove cemetery Association Is having n luncheon at the Woman's club Friday, 12 o'clock, wlie» a free will ottering will be Inken. Proceeds from the affair will be used lo care /or the cemetery during the months, Manila Entei'tains ! : MelliO(lisi Young People o!' County .MANILA. Ark.—T.IIO Mississippi County Methodist Young People's .Un.lon met In Ihe First Mclhoiliit bhurch in Manila Tuesday nlglit with the vice-president. Jaui2S Coats of Manila, In charge of the business session nnd leader of ths devotional. lRIRSDAV, Mrs. Frank Webb, Mrs. Durham and arc the committee ;e- of an <i,m mn ,. •' The iwacanl, "Young people's Minunci • -crusade—Fight for prohibition,'; ''-was presented hy Bob Killlan, Fred- Belle Tlirelkeld, Roy Ashab'ratincr, .. . • , . , , ilas ' S1 'I iilrick Limchton , Mrs, o. W. McCulchen ' JI1|Uon 01)t] ot |, eri . One fea . 'tijre of ihe program was tlic rendi- '«(in by Ihe high school trip, Misses ^fertha Ann whitelay. Ruby and. primes, and Veda McDonald, as • T*"••"•'*••• "*jw* ,\_ii iikiv.i, <itiu Y^Ud JVUJJUIJJIJU, US- Mrs. James Hill jr., were hostesses twisted by Miss Carolyn Haluy, ac- to members of , Ihe .Chartevolxhcb'mpanist. of a sacred sou» and an chapter of the : Daughters of tho -entertainment son* during the so- Amo.rlcnn Devolution.. for a Saint [c\M f-°ur. The entertainment, last- Pfltilck-luncheon .Tuesday at tliuUi" 30 minutes, was under the di- McCulclien home. .The 18 present rcctlon of Mrs. Bud Ashbramicr .. . -. -..~ .„ )JiviJi,iiv mclinled 11 new 'member,' Mrs, J. E. llasson. u be n highlight of the ' journey. Williams. The '13" Aftc, Msillng ti, c Rlv , m . they served a dessert course ~ ' . will head, for Swll/ertaiid back again to Paris. ..... -.,..., »iu,,iiii.-> unit tucie .1 when Mrs. Walter Hill conducted Ihe devotional, using John 2024 -29. Prayers were offered by Mrs. .E, P, niomeycr. Mrs. U W Mulllns and MIS. Williams. Mrs Ltoyd stlckmon presided In the tiishii'.ss .session, and the nilsslon v«s gh'cu by Mre. w. M i- ^-i. „ ' ,., .... the small tables. 'Hie Saint Patrick mo'tlf study w and Crossing the channefliicy i^n^n* ^'K'J^j loill" f\f Ti!nn1ni\rl Ti-,,i,,,,,t „.,,« )•,.. n i ..„ «,_. _. . "uo_.(,» Ireland an Scotland Sailing from Scolland, from Romans 2. w™ Johi'^ri^ Iliej-ulll visit Oslo. Non«u. manan, Mrs. StewaH an!!' ^ Thomiwon offered; prnyers..' M"rs' ! v ". J. Rogers presided In lhejbi|.sl- Iliej - uill visit Oslo, Norway, lo see Ihe- midnight sirti, and llicn on to Sweden. They will sail liomcunid from Copenhagen, While they arc away ihelr ....... ... dau°hlci, Virginia Walton, will served. ' , lie with -'her 'grandmother, Mrs. Allan .Walton, at her home here.' Prcsbytcrbn Circles aye Meetings Hfonday The final meetings of ih'o church vear :\vere held .by circles cf, IJic "SVofjinji's Au.xlllary In \\\& rn-si PresbylcrlniV chiirch Jvioii- dav In all of the groups programs Blven on '-Within Die Americas" iimPUic Bible studies were I'akcn from Genesis, the theme 'Cod's Covenant." " in clicle 1, Mrs. Ross D. Hughes i.ns hostess to the ten present. Mis Jimes B. Clnvk gave the progmin-and Mrs. Leslie Hooper the Bible study. Refreshments ere; served. Chclc 2 met with Mrs. K. D Carpenter when !2 were pi-esent Mrs H u, Allen gave the Bible lesson and Mrs. w. A. Dobyns, the piogram nefrcshments were served Members of circle 3 had i luncheon meeting at the home o Mis O W. billahuntjv.Thc 10 picscnt heard Mr.s. noss Stevens Blvc the devotional and Mi's Fret Sandcfur, the program. Mrs. o. H Babcock, president of the group was a guest. Because it wns the last meeting Then 0ive t you that Spring Spirit! Lovely New DRESSES Low necks, high necks, the very new short sleeves they have all the newest details and Spring colors. Look at them . . . try them on ... sec what exciting things they do for you with their ! youthful lines. Suits and Coats Voti need these now. We have every popular style this season, both tailored and dressy. Smart Casual Coats These short length coals arc all the rage. Beautiful numbers demanded by the complete Spring wardrobe. Clever New Hals Sailors. Off-thc-Facc nnd Rolled brim models to set. off that nc«- costume. Novelty Shoes . Accessories How " C * 1 V s a " d Pl '" cs ' _ -'_J_1 Hosiery thesel JOE l A: ACS, Inc. We (me aiirj-KccWm Englc SlKmiit, 4 -met at the home- of Mrs. W. .-B.. Thompson with- 11 • Ste'vvnn vho -ea - icss session before she led' the ' - e Usslon study.- A salad plale' ; w'as ' ' . ,- ,. . Mrs J.T. Phillips conduced, the devolonal In circle '5; which met at the church,' when 15 altendcd She used John lo for • her scrln- u'-e. Alw. umii Monaghan-gavc the inLwlon study, Mrs. Alfred Carjientei; and. Mrs. Leslie Moore ffered prayers. , Tt; c busing sc! j. : ton ma presided ' brci- by Mrs'K 1 D. ''.Visitors at this, meeting included the Rev. U. L. Wade of iilylhsvlUc ajid Miss Clarice Little of.Osceola. iThc' Lake -street Methodist church in Blytlicvlltc won tlis ef- illcleiicy banner. •J'lic preslflenl of the Union, Miss Inez Tr.ompson of BlythcvlHe, was 111 and could not attend the meet- ;lh'f. MiM Nora Pace of Os*ceoln • assisted Mr. Coals. Mnnbers of ;thj Methodist churches In Dill, Os- -ceola. Blythcvillc,. Manila, and Kei- :SCr were present. was dimctcry'n I'lans Luncheon curried out In the hand made place cards, the three course menu and the favors of cellophane bags of green candles lied with while ribbons holding .green pipes. in the business session, presided.' over by the regent. Mrs. James B. Clark, a report of the recent stnle convention wns • given by- Mvs. Clark, plans . were announced for u benefit party to be given later in the spring, a nominatine committee- of Mis. n. c. Rose Mrs W. T. Obersf and Mrs. A.M.R. Branson wns nnmcd, Mrs. Hill was • appointed chairman ot the book, mart-.,- Mrs. ? q.- ! ry-:,'' chairman'- 6f the"'antique •< Mrs. J. w. I'arker, Mrs. c. H' llall, Mis. M, O. Usrey, Mrs Branson and Mrs. McCulchcn, lij charge of Ihe old ,m.illt display'.;" -The-.correct use of .the ling'• was told by Mrs. Hlvam , Wylle, Mis. McCutchcn gave the list of approved motion pictures and Mrs. Oberst spoke on "What Our Daughters Do." ; -',-' • •' %>~~ : ' ~ : ^~^,. : ! Masons Meet Tonight The Chlckasawba loilgc, No. 134. F. and -A, M:. will meet tonight, 7:30 J^W^a^ Means commit-1 S^V'^uKun^t^J As Seen in Vogue Osceola Society — Personal == ===== -___ _ Has liirlliday I'arly TliR fouith birthday of litlle Patricia Cone was ' the' occasion for a lovely Easter party at her home yesterday afternoon. A large basket with rabbits and eggs formed the centerpiece for the „ (able. The Birthday cake with candles.held an Easter Illy, individual baskets with chickens mid eggs were given as favors. Those present were: Jim Dickey Wnght, David Laney, Harlan Stan; Jr., Dick Fletcher, jr.. Ben Dean Hatcher, Steve Ralph, jr., Evelyn Rlieubusli, Carolyn Rose Spiese, Andy Young, Billie Floyd nnd $ally TraviJi, Nancy and Jim- inic Driver, Janet King. George »• Deer, jr., Clinton Davis, lielly Nell Kobbins, Maiy Jean Packard, Mary .lean Crain, Jean Driver Kendrlck, Palsy Miller, Nancy Ann Wellborn, j. T. McEntire jr., of Pine Bluff, f •» " V ' ~ Intcrtiilns for Sister Mrs. Welby Young entertained, ivenly-iive ineiiibcrs of the cnngsr married set with a Wim-l )er «t her home Tuesday night complimenting her sister, Mrs. J. T. McEntire of Pine Bluff wrldge was played afterward. Mrs. Richard Creel of Mem- Phis is'visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. j. E. counts. Wendell Hank Is confined to his room at the home of Mr and Mrs. Williams with flu. i9 3 -/ ; 0 fptfaby's Cold I' *"j Proved hc^t by lw- oy? Rene-rations of mothers. Ever) tiling For Vour Entertain- inent and Comforl Last Time Today More Than 200 Attend Training School Session •j The Rev, Homer Reynolds, who is Cviiductl.ij the training school at .the First Baptist church spoke on •'.'Christ and the Multitude" to more jlliaii 200 Baptist Training Union (members ami visitors in tlie meet- ;ing last.nijjht which was the tlilrrt ;ssision.of ll:e week. :. Last 'night |,c .developed these iwlnls: nrst, that Christ had conception of the spiritual condition- Second. Christ .had a conviction of Il;c5e needs;, third. Christ challenges inqttern youth to Christianity, ire summed these paints with the thought that conviction, comparison and compassion with a life or consecration, are essential. Tuniglil the,Rev. Mr. Reynolds who Is pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist church at Little Rock, will speak on "He Brought His Brother," Head'Courier News Want Ads: CARD Of THANKS' We wish to thank" our dcai friends for their kindness through the sickness and death of niir beloved husband : and father. Mrs. May Fowler and Inez. . SIIOKTIIACK o f/»« • FOOT SA^ER bcutiies! They're' the -smartest interpretation, of Ihe so Tlie Nassau.: Grand with town tweeds or active nnd spectator clothes; and shown in colors of: » NAVY I • GREY '••WHITE 75 The Havana: Ginger Brown Bucko trimmed in brown calf and brown calf covered lice!. Sinokic Grey Bucko trimmed In Ncgrada Rum Calf with calf covered heel. Unlined vamp, punched through. The Amazon: Clover stitching accent:; ihe li'lm lines of this sturdy "day after day" Tie in black or brown kid. STOMACH U'UIERSS <o HYPERACIDITY Willards Messaqe.of Relief PRICELESS INFORMATION for th ,?i <! '"ffertiis from STOMACH OR DUODENAL Ul.CnU\, DUE TO llVl'Ell- AC11)1-1-r-l>OOK MfiKSTION. ACID DYSPEPSIA, SOUK STOMACH, GASSINESS. 1IEAKTI1UUN. CONSTIPATION. 11A1> BREATH. SLEEPLESSNESS OU HEADACHES, HUE TO EXCESS ACID. 1 Eiplalna the inan-etoua WiUartJ 'i'rea t - nicnt \vlilcli ii btinsio^ jmazlojj relic/. Sold on IS tlayt trial. MANILA: KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. HOBINSON DRUG CO., Inc PEOPLE'S DRUG domestic programs; aviation, police, amaieur. Cabinet of slylc and beauly—built lo lasl. Edge-lighted Dial. Ojhor sensational features! 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' '''" COME TO OUR SHOP FRIDAY MORNING AT 8:30 O'CLOCK - MAR. 12 Due to ttCallifr conditions ove ivhich «c have nu iio\scr \v aie ciillinj drastically . on ;COATS& ; SUITS itcgardtcss of price, :ill Suits and Coats must go\ Our slock , consists of the most oulslan'd-/fp iiij numbers we have ever had in BETTY HOSE and other Stamford brands. $24 to S'27.50 Values '510.75 to $22.75 Values . 516.75 to $17.75 Values ...$17.75 ...$16.75 ... $13.75 AU, nIANNISH' SUITS I'ricc .muse S10.15 lo S1C.75. Vour Choice §8.75" and §9.75 Small Charge for Alterations. Hi'autifiil Knstcr HATS Novelty Straws and Fells •Sl.98 to S3.95 Sec Our Line of 'Lures ilk Undefwcai: y Now & Save DRESSES Prints have never been so pretty bffcre. Soft pussy willow crepe for summer wear. Prints that arc different. to ST.S.i Dresses 35.95 and §'6.90 SS.73 to SIO.I5 Values §7.95 and 38.75 mvKSSES WITH COATS I'rin is and crepe chesses with liglit weight woolen coats SIU5 to S16.75 Values Also Selected Shorts !• TUESDAY. 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Tell Vour Friends B.riiis: the \vholc Family No Advance In Trices Friday - Saturday • —QN.THIO'SCREEN— ACOtujlSIA PICTURt Aho Cartoon ,-iiitl Snial— "l'i?liliug .Marines"

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