The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1932
Page 7
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MONDAY, NOVEMBE-3 21, 1932 BLYTHKVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' PAGE • SEVENTH Classified Advertising • Hates Minimum Charge i)0c Co-j::l 5 Average Words lo a Lint MoiiUi into per line,- per ' inoiilh •• — • S0c Six limes, per line per day . 05c Three limes per Hue l»r day ' Oi-.u lime per line All Ada run irregularly l :lic one lii'i* ratc > GRKEN BEETLE CAl'E BEST f.'ATS IN TOWN OPEN DAY & NIGHT INSURANCE WHAT PLAN HAVE YOU FOR the education of Uie boy cr o'' 1 '' Lei us explain Hie feature o! cur new policy, "CHILD'S EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT", mature^ as cash cl !!•.(.• ;ioc your child l c . ready for col!ea«. JEI-'FEilSON STAKDATiD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. W. M. BURNS, AGENT. nc-k 12-17 i AUTOMOBILE uiass, new used auto parts. Jucksun Au'.u 1'nrU Co. Phone (IB. 3.M; TJ-J GET READY FOR COLD WEATHER. Auto curl:iin:i anil toiis repalied, II. U. Wright Son. Phone 8'i8. !Gp-k23 'ili Represent llemlnx in Debate With Irish Collegian? FOR RENT .1 ihO— To overhaul joui- dec- 1 uic sweeper. Woi'K guarainci-d. ;T- AMNOUN'CEMEN'l'S 3TOHE Im'.ldins, Oil Franklin. SUI L. Fowler. Phone -151.J. 4ektl FURNISHED—5 reams and bjSh. earnsc and sevvAiu hci'-e. GJC<! eonriltion, r:nt. reasoiuil)!?. ! Chic. Ave. Phcne 83 er 283. 10ok;f i TWO U^!FUR^pSUED Aparlments. REDUCED Rcnls. Phone 333 cr! 451. . 15= K-lt | muly has hey many high honors. jVJ as £ cr BreWCM ' Kerlcln. Burlington, WIs., explain-/'"^l In Trinity college and Is nuu-.or Ol " r» M p C(1 lne convention was "not a tilth. ,ui| a pamphlet- dealing with the actlv- L/CflOUnCC HoRIC DfCW crlng'toiilciVccat? r'Ji>-u! ol t.1C 18th Hies ol irishmen aliroud, on which . • •/ • - ! id-ini'lslS'ipint e, g'rejit iwrt-.of thelj 1 ' J:l subject he Is considered-an niillior- ' Amendment;". ' ,. '••'?'• :T ; ' : '!! i'* lly. Mr. Gill has "received' medals I DETROIT. (UP) — Tlw Master I , . . iind prizes In oratory ami cswyi nraw?ra of America, MO of them,! "We're here,to; Olscuss• ti^imhjlr- wrllliiK. Trinity college, founded In I have netting but clsijust- for 'a!-1-problem!;,'' Ni^i'If >"Ws are^'nitj . 1593, Is the oldest Institution In I Isv" mul "liomo lirowcrt" beer. (planning LoV'iSmpals'n'for tile'wets.f. Ireland giving n university ethics-: Meeting hero for their flrat con- .But, 1! America dc-;3 want bssr^. I'tlun. It ]>o«sobse,s one of U:« mujt j vvntlon in M yciin, Hie former bsor lintk, wo'ip going to bc:pripar€jl to/ • 1 I ImiKirlnnt llbrnrljs In tile wcrld, re-1 time drnimni'hig Hie ''nlley Drjw-; give .the country; : tl'<i bcif." : ':'r, celvlng every, book copyrlgliled In I erics" of prohibition. • j : t : — : —:—;; ; '• .'' • .' •j '.i F.'nglaiKl. I Muster liru\vcr Mnrcii? 0. Mas-; Ki'inl <;oiirivr Mews Waul Ad*. liltciric rij. Co. atrvice, L)dO, Gn- PAY TAXES NOW ____.„ i PAVING 1 AND SEWER 1 TAXES I UPHOLSTERING and refinlshlns ! FOR 1032 ARE NOW DDE AND j" fiuiiilure. II. B. Oakes, 115 W. Mam si. 11' K-12-1 EXPERT Typewriter ana adding machine: ivpalrini;. U. S. Ulank- erjliii:, 110 E. Robe. 1'honc ICo-W. ic-k 12-1 PAYABLE AT MY OFFICE. PLEASE PAY BEFORE DECEMBER 31 AND AVOID PENALTIES. FOR RENT—Furnish?? 10B Wsst Kentucky. Plic-'.o CS7. 21ukM l\'ANTEn TO HUY WANTED— Marilyn Hatch- ] CORN cry. Blyllicvillo. -i AR'l'ISTlC 3HO-CARDS i Office across Sina'J Siyns Sale Banners 1 HAHVUV McCALL 305 E. MAIM MONEY TO LOAN .,.,...„. . WANTEU-Turkeys. Oo.w, Hens G. G. LAUDILL j . m!l i) UC l:s. PIC'.OLY WICOLY Collector | OR KROGER STORE. llc-litf Noble HoU?l. i l(ic-kr2-Hi! i W \Ji\LJXif\i V^vi J- v>^^. MOIITfiVALLO-S'i'iiJ- /luivj.uv""-^^ 'ASH, SIl'SEY, OLD PHONE 477 E. F. FRY JWONUEK CITY COAL CO., 1-Oti. _ AVEN KE1J MEN WANTED BEN SALESMEN WANTED WARD INVES'l'MENT COMPANY. | _. ITUCKY COALS. GA'IACKS R. EXL'L'RT MECHANICS anJ Wrecker Service. Open all night. DAY 12-10 business in or near CltiCo of Loach- I vilb, Os:eoln. Jonosboro and Tni- COAL - WOOD - CORN | mann . Reliable hi:stl=r can start COLLINS COAL COMPANY | c arnin<! $35 weekly and Increase RY. & Chic. PHOHE 47| r .,p W iy_ write imnv.'(ii'.it-?lv.. Raiv- 81>-K 12-B|i C i g ii Co., Dcpt. AK-4-S. Mimpils, & KIGHT GARAGU. Phone 555. •JP-K 12-3 DeSOTO SALES & SERVICE Commercial Auto Repairing ROY BAKER JOE WILLIAMS PHONE 888 PHONE 107 BUCHANAN ITenn. Our «al is black but \ve tveat you white." • 21C-M2-21 4p-kl2-4 KINDLING and WOOD far heating and ccokins. W= djlivcr. W. M. Smith, Phone 080 or Gateway Slore. 21p-kl2-21 BEAUTY PARLOUS WE SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TINTING & DYEING NELL'S BEAUTY SHOP, Phone 52 20C K 11-29 SCALP TREATMENTS OUR SPECIALTY MCADAM'S BEAUTY SHOP 1'honc 288 28C-K 11-23 HOMECRAFT Trantham Coal & Transfer Co. Dealers in Kentucky find Sunlight Coal Sycamore & R R. .St. Phone 064. 4|)-kl2-4 COAL at lov; prices. Phone 48. Prompt Delivery. BLYTH1WILLE COAli CO., Walnut & Railroad Sts. 3C-K 12-8 ROOM & HOARD C" WEEKLY. &~isa liousekeeping -. V^ rooms. Frog Pond Cafo. ISc-u FREE demonstration on latest sew- , SINGERCRAFT russ ROOM k DOARD^Close in. 109 W. toys and gifts. SIKGER SEWING | As |, jus. E. Gay. MACHINE CO. 24p-k 11-2-1 CLEANERS. TAILORS SICE MEALS, 25 cents. 'Phone 807. 0!0 West Ash Street. 5c-k 12-5 TO BE WELL DRESSED I MRS. T. R. WATSON—$5.50 \vcet- YOU MUST BE WELL PRESSED ly. 112 E. Cherry. Phone 002. PRESS WHILE YOU WATT ; 14c-k 12-H HUDSON TAILOR SHOP I CLEANERS 12c-pl2-12 HATS CLEATIED and .rc-shapcti. 75c. l-luclso:i Tailor Shop, Phone .-,3 12c-kl2-12 RADIO SERVICE FOR SALE AUTO GLASS WOVEN WIRE FENCING TME ARKMO LUMBER YARDS 2Sc-kll2D EXPERT RADIO service. TUBE testing FREE. Pl'.ont 57, WAKEFIELD, Parkhurjt C2. RADIOS REPAIRED. Work Guaranteed, estimates free. R. L Dcdinan, Walpole Electric Shop. Phone 314. ' 14p-k 12-14 ELECTH1CAI DUST-PROOP BAGS, Brushes ano Rubber Covered Cord fcr you; rteclric sv;eei)«-. Hclfner Electric Service C30. ''i Gillen Furn. Co., Cal. NEW LOW PRICES iror.s, heaters, clc. on Jaiv. WALPOI.t ELECTRIC SHOP. Vr.onc 314. 15c-k 12-1E. TAXI IN A HURRY? CALL STRINGER TAXI PHONE 279 18c-kl2-l£ ONE 12 GAUGE Automatic shcl- ;un. Phone 1503-F2. 18c-k23 FARM LANDS FOR SALE —53 acres in cultivation 3 houses, big barn, in G milfi. 1 )f Blythevillc. 1 mile of good irliool.' S25.00 per acre, terms Phone 887 or 838. W. T. liarnett. 6C-K-TF FOR SALE—20. 40. SO-Acre farmr '•'• mile paved streets of Blytlie- •. iilc, on oesy payments. Other farms further cut for $20 to S50 J.'\V. BADER. BlyUieville. 18c-ktf DON'T DELAY, the tiir.c lo bu> :L faini cr home hi to\vn i: .vhcn prire3 are lo\v. this nia^ no', \ve all hope not. If you wan 1 arnpcrty at lov; prices ' see un to prices and terms. W. M. BURNS bOMPANY, TNG. D=-k 12-! REOUCED RATES on phi:;ibin3 work done hetore .cold v:catlicv. A. G. Aiken, Call 894W. !Gc-kl2-lG HESTAUKAN'TS CEO. WRIGHTS" Tvall Street Lunch. Greyhouml Bus S;alin:i. Phr-ne 110. 31p-k 11-31 AUTOMOTIVE ;<E\V FORD BATTERIES. R^nla baileries. rcciarjin^ r.urt repair :ng. 177 Tire <& Battery Station. . 19c-kl2-l WASHING 75c - - GREASING f5 DAY fc 'NIGHT SERVICE PHONE 555 24P.-K 11-2 W I'-; R T UK MAKES 'K5I Slili Ollice Over Joe Isaac's Store Night Ford Service KXi'F.KT FORD KEl'AJKS WUECKF.R SEHVICK PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-177 Second Hand FURNITURE BOUGHT AND SOLD R^ J. D.cdsot? 301 E.-Main • >' Plionc 13J Lowi!<t in Ash . Highest in Heat of anv nf Iho Ash Phone 100 For Free Sample I C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. OUR BOAKD1SNG HOUSE YOU A PACKA6& OP TV!' CHUMP 60INS IN NWITH.TO MM<E ( ^ >X OP GOOT= .WHO GOE'b UP OM : TOLO Mfc WM TIA V TIED 'TRAFFIC UGVAT& W W\<3 CUPS USES ''EM NOW TO ' K&EP OP HI& PYJAM/XS TOWN TvUTCTV T.KO v.-onii-n stunsnts, for t.'.a firs; MarjDric Wlil<l:l:n, sophomore fiom time in t'= history of mmlrlx col- P!n 2 Uluir. will defend Capitalism ~,<n iiH Rnn"i?5 n J I lc;JC ' llIlVC1 «cslv::l Hie estate sea- r.salnst. the nu?.ck of u lenin from "'nnrso'i Wimiliirc ° "^.nia..; 1 , sen's oni.v.niidliig hmiar. Tiisy will Tilnity Collcne, Dublin. i rcpeaent Hendrix in Its third in- umipesii'd <if Mr. Jamvs J. Auch- GOOD RAMGE OR COAL hcaliin I tovnn::-:n;ii exhale .siiic= 1030. On unity nnd Mr. Garrett R Oil), stove. Phone C02. 13s-ktf November 20, Miss Mardelle Cocp- Miss Cooper Is an ouUUnflng —•-- • , i^ • l ^>^Ml VOLUNTEER'S// -- HE . V HUNG, senior from Cross/slt, mill Mis nnd was Homecoming Queen for the llcurtrlx Warriors on LOST—Lcwcllyn Scitcr, n'aout 3 Novjmbcr-1 MlM Wnlddeu'lnst ycur years old. Black .?tirs, white tick, as a fieshmau won the medal answers to name of Don. $10 inv.mkxl.cabh year lo the ouUland- Rcwnrd to:- rcliirn to Hluhfill Ins clsbhtar of Hendrix. Mr. Audi- conduct world renowned Rawlclgh Home Service Buy Mare. 1 brown Mare, 1 blue j Hnrsc Mule, 1 brown Horse Mule. ' Kotily Mnck Urycans or E. O.I Adams. Blythevillc, and receive 51U : — 1 Wra-d face Men and teams wanted, sodding lo- vco by day or contract, emergency See Wigghiton, Barfield, Ark. 520 REWARD for return or Information leading to return ol silverware stolen ftom my home 3. E. M. McCall. Eastern Star ring offlee for reward. WJIO'D HAVE THOUGHT IT! ; - \ ' '" *" "" HOOTS AND HER 15UDDIES «ft < L t i.,\'-OO-R t fs tJ\W.<> VOU CKVL VV£VE HEAD WORK! IF *tou Hp,\<e soMe ; Too'. ALKS3JAN weu si<uu, PRflcV.ce.j OW BftBtGS IS oeus, OLD PO.RT >« * STORM, LET £B D!WS OUT Of SPAIM . MIT) WTO TWE NORTH ^ F>,\.V.VHG B^ROK.ETEP '^ m ^ uo\uun6 PA.MCINO vr. THE SIGNAL! FRECKLKS AND HIS KKIKNDS £0 IHAT'S ITA ;/iAVK A •f YASCOT, TAS ".^b_ •<50SH! VtiJ2 DOS I\MAHf TO G»!6PAU)LAT yu FOR SETTIMS DOT OF THAT SMAOC =- COM60W-.IM AVJXIOU5 HEAR WAT PASS ^JELL, THERE 1SHT 1D'IT....VSEE I6-1-19-L9-I?. P-A-S-S-L"THE NUMBERS LETTERS OF THE AUPUA8ET.... TELL HIM, RED... IT V/AS VOOR IDEA THEV'D KEEP WE OUT OF TriS GAWE V ..6O AHEAD AM' T6LL TH' COACH ABOUf ThtosE SIGNALS CATCH THE PASS iW THE TERRITOR/OFTHAT AFTER. "TVIE SEMSATIOKJAL .^"••'--.T:" I //.LIST B£ ^-- VJE USED, FRECX '-^L OF THEIR Bk3 6AAAE CLUB MOUSE

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