The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on November 8, 1927 · 9
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 9

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 8, 1927
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J -. " till,r li n I lit.). t ; orkeri th; ilthful r uni. imony ourr : nne." 'k Council Considers Way Of Relieving Traffic Snarls jy uui ivuau xiuuuxn rrom Woodbridtrc Avenue to Raritan Avenue Behind MonU. went; to Reconstruct Pumping Station Sent Artists Again Score In Request Program THE DAILY HOME NEWS TucMhy, Nowivt'ior S, J 027 1-1. !l, , 1 1 U! !i l'"vrr.,ni broadcast i,t 9vtlw "i elation . ,v t, Kd. '"Ilu mi.) toliicrl artleta I'"i.iy ,l,aallir !,..,,.. ,i HUIlil.i r of w Inch ! i turn and had been re- Eight Rutgers Seniors Are Elected To Membership in Phi Beta Kappa -'.iii4 I' 'I -une(l fav con-"!, lunt mithl to li mean of ilia IrnfflO altuallun pre. j' ,, iiii intersection of lun. w ,,,,,11'ri'lgn pmil avenues. , i ii;iiaiU I'Y UIO nop. I trulliy lo U (or the (c tit car running rt tin , . iri k from Duclos Lane ii lavor.d a itigifiiatlon that '" iIwuiikIi from .,, i.j Woodbrldga avenue a ,.t l ark of Hi monument and . ,j lioiougli Liimiicrr Ray. , j'. YViiaon 10 Illvrallgala and , i h nct meeting. Tin1 , , n dim audi would provide a turninc i ,r huwa, eliminating i r.. ; bucking out of Hi juh r no i-d laltuted ''ARK CHAT ltm for ihii elUITln , I nd F.rli,u4. T,r '.Mill. hiiu.'d l Lditor II, I c II' ' II, in. Prima i:rno r nMrig corps at s i.en mn-lii llllfr'tllM Mill.- ;ici. nl 'oom lu turn. I j (i:u prove mora coinonlcnt j i'.i of Iho Hew theatre, wliu (ii i'i f lie allow In their rum. , i,i. m of llila reort from ;. i I io condition urew out . on tli" proposition of :,'. off thu square corner in .' iho thcairu at Sixth mi, I avenue on request of . . ! officials, Tim rounded r npuHul u laid ovi-r lor t ..inHliratlon. i 1,1,1.11m authorizing; tha r- j. mm of the Cleveland ve. ; . iipinit itatlon for erwer installation of tu li. ,:. nlrlfusul pumpa I hern una : 'I'lil actum a brought : ly thl yt'Mr'a expanalon of v.r ayati-iu which crculrd a !ur liicnaarj pumping fucllt-Tim ordinance mil br (M up for conii and final r and pulillc Inuring .So- r :i. .. t'l'nrt of the wati-r commit. i from January l to ' r id iL.. M'ltltunxH, ear. u .1 ..... . .. 1,. T ' Wl-ll , '' n. Mr,. ",. . formerly V..( ,, , , '' " '"' urn I ji.lif.' m, iii iilt.i,i,..i ' ' '""'v ff Imi-f 'Illll'-ll r, 1. . ' "f""l iirti-.t ."ii, ,11. 11 Bcrv, l'i) Kund'iy nf:, iiiirii ;n..m.r mnn anna hill K N'lHil 'nun h 'KHInian MTV jr. nf Iiri.ok-!lh Mr f South Mr '.irk . nil IIINiK ,),,, " I hi- I'lirkrc :-rn,.ti. r. "'"I Mri I 11, A l,M. ,... .. .: H ... ,i Tn , rhtiri.- tit 11,,. .11 r ami Jr Ivn. N V, M.-m Third nviniir .1 r nf,,t ... . I,,.,. " -lh hr, .1 ,,l 1 . "-k to II 1 . liii. .tr kn.t l -. h..- 1 " '"'i'lTon. wh ,....v mown in tn-i.1, w. irunwli-k .Mr. and Mr M. 1 mro liif-nu', hnxe "i Mr, nnd .Men. family. M.. W. W. White of Adlald.. nun... nt.rtnlnd a numhur of frl.n,!, r.c.-nily at brLU-. Attrar-llv prix.-. re ardid and d.ilniv ""nincnta arvpil llaw-na flftn,,l.t I' , '..M ,f .......... u ll a llrrraa of Ii. p' I'i fiiii uiu luI ci- that "'" nk,,l ,y ninny to play 'fin. 'ihm 111110 h rnndirril lln-niir.. thrn.-n "( Minor Hoimta" "1 ino.t lim.h.-d faahion. Tola .ui lor arvmth radio apprarajtre, "il mi lur work, n uaiinl with the li' iit urii.ia, u donn from Im-mory. Il-iiiraia hud 11 1 1.0 heeit mudi-f"r tl, r.i of ihn program whlrh uhrtnih.i aoino nk ii bo and ii ilii,, 1 a. popular group of aong fruii, ti.i. s.-ui. Honga- ,y Carrie J.H iihn Hnd. 'I'hi at- ira aung "rt'iiifiitly in.t rvi-nlng ly Anna I.' frlu, k of l:iulii ih. aoprano. rthe ulan ol,lig.-d with olhi-r reiim-at mniili.-ra, mori. of the I'kntlnliin folk aonga In the original languiig.i, and enino Amrrlran annga by the r.i't. 1 i-ouiptau-r (ii-orgi? W. t'had-i' k. Th'a ua h-T third radio ap- p'!M-c Mr. Hint acrompanled Mlaa I-i-f. chirk on the piano, and aa at the inirrophonu during the entire pro-lira in. denllon of aliiht memliera of Iha amilur clam at Itilliien 1'nlver- iiy Into in i-tn lior-h l and an aldr on "'Iha 1'hllomiplilii fr l liglon," by Key. Hurbrri I'arrmn. f. Ji., rector of 4:iir:i Km, opal t'lmrch, featurad iha regular monih-ly memlnic of the Alpha of New Jr. V t'hapier of I'ti I Una Kappa In tha Queen'a liullding lant maht. Tha Bieuibera of tha claaa of HSU who ranked tha liltht In averace Hholarnhip grade up to the beginning of their aenlnr year and con-mating of five per cent, of tha membership nf the Ciena, follow Kl-ward Wayne Maraaruiu, of Trenton. College nf Aria and M.Un.-rn; Krederlik Wllxm Hall. Hound lironk, t'nltega nf Aria and Hfirticee; Jainea Herbert Iiavldnon, IViplea, Ky., I'nl-leaa of Arta and Mi'leiH'ea; Jnlm 'lurk l.'IcW, ttomervllle, lieparlnient of i'eramlca; Itubert I.owenailn, Newark, College of Arta and tcl-encea; Alfred Lealle Iuni'ombe, Long llraiuh, Colleue of Aria and Ki-enoea, curriculum In biology; Harold Henry 1'erlenfetn. Jeraey f'liy. College of Aria and Krlem-et: Junii-n Yreelnnd liemarrat. Went t'nglcwood, College of Arta and Hrlencra, curriculum lu rhemlatry. Maruarum la one of the mo.i active etudent on the Ittngera catun-ua, hrieilea being a brilliant atu-dent. He la editor-in-chief of the Targum, undergraduate newapaper, chairman of Cap and rSkuJI, aenlor honorary anrieiy, and a member if Iha henlor ('iiiiii,,I. Incidentally Iw i other Targiim men are on the ll-' folder being bua)nee manaaer of the eeml-weekly, and I'arlenfein an aaaorlale editor. The latter baa alan won hie varalty teller lu trark, being a hurdler laat anrliig lavld. aon la member of lha varaliy rifle team, a member of Cjue.n I'lavaia. dramatis aocieiy, and la a reaearrh aaalatant In the econnmlra department. Hall ' a member of (be varalty debating leu 111 laat year, while l.nwenaiain waa aaeiatant editor of the lim Hcurlet Letter lt'a dangerotia to tell all tha truth in religion ae It la alwaya Inlauuderalood by the maaaea and therefore doea no good, 1 r. I'arriah aald. It may be a aavlug fact that It la hard to have lilena penetrate to the mob for It atone many unneieaaary revnlutbuia. Tha work la finally aci'mnpllahrd by gradual atepa, he added Una cannot be rellgloua without being phllnanphltat, yet many phil-nenphera are not rellgloua. It la theae Irrellgloua peopla w hom pbll-oeoiihy niunt help. I'analii'al re-llgtonlaia are doing much harm In tfceae tlmea, eapeuially In thla country and aoma In between ground muat be rea, hi-1. All cultured per-eona have anme religion although In many raaea they ,1,, not realize It aa aurh, ir. I'arriah Inii hln Intereaied audience In cloalng. II,, imp- formerly Hcrulernon. oinh 1 lliintlnginii n of Bouth been enterlnln-A I'ena an,! PERSONALS Items foi tn.s column are auliclt-ed and appreciated. They ahould be alk'ned and addreaaed to Editor MltS. WILLIAM II. UUNPKICKM "f llandv atrt ha returned from a two weeka' vlait with her ilaiifhicr. .Mra. Chile Nuurar, In II, mil, n. Mnaa. Mrs. Ilendi Icka, who came through the New Lng-land Matea ihj day of Ihn bad Hoods, ttus glnd to arrive home u fcly. pnrenta. Vonrheea of Clarence Voorheea of s,,ii, m ....... -Ill . I. . . M. . .1 ikT .. ... 1 .. 1, .. . I.. . 1. . . . ...... mw-.-u oi aM-no : i,r.n i ne gueat or hla ,iiifa woo nuvo not piiiu wa!r' "c ani Mra. Henry ittnvc ii-hks in me aai-ni j jninion aireet. f, i iln j. The opening of thu i .Muati-r Hilly Unrcalow, m , cn-inch main, Auguat 26. l"n confined to hln hum, j!i Incroaao In pn aaure ol J I'ol.sonlng for a week MILS. J. HALK OV LAWRENCE etreet entertalneil a number of friends at her home recently at bridge. GETS $10,000 FOR BOULEVARD PAVING Middlesex Borough Road, Costing $25,000, to Connect Highway-And River Road Is i lai'iif to twenty pounda. The alaicd marly four mil, a of r nam had been added, thla to the ayatcm purchased from lirunawlck. r!"B permits) were reported l. ly HuiMing Inapectur Kn-d s during October for a tntnl nt.d building coet of lid. 775. 'm, ling among the p, -nulla Is- i ono for the Trimly M Church on Montgomery strci-t :s ilrothcra. the coat rsii- ,! to be $:8.ouo, and two p r-i to the Intcratate Construction ;viny for fromo dwelling at .,i. l 139 Hill alrcet, to coat ap-imiUly tlb. 000 euch. niiiiinn for tho erection of .i pump and Installation of a . iu,l. r the aldi'walk at 114 .'..ll u venue. was granted to . J. .Multhcws and l'rank :-r. rk Flagg wan Instructed to or-!:e ploclns; by tha I'ublic S-tv-lorpuratlon of alxty candle reiret-t light OQ Cherry :rc:t Sfring trcet. .mi puymcnt of I10.795.CJ m ft 'I made to the Utility Con-tmn Compuny for the 19:7 tr.inn the I'ark which waa "ly completed. rnymint of ".9 a alao authorized to be " to Andrew Keycg for the rrt paving of Woodhrldg, ! on recommendation of llor-1 i Knglneer Wilson. Mr. Wilson i council he did not expect the to be finished this winter. io resume I, in atudiea ger elementary eehool w ho ha a with in l aealn all le I at the Km. .miss. 3. rowLEfi or nnDMOxn etreet. who ha been a pntlpnt at St. I'elerjl Ilonplt.ll, lina far Improved from her a rloua lllneaa ns to be able to return to her home. Red Men Will Hold Hig County Meeting William J Strtaer. fa.i f:eet th-1 Sachem of New J.-rney Iti, Men. mil be the principal aneaker at a combined meeting of the nine tribes r the "r,er of MidJIearg oiinty at the Wigu.itn of I'oiimho Tril.e No. r,S at I'i" Smith street. Perth Amhnv. ThurKday evening. November 17. The rally, which will be held to stimulate Interest I- the tin win state. wide rampalrn to Increase ih nieniberahlp of l!n M-n In New Jersey from K.noo to an.nnn. la ex-perted to be the laceat meeting of the kind ever hrld In the county. The Adoption Iiegne will be conferred by the decree team of poambo Tribe. The other tribes which will attend the rully will be Oonomno. Ahander and Ahnara of New Zrunrwlrk; Seneca cf South Am-coy; ttsnge of Spot 'wood: Wieka-tntik nf Mllltnwn: Qulnnipiac of ( arteret; and Seinlrole of Sajre- M HS. CHARLES HCBNER OK county executive board of the Parent -Teachers' Aaeoclatlon. Mrs Kuseell Schenck, president of the Lincoln, and .Mrs. Stcelmnn, presl dent of the lrd Stirling, have returned from Atlantic City where they attended th stnte convention of the New Jeraey Congress of I'arents and teacher. MISS LILLIAN flHEENBERO OP Hnldwln street has returned from a visit of a f w dnya with relatives In New York City. THFJ INI" A NT PACOIITER OF Mr. and Mrs. Ered Inch of Albany street has been named Phyllis lirr.ilne Lench. THE PITMAN M. E. THIMBLE Club will meet tomorrow after noo nwlth Mrs. William Van lioren, 55 Comstock street. liss Praester Heads Girls' Friendly Club I'lotMi i HOOK. Not. I The ' Friendly Society met lift 't In th pariah house and elect-tli following officers Mlsa .Mar- I'raester, president; Miss Olive "-n, vlce-prpsldcnt ; Miss Myrtle !t, ecrotary; Mrs. Wilford ", treasurer. No committees " appointed, and the advisory "I is .Mrs. .A. H. Zlemnn. Mi', rt Taylor. Mrs. W. If. Haellu-, I Miss Palsy Austin. The girls j up their lamp ahsde making ' nlglit with ft grewt deal of en-'istn. Reports were given by Zlcman and Miss Traester of recently attended diocesan con-'ion. Installation of officers will next Monday evening and the ' year's program will beuln. The nittees will be appointed then. Red Cross Drive Starts On Friday Further plans are being made to. day by thel ocnl chapter for the opening of the annual membership roll call of the lied Cross on Friday. In connection with a story In yesterday's Home News as to organized labor supporting the cam-palun a picture was used which did (in Injustice to Martin I'lynn. leader' of the men In the building trades who ara aiding the P.ed Cross. Through the cut being improperly labeled the wrong picture was used. THE ENGAGEMENT HAS REEN announced of Rev. Robert W. Williams, rector of Trinity Church. Princeton. 0 Mra. Naomi Watt of 156 Eaat Thirty-seventh street. New Tork Cily. Tho wedding will be solemnized early next year. Kit. HOWARD CROSBT VOOR-hees of Haynrd street and Highland Park na recently elected a member of tho Society of Colonial Wars of New Jersey. (SiiciHiil Service of Home Newsl 'IKI.VI'ON. Nov. 8. Middlesex county waa grunted aid to the amount of $10,000 toward the placing of concreto on one-half mile of Lincoln Iljulevnrd, Mid okseg liorough. The Improvement La rstltnntc.1 to cot 125,000 and will form a connecting link be tween the River Road at Hound Itrook and State Highway Route 9. west of Kune.llen. The grant was made through the votes of Commissioners l'ercy If. Stewart. Abraham Jelin and Flrini. n M. Reeves, who attended the session. ltlda were guarded for the Paving of tiiree and one-half miles cl Route 41 hetwetn Ruunemede iorough, Camden county, and l airvlew, Gloucester county. Twelve istlmatcs were presented, the low-eat, 130. &n2, belne- offered by Michael Staub of Pitman, who received the award. Tha Commission authorized the pbiclng of advertisement for the iiuilding of the cut-off on route 1 at Roblnaville, Mercer county, and the paving of four miles of Route 30 at I'letaington to Pnck- i rs Inland. Hunterdon county. The work at Robblnsvlli. will Include thn placing of approximately one mile of paving at tho new overhead bridge to Vie tilitced over the Pennsylvania Hall-tad on the Route 1 section be ween Trenton nnd Hightatown. Tne paving of onto 30 will aklrr the built-up section of Flemlngion, beginning one mile above opper Hill and after curving to thn rirht -vlll cross over the Flemlngton-Wh'tehotise Rood. Rids on these two project will be received November 18. This explanation to Mr. Flynn. is made In justice Unique Reminders Of Lafalot Banquet M I Iff. FREDERICK F. CROIT1I and children of Rethlehem. Pa formerly of Highland Purk, have been the guests of Mr. and Mm. Ralph W. Voorheea. MRS. RI'TII HOI MAN OF i2i Commercial ave; ue Is the mother of twins born in St. Peter' Hospital yesterday. They arc boys. - MRS. HELEN TUESDAY OF S , Pronper street announces the birth of a bn:v girl In St. Peter's Hospital this morning. HART HOY W.S HORN TO Mis M. Olson of 311 Livingston iivonne In St. Piter's Hospital today." Dr. Lipman Tells Of Trip Abroad Dr. Jacob (I. I.lnman. director of th New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station told the mesahers of the K1 wnti Is Club at their weekly luncheon at Hotel Klein today, of his recent Journey to Palestine1 and the Holy Lands, treating th various phases of his trip with much care aa he explained th conditions that exist, as soon by tha tourist and the expert on agricultural matters. According to Dr. Lipman. the acreage used In growing oranges and Rrapefrult during the past two years has twice doubled and will continue to Increase. Th fruit Is claimed to be far superior to that grown in this country. The attendance rrize was won by Ernest ReldlnKsfeld while John II. Conger. Sr., acted as the reception committee. Sons Acted As Pallbearers The funeral of .Mr. Mary Row en. wifn of John Rowen. Jr., cf lltl French glreet, who passed away at St. Peter's Hospital Friday night. waj held yesterday from the real-dene of her on, John A. Ilnwen, Jr., at Stelton, at 1:15 o'clock, and from St. Peter. Church at u'clock, where a solemn high maan was celebrated for th repose of her aoul by Rev. Father (Julnn ns celebrant, Father Rrennan aa deacon and Father Sullivan a aub. deacon. Th body rested In a casket of solid oak, which was covered with many handsome and beautiful tributes. Th funeral wo largely attended. Her four eon) acted as pallbear. era. They were William. John flcorge nnd Edward A. Howen, Fob lowing the service the body was taken to St. Peter's Cemetery. where Ih Interment took pliiee in th family plot. Undertaker Will iam H. uuackenbos and Son were In charge. Mrs. llowen was ft life long resident of this city and a faithful member of SI. Peter's church. She passed away after an Illness of b'ss than ft week. M. H. A. Dramulits Hear of Oscar Wilde !, Dramulits of the Y. M. H met last night with Miss LUiene nthal presiding over the busl-i session. William Margolls " a talk on the life of oscnr , th man and his works, and a group discussflon of this a-. Samuel O. Cohen, chnlrman tli arrangementa committee. Bated hy Jennette Hoffman nd Ivn Wilson. rranged a social nr. Pete Van Cleef and Connie , Ulnson offered several - comical i while Samuel Cohen and Max- j 11 Hoffninn offered recitations, j ireshments were served. lite next meeting will be held unlay evening, November l!OID ItROOK. Nov S -Miss Virginia Herlrnm of South Round P.ronk, chairman of the Lafalot Club bnncjllet, hiis sent out linhlit reminders H r notices read is follows: "lu the venr there are .ISS davs. There (.re 16 hours a dav In which you do not work: i this amounts to any, leaving U'l days. mere arc n. nimum-. lenvlng 69 davs. Yet do not work Saturday afternoons, therefore we oeduct 51 half davs or 26 whole ilavs leaving 4.1 days. One hour tnch dav for lunch amounts to 11 vvlose davs per year, leaving 27 'ays. on have two weeks vacation with pav nmoii.tlng to fourteen davs. leaving thir'een davs. Ther are twelve iT.a! holidays, leaving one dav. nil.', on that dav von can go to the l.nfa ot Club iianquct ot the lllue Hills Plantation on Novembet 1,. 9.7 at 7-30 or.clock." These going are to meet at the congregational church nt 7 o'clock. Somerville Citizens Complain Over South Bridge Street Work 21. WEET CIDER for Sale at SHADY SIDE IV ANY QUANTITY ahn Newton, Lincoln Hwy. New Ilruiia. anil Frank. Parti Tel. i:st Millstone I.VII-lt Outside Pressing lono Enjoyed Cards At K. of C. Rooms cn.toved cards nt the Coliiml .. Auditorium t the nartv held unices of 'tie Kulehts of th lie paugniers ,. We-e over were ncard-uriler for n milk. Mrs. of Lafayette Over 4"0 Knights of last evening ilor the iiusplc I'oliimbiis nnd of America. Ih 2ii0 handsome priz ed. Including an months' supl'l' r-l.n.l..u Hardin'- .ie..ct ,,i,ii the t.'i door priz An nblo commit' .Tames Hughes nnd Hnrklns was in ctinr. Miss led bV Martha National Madza Light Bulbs NEW INSIDE FROST 15, 25, 40-watt, 23c-50, 60-watt, 25c 100-watt, 40c J. J. LEONARD Corner Albany and Ncilioo SU New Bruniwick, N. J. SOMF.RVII.IE. Nov. The borough council received two complaints last evening of conditions on South Bridge street whera the bank was cut away at tho time of ihe erection of the underpass. One complaint wns contained In a letter nnd the other wus made by Officer llarvev tare In person, who said that he represented a group of citizens who have occasion to use the sidewalk In Question very frequent ly. The trouble arises from the (act that, when the street was lowered, a bank was left on either side. This washes down on to the street to the annoyance nnd, according to t lie complaints, danger of pedestrians. The hank In front of the Consumers' Supply and Conl Company ('Woo seems to be the worst spot along the street, Horoutih Clerk Rerryman reported that the Consumers had been ordered to adjust the condition and given thirtv days' notice to comply. If they failed. the town would do ihe work and charge the same to the property owner, the notice read. Mr. Herryninn. however, pointed out that he wns afraid of complications owing to the fact that South Rrldgo street is now n state highway. Councilman WIedemer expressed his distaste at the long delay on this matter and the great Inconvenience to persona using the street. The Consumers were "certainly getting hwbv with It." he said. Rnrough Recorder H E. Durham reported IB05.C0 collected in fines during October. The borough retains but $03.60 of this amount. $.105.00 goes to the state and $40.00 to the. State Fish and Game Commission. A communication was received from the Somerville Fire Marshals' Association requesting that pertinent boriitiKli ordinances covering the duties of that organization be brought UP date nnd amended where necessary. The principal duties of the fire police are to handle tr.illic when an nlaim sounds and kcrp outsiders hack at times of fire. C. O. Dehne wns granted permission to erect an electric slgu In front of his place of business at I West Main street. Irving Werblln appeared before the council to request Installation of a street light on Loeser avenue between Falrviewr avenue and the Central Railroad. He stated that there was a stretch 400 feet long so dark at night that you could hardlv see persons you passed by. Thla 'was referred to the lighting committee with power. Attorney F. A. Pope, representing Slsser Bros. Interest with respect to a sign this concern desires to have erected on a vacant lot in the borough, told the borough council Monday night Unit they could not prevent erection of the billboard. Whc nthe petition to place the sign on the old "gas-houe baseball diamond" came before the "borough futhers". a few weeka ago. It wn turned down, aa the. council Is opposed to the erection of any more board signs In the borough. Attorney Pope stated that as long as thn sign was to be placed on private property, was not danger ous or a menace onu nm nui constitute a nuisance. the council could not prevent Its erection. Upon motion it was vo'cd to lay the matter over until the borough authorities could get legal advice. Councilman Stryker voled ngnlnst this. Hebrew Ladies Give Past Heads Reception At a meeting of tha Hebrew ladles' Benevolent Society lust evening In the Hebrew School a reception to past officers and charter membera was held. Mrs. Eva Amdur, first president, and Mrs. K. Levlne were presented with flowers. Among past presidents who deliv ered mesaaaes were Mrs. K. Keasler. Mrs. 8. Spitz, Mra. A. Irvine. Mrs. Theodore Klaus, and Mrs. Harry Singer. Vocal selections wer rendered by Mrs. S. Sails. Mrs. Meyer Feller, president, eall-d for 100 per cent, co-operation in th charity bail I January 11, Th goal of thla ball Is to make enough money to carry on the work on a larger acal than In the past Mrs. Adolph May. ganeral chair- man. announced that commineea are starllnr on their work. She asked for the support of the general public. A recent card party held by the. society netted 1243. Mrs. josepn Kreedberg donnted a large basket of fruit which brought $ to boost the treasury, and waa awarded lo Mra. Lelf. A door prize donated by Mra. Nagy was awarded to Mrs. S. Levlne. i 1 2'S9 1 f Living Room "It h . . , rT 1 Suite 3 Piece. 1 vWseayJiJJr(jeTT,r P '"'I I"in con- I j.' I Bedroom Suit TfF IL-'I I fJV ' 'TiVI i r . Dining Suite .. V'Cr. rrV T",, Reautlfully d- I a , g &! -an i'i r,n rY VJ l tfl rm chair and I NTHs?lJ1iyti Ll! w fzJm lr f-Ztiw buffet, with vi. j ? ;:"J8"'"" lS24JlSalaV llaalaaflaajaCaBl ine stores 0 rrfcadiy Crecn.1 livingston at George St., New Drcnswicft N. J. ma t miafcui ato. J lcr. tahk tv Kiw trr, EUZABITB, K. J. IfMTH AM SOT, N. J. KW$ Ig.TB WfMs 1 M I W4Mt Frw( j I riAwrauj.M.j. I I Girls' Catholic Club Has Party In "Kid" Clothes Veterans to Open Bazaar at Armory Tomorrow Night OMF.nVII.I.E. Nov. Tomorrow evening sees the opening of the Harold Norman llalsted Poet No. 4.10. Veterans of Foreign Wars gala bazaar at the armory, to continue through Saturday night. Dancing every evening will attract those who Ilk good music furnished by the Arcadians and Paramounta on alternate evenings. The armory la lo be a lively place with the thrones crowding around the booths thy may win some or tne articles ever offered at a In this state. The "ets 10 areat expense to where finest bazaar have gone make this, the near Indoor carnival to be he-Id here In many a year, one that will remain In tha minds of the people for years to come. Saturday night will be featured by giving away of a vacuum cleaner or its equivalent In cssh, to the holders of the lucky tlcke-t. Friday night will b V. F. W. night with n.i...M in attendance from all nana of the state. The post represented will receive opening evening night, especially "flieenters" of llltnl Nil RROOK Nov. I.nt ulght thu lilrl.V Catholic Club not In the parish house of St. Joseph' Church mid held a "kld'a party" loiluwmg thu htif'ncna meeting. 'I here were prety rompi r suits, eunbotinets, buster brown and Mary Junes. Favor were passed around and games unl other pastimes wero enjoyed l"lnious re-Iresliinetits were ae, ved by Miss Margaret Powers. Catharine Schoellebl. Miss Mn Mnllov and others. This oignuizatluii will hold H dunce in Kicetiber for the Lull, ling fund of the church. The Parent-TeiiLhi r Association of St II. Joseph's R. C. Church will bold u, reception for the new teachers In the parish hoivnt: on Sunday afternoon, November n. Those on tho committee aie Mr. J. M. Dunne. Mrs. T. J O'Neill. Miss I'iorctice Eraubr. Helen Walter. Mrs. Lawrence Miller. Mrs James Kllcourse, Jot.n J. Huffertv, Miss Helen Shea. .Mis. Frank lils-ter, Mrs. Romnuo ard Mrs. R. A. Smideiiund. The tveetlng of the organization will cl h'id on Monday evening. Novemter 21, In SU Joseph's School auditorium. h'l'o Knights of oliimbus. local Council lllsliop Mcl'.-iiil. will bold their annual Thunkslving eve formal bull in the Ml 'dlchrook Club house on Thanksgiving eve. Charles l.iidatiiltu Is the general chairman of the commitee. The in-vitations this vear n ill he limited. as the club house '- r.ot as large as Hotel Asbcsto. Miinvllle. where the organization previously Iiils held these alfalrs. Tl HOLD CARD PARTY Ruth Chapter. Ordr of Eastern Star, will hold a card party tomorrow night ot th Masonic Temple on I'.emsen avenue. TO HOLD mMMACL SLK Th women of tha First Reform. e Church will hold a rummage sale In the chapel tomorrow, be. ginning nt In a. m. The post best prize. The till be firemen's dedicated to the the borouirh of large number the Th Bound Brook Notes ROI NI) BUOOK, Nov. S. Mrs. Liza Mor, 'craft of tho Canal road was operated upon In thu Hound lirook Hospital yesterday. She Is doing nicely. Andrew Ibg.ino of Rnrllan hod Ills tonsils removed at the Hound Hrook Hospital yesterday. Frank McCoy of tho Essex County Hospital, Helleville, was treated nt the Hound Hrook Hospital on Sunday night for n Severn luccrn-tlon of tho rjght. wrist following nn accident In the west end of Ihe liorough. Several stitches had to be taken, and the man left for his home. whom ther nr among th "Vets" .... This carnival la being held to raise funds to erect a home for ,u. i..i .T.i,lillers who saw ser vice In sny war outside of .,flr, of the United States. men have no desire to rals money by Just asking for It. preferring Instead to give full vnlu for every pennv received. This Is an opportunity for the peopl" to repay In a small way the lds ho """"H wher duty called." and did their bit. II. Reusswig to Wed In New York Church OiK-clii! in the Homo News) M,W YORK, Nov. 8. St. Agnes' Church in New York City will be thn scene of Ihn wedding on No-vember 15 of Henry William Reusswig, twenty-live, an nrtlst, a native of Somerville. tho son of Henry and Edith Norton Reusswig. and Miss Martha Louise Sawyers, twen-ty-two. also nn nrtlst, who has a Btudlo at 30o West Twenty-second street. New York City. Th couple obtained their marring license hero yesterday, Mr. Rousswig's present address Is 215 West Thirteenth street. New York City. Miss Sawyers wns born In Cnrslrana. Texas, the daughter of Alio and Inez Suwycrs. D. A. R. Meets Today HOUND RROOK. Nov. 8. The November meeting of Camp Middle. brook Chapter, It. A. It., will be held on Tuesday afternoon, Novem-her 15, at. IMbi p. m., at Middle, hrook Country Club. Roard meeting Is ot 1:3" p. in. Col. J. 11. M. Dudley of Elizabeth will ad, Inns the meeting. He will speak on "Putrlntlam." Tho hostesses are Mrs. W. S. Nixon, Mrs. E, J. Brig-den, Mrs. E. (i. Rrlttnin. ! Heat ' i ll that guards your health aridsavesyourmcney- Radiator Heat the best that science knows and the cheapest in the end. It means a clean and healthful home; it saves on the monthly fuel bill; it adds greatly to the selling or rental value of any house. One Year To Pay Vou can enjoy the advantages of radiator heat and pay at your convenience. It's an investment you will never regret. ESTttUTES GLADLY AND FREELY CHEN No Obligation Whatever F. E. DECKER PLUMBING and HEATING 74-78 THR00P AVE. THOMAS P. I.dlll. EIV Thomna F. Lobleln of liscatawny died nt hla homo Inst night after n long Illness. Mr, Lobleln came here from Ilermtidi several years ago nnd was n member of the Highland Park Lodge of Mm sous. Mr. Lobleln Is survived by his wife, Mrs. (Irneo 1. Lobleln, and five children, (ieorge, Parker, Albert, Helen nnd (ilndys Lobleln, two brothers, Dr. Rudolph Lobleln nnd (ieorge Lobleln of Bermuda, ulso n sister. Mrs. Wllllnm Riittnn. The funeral will be held from the Masonic Auditorium, Highland Park, Thursday afternoon nt 2 o'clock and will lie conducted by Rev. Mr. Doberstine. Interment will be in Van Llew cemetery under the direction ot Undertaker Qunckenhos nnd Son. .TORN THOMPSON lit 'HIED The funeral of John Thompson of College Farm, was held this afternoon from the homo of his son, Harvey Thompson on Feltnn street, Highland I'ark, and well attended Rev. Dr. ijeurge II. Pnvson conducted the service nnd there were many floral tributes. Interment was In Elntwnod cemetery under the direction of Undertaker tjumiii n-boss and Sun. EATING Is a Pleasure Only If You Have GOOD TEETH! Have you enounh teeth to enjoy a good Meak do you eat mush and milk because your teeth are gone docs hot col-fee or ice cream hurt your teeth do you try to chew food with your front teeth, when nature intend that chewing should lie done only hy molars in the back of the mouth? BE WISE l!e your teeth put in condition befoie you We are experts ' at fittini! teeth to improve your health and beauty. This set of teeth will do it. Try us when others fail. Full Set. of Teeth, $2S.OO dr; maisel Surgeon Dentist Open mil Kiltii Every livcnlni l or Those Hint Work Daytime lose health ! 137 ALBANY STREET Opposite Post Office

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