The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 11, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DO ^"^ THBJX>MIMHT NEWSPAPKllJ^HOMTOAOT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST nr,YTI!KVILLI<;, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1037" ,ty /.^ MISSOURI SINGLE COPIES FIVU SLURS OF GERMAN PRESS Jackson Says 'Implacable' Stand of Justices Justifies Change WASHINGTON, Mar. 11 (UP) — Ass't. Atly. Gen. Robert H. jack- son today appealed for congressional enactment . of President Roosevelt's judiciary plan to heal controversy within the supreme court which he charged threatened the harmonious working of government. Appearing before the senate judiciary committee, Jackson denied a suggestion by Senator Pat McCarrnn (Dem., Nev.) that appointment of six new supreme court Justices would destroy national confidence in the tribunal "Implacable Oppositlon"- •: He charged that supreme court invalidation of New Deal laws lias revealed in the supreme court majority "an implacable although ;T imnueitionably sincere opposition • to the use of national power to accomplish (he policies so overwhelmingly endorsed by the vot- "This frank hostility of these justices," Jackson charged, "has been openly counted on'-by interested groups to defeat much important legislation." "A majority' of the " justices" said Jackson, "have made It-ap'-i parent-that the great objectives of this administration and this congress offend their'-"deep convictions: and that the methods of this nay violate" their conceptions of good government." No Threat to Court -• >>'iSi > "'- L — you thi "V demanded McCnrran, "that addition of. six C;.!ifornia House Votes Mooney Pardon SACRAMKNTO. cal,,. Alar. II (UP)—A resolution seeking a leg- Irfallve pardon for Tom f,fooney, . convicted San Francisco Preparedness Day bomber, moved to the state senate today where leaders Indicated it had little chance of passage. The resolution, whose constitutionality was challenged during debate, was approved late yesterday in the house of representatives, 45 (o 28. The resolution was introduced by Assemblyman Paul A. Ritchie, a Democrat from San niego. the"' pail of' tlie people who give the court its power? ['No I do not," Jackson replied and i w' 1 fCCl thht Wa ~ y about ll tlge of the supreme court InjCred" It is a. difficult task lo appoint he six men and confirm them worthy oT the "jobSr ' ?* me " as that—then we are over the dam anyway." Two File Divorce Suits Mis. Edith Wilson has filed suit in chancery court here seeking R" divorce from Fred E. Wilson on i the ground of indignities E P i Alexander i s attorney for the Everett Bruce has filed suit' against Bertha Bruce asking a divorce on the ground of--deser-i lion. I FWiLt J'UT€Li Two Mississippi County Men Suggested for Federal Judgeship. Two Mississippi county residents Congressman W. J. Driver of Osceola and Circuit Judcc G. E Keck of Blylhcvlllc, liavc been mentioned in news dispatches from Washington as among those who have be™ recommended to Joe T. Robinson and Mrs. Haltle Caraway. Arkansas senators for endorsement as successor to the late Federal Judge John E. Mar- tinenu of Little Rock. Others.who Bave been mentioned pub'icly so far include Governor Bailey, Justice E. L. Mcltaney of the state sumeme court, Hamilton Moses, Fred Isgrig; Judge Abner McGhec of dllle Rock Chancellor A. L. Hulchins of Forrest City, Representative John E. Miller of Eearcy, T. c. Trimble and Albert. Walls, -ipnokc, and Rub}' Robbins, ComvayX There is some sentimehl amons eastern Arkansas attorneys in fa- .yqr.lpf ..concEijtrixtlng.,, their support behind one man from ihis section of Ihe slate .and action toward this end may be attempted when bar association repri- sentatives meet to consider the matter of- the judgesh'ip:> •"• Judge Keck said today-that his first information that he had been suggested for the office came from press dispatches from Washin-*- ton. , • " The Blytheville Bar association was to meet this afternoon to elect a delegate to attend a ineetin» of representatives of the various°bar assQciatious-in northeastern Arkansas to be held at Jonesboro for the purpose of endorsing a candidate for the federal Judgeship. Chancellor j. p. oaiitney of Jonesboro president of the state bar association, has requested the naming of delegates to the Jonesbbro meetin°- BY - BOB BURNS Community Commilfeemen For 1937 Will Be Elected Next Week Most everybody dreams of the U.ilngs they'd do if they had a lot of money but somehow or other, when you finally place the money jn their hands, their ideas seem to change altogether, I read an, article today where some news-1 paper man had checked up on : •liulc a bunch of Sweepstake win-i uers nnd ho found out that not nne of -em did the things with I their money that they said they'd' J<o when they first heard had won! I only know of one man who be alwn' "''"' hU " I0ne - v wlial that was because he was so un- r V 1 .' , dilln ' t ""re f °r money for himself but was always think- In" of his poor wife who had struggled along by his s jd e all through the years. It always purt near lore his hearl out whenever he thought of his poor wife" wear- in' that same calico dress for ten years without complainln 1 . Finally one day, n company found oil on his North Forty and he came home with a suitcase full of bills He walked in the house proudly and emptied the bills on the Din- iii« Room (able and he says "There you are, Honey—now you can go buy yourself some decent clothes." She looked at the money and then looked at him and'she says "HI do no thin' of tiie kind—I'll ell Hie same kind of clothes the oilier women wenr," Community committee-men who will assist in carrying out the 1937 soil conservation program in the northern district of Mississippi county will be elected at a series of eleven meeting's scheduled for next week. The 1837 program will . De explained and discussed ia detail and a representative of the Mississippi County Farm Bureau will be present at each of the meetings to discuss the benefits to be derived from n strong farm organization. Tlie meetings, which will be lieid in the usual meting places in each community, will begin at V:30 p. m. Similar nictings are being held throughout the Osceola district of the county this week. The schedule of meeting^ fnr Monday, March 15-Forly a n( j Eight. New Liberty and Whisp Tuesday. March 10 Yarbio Cornell and Manila. Wednesday, March n — rjcll Blvthevllle and Half Moon Thursday, March 18 - Armorcl and Leachvllle. Jonesboro Man Dies In Little Rock Hotel LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 1) (tJPI- James C. Higglnbolham 3.) brother of Senator Gene HlRsin- •bothani. of Hardy, was found dead u n local hotel room here earlv today, . . !li8ginboth.iin, a formcr | ber of the Arkansas house of' representatives, died of n hear nltack. At the lime of hi, dcMh he lived In Jonesboro. Contractor Will S 1 a r I Work on Building ii About Ten Days Actual construction of the $10 000 biiilillng which Blytheville is' to build to house.a cotton garment factory of the Rice-stix Dry Goods Co., St. Louis, will start within ten days or -two weeks—probably on Monday, March 22—j. A. Slitter- field, manager or the Sikcston Engineering and Construction Co the successful bidder, assured the niy- tlieville industrial Association following award • of the contract lo his nriu yesterday afternoon Tlie contract gives the Sikeston concern until August 15 ( 0 complete the building. M r . SnUerftcld after inspecting the site and the facilities that are beltio provided for the delivery of material's, said liiat unless exceptionally unfavorable weather conditions Interfere he will have the bnildino ready well before the deadline. Fund May Fall Short The Rice-Sttx company will install its machinery as soon as the building is complete and expects to fave the factory in operation next fall. Employment will be relallvek Email nt first but the payroll will .01 built up gradually as workers are trained iinti a full force of between 300 Oarid 400 is at work The S70.000 fund subscribed by BlyUicvLJc business men and property owners for erection of th< binding inay rail a few hundred dollars short of (he amount needed B. A. Lynch, president of tlie industrial Association, said foltowin° award, of the contracts The-total cost of. the-building, "chiding,automatic -sprinkler- syl- em-and heatln s plant; which weri l\nl illnlx,*...! 1 ' i, on.,. lot iiicjided in the C on- I'lcclses Slill Unpahi y "5," snf " -"'at he believed iciilty would be expericnc- general ' in « re « of r - - 1 , amoimt- sub- icnbetf for the building, if all pl-n-'- P u id ' n f " (l - Several hun- dollars additional expeus" er, will be involved i n 5 r - £cin, streets around th s "ac o y building and it will probabh- be „ no h ncy as is necessary., if subscribers to the ; oil»lna' would pay up their pled I and promptly. Several sand dollars, is still and with actual work on the building to begin shortly ii j s necessary that the money'be paid in at once. The Cotton Belt railroad is now building " S D'»- »ne lo' the plant site-at the -west end of Main street, on part of the old Chicago Mill properly-whieli will be ready for delivery of building materials and which later, will- serve the factory after it 1 Is-put in opcra- only fund thoii- "loshif/ Stock Prices NEW YODK, Mar. 11 Stocks and commodities declined lUP) — today m a technical adjustment, after having established new hi°hs for several ytnrs on Wedn^aix- A.'T. and T ..." American Waterworks Anaconda Copper . , Bethlehem steel 'hrisier '.'...'. Coca Cola General E^ctrlc '.'..'. Motors International Karvesie McKesson & Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central .'. Packard Phillips. Pciro. ...... Radio Corp St. Louts-San Fran. . Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. Sludsbaker .' Texas Corp. '...'.'. U. s. SinelUni; ..." U. S. Steel \ Warner Bros ilouilc .... 175 1-2 .... 24 1-2 .... B7 S-S .... 102 .... 128 152 GO G5 1-2 ... 107 3-4 .... 14 .1-8 .... 61 1-8 .... 52 1-4 H 1-8 12 .... 4 53 5-8 .. -. 74 1-4 18 5-8 .... 58 3-8 •-.. 100 1-2 -... 122 1-8 .... 15 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, in Mlr (UP)-Hogs: receipts 8500 ' ' Top 10.20 ' ' 170-230 las 10.00-10.15 Light weights 7.00-9.85 Bulk sows 9.50-9.70' Catlle: receipts 2,000 Steers 10.00-11.50*- Slaughlcr steers 0.50-12 75 Mixed yearlings and h e if crs Slaughter heifcrs = Beef cows 5.00-6,50 Cullers and low cullers Collector Now Ready to Receive Tax Payments Tlie stnte and county .tax 'books have been completed by the coi|n- ty court clerk and are In the qf- lice of the sheriff, and collector here taxes are payable/ ; ' . ' ' ' Collrc'iloii l.s ninde this yen r on w luxes extended for the previous •em. 103U, as Li customary. < Mrs. Carey Woodburn Phceiicy, •Dimly court clerk; snlrt thai deny was cucounlci-ed' in preiiarfcg the really *nx book this year be- of the ic-plntting of c?r- trncts which have been, [ed from lots lo ncrcage. 1 ln change Gar men t Plant Sign^ Agreement WilK C.I.0. Affiliate MEMPHIS, Mar. n. (UP)-A Committee for Industrial Organization alliliatc—Intel national todies Garment Workers Union—today won liie nrst skirmish In Die' c. 1 O's current campaign | 0 organize textile and clothing factory workers In the South. ••Joseph and John Krivcher, broth- Ji-s and managers of the Ti-l-Sfate Dress Manufacturing Co., sighed L a closed shop agreement Kith til- mioii. ending a strike called MonI day. "We are concentrating on Ih'e South and within the next year nnd i half the South will be unionized " said Meyer Perlslein, regional ••'director of the uVilon.; "We have 25 or 30 organizers jn Kansas City now awaitiiW ordersilo ?o into Mississippi. Our IiilernK- lonal union-appropriated $1000000 Jt the last nieeiing | n Washington lor the unionization of the Soutli." Strike at Barrel Plant '•'"'' .MEMPHIS, Te'na.. Mar. ll'-djp) -Approximately 400 eiftplbyes to- dBj- wit on strike at t.hc Cliicka- E;IW Wood products Co., piie'pf th" world's/largest !.liquo r barrel manufacturers.' t The workers..who were not organized in a' union, demanded, a «ase increase.of 10 cents an hour- Bruce Lumber Co:, after a two- day shutdown because of a strike reopened; Its employes were given 1-2 cents an hour wage Iticreas- t-jav wilh little nt. in-,t v -im seen the value 3ut ; Growers.Are Warned ,of Danger in Over-Expanding Prockiclioti NE\V ORLEANS, Mar. U. (UP) —Cotton farmers of the ^oi-th .«inv i song of hope today willi prices "sing steadily on the highcsi market since June, 1930. The market, buoyed bv American Influences, war preparations and mflalionary talk, sent cotton "~rt the H cenls n pound lavel for j first lime in ssven vears. MH- almg spots closed yesterday at 14 15 per pound and Ihe rise continued on t!:e op;nlift c^ton oiTer n 'l o FTniprs ivho I mi:> " nt I •>. *<:uii mu value or their potential crops Jump more Mian SO a bale in two weeks were reluctant to ssll tt,e cotlon t|..-» "ill pick in'the fall on the basis "f todavs market, Brokers said hopes of is and IG cent cotwiv-al-; ready were beln c heard on plantations and mile sellln, of un- lanled crops was cxnectcd Cotton planters who saw their bales go at six and seven cents a . . pound In 1932 are rcwlniii"- soms 51 3-8 of tne conridence which made their whlltc staple "king of the south." Government crop control aiilhor- tics alreadv have expressed ftaK of increased acreage nl.-intliig this 'priiiK and warned against too treat •ntlresiasm which would baiter nown tlie market, vice-president E. P. Creekmore of the American Cotton Cooperative Association al-o 7 5 . 8 warned producers they must cOn- «u!er world production, world conditions and world consumption rather than American production ind consumption alone l n consld- Ting acreage increases Chicago Wheat onen blgh ) 0 i V c ] ose May 1377-8 138 3-8 136 3-4 137 1-8 ' 'l- 1221-8 1223-8 120 1-2 1205-8 Chicago Com open high low close •M.iv 1093-8 !IO 1-S 109 1-8 109 5-8 1 July 10S 1-4 105 1-2 101 5-8 104 7-8 Hilarity Marks Closing .Sessions In Rolli Houses of Legislature L1TTLK ROCK, Mnr. 11 (UP)— Arkansas' lirty-Orst, general as- sembjy adjourned sine die at noon today. Humor nnd gaiety, mixed M(h" tributes and tokens of np- pieciallmi. marked closing exercises In both houses. Members of the assembly nnd mployes presented gifts lo presiding: officers nnd chief clerks of both houses. the morning sessions of bolh houses, ending GO days of work, saw a number of local bills enacted Inlo law. The scnnle refused lo pnss a house bill ^appropriating 51,800 lo delray expenses of the Hot Springs investigation. Debts owed by the ccmmltlce were referred lo Ihe state claims commission. The Vesey liquor repeal bill was placed on the senate calendar so llmi dry senators could get themselves on record as favoring the measure. 'No action was laken upon ll.. House Kills Tux Shift The.East Arkansas delegation In Ihe'house yesterday "succeeded In killing'n senate bill -which would have given nearly, all proceeds from Ihe cigarette tax to the school equalization." France Sends Cruisers to r ro t cr, I Shipping in Mediterranean MARSEILLES, • France, Mnr. 11. (UP)—A trl-motorcd Junkers (Ger- maii-mttdc.) all plane not only bombed but machine-gunned Hie decks of the wench steamship DJcbcl-Anlai- in the Mediterranean. ', between North Africa ami the lia- j learic islands. It was reported here t toslay. Two Local Residents Named to Statc i Boards Two rc.slilwiis of niyllicvlllt wti'c unions; 31 ap|Kilnlees to elRh Mntp Iwnrds whose imines were submitted by Oov. Carl E. Unllcj to the .stale seimte yesterday foi conllvmatlon. Afis, S. S. Stevnbcrg was nnin- nl lo Ihe board of' the Stale 'rralnliur Scliool for Girls am Jesso Tnylor was appointed lo the t'oard o! the Conlederate Home, The uoveinor's apiiolnlmeiit of Ctaicnce H. Wilson lo Ihe stale police board was confirmed by Ihe scnule some lime ago. Fmncc Semis CIII|SLTS TOULON, Prance. Mar, 11 (UW —l-'our cruisers * today to protect French merchantmen in the Mediterranean steamer routes as the result of Ibonuichine- ""(I bombliYi of l^cncli steamship DJebcl-Aninr. Two of Ihe cruisers will patrol the roules between Siirdtnla and the Bolearlcs nnd two Will |)n- nol off tile Alserlnn coast In the •/.ones where Spanish nallonnlist nirplaiies and wnrclilu/; have been acllve. The order for the cruiser pnfrot was Issued after thu crew of the liner Governor General Qeuydoii, bound Irom Marseilles to Algeria, refused to sail tmlp-s, n navy escort was provided 30,000 Italians On Front MADRID, Mar. U (UP)—An ot- SUrtfSTST S RobcHs, of Faulkner, .to-call it up for a-final vote, ./put, Representative Ward, of Lee/.nnd, oilier East Arkaiisas members raised.the point that the bill had just cdme from the senate and hiid not been-rend the-nrst and second'nines. 'Crisp of Pulaski, succeeded In having a motion adopted for first rending O f Iho-blUrlodajv but lite subsequent motion (o suspend' the rules and rend it pic second time so it might be vo'icd upon before adjournment tomorrow nt noon was voted down. 41-35. .It would' have laken a .tw,o-lhirds'' majority to suspend.die' rules. ' Failure to have.the bill read the second lime was equivalent to killing It. Slijhl Gas "Tax Cut A bill by Senator M'llum of Baone, providing for a one-fourth cent per Ballon reduclloii In t!i c gasoline tax, was passed, 5-1 to 31, afler about an hour's debate. Most of Hie lime.was taken up in discussion of various questions, the Idea being to kill Cffne lo prevent other bills being culled up for consideration, particularly senate Bill No. 348, ivhich would fix the venue of actions for personal Injm-y and aentli In the county in which tlle accident occurred, or the home county o; the injured person, and Senate Bill No. 135, lo provide tor uniform contracts between motor vehicle manufacturers and their agents, it has been charged lhat •powerful lobbies' 1 had been or«au- 'EC.-I (o defeat both bills. -.Cigarette Tax Cut Killed . The house yesterday rejected n Jill by Senator Ellis of Bentoji :ounty which would have reduced the cigaretle lax from five cents .0 three cents per package. Opponents of Ihe measure declared that t would result In a reduction of revenue for the common schools, •vhlch are beneficiaries of the tax. proponents were equally as posi- ive that the revenue would be ncreased, basing Iheir opinion on he assumption that bootlegging of cigarettes would be eliminated nnd sale .of "legitimate cigarettes" would be Increased. Amid charges that it would olunge. the schools "dee|»r inlo he mud of politics," the senate completed passage today of a loiisc bill giving the governor 30,000 Italian troops, comprising four divisions, arc leading the rebel drive on Madrid. Tlie olllclal estimate fol lowed loyalist.. capture of 4i more Italian soldiers on the Guadalajara front.. •; . • . ; «' Prisoners,;; according to the loj- allsts, earlier had revealed th loj- thai nt least 21,000 Italians were fighting on the Gundnlnjura ^front' wheie^ thfc.41 were surrounded by militiamen and captured. Some Italian soldiers were held lii reserve for the "big push" on (he cnpitnl. Foreign permitted correspondents wurc to see (he piisonefs. e. They wore regulation Itntlan army uniforms and many were of (he short peasant type found In large numbers In Jiniy's forces Officers Will Watch Especially for Drunken Drivers on Road 61 ' It was indicated today that a M-hotir tinffic patrol will be Inaugurated shortly on highways in the Chfcfcasawba district of Mississippi county. A similar patrol has been i lor several weeks , ,. ------ ~- .«-. ux ,. w , [,, tvuc^D ' *<i~Jiii ui SUUVC In the Osccota district of , the In this country. 1 county. i j, The patrolman, It Is understood will be salaried deputies ope out of the sheriff's office , lllu their aclivitics will be directed to- It PRICE BILL Passes Guffey-V i n s o n Measure, for 'Regulation of Industry WASlmrjTON, Mar, n. (UP) — Tlie house today passed Ihe Guffsy- Vlnson bill to regulate the $11000000,000 bituminous eonl Industry through price fixing provisions designed Indirectly io permit Improved labor conditions for 500000 miners. I''age cntnc nfler Speaker Wll- Itom U. Uankhead made a Iloor speech—his first.of the session—In support of (.lie bill. The measi ic. providing for establishment of maximum and minimum coal pi Ices, Is slmllai lo a men sine side-tracked by adjournment last session U Is a direct outgiowth of the supreme court's decision against,the original Ouf- "little dustry. ,'! bill for the In- The nc« bill which now goes to the -senate was tiW, firstl measure H ^^ R ^'/-V'' colne teforo the 1S37 ^ougreA'. iViiioiuor slid >l had the full support of picsl- icnt Roosevelt. WASHINCITON. Mar 11 (OP)*- Ambas.sadoi William E Dodd in Berlin today was Instructed to mnke emphallc diplomatic repiesenta- 11011", lo the del man. government o*ci allcgedl} sluiring anll-Aiiieil- tan ai titles appearing recently In the German press. > The action came less than a neck -iftei the German government lodj'-^ ed an official piotesl agalnsti ie'- "• maiks mndo by ;Ma>or pioiello La- Guardla of New York, who suggested Hint a statue of chancellor Adolf ' Hltlei be placed In a ' chambe'i of horrors" nt the forthcoming woild's fair In New York This government npologl/ed to Germany at the time but pointed out that It had DC, con- 'iol oici the speech of American •Itizeus. , , _ Mrs Wise Writes r Ambassadoi Dadd was instructed today to cnll (he attention of fife Oeiinan foreign office to vltupefa- the ruUfita, which appealed In gov-' eminent-controlled new spa|>crs In connection with (h c LaGuaidla"-' Hitler Incident ,., Today's diplomatic representa,- tlons to the Qcunar forelen office were insllsalcd'by a letlet from Mis Stephen Wise, \\lfc of Rnbol ' Stephen wise of New York and, ehab-man of'tlie' \VoinaiVs section ; of Uic Ameilcnn Jewish"Confer-,, sncc, to Secretaiy Hull 'Her,lSUoV called attention to allegedly .sTifr- ' ring and offensive remarks.,coil-' tallied in ..articles wh'ch had ai>- ucarcd tivthe German press America!! womanhood in i --"-' 1 -' * - "- fllegedlv'- frisuu«d ,, Congressman" Ch a'rges ' Widespread: Plot Against U. S. Government WASHINGTON, Mnr. n (UP)— Chairman Samuel Dlckslein (Dem., N- Y.) of the house Immigration' committee, told the house rules committee today that he knows of 100 spies hi this-country who fire fomenting a Fascist plot against the government;. Dlckstein apjwarcd before the committee, seeking Quick action on his resolution for n con«rcss- ional investigation into nil phases of alleged foreign propaganda and financing of- organizations circulating "slanderous or llbelous un- Amcrlcan propaganda or religloi- raclal or subversive Centering his attack on the tfn?l govcrnme apprehenslo, or drmk reckless drivers. Officials believe that n major of the accidents occurring ilong Highway Gl arc attributable to drunken driving. The deputies will be under Instructions not to iiaiass motorists for minor violations, except possibly to cnll their •mention to them. Autcmobiles used by tfie n,, ri C< ! " 1!>t " mnn whom llc descrlb- und'ed ns a chemist on leave of ab- by the Ford Motor leader of a wide movement | n this a $20,000,000 fund Co., «-as the spread Na7l country with at his disposal. Norn's Moon Opens New Store at Monette is being •unoc uiu gmng me governor ~,.nti~>.i ., "" a " ul iower lo appoint the state board ' va " awe " lls morning to confirm of cducalion, °™ ra Uhc report that such a patrol Present n,™,!,™ nf n, n ~, J!™" ld b ? startc<l *»°rlty but'the information was obtained from „ law enforcement officer whose duties are closely connected with *he sheriff's office. Present members of the board vill be allowed to comolctc the erms for which they were elected, the governor naming a new uembcr as eacli incumbent re- ires. Unless the pre.^nt member. 1 ; die, resign or are removed for ..— by ih governor, their re-1 Jlaccments will be made one each NEW YORK, itfar 11 (UP)— year for the next seven years. 'Cotton closed steady.' open high low close , ( — '••uull WUIIL HJ Ltlnl city yesterday to make their home. Drills is the nrst furniture store at Monette and Mr. Moon will handle only ncwifurnlture. He has been with the Hubbard Furniture Co., here tor the past four years. New York Cotton Senator Taylor of Clarksville, a member of the elective board whose term expires this year, led he fight for passage of the bill, He said the Arkansas Education Association wanted the board made appointive and wanted the tovernor lo serve as a member. He will do so under the new bill. Mar. ... May July Oct. . Dec. ... Jan. .. H35 1456 1391 1393 1381 1385 1337 1341 1328 1334 1331 1354 1420 1377 1359 1312 1307 I30S 1428 1385 1369 1318 1313 13H The yellow in the plimiagc of a canary bird K the result of a carefully cultivated skin 'armless to humans. disease "'•UM I Spots closed steady at 1415,-up 1. Spot Average Is 14.13 • The average price of 7-8 inch middling collon on the ten designated s]»t markets today was 14.13. according to the Blytiic- ville Board of Trade. Food Section Is New Courier News Feature With today's Issue the Courier News Inaugurates a new feature, a weekly food section. In which will appear each Thursday a variety of menus, Kclpe.s and articles of Interest concerning foods and their preparation, together with the advertising of local grocery stores and markets, j] Tvirn to the second section, pages 0 to 12, for food news and food advertising. • to Ameiican manhood Cited in Let"-} tei to Hull .-— Hull, answering Mrs Wise's lel- iei, Informed her that Ambassador Dodd hnd been Instructed to make emphatic comment to the Ciciman foreign office regarding .these newspaper articles and Id express, this government's amazement that they hnd bsen pennltted lo appear Dodd's representations* do not constitute a formal protest but are In the same category Red Cross Completing Its Work at Lea^vill'c", LBACHVILLE, ArJ—The AnTci--" lean Red Ciosi, -which has been., doing flood lelief woik In Leach ^ vlllc since January 23. h drawing" Its activities to a close. ,,i* J U Stanhope of the general' offices of the Red Cioss and O O Stircs, chairman of the local chapter are closing soicral ca>-e« daily They find most of the flood, refugees are returning to work and no longer ale in need of Red Jross assistance. Mi Stanhope' ins been engaged foi several doit, n visiting the homes of Ihe refvu! gcrs nnd getting nrst hand in- ^ formation as to conditions, th>' oss sustained bv the lefugees amf.". tiielr needs. ,, The last of the refugees who were . concentrated in the Wal-i cot, Ark, G'CC camp were leturu-. :d this v,eek In some cases they" found their homes lu nuns but, lliey are starting In lo rebuild unit' rcpah- A good many of ,the fnnn-t ers are tilling- soil that a few weeks ago was coveied with many :ect of water. Others are clearlnj; land for future home and farms* Thousands Inoculated -i' in County Last Month The stnff of the Mississippi county health unif administered 4,929 typhoid. 456 small pox and 182 diphtheria ^accln!>tfons and noculatlons during- the month of February, the unit's monthly report reveals imtnuiirzntion work was. earned on In the schools at Luxora, Manila, Wilson, Armorel. Grlder. Carson, Yarbro and In the 1 refugee camp at Osceola. Dr. R. E. Schlrmer is head of the unit, Mrs. Annabelle Hunt Is nurse and Ertna Kendrick U colored nurse. ; WEATHER Arkansas— Mostly doudy tonight and Friday. Oold'er In fiorthweit portion, probably freezing in extreme north portion. Memphis atid • vicinity-— Partly cloudy loiilglH and Friday, not much change \n temperature Lowest tonight, -38" W 42. The maximum temperature hera jesterday wis 6$, minimum 34, clear, according to Samuel p. Nor- rls, offlcl'il weather observer. ! '

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