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The Courier News from , · Page 6

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Monday, November 21, 1932
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER .NEWS _MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1932 jHumes High Of Memphis Opposes Chicks Thursday ID BOTTLE Closeup Reveals Players Showing "The Old Fight" In Perm-Ohio State Game Sutherland Will Lead Northwestenis In Charity Game at Baltimore. By DR. J. B. "JOCK" SUTHERLAND Football Crach, University of Pittsburgh (Copyright, 1932. NBA Service, Inc) ' As coach of the picked northern team that is to meet a selected /.oufhcin eleven at Baltimore, Dec. : 10, I have been spending what Ill- tie spare time I have lining up a "'. Equad for the charity contest. Though our own season is far 'from over, with a hard gnme b2- ' t»-een Pitt and Stanford coming 'Nov. 26, we already have practi-! cally. decided upon what players 1 will be used for the post-season .engagement. Players who either have been invited to play on ti:c northern team, . or who are under consideration, are: Halfback Heller and Center Tor"• ihey, Pitt; Guard Sample. Carnegie Tech; Halfback Hinchman, Ohio -State; Halfback Deacle, Washing- : ton. and Jefferson; Tackle Cole - fcower, Pennsylvania; Fullback Viviano, Cornell; Halfback Fishman. end Guard Hoffman, Dartmouth; ',' Hallbac* McNaniora, N. Y. U.; End --. : jjppoth and Guard Grenda, Co'\ lumbla; Guard DeCarbo, Ducmesne; -.Center. Reese and Quarterback '. Whiltock, Temple. .A half dozen 'players from Holy : Crcis, Brown and Colgale are un. cercinslde'ralion. . - » * » .; ..Coach Dick Harioiv of Western ..''Maiyla'nd. will have charge of the /.'Ecuthsrn team, and he has been in '"-'touch with the caac' of leading -^ : colleges and universities in r'gard . to scod players. Only seniors will " tc s^cted. -.The chances are that \1hc-ro will be a number ol All-Am- rtlca players from both sections on .the fl3ld when the teams begin the On Tlie Outside - Looking In Bv "DUKE" All-Ainci:ca Quarter Twas a grand battle, mates, one of the bloodiest that's been fought on the gridiron this year. And judging Irom the fisticuffs between Ohio State mid I'enn player.; during their gridiron tussle at Columbus. Ohio, recently, It's easy to understand how a lot of college boys are joining Ihc ranks of pro wrcs'.lers and boxers. ters into his own hands cm! scored p. technical knockout over of hefty pokes'. with n couple I Ilrny Newman, inni'ivi usick of 'he championship Uig Ten team, the- University of Michigan, is a:: ctitaln to t;e named on a majority Lf the All-Ami-Tici picks ihl'i foil r.s any jiriddr-r in the country. 1'Jr.wmnn led a Wolverine eleven, conceded to li<> far from a great irciliall machine. !o the top of the Bis Ten heap, almost through individual brillancD. He lopped oil his season's sensational performance bv kicking a field goil Saturday Ihp.t gave his team UK.' tlirec point margin by which it defeated a tough and formidable fee. the University cf -Minnesota. I'r.etlwll or itosrliall A number of Saturday's scores resembled the results of baseball Barnes more so than gridiron bat- He:;. For instance there wsre several 2 to 0 samcsr safeties providing the winning margins, more victory ' based DEFEff LBCH5 But Advance Indications Arc For Hard Fought Game Thanksgiving Day . ..;e Blythcvllle Chicks v.ill make enluely a t i csi jc rn t e elicit to finish their 1932 seaton v.ith p. victor/ when they meet the Humes I'.ixl. eleven of Memphis at.' Haley t'kld on Thanksgiving Day. The naiau is scheduled to start at .'i i/rlcck. Clcsing cue of the "Icanes 1 ." 2'j-ns; in their history Ihc B. II. S. gridders will attempt to stop the strong visiting eleven. So far this yuar Ihc Maroon aivl While squad has cnly been able to push across two victories while losing five and tying one game. i Not since the first, game of the than The above photo, taken immediately after the Hlnchman-Burnslt battle. 1: ,=th:r, I one 3 to 0 and' ou ?. field goal and a The game was interrupted by an honest to goodness engagement of fisticuffs be- shows Hinchman. No. 1, standing away from the crowd, while Bill Carroli, his team- j rccrrd by Nebraska over Kansas tween Lew llluchman. captain of Ohio State's squad, and Burnett, Penn end. Hinchman said thai Burnett and a. couple of other player:; were breaking through the Sta'.c line and roughing him every time he attempted .to nnss. Lew, after unsuccessful complaints to Officials Wcygandt and Masker, tool: rant- mate. No. 2..Is'hurling some polite remark? at the departing nui-/icll. Co. .3. who isjby combining r. cut on his feet ar.d being supported by Solehowor, Hi. 4, Penn tack!3. isn'cty. At right of the picture three Penn players. Captain Eokolis, No. 6. YaMonski, Mo. 7, and Collis, No. 8. arc prata'.ing to O cials Weynndl. No. 5, and Masker, No. M. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer .This is the first* organized at- :-.-tsmpt to put en a game of this ' v'JMnd, and it Is being sponsored by '.=.' the city of Baltimore with ths pro- cssds lo go to charity. An idea of - how popular this game may become in future years may be de' rived from the fact thai Baltimore ' officials expct a crowd of 50,000 tn •.-. 60,000. The capacity of ths stadium is 80,000. T ..Every'civic organization in Bal- rtlmore is behind the gains. Balll- : more, with its proximity to Phil- .adelphla and Washington, Is sure •'• ;.io bo crowds for the contest. " " • • » .For those players fortunate - enough to be selected it means not "only fine, recognition but a chance to : sp:nd a very pleasant week. I will assemble my team in Baltimore Dec. J and expect to hav: two practice sessions early in thr week, lapering on with one a day. -.T.-o entertainmsnt committee ha ' worked out an attractive program. ' There will bs something doing every night—theater parties, dances ~:g~"tsecing and banquets. We exrwct to "have a fine gam' cn.-f hop2 lhat out of thh conl?3t will develop a naturhl rivalry that - i"ijtt make the gam- an annual aUair. HE HN> ATHLETIC SiWIibK TOfERRED iTBfwdER. BECAUSE -KE fiEED OF IWt&Jc. Kennett Wins Again Score 7-0 The Blytheville Bonecrusher< lost their second game to Kenticlt Me. independent team at Kennelt Sunday. The scon was 7'to 0 The Elytheville town team presented a stubborn defense but failed to show much in ths way of nn offense a few tasses account- Ing for most of th? locals pain and they were never in a nositijn . to olfer a serious scoring threat. Konnett scored its touchdown In the third quarter alter a scoreless first half. The K:nnett team opened a end run attack after tho kick off for the second half that carried the ball down to the Dlv- theville 10 yard line and Lloyd .. went over on another end run ; Rogers, hard running fullback, generated most of the powerful . blocking for the end runs of his ' tackfield mates. Why Prices Stay Down In tile five years during which Dr. "Fat" Spears reached faotball at the University of Minnesota, the Gophers never lost a game ID Wisconsin. Now that Dr. "Fat" Spears is coaching at Wisconsin, maybe the Gophers will not win any more games from the Badgers. Certainly the doctor got a good start toward turning the tables when his smart Badger eleven ; Minnesota back recently, 20 to 13. "Spears is back." was ths talk that went around the Big Ten just before the • present season opened, 1 i "and you never can tell what will happen when a Spears team takes the field." It's true—you never can. Not only that, but all who had any doubth that Spears is back have them removed. The doctor's team has lost just one game this year, and tliut to Purdue by a scor? of 7 to 0. . • • * ISut So Different! Tlie Wisconsin learn he put on the field Ihls yenr, utter l!2 hni! been absent for a couple of years ut Oregon, was almost the .sam2 club, so far as personnel was concerned, as th2 team that went nowhere last Th; difference was that this year's team sMtns to knew what it's nil about. It is a fine blocking learn with a strong line, and is well grounded in what Ihe boys eall Ihc fundamentals. The margin by which Wisconsin lust lo Purdue wns n dropped forward pass near Iho goal line. And lhal kind of tiling can happen to anybody. Tr.e doctor is one ol the Kc- j nance. 111., hoys who made poc.1 ir. I the big city. In high school he \v:s My, Babe, That Profile! 'STOCKS or GOOOO « THEUSJ Raw materials, such as What's The Idea? Several small college games were when the Chi.fc; gave pcmise of coing places by easily running rougiishcu over Hoxie have Rlythevillc fans watched their team in victory at Kr.lcy field. The second Chick victory was scored over Wilson's Bulldogs at Wilson. Piegott, Memphis Tech, Jones- tci'O, Paragoiild and Newport have taken Ihc measure of the local called off over the country Sat- team, and Shav.'ncs in probably urday because of weather condi-[ihe biggest surprise of the year ions. .It's as unusual for a fcot- ball giiine to be called off for that reasrn as it would b? for niajcr league teams to call off a baseball game because of hot weather. Given as .the CSL-FC of on? announcement was the statement lhat the playing field wns "snowbound" while another read that rahis had turned the scene of action into a "lake of wator". Many of the old ex-footballers, pr.rtir.ularly of northern schools v:ill snore in liieh sarcasm at such announcements and wcmUr if the younger generation of grid- cierj is not becoming slightly effeminate. One C'allfd Oil Here A town football game' was called cif in Blytheville the other night but principally because there wouldn't bs enough gate receipts at the affair tc pay for t,irnin-; on the lights much else make any money for the school lighting equipment fund. And after nil the players would not have-been battling in the sea of mud, rain and .slce'i for school honor and hardly anything else. held the Chicks to a draw. The Thanksgiving Day game should really prove far more interesting than the Memphis Tech- Blythevillu game earlitr in the season. While Tech, Memphis champion, obviously outclassed the Chicte, Humes will be mora in the class of the locals and a hard fought battle should result. Humes has an edge however. The Chicks have demonstrated little in the .way of a consistent offense cr a particularly sturdy defense except for occasional goat lino defense by the Chick forward wall. But the locals have shown a dangerous passing attack, that is about • as likely to spell disaster for them as it is for the opposition. The Chicks arc likely to open their aerial bombardment anywhere en the field and bringing Ih'j game into the open as they do, Ihe locals provide an un- After Many Iran Years Ai.burn appears all but in as the ;Koiiihern conference champion of j 1932. The Plainsmen have one • more ccnfercr.ce fee lo meet in the • South Carolina eltvcn' but it would ihe n bis upset indeed should (he . Gamcco ;ks beat, the Plainsmen. Auburn proved in the Gcjrgia • usual number of thrills for the fans even in defeat! The Chicks' running game has been rather effectively slopped by mcst of their opponents this season but their passing has t>ccu constant menace even in defeat. And the Chicks are certain to resort to passes regardless, of the uth, he's buck In (raining ngsini— on lint dos.s and! yen please. O - front ami side elevations shown above, taken as ihrjtenn::; to win ' Fro*! Hie Icuki of the rotund lummy, on the IrfliLi' Sultan cl Swat. Babe null' :.ociy 1)0)). The Bum was bustin' n tew innocent gGlf balls around Ihc lot in Bcrmurto, where he Is vacationing, clearly illustrates that his w.aislline linn defied the depression and Is on mi expansion program. i MH it had the stirit to come from cr the "will tc. win" i! one of the light's: the Southern conference title in recent years twc will release this ahead of time) Auburn bids fair to prove also Mi e ol the mcst popular of south- ern liile holders. Hail to the Hainsmen after many lean years! for treatments of magic shift # t4 21 A If NOTICE OF EXECUTION SALE Notice is hereby given lhat 1 the undersigned as Sheriff of Mis- I f E!s.-ipp! County, Arkansas, vmdei I:;: and by authority of an executio: Iv;. Issued on a Judgment rendered on l' ; ;the 26th day of April, 1932 in the li: .Chancery Court for the Chicka" ! fb« District of Mississippi Coun- Arkinsas In the case of The ^Tennessee Agriculture Credit Cor" " Plaintiffs, vs. -H. A.I ,nner, Defendants, Till on » ,»th d»y of October, 1932, South Door of the Court ' at Blytheville, ArUnsw, for M)t the loUowtng dticrib- one-thM tatct- «ad to the nortbwtct 'tt DM Mrthmt <P*f ler of Section 24 and the south- jl west quarter of Section 25, all I in Township 15, Range 8. . ' : Southwest, quarter cf the southeast quarter ol Section 30. and tiic ncrlh half (N'-i) of the ncrtheast quarter of the north- cast cmarlcr and the northwest (lunrter of Ihe northeast quarter less the south two acres of the west half (WVi) of the r.orlhcast quarter, west of the B. M. & i,. hardroad in Section 31, Township 15, Eangc 0 The purchaser at said sale "will •>: required to give bond with ap- :rovcd security for the purchase orice. Dated this the 3rd day of Oc- 'ober, 1932. W. W. SHAVER. Sheriff. i just one of those fellovvs rlr.nd next to (lie center nud-, "n nperluve in t'.to opposing "•; through which many n halfback chemicals, feeds and fcxtilu;, have | galloped to glory, ccntinuod to plb up in warehouses. I H= w:is tl: - sains at Dartmouth. •II- accompanying chart, preparj:! ! tl5!CC " 1 l ' ml ne wc " tl!0 Vollor of . ' . _ . _ I t?in? inme:l All-Amoric.i zm:\\ by the Cleveland Trust Company,' by ^ Vn , |or Cmm ,„ (VVQ J ( , u . shews ho\v-suc:i surplus stocks of j dirco years he playxl. taw materials have cc:Uinue:l to in-. He was cue of the first of tii-. crcp.'e and how stocks of maim-1 mcdcrn "rtmning guarr.s." wlv.r.: | JSctuVed gcods have fallen. On th, | " 13a " s ti- f llc Ar ™ ^ ck °" 1 , : ' i chart. th3 average for 1923. 1924 le . 1|I1C . rl ° "»' ' nt = rr " (!ncl - ; "'' I and 1925 is taken as 100. aiul he ' tllc tartcfield^n Jbnk attacks. | Inter years based en this. T e-j Th ,, TroubIc shoo , rr .. | &?^SS£^S i £ 3""STg-t] to pass on his talonls to olhof;. ', Spears starled coaching at I).ir;-i ! mouth shortly aft-?r the war. with! i was a pretty gccd man from whciu j to learn. When Caviiiuugh lei;.! Spoars succeeded to the me;.i-' phone. Dartmoitl'n. which had b:.-;-, i wondering when another lenin was coinlns alonj. in atDly [omul ilssli with en; en i; ; .' han-.l.s. When S;wars lolt for a job j at We.=.t Virginia. New Er.ghii- \ football people were not noticed !a-1 menling In the public plsic?s. and fcotball fundamentals. So ho just packed up and camo back to the Big Ten this j^ar. And. as you may havr noticed, ha really is bach. Capiain of Old Eli' Saves Kis Face farmers an:l miners too poor to buy j mnnufaclured goods and thus en-1 surpius. WARNING OKDi-R Lois L. Douglas; Frank c. .as; Marvin H. Robinson; Byron Morse; m, Prudential Insurance Company of America; and E. M. Terry. W. H. Stov'all 'and John Webb, as members of the BDfird of Improvement of Sswcr District Number One, of the city of Blytheville. Arkansas, are warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the ChicSas.iwb.i District of Mississippi Ccunty, Arkansas, within thirty days from this date, and answer the complaint lil- West Virginia was in the dol- 1 " drums. But this "trcutle s!iooi;r" [ |of fcotball soon had the toys or.! cd against them by Alfred Fair- llicir feet, and his banks, and Harry M. Pllagar. as members of Missouri Congregational Commission. Dated this November i. iJ32. R. L. GA1NES, Clerk. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Mountaineer '« wcic ;!u- Attorneys for Plaintiffs. t-.Mms of 1323 and rccurge ct the count!ytldo. Gopher Cnnvalfsccs He wen', to Minnesota in 1025 to apply his nostrums lo a sick Clo! pher. And tlu Gopher got so well i Rab] Is Born in Koal NORTHEAST HARBOR, Me. (UP)— A baby daughter was born to Mrs. Joseph Muse, wife of the - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - Tf>s ANCIENI? CONSULTED 3-10-n-21 that It won 20 games against ui ;lc > I Ion and tlir^e tied in the five y;irs [ of his slcuaidship. ' i Captain John Wilbur of Yale isn'i Next he applied his medicine (n! trying to save his fact just keeper of Baker's Islsnd light- 'two years there, his teams non n house, in a coast guard surf, boat lest four and we re tied twice. ' ' Oregon's languishing eleven, wilhJYale had more defeals lhan vic- the same sort of succsss. In his! lories this season. It's just a mask while she was' being Uken to 'the I Wisconsin Is said to have ot- vard. C»ptaln Wilbur is 'shown will he adopted to protect a trokji nose so he could play as'ainsi Har- hH!tnl«T»ti 'ttr«d the tlQ.OAO psr yjariand FOR THE PURPOSE OF FORETELLING THE OUTCOME OF ALL IMPORTANT • UNDERTAKINGS; Ftl-M ACTOR AND :.f ..GRAND OPERA STAR/, j; REPEATS THE WORD AS A RELAXATION FCR. Hlff \A3CAL TUBES' AND MUSCLES'. stRwccmc. THERE ARE $OOO. OOO,OOO,OOO f OOO 7ON£ o/~AtP, IN THE WORLD/ l!i£ D.iy For IViVfirites Tlie past week-end was a great .nc for the favorites. Not before this .season, even in the early warm-up games have the favored cniii,i come Ihroush so consistent- 'y though many were hard put •o eke cut triumphs over persistent under-tlogs. Out of 24 games predicted in this column 22 winners were picked for Ihc best average of the ;eason. The only reverse suf- ered was in ihe Miehi'jan-Min- icsota game with the writer, play- ng a hunch, picking Minnesota to \vin. instead of sticking to the favorite. JIichigr;i. Colum- nnined to win over Syracuse ,vas held to a draw in the other JUCES that didn't click. C'raiff Making C.otd Clarence "His Boy" Wilson, Mississippi county's nest sheriff, brinss back word from a (rip to Nashville lor the Tennessec-Vander- bllt game that Pete Craig, former Blytheville high star and all-Ar- knnsas prep ace. is going great as member of the Tennessee Brass- cut Urs. Craig is ineligible for either :he freshman team or the varsity -:quad this season, having transferred from a junior college to Tennessee this fall. But word roundabout from Knoxvillc is that Crnig gives the Tennessee varsity plenty of troubl-2 in daily scrimmages. According to rc]>orl3 they're counting on teaming Craig up with Feathers for a groat back- ficld pair next year. foASSIFIED- ^^ ^—^li-'^-JGLl -. Ancient Latins began no Important undertaking without consulting the birds, nnd alter n successful venture the credit was given to the birds Instead of to the man who accomplished the feat. It is from this custom lhat we got our modern cxprersion, "Under the auspices of," used in denoling the party under whose guidance a certain program Is carried out. Lawrence Tibbctt says, "Saying 'blah' causes the jaw to sag. and not only relaxes tl'.c neck muscles, but those of the face as well." What miirnl Is Uorn mith liorns? USE-PHONE

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