Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 9, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1895
Page 1
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VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 9, 1895. NO 35. BY BOAT BY BAIL BY DRAY. And our Spring Importations of HANDSOME SILKS, NEW LACES, NEW DRESS TRIMMINGS, NSW WHITE GOODS, Are laid at cur door direct from Foreign Ports. ,.,,... ALL QUALITIES. ALL STYLES. ALL PRICES All Strictly Metropolitan. Will say no more. Only early shoppers will make inroads on the prettiest — and they can't be duplicated, The Busy Bee Hive 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. Call and See! Plsy Thousands ol Tunes by means ol Indeslruc'.lble Metallic Disks. Purity * Volume ol Tone Unequalled. D. A HAUK, The wonderful Regina JlusicBoi. Will play any tune. I am agent for Lopansport of the gen uine, also the now things in'.Qold Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Combs, Hair Pins, Watch Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, Gold Bricabrac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the "eyes. 30 years' experience in Eu- graving and all kinds oT work done to"order at The Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway, New Goods Slaughtered Overcoats, Ulsters, Heavy Suits and Winter Underwear; at your own price. We have also between three and, four hundred boys' suits in all sizes and qualities that you can buy at your own figures. No Fake! Nothing but straight goods at the Broadway Clothing Store, 426 Broadway. iJOS. G. GRACE BONDS SOLD. President Informs Congress That Negotiations Are Completed. Amount of Issue About $62,400,000 —How Congress Could Effect a Saving of $16,174,770. —Tlio president issued to uuiixress at noon WASHINGTON, Foo a. Friday: TO THE CONGRESS OF ffllE UNITED STATES: SLico ray recent communication to eo»i:rcst> ciilliu;; nttoniion to our ilii'.indul condition nnd s'Jifk'estint; letrlslutlon which I deemed essential 10 our uutlonal wolfare nuJ credit, iha anxiety und apprehension then oxlstlutr in business circles hiivo continued. As .'i iircuuulion, therefore. n^ulust the fiill- ureof ilui'3ly liwislaiivc :iid t?iroiii;h coniTi'ess- lon:il action cautious preparations have been pending to employ to tho best possible udvan- taffo, in tlcfuull ol better uiositi.s, sucli exoi-'u- plvo auihoriiy ns may without additional legls- lailon 1)0 exorcised tot :ho purpose of relii- forcln;.,' and maintuinlnfj in our treasury Iia lidefiuato and safe );old reserve. In the Judgment o( tlmso especially with this responsibility. the busluos 1 situation is so critical and the '.ejjislatlvii situation is so unpromising u'lih thu omission thus fur on thu part or congress to buaotlumlly enlarge thu powers of the secretary of tho treasury In the promises as to enjoin Immediate executive u-cttoc with tho facilities now at hand. IJomis for SUa,4()(i,OOO. Therefore In pursuance of section 3,700of tho revised sLalates. tho details of an :;rrar.po- Lior.c have this day been concluded with parties abunilnntly ublo to fulnll their undertaking whereby bonds of the United States author- I'/.od under iho act of July 14, IST5, payable In coin, thirty years after their ditto, with Interest ut lU<i ruto of-t per emit, per annum to the amount of a littlo less than £0-,•100.03), are to be Issued for the purchase of gold coin amounting to u sum slightly In excess of SIH.ODO.WO to be delivered to tho treasury of the United States, which sum added to '.ho gold now held In our reserve will so restore such reserve as to make it amount to somcthinc more thnu 810U.OOJ.O(JO. Such a premium is to be allowed 1.0 tho government upon tho bonds as to lix tho rato of Intorcst upon tho inuount ol gold realized nt 3?i percent, per annum. At least one- half of the gold to be obtained Is to bo supplied Irorn abroad, which Is a very Important and favorable feature of thu transaction. Must Ace AVIthlii Tun L>;iy«. The privilege Is especially reserved to the government to substitute at pir within ten days from this dato in lieu of 4 per cent-, coin bands, other bonds in terms payable In pold and bearing only H percent, interest if tho issue of tl>e siiine should in tlie- meantime be nutnorlzuil by congress. Tile arrangement thus completed, wuicli a.ter direful inquiry appears in present clr- eui:!Stanees and considering all the objects desired to be the best attainable, develops such a d.iT.:ivuoo in tho estimation of investors bo- '.wccu bonds made payable ill eoLa uud those specilleally made payable in gold in f.-u-or of thu lattur, and U rfipresenteci by three-fourths of a cent in aniuiai iutorest. fun S:sv!- Millions. Ii> tho agrocnieiit Just ear.cliultid the annual savin,- in intero,-,t vo Lhe i;overiiinont if :> per cent goU bonds .should bo substituted for 4 per dent, coir, uonJs undo: 1 tlio privilege reserved, would bu i-jioU.loO. iiiiJOiintlus in. thirty years or at Die maturity or the uoh\ bonds, to J1C,- 17-1,770. Of course, there never should bo u doubt In any i|u:irti:r us to the redemption In gold of the bonds of the KovcrnmiMit which are made payable in gold. Therefore, tne discrimination. In the Judgment of investors,between our bond obligations payable la coin and those spocllieally made- payable In gold is very significant. It Is hardly necessary to suggest that whatever may be our views on tho subject tho sentiments or preferences of those with, whom wo must negotiate In disposing of our bonds for pold iiro not- subject to our dictation. 1 have only to add that In my opinion tho transaction heroin detailed for tho Information of tho congress promises better results than the efforts previously made In tha direction of effectively adding to our gold reserve through the sale of bonds, ana 1 believe It will tend, as far as such, action can in present circumstances, to meet tho determination expressed in the law repealing the silver purchasing clause of the act of July 14,1390, and that in tlie language of such repealing act tho arrangement made will aid our efforts to "insure the malntenaDoo of tho parity in value of the coins of the two metals nnd tho oaual power of every dollar at all times In the markets and in the payment of debts." (Signed) GROVER CLEVELAND. Executive Mansion, Feb. 8. JS03. Uimtcmnhi SticlcH to Ilor 1'olnt. CiTi' OF MEXICO, Feb. S.—Hon. Ignacio Mariscal, secretary of foreign relations iu the Mexican cabinet, officially denied the statement that Guatemala has retired from its grounds and acceded to the demands of Mexico. "But •we arc still hopeful that war may finally be averted," said the minister. 'Will Honor Grant'n Memory. YORK, Feb. 8.—The Grant Banquet association is preparing for the eighth time to honor the dead hero. The a-nniversary of his birth, April 27, will be celebrated by a dinner at- tho 'Waldorf, at which a number of prominent men -will speak. Judge Long's Pension. Feb. 8.—A mandamus has been issued against the commissioner of pensions to enforce the restoration of u. pension of .$72 a month to Judge Long, of Michigan. The suit against the secretary of the interior has been dismissed. SOUTH FROZEN UP. Extreme Cold Wouther rreTulllne AU Over tht> Country. ST. Loris, Feb. S.—Old Boreas is holding high carnival throughout the Mississippi valley and down into the Pan-handle country. At uo point in either section Friday morning was the mercury above the zero mark- and in many places in southern Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and in the Indian territory the quicksilver has gone as low a.s L'4 degrees. In St. Louis, at 9 o'clock in thu morning it was 1Q degrees below zero, and a strong westerly wind was blowing. The railway train service is demoralized and little attention is paid to schedule time. All trains are •from four to twenty-four hours late. Iu Missouri. Arkansas and the territories tlie SHOW is drifted 10 feet deep in many places. Keports confirming tho most Serious nccounts of destitution and death among the settlers in the Cherokee strip and in parts of old Oklahoma are being received. JACKSONVILLE. Fla., Feb. S.—Palm beach on Lake Worth was the warmest place ou the mainland of the whole United States Friday morning, mercury falling to only 3~> degrees abovo zero at sunrise. Key 'We-st reports 54. Every other point in Florida- reports from 28 to i-t. Orange trees are probably destroyed; also alf" vegetable crops and half a rnillon quarts of strawberries just beginning to ripen. The loss will aggregate many mill ion doll ctrs, Tninpa reports mercury at i2 at daybreak and snowing, which is an unprecedented occurrence in that Florida latitude. It was still snowing at 0 o'clock. The weather bureau predicts still colder weather Friday night for the lower peninsula. UriiSToi,, Tenn., Feb. S.—A snow blizzard prevailed in this high altitude Thursday, and Friday morning the mercury was 10 degrees below zero. JilE.Mniis. Tcnu., Feb. S.—The t'ner- momoler here Friday morning readied 2 2-1.0 degrees below zero. The river is full of heavy ice and naviga- tionis stopped. All trains are on time EO.UTOKE, Va., Feb. S.—-The mercury registered JO degrees below zero Friday morning. A high wind prevails and business is almost suspended because of the intense cold. Norfolk & \Vestern trains ore delayed by snowdrifts. CtxcDW/iTi 1 , Feb. S.—The crest of the cold wave reached hero at 8 o'clock Friday morning when the mercury registered 1~ degrees bolow zero. At 10 o'clock it had risen to 0 degrees. A cutting west wind is blowing, but the sun is shining brightly. DETHOJT, 'Mich., Feb. 8. —Reports from western Michigan show that a blizzard is raging in that section. St. \ Joseph reports the severest storm of the yeai'. All trains arc late, streetcar traffic and business suspended. Benton Harbor reports that tiie drifting snow has completely blocked nil traffic in that part of the state. Trains are eight to twenty hours late. As Ludinjrton there havo been no trains in or out since Thursday morning 1 . Tlio Flint & Pere Mar- qnette road is blockaded west of Reed City. JKKSKY- CITY, N. X, Feb. S.—Up to 1 o'clock Friday afternoon not a single western or southern train on the Penn- srlvania railroad had arrived in this city and nobody could be found who could tell when any would arrive. EBENSBVHO, Pa.. Feb. S.—The Ebe.ns- burg branch of the Pecnslyvania railroad is closed to traffic for the first time in several years. SWEPT AWAY. IS SHE LOST.? No News of the French. Liner La Gascogne, Five Days Overdue. Teutonic and Other Vessels Unheard of and Overdue—Death in the Waves. NEW YORK. Fob. S.—The waters of the upper and lower bays are this morning completely enveloped in vapor. Thi! storm of Thursday night was an unusually severe one. No vessels have been sighted from Sandy Hook inward bound. The steamer Xaeooche. which eleared for Havana Thursday, owing 1 to the heavy gale onlside anchored in WITHIN OUR BORDERS. Telegrams from Towns aud Citiea in Indiana. __.- DU'.l After Fasting Two Slniitlw. W.VBASH, Ind,. Feb. S.—S:iinuoi Bowman, of Chester township, this county, the faster who for the last two months hns l)eoii unable to take any food, i* dead. His abstention from nourish* mv*nt w;ss due to un affection, of tht stomach which rendered the sight ol food rovoHiug. Ho w.'u; \ -^ . ! ! for food uud wbon it \vas b:,-1..4:11 to him Us would order it taken ;uv;iy. 11 is last davs were full of sull'ering. ObiUrucleil L'nltrd StuU'H 3»nlt. HA.MMOND, lud., Feb. 4.—Acting upon indictments returned by tins federal grand jury at Indianapolis United States Marshals KeuiK-tt and Taylor arrested Daniel St. John, Guy ML Graveseiui b;iv, where she still remains j Jones, Charles W, Stewart. Charles .-V. *• i . a waiting more favorable weather. >Io Word from L:i discount. Xo word has been received from the. French liuer La (luseogfuo, which is now live days overdue. Neither has any tidings boon received of tho Teutonic, now two days overdue. .Should b;v Cascognu, now live days overdue, be anywhere near the coast alie could not be seen until she was close to Sandy Hook. Tho White .Star steamer Teutonic is now about two days behind her best ! record time, and the belief grows that she may be assisting La Gascosrue. .Viiy iii> i In; Teutonic. Ol.ofCJJSTKK. Mass.. Feb. S.—Schooner John F.. MeKen/.ie, that arrived during the night, reports seeing a large steamer, but could not make out the- name. ]t. is thought, however, to be the. Teutonic. (Klirr strjinn-rs Overdue, The lied Star line steamorlllmiland, now thirteen days out, from Antwerp, Jia-s not been reported. Other ste-nmors due arc the Bolivia, from Mediterranean points, fi£- ieen days from Gibraltar; the Lehmdaf City, eighteen days out from tiwanson; the Manitoba, fourteen days out. from London: the Wittekind, twelve days out from Bremen, and the Taormiua, fifteen days out from Hamburg 1 . The probabilities are that when the weather clears ull these latter steamers will be sighted off Sandy Hook and it is hoped that La Uascogne and the Teutonic will be among them. LOOKING L'Oll M.1SSJXG MKS. Pnyimkn.. August T:ibbett. Kd G. Weeks and Charles Merriwoalhor. Tha men are charged with obstructing tha Onited Suites mails last .luJy during the strike troubles. Ui'itlh of 11 Well.Known Jndlnnlitn. JKFKEBSOXVII.I.B, Ind.. Feb. 8.— 12s> '•enator Mosc PoindexU:r. 70 years of age, died Thursday at his home in this county. Deceased was quita wealthy and one of the largest fruit growers in the suite, making a, specialty of berries. In politics he w;is % grcenbacker at the time of his election ;ind was uiken up as ;i compromise can- didatc. Cure Clean) tu Minor*. Jiluxonc. Ind., Feb. S.—Albert Frazier, who married recently, in celebrating tho event gave cigars to ;i couple of boys, who are minors. The grand jury indicted Frazier for the act. .ludgo Koous quashed the indictment, after reading a letter from Rev. 0. A. Hill, who otliciated at tlio wedding, aud a petition from several oilier citizens. J>ontroj'"<l Tliolr H-iy. VALPARAISO, Ind., Feb. S.—Tha Hamlet Hay company lia-s filed snit in this city against the Nickel Plate road for §15,0(10 damages. The company built a number of short bridges over tin-creeks on their land and threw up embankments which caused the water to run upon their lands and destroyed their hay. Mro lit Kv;»i>Mvllle. EVANSVII.LK, Ind., Feb. S.—Fircbrolia out in the Bright Light saloon and quickly spread to the drug store of F. Vctcrshcim. the fruit stuud of Louis Paoli, cigar factory of George L nert. and tho wholesale pnintliouse oj. E. C. Johnson. The loss is about §17,000, ' partly covered by insurance. , M'olconied Homo. Y\".\i!Asu, Ind., Feb. S.—Hev. and Mrs. George H. Van Arsd-ale returned Tidal Wave Dcstrojn Liven an'J Properly at Capn Breton. BOSTON", Feb. 8.—A Halifax dispatch to the Globe says: One hundred houses and business buildings have been swept away at Cape Breton by an awful tidal wave. It is believed many lives were lost. Caller CoramHii Saicldo. CAKROLLTOX, Mo., Feb. 8.—S. C. Rea, cashier of the Carroll Exchange baak, and a prominent business man of this place, committed suicide Fridaj- morning at TiSO by shooting himself through the head with a 2'~-caliber revolver. The affair created quite a sensation here, us there was no known reason or even probable cause for the act, though he had been despondent, for a number of days. i£T TUK i»i?d Cro\v Sent Out from 3Illiviiuln:«. JJCBE. -Feb. S.—The tug AVel- come, with the life-saving crew, lias .started out into t,l>i! Isiku in search of the three men who drifted nway from the waterworks crib Thursday night. It is expected that the boat and raft with the frozen bodies of the unfortun- j from their wedding trip and a reccp- ate men vi ill be found on the ice pack : tioii was tendered the pastor and his about 10 or 15 miles from shore. Three men are missing, one in a boat without oars and two ou a raft. The boat containing live men, which started to the rescue, returned to the shore all right. SCIlOONKIt IN OHIiAT CftURht In nn Ice Floo— It I* Torccil Over on Its Side—J-"onr .lieu AllMintr. Xuiv YOI:K, Feb. S. —The fishing schooner Jitnuia while trying to make a, harbor in Ora-vescud bay Thursday evening became jammed in a heavy ice tloe which drifted out of the Narrows with the ebb tide. The ice forced Lho little craft over to the west bank between Hoffman and Swinburne islands, where she keeled over and commenced to fill. The heavy ice driving against sides sprung her decks and and seams. A heavy snowstorm was raging at the time she struck, bride by tho.congregation of tho Christian church. Kev. Jlr. Van Arsdall wedded Miss Lillian Wetberald a.t Con- uorsvillc January 30. His Bli-w for Loyally IK Fntiil. JKFPEHSOXVITXK, Ind., Fob. S.—William "\Vueker is on trial here charged with striking a small boy, Kugcn« Hogue, in the head, from the effects of which 'logue died. Jlogue made a derogatory remark about a ball team of which \Vacker was captain. Trjimpt »ar Grovortmv;!. GROVEJ:TOWS, lud., Feb. 8.—Forty tramps invaded Jacob SUinslcy's residence near here while :i dance was in progress, and drove the twenty couplei attending out of the house. 1'eople of ijiu Grovertown armed themselves ano? ] ]er drove the tramps away. , making the weather so thick that the boy's face, tearing nearly all-of. til Sprcc'kfl* Deilta* tho Story. SASTJ. ROSA, Cal., Feb. 6.—Rudolph Spreckels, who 'is stopping on his ranch near here, denies emphatically that he was mixed up in the. plot to reseat the ex-queen, and said he had never furnished money or arms to the revolutionists, " Many"Destitute In Wl»con»ln. 4^-TSBur.G, Wis., Feb. 8.—State Senator Irwin, who came here to investigate, the reported destitution among Buruett county people whose property was destroyed by last year's Celebrates Her Own Centennial. SOMERVIT.LE, 2f. J., Feb. 8.—Miss Betty McElroy celebrated hev 100th birthday. Miss McElroy has lived in Baritan valley 100 years. She is noted for her ability to locate the places where occurred the important events of the revolutionary war in the Washington valley. • She has excellent health. I:Ire mt Cincinnati. CD?CIX>"ATI, Feb. 8.—The American • Oak Leather tannery at Dal ton avenue and Kenner street burned Friday after noon. The loss is estimated atS40.000. This is the third disastrous fire that has visited the American Oak Leather iompany, and all of them occurred in extremely cold weather. Tore III* Il<:iiO Of7. Sotrrn EEXD, Ind., Feb. 6.—Tho youngest son of Perry Green, who live* .muik.i*ic, «*-~ ••• — — in Gulien, Mich., accidentallyhhothim- captain was unable to locate the land. KC if j a this city while carelessly hand- The members of the crew lashed tbeia- ling a shotgun. The load entered th« selves to the rigging and waited for ' •>—•- '- - • • -help. The wind blew with terrific j fury, and in despair at midnight four of the crew launched a dory in the hope of reaching shore. The wind changed to the westward and the dory was lost to sight in a few minutes and had not been heard from up to 10 o'clock in the mocning. Capt. Hanson and tlie remaining four sailors, fearing to stand by the wreck | Ind., Feb. 8.— residence of Robert Wooden in th* west part of the county was burned. Jloney in the house was also destroyed. Wooden' son, having road of ^sero, played his violin while the hoiisfl burned. I Wanted in Tcrro Hiincc. TERIIE HAUTE, Ind., Feb. S. —Frank P. Montro.sc, an ex-convict and expert diamond thief, was arrested at St. Louis as he stepped from a LouisvHls & Nashville train at the union station. Fire la New Tor It Tenement. YORK, Feb. S.—Fire in the large tenement house, 117 East Xinety-third Street,at6 o'clock this morning, caused torest fires, finds that there are in the j ^ panic among- the numerous inmates, neighborhood of 20J persons in neeS of i bnt all were goiter — A — n ' ""'-- aelp The town of Husk has fully as fire wa s controlled ' needed 325.000. Help- many more. in ont unhurt, .The before the loss- ei- any longer, decided at 2 o'clock a. m. to launch another dory and attempt j to reach the shore. After a desperate struggle with the heavy ice and intense cold and blinding spray the well-nigh exhausted fishermen ~ ". ----_—----_~~ . , Ti ?• >•* f 4. rpt. i- He IB wanted in this c:ty. sighted the light on 1 ort Thompkms, j £_ and shortly after 6 a. m. they managed to reach the shore and walk to the re£- idence of Keeper Davey, of the lighthouse, who did all in his power for the sufferers. Has it Record lor Children. KSOXVC.LE, Tenn., Feb. S.~Alexander Kennedy, 94 years old, said to be the oldest man in East Tennessee, died at his home in Mount count}-. He was the father of twenty-six children and has over 100 (grandchildren. He founded the first church ever built in Blount county, and also built and More Aumutt Than Konr,ESvn.r.E, Ind., Feb. S.—The New York store of this city, owned by Underwood Bros. & Co., has assigned fof the benefit of its creditors. Liabil> ties, 815,000: assets, S1S,000. Tax Cauneii De*U»Feb. 8. — Laboring; nnder the hallucination that b.4< would be subject to the new incomrf • tax, aud having lost his situation af the water department and therewith :' ivhat little income he usually received, '•'•'' Blount county, ana aiso DUUI ana , Th s France j^ ^ himself, operated the first cotton mill East Ten- . . ° .. nessee ever saw. Rich (iai Well Struck In Ohio. LniA, O., Feb. S.—J. C. O'Donnell drilled in a gas well. 3 miles southeast rout poned Until Mondaj-. CHICAGO, Feb. 8.—On account of the j illness of Juror. J. C. Coe the hearing of j of Bluff ton and it is good for 3,000,000 tbo Debs case was adjourned until ; feet. The pressure was so strong thai Monday inbrning. Both sides wanted j it blew the casing out of the hole and to go on,.but Judge Grosscup held that j the roar of the well can be heard man/ ruch a proceeding would be invalid; I miles. __

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