The Courier News from ,  on December 10, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from , · Page 8

Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1934
Page 8
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'PAGE FTGKlJx Comedian Tops J jsl of Ten \Vho Pack America's Movie Tlicuit'VK 11Y DAN THOMAS JIOLLYWOOB, D.W 10.—Any of you p;ople, who have Ix'cn laying; bc-ls as W who is tlie om.sundlnc star In motion pictures torlay, nmv con pay oil—or i-ollfcl, il you're luky The correct answer is, Will Rox- ore. 'lhats not- merely my personal opinion, clthsr. H's Ilia 'opinion of the combined Independent, exlribl- tors Ithealer owners without any .studio connection to prejudice them) throughout tin 1 Uiiltcc. Stites, all ol whom were polled Ir a survey jnsl completed by tlie Motion Picture Herald, leading (llii! trade publicr'Jon. Whai a br<-:i>: that l.v lor (host who have heen campaigning fo. clean nims! Rogers, who consistently has -:co;l fo; ijood clean en tcrtainnient with plenty of laughs won in n walls—replacing ihc iat: Mnrle Dressier who imd b;rn In first plnct lor two years. However despite her death, the- itrand ol'. lady of tiic screen' was not esowilei out entirely. She still ranks unions: tlic ten iriKgr-sf. money miikevs tit the year. And tlml, without n single new picture during ion-1. , ^ it' 1 """ 0 '* ""' '• Lsl VlliL'lr respective slumi- itiis\survey, (ire: Rogers .''Janet 1 aaynor • f w 4, Wallace Beery ' * 8; Mac WKt 6. Joan Crawford 7. nine Crosby 8 Shirley Temple 3. Mnrle Dressier 10. Normn Siienrer Tills list shows, amon;,' olltsr things, nn ever increasing 'ton-Jency on tli" pail nf tiie 'American Public to ictaln old favorllss. only two ne.s names, Crosby arid Shirley Temple, are In tlic linn-np. All of thd other-, were among the ten leatlTi, last-year. And.many ol them were in similar positions two years ago. " * • Up From Slxlh riuoe Honey 3i, there has been some Juggling of positions. Two years ago Rogers was In sixth place. List year he was second. Now he's' al the i end of the parade. It lias taken Oable only 0115'short year to climb fro'n seventh place into his present position. ~ •'.' J met GtvyHs..' rcilnilns riijhl wh'-if^ns ris/i. brfors. Wall;- Beer. nas corrft- \y, from' eighth" ))ln:r., Jovi CrrAforci ha;; movc;i u>> from the t nth rtmg. And Nci-mr. Shearer hss s.ippsd biich'unc ston. Ecidte Cantor and Jcau MaV!o»- fourth nnd sixth rcijuctlvc'ly last >car, haie <\ropr.;d from niiion; tin trrii li-nikrs. An int=rcslin z fealiire revealed b a close analysis of these movie leaders is the public's very decided preference for laughs rather thvm si: Rogers ii an out nntl o\:i comedian. The pictures starrluu Gable, nee- rs'. West, Temple. Dr,\ssl:r aiul Shsarer have been mmv&y drnnitis Cro-ib\x nims have been lnif>.'lt comcdic; with music. Only Oay- nor and Crawford could be considered straight dramatic actresses. Good rrosiiccls for 1035 And now that we Im'c seen th? public's preference for the lasl soir, as cxprrmcd by tlie mmi'jer of admtssioiis they bought, let's have n look at whai kind of screen -n- terlainmenl 1B35 will hold lor us Wlnficld Sheehau. boss of the Fox lot. unloaded a few words or this subject lo me the oilier day. "Chief charncteristifs of talfciir plcliire enlerlninmcnl in 1935 will be good music, clean comedy anrl drama of motier.n life, all mint on slrong s'lnplc- slories of presrnl-dAy times," remarked sViechnn. 'The group of new artists intro- BLYTHEVIlT..7i; (ARK.) COURIER : NF,tvS Here Are 10 Leading Stars of 1934 BLADDER WEAK? GET UP NSGHTS? It sour bladder |3 and jou set up nlEMj. suffer trora f . r 19! l f nt or burning urination, ilrlbutins, highly colored ,ir- Ine. you should take immcat- ph.f C|> * - to . r "" ovo the Must Ihcse iro J.ingc-r slKnols. Ni!J St,i r ** alr ^' assistance: (he Iroubte wont \vcar ctf pr c-ft veil without aid. It trt(|H(«" ly grows worse. DP. BOND'S K 'AND B. la ii nrcscrtptton Intended solely for the urinary organs. Ir you huo any ot Ihc above symp- loras. get .1 bottle from your ?[ u 4 Bls i f 0 ^ 3 "' Prk « «»« «n« S1.20.. Sotrt by nil cood rtrug- Fists. Manufactured by Bond Pharmacy. Co., Uttl« Rotk. . .. lo eliminate certain Questionable elements from motion picture:) will result in r, . •:! improvement In duality. As a result, i believe new theater attendance records will b f; S 3t." Not a bad outlook, h It? Particularly llml piri about new records since they will result only from increased cniortoinmcnt in pictures. I hep;! you're rlxlit. Mr. Sliei'lnm We can stand it. * * * Dufr Pancirr Ifis West, Highland terriers "having practically nil honors In both ins o-.ikV.ind mid l,os Angles -lo? t-liows, Charlie Rusgles now is mak- inx plans, to send• the. animals to New ^'ork (o compete in u w Nn- ihls winter nylly, unit us numbered above: I > Mae West;. C .Joan OiAwford: dncfd tills past year will continue to establish Ihejn.selvra more strongly in the public fnvor. These new players, recruited irom nil nationalities, oirer distinct and inter- 'Imr pwson;\litle.s l» the film l!i:ii on drinvhif; power nf Will lto s ers; 'i Clark i V 13in£ Crosby; 11 Shirley 'lyinple; \\ t .-5liiil]!ir honor. 1 ; yeac, Htjtt; (/'rosliv i-i'plncr- Eililli; Ciuitor and .lenn ihirlow. - Walhire IV....A' ,^p ,7 Np ,r ,„,., . • ll) ^ • l.vey on U ,e set, at ^^ ntirrymore when 1 was cast in that picture," Fields declared! "lini. we never met once, fn fuel, becaus" of Hie eonstrncllon of tlio story, about half or the c;u;l never met the other half. Jlljgo .Vu-ilanl I'lant ftaiseil STUTTOAKT, Ark. (UP) - A stalk of mustard ivlileli eovere-l four 5<iuiii-e feet of gi-oiind and met Eli/abctl- ed'hLs moths , and Jlishsmith, farmer east of here. Alleged Dcccpiion Caused Wife to Seek Divorce SACRAMENTO, Cnl. (UP) — ; Clipping nine years from his ape chniiijing his nnmc nnd bonstiiiK of anccslrol .slock citnwri Cicruld A. j-Vjlcr to hn made a defendnnt in divorce proceedings. Mrs. Foster, In flllim suit for divorce, complained that her husband .(old her he .\vns.2S, when In F OR nnir.3 lino lo' hcidiehc, frnh colHi--. nrnrnli-rii. nn<\ for nuncufir t aches, ii-e C.i)itK)i»^. nl.i.nH ncvernl InrrnOicnl* vli L -L|j.-r to trivn'(mlc1t«r relief. WSI Model / TRUNKS $37.50 v Radio Enjoyment with a new Ford Auto $ Radios Cofniilctc Installed FOlin BUMpiiR GUARDS $2.50 Sel of i SEAT COVERS fl" All. Make or Cars Low Priced C5GAR LIGHTERS I-'or Al] Cars $2 i > il I TUBES FOR ALL MAKES OF RADIOS I Lei Your Family Motor in Comfort Install a Car Heater for Christmas HA-DEES or ARVIN HOT WATER HEATERS COMPLETE INSTALLED '' " S0ful al PHILLIPS mm co. AND 777 QUICK SERVICE STATION i Design Awarded in Naiionai HfW YORK (Uf')-A kltdif-n <lf- I mil lo save n lioiwwife n Dion- it ilny war-, uvroi'detl first a Jiiillnrjal >>V Tnr- mil I'"" '" J" ' '" Forum. Mrinn n.l nml Jns/-nii no- 0 ,.), f.^jjjj^.^ lnMle Hi" v liinlni? ilc.slgn. u ( , nri . lM „,.,. iillliliinv'Dt? latest .'dirt nj dome in sden.r r-xpertw Dun working sin luces in the liloal kitchen vlimiW IK' wintlininiis iilonp n nr> or I wo sides or tiie mom. ' 'Ho tlm canllmiauH working iii-liui' me gtmt\i^\ all the cabinets In which utensils .-UK) 0 Uii>r Hli hi n paraphernalia are stond One corner or Hie rdom contains a lounge scat dim-tic, horso-sitoi I A f.lainhs'i mHnl sink Is put ol titi! contlnifor.» win kin-. MII-- liie on OHO side of ins room", t m[t in cbclrle (Ji.vjiivn.5her is' p.irt o tin moiiern ga'dclry. A flat top clsctrlc r;u)|;o, with necking surla'ces nt bath r,!i!cs o'i: lu-1 with the r.iti'sc top. is an-' oilier feature. 1 lire W( ,ro 2 3J ( lcs! 3 ns submit. tetl in the compi.titlon. Secoiy pn/e went, lo E. imtii of th i iljitctturnl linn of ilcoil an 1 oiiilhuiu, New York; thir:l ,Kiv. I ! "ismnn s. ixlzler at tail's- ilt K> ; fourth pn ic 10 Alfri-d N )1 il ol New York; fif tn ljri /3 1, hi es G. HRinsay, Harold o. Slee- psr and J. Gilbert VVerlo of Nev; Vo-; mil sixth pri/ c to Herbert 0 -Innson, clilcaso. Lake Erie Shack Fishers did for Winter's Cold 0. (UP)-Tlie MO shanties wliich iloi Die Lake Krio shore around Lakeside ire BettliiK ready for winter. Ifmniners are rin^inj and paint Athlete's Foot If your loss Itch you are probably flittering with ATHLETE'S FOOT Iliis disease, is n form of HlHCi- WOrtM that is deeply imbedded In tlic iiin6r l.iyei" of tlie skin. Uti-,'- rs form that. C uii£D spreadir't BROWN'S LOTION will slop the itching instantly. H is lilghly niiti- ssplic ami will heal any ca^e a: ATffLETE'S FOOT in fourteen nays or your money will te refunded. Don't use messy salves and bandages. COc aixl Sl.0» toe- ties for sale by Kirby Dnif Stores. —Adv. "*1 iSPORTS SETS by EAGLE KJViT are the smartest of them all' Yon11 want them for youreelf — you'll want them for gifts! A smart nil, accompanied by an ascol scarf,,a collarette, or .1 siioiiHcrctte! Many colors and combinations — many »tyle» — choose yoiins now! MONDAY, r>ECF;T,ri3EB in, ,9; c.l ,-ol-J. As S.VJN as thf If,- oii f5ir.iUi-i-» nay, snut), of J.r-rp, VMcf!«s J (lepili of from four lo six Inches (lie tisiienneri win begin (], c | r nn ' " IK-k (,-, ilw- IMilnu gronmlj" It tilt ny-nrli"!- rriiillnn?s coM ,, mil . wllj j/Wi'p (>tii on L:,k P Mi* lis r0l1 ,; ni I HI- if-e llw-rf- Irca^'. tlilck eiioiiglj for Mfi>ty, Woman's Wedding Ring Found After 19 Years MAKKPIBMl, O.'.UW-A vml- Jl"!! rlnr; whicli she lost i!) v>r-s Jgo '...'lien sue lived on a farm near "ere. ims been restored to the lln- ?|"i° r MfS ' clllu ' !es Vol/ - ol Mim-i- Tlin ring was (ound where ii •va:; prn!>.ilj|y rtj-nppr-:!, iriir n barn an ths mriii, | )y Mr . s . ;i|1) ,, n E-chrcfrier. the , M . fi ,;:.,,i f3rj| , ,,..„„_ BMt. Mrs. voln prompilj. culer- tatned Mr.s. Sehrcftlcr at diiri-'- nf- ter tils nn-J. ' "' Time Melody Time for Missouri Cows KANSAS CITY, Mo. <U!')-Mllk- 'Jig tun? is melody li rae al l]lc Jeorg, H . Twlr-'iaiis dairy barn near hcrr>. Streams of m j|j.. j| 0 , s . mtisleally into palls to the a'ccom- uaniment of orchestra strains on the radio. ^ "If mu-iic hath enuring for the ! £nv.i»o bsast. why not m,- a ,j. h . v | cow?" ,mi!«| ivteliaw one day Sa. lit- instilled a rmtio in ti'- di! ry barjj. . , " and melancholy times. , nmg w |(h more snap to If. 3):i)lf:l ' lr ?\ f '\ ' } ', ? m ' U:<: ' <s ™ li: ff ''" " " ' (;; fil1 fiil!rt:or - r °' VSl w!llch havfl |CT11 l» r -l in!: -J r,n;l l0 th"n "SjS mill: 1>uclret r ' n«i^o'ih > Fta°« IJ ^.- B ; il ^.- t ,' i ; to hf- irnrllons, even to (he raletit 'roiiBnl on u "lingual i-;, iMn '.. FBJ . r .7...;!^ r ' ^rsiJffl^' P fl ^ody in Mernpim, I?; supojbty rtppointed r-. s-n.^rf r.:g!.l iUc, its unequebd SRI/. ico. rtro nnro Aliia-tflve At mfl' Mln. M-.r 'Ji'lar. Room: $3 cr.c RSffl^B « c.-cli cccopicd fc v 2 person, tegSs?. What the Family Really Wants HOTPOIMT ELECTRIC RANGE AND WATER HEATER SAVE TIME . . . SAVE STEPS , . . Let the Hotpoint Twins bring a new order oi convenience, cleanliness and economy (o your home. Thanks to the beantifcl Hmpofnt Rancc with us amazing Hi-Speed Calrod heatina coils and us aniomatic oven, you'll enjoy more dehcious foods, freedom from watching and waning, and a clean, cool kitchen. Thanks to the Hotpoint Automatic Electric \\aicr Heater you'll enjoy a constant supply of hot water for every need. Hi-Spccd CjIroJ hcjimc coili -i>c amuinc speed iiul dcpcnfibitiir in ihc lIoiPainlLlectricKince-AnilanihcIlol- point Elcclnc Wiitr llMlcr.Cjltmlsctvc, witM Riuiinum etricicncy tm\ tturabiltif. Now, thanks to low electric rates, Electric Cookery and Electric Water Heating cost you no more than less convenient methods. Thousands of homes now employ these modern servants. You too, can afford it. Our low prices and convenient terms are worthy of your consideration. Why not investigate .. today. Electric RANGES and \A/ATER HEATERS Buy from Your Dealer or i Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. 'At Your Service'

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