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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, August 12, 1842
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V f 1 1 !.5 I I v J Season hu been vary unpropitious lor t&gtowth of tobacco. The cold wheatlier tit caused the leavesf to com op uncommonly nanrrw, and destitute of their wonted rich and luxurious appearance. ... - . , , THE EYENING POST FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST IX LAWYERS' OFFICES TO LET CHEAP. OCT- A MBbw of commodious aad airy OFFICES to rent la the building No. M Pine Imt Inquire M the Omceefthe Evening Poet. ! Correrpondenee of lhe Evening Pott. i Washimgtoi. Aug. 10, 1842. Among the probabilities of the day in reckon- ml hr tome another veto. 1 he bill prescribing u mode of organizing the House at the beginning of each Congress, and Jor teating the title or new members to their seats, which passed day before Far the Morning Poi. Tub Pitbijc Health Mniilli Poisoirs Thc Caorojt Watis Lead Pipe and ; Lra Cojjc Introduced last Friday to' their readers by the editors of the Commercial Advertiser, Mr. W. A. Kentish endeavors to convince the American public that iron rusts faster if tinned : that the Park rails ought to have been iastened with zinc, and yesterday,'! considered by the President J am told, I not with lead, as the lead causes them to nut ; that Operatives Puchaioco. Under this head, we see some ot the whig press giring an account, erery few days, of some large manufacturing establishment which expects soon to shut up and discharge ils workmen, or that has already closed its doors. All this is sot forth as an evidence of the distreii of the country. It is the old whig song, that has been piped for the last twelve years, and we are unable to account for its present rehearsal, but on the ground that the habit has become' inveterate. The wbigs have the entire control of public affairs, and have had it for the last seventeen months. Their majority in Congress is forty; the man of their choice fills the Executive chair ; he is surrounded with a cabinet of staunch ad visers, one of whom received his appointment from thesr "great standard bearer Harrison. They lone have regulated the administration of affairs, brought such measures before Congress as they pleased, and excluded all others. Their legisla ture ha been in session twelvo of the seventeen months, and all this time, as they say, "it has been toiling to perfect some measure for the good of a (listressod country." And now we have presented to u, every few days, in their prints, a new in stance of one hundred, two hundred, or five hun-dred laborers being cutoff from their ordinary bust ties at a single blow; and, in the same breath, is uttered a wail of lamentation at the bard fate of the poor. This looks like stabbing one's self ; it is something liko the conduct of that animal which, when attempting to swim beyond its depth, cuts its oivn throat. Two years ag i, they were loud in promising better times, and prosperity to thecoun- ry, if it would trust them with its government This txuit was confided tothcm, and what do we mc, but their papers filled with accounts of the present distress, accompanied with sad n-grets that there is no prospect of its being relieved .' This, then, nt ho chorus of the Tippecanoe songs that uealooed the nation. But, siy they, we have not been able to accom plish the measures that we proposed not because sumcient power was not given to us : not because the men designated were not elected ; but because we could not agree among ourselves. What has trie country to do with such an excuse as this ? What reason is this to oner to intelligent men, for not keeping their promises and doing their duty ? Away witn such paltry nonsense! The country lias confided in them after an entreaty of twelve ears ; they have, unsolicited, made the most munificent promises; and now let the performance, to tho very letter, be exacted of them. Bv the: the responsibility was assumed, and with them It Test. iei"iiittl animosities, rivalries, heading,' are the objectsx'.heir legislation ; and, sooner than be defeat 1 .a their attempts to accomplish these objects, every interest of the country must be sacrificed. The army, that exists only for its defence, pines under tlioir withering touch. The navy is distressed with hopes that were raised to heaven only to be more rudely dashed to earth again ; and its seamen, after contending with the horrors of strange and desolate regions, must struggle To get the pittance of their waige. The public creditors, who have expended in the nation's service those means which Heaven kindly assigned to them for the purpose of clothing and sustaining their wives and little ones, now waste their days in vain attempts to regain them while those for whom this bounty was designed, suffer in silence. The manu facturer has waited for months to have the system of import duties established, that he may determine what profit or loss will atteud his labor. More gloomy months of endurance are before him. Over the merchant hangs a cloud of uncertainty, until the same question is settled. The exhausted Treasury of the nation is reduced to the lowest state, and ber heretofore untarnished credit shaken. At the same time a rude hand is raised to strip her of her only substantial income. This is the end of the cider campaign. State Elections. From Illinois, the chief re turns received thus far are by the way of Chicago, nd are confined to the northern part of the state. One county, in the southern part, has been heard from, but the story is alike from either extremity. Not a whig has, thus far, been elected to IheSenato or llouie. The election of about thirty democratic representatives has been beard from. Jude Ford, the candidate for Governor, is ahead of his whig competitor two thousand votes. But few returns have been received from A1s bama. The democrats have, thus far, gained six members of the House. In the last Legislature, they had a majority of seven in the Senate and ten in the House. In North Carolina, the votes for Governor are re' turned more slowly, and not sufficient have been re, cetved to determine who is elected. This depends altogether upon tho character of the returns from the western counties, fiom which nothing has yet been heard. The whig majority of thirty-eight on joint ballot in the Legislature last year, has not only been overcome, but a democratic majority al ready obtained of fourteen, which will be increased probably to twenty-five. The returns from Indiana show a democratic gain .f three members in the Senate and five in th House. The house was democratic in the last Le gislaturein the Senate, there was a whig majority of six. The returns from the northern part of the state, on which the whigs chiefly rely, are coming in against them. la Kentucky, the prospect u that the relief parry ave carried the House of Representatives, and the anti-rtlirj party the Senate. Crotow Watee. Very small exertions are at present made by our citizen to introduce this water into their dwellings. This inactivity seems to proceed from the uncertainty respecting the charge for the water. Whether its use shall be a tax upon (he landlord or tenant of the premises to which it is conveyed, or whether it shall be free to all the eitizene, and the expenses of the department defrayed by a general tax, seem to be the questions which require a settlement. If the pre sent mode of taxing the premises is permanently adopted, it is very certain that the water wijl be used only to a limited extent, and by only those citizens who can afford to purchase for their rest dence such an additional convenience. The great xnais of the people, who are tenants, will 'derive no benefits from it, and thc health of the city will not be materially improved. Again : if the expenses of the department are paid by a tax on the entire property ol the city, and 1 the water made free to all the citizens, a very general introduction of the pipes into the dwellings may ultimately take place. But tenants must, in this case, be particular to select premises having this convenience attached to them before any others. There will still remain a large class whose dwellings are certain to be readily occupied without any consideration of this kind. They would probably derive more benefit from the free use of the water than any others, yet of all others they would have ' the least access to it. It has been suggested that the regulations of the city should make it the interest of the landlord to furnish a pipe to his premises. Such regulations would have, doubtless. much influence ; but there are a large number be-" yond their reach, for whose supply hydrants must be adopted.' These questions are beginning to be - of Dressing importance to the citizens, and a t vr speedy decision of them is required. Waeb Meetimus. Much enthusiasm was ma nifested at the several ward meeting which were held in all the wards last evening. The meetings were fully attended, and the best spirit prevailed, Their object was to elect delegates to a County . Convention, for the purpose of appointing thirteen delegates to the Democratic Convention for the nomination of State officers, hich is to be held at Syracuse, on the 7th of September. The Familt Companion, roa July. A very good number of a literary magazine, and contains several interesting articles. It is established at Macon, in Georgia, but many of its .contributors are well known at tha north.J as unconstitutional in the provision respecting sin- gle districts. : '- - - J The whigs have .been remarkably ancceaslul so far in calling out these vetoes; but hi this instance their amiable exertions will not probably sue ceed. At least, there is by no means a certainty that tbe measure with the objectionable addition alluded to can be forced through tbe Senate. It will be referred in that body te-day, and it is hoped that the committee who will report upon it, will advise tbe rejection of the section proscribing the representatives of several states, as New Hamp shire, Georgia, Alabama, and others, to say nothing oi the delegations from the cities of New York and Philadelphia. I do not think, therefore, that there is much ground for apprehend ing another veto, at least at present In the House to-day, Mr. Adams opened the hoe and cry against the veto. lie was violent, as he always is, and denounced the whole course of the President in good set terms. He concluded with s motion to refer the message to a committee of thirteen. ' ' The Naval School. The bill for the purpose of establishing a Naval School, which passed the Seriate on Monday, provides for one in tbe neighborhood of Fortress Monroe. It authorises a transfer to the Secretary of the Navy of one fortification, or military post, fpr the purposes of a school for such things as pertain to naval service the Secretary of tbe Navy to prescribe such course of study, rules, and regulations, as be may deem proper, and appoint professors, teachers of foreign languages, ice. who are to be allowed $800 per annum. The school to be ftevoted to the instruction of acting midshipmen, or midshipmen preparing for examination. ' Tbe officers of the navy engaged in this school are to receive the same pay and rations as when on duty at sea, and tbe pupils to receive the same pay and rations as at the naval asylum' From Vera Cca By an arrival at New Orleans, papers were received from Cam peachy to the 17th ult. Particulars of tbe capture of the sclir. Yucataco, by tbe Mexicans, are given, from which it appears that the Mexicans had been hanging about Cam peachy for some time in the guise of smugglers, concealing their real intent until a favorable opportunity offered, when they attacked the schooner with several boats and towed ber to sea. The government has received a large supply ol powder and lead from the United States, in anticipation of the intended invasion of the Peninsula by Santa Anna. New Mode or Making Bricks. A late English paper says, that a discovery bas been made at Birmingham which bids fair to be attended with vrant- TMlllta tn thai intoreata nf mr-hirM.tllr Vhe novelty ot the process consists in the clay being dried, ground to powder, and submitted to pressure in metallic moulds, until the particles cohere together. As there is no water in combi nation with the clay, no drying process is necessary ; consequently the articles made by this me thod are ready to be fired or burned as soon as they leave the machine. The brick-press is worked by hydraulic pumps, giving about three hundred tons pressure, producing the adhesion and cohesion. , Cast Iron Bcildikgs. Buildings of cast iron are daily increasing at a piodigious rate in England, and it appears that houses are about to be constructed of this material. A three story house containing ten or twelve rooms, will not cost more than 1100, regard being had to the manner in which it may be ornamented. Houses of this de scription may be taken to pieces, and transported from one place to another, at an expense of not more than 25. It is said that a large number of cast iron houses are about to be manufactured in Belgium and England for tbe citizens of Ham burgh, whose habitations have been burnt Visit to the United States. The observa tions of Mr. Joseph Sturge, who recently made a visit to this country, have just been issued from the press. They are confined chiefly to the objects of Mr. Sturge' s visit, and do not extend, but in a small degree, to the scenery, manners and institutions of the country. This work contains many excellent remarks, and will be particularly acceptable to those who sympathised in tbe objects of his visit. Two Men Killed by Lightning. Two men were brought to this city list night for burial, having been killed by lightning, about mid-day in Westchester county, two miles from tbe Harlem River. A third received a severe shock or the electric fluid, but soon recovered. We were unable, at the time of going to press, to ascertain tbe names of the unfortunate men, or in what manner they were employed at the time of the fatal accident Fire. A fire broke out in Northampton, Mass., on Tuesday, the 0th instant, at tbe south end of the granite row. The upper part of the building, occupied as the Democrat office, was destroyed. The Post Office and a grocery were in the lower story, which suffered no damage, except from melt ed type and water. tinned leaden pipe is very poisonous as a conductor water a wen united, very poisonous if ill tinned, and very inferior to cooimoo lead pipe not tinned at all ; and that Proiessor Silliman, and best of distinguished and experienced chemists, physicians, and engineers, who avow their preference of tinned lead pipe, and recommend its use to oar citizens for the conveyance of the pure water of the C rot on to their dwellings, are alike ignorant of tbe science of chemistry, and of those u unerring principles which the Creator lias ordained to govern the universe." . In tbe days of Nero, there was a poisoning department of the government, and Turnua tells us that Locusla, who took off Britaaokus, was at the head of it. Pope Alexander V. was administered to inthis way effectually by his physician. Quacks usually perform such duties in America on tbe voluntary system. Henry 8tb's law, by which those guilty of poisoning were "boiled to death, bas ooen repealed and tbe mends of temperance and health, after an expenditure of some ten millions of money en wholesome water, desire the question to be thoroughly sifted, and for ever set at rest, whether the water, if conducted into their dwellings by means of leaden tubes, will be liable to give them the lead colic, or dry-stomach ache. . It is conceded, that, in Edinburgh, leaden pipes may be used with impunity, because the water there contains a salt that prevents them from corroding. Here it is not so. Let the chemical qualities of lead and of tinned lead be amply tested by a series of experiments at the public charge, as the Spaniards tested pewter by Pronat's inquiry. Delay investigation, and we will bave quacks and empirics in the witness" box in cases of trials for secret poisoning, ready to clear the guilty, or to aid in condemning the innocent willing to declare their belter that lead pipes killed Peter, or that - tinned pipes sickened Paul fully prepared with a learn ed jargon, for a eontideration,) to raise a doubt in the minds of jurors, and baffla their efforts to arrive at a knowledge ot the truth. Dr. Cullen, in classifying colics, has placed the plumbers' and painters' among the most dangerous, and attributes the dry-stomach ache, tbe nervous and spasmodic colic, to the poison of lead, which is undoubtedly the cause, when it occurs to glaziers, painters, and those employed in lead works. Prut. Jamieson, in bis Dictionary of Mechanical Science, condemns even the adulteration of tin with lead in timing culinary utensils as a very pernicious practice. Dr. Christism mentions the case of a plumber at Tunbridge, England, who sup- died that place with wafer conveyed through eaden pipes, by which many were afflicted with cholic. Tbe water was analized by Brande, and lead detected. Park, in his Chemical Essays, alludes to many deplorable instances of individuals and taken off by the insidious poison of lead, conveyed through pipes and cisterns. So does Accum. Murray, in his Chemistry, tells os that " lead, immersed in water, is covered at length with a white crust of oxygen lead ; and that tbis metal is the most insidious, and oirs or the MOST DESTRUCTIVE OF MINERAL POISONS. . He decidedly condemns the use of lead, as does Dr. Webster, of Harvard college, in bis Manual of Chemistry. Lead," says Webster, "is slowly corroded by the joint agency of air and water, hence the danger of leaden pipes. According to Mr. Kentish, tbe whole trade of tin-plate, block-tin, and tinned or white-iron working, is little better than a waste of time. Wet and damp will, he believes, destroy and corrode tinned-iron much faster than if it was not tinned at all; the iron of a tinned cast-iron saucepan or goblet will I ust quicker (he thinks) if the vessel be tinned than if it is not, because oxygen has a greater affinity for iron than for tin. An advocate of temperance read his essay, and remarked, that if what Mr. Kentish had said against combinations of lead and tin was true, it would puzzle physicians and coroners juries to determine whether drunkards lose their lives by the poison of the liquor they drink, or by the poisonous " pewter mugs" in which they drink it. From the Cabinet of Arts, by two eminent Cambridge scholars, we learn that " the use of tinning copper and iron is to prevent them from being corroded with rust, as tin is not so easily acted upon by the air or water as iron and copper ore." - Comstock, in his Conversations on Chemistry, assures us that " all tin vessels and utensils are in fact made of plates of iron, thinly coated with tin, which prevents the iron from rusting." Which causes it to rust so much the faster, exclaims Mr. Kentish. Comstock will have to call in old editions and eat his words, as the tin eats the iron ! Blake's Family Cyclopedia will have it that tinning is one of the most useful purposes for which tin is employed, as it renders iron fit. for various nses, which, on account of its tendency to rost, would otherwise be unavailable." Dr. Chilton, the chemist, has submitted Mr. Ewbank's patent tinned pipe to a series of experiments, tbe result of which is, that he recommends it as a " safe and durable article for conducting water, ale, &c." and declares that while the tin lasts, the lead will be harmless. Not so, says Mr. Kentish, the tinning will destroy the pipe in half tbe usual time ! The protection afforded by tin to leaden tubes. as prepared by Air. twoanK, appears to me sumcient to guard' against any impregnation of water. This is the opinion of Professor Silliman. Professor Torrey, after a full trial, adds, " my results agree with those of Dr. Chilton. Tbe tin appears to protect the lead perfectly from the action of highly concentrated acetic acid." Professors Beck, Ren wick, Stevens, Gale, Rogers, Francis, Del afield and Mapcs, and Doctors Hosack, Macneven, Stearns, Neilson, Hoffman, Hopkins, (of West Point,) Draper, Garner, Houston and Post, concur in opinion with Professor Silliman. Dr. Valentine Mott admits the importance of the invention of coating lead pipe with tin, as a means of preventing disease, because lead has been de tected irrwater conveyed in tubes of lead, from which the tin coating will preserve it. Not so, replies the writer in the Commercial. Lead is more liable to corrode than tin, and tinning tbe lead hastens its destruction. Dr. Hounton, editor of the Laneet, thinks the tinned pine invention, a valuable and useful one ; and the Franklin Institute ot the Slate of Pennsylvania, have awarded Mr. Ewbank their premium and medal, after a careful examination of his tinned - T Axrr thacutuoa in Congress. it must have been observed by all who bave watched the late dis. enssion of tbe Tariff in Congress that the principles upon which that bill was opposed, and the doctrines of free trade bave been maintained, with singular ability. We find some good remarks on - this sub ject in the South Carolinian, which we extract. " " All impartial accounts agree in staling, that the opposition made the ablest and most effective debate M the Tariff and Free Trade principles, that bas ever been presented to Congress. - Facts and arguments, however, were alike disregarded by the dominant party ; but such of them as bars -fallen among the people, will spring up and bear their nnronriate fruit, . A distinguished friend in Con gress writes us : " One highly important difference, between the debates en this bilL and those on all similar occasions, is, that more gentlemen from the Northern States have openly taken the free trade side than were ever known before, and tbe consequence is. that we will now bave a hearing North of the Potomac. Heretofore, in 1825 and 32, it was a debate between the North and the South. It is now no lonirer a sectional Question, but a question between productive labor and the . unbounded nrofita and Dower of associated wealth. We most now triumph. ., No tariff, for naked piotection, can aar amin tu nud. in time ot Deace. by an American Congress. Even with this corrupt and profligate Whig majority of 49 in the House, they nave only been able to get a majority of 4, on this bUL : si y M MA V 3 I pnmtmt llcllstU Wart CoMittM.for tl.. & McIVAHXEE, IS ffllllialHit, seme Btavcr, V WO O'CLOCK. Reported for the Evening Pott. Court or Special Sessions, Friday, August 12. Before his Honor the Recorder, and Aldermen Purdy and Hatfield. ; Henry Brickers was tried for stealing a bed and four pillows, worth $10, from Mrs Evehammer, found guilty, and sent to the Penitentiary tor three months. - ... George Bright was tried for stealing a box, containing a pocket book and four half dollars,, from William Simmons. Guilty Penitentiary two months. William H. Williams was tried for stealing four wagon wheels from Henry Collyer, valued at $1(3. Not guilty. James Brown was tried for stealing's quantity of clothing from the Sailor's Home. Not guilty. . Margaret Patterson, was tried for stealing a hat and shawl, worth $3 from Rose A. and Matilda Toland. The prisoner was a young Irish girl, and was married about four weeks since to a negro. Guilty, Penitentiary, 3 months. - Margaret Ann Simmons, a colored girl, was tried for stealing a pair of shoes from John Reynolds. Guilty, city prison 30 days. George Bliss, was tried for an assault and battery on bis wife Delia. Guilty, Penitentiary 6 months. Edward Caar, and John Prince, two colored men, were tried for stealing some silk gloves, inserting and gingham handkerchiefs, from the store of Lewis Nash, Jr. valued at 15. Guilty, Penitentiary 6 months each. Thomas O'Brien and Michael McBride, two boys, were tried for stealing some vest patterns, at different times, worth $40, from the store of Chas. Fay. O'Brien was acquitted and McBride guilty, and sent to the House of Refuge. Daniel Benjamin, a boy, was tried for stealing a quantity of copper rivets from Frederick C. Phil-pit. Guilty. Sent to the House of Refuge. Patrick Rady, was tried for severely beating his wife Elizabeth. Guilty. City Prison 20 days. John Hissen, was tried for stealing a table cover trom James Wiley. JNot guilty. James Sutton and Charles Burns, boys, were tried for stealing $4 from the money drawer of Moses Hunt. Guilty. Sentence suspended till Tuesday. Lewis Mitchell was tried tor stealing a number of market baskets from Richard Parish no evidence of the theft acquitted. Thomas Hatfield was tried for stealing a small sum of money from the till of Robert Turnbull. Guilty. City prison 30 days. Caleb Becket, a black boy, was tried for stealing S15 in gold coin from the trunk of Wo. C. Ball. Guilty. Sent to the House of Refuge. William Dagnam, pleaded guilty, to an assault and battery and disorderly conduct. Sent to the Penitentiary for 6 months. William Fash and Elizabeth Moses were tried for disorderly conduct on the Sabbath. Guilty. Penitentiary 6 months each. William Henley, a colored man, was tried for an assault and battery on John Orriack, also colored, biting off part of his ear Guilty. Penetentiary six months. Peter Killen, a lad, was tried for stealing two handkerchiefs from Jackson Odell Guilty. Sentence suspended. Bridget McGill, was tried for stealing a cloak and parasol from Thomas Thurston Guilty. City Prison 20 days. Adjourned to Tuesday next, at 9 o'clock. Honduras and Central America. We bave Belize papers to the 11th ult. One of them contains the Proclamation of Admiral Adams, commander-in-chief of tbe British West India naval forces, announcing tbe blockade of tbe port of San Juan de Nicaragua, in consequence of the maltreatment of several British subjects by persons in authority in the Central American States, and for which redress had been sought in vain. Since the resignation of Venancio Lopez, as President of Central America, and the accession of Rivera Paz to the same office, nothing important appears to have occurred there, if we except the blockade above mentioned. Ex-President Mora-zan is still exerting himself to recover his lost fortunes. Jour, of Com. Horace Brown, Jr., the young man who robbed and set fire to Mr. How's store in Concord, was ex amined on Thursday, and ordered to recognize in the sura of $5000, in default of which he was commited. The person who he said was his accomplice, was ar rested in Boston, but promptly proved an alibi, and was discharged. He was a young fellow Brown used to work with. . Since his arrest Brown has told several contradictoTy stores about the affair. Some times he says he alone was concerned ;and then he will threaten to implicate others in the deed. tow-ell Courier. -CorretpondeneetfUts tnmg Pott. ' ' . fy v t Washington, Aug. u, 1842. . la the House of Representatives, the names ot th Select Committee on the Message were announced. These are the gentlemen: - Messrs. . Adams, (chairman) Morris, of Ohio, Granger, Truman Smith, Botts, Pearce, Raynor, Cooper, of Pa., Campbell, of Term. t Gilmer, Irwin. ' ' v Roosevelt, C. J. IngersolL . This is rather impartial. Tbe first nine are names of wbigs who, with the exception, perhaps, of Mr. Morris, have been conspicuous for their hostility to tbe President The two next an members of that distinguished body which bas been nick-named the Corporal's Guard." The last on tbe list (t have copied from tbe memoranda of a whig friend) are well known democrats. Mr. Profit moved that the vetoed Tariff bill be taken up and disposed of, as the constitution directs. The motion was negatived by yeas 84, nays 102. . .' The remainder of the day was passed in the consideration of the Fortification bilL In Senate. Mr. Linn introduced a bill to raise two additional regiments, one of riflemen and one of dragoons. He proposed to arm them with Colt's rifle. Tbe bill was referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. . The bill establishing a police force in tbis District was passed ayes 21, nays 20. ' ' The special order of the day was tbe bill for the augmentation of tbe Marine Corps, and at 1 o'clock, it was taken and proceeded with. There is very little profit in speculating on the turn things may take here. The whigs, it is said, will adjourn Congress without making any Revenue law. I do not believe it, because they are not quite daftnot absolutely demented. ' I think tbe Committee on the Message will report to-morrow. Some time between this and the 22d, it that is to be the day of adjournment, (which I do not believe) Mr. Barnard's bill will be passed, provided the protection men fail in a trial to pass the present one without the land clause. This trial will be first made in caucus ; if successful there, in the House. . The four horse executive carriage has been seen scouring down the avenue. Mr. John Tyler, Jr., the Private Secretary of the President, has brought down to the Senate chamber an arm-full of important looking documents; the Senate has closed the galleries and shut tbe doors; from all which cir cumstances, we infer that the treaty is now under discussion. It is rumored again, I perceive, in the journals of your city, that Mr. Webster has made up his mind to resign immediately after the ratification of the treaty. Now I am not a noser into these matters, nor has Mr. Webster, or any of his executive associates, honored me with any intelligence of their intended motions ; but I can say with, confidence, that Mr. Webster has made up his mind to stay, that Mr. Forward will stick to his place as long as life sticks to him, if his volition has a controlling agency in tbe matter, that Mr. Spencer, notwithstanding the manifestoe, could not be dogged from his place, that Mr. Upsher will only give up his for a better, and that Mr. Legare and Mr. Wicklifie are well satisfied, that in the present scarcity of situations they cannot obtain more elligible ones than they now occupy. There is not now the slightest probability that any disruption will take place until Mr. Tyler himself surrenders the keys to his democratic successor. There is no election intelligence which you will not have received through the papers. The news from Indiana is conflicting, and such as that the complexion of the legislature cannot be foretold with precision. Tbe returns still indicate a small democratic majority on joint ballot. The whig members have plucked up heart a little, but bave no very strong hopes of baring carried tbe House. In Kentucky the relief-men still are thought to have been successful. Illinois Ford, as far as we can judge from tbe tone of letters, reports, &., is elected Governor of the state. The great counties of Sangamon, Morgan, Greene, and others towards the South, bave gone as expected, and the favorable anticipations we bad formed are in a measure realised. From Missouri there is no news. w ucpmred fer tha MI trad with mm ml Silk sndothsr Fancy Gosda, adaptad to It m their iatantioa rauloll is km fait m fy f the aaMrf sod aat uMMaite gsoda to bs (mod m aiu-ket. Na pain will be snand to stake it for th wa ter Uttsa visiting New Ywk to axaauna thairsteck, ' lTl.iiilanl eaanUta. ia part, af tha fotlswiac, to which larga a'aifiaat will b lada by thsaarUact foraign arrrrsla : - Kich irirad tnd plain Mulia de Laiuss ,.. Slack and bin black Orna it 8iaaa Martaoni'a wad Varita'a lUliaa Laatrios; . .. -- . . , miaek Oroa da Shina. first aualjtr Rick dart Paria PrioU, varkxssrtylea '. " Vary rick Hat, Cap and NackRibbana ' Fancy draaj Hdkii, Scartt sad Cravats ALSO, The following articles, to which particular art is Inn ted t . S IS extra rich Embroidered, Chine, Chaogihle.fifrM Satin ami plam Silk Shawls, the avast desirable aaaoruaent aver aneraa Rich Chine, Bracks figured, Fekja striped sad plain ureaa ouKa,Tanoiia vtyias ' fi cases Fall sad winter Shawls, oooaistinir af French Broche, rich plain embroidered Caah mere, black ad scarlet Marino, plain and figV Kabyle.fi4d Belvider, Tartan rieid. he. Alas.a grant vana- tj of Mnilin. da Laine Shawls t eases Half Sugared Baton's Kid Gtorec, varkws colon, eonaiating af light and dark eaeorted. sky and maxarina bine, pink, pea green and white, sunn-factored exprculT tn order : an entire new article. ALSO. ' . Black and Una black Benbaxiaes ; Torgea and SpitalneM Hdkb t Italian Sawing ; Satiu and Taffeta Kibbons ; Kid, Bilk and Filet Gloves ; Lacat and Embroidery ; Linen Cambric H.kfi ; Satin Teating t Silk Valvns : Mark and Una black French Crape; Lore Hdkband Vail, BUk Hosiery; Sinchewa; Snchan Fanzeei Lace Veil ; India Barenett ; Levantine Hdkb; Italian Cravat: Back and Bearer Glare ; India Nankeen i Paper Mnsiin ; Artificial Flower, fcc he. .. anl COMMERCIAL. Livarpool. London. . . LATEST DATES. July IS I Havre July IS ......July IS I New Orleans .....AagiistS of tha eratie Renwbucaaa heM at Bona, 1SS Washington street. pnraaanttoaeallottho war committee, ror taapnrpoa of nominating three delrsatt ta meet in CooatT Caarm- tien, at Tammany Hall, on tha lath inL, to nominate thirteen delegate to tho St jto Convention, to bo held at By ra eaaeaai tha lath of September next, there a nominate antt-abte candidate far tha anVa of Governor and Lwwlenant X. H. Btono wasc ailed to the Chair, and bane V. Fewlar and Jacob Beak lay, wore appointed fecvetanos. Tho eUthesttoWM rend eot adopted. ! ' W.H.Janaem andCkarlasB. Moore were aapemtad Telr lor, ana toe aaeetiag proooeoe to Danea, WILLIAM TYACBV 1 ' rniRi r.9 FLETCHER. . were chosen Delegate to meet in tha Connty Convontloa. Tha ruination of William Tvack. a sacmbor af tha Toons Man's Pane ml Comantteo, was pr kraolTed, That William Track be appointed of tn uonorai committee. to rappiy wo vaoarc j U. UnMh-r Kmrnm mmA Mareflla hSvinC beta appointed a committee t prepare reeolutioa expreeaiva of th aeaee of tko meeting, reported th foUowtng resolu tions, which wars amaniaonuy adopted : - Um-nlwmA Thai IIMba an I mlieioaia SOUraC W1I ! tha areaent exirenc v bv the Democratic member of Cob- rnu. troves them to ba fullr worthv of the trnsU devolv ed unon them ! and wa point with high rrati&catioB to tha bright gitarv of talent which in tha present minority of the Democratic party in th General Govrrnmont, uphold it policy and defend it principle in our National n.nat .. . Kaaolrad, That wa aarnaetly condemn the proriaioa of the Appropriation Law paasoa ny uonft i um.w nicn rrquiraa the diTMioa of the City of Now York into varioas Congres sional DiatrieU,snd wastscaraly re ret mat it operation will b tack a to asperate en from Ward with which we havetboght many ardaooa conteata, and achieved many gionoo inampn. -Reoahrod. That tha wise Holier adopted by the last Le gislature, relative to the State Debt and Internal Ioiprova- UIDL puwainij wv nrjin vi -u. mil i , iiuihto wai inert approval, and should commend itself to the favor of tbe whole people- .. .. Resolved, That we hail with pride and nleamr th re cent victories of tka Deaiocratie party in the Sooth and won. oat we would at the same time ininiesa upon oar mend, tnat taeae mrpii rung rami It ahonui welt a to re sewed exertion and nceasuis virileseo. Rewired, That we hire observed with pleasure the es- taotunmeni oi a new uomocrauc paper, ov Messrs. siamm and Onion, called tha Daily flebeian, and reward it a a talented end efficient advocate of our principle, and therefore heartily command it to the rapport af onr friend, tad na every Democrat to rabecrib tor it. KJ- It I PITH rVASD, At a BaeetJaraf tho creuo Mvmrt awn nun w era, aeia as Balea at tn.a Stock Eiche, AS shares Delaware k Hudson ....... 100 do do do............ SS do do do T do Bank of Commerce tall S do Bank of Commerce scrip.... 1M do Mach'a Banking Aal'n. ... . 10 do Farmer Loan. ........... .. 9S do do do SS " do Mutual Insurance Co 90 do Greenwich Insurance Co. .. . SS do Mohawk &R 10 do do do........... 60 do Long Island SR 100 do do SO do do do. 60 do do do 1M do do do...- 900 do do do 100 do do do 40 de do do , August IS. . .sSOda 83 .60d 3d 63 SOte Illinois Bonds, 1880 wo santucacy it ...blOJ ...bftOd ,...SdS a b SOd . .bOd i . ..sSds ..bSOds Sd 34 i3 SO 6 " 60 60, so The proeeedingx of the meetine- were ordered to berim- oo ny tn omcers, ana paousoea in tne rieueian ana Morn ins and Evening rost - After tendering it thanks to the chairman for presiding. l ne meeting aujournea. . v. u. STU.iK, cnsirmsn. lsaacbV."owTer, 8"erjtrie' anH It 9 su Or 30 5U Philadelphia. Sals of Stocks August 90 ihares FhU Wilmington and Blt Railroad.. . II S do do do. II 3 do Kentucky Bank 40 II do Commercial Bank. . . cash SO General Armistead, Colonel Long, and Surgeon General Lawson, commissioners to select a site for a Western Armory, were at Louisville on the 6th instant. Domestic UarKets. ALSAirr , Aug. 10. The moat unprecedented dullness perrada every description of trade, and prices are therefore nominal merely. Flour ia dull at about $3 60 a 76. BorvAt.0, Aug. 9-Our market just now is in a very unsettled state. New wheat and flour coma in as yet but (lowly. Yesterday there was a sale of new whett, of excellent quality, to the amount of 1800 bushels, at S3 cant. An extensive commission honse ia this city have large or dor to fill, at priaes varying from 78 to SI cants. Very few sale of flour have taken place since Saturday, and it U till quoted at 73 4 68. A lot of new floor, prime quality ; i now ia store, and held firm at S'- 1000 bushal eon old yesterday, at 33a. Oat are a drug in market ; there are probably from IS to 19,003 bushels In store. No transaction ia flour or grain hare transpired to-day. D Mtre. Cawier. Birmeas,Aue;. 10. Flour Good standard brand at $3, with limited tale only. Wa quote the wagon pric at $1 37 J. About 900 Mils City Mills Flour have been cold to-day and yesterday at S3. Susquehanna Flour at S4 87 for freoh ground ohl Flour, and for new. No prime new Md. Wheat at market. Several rarer hi of prim new Penn. red worn eold yesterday and to-day, at SI OS a I 06. Sale of Md. Corn at SSe for yellow, and ae for white. Wa note a rala of Men Pork, at S8 a 8 30 Baltimore Me Beef, is held at f9 30; ("rime, St 4 SO s 3 30 ; Me Pork, at 8840; No 1 at S S a 7 ; sn I Prime, at S 60. Sales of No. I Western Lard, at 7c. Whiskey -Tha market iadulL Sale of hhds have bean made at 94e and of bbl at 33o. For rtarge quantity, low er prices would be taken. New Oblxshs, Aug. New of a later date from England has been received since our but. and of an nnfaror. ble character to our great staple, but th Mock on hand is so extremely light, no perceptible change ha taken place " proas. lAiw-iH atocK m now rennced to 1900 or I4O0 bale, in first hand, instead of 19 or 14000 kale, a tha type mad w ay in our Saturday1 notice. Inferior, 41 a 3e: Ordinary, aj a Sc; Middling 6, a 7e-. Selected Crops, 61 a 6o. Sugar No change in prices. Molasses Sale, at 11 alSe. No change in Flour ha taken place. Pork Tha Mock Is larg, without any demand. Lard, at S a 7c Corn, 89 a 4c Sal of Bagging, at 191 a 1 Sc. Rope, 3 a to. Ijaad Thera are many order for this article, but the difficulty of negotiating exchange, or obtaining specie funds, prevent transactions to a lares extent taking place. Our figures re $3 per 100 lbs. ft?" MxTHonm EnscoraL Chubch. Tha corner stone of tha Methodist Episcopal Rose-Hill Minion Church, to bo erected in 97th street, east of Sd avenue, by Divine permission, will be laid on MONDAY, tha lath instant, at 4 o'clock,?. V.. A Soraon will ba preached by tha Rev. J. Poisal, and otheT ceremonies snitable to the occasion. Tho ground will ba fitted up with seats so a to accommodate a large congregation, and a collection will ba taken up to aid ia tha eerctlon of said Church. All friendly to tho under taking an invited to attend. ad j 9t 09- OUR WBEKIiY SHKET The Weyxly Evening Post of to-day, contain the Veto Message of Pre sident Tyler ; our relations with Morocco ; a sketch of tho fearful state of the manufacturing districts of England ; stats of th Oregon Teintory ; th procoodiegs of Con gress during the week ; and a great variety of political and aaiscallaneous asatter ; and alas the craal review of the mkrkeL Ball, pnrsuant to tha call of tho O anas al Cammitlo, aa the 1 lth AarastiaaL -- , . ... -'. - Mr.CHAP.LES X. MARTIN 1 nairmaa.aavi Lawiwaca Van Wart, Secretary. Tho call of tha meeting wa road and apyewrad mmw apon tho moating proceeded by ballot to aheoas uairgataa, in pureuaaco as tne lai imimaauatwn of tha Geo oral Committee, and tha following named genUtwna war aoGoruinxTiy cnoara s FREEMAN CAMPBELL, " ' THOMAS WALKER, and " 1 WILLIAM SJUACKENBOSS. - ' It wa nsaved and aacondsd. that a eamrmtaaa. v. pointed to draft raaolntioni enyraaiivaof the aesma af Ihia Meting. Wharvnpon the following r "aua war oistod sock committee t William D. Waterman Natk-I Chit tend an. David D. Crane. Conrad" ? )' F. CotmU, who having retired, rataraed, aa4pra. muedthe following roaolauons, whir wwre aaanwVwllJ Resolved, That wo Vail wttn gratification tha rar wa confidently aaticipote, put aa ana, at oaea ami Tt Reaolvcd, That, ia rack anticipated ekaara la tha elevation to office of the choice of tha DomoWlLw! shall again a retain to those fr,.r7vr"l rno"-r"nd iipai, which will ratTmveorstTAm tha caaiitma i. .kick a apaodthrirl dominTtam hi, bft her, and place heroueaamreupoa that broad baTaofal. tZJr?T JoI her as the "EJuli Jtr?iTi wd"rp"v "w denoance tha lata W, Whit tmnff iU, eoouuung. it did, a clause 1t ikJi'J?? buti, a eflVof STvwry ravna TrJlL collect t and ana Preaideat Tyler's eaomlet entkladsalfc! approval of the American people, in giving it bkv? - Rasolvad, That a tari.TisVu.-an4 that "EIjTLl. nif adequate to tha want af aover.--.VI.'-T''" cally adminieterad, with each incidratal pcotiSioxEL TmU,i"..i? "J tford. oWVonTac bo conformed to the spirit af tha Constitstioa " On motion, Rfoolroa, That wo rroommond "Tha Nam York Democrat" to th support ol tha Damoeraev It waa further Rraoired, That tho iwcoadings f tti. snsfi r ta Tha meeting was uvea addreaaedin strain af earneat ctoquanoe by Mr. Swarkhsmar and other. "" ' . CHARLES E. MARTIN.Caairmaa. tawreas Van Wart, SeeVy. . Tau lit i! 3 3 3 f A Nkw Work. We are informed that a new work, from the pen of Mr. C. Edwards Lester, tbe well known author of " 7te Glory and Shame of England? is about to be issued from the press of the Langleys. It is said that the main feature of this forthcoming work, which is to be entitled" The Condition and Fate of England," consists in its powerful illustration of the internal condition of the British empire at the present crisis; an epoch so abounding with eventa of pregnant inte rest to the whole civilized world. Tbe developments comprised in this new work are, we under stand, of a novel and exciting description. Cajtada. We are informed that it is tbe inten tion of tbe government of Canada, with the appro bation of tbe Queen's Ministers in London, to grant an unqualified amnesty to all persons who were concerned in the recent frontier disturbances and insurrections, without any exceptions. This wil1 be a proof or internal peace and quietness among the Canadians. I "' . . Fort Monro. The Norfolk Herald, alluding to this almost impregnable fortification on tbe Chesapeake, states that no work on the Atlantic coast can compare with it either in magnitude or in the masterly style of ils construction. 2r.Es, Pigeons, Rabbits and Bibds, is the title of a little work that bas just been published by Wiley & Putnam. It ia written by one who has bad much experience, and who given the best in structions in the smallest compass that can be ob tained. Thc Kings or thi Eabth. It is said that a great meeting of Kings and Potentates will take place on the Rhine in the autumn, and that the Emperor ol Russia will be present. Lobs Ashbutoi Tbis gentleman was ex pected to leave Washington yesterday, on his way to tbis city, where preparations are making to give nim a pubuc dinner. Th Great Western. Among the passen gers to England in this steamer, were the French Minister, and Captain Wright, the bearer of a copy of the recent treaty. - Platl City, in Missouri, was, two years and a half since, forett ! It bas now a hundred substantial dwellings, and fine public puildings. . . We are indebted to Adam' and Harden' Expresses for Boston papers of yesterdav. " Tmr Treaties-The Washington Intelligencer of yesterday says: - "There is nn doubt, wa understand, that tha result of the negotiations, carried on in this city between the Secretary of State and tha British Special Minister, Lord Ashburton, will be sunt to the Senate this day for consideration by that body." . Natal Arpakirncia. FifSy-lwo of tha naval apprentices no on board of the Es penrrrent" at our Navy Yard, will be drafted off next Monday, fur actual seivice. Philadelphia Gtsette. . pipe by some oi me most eminent, cnemists in rni-ladelphia. Mr. Kentish differs from them. He bids people to beware of well tinned pipe, and of all tinned pipe, and assures them they will find the common lead pipe of the plumbers, better, safer, and cheap- erthan either. Messrs. Stevens, Birdsall, and Ring, the State Commissioners, maintain that "the water will come into the city remarkably pure, and strongly advise the people 10 use me tinnea pipe so aoes the Mayor, Mr. Jarvis, the Chief Engineer of the works, and the other Engineers. Dr. Barnett says he has witnessed nttmerous cases or leas colic, caused by drinking water brought through lead pipes; and Professor Ren-wick, of Columbia College, considers the tinned pipe " a certain remedy for tbe dangers which not unfrequently occur from the use of leaden pipe." which he affirms to be injurious to the human constitution. In London, the tinned pipe is fast superseding all others as a conduit for water. Lieber, in his Encyclopedia Americana, reminds us that Dr. Christian, of Edinburgh, found that in pure water lead is oxidized, corroded with con-sit-ekaslb rapidity; carbonate of lead being formed by the action of the oxygen and carbonic acirl nf the air." The Commissioners, and every body else, admit that the Croton water is pure; and yet Mr. Kentish prefers common leaden tubes '.o convey this pure water to our houses. The Thompsonians love hot water. Singrado prefered it nol so hot. The tippler likes it strong. We, New Yorkers, haveexpenuea ten muiiuus to uuiam u, r''"'s and pure, when out comes this prescription of what I take to be colic-water; well, well, there's no accounting for tastes. A special committee members of the city government, have inspected the process of tinning leaden pipes, and carried the water, drawn from the Croton through uwtinned lead pipes, to No. 421 Pearl street to be analyzed. . They found the water virUntlv noll'ited with lead .- a hizhly poison ous crust of corroded lead had been produced. They examined the most distinguished chemists in New York, who, one and all, condemned the nn-tinned pipe, and approved of tbe tinned. But let full enquiry be made, with authority of the conscript fathers of our city, at th public cost, and for its interest. We shall thus establish truth. THEOBALD MATHEW, Jr. Rovsars Point, the key to Lake Champlain, it is understood, bas been ceded to New York in the settlement of tbe IS. E. Boundary uoestion. in trinsically. Rouse's Point is of little or no ralu ; but in case of war with Great Britain and her Canadian dependencies, this point would be most formidable as a small fortress would hold perfect and easy command of the whole river, which, here forms a junction with tbe lake.. In 1823, u was supposed this point belonged to New York, and was purchased by government with a view to build apon it a fortification. A contract was made with Mclntvre St McMartin, who went on and expended several thousand dollars, when the work was stopped by a protest from tbe British government, stating that the point was clearly within their jurisdic tion according to tne conventional line agreed apon at the treaty of Ghent. . Since that time this point has besn in dispute, both government claim- Louisiana. A gentleman from Lafourche informs us that the fields of sugarecane, in that quarter, never looked better than they do at present. The planters generally eschew bank notes, but seldom see specie. In the villages, printed bons furnish the small change. JV. O. Courier. Martial Law in Rhode-Island has been sus pended for a month, by Proclamation of Governor King. The Providence Journal has repeatedly declared that, under its operation, the people enjoyed more privileges than under the common aud civil laws. " The Beginning or the End." Stephen Smith, the owner of the building known as "Smith's Beneficial Hall," and the Trustees of the Second African Presbyterian Church ; the buildings destroyed by fire by the mob during the late riots entered suit against the County of Philadelphia, in the Supreme Court yesterday, for the full amount of damages accruing from the destruction of the same. The Annual Commencement of the Western University, was celebrated at Pittsburg, on Tuesday last. The Madisonian contradicts the report that Mr. St il well went abroad on business connected with the Treasury Department. Western Rail Road. Net receipts for six days, ending Saturday, August Cth Passengers ; Freight, Mail and Hardin t Co. $4,412. Total, $12,047. The wat to build up a Republic. Ohio, though not half a century old, has more collegiate institutions than any other State in the Union Miami University at Oxford, founded in 1809, is the parent institution, and for twelve years was the only one in the State ; next came the University of Ohio, at Athens, in 1821, then followed Franklin College at New Athens, Western Reserve College at Hudson, Kenyon College at Gambier, Granville College at Granville, Marietta College at Marietta, Oberlin Institute at Oberlin, Cincinnati College, and Woodward College at Cincinnati, and still another is about to be established at Delaware, 23 miles north of Columbus. This is within one of as many as there are in all New-England. Nor bas tbis State been attentive to establishing these higher Seminaries merely. There are about 80 Acade mies and Grammar Schools with nearly 0,000 students, and 5,200 Primary and Common Schools, comprising about 220,000 pupils, of whom 52,000 are educated at public charge. This is the why to train up an active and intelligent population, who shall give a high and noble character to the State, and make its name famous and respected throughout the land. New O slurs, Augusta. Cotton Liverpool Classification Iuferior ataajs i ordinary SJiS ; middling 6a7 ; middling fair 808 ; fair to fully lair SjalO; good and fine 13 all; N. Alabama and Tennessee 4aS ; selected crop 1 14 a Sic. Sugar The sales for tha past three day amount to jM hhds, without any chang in price. Tarn Hiix It ha bean demonstrated that oils and all oilv mixture are positively injurious to th Human Hirv Soiritou nreuaration. extract of tox ic roots amf itimu- lantu, strengthen th roots, and causa the hltr to grow rapidly of its natural color ; and if the grey or dead hairs are plucked out they will not coma ia gray whea using a proper ap piicauou to Keep tne irea nair irona "can.aou aw lata tha root to action. AU oily matter ha a directly contrary effect, relaxing and debilitating the very vt seels that should bs strenrtheend- The Balm of Columbia wa hare heard extolled far above anv ether article lor this purposcand the foot Is aotoriouathatit U becoming aa fav pnaaania arucie lur in, ierxi.,Hiuw waiwufww pa It perfume makes rt a desirable article to all. whether the hair aamds aroaarvation or not. It can tha hair to grow fast asdcuilbeaotifnlly. There is an immense quantity of this article sold. Those who hsvensed ether articlas, have (boodoood them for this. This is the only original article, end no recent invention ha yet began to equal it. W say all this from a sincer conviction of its truth. Call at 71 Maiden Land, where itmay be had. - . Firaiicis Trodewind, " . C1BIIKT, SOFA AID CHAIR aturcracTcasx, or su Kjxroa, ' . . ' - JT.U4 FmiUm.atrttt,ar JSrssdway, Nsw-Toaa. - ' A mshionablo assortment of Warranted Cabinet Furnl-aiekept on hnd, and mad to ordar. ' . jelS Naval. Th U. S. Frigate Maces Ionian, Com. Wilkinson, from Pensacola, anchored, yesterday in Hampton Roads Aorfolh Beacon, 70th in. idz and neither possessing it. The fortifications. so far as tbey had gone, were taken down and tbe material disposed ol by public auction, A few miles below Rouse's Point the British have a fortification on the Isle Anx Naix. - ' ; - " ' Abolitionists. we learn from the New Bedford Bull tin that the abolitionists attempted to bold a meeting in the Town Hall in that place on Tuesday evening, but were compelled to adjourn it without transacting any business, a tbe boose was nuea oy a mob, who, by their "screeching, yelling, bowling groaning, hissing, stamping, shooting, squeezing rustlin bollowing.blaap homing, and barnyard imi tation, preveniea in speakers trom being bearo-Bottom Pott. W I jL Is I A M It E I D , BTo. RO HnuUarts street, ' 1 PASTRY COOS:. JVTD COJVTECTIQjrXR rmtiessnpplisd with punctuality despatch. - :- TERMS CA8H.; ; J - 0. DELAPICURE, IMPORTER AND MANUI ACTURER OF . MILITARY GOODS, .; BONNET WIRE, CARRIAGE AND HEARSE TROI- uiMns a. Mir, ruaRninrnr.B IN rani.n f"-.. -r - .' - AND SILVER, 4. ' " '-' Briadwsy,' " '!;..-. ' - Haw-Yeas. v.- i '. American Steel Pena, , suHMistiau) ruiai. . - ABmaAapamtlaKBiairamvamsafarkKtomjtoama, ."" ssaarrvacTtTrnxB ay - ".-; -Ci & C VRiaH CO, i . ' NEW TORE. " .'. . AGENCY 0rriCrNo.SS VaidaaLaa)a,ptairs. PHILADELPHIA, Aug IS Ar ship Washington, Taylor, fra Sand Head, March 14, and Madras, April sd. Danish brig Clara Dunham, 10 day fm Porto Plate, 8L Domingo. Brig Paul T Jones, Ireland, Sd fm Charleston. Brig Despatch, Tilded, fm St Thomas S7th July. Brig Will, Lockhart, 1 Ids fm Ponce, PR. Brig Ann Elix L, Peddle, fm Maraeaibo, July IS. sen j sncs, neeves, a as rm rrovsaenco. Boh Harriet Porter, Borden, S ds fm New Bedford. ftT- PACKET SHIP TIRGIHIA, FOB LIVERPOOL Passengers will bs taken oa board by the steamar Hercules, from Whitehall, TO-MORROW MORNING ISth instant, at IS o'clock. ' The letter bags close at Gilpin's Reading Room, at half pastil. rail VISITING CARDS. At Horns, Visiting;, and H erehan ts'Cartls . arssngraved and printed on the flnett white PORCELAIN CARDS, at STOUT'S, eeaaaa or Bbosdwav ana Marora Lass, where specimen books may be Been. SILVER DOOR PLATES, DOOR NUMBERS, ke-Th silver ia these plateaia much thickerthaa that usually need, being expreakly made for the advertiser. COUNTING-HOUSE, CONSULAR AND SOCIETY SEALS, of every description. ; COATS OF ARMS, CRESTS AND DEVICES. -STOUT'S, 17U Broadway. - c.oraerof Mtwrn lane. XV in. II INT ON' s PAPER AND TWINE WAREHOUSE , S4: BlalJom Ijame. - JOHN WARWICK, SWEEP SHELTER AJTD REFTIKR IBT - . GEXERAL No. IT Johaitraot, V Naw-Yoas. rnxchaser of Jeweler's and Silversmith's Pollshlngs,Fus . CiDg, Lamella, rarung Bars, uoars silver Bars, . Lace Uilt andpUUd Matals, Bookbinder's Rear, fce. fcc. JOHN ITIILLER, .SUCCESSOR TO B.E.FARR1NGT0N, CHAIR-HIKER, ... 9 1 Beaver rteeet and a Broad stroet. -Black Walnut, Curled Maple, aad Mahogany Chairs, fco. fce. - Also, slant assortment of Jennison's Premiam Refri ararators. suitable for warm climate, aad will ba aald low oreaaa. laoseia wans vuin waist bsuussxsbud ham. ' ' - - JJ. APPLETON At CO- - a. SOO BroasVway, - BOOKSELLERS. PUBLISHERS AND IMPORTERS OF FOREIGN" WORKS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT OF 1JTERATTJRE. Bowk imported to order, ia large or small quantities, by every steamer. Orders for incorporated institution executed Jy 1 Free of Duty. - - HERE IT COMES SUPERB ENGRAVINGS ! The New Woslb for Saturday, August IS, will contain an immense variety of Ori ginal and Selected Tales, Poetry, Sketches, Ice. fcc, for the information, instruction, and amusement of the people. Robcbt Owes alio S cuLUH ; an article on this subject' splendidly illustrated. Sunsnciscxs or the Bvles' Fsjsilv; an original sketch, by the popular author af "Throe Experiments in Living," fce. fcc Tub Devil's Bsidux aa original illustration from "Dumas' Travelling Sketches" capital. The Miseb's Dacohteb j tha whole of the July part of this popular romance, by W. H. Alna-worth. Watibloo ; an original leaf from the Journal of a Knickerbocker. ' Let-tees raoia Gebxiabt ; No. 10 of this interesting seiiastirom F. J. Grand, Esq. Hit at Pom. cai 8tvlxs , by aa admirer of "Rejected Addreiiua" very amusing. Steam Communication with India ; Much ado about Nothing, or tha Manuscripts of Gxstavas of Sweden ; Mirabeau and Byron ; Navy of tha United States ; Original Poetry ; Scrap Book articles ; Editorial ; Literary Notices; News, fce. fce. Tinns Single copies 8 cents ; (I I year In advance. Office SO Ann-atreet, N.Y. BT- For sale alas th"UwrvxD Ibisbwes," in throe extra numbers price SS cents. "Abel Psxsori." an original novel price ll emits. Also, "Moxlet EanSTEia,' by James, and tho "Lottebt or Lira," by Lady Blassington . . 0& Just Published, ia three Extra number, the "Lira airo Times or Loois PBitrrrx," King of the French, with three elegant portraits price SS cents. Orders from th country supplied at tha lowest rates. snis 3t FOURTH WARD. Qr Al s large and respectable meeting af ibo Democratic Electors of the Fourth Ward, arid at the Shak-pearo Hotel, oa Thursday evening, llih mat. prrroant lo the reeonnnenjiiauon ot tne Ward and Lrrneral won nutters, on notion, HENRY RAYMOND was appointed chairman ; Chas Milts, vies chairman; and A C, rJushne 1 and Benjanua Brady secretaries. The call ol the meetine beinx road, pb moiiea of Wi Doonell, Eq., the meetine proceed ad to nominate and vote for Delegates, which balloting resulted ia the olee- lioa ot - JOHN H. BOWIE. -DAVID T. WILLIAMS, anJ GEORGE WEIR. On motion a committee af three wa appointed to draft resolutions exnressive of the sense ol the nteetinr. , Joseph A Diver, James II Lang ley, aad Joseph E Pal- mnr, were appointed such committee, who reported uie lollowmi. which were unanimously Mooted : Resolved. That ia the several vetoes of tha President of the United States, upon the bank hills, tariff, kc and m re particularly upo the last iniquitous, amcoastito-tional and impolitic whig mcaeure of connecting the scheme of distribution with a bill lor revenue, meets our most hearty amraba'ion.and we danas. it not only aa act of justice but of duty of the great Democratic parly, to tender to the luecutive of the Union, our moat heart Call thanks for so manfully performing .thi moat no& aad Patriotic act. Reolvd, That we look forward with pleasure to the time when state after stale shall strike off th letters ol whigiam, and oar country once mora nourish under tbe influence of a democratic government rightly adminis tered Resolved. That we eoarratuhite tha democratic nartv on the aueceeaful tormina ioa of their late struggle ia the uteof Louiaiana, Indian a, Illinois, Alabama aad North Carolina. Resolved, That haviag met to opes tbe fall campaign we will exert our aimnat influence to elect the candidates tliat shall he nominated at Syracuse ; and for our our reward wo desire to sea the Empire State once moro redeemed, regenerated, and disenliirallad, aad pure republican principle obtain lasting aacoodancy. Resolved, That we recommend to our representatives about to assemble at Albany, to pursue the economical course urged by them with regard to canal ana railroad-, at their present session, and in all pnblieexpritditurea; to legislate lor the beat interests ul taeir conawueal ; not regarding loe animadversion of the advocates cf extra v&ra a, e and immense Slate debts, but alwaya remember that economy i a Republican virtue. The anreting waa eloquently ad lressed by William McDonnell and Jeeeoh E. Pa' mar. Ram- and the. after Awdotiag it proceeding to be pnblsshod ia th Plebeian aad Morning aad Evening Post, adjourned. HENRY RAYMOND, Chairman. Benjamin Brady , Seertae. (jlj- SEVENTH W AUD. At a larga and enthusiast ie meeting of th Democratic electors of th Seventh Ward, held at their old head quarters, 150 Madiaoa street, oa Thursday evening, A ugust 1 1th, pursuant to th recom mendation ot the uemocraue uepunucan Mcnorai lammn-tee, WILLIAM B. MACLAY, wa called to the chair, and Allan M. Bniflen and Joel Conklia, appointed Secretaries. Th call of the meetine having been read and approved, oa motion that a eemmittae of bv bo appointed to retire and draft resolutions axpressiv of the sense of thi meeting wnereupoa the lullowing gentlemen were appointed t Alfred A. Smith, John Decker, J. D. Stevenson, Absa. Mese-rala and Robert H. Mac lav. Resolved that wa now pro ceed to put in nomination snitable name to ba bal lotted for ; the semination being completed the moating proceeded to ballot for three delegate, and upon counting Ih ballots, th following gentlemen were declared elected. WILLIAM B. MAC LAV, - ' JOHN DECKER, and JAMES R. WHITING. Theeommittee having returned, through tho ehaiimaa Alfred A Smith, Esq .reported tko following Resolutions which wer unanimously adopted. Resolved, That tha reeklaa administration of th National, Stat a sad City Government, under the Whig par. ty, ha furnished to the people an able and convincing commentary on the parity and wisdom of Democratic principle, and en tn corruption and madness of federal measure. ... Resolved, That the present Whig experiment ia government, ha, not been wholly without advantage to tha cause of equal right and justice. ' By the disastere it ha poured down upon the country, wa all have been better able to met how invaluable are the principle of tha Democratic policy, and bow worthless are all others. Resolved, That ws reeogniz the strong arm of Providence in thedertiny of thi nation. Tho interposition of the single vote of John Tyler, ha arrested the unhallewed and monstrous, if not revolutionary designs of a party so condons of its owa deformity, as to hide them from the publi eye.pintil after a generous eonfideace fa abused people nad plread the traitors ia power. iuaoiveo.-rnat tni moral cannot Da lost oa a aeil-rov. Ot?" TENTH WARfX-Ata meeting of the crauc tvpuoiicm Electors of the Tenth Ward, held at military rwii. s,naiow mreet, oB Thuvedey veals r Air Uth, to elect Delegate to Tammanv Hall, to saitci Del.' gates to Syracuse, to nominate Governor and Lieutenant Governor, ABRAHAM G. CBA8TO, Kk, caS u the Chair, ! Mathias Crane appointed Secret arv The call of tha meeting having been read and sraveJ the following genUeatea wer elected by ballot DeWataa' to Tammany Hxll : WM. H. POWELL. " ' GIDEON OSTRANDER. ' ' PISE HOrKlN. ' ' Vfe.nrs. Slaram, Ifos and Ursv were appointed a com. mituM to prepare resolutions. The fallowing were report, ed and unanimously adopted ; " r"' Resolved, Th result of th election ia Ih South sad Wast, gives evidence of th great moial revolution produced bv the people's "sober eecood thought"; that it will teach thoaa who ban their political aspiration, apon the fact, that the people are ignorant, that though they may ba uVeeivad, tha delusion it temporary, aad react with double effect against th perpetratorsef th cheat ; and that it ia a signal rebuke oa tha majority ia Coagre, who are, sad hare been, throwing obstacles in tha way of a liar iiemful operstioa of the machinery of government Heaolred, That wa rejoice that the President has had th Srmness to veto th odious tax aad diatributiea bilL tho wild measure dictated by that twpeatedly disappoints aspirant for theTrosideacy.Haary Clay ;that we regard that measure as a most miserable attempt to eaiel th peep la of th coonrry , becaaa Its practical effect woe id have Vaaa to put into one pocket of individual State the proof ds at the sale of the pabUs domain, and taking from th ether, in thernapeof taxes, the original sum, with ea additional mount of oa or two million i and tbt fer the act. Mr. TleTdeeerveathalhankaofthaAaserican paopla. : , Resolved, That ia tha absence cf s mora equitable mod ef taxation, we are in favor of a tana lor rev san levied oa imports; that as Democrats aad Stat Right mum, wa repudiate th levying of tax for mere protectieo; that wade it a r solatia of tho aatieaal compact to tea ewe clam or oretiea of tho country to th advantage of irrihrri aad that, therefore, we regret that tha etyectama or. mined ha the last were based saarely apaa tbe giwaad ef expediency, sad sot apon tho priaeiplo which repudiate ee-verameatal ssenonoiieaand restrictions ea the freedom or trad. -, .... .. . . . Resolved. That ia th nomiaatiooa for flinsiaai and Lieutenant Governor, tho Democracy of tho lath Ward expect that the candidate will b Demecreta ia practice aa well aa name , that ao man should receive the aomraatioa who would permit th eoaaummatioa of a miasma sot strictly ia oonsoaano with th Democratic ereed ; that our candidate should be one who, rearardlea of salaaa ar local interest, will maintain tha credit of the Stat, aad prsaena inviolate tha Democratic principle fas hi administration of tne eisw lami saeii aaa taat, uerebro. tae amaaJnattea of Wu-nasi C. Bocca, the farmer of Schoharie, for Govrv nor, will bo received by a with scclassation, tallevinr him possessed ot indomitable firmness, sad aa mtegrity which aelfiik appeal cm not affect. The prooeedmg were ordered enhlished ia tha Plebeian aad Pom.aam tbe nrtnr adjourned. . w ... ABRAHAM O. CRASTO, Caalrmaa. Malhias Crane, Secretary. ... ' . , .. salt ATT- EbEVEITH WARD. At a aaea4lea..rtv. Demoera.ic Elector of th Eleventh Wart, friaadlv to regular aoaunetioas,held at James Waring' Democratic Head Quarter. S Houstoa street, oa Thursday evsoinr. 1 1th August. ist, for tka purpose of selecting three por-aou to saaetra a Cuaty Convention, to beheld at Tam many nail, on monnay evening, the 1Mb Inst, far tho pur. pose of selecting thirteen delegates to attend a Stat Cam. ventiou, to he held ot Syracuse, oa tho Tth of ftearamber naxt, to recommend suitable candidate to ha miaaiMl the ensuing election, for Governor and Lieutenant Govar- sor.uiUKUL a. MAN wa appointed Chairma,and Axel Freaataa and R. F. Wioslow ware appointed Becratarioa. The call of the meeting having be read and accepted, on motion, tho meeting went into onea nomination, after which K preceded to a Ballot, which resulted in tne eleo- Uonof OEOROF. S MAW JOHN BENNET and V ' " WM. WELLS. On motion proceeding were ordered to bepab-lithed. . Oa motion, th auraticr adjourned. ; " 3 -' 'A GEwRGE S. HAN, Chair R. F. Wlnalow) J Secretaries. X 3 an 13 II TniRTEE&TH WARD, - At a large aad respectable meet ing of tbe Democratic voters, held pursuant to lbs call af the General Committee, at Mrs. Lynch', corner of Grand aad Attorney streets, for tho purpose of selecting Mogare to aiiena a county vyoaveatioa to moot at 1 ammany HalL on MONDAY, the 1 5th day nf August, to cbooee Thirteen Delegates to attend a State Convention, to be held at Syracuse, oa the Tth of September, 1842, for th pur. pose of Bom mating suitable persons for the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor, JOHN WOOD, Esq. waa called to the chair, and Wa. Sherwood appointed Th following gentlemen were selected as Dele rate. PETER ESQUIROL, v JAMES H. COOK, and .. " JAMES M. OAKLEY. ' - The IVIowing resolution was offered and snuainrooaly adopted: Resolved, That we highly approve of th Veto of lbs Moagret Tariff Bill, aad most cheerfully tender to tha President of th United States oar thanks for the aaaelo erning people, while tha remembrance of the sonny fruit I independent course he has taken in reluming to tho of the good Old Democratic principles last to contrast I Hieof KepraraalaUves the said bill with his objee- with th parched and arid burs of Whig .sterility and oiignt. Resolved, That the policy of onr Republican representa-tiveainth State Legislature last winter, is truly Dnmo-c ratio, and mast be maintainel, unless we derir to place our State in theism dishonored catalogue with bank-ridden Pennsylvania. Resolve!, That with candidates for Governor and representative known tokipprov that Policy, th Democracy are aarnred of victory. Resolved, That although we regret th necessity of a State tea to repair tha waste of Federal rule, we cordially respond to it. in the full confidence that a new DemocratMS administration win Dy tneir economy, prudence and saga- city, shortly relievo us from A burden,, and rempel our folitical opponents s second time to acknowledge " that irtory furnishes no parallel to the financial achievement of thm state." Resolved, That w are opposed to a torif for protection or distribution, or for any other purpose than lor the aecessa-ry wants of lb Government Resolved, That w approve the yetoea of the Hon Root. H. Morris upon the flagrant attempt of tho Whig minori ty oi tne lorpoanon to vtuata the city charter, and to overthrow the salutary asaga established by former Common Councils, convinced that th mtelligenc and worth of this community will sustain him in hi patriotic devotion to th interests oonfidsd to his car. Resolved That tha dispensation of official patron age ha too rreaoeniiy eoavenea onr national, ntate and uity uev t into arena oi mere personal conntct. ftp- EHULUU MAII Letter bees for Livarpool per Royal Mail Steamer Columbia," will close at Hardea I " of th Coostftntioa intended a simple govern . - . - , ... . ... . I devoid of pomp end retainers. Th Democracy . . jm u m ruiojga svticx euice, fie. vr ail-street, oa Monday, August 1Mb, at to ft o'clock, r.M. Packages of samples, Re taken as above. aug 1 HARDEN R Co. DKJKOC&ATTC RGPCBLICAH OEIERAL ... OOIUITTEB. OCJ- A special meeting of th Committee will be held at ammany Hall, en FRIDAY EYEN1N3, August 13th, at 8 o'clock; on business of importance. By order of th Genera! Committee. ELUAH F. PURSY, Chairman. Clement Onion, o-.i JeaB.Nicaoleon, scr,,ne- aulO tt tn- PIKST WAItXW At a meetine of tho Demo cratic Republican Electors of th First Ward, held at the Broad street House, on the llth in sunt, pursuant to tho call of the Oeneral Committee, AH MECKLK was called to tho chair, and George F. Thomson and George M. Mor- rui were appoinieu oecretanes. Th call of the meeting was then read snd adopted Upon motion, the chairman appointed Charles Stuart, S. R. Harri aad Oliver Chair lick as a retiring committee to draft resolution. On motion. Joha Hvler and Mr. Smith were annotated Tellers ; and the meeting proceeded to ballot, and s. H. HAKKIS, EDWARD BAILEY, ' BERNARD MULLIGAN, . " Were chosen delegates to moat ia County Convention. - Tho retiring committee thereupon eubmitted the follow. ing resolutions, watea were unonimoualy adopted : neaoi lions thereto. , , Resolved", That a copy of this resolution he rent le ! the President, signed by lha officers ot this meetiag. , Jn.v wwl, Chairman. Wm. Krterwnod, Secretary. - - - - - iltii OGr-roURTKKWTH WABD.-A1 meeting ef t he Democratm Republican Elector ot tho fourteenth Wavd,held pursuant to call of tha Amml CeaamiMae at th fourteenth Ward Hotel, oa Thursday evaamg, the llth Inst. - . , WILLIAM F. PROUT Wa called to th eheir.aad Joseph Nesbit and William G. McLanghlia warn appointed secretaries. Oa atotioa, tt wa Resolved, That the mmtina? arnrnl to smaalaata aaJ mark for three Delegate to represent th Ward ia Ceua-ty Conventiom,te be held at Tmaaaay Hall, on Monday. ISth mat. Whereeron, th fofaaVftsg perrons war declared unea-xaKMisly elected : ttr - .- ... SAMUEL NICHOLS - v. - ' JOHN F GRAY .s ; . . f PETER ERBEN.Jr. Oa motion, the chair appointed Msaars. Theme N. Crr, Joha V. Gray, A.O. Anderaon, Andrew Surra, and Joha Ahera. committr to draft reaolations i iiiismin ef tha sue of th meetiag. who submitted th follow mg, which ware anaaimoasly adopted : - -Reeolved. That we hail thoaear approach ef am alec lis a -JiV gov- I for Ooveraor rod Lieutenant Governor foe tarn state, as Tk" I th sal of wait mun-aje. and the beginning ef a perme-rarnmeat I aent democratie MMiutuuv. pomp and retainers. The Democracy ar I n-ani.aj Tkd ,l. .ri a u.. avers to contributing from their hard earnings to th Jority in our National Legialalara aa tend ioa; to aisorroi-publie treasury for any unnecessary public oarvico. I ration and anarchy-thrt ra thaaTeSort to Jorce thraern ' vrM.a. sialik .caatrman. v I ' ' . . . , - . i y Alien M. Hnllien, J a.,i-. . ' I cured wishes of atom wartisa of tha Daiam. asm wkh j I , ae SBTU aideat wi - . 3 ' f' l ' . . . i if, j: ; N A i T 'Hf V I I 'S i ' r . IV i 4 - JoelCoecklin, ftp- EIGHTH W1HD. At meeting of tho Democratic Republican Elector of th Eighth Ward, held at ol ved, That w concur fully with the late democratic I of Di meeting in tha different ward of the etty, ia their an auaiinea armraoaiioa el tae ov ft M ORK1 S. ia relation to the the certainty that whea mill the aoproval of tha Preai- ouldbo Withheld ' ' mtm aarrWMl into practiea the trrincinleaef a nertv. whose eraaat ax. Daria' Lonr Room.en tha llth inat .on motion, THOMAS I preese a belief la the efficacy af limited anfirsx aad a DTER was appointed Chairmen. James Comer aad John I NstioalBnk. Oner, Vic FreaidaaU, aad F. Fleet sad. Theodore frost, Secretaries. Th call of the meeting having been reed, and on motion a pn roved, H wa Resolved, That this meeting go into a ballot for three person to meet in a County Convention at Tammany Hall en tbe lVh instant, to eelect thirteen Delegates to attend State Convention at Syracuse, on th Tth day of September next, to recommend suitable can did at ea to be supported, at tho ensuing election, lor the offices of Ooveraot and Lis tenant Governor of the State ef New York. Messrs. Eliaa Brewer and Jimss A. Coara were appointed tellers. Whereupon thefollowing gentlemen war elected as delegates: HENRY VAN HOVENBEROH. DAVID VANDF.RVOORT, HENRY WALTERS Oa motion. Resolved, That a retiring Committee be appointed by the Chair, to draft Iwmlutmns expressive of the sense of thmsseeting. ' The Chair appointed Messrs. James's. Oraeamaa, Goo. H. White, J. McMorry, Stephen Harris, and Joha Lester, such Csmaiitte, who, apon returning, reported tho following, Keaolred.Thst m William C. Boaek aad Daniel S. Dick. inson, we recognise two well tried and honest ahaarpiou - r , - : -i . 10 i . j j : i . mm? inncim i, Bfaraen . canoMiasaai 3 '1 'I at He Mr Archer, in the Senate of th United State, of hi realises to unite la anording relief to the country, ware it not for the" frva RuU' that bound him dowa and fettered the freedom of hi action, we are mads assured al th existence of a aacret, arganixed faction, bant apaa th ruin ef their country and actuated by the mme ipirit that followed, with unrelenting persecution, a Jeneraoa, and a Madiaoa into retirement ; that gave bh th to a Hxrtford Coaventioa t instigated the assassin to the life of President Jarh-en that conceived tbe plan of raising an army of 98 Sua to destroy the Capital at Washington, and drive eat its representatives at the point of the boyoatt ; that broke open the arsenal is thi city ; seized apoa ks arsis and directed taem againat tae peopi waea In the exercise ef thesr trsa-chiae ; that called Ba God. ia th halls of oar National Legislstnra, to daasa Ra Executive ; tho anas spirit that won id sow take from kha his CasmttaUonal eserogative, aad reader him subaarvicat to the iUUUem mf a Ciij fmc- s. V. for Governor and Lieutenant Ooveraor. we will give them a hearty and cheerio! aapsmrt. rd spprabatioa of the course of the Hon. ROBERT KKlS.m relation to the recent election in tha Sink Ward. Resolved, That th political aspect of the times Is daily becoming brighter, and more encouraging to khe friend of dessocracy ; thatth new from North Carolina aad Indi- ana,tn especial, afeews mat taay are awakening to true I aecesiary thtt the hestor nd credit of the State could only sens of their coadnien, while under the demhietioaef' the it sustained- hr th. bill ml u..iuba. kuw..i.i.. party now ia power, and that they are determined to re. I posed a '-mix tax," ts pay tha debts which tha axtraraganc Resolved. That the financial alicv athe rjresentDrm eratic Legiilatareof the state, a evinced at H laatsessioa, meets ear decided spprobatioa, notwithstanding tha weak enorta f ear adverasries, in charging them with direct maxima, tier potraeai eneexj warn It Dec am a erfoea ty sum thk station among the suterhood of Demec ratio states. - Resolved, That oar thanks are duo to the Democratic Senator and Members af Assembly of tha State of Now York, for their saileaisrs, by eceoemy snd ratroneh-maut, to arreat the progrees of profligacy and prodigality in enr stat expenditorea, ami to elevate our out credit, in tha midst of so many example of state bankruptcy, and that we believe that, but for their exartinns, w should bo It A It E FRUITS. Grapes, Peaches, Apricots, Plnmba, Nactarines and Foreign fruits, suitable for the deaerttabia . or hand,can be had ia every variety, at - - ' in i n o s ',:.. Saloon and Confectionery, . le Bowbbv, a few door below Breomoatroot. forms af loeCream, Jalliea,f rniU.CoaiecUonery Jkjo. . senttoaoyrpartof tha city. , . Partiasnuppt'od with every artieic required ' I ' bow red need to a level with those atate whoa failure to pay their creditors, has inflicted a deep wound apon ear astional credit at bom and abroad. Resolved, That we regardkhe election of the Democratic candidate, to be aalectw) by the Convention at Syracuse, a scnu, aw wicaa - swapervua career lor our atato, under the easp ices of a Democratic Execution, and a Democratic Legislature, cordially and actively haiwwnixing ha carrying out ia legislation, th great principle for which . . 103 WTLLIAM ITREET, 1 .'--I--- . NEW-YOBaV - - ; , :- '-"-.,tf. MaMufoetory of, . - : t- Chapman's Maffic Strop , . . v OF FOUK SIDES, . , ..; of Whir lerislstioa had imaeoad BDnlunanla Resolved. That believini' Btsto credit aa he a? each a at are, that it as cam be jcatined only by absolute neoea. aity, we are opposed to pledging it forth purpose of commencing, er carrying ea.any achemo of is tern al hnprove-xaenU whatever ; M at th preaeat tias n such necessity exists, , Resolved, That the raaohrtion aehared at tha test si misn of th Legislature, by Mr. Losais. propoeiiig aa aaaend-sswM to the CoastRiitioB, by which the peep la would withdraw from their rtipioauitativea, sad retaia ia their owa hands, the power ef Involving the State in debt, in time ef peace, and which was toat for the want of th majority required by the Ceestitutioa, i ia all at frarnre aemecratic, aad should be adopted at the next aaaaioa of the legislature. r.eaoire.1, i net oar conBdcnca in Robert H. Won is, oar inestimable, atraigbtiurward and accoarpliihed Mayor, remains undiminished. ' i. 'SIhLkJ'.'i.I0 Tit"-1 fa Presidents the United Stebm, .. recocnn!.T-.a at i aprovidnUJ check upea the mad deegns ofaniarurt- I remarkaKlv versatile Brmcinle.soxtissa rurht. sometimes k-ilr:T:vi ,IJ?r,J't OIncde wrog,nd that. therefore, it Uoar doty to aecoid all Bran Tllt TSVfcl rL!y fP.nded by th. Ha,J.C. for his goad deeds, and a light t. censure for hisbsenes. tlaoua, aad etharpexaocrsUc Senators, w give it our We, therefore, aav! 'well done" for his Varaaa, bnt may the hearty approved That howvr, the contiauxace tare- Lord deliver n from some of hi sanction, possible ei&eea, ia ths city, ef person ef ao political at Resolved. That in tho NEW YORK PLEBEIAN, eon- saorsl honesty, and whose satire political course has made ducted bv MessrsSlamm Onion, wa recocnira an old taem Justly obeauiou to all loncstmea, is aadly at vari- I toarneymea ia a Sunday dreas, and while wa congratulate Reeolved, That a eharectaristie distinct! ou of the i eratie party is, aad alwaya will be, aa adherence to certain great fnailamantrl principle, wRhoat regard to the personal rug aenca of individual, or to potty question of Uaa)oii y expediency. Hoaolvee, That ra ins recent, and etner I isei,upoa ia msd me mores ot thewhig party in Caagrea,th PraaideBt hasdaaataa highest credit t his character, aad hm caa-farrad the greatest baa onto oa tha country. Raaolved, That tha thank of the democracy are Justly due to the Hon. Bilaa Wright, aad our eiatiogmrhed repra-awntativea in th Hoeue. for their able aad Baamching advocacy oi tha true principles upon which, alone, ear federal Admlniatratioa can be lastingly based. Raaolved, That the proceeding of this eaertmg ha signed by tha officers, and published in tha Daily Plebeian aad Evening ran. On asotion.the meeting adjourned. ' . - WM. K. PROUT, ChatomaB- Joseph NestiR, . I gecreuries. Wax. O. McLaughlin, ( anl It sident, having a decent regard for th sentiments of th community at lrg ; aad thi often expressed opinion of i impartial aum m every polilK! eased; aad that Joha Ty- ler.ll aeBSeanstfeat hisacualial, ra th least, sqtera with appear of all d ines, we a'ueevely rucem his proftmions, i boandimaKdrately to rid hhnelf said the mDuo aarvace, os las l POCKXT BOOKS. WAUJKTR, oVs. On th moat sztonslT ), The ed by rat, indiridiials above reCetrad t. I proceed ing of tho meeting wore ordered to besiga-theet&oera, aad aubliahed ia the riehun, Merning tvsungPet aad Truth Telle-. Geo. F. Taoauson, Gg.M,)4aaEix. A-R. MwCXLE, Chairman. . I w9WaTaHttsV4l gain aaend him to the imtusal eially the adrrrtirtnr portion ortbeoj aad w else raeom mead THE DAILY HOKNinu run I at tae ooaanraea ot the demoeracy of the city and country. . Th meeting wa eloquently addressed by Taem. R-Lee and Tho Dyer, Esos., nd Major Devexaa. Oa aaotiea, tt waa Resolved, That tho proceeding af thi j asoeting be published ha all the city di nam i tip paper. . ' . THO. DYZR, Chairman. 0rp SIXTK KhTU WARD. At a largo tad a- thasiaUe moating of th Dam lie Electron ef thi wanLbeld porsnaat tothe recosameadanwa of Uo tJema-eratic Republican General Committee, at Millimaa'B. Braedway.forth purpose at selectiag three del t rate to the County Conventwo, to meet at Tammany Han, oa Monday evening, loth inat. EDMOND O- RAWSOS waa anaojaaouxly elected chiirman, and Theodore Martina and Joha H. Onion appointed Seeretarie. ' . The ell of th meeting having beea read, ea moriom, M waa raaolved to proceed le ballot for said delegation Whoeapon , JOgEPH g. B0SW0RTH , . JESSE WEST ' - : WM C SEAMAN -. . J. were chosen delegate. . . The following resolutions were reao, ana anaiu- i . . , .... - Resolved, That the thanks of the nrtiea ar da tothe PieaMeot,forhiboldaad maaly reaiataw toUe asorJu- i aaxionsof the reck torn and unprincipled majority; ia Cea-greaa, and that, ia vetoing that - bill af abeauaatioB entitled" aa act to provide revenue from rmportx, and mr ether purposes he has fulfilled the eaxioee orair .. - ao peopi e uaiwsi " """" I ife vast majority of ti regret that hi biection were not mora renerai, yes ehoarfally rive him credit for th good bo hsdoa,od hone ha will coatmae to sorvo th people, rather tnea a hoaschSLl ad aaa aim in he of tha ; to plea the hail -w aiaed foctmn Mto-naaaaim,erme.- . - - - Raaolved. That We re la fovor of each Ba tariff ashy aa will supply tbe want of liwmai. )(. that wo regard the Federal cry efTauieonoe sssesSca- md word to farther the view and soataw tka aamaaaisai. . r arch dtmaggnoad wwadd-be-Camar Beery Clay. SsoiewlVTom wo wssM diract the atoadOa ofOsMO WSSJstaegbr.siatsrifc . j i r , 3 i 9 f J i ) ... . 'xW- 6'- -":-r.(.vli-r.e.!iai- '- i

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