The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1937 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1937
Page 11
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JPAGE TEW - ~ — Steele-Cooter \ Society'—Pevsonal Mr. and Mrs. Roynl Lester are announcing l!i= anlval ot n 7- poimd daughter at tiicfr.fiomc near , Steele last, week..The baby has been named Patay Joyce. Mrs. Lester is the former Miss Mildred Norton of Steele. > • .- '.'•'• Mr. and Mrs. James Terry tire announcing the arrival of tin if- pounii son at their^ home near Coot_ <!r last week. The baby has bten ' named James Shannon. Mrs. Terry "is the former Miss Marie Caslc- inan, Fred- Alexander; son of Mr. and Mfs.-i.w, O. Alexander of Steele, who is attending Georgia Tech, nt Atlanta, Ga, lias been pledged to'S. 'A. B. fraternity. Mr..-and Mrs:'Prank McClnnna- han Of the Ne\v Survey community celebrated their thirtieth wedding anniversary Sunday til n dinner for a large gathering of friends and relatives. Harry Jlarnett-of Cooler had u stroke of paralysis over the weekend. He Is In a very serious con- dlUpn. Mrs..J. H.'smith, who has been sick with (lie influenza. Is somewhat improved. Miss Nina Brooks, chief opernlor of. the .Cooler telephone exchange, who has been seriously ill in the Memphis Methodist hospital ~for: ~ two weeks, was returned to her home Sunday and will remain here two \vecks She will then return to the hospital for /til (her treatment. Archie Richards went down and accompanied her home. •Mrs. J. W. Cunningham was returned to the Baptist hospital in Memphis Tuesday, for further treatment for high blood pressure nnd kidney. trouble. Travis Nelson, \\lio has been very sick, Is slightly improved Mrs. vcrna Lagett has returned to her home in Memphis after a. visit here with Miss Gladys Fielder. .. Mr. and Mrs Newbeiry Joimson, Mr. and Mrs. Sims Michlc, Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Reno of Stcele Mr and Mrs. J. p. Holland of Blyiho- ville, Mr. and Mis. N. Jones of Dyersburg, Tenn , and Mis J. Ralph Hiitchhisqn of Caruthersvillc, all of whom ore (.pending the winter at Ft. Myers, pla , sailed for Havana Cuba, Friday on a month's lour. ..-.-' Mr. and Mrs. Fate Frame, who .were" injured'in n car accident last week, are recovering slowly al their hoine. Mrs. Carl Peeples has gone to Ko- chclle. ill, for nn extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Arthur Reverts, formerly Jennidell Jiudgens of this city. Roy Gnlhlie of Memphis, former manager of the local telephone company, visited friend'! iicre Suti- tlay. Miss ntibje Tucker spent last weekend at Blytheville with Her sister, Mrs. Cecil Byrd. Her parents. Mr: and Mrs.' Joliu,Tucker, and Mr. midairs. Cleo Tucker nncl <laugh-. ter, Mary Sue, were dinner tmesis' Sunday. -Mr. -aild Mrs. Frank Northcul son Bobbie nnd daughter Frnnkle,. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS As Hajipy 1 As Love Birds Two-larks couldn't look any happier than Mary Aster and .Manuel Del Campo. In this picture of the bride and groom la Ml.vs Aslort tolnca- Lake home at their first reunion since their elopement Feb 18. Del Campo had just, rc'Uirned from Mexico. Miss Astor Invited movie colony frlemls In for Ice cream and cake and lo meet her third husband. Tliey were "terrifically happy," they said. and Mr. and Mrs. Shon Pollard spent last weekend as giiesl.s of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hortlicut and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Norlhciit of Gideon. Mr. and Mrs. Clcrald mocks spent the latter part of last week at Marble Hill as guests of Mrs. Brooks' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Haas .Ben Bums has gone to Ca|JC Ol- rardcau to enroll in stale Touch- ers College. . Mr. nml Mrs. Roper Alexander have, moved 16 Harwell, Ala., where they will farm. . Miss Kathcllne Nichols has returned to Columbia, where .she Is nUeniUng Missouri .University, after spending the weekend here us gi-'ssi of her parents. Mrs. \v. H. Turner is in the Memphis Methodist hospital "In a Very serious condition. Slie ivlil undergo an operation as soon as her .condition will pmnll. Her sister, Mrs. S. L. Robinson: is with , her. 'Rend Courier Ntws Wain Au> Mayor Hello.'; Ills Name AFTON, N. Y. (UP)—Mayoi Elbert L. DoollUtc, doesn't. Ueslile: his duties as chief executive, Doo little is water .commissioner; i director anil superintendent of tin Afton i-'iilr association, chalrmav of the board of elections and t ilrnmmer In the village baiid. HANNA * FUNERAL HOME V ,J A brniitltul nnd sympathetic j.j service nl moderate cost. >;' Ambulance >; ' • : : , Service .*. i "I N. 1st iMioni* $8' Arkansas At Gettysburg on Round' Top, -his was to screen - movement along the center JVgPNBSDAY, MARCH 10^ 1937 Moijji-siiij, ' •I'onn.'ij-c increases LONDON <i;p)_A great swing N'O'l'li: COU(1( of The following III* Part played Arkansas troops in (he Ifcillle of was prepared liy Ihc Pennsylvania Sfalo Cojnmlviloii In ronnrcllon wllli the fbi-th- eomlne- (}cUf!iliur K flMIc Aiml; 1 versury anil Krunlon Program, lo IJP dclil al fiellrsbuif, I'a., Amy of the Potomac from Ccmc- ii-hei ^'fl Army , ., the Itnltert Cnn- rans and (| 1C or l)i,. iteiiubllc "111 meet In a jolul reunion nfi tbe (li-hl nhe.rr. Ihfy IIR-I in liallle 7S years before. • Arknusn.-! iv-iis represented lii tho latile of Gcttysbnrir by only' one ejflinwit, the 3rd, Under Colonel Van if.. Manning .this regiment ormcd ii |>art of. Robertson's Ivlgade. Hood's .Division, ; Long- treet's Corps, ' Arkansas was a art of the trans-Mississippi <ie- nitmcril ,and was therefore suh- cct to attack and invasion from liree directions. Tlie hard-pressed {onfederale Kovcnnncnt could af- liidgu v.-esUvard r:ad This .,».uiuk. jniijc.MyH name in sucni v ^"vn- \\ai, um moa^ tre- conncclion referred lo ihis as the I Ine »"°"s aitillery pi-cparatlon ever Hid Rocks. However, they might i!! > 2;. rl f l ? c . n previous to the World ................. 6 • •••" •>"=• '"••»' |iu- have Jomid some o;ie who could ., ' Iilc Jr(l Arkansas wllncssed .1'ion left his ,'hnk unurolwtiid. have (old them it was called , forerunner of modem artil- Hood's Division, of which IbetncvJI's Don by the anelent.s lw-! *' lisilt ' c which was fnr more lads from Arkansas formed a part, I cause 'horse thieves had at one ' '?! !ecl " e " lai ' lllai1 an action by a •iMt iHrn^-f.ui in t-ii-ii-n i..^« i^. - 1 i [.».„ — i- j. ..... , thousand itMuiiu ,i |imi.,i -auok: iturAc ujievcs Jiau at one A...- unucu'ci ID strike feMtVjtlme made it their headquarters. :-x|»scd flank. When they moved Others would have related how Lo the attack the 3rd Arkansas been USE of the unprecedented f " ' <"'"•— '-' •- " ' number of rattle snakes which •ormcrly dwelt among these rocks ord IKile aid, Ihc stale creed lo depend in a largo neasurc upon Us own resource's. These proved quite adequate, mid he apjieal from Richmond for nen lo protect . Hie capital was answered by Ihe dispatch of tile, 3rd Arkansas regiment, These nen were noble examples'or'the soldierly qualities of Arkansas of valor in both uniforms and grey but none possessed more intrepid courage than • Ihe youthful veteran.'! from Arkansas. Their slate, their section',, .(.heir nation will always be proud to.honor the mcmnry of. these Immortal sons. The 3rd Arkansas ;did-not reach Gettysburg until the niornlii"'of and later when the attack was to llw po- tre- I fonml its way blocked by that frrjnldnble natural fortress. Devil's Den. Here nature lias conspired to construct, one of those vvierd spectacles which man has found II iu'rossible - to Imil.-u?. Glar.t grnnUc boulders are I'.eaued onu IIJHII liiiothfr in massli'o |n-ofus- ion. On the cast lliere is a sheet 1 full to Plimi Run foriv feet below. This granite ,>«•'shows onj huge inonolilh heaped upon another a:id each is Horn round is'.vl smooth by the gentle carresscs of nature's kindly elements. On the west ami north there is a gradual slope morally sprinkled willi (jranllc boulders. On this natural fortress Smith's 4lh New York Ballcry was planted. Could this position be taken? sons. There were, men as bruVe Tllc lluls froln Arkansas thought hut none braver, there iverc men "l c011111 - witl1 the objective in us true to the eaiise they served s ' Bht " le ildv!lnce was begun, but none truer, there were men . '" " cc to lloCl flom boulder -' •--'" * -to boulder plunged the boys In grey: Shot nncl shell went scream- Ing through Ihe air or ploughed up the earth, and the rattle of musketry, rounded out the wlerd staccato.- The boys from Arkansas were intent upon theii- deadly Business s but they must have thought of the aDnronriatpni'ss had been christened Devil's ^e". No mutter how the name ;amc to he applied Ihe 3rd Arcansas would have agreed that he locality was properly named. They were painfully aware of the .'net that it was infested with engines of death and destruction. caimans ami muskets. It might have been that these men thought what a tower of strength this position would be in their iwsscs- slon. how once they were safely ensconced the enemy would be made to believe the forked tall unci cloven-footed master hatl returned to his own. At any rate the charging grey columns' swept on iin face of the leaden hail. They swarmed over the boulders and captured three of Smith's guns. This rendered Sickles' position mtcnable and threatened the whole recieral left. A5Sistlns in the capture of th uen anci the New York Batterj was the high ;ijric of the achieve men! of ihe Arkansas iroops at Gettysburg. On July 3 they occupied a pcsiijjii in this vicinity and kept up ' an intermitting skirmish with Ftrieral forces along, present type. heavy pieces of Ihe Read Courier News Want Ads WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OH AN RADIO MECHANIC who will gu.iranlee to renaii your radio to first class condition. A Complete i,in e O r Tubes and I'arU - - Best J-rlnes Huhbard Tire *. Hut. Co.-| Phone 476 LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION _ Arkansas-Missouri Mnc Shell Products Visit one of the most- mod- en! service stations in the -South. A -courteous staff ot attendants aj your 'service 1 24 hours a day. LEPTY ALEXANDER, Prop. I j CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTON SEED Land's End Plantation Seeds . Trade Mark Registered WE SELL ONLY SEED WE GROW R. H. 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