The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1944
Page 3
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MONPAY, MAY 22, I'M 3 Desperadoes To Face Trial Bandit Suspects Held For Armed Robbery ,0f Mississippi Hotel JACKSON, Miss., May 22 (UP)— Tlie youthful trio of bandits who nrc charged with the armed robbery of the Robert, E. Lee Hotel in Jackson will be brought to trlnl In Hinds County Court Hits week. One of tlie three will probably face a Jury today, since their plea for severance was granted. The three are Ralph Ward, 23, Grand Forks, N. D.; Lawrence Motari, 21, Great, Palls, Mont • nnd Hoy Drake, 20, Oklahoma City. The trio entered pleas of not Biiilty when arraigned on May 12. Drake lind employed a lawyer for Ills defense, but the court was forced to appoint, counsel for Molar! and Ward. The three youths have a criminal record beginning In Die west. They escaped from Sim Qnentin In January and for 1C clays made Ihclr way across the country to Jackson. They are said to have robbed several hotels and gas stations during the trip to Jackson. The robbery of the Robert E. Lee Hotel was followed two days later by their cnp- ture by Memphis police where :i car stolen in Jackson and $900 in cash belonging to Ihe hotel were recovered. They were returned to the Hinds County jail from which they escaped on Feb. 26 after they had boasted the jail would no!, hojtl them, and were retaken only after a weekend chase in which they stole several cars and kidnaped Miss Oline Knight, Cleveland, Miss., schoolgirl. The girl was later released unliimircd, and the trio were captured near Greenwood. District Attorney M. M. McGowan gvs he will ask the death penalty, M possible punishment for armed routey in Jfississi|)i>i. N O T 1 C E Notice is hereby given Hint the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for H permit lo sell beer at fctnil at Main St., Dell, Mississippi County. The undersigned stales that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral diameter, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; license to sell by the-undersigned has been revoked within five year.-, last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any Other slute, relating to the sale of alcoholic li(juors. Mrs. H. Brewsugh. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 22 uay or May, ;34i. Oscar Alexander (Seal) Notary Public. ' My commission expires 3114J1945. , Night automobile 'tVa'ffIc Tl in : Belgium has been forbidden under a decree issued by Nazi military authorities. ULYTHEVlLm (AUK,). COUHIBR NEWS Death Hovers Over Them Eyes, some speculative, some apprehensive, look aloft as these American troops nole Jap planes ;'^swooping over their landing craft. Invasion b;ir«c was one of those headed for Hollamiiii, Dulch New Guinea. EDSON IN WASHINGTON How Complex 1$ This Life Bl' PETEK EDSON C'uurbr News Wasblngton Coirespondent This may be just tlie forewarning of a bad dream, but don'l be too surprised if you wake up some morning to discover that while you slept tlicre crawled under the bed what may later be known as. an commissions have their salaries and expenses paid for by other uovcvn- mcnt departments nm\ they don't work nt their inlcriiulloiml jobs full and shudder! shudder! There's no use looking now, because the cctoplnsmic thing hasn't Quite yet materialized. But there doesn't seem to be any escape from it. You simply can't deliver all the international conferences, comrhis- sions and regulatory bodies now a-bornin' without building up a staff of dry and \yet nurses to look after all the weighty brain-children on which the economic obstetricians now labor. The League of Nations bureaucracy won't J)e a patchin' to what comes next. No one government agency has all the statistics on these international busybodies. The best guess is that there are between 75 and 100 of them— now. What they cost and hoiv many people work for them are nebulous matters — the personnel assigned to many of the MEXSANA JOOTHIHE, MEDICMED POWDER T/ie Telephone Lineman ...maintains the network of telephone wires and cables that links the nation together. Da/ after day, in storm and fire and flood, up in the air nnd underground, he's on the job—knowing that every circuit is needed for war. These days it Is important for everyone to make the best use of telephone equipment. You can help by not talking over 5 minutes when Long Distance circuits are busy with war. Important Job SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Congratulations to ih& Telegraph Industry on Ha lOJih anniVoJsar>'.' In tli c Department of State bud- Set, beginning July 1 there was a request tor an appropriation for $2,500,000 for such congresses, and less formal United Nations co-operative endeavors. Congress cut it down lo 51,500,000, and as such it will have to cover such things as the proposed meeting of Allied ministers of education to plan re-education of Germany, another session of the Interim Commission on Food and Agriculture setup at Hot Springs, and some kind of an International nutrition conference! LOOKS AS IF TIlEY'llE HERE TO STAY The budding conferences on mon- tloniil coinuiksloiis lor which there nrc np|)ro]irlniloa<i foinlliiif $l,a41;- 000 for (h(i tiexl fiscnl ycnr. They I'niJfc'c from it mere $50 for the Com nil uiirenu of the IiUernidUm- nl.'Mnii of Ihc World on (lie Mll- lloull) scale lo sums of $250,000 mxl over per y,.,, r ( or juc L'nn-Amerl- cnu Union, jinynieiil lo I'linnniit, "lid Hie intpinatloiinl Labor Olllre. Piiiully, llioro nrp 50— yes, 50— Iliteniiitloiml coiiiinlltees nnd eoni- iiikslons for wlilcli there nrc no ni)|>ruiirlntlou.s but whose work Is done by ix-Diile who receive government, siilnvles. To ninnc n few, there me the interiintlonnl pliint Pest Control Commission, (lie Julnl Hide Conliol Office, Ihc leelund Coiniulitcv mid (lie Iiitcnmtlniinl Luke o[ Ilie Woods Ooutrol llonrrt. KvCTJ'llllllg bill mi IlltcniUllfllKll Itorsu Thief Protective Assorhitlon, Where II ,d| londs, mini knowelli not, bill II proves liow very compll- cntcd lite tins bceomo. Keeping Up With The Men In Service Help for an Innocent Victim" "ft Keiser Piano Students V,fc . Pfeschtcd' In Recital, '-,', KEISER, Ark, Mity '22~Miii ' Miu-y ; Elizabeth Jordan, piano in-' 1 KtructoT in Kciser, presented her'' pupils In a closing recital Friday Hlghl, 6:30 o'clock In the high school nuilltorlum; Pupils appealing on the program " includeed Betty Jane Martin, Shirley Jean Johnson, Betty BUD Card-' Ml', Mury Sue Martin, Carolyn Uiinklcy, Ida Nell Slsco, MCCoy Wilbanks, Shirley Leo Amos, Delorcs Pnrkcr, Mavilleiie Woodwaid, Linda Oay liruce, Chnijcs Mobley, Rcba Sue" Johnson, Maiy Kathrjn Crewi, , Hetty Wilson, Bottye Lou Hall. j • Lliulu Polk, Shirley Herti'd, Vcraf Ann Brhiklc-y, Kranccb Gnrit, Dixie! Lou Amos. Jcruicttc Woodward. Gc-l nevu linico, Deity Paige Mansneld, Nuncy Sue Cicus, Doris Jean Kennedy, IVggy Bilnkley, Dorothy Raspberry, Irene Johnsoii, anil Betty Jou I clary stabilization, interniUloiwI >ir rights mid Interniitional petroleum reserves may also be expected to blossom into full blown conferences, will) postwar regulatory bodies. A lot of tlie hands across the sen | stuff is of course war effort which muy be wholly liquidated some sweet, (lay — ami ngnln mny not. There is or arc the combined chiefs of .staff imder ivhom function the Combined Raw Materials Hoiird, the Cutnbfnud Shipping Adjustment Hoard, the Combined Production and Resources lionnl and the Combined Pood Hoard. They are seml- clvillan and mny be sticking aroun ( | for a long time, till Ihc world sets back, on an even economic keel or after. Loud-Lease Administration and UNRRA— the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration — arc tooth temporary, though they have the largest appropriations and the biggest staffs at, the present. lime. Not to be overlooked arc the Commission for the Investigation of War Crinws and the War Relief Control Hoard. AM, FOR ONLY $50 The regular State Department budget carries 22 of these interna- Pfc. Richard CJ. Davis, sou of Mr. mid Airs. lurry C. Davis of f'u.V Bonlit. recently IMS been transferred from llnmmer Held, Fresno, Cullf., to Timoplm, Nev., where he was assigned lo a plane as aerial engineer. He was employed by llnclng Aircraft Corp. In Seattle, Wash., prior to volunteering for Army duty I" October, 194'i. Maj. Vernon L. Day of Osceola, recently returned from service In England lor 18 months as adjutant nnd personnel officer of 11 service group, ami later us group commanding officer, now Is being processed through the Army Air Forces Redistribution station nt Mliiml Beach, Ha., where his next assignment will be recommended. i|| s w tfe makes her home In Osceola, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Prank 11. Day live in Broseley, Mo. •Jesse Wulclcn. whose wife makes her home In Pelllgrew, Aik., Is receiving bis Initial naval Indoctrination at the U. S. Naval Trailing Center. Great Lakes, III. Bernard Urackn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith Bracklri ol Rl. 3, niy- Ihcvlllc, is undergoing boot Iro.'n- ing .in seamanship, mllllary drill and general naval procedure at Grenl Lakes Nnvtil Training Station. Groat Lakes, Til, First Lieut, Gerald Hobson Jr.. son of Mr.' and Mrs: Robson Sr. of C25 South Lake, now Is overseas sciinewlicrc In England, ami has participated in a course designed la bridge Ihe gap between training In the States and soldiers In • When their ship goes into aclion, soiiors don bailie dress. But for Ihe daily routine of work, play and sleep, they often wear only shorts and skivvies. So Navy specifications make sure thai this most used clothing is made for comfort and long wear. • You can also mako sure of comfortably filling underwear by choosing a brand that has proved its world. For 43 years now, Hanes has knitted cxlra weor into underwear fabrics —and tailored ihem into garments that are accurately sized for comfort all over. • So ask for Hanes by name—the underwear whoso fine materials and workmanship at moderate prices have pleased miffioiji of men. If sometimes your dealer's slock is low, neihouldhave moresoan. Hanas production is serving men in our Armed Forces and those at home. ,,. P. H. Hanes Knilting Company, Winslon-Salem, North Carolina. fSlflim] Corps l!nrllo-Tc!cf))io/o from NKA) While IHM- I.uhoi mul ii group ot licr friends wntcltcs, mi Amcrlcnn iil coriismmi Iciulcvly dresses tho leu o! a lilUo lluliim girl, womuk-d diii'lnn llio tklilina In Caslellinornto oren. i<:|lve IliPiitcr of H'ur, Mciltonuiit Joljsou Is with mi nlr force service OillllllllKl. iomc Demonstration Notes Members of the Ltisl Cnnu Hoini! Dcmoiistrnlton Club met, Mny 11 vltli :iO lucinljcr.s nnil eluhl vlsHor.s ivcscnl, Tlie mcc'liiii; wns pi'c.sldod over by Mrs. Lewis Uniiijtier, iirc'.s'lclciit. Mrs. lliiydo Vouch lend tho shii;- :rii; of Ihe soriK, "Arknns!\s", nnd ilso i>nvi! u (nlk on Mother's Di>y. study of Africa wtvs led hy Mrs. /.ollon Stiitls, nnd M rH . Merrill Hoiirlniid gnvc n tiilk on "Tim Ufc al Sni'iih." Dni'ln the cecrcntlmi liour unnics ivcrc led by Mrs. Idiyito Vcncli, mill .lif incctlii'j ciu.scd \vltli (he ITIIC- Illoii of thu American creed. A snlnrt plnte wns sewed l>y tin; hostesses, Mrs. T. A. Uourlniul, Mrs. "r Powers nnrt Mrs. Jess Finley. At Uio conclusion of llur i the president, Mra. IliniBhe vvltli n sliownr. Price of Health Is Right Living Standards The penalty of ncj;lecl; oflen results in chronic coit-1'tions, If you wiijil llio fiwls "limit rcclnl, Kloiuuch and culon itilmentn yuu nmy write IIH for literature. THORNTON & MINOR CLINIC Stiilu 572, !)2l KIIIISHS C'Hy (i, The Kreatcst nerlort'Of- expansion or jxisseniici cnr ownership was tlie five/ years between' 1921 and 102C. wlicn registrations more than doubted to 19.000,000. Wanted! Men and Women Who Are , Hard of Hearing To nrako UiU nlnijilo, no risk hetrlnz tMt K you "o Icmjwrnrlly ik-afoneJ, bolh*r«d- UyMiiKlnKliiuilrighetul noises due tghnrd-- cu«il or conKulntcd wax (cerumen), try th« Ourlno Homo Method tut Oiat lornany nj leu unnlil&l limn to lioar well »g«(n; You mini hear betlcr nflcr making this «tapt« lost or you (fcl your money back it one*. Aik nboul Ourlno tor Drop« today at Stewart's nnd drug ' stores everywhere. Have Fwi'& Refrigerator Motors Clcjiicil For Summer. New Location 116 N 1st J. T. (Charlie) Stalcnp I'huno ZDS3 or 2598 0 LJ V ER I'AKM WlUIl'MENT S.ili'.s am) Service . H ARR I S.ON AUTO I'AIITS CO. 517 W. .Mi I'hotie litre's a BIIHI Itul';, " RUM HOTOIIlll US a Vlcamr UUI'I (real. . >'• BtrACHis sometimes ilo dm to cottons and linens because their action is niirciitrotlft/. 2. PLAIN WASHING ma ng to get tilings also is very hard on fab 3. WIIH rumx you can . Used ts dim wliiicns jrn///~wiili a tion. Safer llian infcrio l bing. Linens last lon Once Fat! Now Has a Model's Figure "1 lost 32 Ibs. wear size 14 again" flell/ Reynolds, 8rwHyn On« 156 11)9., Mtu Kcynolili bit weight weekly «i(li AVI1S Vitamin Candy llc.liitmK Flan. Now she lias a mold's figure. lour experience nuy or may not Ijc the l:ime Iml try lliis c:<!lcr rcduciliR S'fln, I'itjt llfix \tntt ,Vhou> Jtrui'fi or nionry KoUtURs. Knl [)icnly. Youdnii't cut out*, potMocj, rlr., when you enjoy deticioui AVDS Ijefotc Inr.ils Only $1.15 for JO illyi' «upr!y. 1'hone, Wlilc KIKHV IIKOS. nituc STOKES nijllicvillc. Ark. [Vv\\ ^ Nv^cA Ik^yir > THE NATIONAL UNDERWEAR In BJytheville, Buy Hanes Underwear at— JIEDEL'S Dine In The Beautiful SPANISH COFFEE SHOP Hotel Noble PLATE ' CD LUNCHEON DOC Delicious, Home Cooked Meals. fc/isf-Colrr Comflnnu, l^na Island Cllu, N. V. Franchisee! HoHlcr! Pepsi-Cola Itoltling Co. of BlythevilU ' PLUMBING AND HEATING I'imijis . . . M'cll Pipes . ... Strainers BUTLER ENGINEERING CO. O.svcolu, Ark. 1'honc Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Hlythcvillc, Ark. WELDING! •k Acetylene Welding , * Electric Welding ' * Cold Welding llcst Equipment—Veil Machinists—Best Work Delta Implements, Inc. D. P, L. 14 Cottonseed 1 3-32 to 11/8 Inch Staple ~- Early Variety ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See EARL MAGER

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