The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1934
Page 7
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1984 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PACT] SEVEN CLASSIFIED SECTION - a Directory of CLASSIFIED Business Directory i Shoe Repairing ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rive i>er Uue lor coiuccu- Uve insertions: ' (Five average words to, a line) One tlirie'per line .,'..'., , I..;, lOc Two times per line per day , . 08c Three tunes per line per day , . Ogc Six times per line per 'day' , . ' '»o Month rat* per line' ...'. I 1 ..;" 60o Ads onwK&'l* 418 * times'iha *««««, "Vgy* uon will be .cKarg«<J,Tor, Uu-uum- Do'f-ol times the ad appeared and adusttnent, .ol Dill maoe; U . • submitted, li: side of panled by cash easily '•'"-— NO it^ tor more Cobb Undertakinf Co., lor SERVICE & 1 QUALITY AMBULANCE Phone 26 LET US DO VO11K WELDING AND MACHINE WORK BOILER -'DRAGLINE TRAILER' REP AWING We carry A Full Unc of Shaftins Phone 808 BLYTHEVILLE MACHINE WORKS Operated by B. F. Kletr Roy r»ce Chitwood & Weidman Electrical Wiring . Metal Work Between P. O. and Chevrolet Bldg. PJione 26fi Closiug'OuL Entire Stock of BOOT'S At PRESENT WHOLESALE Pr(c«5 Hubbard Hdw. Co. PHILLIPS' USED CARS JUSJT A : FEW OF OUR CONNOR & MATLOCK ELECTRIC and ACETVUNE .-,. WELDING iTIi i No Job Too Large or Too Small Reasonable Prices - Guaranteed Work SE Corner Ash and Railroad In Old Trinity Farm Bldg. WINTER IS COMING! 3PECIAI, PRICES Oil slwes betoro cold weiitlici'. Progressive Shoe Sjiop 103 S. 3lld 51. : Gel Your SHOES~re»dy for win. (er. Newest machine just msUI- :<'d. Every job juauntwd or money refunded. E. E. Ratclifj Across from Hubbard Hdw, Co, Simon P. Lee Oldest shoe maker In county "Trade Wltli A Pioneer" 111 S. Railroad ~w7jfKNOX Having wade nil kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL feet, CUD repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL feel. Wanted For lilglwsi prices on Pecans see Woll Arlan, 128 E. Main. Ho SOLICITORS to ^ell coal. 118 S. Railroad. Phone 139. 3-ck-lU Attention Farmer*! WE iiuy soy UEANS, CORN AND COW PEAS Fanners Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, PiO|>. Phone 121 Help Wanted Filling Stations CHEAPER ANfTliiriTER CIAS SoiUhern Service Station AT BTEliliK, . WO. Phillips lie Products ANTI-KNOCK GASOLINE 24 hour service "No prlco lower than ouvs." \VIN W.ZSO Can you mnko 5 tlww latter words using the Idlers In Die word "PARAMOUNT?" Rush youi answer lo Paramount Products, Inc., Oci>U R, D:s Mollies, lo'wn, and you will eel opportunity to win ?2,250,W. Make money copying mimes, nit dresses for mall order firms, ipnv< time, experience, iinnecrssnr.v, no canvnsslnj. Write. United rtrtvcr- Using. 11H DeKnlb Avenue Brooklyn, N, V, Position Wanted Will do STENOGRAPHIC work at night. Reasonable rules. Call nr 792. MENT. CALL, 20'2-W. APART- 30-ck-i< HUDROOMi adjoining bulli. Men prcimccl. aiil w, Ki'mui'sy. 'JVju- phono utW. .ttocicfiiU'ly priced. Mrs, A. l-'-shci, 101 K. Urwi _, pi; > in THK C11IOKA!5A\\U\ •I'UIO'I 1 OV W .'•"H . G'OL'NTy, At!KANKi\H 1.1 J'- n, H'1'i'Ui.on, /,. i) iliuiit i MODKKN 5 -worn PUKNIsnED'coinmllt^ InV'liJiivc''"'^!^'!!! houstv 110(1 Ghtoknsiwbx Call 38ii. vllle nulltllnu fc . Lnmi As •> n T-ck-H lien; niylhnvllh'nultilln; ml , Association; W M Wll Personal Will quill QUILTS leasomibly. Work neully (tone. Mrs. Leonard. W. Holt, n. Lilly Bt. Ic kit $25 REWARD For Inforinndori lending to th« arrest nnd conviction of ptullea who smashed Quant's wmaow Mowluy, Nov. 12. V. E. ToinUmon, Chid of Merclmiit's Patrol. 13o kl2-13 For Rent FURNISHED Al'AMTMENT. 1030 , „«,„,. . . Lnrge HOUSJ,, oroinnl »i«l sar- , , (ten. Mrs. S. P. Miirrtinijh. >iOu N. V s. 61 '' 6t ' 4-wk-M L ,, c in •!•,.).,(. oillcii, ""' WARNIMH onmv U24 UoiH!i\h, Cull 1)91 W. room mooYrn FiHiNlBIIEU ... nimrtment, p.lvoto tatli, s«i«i!0. , rll! j ^'"™". '•«'" nl t I 1 , , k ". ( Ion, h warned lo np, n u ( i Glnuuwy Coml for II (littli 3 room FtlRNIbHKD APART- "'WCiv DhUirt <il Mlvl Ippl ( in MENT, 200 W. Kentucky. Mrs, ty, Arknusas,. ulthin ilility Slsk. Cc kl3' a "d aliswci 1 toiniilaliit. of iiic plain- 11F.D ROOM, tloso ill. Men only. I WltnfSi m.v limul i (It IK ui 310 W. Wftlmit. Mrs, R. li. Nolen. f.n|<! Ciiiut mid lli^ M'H! iliuvoof o^i ^ Mu kt( mis U)« 1st day ot 1) mb i )i)44 H. [», OAlNiy 10 1, a •1 room, bath, Unluinlslied APARTMENT. V. Hlinon, Call TO-1. •Jfio ktl \VAi^TnooM~i7^i«icrn. /HI-' Cripple in Wheel Chair »aco luMitcd homo. Men or bus- IVevento Train Wreck ss couple prt'torved. Plionu (1114 or 'H. •Ic kit W. Walnut, call ullcr 0 |>.m, Mrs ' Hajncs. !0-pk-n TWO nicely J-'unNhMIIED J)lil> Iralii wrick C1KNKVA, O, till 1 ) A nvcrtod I ion c lo i I I COO'I | J n n wlirci ci) Riy fl i to Hi c i j)> i\ I To i inlju! hi i i Him (i ii«m li) hil'rtli , nn th i i t K*-, of I i MK, \ pij(> i >!li« ill v,li ] ; it 1111 I) n )) ; ) .n i III jli win l H^OLO i nnulpiil lUd hU \i\er liintr to iho lionic of B nclshti; Hi n l|hbn notliud J c S •><Ni 1(0 I'I it i ml Tiifl rali Jid i tion kiin wib i.nii( i OH r i - imit, A'liiiic^ nnin er o( tn luinlwr company, i/innt, ciOM ou L^VCJ IlK'll Hi n up dnpi d lltr l)ulld<n; 0 > lul ll H 1 ll ll Off lllj n ul v.l'ti i In ) n > li ilii v niir Id-' i Uc i Iwi, I) fi i vid nt one til i\ fi t s t it Hi oth i IIHS li,-lil Milarit 1 jPANO) \ N M (UP) ~ one luiiitli d men in unking ilijjlnj nil IK in i 11 UA milniln conUfl! Iirojcct in'iir lii're. Tda ([Itcltoii will <hu]n nu u> b Uiud lesii&nsiblc for insilurlii. TlK 1 lioitu: ol Eui'onoan c'.v- Iliuillnu Is .«.\(d In t>K (lie Islatiit Qf Lull locilul In lllu Mcilltcrrnhctm su 1! IH'llll '23 FpRI) ;' OWN -SEDAN. A-l Condition: .....'......... ?1G5 '33 FOKD TUDOR SEDAN. Motor driven icnly 500 ' '33 CHEVROLET MASTER SIX COACH S375 '33 FORD TUDOR. Perfect Cftndition '33 CHEVROLET COUPE. Runs Like New H35 '33 CHEVROLET COUPE. Motor ana Tires A-l S393 , TRUCKS ,and,TRAILERS '3Z CHEVlioLET TRUCKv 151- inch Wtittlbaw, Closed Cab, Dual Wheels S27tl ' Z9 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Clostd Cab ? 98 "M G. l>i O. TRUCK, 'targe ':• Body, Closwl Cab KINGHA.M TKAILKK. Dual : Wheels, New Hubbrr .... S195 '30 FORD FICK-UI' TRUCK, :• : .ClwtS Cab ?l(i5 '' "' WE PAY CASH FOfi GOOD USED CARS V Corner w?.!nuf. Thcra Restaurants Best Oysters #"li'vcr Ji'iiune O'Rii? NBAUINC T1IK ENEMY! WE'VE JUST ABOUT REACUED/'-VEP.' THA'S RIGHT.'S'BOUT/ TH'.LEMIAN FRONTIER/ x^TIME WE WAS / —— L WFll '-LIPUPOMEM-AN' \ IP TMEV SEE US, \ NEAH-THEV'O LAM WEU. BE ON TH' 1RI6HV BACK TXING SPOT-OUR PLAN S TUKiK, AM' WABM OFAfTACKWlLL j H1M-SOTHERE'S OWt-Y ONETUJNG SHOT/ r^ \. T'DO ING GUZZLE, YER HIGIIfJESS.TH' DVANCE GUARD RfFDRrS TH' Pl?6ARANCe OP A SMALL BANP OR LEMIAN WARRIOR=,DICECTL.Y AHEAD OF OUK MAIN THEN, BTOHE IHEV C'M OPEN THtIB MMQO ,. sru r- TVICIR NFCI o i-ui LA. WE GOTTA WATCH OUB step, FROM GETTIN'A REPORT FROM TH' ADVANCE GUARD/ For $6.50 and tlie cotton we will make vou a Good MATTHESS. industry" UPHOLSTERERS j. \V. Jenkins & Son Tb 1 I 1 RICK GKOCKKV , i'LOUn, MT.AL,, ei'O. Ill Old K O. £1U1J. Fnune' lit - We Ueuver HFI> KHOD1KS MORE KVIDENCE! kt'Ay Ol^i'liulic — ftigut ftlUU Bl. . B. libb OALtiS CO. T~> GEE, 1MKTETO LEAM£'i»A UK.E L avrr, t | GUESS H6'U- jus 1 HtsNt TWOR^OUT TH' ANSWEP, ] SOU RUN ON.VJOW, AUK) GLASS AKJv-iiO LUi>u>C,«. CO. \N& A.UON6 WITH ftUT, JUST FOR BEAOTUTJl, FLOORS Jj'NT OUK i'LUOR tSAiViJi ARKMO LUMbER CO. HE'S BEEN OCHN OF T VKKs COPPER WEATHER SI Kir bbvtc, luel at fciuuU cost Arkmo Lumber Co. Coal & Wood My Coal Is Black but I treat yon White, Fill up now. JOHN' BUCHANAN - PHONE 101 OTTOjDOESN'T 1/IVB HKRK ANYiMORK! 7Tio WASH TUBES See Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. PATRIOTS UNO FEOOW „ PO VE STAND ,. HE Ml6Hr FOR DOT FOUEI6W PRINC6 I vELLOUEETURM SIWK:N& OUK GOOO OLP / If „ ^AV, ,p ^ IMVIMCI6LU? ^' PE0 VS P OH, MOTHER. DEAR, SET MY COAT TA.1LS APlRE — I WANT TO KB A COMET. HEV LOOK OUT TOR OTfO. AAADCAP PHILBECr ANDTHE DUCHESS ACE VVAOIN& "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 PARKS BROS. COAL CO. PtlONE D17 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "Black Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL-^-LOW PRICED INDIGNATION MEETIN& IS BEING- HH.D BENEATH THE STATUE Qp TH4T BELOUED Erolusive Agents". for the' original -genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilllnnl, Ark. Anthracite, lljlnofs and Kentucky Coals. WONDER CITY COAL CO. MARTYR, KING- OTTO, NO WONDER TIK WAXKS MERRY! SALESMAN SAM P' Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—30 years in business. i— Quality ol coal handled. — Prompt, .service. i — Courteous treatment. J — You get all you py for. MOT Mece'S-spsP-iL-V in OUST DIWJ fiULOLO LOf\(SOM t "Quality Group" distributed hy GAY & BILLINGS Phone 76 J Underwood Typewriter, and adct- !HK ina'clilnc. SternbeiB Cotton Company, Piionc 24. 8-ck-12 BARGAINS In Used Heaters. Hubbard Hdw. Co. WINNING Wll,])! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS UMBEfS SIX RACSS MADLY TOWARD CERTAIN DISA«TCC?...THE ENGINEER IS SLUMPED FORWARD AT'HIS POST •'' AIR BRWCE LGVER • • HIS STRENGTH FAILS HIM/' (I/t: LOOK'J ACEOK-. lilt CAC. TO VVAEN THii WKCMAN'i'F IMPENDING PAM6E61 SLIT" THE FIREMAN is MISSING '•' ^ / 1 „ , . J J = I BLOCK SIGNAL'IS SET" V~T_, /'sl AC-AWsr ir. ^ ' iix-v - AND i ASTER THE TRAIN GOt-S. TI^QUGII A l-fc" HAS GE SHOT'/ Besi Cluisc 209 -ft. Asli F.IIWM ">vi\"n:Kr~/ usstiir, -c; frostcrs, Wlliard Batlsriss. LET US PREPARE YOU FOU WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. Plione 416 Phone FIX YOUR. CAK FOR WINTER Cheapest Prices I'aint jobs, Repairing bodies, Si- monizlnff. Changing "TrattbTnls- siuns, Washing & Greasing witli Marfak Greuc & Quaker Stale oil. John Hcani—Jimmie Binklcy BARNETT AUTO BALES CO. Phone 888 Keal Estate FARMS FOR isALIi! Terms Ilc;uionable KFMEI/ B. THOMPSON Carulhcrhvillc, Mo. . I'AHM I/AND KOK SALE f)W!i NE'.i of 6.15-lt NWU NW',1 of 6tlS-ll Orig. Survey; E!4 SWM of H-15-12 Write Sugg & Baker, Dycrsbtirg, Tellll. Bt4smess Property For Sale Seven .brick More buildings in •500 block , on ', Ash ;sired, small cash payineiii, easy terms lor ual- tuice, »)<jo i b|-i c j^ business pixijierty on Main stitoii located In Hie 100 mid MO block, price will lie quoted to I low: vrlio are fntcretted. You , can buy a business homo mid pay ^ almost like paying rent. W. M. Burns A " gency zia • Pair mules, \ragon, harness, plow tools, corn, InUroutional r)dtns cultivator, International Rowe. cotton planter. O. D. GRIMES. Yar- bio road. ' 6p k),J ^Wauled To Mijy We buy cclton planting-seed-und while, yellow or mixed corn. Sec us for best prices. Harold Steinberg al Steinberg; Cpltoii Co. 1-3 Eggs, Poiil Uuy FHESH EGGS the 'day they are laid. At PICKARD'S Store, IOW ClilcfcasaivlWi or direct from ow lieuuei'v.

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